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May 6, 2001, 04:02 AM
I sat there against a cold wall, my chest heaveing from running such a distance... So many creatures... "Im only one man"... I said to myself, hopeing silently that someone off in this vast area known as the ruins, would hear me... But alas, no one was left alive. I looked downwards, still gasping for air as I looked to the floor, seeing nothing but dead soldiers, stareing towards the ceiling, their faces formed into a last anguished, painful stare of death and release. I gripped the hilt of my sabre tightly. My knuckles white from the grip. Through the next door could be my last step. I could never guess. I sifted my white hair from my face with my left hand, wishing I would have cut it shorter like mom always said... Oh, the memories... My armor fit to my chest tightly, my shield latched to my left arm. I pushed my self away from the wall with a quick joust of my left hand. My eyes hinted upwards as I turned to face the next door, and walk through its dark corridor. Im in here alone, no where to go, nothing to run back too now...

Nov 11, 2002, 10:58 PM
Hmmm, ya know... Isn't it about time, I get off my ass, and finish this thing up? I mean, c'mon. It's been sitting here, for god knows how long. So, I guess i'm going back to writing it. And now, with more information, because of episode 2 and such... This is going to be a longer fanfic, than I had first thought. But oh well. People seem to enjoy it. So, I guess imma' go back to writing it, and possibly finish it sometime soon. *Thinks* I have to re-read it however. Sine I haven't updated it, in god knows how long. But, the story won't be off. So, trust me... O_O w00t!

Nov 11, 2002, 11:28 PM
Footfalls were heavy, as the warrior known as DB strode through the next door. The steos resounded of the walls, echoing throughout the hallway. Still in pain, from his last battle, DB pressed his shield arm, which also contained the stimulants he had brought with him. These stimulants were small, and fit in vial like casings, for easy access, and storage. Quickly pressing one of the buttons, on the control panel, attatched to the shield containment unit, released tthe stimulants effect. This was known as monomate. It helped the immune system fight of illness, and of course, increased the healing rate, of bodily functions. It did this through special nano technology, each nanoid, being able to repair human cell structure. With this complete, DB's body repair itself drasticlly, he continued through the door at the end of the hallway. Not sliding open like the others however, it seemed jammed slightly. Pushing hard upon it, getting his fingers in the small slit that the door made, he wrenched it open. And found a whole new room awaiting him, and of course, the swordsman that saved his life... The other warrior was wounded, badly. Soldiers he had taken into battle with him, were strewn out all over the floor, an elite force, but not quite good enough to be facing these terrors... So, DB ran forwards again, into battle, activating his saber in his right hand, flipping a switch on the underside of the hilt, it sprung to life. Photon energies cascading upwards, forming into the beam shape. A quiet sigh, and off he ran straight towards the surging battle...

Nov 12, 2002, 12:36 AM
A better look at the swordsman, revealed to me something. Something intresting indeed. He was none other than Flowen... The hero of the military forces. After all this, that was who saved me... I thought to myself, what things I had to say to him, the choices he had made, which put him in the same seat i'm in. Being a hero... It's not that we truely "chose" to be heros, it's our beleifs that make us so. Then, there was the young girl, a hunter like myself, her name was Rico, from what I recall, and her father was the running operator of the Pioneer 2 project... She was the one making the discoveries about the wildlife... It didn't matter now. These creatures, seem to be overwhelming us. No matter how hard we fight. I can simply see this now. Doing battle as I am now. My mind wanders to each face of the warrior next to I, and I see hopelessness. Every swing I take, it seems to replace another two of the monsters, and unending march to their death, knowing eventually, they'll wear us down through shear numbers... Where are they coming from? I can't tell... Maybe they were here to begin with? But how could that be, did the government hide the fact, that the planet they found suitable, would have to be taken with a war? So many lives are going to be lost... But, how many more would've been lost, if we had not found this new planet? How much longer can we fight? And still I think to myself... What about those aboard Pioneer 2? What if we don't win the war here? Will they come, and start this endless battle as well, or will they be enough to conqour our enemies? Only time will tell, as well as the blade of my saber...

Nov 12, 2002, 12:51 AM
The blue warrior on the field, was nothing but a blur of death. Every saber strike seemed to hit its mark, gestured by an eruption of purple blood, splattering everywhere. DB seemed possesed, by not only his own thoughts, and nagging questions in his mind, but knowing, peoples lives were at stake, innocent people... Children, citizens, hunters, and families. Those people would expect to come to a new world, with problems of course... But not a war... Not like this... How many people would suffer from this things influence? He would no longer let it continue. With Flowen by his side, they would crush any opposition. After all, DB and Flowen, were best friends growing up. DB, always the optimistic of the two, and never liking to be told what to do as a child. As for Flowen, well, he went for the more logical approach at life, he'd even asked DB to join the military with him. His best friend would have none of that, after all, it was DB! He had to do things, "his" way. Both going their seprate paths, Flowen became a well known, and very skilled officer in the military ranks. As for DB, he became a hunter, following his own desires, and in the end, being a hero for anyone willing to ask for his help.
Flowen was wounded, his companions could see that, and this everlasting force of enemies, wasn't helping the situation. More soldiers around them fell, while still firing their rifles into the air, screaming for help... Help that would come in the form of death, release. All of them brave, indeed, but dead none the less. Del Sabers blades and claws dug deep into the soft human flesh, spraying red life blood everywhere. Chunks of flesh, and bone, skittering to the ground. And all that was left, was the uncompasionate stare of the evil, that had befallen them. But then, that stare was cut in two... A sparkling saber slammed through the armored cranium of the dark knight. Green and blue hue lit colors flareing up, as the fusioned through the Del Saber. The last thing the soldier saw now, was a hope... Even though a flicker as it was, it was there. DB traced all the way through the body of the creature, one quick motion, and the evil thing fell to the ground, purple gore, and flakes of black bone, and chitnous armored plates crashing to the ground. Yet, the battle continued, as a slew of huge automatons showed up. They seemed to be alive. Huge yellow golems, with light tracing around their bodies. Burning green eyes, of hatred and contempt, shone upon the small group of warriors... At first, the battle halted a moment, as all stood and beheld the awesome proportion of these creatures... Belras. A loud scream broke the pause, as bravery was shown. A hunter, in a blue outfit, white hair, streaked and soaked with blood, raced towards the beasts, and they followed his actions... As he was their hope...

Nov 12, 2002, 01:06 AM
Was I in a dream, or maybe just consumed by rage? All that rage pent up inside me, being forced to fight one way or another. Eventually, these things would come to kill people. My friends, my family... And innocents. These thing did not deserve to live with us. There's no way to communicate with them, they are made to kill. But, in this manner, are we forcing them to fight us? What if we just picked up and left... Could we find another home? Away from this unending hell? I'm not sure, I don't have all the answers. I wish I did, I wouldn't be here... Fighting here, with my old friend, is enough of an honor. I will not let them claim him, the most dearest of my memories are had with him, when we were only children, picking up stick at the park, and pretending to sword fight... How can I not forget who I am? These soldiers dieing beside us, some of them are younger, they shouldn't even be here... And some, have families... That will never see them again, probably not even get a notice of their deaths. In fact, their families might not survive, if I fail here. What is this darkness, that calls to me. Every wound I take, it's influence grows, and the voice penetrating my mind, grows louder and more commanding... Are they my own thoughts even? After all, I am the one, that chooses what happens to myself... I am the one choosing to listen... But, I choose not to give into its temptations... Offering of immortality, incredible power. Is this thing, so powerful, it could really offer me all this? And if so, what about the ones i'm fighting with, why does it not seem to speak with them? Would they not take the offer up more quickly than even I? All I know, is now, it's actually speaking with me, when it's not demanding me to free it, or join it... "IT" has a name. But, I can't seem to understand it's name... It refers to itself as a dark god, of times long forgotten, that only wishes to rule over all. Yea, no big deal... Just wants to own the universe, and all the life in it... But, I have the will to make a choice. Whatever it is, it would interfere with life, and peoples choices, it would choose for them. I choose ot end it's decsions. I will meet this manipulative darkness in battle soon enough... It's near, and calling, telling me to come fight my hardest... I can only tell it in my mind, that I will try my best, as I never said i'd win, but I will fight, to try and stop this manifestation of evil. For, if there ever was a thing to define evil, this would be it.

Nov 12, 2002, 01:12 AM
So, what do you guys think so far? Any comments? I know it hasn't been updated in awhile, but, I thought you might enjoy, taking a look at it, with all the new story I added in here. All in one night as well! Remember, all comments, and constructive critisizm, is encouraged. So, feel free to ask about the story. Or make comments on it. I'll take them as they come.


Nov 12, 2002, 01:58 AM
It's great you've come back and updated. http://www.pso-world.com/psoworld/images/phpbb/icons/smiles/icon_biggrin.gif It's pretty good so far, and I look forward to seeing it completed.

The only thing I would suggest is to format the fic a bit. Breaking it up into paragraphs would make reading easier.

Nov 12, 2002, 02:03 AM
Yea, yea... I noticed that too, I was planning on doing that, and probably will now, considering, I find it a little hard to read too, without paragraphing it out. But, maybe i'm just a little lazy... Wait... Yea, I am... But, i'll put Para spaces in there from now on. Just for you! I should've done it a long time ago... LoL... Like a year ago... DOH!

Nov 13, 2002, 03:22 PM
My eyes opened now... Wait, they were open the whole time... I just didn't realize what was going on around me... Now, I could see what had happend... All the sodliers were dead, Flowen was laying in a heap upon the floor, twisted and crumpled, like a doll... I went over to him quickly. Whatever had taken me over, had also seemed to make my wounds less relevant, but I could feel them seeping back into my body. Pain wracking through me. I kneeled beside him. He was barely concious, his eyes rolling about, as he stared at me, and the ceiling.

"DB, what is that thing? Why can't we defeat it? Ugh... We have to get out of here... More of them will be coming to take us....." And with that, Flowens soft voice halted, and his breath became lighter. Listening well, I knew, we must escape. I didn't have a teleppie with me, as I thought we weren't going to make it back, alive anyways. But, I could at least bring their hero back. I scooped him up in my arms quickly, cradling him there. Tu

Turning around, heading for the door, I ran, as fast as possible, while still being encumbered by FLowen. Not caring how good it would feel to just collapse, my muscles starving for oxygen and nutrients, now feeling like lead weights. All my stumulants (Fluids/Mates ect..) were gone now, used up during this long trek. Couldn't bring myself to really think about that now. Dorr after door slid open, if there were any enemies, I just refused to notice them, except to escape their wrath. The teleporter was so close, but something was in the way of the door...

Nothing else was in the room however, yet, this thing seemed beyond what we were fighting. It looked like a modified DelSaber, it's eyes burning with emerald fire, it's blade much larger, and jagged edges added to it. It's claws, lined with sinewy flesh, from its last kill. And it spoke... "There is no escape from here, DB! You will be mine... As will your friend. This is your last chance. Give him up, and join me willingly... Or, your other option. Fight me, lose, and join as a souless shell. What's your choice?"

Nov 16, 2002, 02:49 PM
I put Flowen down slowly, cradling his body in my arms, bending down, and then letting him roll onto the floor. Looking sown towards him... Seeing the pain in his face, made me angrier than I had ever thought possible. t made me think of what I was fighting for, and everyone that was counting on me now. Everyone else was dead... My neck craned back up towards the appiration, my saber clasped tightly in the right hand...

The tentacles at the back of it's shoulders flickered around in glee... It wanted me to fight. It approcaed with a swiftness I had never seen, strides which seemed to make this huge room seem small. Left hand shot up, grabbing ahold of the rest of the hilt, I prepared. The Del saber jumped forwards, it's blade slamming an arc for my skull, simply lifting up the blade of my weapon, I knocked it aside, sending the thing to the side, and off-balance. With this, spiining my saber to the side, I pushed it backwards, the blade facing the vreatures back, and cutting into the chitnous armor plating of the thing.

The Del Saber let out a roar of contempt. It was hardly defeated. Turning around with grace and speed unmeasured, it alreayd had it's claw slamming against the armor plating on my chest, enough to send me sprawling to the ground, my balance totally lost. I rolled away, and pushed up with my left hand, my arm pressing force against the floor, launching myself back to my feet. Our eyes met for a moment... Silence ensued. And yet, my thoughts were clear... My body heaving, mind raceing, heart pumping... Adrenline flowed through my body, I wanted to scream out. But, something held me back, I could show no weakness to this thing. So, I let that silence calm me, I let the memories I and Flowen had together rush through me...

It's eyes lit up with burning fires of hatred. Screaming out in angst, it launched itself forwards at a full sprint... Blood began to seep from the open wound in my chest... I could not feel the pain. I could feel nothing. Except the want to defend the people I loved. Finally, within' reach... With all my might, the hilt of m,y weapon in both hands, I swung over my head, straight down at it's skull, the momentum building in one quick moment, while it crashed forwards into oncoming death. It's armor did nothing to stop this... The might blade carving through the skull, and sliding through its diaphram, and all the way to the pelvis, and then drawing through.

A gutteral sound issued forth... As it split in two. My left hand shot to my open wound, my right hand barely keeping a grip on the saber. Steps echoed as I walked back to Flowen. Breathing came heavier each time... I seem as if I asphyxiated myself... Sheathing my blade, to my side, I picked him up once more, and the exit opened, and light could be seen, as troops ran forwards to help...

Nov 21, 2002, 11:11 PM
Finally, everything was going to be alright... Wasn't it? Troops swarmed us, as I fell into the darkness of unconciousness. Everything was as if swimming through another world. Everything seemed so familar, but so far away, and strangly altered. Lights flickered, and wvered, I felt as if I was laying on a bed... Were we in a hospital? No, hallways wouldn't be this long... Would they? I couldn't make anything out yet, I was obviously drugged... Maybe they had taken me to some lab, or military instillation... I wasn't that worried, it couldn't be worse than being down in that hell hole, where everything was intent on killing you.

Now I was in a room, the effect of the sedatives wearing off. I tried to sit up, but found I was strapped down tightly. I was also undressed. What was the meaning on this? I couldn't even find the strength to cry out however. I could do nothing, I was helpless, I could only lay there...

At least, it wasn't that cold damp feeling, of death creeping over me, instead, it was a feeling of paranoia, washing over me. That uncomforting knowledge, that someone you didn't trust was near. Perhaps, this could be a worse place than the ruins. Now, all I could do, was wait to see what happend next.

Jan 30, 2003, 06:21 PM
Was I? No, I wasn't dead... But in some kind of dream, floating through it all. I wasn't sure where I was now. Laying down, lights overhead. I couldn't see past them. Damn, so bright... Err... I feel naked, and so tired... Maybe drugged. I feel as if my whole bodies bruised. I can't move, I must be tied down to something. Unable to gather my thoughts properly. I must be somewhere safe though, I can here voices, which is a good thing, because most dimenians, from my learned experience so far, don't talk. They just make funny gurgling noises when they die... heh...

Hopefully, i'll be able to move soon, wait, someones perching over me, wearin all white, he has a mask. Is he trying to speak to me? No, he's makin motions with his hand. What the hell is that thing!? A mask? Covering my mouth and nose... Noooo! I can't breath! I..I... sooo tired...

Feb 24, 2003, 12:16 AM
Ok, this fanfic has been around a really long time. I think it's about time to retire it to the fanfic section of PSOW. So mods. Go and do that. Because.... Wait a sec I might have something else too... Naw. That's it for this part. Everyone get ready for part 2. I guess i'll have to top myself somehow. Dunno how, but somehow. If anyones got any ideas, PM me, get on AIM and send me something ect. Till' then, see you online.

Apr 13, 2003, 12:49 AM
I like this story, I think I see where your going with this. Maybe DB should Describe what they did to flowen and how he slowly became crazed and turn into Olga flowen. Then He should dissappear. Ok I duno.