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Apr 12, 2001, 12:20 AM
I have a serious question...and I really need an Dreamcast/Online and AT&T Worldnet Service expert to help me. I have tried countless times to get online to play Phantasy Star Online. Whenever I try to connect, it keeps showing "Failed to connect server, the server may be going maintenance or settings are incomplete."
MAYBE my settings are wrong and that is why I really need your cooperation and time. I am 100% confident my "Internet Connection Settings" on the Web Browser CD is right EXCEPT the following:
1.) My Username and Password
2.) Proxy Server Settings
These are the only 2 I am not sure about. Now, this where I need a Computer/AT&T Worldnet Service expert, I need to know where you can find your AT&T username and password in my computer, and also where to find my proxy server settings in my computer. Please, I am very eager to play Online with Phantasy Star Online, and I really need your help. If you answer me, thank you...thank you for everything, your answer to my questions will mean a lot to me.

Apr 12, 2001, 04:28 AM
Well first of all is yur conexion DIAL-UP? or is it Cable or DSL? if its just dial up then LEAVE the PROXY BLANK!! DONT EVEN MESS WITH IT. The username and pass SHOULD be the ones yu use to connect to the internet on yur PC. For example here is a Pacbell one. Ex:Login Name:[email protected] Password:smith25.If yu are using dial up with REGULAR 56k Modem then it should appear on the Dial Up Screen right before yu connect to the internet on yur PC. If yu are unsure try calling At&t and ask them. They are very friendly and they will help yu with everything possible. Also Make SURE yu finish all the settings in the Browser Disc. YES even e-mail. Hope i help yu and got yu running in PSO. If yu have any Questions contact me on MSN or ICQ.

MSN:[email protected]
ICQ: Just click on the add icon in this message

Apr 12, 2001, 10:40 AM
Hey..thanks for helping me out. So now I leave my proxy server settings alone. OK, that is good. First of all, yes i do have AT&T Worldnet Service, 56 k Modem, and Dial-up. I am still not sure about my User Log-in and password though. I checked the AT&T Worldnet Connection Manager (The dial-up screen) and i do see my "Account Profile" however, i think that is not the right one because u could change it easily, and i do not see a password anywhere...I want to get those items and weapons in the Easter Holiday!...Maybe i will call though.

Apr 14, 2001, 06:55 AM
ever get that warm and fuzzy feelin inside when you help somebody out?