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Apr 12, 2001, 12:34 PM
Ok this has really pissed me off!
i met this ramar on puck 9 about aweek ago, he seemed cool, but he needed me to help him lv up(he was only like lv 23) e didnt ask for rares or anything. He told me that all of his friends in high school had bought pso and have been playing it from day one. and some of them were coming to help him lv up. I say that is cool and another lv 100 comes in and a lv 90 comes in, they help him play some , but as they are about to leave they give him some items"to help im get started" they gave him a pian mag, c bringer, spread needle,soul eater and parasite wear etc. etc.. i dont have much of a problem with higher lvs. lowering the difficulty for newbies by giving them items they could never find them selves.But what happened next pissed me off A week passed and we played off and on , he could finally get to v hard so we start a game and get to ruins, then 2 other people we dont know join up, come down.....see his lv,pian and spread(u can guess what happens next) and call him a duper and a cheat(over and over again) but to make natters worse....he finds a weapon and says"omg whats a special weapon?"http://www.pso-world.com/images/phpbb/icons/icon_eek.gif i mean hes never been in ruins vhard before and doesnt realise that special weapons flow like water there. But he had all of those rares so the other 2 people start ranting"puck 9 does NOT belong to dupers, you f**king gs user!""youre a damned cheater!""PSO world warned me of this crap!"...I blinked"PSO world?"MY pso world? I realized that they had spent too much time in the cheater forum and had been brainwashed by all the posts there. now i didnt think that it was right calling a low lv with many rares a duper and whatnot(im ashamed to say that ive done it myself)BUT i saw with my own robotic eyes that his friends(wether they were dupers or not)GAVE him these rares for free(he couldnt use most of them at the time)and he was harassed for using them so he just quit and sent me a simple mail yesterday that said that he didn't know if he would play pso ever AGAIN if thats how the pso members traet newbies.Hey ive had it happen to me with my new char. that i started(i gave him my old lv 200 mag) and was called duper by someone in the game which pissed me off. but this treatment of this newbie was shameful and even moreso because they dragged pso worlds name into it. anyways im done ranting and would like to see some replies..........

Apr 12, 2001, 12:52 PM
That's rather irritating. Proof positive that no matter where you go on the Net you're still going to run into massholes.

The people who hopped on and harrassed your friend clearly lack the marbles that god gave a goose and I feel very sorry for him. I've been getting a lot of complaints lately about Puck 9 PSO World folks being described as 'rude' which is rather distressing.

Never assume too much, and try to be polite, folks. Wouldn't it be nice if, now that Sega's halted the Resta PK trick, we can go back to trying to assume the best of folks until proven otherwise? Sonic Team clearly designed this game with an optimistic view of human behavior, and we probably ought to behave accordingly.


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Apr 12, 2001, 12:55 PM
doesn't matter what game you play, veterans ALWAYS treat newbs like crap. plus, with all the cheating running rampant like it has people are really paranoid and disillusioned. Cheaters have really ruined the game far worse than anyone can imagine. I've seen this sort of treatment first hand and it's a product of all the cheating.

Apr 16, 2001, 05:46 PM
You know back in the days when I made my third character ,Nene-chan, I had lost Oni due to data corruption.. sigh.. she had some good stuff.. so what items I had on Karla and Dot I didn't need, and mind you they were at that time lvl 40-50 and I had way too much junk..so I transfer what I don;t need to my new force character and I got that same line of crap from some people all becuase I had a Pian (cute as it is) at lvl 200 and some good weapons.. for a lvl 1 that was a nice boost being able to take down the forest cratures in 1 to 2 hits hehe ;-p.. I couldn't belive how fast some think you are a cheater without even asking how I got all that in the first place.. hello does comon sence leave you at time or have you been playing the game so long that you are a couch vegi?