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Apr 6, 2002, 10:20 AM
Previouse Works <some were manga some were just writing>(Note Only some are available online still)
Angelic Seisure, Obliteration, GL Tron, G4 Pool Party, The Masakari Kushari Kai ,31st Century Sol, 32nd Century Sol, 33rd Century Sol, 34th Century Sol- A new begining, Halcyon Otaku 1, Halcyon Otaku 2 (http://www.pso-world.com/viewtopic.php?topic=19460&forum=12&33), Halcyon Otaku X,Halcyon Otaku X 1/2 (http://www.pso-world.com/viewtopic.php?topic=6701&forum=12&334),The Spell Check Poem (http://www.pso-world.com/viewtopic.php?topic=26038&forum=12&1),The Chakram Dance (http://www.pso-world.com/viewtopic.php?mode=viewtopic&topic=26181&forum=12&start=0),Macross Ragol Freestyle Fic (http://www.pso-world.com/viewtopic.php?topic=23716&forum=12&11),3 Teylenol and a bottle of Sake (http://www.pso-world.com/viewtopic.php?topic=23897&forum=12&2), and rhe rest of the stuff i've done is too old to remember like game maps, sigs, some music too... anyway...

And so my son, you wanted a story, and it is a story you shall have! It will be nothing like the last ones! oh no! this one will be completley differint...

It all started 80 years ago. Man was a prosperouse race living on their own, single planet. Not a care in the world became a part of their lives. They were free of tyranny and depression. Evil was something that dug itself deep underground never to spring up again. Science became overwhelmingly strong, and then one man was crazy enough to go and do the unthinkable. He split human DNA with that of an animal's. "Which animal?" you ask. OH it had to be a cat of all things... And it was female to make it all the more... out of the ordinary... she came about years before the word NEI-type would be spoken on anyone's lips... but what ended up happening was a [i]cataclysm... ... pun intended... For some reason or another it only took 20 years for Neko DNA to become an every-day existance within the human race, there was no descrimination, no controlled breeding, things went out of hand. And before the human race knew it, they had entered a new dark age. Science came to be known as magic, and, as proven, history repeated itself...

The year... is forgotten... the Age shall be known as the neo middle ages. Humanity barley has retained it's technology. Some have shrunk, others grown. The human race has split into several races. Governments have become forgotten and Schivalry was the main guiding force in determining what one wanted to do in life.

These are interesting times... of adventure. loyalty, and... war...

"are you sure that this is the right way...?"

"look, the map summon never lies, I swear it's saying we have to go BACKWARD through this hall!"

"This old castle gives me the creeps.... what if this is some sort of maze that's been hexed..."

"it hasn't been hexed... calm down..."

"Easy for you to say Warrior boy! I'd like to see you fight a goul with these little daggers!"

"Shh both of you... i hear something..."

There was a droplet of water which struck the ground, it's sound echoed off of the stony walls... three figures stood in dark abyss that was an underground catacomb...

"Listen carefully..."

A fain voice echoed from beyond the distance... "EAHA! I ALMOST HAAAAD IIIIT!!" it seemed to be crying...

"Who is saying that?"

"I don't know... but I'm not going to try and find out if you're not!"

"let's just go!"



"There's a booby trap! LOOK at what you're about to step on!"

"huh? OH my what's that switch on the floor there for!"

"lets step back and flip it and see what it does..."

There was the sound of shuffeling armor and metal hitting metal... then the sound of a flipping switch... suddenly a giant stone pillar shot through the hallway and colided with the wall on the spot where the switch was... it pulled back and set itself in place... there was a giant gaping hole now in the wall...

"I think she just saved you're life..."



The dark sounding voice continued to echo across the walls...

"let's see if we can't figure out who'se voice that is..."

The sound of footsteps on a cobblestone surgace some of metal others of animal hide... leather... perhaps even silk... then an abrupt stop..

"this path... its hexed..."

"hexed in what way?"

"Well one of us is going to have to get through it..."

"but who?"

"I KNOW! Kimagure! You can go through it and fight magic with magic!!"

"...yeah yeah always send in the sorcoress... Sheesh! Do i have to do everything around here?"

"We're counting on you Kima-chan!"

"... call me that again and ill polymorph you into a snail..."

"oohooh you always say the cutest things!"

"GRARR I'm just gonna go in now..."

She took a few steps into the hallway which she was facing... her dress droping behind her.. she looked for signs of magical traps.. but saw none...

She began to take a few steps forward... then a large time-peice... a granddaddy clock... started to materialize itself from the wall, it moved in at an upside down angle but it stillhad the same effect. The pendulem on the clock slowed as it moved further into the hallway and then stopped directly in Kimagure's path...

"whhhuuuuuuaaaaaat-t-t iiiiiiiiissssss ttthhhhiiiiiiiissssssssssss???"

"iiiiiiiiiii thhhiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnk-k iiiiiiiiiiitttttssssss rrrrrrreeeeeevvvvvuuuuuuuurrrsssssssee haaaaaaaaaaassssssst-t-teee...."

"Boooooooooollllllt-t-t... ffffooooouuuuuurrrrrr....."

A bolt of lightening shot from the sorcores's hand... it moved slowly through the air toward the clock... it struck a wall and began sliding along the side of it, it then crossed sides.... gliding over the stoney surface of the hallway, finally it colided with the clock and blew it to smitharines... time rapidly sped up...

"well that wasn't so bad..."

Suddenly a slew of arrows passed by Kimagure's face... she quickly pressed her back against the wall of the hallway ... an almost endless steam of arrows in three lines were passsing in front of her... they didn't seem to have an end...

the two onlookers at the opening of the hallway immedialtey got out of the way as the arrows began hitting the wall and splintering, some stuck while others chaotically bounced aorund and a large pile of arrows was already starting to form on the ground...

"FARLIS SHEILD <Rebound of Arrows>" Kimagure shouted out... the arrows began to bounch and ricochet off of an invisible wall...

"well that appears to be working..."

Kimagure looked over to her fellow comrades... "lets go guys!"

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Kimagure ran to the end of the hallway and began looking around. The room she was now standing in had a very high ceiling with a skylight... no light poured in through it though, just darkness... there was another narrow hallway which continued the high-ceiling on. The path became a shallow pool of water though at the point where the room became a hallway. It was only ankle deep but she had a bad feeling about this place... Her two freinds came to stand beside her...

"So what do you think we do next?"

"I think we just move on..."

"well I'll lead i guess" kimagure began walking toward the shallow pool-filled hallway. She took a step down and started moving down the hallway... then she heard something... a squirming-type noise... it began to move along the walls and then struck the water. The water ahead downt he hall was a flurry of furouise splashing motions which seemed to be coming from nothing!


The red-armored warrior pushed Kimagure out of the way. She quickly yanked out a pair of daggers and began slashing to and fro furriously... she then leapt into the air and landed directly in the mass of moving water...


"I'M ON IT!"
Kimagure lifted her hands to her freind and muttered a light chant... suddenly the furoiuse motions became even faster and then finally all was still...

The female warrior let her daggers drop from her hands... her body felt quite limp...


"oh oh i'm sorry... it's all right... don't worry, I- I guess I just went off again didn't I..."

"Yeah I suppose! BUT HEY it wasn't so bad!" The male knight said walking up and giving her a pat on the back

"You don't have to be sad about it, it's just you're true potential showing itself earlie that's all..."

"I've heard that excuse for years..."

Bending down to pick up her swords from the water she re-sheithed them gently and completley differint from when she tore them out...

"I'tll be the death of me" she thought...

Moving along the hallway narrowed and the ceiling grew closer.. finally a door came into sight in the darkness... the three warriors looked behind them.. it seemed the skylight HAD served a purpose.. water began pouring down outo f it at such a rate that it rivaled Niagra falls... a tidal wave began to rush toward them...





The red armored warrior began to interperate some scratchings on the door...

"It says we need to use the VOICE of an undead hero to open the door!"



"Maybe if there was a Nekromancere in our little group but NOOO we had to be Chaotic good allied!"

"hey! Don't regret you're life decision!"

"STOP ARGUING AND GET OUT OF THE WAY!" The male warrior shouted in a deep voice...


"where did you get that broadsword, flare?"

"I thought you used haliburts!"

"I tore it off that courpse over there... KIMAGURE! CAST ANTI-RUST!"

She waved her hands over the rusty sword and it became polished as new


Throwing a polished stone into the air he swung the sword at it... the slicing of the stone and the sword together made an unmistakable "CLANG" that echoed through the halway, the door swung open and the three knights jumped inside, closing it just as the water came crashing down agasint it...

"I don't get it, how did that work?"

"It was the voice of the sword, the sword was an un-dead hero..."

"How'd you know that sword was a hero?"

"The skeleton holding it had a sheild on that could only belong to a veteran fighter..."

"well that's amazing!"

"i'm going to keep this baby for the rest of my life!"

he quickly sheithed the sword...

"where did you get a sheith for the sword?"

With a tear in his eye the knightly liightly exclaimed "ehe... I just remembered that I didn't have one..."

"... ow..."

"umm ill cast a heal spell on ya buddy heh... ehe..."


The echoing voice was louder than ever...

"wait a minute" Flare said... he pressed his pointy ear up against a cinder block....

He could head a muffled voice behind it...

"The guy's in there!!"

"well then how do we get this thing open?"

"I know! Lookat that sign!"

"Ye Who Opens This Will Unleash A..."

The rest of the sign was cutt off...

"ummm that' doesn't really help..."

"Oh look! Drawn instructions!"

There was a picture that showed three torches being lit by three seperate people simultaneously and then the large stone thingy in the center popped open and then it showed a guy step out and shake hands with everybody... The next image showed what lookedlike a mushroom with a ring around it... or maybe it was more like a peice of colleyflower...

"what do you think the colleyflower thing's supposed to be for?"

"It looks like an explosion..."

"NAH maybe it's just a ... filler of some sort..."

"well it's propably a good thing! lookit the guy shaking everyone's hand!"

"well allright let's try this torch thing...."

inside the chamber all was dark...
*pant pant* "how did it go again? oh that's right... ehem... Creepy little thing how i loathe you, youre thoughts are starting to show through.... so tired... rewired... http://members.lycos.co.uk/th8or/Rewired.jpg You're just the perfect little liar... talk about nothing... or everything... it all starts to sound the same...http://members.lycos.co.uk/th8or/lost.jpgDenial is so... sweet... THE SPELL MUST BE COMPLETE!!!
"On the count of three! One... Two... FOIE! <Light Flame>" All three knights lit their pedistals and purple and red light began to shoot forth from the object in the center... a red-haired figure stood there grasping a red ball, it had a point from it sticking out, Flare was the first one to run up to him...

"are you allright sir?"


He placed his index finger on it and the ball became complete...

"YEE-HEHEHESSSS!!! OH how many years !! HOW MANY YEARS has it been?"

"... since what?"

"Since I was imprisoned in that damned cell! I served my scentence I swear it! Why did they go and condem me for eternity! I know what it was... they were afraid... ... ... but what were they afraid of..."

"who are you... um... hello?"

"... I... don't... KNOW!"

"you what?"

The pale individual looked at his hands... then looked up at the Neko-jin with his oddly colored eyes...

"I forgot who I was... what I did..."

"can you remember something about your career?"

"I... I used a bow..."

"Rangers use bows!"

"so do arch-"

"RANGER!! That word... it brings back memories... If only It would bring them back enough so that I could!! AAAH!! I don't KNOW!"

The figure fell to the floor and began pounding his fists on the cobblestone...

"NUUH!! It was Shinji... and that bozo the Masakari Kushari Kai... They were afraid!!! Tell me... is the year at least 2800??"

"..ummm maybe?"


"umm I said maybe..."

"We'll maybe is shure close enough! haha! yes!"

"so how did you get here?"

"I remember, I was on a quest with a fine young boy named David... I forgot where I got him from but I remember he was a real fine Sling-shoter..."


"Yes You''d not belive it! just coming up that last hallway" He pointed to the door which was now spouting with water " He knocked 14 Giants in the head with a single blow!"

"...you fought Giants here?"

"Did you encounter any giants?"


"then YEAH we fought giants!"

"ok this guy is whacked..."

"Nonono please I just can't remember everything ive spent an unrecordable amount of time trying to solve the puzzle that would restore my strenghte, it took me all that time to realize that it takes 3 SETS OF HANDS!! haha!! perfect!!"

"umm so was this the 'Great Treasure' we came here for in the first place..."

"im reliable really! you can trust me!"

"well then tell us your name..."

"So you use the bow and arrow?"

"yes but My bow is like no other!"

Using the red sphere Death erected a long bow that seemed to be made of pure energy...

"The word DeathKiller comes to mind..."

"... *sigh* Well then, I guess we could use another party member... as 'filler' as you put it Kima-..."

"say chan and you're a dead man..."

"yessir ma'am!"

It took less time to exit the temple than it did to enter... and the sunset was beautifull...

And So... Our Story... BEGINS...

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Apr 6, 2002, 12:33 PM
and for you're listening pleasure

Never Winter Nights Preview Track #5 (http://members.lycos.co.uk/th8or/05.%20Track%2005.mp3)

The Theme Song From Akira (http://members.lycos.co.uk/th8or/Akira%20No%20Theme.mp3)

Gasaraki- Dust to Dust Remix (http://members.lycos.co.uk/th8or/I.mp3)

^_^; Feel free to leave you're comments here...

Apr 6, 2002, 02:53 PM
Nice! Lets hope thjis one goes for 22 pages as well http://www.pso-world.com/psoworld/images/phpbb/icons/smiles/icon_smile.gif

Apr 6, 2002, 04:31 PM
Hehehehehe i like that pic against the sunset. It takes alot of dedication to keep a fanfic goin as long as u kept the last one, Death...

Apr 7, 2002, 07:55 AM
Just Listen to this during the small fight scenes ^ ^ (http://members.lycos.co.uk/th8or/NeverWinterNightstrack8.mp3)

The skies soon grew dark as the four warriors decided to rest...

"So tell me, Death, umm... what was it like? Before you were prisoned?"

"I... Wish I could answer that question... but it's honestly so deeply rooted in my mind, everything in my past... i've forgotten it all..."

"Strange..." Kimagure sat up and looked at the 'Ranger' in an odd manner... "If you're supposed to be a ranger then why do you have so mcuh of a magical ora... what the..."

"What is it?"

"The second I said ora his energy vanished completley..."

"EEAAH you're just seein' things Kima... lets forget about such silly things and go to sleep..."

"Easy for you to say flare, all you do is take off your armor, if you even bother to, and then DROP like a sack of potatoes! you should at least have the descensy to wash up or something!"

"bah! Cleaning! who said that was 'natural'..."

Death opened an eye and stared at the warriror...

"Haven't you ever heard the wise words of Ben Franklin..."

"Ben WHO?" all three asked at once...

"you... you know right? Cleanliness is next to Godliness..."

"...what's that supposed to mean?"

"It's an Idiom!"

"OH Like A little Dab'll do ya!"

"...err something like that..."

Death turned his back to the others and muttered under his breath "what the hell kind of century am I in now?"

After a little pondering he decided to lay on his back and look up at the sky..



"umm... you're kidding right?"

"What are you going on about?" Alice asked looked over toward the 'ranger'...

"The sky! LOOK AT IT!"

"... I see teeny bright lights... you never seen those things before? They're called staaaars..."


"What's the matter then?"

"Where are the cars?"

"The what?"

"And the planes! and Star gliders! Warp class ships! All the benefiets of SOL!"

"what's sol?"

"... ... ... ... ... ... the... planet we're on..."

"oh really? I always called this place 'DIRT'..."

... ... ... "You know like the old ledgends of the mystical place man was at before here, Earth! well I figured the name would be similar..."



"Please tell me Alice just has a severe mental defect..."

"What are you talking about?"


"What's a Satelite?" Flare and Alice asked...

"hmm OH i think its a thing that goes around another thing in an orbital path..." Kimagure ran her index finger around her other in a circle...

Death's jaw was at a 45 degree angle on one side...

"auuw...*snap* dont belive it..."

"don't belive what?"

"The planet! KIMA tell me this is SOL!"

"...Yeah This is Sol! But we also like to call it Dirt, somepeople prefer the name Earth 2, there are too many theories as to what this place was actually properly named!"

"ITS SOL! which is SHORT for SOL 4 Which means the 4th planet orbiting the STAR which is SOL!"

"So you're blabering about Satelites was about the sun we're orbiting? Wow You must be an astronomist to know all about the stars like this..."

"... we are... of the stars..." Death sat up...

"who is? us?"

"I mean... my .... kind..."

"huh? OH are you remember something?"

"...yes... that quote... a dreadfull... powerfull.. yet SWEET... quote... wiked and deadly..."


..."eehe.. ehHEE... yes... That's all I can remember thought, it's meaning is cloudy, and I don't know who said it and for what reason... but It makes me want to LAUGH AHAHAH!!! HAHAAH!"

The three decided to join in Nervously.. "ehe.."
"umm... Death... Why don't you take a catnap... I normally see visions in my dreams..." Kima turned and proceeded to loosen her clothing a bit before slipping into a padded bag...

"... ... Alice... may I ask you a question..."


"where did you go to school?"

"I studied at the academy for hunters... then went into a bit of an apprenticeship..."

"what happened to your master?"

"he died a horrible death at the hands of a dreadfull warlord named Masaka..."

*bells and whistles went off, Death's head was pounding, all outside noise, the nearby stream, the birds, the wind, all ceased, there was only silence and then those ECHOING words MASAKARI KUSHARI KI-Ki-ki-keee... the echoing name faded away...

Death was holding his head now... the throbbing was intense...

a tear ran down his eye and turned black before striking the grass which he was sitting upon, a few blades sizzled and died...

"hi-him! he's still alive...."


"The one who trapped me in the fi-first... place..."

"You mean the guy that killed my teacher! Mister Hashuko!!"


the name echoed again through his head...

death fell face forward, his pale hands clenched the soil and he began to rip the grass from it's roots...


Kimagure jumped up... "Whoah quit yelling so loud you want to signal a pack of wolves or something!"

"i-im sorry it... its all comming back.... all of it..."

Alice decided the only right thing to do was place her hands on his shoulders... "there there... it's all right..."

The 'Ranger' was balling like an injured child...

"not again... oh not again... I don't want to have to fight him again..."

his face turned toward alice...

He swallowed his emmotions... "a-alice..."


"May I ask... h-how did your ears get to be that way?"

"What way?"

"they're pointy and.. do you have a tail?"

A string of flesh wagged behind her...

"umm we all do... and so do you!"

Death ran his hands up to the sides of his head... he touched something, he began to feel across it but it irritated him and his head swung from side to side rapidly with his eyes closed as a stimulus response...

"eahh!! what the heck!"

"are you saying you've never been... like us... before?"

"OH!!! now I get it..."

He ran his tail into his hands and he began to feel across its red furry surface...

"heh... it's all part of the program.. that's all..."

"Part of the what?"

"NOTHING nothing... you know... i'm sick of trying to figure this darned place out! as far as I can tell, all technology seems to be dead, so we'll just leave it at that... Death decided to lay on his back....

"why was I punished? and why do I feel so much FEAR about those two men? who are they? Why did they destroy eachother? And why is this world in the freaking DARK AGES... man.... when we get to a town tomorrow, at least I hope we will, I'll be able to sort this whole thing out!
Death thought to himself...

He looked up at the motionless sky...

"It's kind of peacefull like this..."

He quickly fell limp...

Alice yawned, stretched, and then fell asleep laying her head across her crossed arms... kima said goodnight to flare who only grunted in return..

the sounds of sicadas rang out and the only light sources were the night sky, a set of moons, and some fireflies. all of which reflected off of the nearby babbling brook in brilliance and awe...

Sol turned quietly in space... undisturbed by anything..

Sleep well... heroes...

Apr 7, 2002, 01:35 PM
When we first dove off of the cliff I swore my life had flashed before my eyes, soon enought, thought, my feet had landed softly on the ground. Trillig recomended we walk from that day on, not all of our men were exactly 'fit' for dwarven parachuting drops. Our casualties are currently marked at 3 today, alone...

Chapter 1: Crossing the Cloudspine

Flare yawned and reached his burley arms upward toward the heavents... suddenly his hand brushed something hard... he let the tips of his fingers glide across its surface... whatever it was, it was sharp, made of metal, and it felt like it was pointed... down...ward...

his eyes flung open... A spear was pointed directly in his face.. he was about to scream but suddenly the one standing above him hissed and said "say one word and you're a deadman..."

He pivoted his eye to look toward his freinds... they too had men standing over them with pointed weaponry aimed at their throats...

Alice yawned and then opened her eyes, she let out a scream but quickly silenced herself...

Kimagure was the next to make a similar noise...

all eyes were now on the 'ranger' who was sitting there quietly...

"I know I know, there's probably some theif with a weapon pointed at me right now... I bet he think's that he can steal our stuff, or have they all already taken it..."


"On the count of three... THREE!"

All four warriors rolled to one side as the large spears struck the ground, Flare swept his leg around and tripped the theif who was wearing a brown cloak, he quickly yanked a dagger out and began swinging at flare... flare jumped back... he realized that he didn't have anything on but a pair of thin pants... "bare handed it is!" he thought, as he lunged at the attacker and placed his grip on the hand weilding the blade...

Kima stood and her dress began to slip downward, grabbing it with one hand the attacking theif decided to take his attention off of the fight and placed it more on... the beauty before him... He was met with a sharp swipe in the face my a clawed hand... kima then barked "PERVERT!" before casting a stone spell on the theif...

Alice did the same tripping technique as flare but she pulled a sharp pin out of the back of her hair and jammed it into the attacker's back... she then quickly tore it down while salivating, her jaws grinding and her eyes narrowly focused... she pulled the pin out after running down the theifs back which was now torn and bloody, she then kicked him and he fell onto his own spear...

she suddenly lost her snarling attitude and fell to her knees... "what have I done?"

Death raised an eyebrow to this and then looked at the masked theif..

"I bet you're wondering why I didn't have any weapons to take... That means I'm either a weak little paladin or an incredibly strong mage... the real question is,.. DO YOU FEEL LUCKY? PUNK!"

"um... uh..."

"look out behind you..."

A figure dressed as one of the attacking theives was stumbling toward him...

"What.... Derek? What are you doing?"



There was a biting sound accompanied by the sound of a ripped artery bursting with blood... the two cloaked and masked figures struck the ground and death looked at them... he then looked up toward alice and kimagure who were staring at him dumbfounded... he had an emmotionless stare that brought shivers down their spines...

They were quickly distracted by Flare who was in mortal combat with the attacking theif... he finally grabbed him and started pumeling him senslessly until he was unconceouse...

"Just leave him, let's get out of here, they might have freinds..."

"Are our weapons still on us?"

"Here in this bag! it's your Haliburt, and heres your Cane Kima..."

"It's called a Masamune!"

"Whatever... AH here are my daggers..."

"Any other spoils?"

"just some bread and cheese... and two arrows... Death you need these?"

"that's all right..."

"save that stuff for later..."

"alright... let's get out of here..."

The four warriors began walking through the grassy planes... the trees were becoming more and more scarse... suddenly the earth itself dropped downward...

"AH Is this the cloudspine?"

"Yes, the deepest series of canyons, so deep they call the level-earth a mountain range..."

"So how deep is it?"

"The bottom cannot be seen from the top..."


"Ya think we can go down there?"

"We'll have to find a way around..."

"kima, do you have a teleportation spell?"

"Nothing that strong..."


"Wait guys... I have an idea..." Everyone turned toward death...

"if anybody here has a capsule.... ... Ok that idea's out..."

"A what?"

"Never mind it's nothing... Darnit!"

"well it looks like the only way around it is a few miles, that's how we got here, goign around... it will take us 5 days..."

"Yeah it's better to go around, only ghosts and theives run this place, and that's at night, so I think we can make it..."

Death started pondering... "hmmm how was this place formed?"

"Ledgend says that there was a huge volcano that shatered and broke the continant up, but not completley.."

"hmmm If you guys don't mind... just keep marching onward.... I think i'm going to see just how far down this thing goes..."

"and how do you plan to do thAAT!!"

Death had already leapt off of the edge...


"No he isnt..."

"flare what are you talkning about..."

"he has alot of tricks up his sleeves..."

"What trick is he going to use? A slow-Fall spell?"

"nope.. it's his shoes..."


"Boots Of Jumping, only those proficceint in bows and spears can use them..."

"Wow you do know about mystical garments after all..."

"it's a hobby..."

"where does one obtain such boots?"

"they only work once a day, but they let you jump to any height, it's said they were made by an evil warlock for a good purpose..."

"really? Anything interesting about this warlock?"

"he turned himself into a liche before he died and he's said to still exist far to the east... perhaps that's where our new freind originated... Alice, did he ever tell you where he went to school..."

"he mentioned something about studying under Masakari Kushari Kai..."

"Wasn't that the man that killed your Teacher?"


"Yes, he was, and your teacher was the one that traveled far to the east to battle the strongest liche on earth..."

"Wait a minute, if Death learned everything he knows from a LICH then that means that he's..."

"chaotic evil?"

"No.... he doesn't have to be but... he might not be a ranger... after all... Alice, do you remember what happened when you killed that theif?"

"I don't remember killing him exactly... I mean... I went blank.... but afterwords i saw him fallen on the spear... he was choking on his own blood..."

"So what happened next.."

"it's foggy... I think he.... got up and started lunging toward Death's direction..."

"... WHAT ?"

"wait... if he choked then how did he get up again?"

"HEY that's right! he walked right up to the other theif and killed him... and Death had that FIXED look in his eyes..."

"it was scarry i'll admit..."

"...The look of a killer of death..."

"what was that Flare?"

"nothing... I just remember something my old teacher said to me once, about a people who'se own world couldn't sustain them, so they spread through the universe, they were highly unknown and mysteriouse, they practiced Dark arts but did them for reasons to support the light..."

"were they like Deathkiller?"

"...not from what I thought..."

"Do you think any of this is true?"

"But he SWORE that he was a ranger, and he had that odd bow with him..."

"where did his bow go?"

"maybe he can materialize it whenver he should need to use it..."


"Say If we keep walking in this direction we'll just have ot walk around that other edge, we can travel faster if we move in a straight line... that way, see.."

"oh you're right... let's go..."


"did you hear something?"

Death landed at the bottom of the deep canyon... He looked up... the sky was a thin line of solid white... the only light source was barely there...

"yup that's pretty deep..."

He tapped his feet on the hard volcanic rock...

"hmm... nice EQ on the echoing effect..."

he began to tap dance a little...

There was a deep rumbling sound... "creepy city..." his voice echoed over the walls several times... he began to walk around the halls of the canyon..

there was a low bass like sound that resounded through the canyon, it was accompanied by the noise of flowing lava deep below the soil...

"the sound in here really picks up..."

There was a noise of something scraggly walking around... it sounded like several tiny legs scratching the surface of the rocks


Death started looking around in all directions...

There was more scratching-type noise...

"brillig and the silthy troves..."

Scratching noise...

"ah yes... that's where I am, am I not?"

More Scratching...

"come and GET ME!"

erecting an energy bow, death aimed a glowing red arrow into the darkness, it lit everything up like a flashlight...

He saw the silouetes of what looked like wild dogs, but they stood on their hind legs, where weren't legs at all... then tenticals portruded from them... One made a scratching noise, and then the other answered back with a differint type of scratching noise... suddenly the two hit the ground and began slithering toward Death at rapid speed... Death Let his arrow fly, it struck the first creature which wailed in a high pitch tone then retreated back... he forged another arrow out of the air and let it fly. It missed the second beast....


it exploded and blew the small creature toward him... he caught it in his hand... its tentacles began frailing wildly...

"ah, Jorn's Hounds..."

He threw the creature against the wall and shot an arrow in to it.... it was litterally pined to the wall...

Death began chasing after the next hound... it noticed that it was being chased and began to pick up its pace...

Death too started striking the ground with his feet more rapidly... he grabbed at the bow and it dissapeared, in place became an energy spear... he leapt and then speared the beast... he then flung the spear around and stabbed it again as it came down, this time at a differint angle... it screached a dying sound, he then slammed it agaisnt the wall and it hit the ground, parts of it were scattered to and fro, and the blood bursting from it was melting the ground it sat on, Death left it to die and he continued on down the dark path infront of him...

| | |_| | `|` | / `|` |_| <= |/| | `|` | | / /
|/| | | |` | | / | | | | | |` | | | / !

*insert weird cat-head shape spinning toward the screen and away from it accompanied with batman scene-change music*


"What is it this time... why doth thought troublest me on such a fine dark day..."

Lightening struck the ground...

"Sire!! The... The Tomb of Metsukatsu!!"

"what of it?"


"slow down young one, tell me is our freind still in his place?"



"I can't explain it! We think it might have been some theives!"

"Well we can't find and punish the theives, they're already dead now... were there any other traces of anything?"

"We found some odd dager marks in the pool, the a grain like residue was left behind would you care to examine it?"

"let me see here..."

A thin, bony hand extended out to reach hold...

"umm sir can't I just... lay it here and have you umm come and pick them..."


the small runner walked up a set of stairs toward a throne, he then placed the contents into the thin hand and jumped back immediatley afterword...

"why do you show such fear?"

"I- I'm sorry sir, i just can't help it! its the overwhelming strenght of your..."



"He cannot still be alive... but I never cared to dispose of his weapons... If just a THEIF had these I would be QUITE amazed... NO... not just mere theives raided the tomb.. it must've been an army, or a small group of warriors, one of them, AT LEAST one of them, had to be a student of the bersurker fury who'se name I dare not speak..."

"But He only took Berserkers for his students! People under the controll of demons and what-not..."

"that is correct, you should be a scholar instead of a runner..."

"I prefer running..."

"It will be your death..."


"..that was a figure of speech..."

"Oh.. *wipes brow* I- im sorry... I'll go now and see if we can't find any students.. of... HIM... around here..."

"that would be excellent... thank you...."

"hmmm so ShinokoroSha is lose, and his memory must be lost, otherwise he would be here now to confront me... or perhaps... he's avoiding me... heheheh he's afraid that ill do to him as I've already done to his village, HAAHAAHA!! Poor fool... I will find and strike him down soon enough... there is nowhere on this planet where he can run, and nowhere on it to which he can escape...

hmmmm yes... you're only escape shall be Death... my young freind... hmmm"

the long hands stretched to grab a glowing orb...

"now let's see if we can find you..."

*insert another batman-like transition*

"Its been 4 hours... Death hasn't popped back up from the cloudspine.... i'm worried about him..."

"maybe we should just forget about him and move on, he's free to do whatever he chooses with his life..."

Alice stopped and looked outward into the canyon...

"well yes but... I..."

"you what?"

"He might be the only person who knew my... master... personally..."

"You care too much about him..."

"But he gave me the very daggers which I use and I still don't understand myself, why I have the tendency to lash out, and I just lose myself.... I was hoping that maybe he might at least be able to diagnose my condition... he was very learned..."

"pfft, he seemed like an astronomer who had way too much to drink..."

"what if, what if he was talking about the past, a world which we couldn't fathom that existed before ours?"

"If there was such a world, it would be written in our history books and studied by our scholars COME ON let's get a move on..."


"What is it?"

there was a cloud of dust on the horizon...

Death nealt down by his lit fire and picked up a kabob, he tore some meat from it and bit into some scaly flesh... he downed it without a problem... "now that's good eatins! really takes me back... heh..."

He looked around at the pile of dead hounds....

"hmm... maybe I should save a few of these..."

he was about to put some into a sack when he heard a high pitched scream,...

"Alice? Kima... why do i care so MUCH rrrmph FINE..."

He looked up toward the bright thin light in the sky...

"i'm getting out of here..."


"Those are Fetch! Lightening mages of the dark armies from the east! what are they doing this far west! I thought that they only ran territories to the..."

"perhaps while trying to move about the cloudspine we ventured too close to their territory!"

"ma-maybe they'll just give us a warning? right?"

Dark horsement in cloacked outfits began riding closer and closer...

"if we have to, we must fight, I'm not going to go down without one.."

"don't draw your weapons yet..."

"perhaps i should begin casting a spell!"

"NO they can sense that... just lay dorment and don't let your thoughts drift to places you wouldn't want them to see, they can read your mind from what I've heard..."


A black horse pulled up and kicked at the air with its front legs, it landed and the rider leapt off... he unseithed and sword and began walking toward them... he stopped... looked at flare... and then pushed him out of the way like he was nothing... he walked up to Alice... Kima ran over to attend to flare... all of the dark riders caught up and dismounted... they gathered around Alice in a semicircle, she was backed up against hte edge of the cliff...

"I-.... I-... What do you want from me?!"

the first one spoke in a deep dark otne... "she is of the berserk blood"

"a student of his master's foe..."


"the other? you mean Death?"

"...she knows of his name..."

"He may be controlling her..."

"controll... no I'm not being controlled by anyone!"

"she is ignorant, leave her..."

"Do not leave your eyes off of her, she may strike without warning..."


"ALICE!!!" Flare shouted out... "UNSHEITHE YOUR DAGGERS! auw my ribs i think he broke one..."

"hold still..."

Alice pulled out a weapon.. the dark warriors stepped back a litle...

"Do not fear, she cannot weild the weapons properly..."

Alice fell to her knees and grabbed at her shoulder... it was burning... "NO... NOT AGAIN!!"



A black object moved across the sun in the sky and reflected light like a lense flare, it came downwarnd and landed on top of the head Deathtroop, mashing its head it... One pulled out a mace and began to whirl it around...


A glowing red spear ran him through and then it twisted and attacked another...

"I SUMMON FARLIS STRENGTHE!!! <increase strenghte to allies>"

Death began to glow with red-hot energy...

"thanks Kimagure.."

He smiled at her...

He then leapt and stabbed at the next death troop.. it struck the ground hard.. he formed his spear into a bow... without warning a death troop on the groudn stood up and was about to bash him in the head with a spiked club when suddenly a red blur whisked past the attack and cut him into 5 seperate peices which struck the ground and melted...

"A... alice?"

She didn't look like alice at all.. but she was... her face was contorted into a wiked snarl and she let out animal-like growls and screams as she stabbed and tore apart the enemy with her bare hands...

Death stared at the armor of a death troop... "you still have your weapon that will be handy..."

One of the death troops was striking and matching blows to the injured flare...

"Damnit he's too much like me! I can't hurt him and he can't hurt me!"

"...you cannot challange your mirror image!"


"what the?"

The fighting dark knight turned and saw another dark night lumbering toward him.. it pulled out a skimitar and ran it through the dark warrior....

"well now you've met your own shadow..." it whispered as the two fell over..."

"What the heck..."

Death was staring at the two of them again, he then looked up at flare... he cracked the bones in his kneck a bit and then looked at Alice... she was puting on an astounding display, cutting the enemies to and fro, slicing their heads off and counteracting any attack that was made toward her...

finally all of the attacking knights were dead and she fell onto the ground... her eyes were gently closed and her daggers were to her side... almost neatly placed...

"mrrar wake me in the morning wouldga daddy?"

she snored innocently...

"My god..."

"She has never fought like that..."

"How did you guys come to know eachother anyway?"

"we heard about a treasure where YOU were at and figured we'd join together, walkt around the cloudspine and help eachother out, we never expected to form a party but we all get along pretty well..."

"hmm that's nice... well I hope to stay with you people a little longer... having alice nearby is good for protection... and you, kima-chan..." she blushed and then guffawed at his remark.. "are quite nice to have around for magical support..." he then stared at flare... "and as for you flare," he said in an almost grunting tone "well... you make a GREAT human sheild..."

"If I could i'd punch you in the face..."

"yes... if you only could..." death smiled wikedly and proceeded to place Alice's daggers in the sheiths at her sides....

"funny how something so terrible can serve such a great purpose..."

Death began to walk off with his hands in his pockets... Flare picked up alice and decided to follow... Death then stopped at the edge of the cliff...

"look there..."

"what is it?"

"it's a bridge, it runs in between the two parts of the cloudspine, its natural..."

"But its TOO FAR down there!"

"it's not as far as the bottom http://www.pso-world.com/psoworld/images/phpbb/icons/smiles/icon_smile.gif"

"you mean we're going to cross it..."

"all you have to be able to do is scale a normal-sized mountain!"

"it's gonna be a long day isn't it..."

"We'll get to this town you're headed for three times as fast if we try!"

"I'm up for it!"

"kima! how can you go along with this guy's plans we don't even know if we can trust him!"

"He made us a promise, and he saved our lives!"

"i'd say alice saved our lives!"

"and he saved alice!"

"... grrrr I can't belive you're just up and going along with this guy!"

Camp was set up quickly... Death layed in the grass, he didn't want to watch the still night sky... it was disturbing to him..."

"I think we should start taking shifts on the time that we sleep..."

"yeah, that way we can warn one another in case we'll get attacked..."

"I'll take the shift for tonight" death said...

"you mean the WHOLE night?"

"trust me, just sleep all you want..."

"I'M not going to have this guy watch us sleep! What if he thinks on doing something twisted or slits our throats!" Flare did a cutting motion with his finger across his kneck...

"don't worry, you can trust me..."

"yeah well you keep watch and ILL just sit here and WATCH YOU!"

"suit yourself, but you're going to fall asleep anyway soon enough... Goodnight ladies..."

Kimagure layed her sleeping mat right next to death, blushing she said "i think i'll feel safer if i sleep here tonight, is that allright..."

Death looked at her for a while... then turned his head... "do as you wish" he closed his eyes... Listening to the breeze, then he opened them again, focusing on the horizon for even the slightest movement... a deer was standing alone on the plains... yeaak... some ravens were sitting in a lone-standing tree... the grass was blowing in the wind.... a tumbleweed ran over the plains.... the cloudspine made a deep sound as a breeze blew through its many cracks... death bent on of his knees upward and ran his arms around it, clasping his hands... he pivoted his head slowly... surveying the horizon... he suddenly feelt somthing tug on him, he turned and saw kimagure with her hands on his shirt, she pressed a cheek against the leathery cloth...

Death smiled and looked back at the horizon with a hawk-like gaze...

Sleep well heroes...

Apr 7, 2002, 08:14 PM
we stood atop a hillside, a large windmill turned peacefully in the distance, we could hear a marching army behind us but pretended not to as we passed into the town, the babling brooks were of silver refletion and the rich feilds seemed to be endlessly teeming with rice and wheat...

-Chapter 2... Willow Creek

Kimagure yawned and started to feel around her... she became suprised to find Death wasn't sitting beside her... she started looking around quickly... she then turned to look at the lone tree in the feild... he was there... with one arm pressed against the tree... he seemed to be leaning against it... the sun was brightly lighting up the blue sky... the leaves blew past him as he stared off into what appeared to be nothingness from behind... in reality he was meditating... she got up and decided to start walking toward him...

"Death? Are you allright?"

Death's eyes shot open and he turned to look at her while slyly sweeping his foot across the ground and sliding a horned helmet behind the tree...

"yup... nothing happened at all last knight! But I did find something I think Flare could use!"

"Oh yeah? What is it?"

"Some type of big battle axe.." death lifted a heavy battle axe from out of the grass... "i figured that It might come in handy, just as a disposable weapon..."

"I dont know if he can lug that huge thing around..."

"well we'll see what he thinks of it..."



Everyone cringed looking at the blade...

"and it still looks good as new... this must be the holy blade that cannot rust..."

"wowie zowie..."

"well I think it's about time that we climb down the geoge onto that tiny bridge and cross the canyon!"

"I'M UP FOR IT!" said alice in an enthusiastic tone...

"well then what are we waiting here for!"

Reaching t he cliff edge, the warriors began slowly descending the cliffside which, luckily, was at an angle that was easy to climb down...

"Someone aught to resurect some stairs here!"


"What're you gonna do kima..."

"umm OH i know that Geromancy Step spell it can be done twice a day! SO you can help us go UP with it too!"


"Yadavari Tetsu no VAYA!" <Geomancy Stair Formation>

The ground began to cruble away, and quickly stairs shot outward... the four slowly descended the small yet steep steps and then started to walk along the land bridge...

"well this wasn't so hard afterall!"

on the other side an animal head stuck up from a bush and quickly dove back down...

Suddenly there was a howling sound...

"What was that?"

Death quickly formed his energy bow...
"Creatures which you've never encountered..."

"What are they?"

"Hounds... that's what they're called.... they only exist at the bottom of the cloudspine's crack..."

"Well if that is the case then why should we be woried..?"

"they're excelent climbers though they don't like staying in the light for long, if you have any sun spells, I recomend you start charging them..."

A slew of three-eyed tentacle beasts slithered up around the center of the land bridge and stood there, more started coming up the sides and they formed a wall...

"ah, this is one of their strategies..."

Suddenly more formed a wall behind them...

"they think they have us trapped... they thought wrong..."

Death quickly flashed his hands... an arrow flew from his longbow and struck the first creature which wailed in pain...

"ZONDE!!!" A small, dark cloud formed above the gorge, lightening left the cloud and struck the hound... this made it retreat further back... the others started scattering too but then regrouped... further back...

"we're pushing forward! Kima watch our back, Alice, Flare, Rush the front gate, ill cover you!"

"why are we following his orders?"

"He knows what we're dealing with GO!"

"YEAAARRG!" Alice leapt forward and began stabbing at the first slimey beast... she flung it off of the cliff side, then gripping a dagger in her jaws she used both hands with one dagger and rammed it had through the next monster... Flare ran up beside her and rammed his steel axe hard into one of the hounds, litterally slicing it in half... an arrow shot past him and shot a hound back that was just about to jump on him... Flare looked back at death who was smiling at him...

"I guess I should say thanks..."

He saw death let another arrow fly STRAIGHT TOWARD HIM! he ducked his head and the arrow struck another hound that was about to leap on him...

"you knew i'd do that... didn't you..."

"You should be more trusting http://www.pso-world.com/psoworld/images/phpbb/icons/smiles/icon_smile.gif"

Alice grabbed a hound and then suddenly leapt off of the land bridge she hurled it downward toward the ground and then did a 180 degree turn mid-air, she caught he side of the land bridge and pulled herself back up, with both daggers in her mouth....

"Damn woman..."

"FLARE! mind your mouth! KAISHIEEN! DAN! <Dispell sun spray>"

Rays of light burst over the rear flank of attacking hounds and it forced them to retreat back further...

"Am I buying you guys enough time?"

"you're doing great!"



Alice had the last hound pinned up against the wall...


Death started runnning toward her... alice suddenly fell to her knees with the hound still shifting in her tightened fist...

"wow your anger is only controlling one limb!" death said as he caugh up, dematerializing his bow.... he scooped up the squirming beast and sunk his sharp teeth into it... he then suckled the wound for it's sweet nectar...

"MMMMYEAAAAAAH!!" he cried out, he then threw the dead beast off of the edge of the cliff...

Alice and Flare started at him horrified...

Kimagure finally caught up and asked "What are you guys looking at like that?"

Death turned toward her with his lips still dripping with purple ooze....

"What... did you just do? is that hound BLOOD?"

"ehe... back in the day we called it the spice, though i prefered the name Ambrosia..."

"you mean the mythical stuff of the gods?"

"not quite... but it refills your mana so fast you'd swear it had never happened..."

"but wait... you haven't used magic all day!"

"what do you think my bow runs on? Batteries?"

Everyone cringed at the thought...

"let's get us a flight of stairs!!"

"GOING UP!" Kima shouted and the wall split into a more elegant stairway up... it didn't take long to reach the top... there were bushes all over the plains on this plateou... and it connected through a thin peice of land to the mainland... from there the hill sweeped downward... the sound of a flowing river wasn't too far off...

"hmm interesting place we're at..."

"What's the matter? why aren't you moving death?"

"dont... move... a muscle..."


There was a twock sound.. like that of a bow releasing an arrow... death slashed at the air and caught a poison tipped dart...

"In the bushes..."

the bushes began to move... and small pipes extended form them..


Death looked around.. "i dont know but they're not human..."

The bushes began to circle the four knights...

"HAAT AAAH MAAAH!!! <summoning circle for beasts>"

Kima created a light which blew the bush-people backward and surrounded the party of four with a circle of light...


Suddenly a group of orks appeared aroud them with poisoned dart pea-shooters...

"What the HECK!"

"What? Ain't you never seen Orcs before?"

"they're... green..."

"Some say it was because of the magics which rained out of the sky after a huge explosion spell was cast... but noone really knows..."

The image of the Nuclear mushroom cloud on the warning seal on his own tomb flashed through death's head...

"hmm... not my doing... must've been ... gah... HIS...."

The orks began shouting at eachother and those wearing bushes on their backs started attacking their mirror images which matched their attacks blow for blow..

"lets just get out of here!"


The four warriors left their occupied guests behind and started running for the mainland... they crossed the thin land bridge and were on the mainland again...




"YES WILLOW CREEK... whatever that is..."

The three looked at Deaht... "you know not of willow creek?"

"well I assumed it was a little town with windmills and a nearby creek with a tallow or a tavern and an outhouse on the edge of town which is JUST near the MAYORS GRAND OFFICE whih is really a log shack... oh and I bet there will be PIGS out in the open too!... am I right?"

"oh NO no... Its a wondrouse villaige completley void of all dark influence and it's so FERTILE and teeming with business and life!"

"yeah sure..."

Death stepping off of the land bridge with his hands in his pockets decided it would be nice to put the energy from his right boot of jumping to use.. he pressed it as hard as he could agains the ground and the tiny bridge gave way...

On the other side of the plateou, kima's stairway dematerialized into a staight drop down and the stress on the landbridge caused by gathering hounds caused it to fall over and plummit to the bottom of the cloudspine cracks... The ocupied orcs opponents finally dematerialized as well since kima was out of range... they ked around puzzled and soon realized that there was NO way off of the plateu!!!

Death came to the edge of willow creek... and gues what he saw? A windmill... a creek... a tallow... an a tavern... a small barn with some pigs in front of it... and an outhouse on the edge of town.... just outside of the mayors office which resembled a wooden shack...

"-_- ... oh yeah... life is *so* good..."

Apr 7, 2002, 10:32 PM
It was then that our party was informed of the dark prescense to the east, and it's binding power over the west, we were told to examine a well just out side of town, it was apparent that any man sent out to fetch water never came back alive. Brillig decided to test the well's depth by tossing a brand down the dark abyss. What bubbled up from it was an image that is haunting every one of our number with knightmares to this day.

-Chapter 3 the spiders...

They were called into the mayor's shack immediatley...

"Ah so you are back from your fighn excursion I see..."

"yes mister mayor..."

"did you find anything? I notice someone new with you... I try to keep tabs on all of the mercenaries around here... I keep them in a notebook... I selected these three to go keep an eye on the army of the easts activities for me... so tell me... how did it go?"

"everything was fine... but then some dark troops attacked us?"

"really why? Does this mean there will be further conflict?"

"No we doubt there will be any further conflict, thought some Orks did try to jump us as well..."

"You don't say... well i've heard worse stories, I'm just glad that you're all back in one peice... so tell me young man... who might you be?"

"I'd prefer to not give out my name..."

The mayor, a fat stubby man with short hair atop his head and what looked liek three knecks let the pipe in his mouth dangle a little...

"why won't you tell him you're name De..."

"Don't say it... he doesn't want it heard by my ears... I understand chaotics like him... he's just another mercenary... OH did you do anything else while youw ere out there you were gone a while?"

"well umm... we did go treasure hunting..."

"AH you rambunceouse youngsters... I suppose I don't need to give you a reward then..."

"Well actually we didn't find anything but him..." Flare pointed at death with his thumb... Death kept his back turned at all times... he shuddered a bit...

"where did you find him...exactly?"

"I'd rather you not know..." death said lightly... and everyone shut up for a good few minutes... finally the mayor turned to kimagure, the only one still faking her smile...

"ok i'll be blunt... the well outside of town... umm it's had a history of housing something evil... and well after hearing that you got away from Dark troops unharmed i've decided that you're more fit that anyone else in this town to examine its contents... do so and you will be handsomeley rewarded..."


Kimagure stood up and grabbed her 'two old freinds' by the shoulders... "Let's go to the local tavern and chill out, then we can get up at darn and examine the little well thing and get PAYED!"

"is the well just down the street straight forward?"

"why yes... how did you know?"

"it's made of a metal which you consider stronger than steel but not poisonouse like lead...adn the water from is always seems to become magically refilled?"

"how... what? Have you been to willow creek before young lad..."

Death turned and looked the mayor in the eye... his stare was cold it made him shiver as he spoke "NO but I know that an Irrigation controll unit looks like, you're lucky that water isn't tainted... calling it a well, that's supposed to be for the feilds! oh well, drink all you want, it constantly fillters ocean water..."

"ocean water? where from? we are nowehre near the..."

"then it's from underground water supplies or a nearby lake or river, who cares, the fact is that if you were'nt carefull you could be drinking air conditioning fluid and dying from amonia..."

"Dying from what? Air con- what?"

"NEVER MIND!" death flew out the door and began trampling the ground, he stepped on the grass so hard that it died beneath his feet and instantly turned brown... he looked at the well and squinted...

"What could be dangerouse about YOU..."

the metal pipe read a company logo... "these memories are coming back far too quickly for me to make sense of them.." he thought... "but I seem to be making sense of them myself.."

Kimagure caught up with death.. "you know, Before I thought that you were a kind young gentleman... but now I realize that you're as dark as the deepest part of that well! You're ill, you rant on about nothing for hours and then you STORM out of offices and DEMAND to not have your history repeated to GOOD people! THe mayor is on OUR SIDE!!!"

"I work for noone..."


Kima turned and ran right into Flare... flare touched his hand to her shoulder...

"Calm down, Kimagure!"

"How can you DEFEND HIM after the way he acted in there! He bloody insulted us!"

"listen... he's of a differint alliance that us... plus he's been through alot.... we can't just leave him now, he's obviously confused about this new world... like a child, he has to re-learn everything..."

"how can you look at him like that!!"

"I think you're just upset that he wasn't the prince charming you thought him to be..."

Kimagure pushed herself back from the knight...

She stared at him wide eyed...

@[email protected] "Auh... AH... ACK YOU BASTARD!"

she kicked him as hard as she could between his legs...

There was a sound of metal hitting metal...

"heh..." he smirked at her...

She scowled with viens bursting on her forehead and headed for the tavern with Alice at her side...

A tear fell from Flare's eye...

"YYJuST GoTTA TAKE IT LIKE A MaNNN Aeeeeeeooooo God it hUuuUurt"

having a bizare mood swing the knight placed his arm around death...

"say... do you want to know where a man can have a good time in willow creek? I know about all the secret places they try to write off the map hehe heh..."

Death turned his head slowly... his eyes never blinked... and his gaze was constant and almost frozen... he looked at Flare for five straight minutes without moving or saying a word...

Flare blinked... "ok fine I'll go alone..."

Death looked at the warrior as he walked off...

he stared at the steel pipe...

"hmm so fine i'll call it a well..." he said standing alone by himself...

"i wonder if they're having any fun in there..."

he crossed his arms...

"it would be more impressive if i just stood here until dawn..."

he loosened his jaw a bit...


He kicked one leg up and began walking toward the tavern, the lights in the windows were on, there was joyouse music playing... all seemed fare and well inside... death shrugged as he opened the door... he walked in... he saw his two female cauligues sitting in the dark corner, trying to stay unnoticed from the raunchy men who were already being entertained by a couple of dancers... he looked up the stairwell to the second story.... he saw Flare talking to a lady who placed her arms around him and they walked toward a small wooden door which they entered quietly... death then looked at the bar, there was an empty seat in between two barbarians with spikey helmets on... he sat down...

"OY ladie! who do ya tink ya tink yar sittin in da seeet ova me freind wallice!"

Death looked around... "I don't see wallice anywhere..."

"AY laddie! he went out dis mornin to examin dee oder siyeed ova da cloudspine and he never come back now!"

"you don't say..,"

"Oy you'd best leave the man his seat should he come back HRARHAR!" the other viking-like brute laughed and talked with his mouth full...

"well, If you must know, I saw his courpse not too long ago, so I can asure you that you're freind isn't comming back.."


"Well I either just stumbled on his courpse or I killed him... but in reality i did neither..."


"Word spreads quickly around this place you know... it's not to hard to get a little information when you need it..."


The large brute yanked out a sword which wobbled in his hand...

he was drunk...

everyone in the tavern ghasped at the brute's threat... then all eyes were on death...

Death decided it was fit to do an impersonation... "WEYULL I DUNNOT SEEN HEEM IN DAYS BUUT I GOT WURD FROMA RUNNAH! HE DUNNA LIE DA RUNNAH!"

"How Deed he DIYEE!"

"By Da hands of a RANGA dey say he was Chaooteek Gud!"




everyone laughed hysterically, one man even fell out of his seat...

Death smiled... then turned toward the bar...

"What can these twenty gold thingies get me..."

"...well hell son that could buy you the bar!"

"Ill pay it all for a glass of water and some sake for those two ladies in the dark corner..."

"Freind's of yours?"

"well we kind of just met..."

"Two of our finest drinks for the ladies and... a glass of water for our freind?"

"Yeah you'd better make that FIRE WATER" he guffawed at his insult to the lack of modernization...

Nobody else laughed...

"son it don't take an elementalist to know that FIRE and WATER don't mix..."

"oh... what'say we put a little wager on that..."

"oh really?"

"yeah... ill bet you all this gold here and the BAR that i can make this here glass of water you give me taste like fire!"

"... you've got to be kidding me..."

"oh no it can be done!"

"heh FINE then its a bet!"

... even the bar tender must've been drunk...

Death took the glass and pressed it between his hands...

He began to shake it furiously...

He had secretly slipped a slice of dried ice into the glass and the acceleration was causing the water to become carbonated while his grip was litterally hermetic... he lifted his hand off and it made a poping sound that got everyone's attention..

"and no magic required..."

the bartender took the water from his hand... the pressed it to his lips and then dropped the glass... death caught it and then handed it to the barbarian... "why don't you give us you're opinion since the bartender's given his..."


"no magic... just science... "

"You're crazy, lad!"

the barbarian let out a belch... "WHOAH NELLY DAT BE SOME FUNKEEEY WATA!"

Death twidled his thumbs... "looks like I won the bet..."

"I... I..."

"i was just kidding about the bar... now about the gold..."

"I'll GO BROKE if i produce as much! that stuffs worth 24 thousand!!"

"waitaminut!!" the barbarian looked at the gold then at death... "24 tousand be da numba of gold dat WALICE HAD ON HIM!!"

Death smiled...

"I didn't kill him though..."

The door swung open... a large dark figure stood at the opening...

"Wallice? is that you..."

death's eyes stayed fixed on the figure... it grunted and then walked away... Some swore that it's eyes were glowing...


The two lumbering barbarians left the tavern... they were never seen or heard from again... nor was wallice...

Death turned back to the bartender.. he lifted a finger... "i'll be back...these two seats are reseverd though..."

He went over to the table where the two ladies were sitting...

"What the hell kind of stunt are you pulling now?"

"I realized that life's too short to spend without company! come sit at the bar with me!"

"I don''t need any bizare men looking me over!"

"oh trust me, they wont even let their eyes wander to you..."

Death and the two ladies sat down at the bar, Kima ordered a fine red wine in turn for the cash that death had actually won over, and Alice ordered a glass of tea.... death decided to drink his water contently, after adding sodium, sugar, and a variety of other things from his odd coat that turned the water a dark color... he sipped it and then added some ice... it wasn't Dr. Pepper... but it was 'fire water', all the same...

The hours flew by, and sudddenly there was a sharp screech.. it was followed by a male screaming.... then the door which Flare had gone through earlier burst open and flare fell out in nothign but his underwear, a pair of armor and pants with his cape and the large daunting axe along with a sword and haliburt struck the ground next to him... "eyaah!"

he rolled out of the way as the large axe struck right about where his head would have been...


he gathered up his belongings and retreated to a back room...


"flare shure knows how to make an exit...."


The furiouse woman then looked at death who had the two ladies sitting next to him, with their tails happily moving to and fro...


Death pointed to himself what a "me?" expression on his face...


She slammed the wooden door behind her... death looked at the girls around him... Kima was red in the face from drinking and she was resting her chin on her hand....

"that's the most perverted i think i've ever seen you sit Kima..."
"WHa WHAHWHAAT!" she suddenly jumped up and looked at hereslf in a vanity mirror, she immediatley began applying some powdery substance to her face... Death turned around... he saw a warrior staring at Alice... he narrowed his eyes.... the warrior quickly turned his head back to his freind and shivered...

"I told you nobody would look at you two...

The girls looked around the bar... all heads were turned 180 degrees AWAY from them...

"I dont think i've ever seen the backs of so many heads!"
"wow alot of people have back hair..."
Death chuckled and pounded his fist on the table... "oh you two are just too much hahaha! Seriously ladies, are we going to scope out this well now or what?"


"I know im already weary!"

"then what's the point of staying awake in a place like this for you?"

"well we.... just... ya know... umm..."

"come to think of it... there is no real purpose to staying in a bar all night if what you need is rest..."

"SHHH if you two keep talking like this you'll ruin my business" the bartended whispered...

"check please!"

"I beg your pardon..."


The bartended handeled the coins and filled his pockets greedily..


Kima, alice, and death started walking toward a nearby inn, they saw Flare jump out a back window and crawl across the ground... once out of proper distance he stood up and joined his freinds...

"Getting out too eh? that place was too wild for me!"


"what was that?"

Death started running in the direction of the well.. he stood and looked... what he saw was unimaginable...

The Luered barbarians from the bar earlier were covered head to toe with dark creatures which sheiked and scurried all about them,. they were then lifted and carried down the well... death ran up to the entrance... he could heard the sounds of hundreds of scurrying legs... and then there was only silence...

The others caught up...

"what was that?"

"nothing... I just wanted to test the well..."

"can you tell us what's in there..."

"It is actually more easily solvable than you think..."

Death pulled out a pesticide grenade...

"I always knew that ONE DAY i'd encounder Masakara's spider army! but here! hoo! who'da thunk it..."

He pulled the pin on it and dropped it down the well...

"there" he said wiping his hands together... "problem solved!"

They all stared at him oddly...

"we'll come back in the morning to clean up the remains, don't you worry it's all taken care of..."

the three walked into the inn and checked in, one night's board was free for those who could prove their bravery, Flare's axe and sword proved to be usefull after all...

the four knights were given a single room... with... one... bed...

Flare spoke up... "ok, Death and I will sleep on the couch and you two ladies can have the bed... it's just courteouse..."

Kima ran for the bathroom "OH GOD I'VE BEEN NEEDING A BATH!"

She ran around past a door... "YES! THEY HAVE WARM WATER!" the sound of a flowing spiket was heard and her Kimono was quickly thrown onto a hook... Flare's eyebrows raised for a bit but quickly shot back down... he narrowed his brow... "alrigth then I'm just gonna go to sleep on the couch..."

"but wait..." Alice interupted... "Where will Death sleep tonight?"

"I- i can just stand..."

"YEAH... HE NEVER seems to need to sleep!"

"nyo.... I just can't let you do that... Death... since you stayed out last night... let me watch the door tonight.. it won't be that hard, and you need some rest after not sleeping at all last night...

"but really i don't need slee-"

"I insist!" Death took his jacket off and layed it onto a rack, the rack snapped under the jackets heavy weight...

"well you know ma' always said pockets were for filling heh...eheh..."

Death just layed the jacket on the ground... he decided to keep his pants on but he rested his boots under his heavy jacket...

"Nobody's gonna pick those up hehe..."

He layed the jacket over them which made the sound of an anvil as it struck...

"wow..." alice said looking at it,..

"I never travel light... EVER...."

Death jumped onto the matress... it didn't bounce or squeak, rather it conformed to his shape...

"oh my god it's a water bed..."

"EY! how come I don't get to sleep on the water bed!"

"Oh Flare! you know you'd never fit in that small thing!"

Flare grunted... A half an hour passed and Kimagure stepped out of the shower... droplets of water slid down her skin as she stepped out in full form... she made sure to only step through the darkness.. her body dried quickly as she then pu on the towel and figured that since only 'ALICE' was in the bed she'd jump on in in the towel...

everything was quiet,... dark...

Death had his eyes closed when he heard a voice... "hmm i'll never understand these boys will you?"

She placed two thin arms around death's waiste... he jerked a bit in the bed... she pulled herself closer to him...

she was still warm from the bath water... he felt her body heat irradiate onto him...

"oh my god I hope she's not just wearing a towel..."

He turned his head... he saw through the darkness something which he never expected to see...

"ok so maybe less than a towel... ok Death-ol' chap.. just ... slide... out of the grip... that's it... now maybe y ou can roll onto the floor and free.. yoursel..."

there was a scratching at the door... and the window...


alice shot up and unsheithed her daggers...

"hmm alice?"
The set of hands started feeling death's stomach... "you're not..." the hands came to a flat chest... "EEYAAAH FLARE YOU PERVERT!"

Shooting up Kimagure stepped out of the bead... the towel slowly hit the floor...

She lit a light with a quick fire spell and death stared for about two seconds... kima could only stare back... before lifting and arm, lowering a hand and hitting the ground, death's nose exploded with blood...




Kima looked up at the window wide eyed... death did too... flare shot up and his head hit the low ceiling... rubbing it he looked at the door... it was wobling... Kima ran back into the darkness of the bathroom area and slipped on her clothing...she walked out of the darkness and death stood as well....

"what do you suppose that is?"

"I don't think my plan worked..."

"KIMA do you have an Anti-Bug tecnhnique?"


"Listen there's no time! just tell me if you have something against arachnids!"

"well yeah but it was a small spell I learned as a child.."

"well wtih all of your experience i'm sure you can use it powerfully enough to handel GIANT SPIDERS right?"

Everyone looked at death.. "GIANT SPIDERS?!"

"yes..." he said wiping his bloody nose... "listen.." he panted... "Cast it on any crevices or openings... Im going to charge an attack that will rid this problem once and for all!"

Death gripped his hands tightlyt... a force grew in side of them that forced them apart, they bent almost mechanically at the joints and began twisting his arms and legs at odd angles..


Death dissapeared from the room...


"I'm sure he's going ot help form the outside..."

Death decided to assess the situation.... the spiders were overrunning the town... luckily no windows were open due to it being a cold night... he held his arms as far apart as he could...

"this is gonna be a big one...."

A voice echoed through the town...


The spiders ceased their movement...all left the well... all was silent now though... the overrun town was covered every inch on the outside by spiders, they ran into the hilsides, and now they were moving again... inward... toward the center of town... where death was hovering above the street....


They began forming a mountain to catch up with him... he hovered higher as the spiders grew higher on the mountain...

"it's taking too much power to summon them!! KIMA PLEASE HURRY WITH THAT SPELL!!!"

"Spiders... spiders.. go... AWAY... COME AGAIN... ANOTHER DAAAAYEE!"

Kima was out in the street, she shouted and a burst of white light left her hands... "MY GOD thats the first level 16 spell i've ever CAST!"

"good thing you practiced it since childhood!" death yelled down to her.. the spiders suddenly turned white... and then blew away like dust int he wind... everywhere in the town lights were lighting up, candels, tortches, anything and everyone began walking out of their houses, they saw Death, standing in the air, with the spider remains blowing away intot he wind... he fell into the pile of ash and then held his breath, once all the ash had blown away he inhaled and then coughed, panting furriously.... "that took Way too much energy... i need... i need abrosia... if i don't get a hound then ill have to... sle- sleep... zzzz...

Death fell unconseouse in the street...

that was when suddenly the well began to vibrate... everyone in the town was now out... the well exploded upward... the steel pipe shot out of the ground with a "TA-THUNK" sound... it landed on the small outhouse out side of the mayors office and someone who was inside started screaming for their life.. then it fell over comically...

From the hole emerged a single gigantic spider...


"The only way that we can" flare shouted...


"someone needs to protect death!"

"he's done his job in getting the little ones... this one will be up to us..."

"wa...wait..." death said in a parched voice... get me close to the spider..."

"you're crazy!"

"i know his weakpoint... if you don't get me close to him, I won't tell you what it is..."

"what other choice do we have?"

Flare picked up the limp doll-like 'ranger' and started running toward the spider at top speed...

he threw death directly onto it's back, past its gaping jaws... a pair of legs went to the back of it to deal with him... death with his last ounce of strenghte dug his teeth into the spiders back.. he began to suckle on the hole he'd torn...

"auugh god that's discusting..."

he suckled some more... "but this is the queen! its quite invigerating! ehahAHAH!"

He erected a beam saber and then jammed it into the spiders back... he twisted it around in the shape of an hour glass... this crteated a surface spell that fried the spider from the inside out... it fell limp... death then pulled out a glass jaw, he popped th elid on it and began letting some ooze from the creature's mouth pour into it... he collected three jars of the stuff and then finally turned toward the mayor who was in his robe and night-cap still...

"I... don't know what to say young man..."

"listen... it's all in a days work... and I couldn't have done it without the help of my freidns... Especially kimagure... she deserves the most gold of us all..."


"I don't care any more... I need some rest.... *yawn*... I think we should all get to sleep and we'll sleep easily tonight... knowing that this place is truley safe..."

Death layed down on the couch... Alice managed to fit there with him... while Flare slept on the cold hard floor and Kimagure got the whole bed to herself...

Hours past... flare spoke up..."i think we need to re-think this situation..."

"SHUT UP!" everyone in town barked...

sleep well heroes...

Apr 8, 2002, 10:34 AM
Only one thing can surpas both time and fate... it is the binding force which keeps humans saine and those without it lose touch with reality. It keeps us warm inside it is what makes up the soul... it is the feelings which we have for one another... it is...

Chapter 4:[b]The Third Master Of Reality...[b]

Death sat up from the couch... yet another set of arms was around him, he slipped out of alice's death grip like a serpant and then nabed the shower while he still could... stepping out he dried his wet red hair and then proceeded to sort through his inventory...

The others were starting to wake up as well, each took their turn in the shower and then Kima stepped up behind him..

"So what're you doing?"

"I never could trust my own inventory, I only carry the bare necesities with me..."

"So then where's the rest of your inventory? Like weapons and stuff?"

"Where do you store you're extra stuff..."

"I have it all in a bank in Farlis... why?"

"Well I have a bank too..."

Death stepped out into the afternoon daylight... "I love sleeping in late.. I never rerally get to sleep at all heh..."

He stretched a bit, waving his heavy coat in the wind...

"alright, I'm going to travel to my bank... its across a great body of water onto a small island... I'm afraid that you can't come with me, i'll bring gifts http://www.pso-world.com/psoworld/images/phpbb/icons/smiles/icon_smile.gif I just hope the island is still there... Ok ladies, gent... Have fun will ya? Oh and feel free to accept my reward money for me... I'm outta here..."

The tubby mayor burst from his office and started running toward death..

"WAIT! WAIT YOUNG MAN! DON'T GO! I WANT TO THANK YO...ueeew..." Steam already burst from Death's metalic boots and he leapt so far into the sky he disseapeared form sight...

"wha-what did he have for breakfast this morning?"

"Nothing... maybe that's why he was so light hehe..."

"is your freind a dragoon?"

"Nope, he claims to be a ranger and he uses a bow, sometimes he uses a spear though like a lancer, we aren't quite certain as to what he is...."

"his eyes were of necromancy blood"

"Excuse me?"

The three turned and looked at the mayor...

"he knew that I knew, that's why he distanced his view from me... it was obviouse, but then i turned and saw those angry red eyes... the whites of his eyes turned navy blue... that had to be him...."

"Is he of a special race or something?"

"We don't know... they train in the east and spread to the west, avoiding the sea..."

"he just said he was going to cross a sea to get to an island..."


"Yeah something about a bank of his being over there..."

"so maybe they go in all directions... that means that threats may be to the west as well!"

"but Death seems like a nice guy..."

"DEATH was his name? How is that the name of a nice person?"

"OH no no NO wait his name was Deathkiller... don't tell him I told you..." flare said embarrasingly...

"AHA so that's it is it.. he's a descendant of legerndary blood..."

"he's WHAT?" everyone asked at once...

"oh he hasn't told you? then perhaps you should ask him yourself..."

"wait couldn't you just tell us?"

"*sigh* fine.... I don't know for sure, but there is a type of good necromancy out there... though your freind didn't seem to be a dedicated member, that's because of his line... a type of person who was highly educated and dedicated to no class existed a long time ago.. they were in hundreds of thousands... some amongst them weren't native to the previouse world though from which our ancestors came..."

"you mean... aliens?"
"Or... or DEMONS?"

"Both or neither, I cannot be sure... all we know is they took a liking to the dark arts, it is said that the last generation of them spawned three brothers..."

"their names?"

"Cannot be spoken by human lips... it would draw them so close to us that we would be smitten on the spot..."

"was Death one of those brothers?"

"he may have been.. that name could have been given to him by his father because he exhibited good atributes rather than bad... could've taken to his mother...

"Ma' always used to say never to travel light!"

... "You sure know you're good and bad mercenaries mister mayor..."

"hehe... more than you know dear... more than you know..."

The chubby figure started walking away, his orange tail waving as he walked...

"wait a minute..." kimagure spoke up...

"That hair of yours is a DYE JOB!"

The silver haired figure turned and stared at the three who's tails corresponded to their hair color..

"er um I ... It's just because I'm getting old and nothing more..." he dashed for the mayors office...

"he ran WAY too fast for a little fat man..."

"I think we'll figure out his secrets soon enough... let's start venturing toward the next down... farlis... I think we can get a better job there..."

Kima sighed... "why do we have to go back there..."

"well you're banks there..."

"But I hate farlis, all the mages there are so snoody toward me for being a mercenary sorcorsess..."

"well who cares what those pitifully weak mages think!"

"PITIFULLY WEAK! I'd like to see you say that on the streets of Farlis and live to tell the tale!"

"wait you guys... will death catch up?"

"He always seems to be able to do what he wants whenever he wants.."


"ey i thought you didn't like being snoody Kima-chan MUAHAHA!"


Flare began running for his life as Kima started pursuiting him furriously, Alice smiled and said... "on to Falis I guess!

They began running together...

Elswhere in a small forest the ground was struck by a large. heavy object. The trees vibrated from the earth trembeling shake and then settled...

Death was on one knee, he stood up from the crafter he'd formed and started walking into the jungle, this time only making a small patting noise on the ground as he walked... he stepped through some sand and looked behind him... the tide had risen exponentially!
The waves crashed agains the soil made sand.. death continued into the livid jungle... he came upon an ancient stone carving with the shape of a hand on it... he placed his hand on the sculpture and the island began to shake.... suddenly a plaform shot out from the sand on the beach... death blitzed for the platform and got on just as it shot down through the earth... he was not in a transparent tube,,,

he looked out and saw bizare fish with lights on their heads for better seeing swimming around... some had huge jaws and their size with incredible!

Death licked his lips... "ambrosia..."

the elevator tube stopped, and then turned paralel to the ground, death shot through the islands inner caves sideways and then was righted at the opening to a giant room... Death walked up to a huge gate and placed his hand into another socket, tiny wires shot out and ran up his palm and into his veins, they searched around in the ball of his wrist and then hit something metalic, energy poured fom the lines into the wall, the wall lit up and the giant door next to the switch began sliding open. on the front of it was a three prong symbol that mean "Gods among men"

The doors opened and death stepped in..

there were bright spotlights shining on rubies, gold peices, silver, platinum, a wealth of rare metals and in the center a case that read "DO NOT OPEN! EVER! EVER!!!"

Death walked up to the case and opened it.. he then pulled out a rare-looking red stone that cut to a sphere... he quickly shut the case and latched it with 14 seperate locks that were then hexed to stay closed... he took the red jewl and turned up his left hand... he rolled up his sleeve and then slammed the stone into the palm of his hand... there was a siziling burning noise... death then saw the ball pass through the flesh of his palm and it moved into the ball of his left wrist.. he twisted his hands around... and popped his knuckles... EXCELENT!

he tightened his first and held them out,, both were now glowing with tiny red circles...

Death turned toward another wall and then pressed his wrists together, he began rubbing them... an odd sound was produced and the wall shot open a small door just large enough for him to fit through. Death walked in and down a dark cooridor which seemed to get smaller as he got further down it... finally the hall conformed to the exact shape of his body, it even ran between his legs, he walked through the hall like a glove... then reached a door shaped like him. he said "Rose Bud" and the door slid open, revealing a dark crevice... death leapt down into the darkness and some lights shot on... *insert freaky suprising music here* Death saw feilds.... litteral feilds... of machinary, robotics, planes, jets, spacecraft, death pounded his fists on the ground.... "AND NOT ONE GOD DAMNED QUADROLITHIUM BATTERY TO POWER A SINGLE ONE OF THEM!!!"

Death stood up and walked in between the menacing mecha... he then went up to a melee weapons vault...

"This gold jewlel-incrusted skimitar will do well with Alice... And Kimagure could really use this wand..."

Death pressed a jewel on the center of the head of the black wand and it split into three spikey parts, these started glowing blue and energy began gathering around the points...

"Tritan's phycho wand... and the Skimitars of Attraction... http://www.pso-world.com/psoworld/images/phpbb/icons/smiles/icon_smile.gif this will make them quite deadly in combat..."

He then looked around and pulled out a dusty spell book... "kima could use this too.." he then pulled out a stealth cloak... "and this can be for Flare..." he also pulled out a haliburt made of energy...

"mmm runs on solar power... yup that'll be fine... UNLIKE THE REST OF YOU!" death's booming voice echoed over his army of 'mechs...


there was a blaring sound...


A single fighter jet lifted up and flew to him.. it had a one passanger seat.... it was shaped like the letter V and had a gyroscopic cockpit... the menacing plane hovered in wait...

"you run off of oxygene don't you... No wait! now I remember, you're runo off of ATOMS themselves! you harnes any atoms and split them in your core, you have an onboard AI trained to respond to my voice... yes?"

The thing happily nodded in mid air...

"ah yes, my little X fighter... you are equiped for above ground and underwatever capabilites... how are you on space flight?"

The plane hummed cheerily... "FINALLY A WAY OFF THIS ROCK!"

He was about to jump into it and get away when he felt his new freinds ora...

"they miss me... oh my god... they atually are expecting me to come back..."

He started to feel a conflic of interest...

"Say X... are you fit for atmospheric reintry..."

it nodded "NO..." and made a low pitched beep....

"WELL THEN CRAP! there's no point in leaving a world if you can't get back onto it! This idea was worthless!"

The ship turned away disapointed.. "no wait... I realize that I need everything that I can ger..."

Death stashed a broadsword and a few extra things into his many pockets... "Alright! Lets Fly!"

The mayor of willow creek sat at his desk.. he began twidling his thumbs... he retured from his 'work' and then pounded his head against his desk.. "why... WHY... why... WHY..."

his door flew open... the sound of a humming engien was heard, a furriouse breeze from engiens blew into the mayor's office and some papers flew around the room, a shady figure then appeared from the light which was blocking the doorway...

"hello... brother..."

"HOW! Did you know?"

"i can read minds... afterall I know what everyone thinks..."

"your memory... has it returned completley..."

"Not entirely no... but I cetainly recognized you! I can't belive you faked your death just so you could retire from the Berserk-hiring business! look at alice! you've left the poor girl lost and confused..."

"I did the right thing... she is a rambunxiouse girl, though I don't like to admit shes stronger than me now, I didn't want her following my footsteps! She could have gotten herself KILLED if she hadn't seen me die!"

"hmm so then you erased your abilities from your mind, too up a guise as the mayor of a small town and now you sit here all day in a dark shack waiting for your time to run out..."

"I'm already dead... to the world I already am... you cannot raise the..."


"Please, i thought you came to make ammends..."

"I realize that we now have a common foe... but you're no help! all you did was fight him and dissapear from the world, and for that you make me sick!"

"Don't take this battle too far Death-... it will get you killed..."

"...you care too much and do to little... love..."

"I'd like to see you do better, fate..."

"so that's my name... and occupation... well now I can say that all of my memory has returned... Where are my freinds..."

"they said something abotu Farlis, DON'T GO THERE! They don't need to get invoulved!"

"i'm going to ration everything I have, they will be trained, and I will train myself, once it is deemed fit, we willl do what is necessary for ballance to be kept..."


"I'm sorry to have to do this to you..."

Death left the mayor there... he flew off in the sleek black aircraft... the mayor looked up in the sky fearing to be shot where he stood... but death only left him there...

"... ugh... " the mayor then realized his fate... his fate was nothing... nothing but to sit there... and wait.... until hell froze over...

"too bad love is forever" death thought to himself as he began searching for the cooranents of Falis...

Apr 8, 2002, 12:10 PM
"Do you think death is really going to ever see us again?"

"I think you need to shut up and forget about that guy!"

"aww leave kimagure alone, flare, I think she's just got a thing for him that's all..."


when we saw the city we couldn't belive our eyes, our mage, NineSpearRunninBobCat... had an absolute feild day. He said that one could spend a good 500 years in the city and still not know everything there was to know in it. The wealth of knowledge was incredible, the fountains poured with water said to prolong life... but no mortal men were allowed to drink from them... our party ventured down the streets which seemed to be paved of pool and fusia... then then saw the mayor who had his usuall bitter news... though it was a paradise, it was very prone to dark infiltration...

-chapter 4 The City of Falis



"wow.. I didn't think we'd get here in less than 2 days!"


"I so wanna take a dip in that onsen mmm I bet its unisex..." Flare got whacked in the head by a vein-popping Kimagure...

"I bet if Death was here he'd have something to say too..."

"Would you shut up about him arleady!"

"shut up about who?"

everyone turned and saw death standing behind them...

"how did you get here?"

"I jumped" he said smiling...

"This guy is really starting to creep me out..."

Kimagure ran up to death and wrapped her arms aorund him, suprising him, she then stepped back a good few feet and said.. "i'm sorryI just though that we'd never see you again.. I wanted to thank you for saving us from those spiders... hee..."

"well you were the one who cast the spell!"

"but you knew just which spell i should cast... "she placed her hands on her face to only highlight the fact that she was blushing... "ehe well it's almost like you knew me from childhood up..."

Death forced a smile... "well ya know what they said..."

"what do THEY say..." Flare said rudely... Alice tried calming him down...

"umm When in Rome do as the Roman's do !"

"Which is what? Steal all the ladie's hearts?"

"Shuddup flare!"

"make me!"


The three started running toward the city...

death looked straight up at the small black triangle in the sky...

"Silent running mode... meet me outside of the city at 4 in the morning, got it?"

The small aircraft nodded and shot out of sight...

Death started walking down the streets... he was getting alot of odd looks from the mages passing by... one policemage materialzed in front of him with his hand extended... "excuse me young man but you bare the look of a dark warlord... we don't want any trouble now... please state your name and occupation...

"Deathkiller... killing death..."

... "pro- proceed..."

the police mage stepped out of his way... death just kept on walking... he caught up with alice who was staring into the window of a magical candy shop, here eyes were glased and her transfixed look only went along with her salivating jaws...

"umm hi alice..."

"OH HEY" she snapped from her hypnotic trance and looked at death...

"so you want something in that store?"


"heh why don't you go on in..."

"they say the candy is too expensive..."

"we'll see about that..."

Death walked up to the counter with alice hiding behind him from the shop owners gaze... "oh no... shes back... and she's luered you into getting her some sweets ehehe...

"Oh don't mind me sir"
death quickly put on a set of dark glasses and looked at the mage smiling

"I would'nt mind wondering just what this jar could get me?"

he placed a jar filled to the brim of spider mabrosia on the counter... the shope keep examined the jaw and waved a wand at it, the wand turned green and he jumped back...

"Umm! WELL that's quite a find you've got there sonney.. umm where did you get such a thing?"

"you don't wanna know..."

"I suppose I don't... so umm.. Well It could get you one of everything in the store really!"

"ok, do you have any candy made from ambrosia?"

The shopkeeps eyes narrowed and looked at death peculiarly... "lad... I dont carry such fine deserts..."

"well if you had such a jar of ambrosia woul dyou be able to make a treat or rather a series of treats from it?"

"yes... yes I would..."

"Then I'll raise you this second bottle" deaht put another full jar of spider juice on the counter and then pulled out some platinum shillings.. "and raise you these if you can take this second jar and turn it into something small and sweet, about 40-50 peices of such candy would be desired by me...."

"son, for that much I could make you 500!"

"well then do it!"

The shop keep stored the seond bottle in a secret safe, he took the other bottle and cast a spell on it, he then added some better tasting ingrediants and hadned death the jar in a bag which was now harened and turned into a series of soft gummi treats...

"Thank you kind sir... oh and remember to give her" death pointed his thumb at the girl "one of everything..." he smield and wakled out of the store...

Alice's glazed eyes shone with delight as she went wild picking everyitng off of the shelves and walking up to the register with an armload-full...


Meanwhile at the onsen Flare had stepped up to the counter...

"Im curiouse, is it all still in one room like before..."

"not anymore, a few months back this big burley armored guy came in and tried to get a peek at all of the girls, he caused such a rucuss that the old person who ran this place commited the act of Sepuku and left it to me, his grandson to take care of... I've rearanged it completlley into two seperate baths..."

Flare thoguht back to the incident a few months back... "ehe well then that's all right, Ill be seeing you later ehe... heh..."

Kimagure was looking through some spell books in a shop... the librarian there was giving her funny looks... "No Memorizing those without PAYING for them!"

"i'm just checking the titles I promise!"

"then why are you taking 20 minutes to READ A TITLE!"

"um uh.."


"here's payment for the book" death stepped in and flung a gold coin onto the counter, he then took the book from Kimagure and ran through it so rapidly there was no way he could have read a thing in it...

"Oh please this thing's a load of crap, let me show you something Kima..."

He grabbed her arm and pulled her out of the store..

"But I was going to learn the Labarytnth Map Spell so we could find our way through catacombs and stuff!"

"LIsten carefull, I'm going to give you something that no one on this earth is supposed to read except me... take this book..."

Kima was slipped a brown covered book that looked exceptionally moldy and all of the pages had turned yellow...

"What am I supposed to do with this?"

"I recomend you find a nice quiet place where you can be alone with good shade and lighting... READ every page of it... then burn it to smitherines..."

"but I-..."

"just do it..."

Death walked out of the store... Flare shot into the store and walked right up to Kimagure... "ah good you found a spell book, just listen to me... I need to borrow your makeup!"

"...you WHAT?!"


She pulled out a vanity case and he looked intot he mirror with his back turned, he started furriously padding and scripling and then he handed it back to her... "PERFECT!"

he then took off the top part of his armor and stuffed it up his shirt...


then he added eyeshadow and turned back toward kimagure...


"...i think you look like a clown..."

"A girley clown?"

"urr yeah..."


He ran off to the onsent... he tried making up the most girley voice he could...

"ehem *cough cough* OH HELLO there Darrrlink!"

The onsen guy at the boothe stared at him for a minute or two...

"and you are?"

"I was wunderin if I could use your baath see I need to freshun up ya know?"

"...uh... ok... ma'am..."

Flare walked in laughing to himself past the entrance... he heard some gigling beyond the curtain in front of him.. he burst through and ... there were 4 men sitting around all dressed in the same gittup as him... one had a long scragley beard and said "OOHOO IT'S ABOUT TIME SOME... oh.. it's just another one... well JOIN TH' PARTEEHEHEHE!"

He turned around and walked back out...

"well that was fast" said the guy at the counter...

"I think im going to be sick" he said in a low male voice, the guy at the stand jumped back but then saw two coins land on the contertop, he quickly gathered them up and just let the guy in makeup walk RIGHT on out of his establishment..

a policemage appeared in front of Flare...

"EHEM... excuse me... MISS..."

"eehheA I can explain!"

"ah don't worry sugga, you dont have to need no explainin' to talk to me... What'say we go and get a couple of drinks then you can come see my place,.."

Flare narrowed his eyes.... then did the last thing he'd ever expect to say... "i'm a male clown you idiot..."

The Cop Reared his head back with an "EERRRR!!!" and dematerialized without a second thought...

Kimagure rolled over laughing and pointing at Flare... Alice walked up and saw kimagure laughitn, she then turned to where she was pointing, she dropped all of her goodies to just roll around laughing with her...

Death snickered passing him by... "better luck with a date next time eh.. hehe.."

He walked into the bath house...

"I'm here for information..."

"yes sonney?"

"I was curiouse as to whether or not I could collect some water from those fountains..."

"you part of the mage sociotey here?"

"umm not exactly, im kind of out of town..."

"Well those fountains aren't for toursits! and don't try no invisibility tricks either cuz our police can see all spells that go on in this town!"

"hmm, all right, sorry for wasting your time..."

death turned and looked at the fountains...

he pulled out an ambrosia-M&M and bit it in half... he let it slowly melt in his mouth and then he swallowed the rest...

A dark wave of kai swept over his body but nobody took any notice of it...

Death dissapeared and then reappeared at the other side of town, his empty jar was now filled with a blue, translucent liquid... "this isn't just water..."

he stored it in a pocket on his coat which was proteted from impact... he then walked slowly over to kimagure... he saw her under a tree now... alone... flipping through the pages of the book...

An introduction to the magery of Geromancy, Temporalmancy, Nekromancy, Judomancy, and Tae-bo with bilbo blanks... see pages 1-6000...

AS she flipped each page of the book, she noticed that the page numebrs grew while the number of pages actually being turned didnt... she flipped though 7000 pages of what appeared to be 20 or so... shen then closed the book and re-opened it to one...

"book marks work wonders with this book" death said to kimagure...

She sat up and stared at him... "you read every page of this book and memorized it?"

"read it? oh no, I just wrote it, as if there ever was a bilbo banks.. the tae bo thing was an In-joke..."


"go on check out Judo Mancy, makes anyone proficient in 20 forms of martial arts... You can also contorll which Dan Level you want the person to be, I once made a rubber ducky a yokozuna in sumo wrestling, you shoulda' see that ducky fight!"

Kima chuckled at the thought, then she began transfixed on one page...

"reanimation of the dead made easy?"

"oh let me show you this one.. stand up... c'mon stan up..."

he place his arms over her arms...

"anyone can do it, if they have enough mana... now watch... watch and mimick the movements of me as I move your hands... can you do this..." he then pressed her hands together... then bring them back like this... slowly... slowly now.. concentrate your energy on this point here... that's it.. now bring them apart... and together... and apart and together... but do that about 5 times as fast...

"I... I can't do it..."


"I just... cant... it's giving me a headache...."

"ah... you gene pool isnt fit for it... Im sorry I didn't mean to do that... here..."

Death pulled out a glass of water and dropped one of his ambrosia pills in it...

"just drink... drink..."

she swallowed the candied thing along with the glass.. "What was that?"

"you're mana is completley restored... just relax... relax..."

"can you demonstate it for me? then maybe I can understand it better..."

"i... I'd rather not..."

"you can't do it either can you..."

"i... i..."

"it's allright, i won't tell anyone..."

Death looked at her...

"why are you so caring?"

"what do you mean?"

"you look at me like a new toy or something, but you seem incredibly interested because I seem to show affection back... what is it about you that..."

"that what?"

"I've never felt the way about you as I have others..."

"what do you mean..."

"It's not physical, don't get me wrong, it's your personality... it really... corresponds with mine in such a way that... I can't put it in words..."

"Death... you're scaring me..."

"I'm scaring me..."

"do... you..."

"what matter of magic is this..."

Their lips were about to meet... when all of a sudden there was a deep voice that shouted "AH-HAH!"

Death swung away from her gaze and she looked at the still-slightly make-up covered face of Flare... who was narrowly gazing with an "I DID IT I DID IT" kind of expression on his face...


"I beg your pardon?" death said...

"HAH I should've seen it coming, the way she just RAVES about you on end for hours, the way she secretly FLASHED you two nights ago in the APARTMENT! All the clues are starting to come together and make since! YOU TWO ARE HEAD OVER HEELS! well Don't trust this guy Kima! he wanted to leave us Permanently! he told me himself earlier..."

"is that... true?" she said sniffeling and upset....

"it was you're thoguhts abotu me that drew me back.. i'm sorry... I... I cant expalin what's come over me..."

"well I..."

"HAR HAR how about that... he's been paying us with gold and platinum, giving alice candies and sweets to satisfy her needs and its all for himself!!"

"that's not true... I am doing this for the FATE of.. MAN... err... NEKO Kind!!"

"Yeah yeah... go on with your make-belive nonsense.. you're no hero!"


Alice spoke up...

"He's Been ten THOUSAND times more kind to US than You've ever BEEN!"

Flare looked around...

"I can't belive you're actually going along with this guy..."

Death's eyes dissapeared behind a black shade created by his hair falling infront of his face as the wind blew from behind..

"He's nothing but a perverted sweet talking BASTARD!!"


Alice began snarling... a big of saliva dripped from her mouth... she snorted and red glowing eyes caught everyones attention but Death's who was just sitting there witht he wind blowing, his eyes still invisible from sight...

Alice leapt onto flare and began trying to tear him apart, they were equally matched, flare piner her to the ground then she flipped him over and pined him...

"A.... lice... YOu don't want to Kill me!! I'm your FREIND remember YOUR FRREIND!! remember the time's we had together!! REMEMBER!! THINK"


Kimagure tried to intervine... but death held a firm hand out that held her back...


"no... he has to fight this battle on his own..."

a tear ran down his cheek...

Kima's eyes were begging to well up too...

The female berseker began ripping at Flare's clothing...



He grabbd her arms and held her as close to him as he could... "think back.. calm... down..."

"I.. I'm so sorry Flare..." He lost all of her strenghte and gently hugged him...

"whew...." they both passed out in eachother's arms...

Death started walking outward toward a stream...

"death?... Death where are you going?"

He stood by the waters edge and dipped a hand into the cool water...

"do you feel it..."

"do I feel what?"

"he is here..."

"Who is?"

"The darkness... it has come here and will overwhelm this town..."

"what kind of power are we looking at..."

Death's eyes reappeared...

"It's a Dragon..."


"not just any dragon my freind, but you will learn that soon enough MUWHAHAHAHA" a bony hand holding the globe with the image of death reflecting on it shone brightly, darkening everything else in the liche's room...

"Today is the greatest day of my life! when I shall seee not just ONE but two of my brothers SMITTEN simultaneously!

Apr 8, 2002, 06:01 PM
From what we could make of it, it had no organs, yet it breathed black fire, it also didn't have a soul, yet it was moving freely in this plain, it also bore no scales but was a dragon, it was a summoning of which only the most powerfull liche could conjur...

-Chapter 5 The Dragon Liche

"We've got to hurry!"

"hurry to where?"

Death began to look around.. "What's that globe thing out there glowing! I hadn't noticed it before..."

Kimagure looked to where death was pointing... "What you mean the wizard's graveyard?"




Death pulled three sets of shovels...


Death started running, alice and flare's eyes shot open and they gazed into eachother... they blushed and alice rolled off of flare, they brushed eachother off and started walking toward death, then they started running, Death got to the edge of the glowing sphere... "They hexed this graveyard so Nekromancers can't get in! LIsten I need you to DIG UP a courpse! get a FINE old Wizard would ya?"


Death handed her the shovel... "DO I LOOK NUTS?"



Kima ran into the graveyard with the shovel... "umm ok headstones... headstones... HERE GUYS start looking for a good date..."

"why can't death just do this?"

"He says he can't"

Death pressed his hands against the globe it shocked him with electricity and knocked him 14 feet in the air...

he landed and stood up... "WOOH" he exclaimed... "so what's going on in there?"

"Shut up we're looking around!"

"Excuse me young man... but what do you think you're doing?"

Death turned around... a police mage in all blue with a 50's-type police hat on and a magical club looked him over... "answer the question.."

"umm I plead the fith?"

"Listen buddy theres no time for jokery in this town... Tell me what you're doing..."

"nothing at all..."

A bit of dirt kicked up and landed at his feet.. the policemage looked out into the graveyard...

"what's going on with you people? What are you doing..."

"listen officer we can explain.."

Death presed his foot into the barrier with a high-kick just as the policemage passed through it, the lightening rebounded off ot death's foot which he quickly retracted and shocked the mage, knocking him into the nearby stream... which started to carry him in one direction, then it shifted diections and carried him in the other...


A casket emerged from the energy feild... it read "Merlin The Magnificent Died by Meteor inhalation"

Death opened the casket...


Alice's head emerged from the ball... "so?"

"I can't work with SMITHERINES!"

"get him a better on! make sure the dates are real far apart like he said!"

another casket emerged 2 minutes later... death openened it..

"AH this will do!"

two more quickly emerged... he gawked at them... "Ok that's enough!"

"Ok we can stop now! GOD this was terrible! I hope we don't get in too much trouble!"

"Don't worry i'll make sure their exit is entertaining!"

Death raised his palms into the air and began swirling them around in a circular motion...

"NUFARU THAITHEES! UMNARVU KHARDIS! TETSUNO MHADVARI JEEZ! TANU OHAMORU CHAUN NO HAIDEEZ!" a bony hand ran around the surface of the crystal ball and a dark red eye opened up on its surface... then there was a bizare growling noise followed by a howl that shook the foundations of the castle MasakariKushariKai was in...


Death heard a growling just as he was done with his chant... the caskets started to move around.. even the one with the Smitherines... they, all four, shot open and mage courpses exited and stood on the ground...

One had a bit of paper folded in front of his head... the first courpse with merlin the magnificent stayed closed...

"Alright... I've summoned you from the dead to assist me, no better yet, to assist your town!"

"what are we supposed to be? why did you disturb our slumber int he afterlife?"

"We will not be used for evil means!"

"NO wait! You have to help!"

"help? With what?"


"that old junk heap is still around.. oh right... i was burried there..."

"FOR FARLIS! I WILL SURLEY FIGHT IN IT'S NAME!.... umm unless it's gone bad or antyhing..."

"its still the same apparently"

"GOOD then let us fight for farlis!"

"yes indeed! I've needed some action!"

"Heaven can be so... boring sometimes..."

"all you do is sit around and wait for the end to come, but it never really comes..."

"eat fruit..."

"bliss bliss bliss, where's the fun in that?"

"Well we'd better not go and DISS it or anything but LORD knows we deserve this vacation!"

"congratulations! you are all 12th Dan Liches!"

"...ok..." they all said in monotone...

There was a loud screaming noise and death and the liches ran into the city's square... darkness began to descend on the town...

The roar of a dragon struck fear into the hearts of everyone and then a giant skeletal dragon appeared from the dark clouds above, it was struck by lightening repeatedly before landing in the fountains and crushing them beneath its feet.... it roared insainly...


he tossed htem the weapons he had collected form his secret bank... they armed themselves and ran toward the dragon, slashing and hacking at its bone furriously... the dratgon looked at its feet and then kicked Flare over, his jewled broad sword struck the ground... it began to glow with a light..

"What's this now?"

He aimed it up at the dragon, it shot a beam of light out that made the dragon lose its ballance...

"WHOAH" everyone said.. the dragon fell on top of a building and then forced itself up on its feet agian... it looked at farlis and then breathed fire...

"METSUKATSU'S SANCTUARY!!! <protection from dark flame>

The flames shot around kimagure and her bubble of protection exploded pushign the flames in all directions except toward earth, she furthered the spell by pushing it upward into the dragons through, making it cinge it's own mouth...


The dragon shook its head furriously... it turned toward Alice and began another blast... alice pulled out the jewled daggers and slashed at the dragon... cherry blossoms split where the blades had cut int he air and the dragons bones started to shatter fromt he strenght..

"These new weapons are great agasist Dark Beasts! KIMA use yours!"

Kimagure pressed the jewl on her want, it charged up and began gathering enegy...


A sword formed in the sky and fell down onto the dragon striking it hard, it toppled over on the same side again and then Alice sliced at it some more with cherry blossom wind cutting daggers and the light beams form Flare's Broadsword worked wonders on putting the hurt on...



Everyone sped up except the dragon which now seemed to be moving in slow motion trying to get up and then tripping as it tried..


The skies started to rain water ontot he dragon that seemed to be made up of GLASS, it cutt through everything even bone... one missgueided 'droplet' struck a tree and cut it in two...

The last mage then let out a meteor storm that leveled the remains of the dragon liche in fire...



..."who said that?"

A scraggly courpse marched into town with one eye bulging from its socket and the other eye missing, he seemd to have been litterally STITCHED together...

"I'm MERLIN the magnificent!! and I just summoned a scuicidal spell! so Ill be seeing ya kids later hehehee suckers!"

he exploded and a blue angelic figure leapt from his body accompanied by a few doves, it rammed into the dragonliche and then detonated in a huge pillar whichi was like an F6 tornado, the dragon was granulated...

it then blew away like dust int he wind, the clouds quickly parted and the lightening stopped, all was warm and happy around the town again, except the foundtains were destroyed and the glassware shop had been caved in...

"DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA AS TO HOW MANY YEARS BAD LUCK THIS IS GOING TO BRING ME!" the old shoplady said sitting up from the building...

"at least you're still alive" one mage shouted to her...

"AIYE! me Heart!!"
Nobody took any notice of the little old lady having a stroke...

The Liches confronted death...
"well now that that's all over with sonney I suppose you should send us back..."

"it was fun and all but we really aughta be getting back..."

Death stared at the surley group of courpses... "umm actually The spell i cast was a little... um... strong..."

"oh great, how strong?"

"umm you're gonna be ghosts for 30 years..."


"Wouldn't ya know it..."

"Well i guess we'd better set up a system of haunting rounds!"


Flare spoke up "i'm sure you don't want to do that..."

"why not?"

"take a look and see..."

The three liches went in... and came out...

"EEWW" "AARG" "lord have mercy! Im haunting the library!" "im with you!" "i've seen hotter chicks in an aviary!"

The liches dissapeared...

"well I guess that went well..."

the mayor walked up draping a cloak behind him 30 times the lenghte of his body...

"weeel yeeounga meeen,... and weemeeen.. eet seeems yeeev doeen usa a faveeer..."

"is he speaking english?"

"eees an eweeed eee weeed leeek tee peee yeee tweeeenteee teeeseend geeed sheeleengs..."

"I think he said he'd give us 20 gold shilings each..."

"Wheer deed yeer tap danceen freeends goee?"

"Nah I heard 30..."

"heeeryeee geee theen i geeese"
< here ya go then I guess...>

a small bag materialized in front of each of them... Death handed his to Kimagure... again..

"I owe you again it would seem... you can use this to buy some real spell books that will be of use to you..."

"actually, I think i'd rather read yours, and see just what you have to say..."

Death blushed through his pale skin...his cheeks were a bit grey...


"i think im gonna practice using this broad sword.. what are you two doing..."

Kimagure put her arms around death... "i think we're going to rent 3 seperate rooms in the local inn...

"three rooms, wait a minute, that means that someone would be left out..." the connection finally clicked in Flare's mind..


"come Death"

"actually I wanted to UMPH" death was pulled along forcivley all the way to the inn..."


"oh what is it Alice?"

"Help me pick out some candy!!"

he narrowed his eyes...


he stomped off toward the candy shop...

Once inside the inn kimagure already had the rooms aranged, hers would be farthest away from everyone elses and it would have the finest bed and bath... she even forced Death to pay extra for it... gigling and laughing as if she was invoulved in a relationship with him she then tugged him into the room, even as he tried placing a death grip on the outside of the door...

Death sat in a comforable chair... shaking like an eskimo in his underwear...


He heard the shower turn on... "this rooms been magiced to death with art and perfection... I should get out of here while I still can..."

Death opened the door.... he stared out into an abyss of darkness at the very end as a tiny bit of light, he ran throught he dark hallway which wasnt there before and came to.... the very door he had exited from... he looked behind him..


"hehehe I hoope you like that little spell I put on the doorway! you're not geting out of here tonight..."

"how long does this technique last?"

"4 hours..." she began kakling wikedly... death was more afraid than ever..."

He decided to sit on the couch, staring at the fireplace... there was a sign over it... it read "say light up to turn the fireplace on... say Get ______ and then an emotion to change the mood setting of the room..."

"... get Crazy?" the walls started pulsating in and out and death was thrown out of his chair.... the floor oppened up into a group of hands that started grabbing at hima nd tickling him...


All stood still... there was a sound of creakinng on some footsteps... a pendulum that was actually a giant axe swung through the center of the room dripping with blood... the walls started to bleed as the sounds of ghosts filled the air...

"yes this will do..."

Suddenly Kimagure slid the shower curain open, sthe stepped out and walked into the room in a towel...

"WHAT THE... oh I get it... you think your real smart dont you..."

"AhAHAHAH You cannot defeat this spell of HORROR and TORTURE unless you let me exit!"

"i've stayed here before buddy, its not gonna work... "GET FUNKY!" a disco ball shot out of the ceiling and lava lamps sprung up along with a flashing checkerboard floor..."

"umm uhh..."

She started wakling towards him.... the lights... oh god she wasnt going to atcually take that thing off was she?

"Get normal..."

She said... Death hit the comfortable carpet and she placed her arms around his waist...

She then ran her body up across the front of his and looked him in the eyes...

her eyes did seem like a set of dark pools in which to gaze... he stared unblinking at them... "it's so comfortable" he thought "its frightening yet... enjoyable... i've never felt this way before..."

Her eyes blinked and then narrowed slightly... her eyebrows lifted...

"get romaaaantic..."

The lights clicked...

"YEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!" Flare ran at top speed toward the door and ramed into it with his armor on... hundreds of magical sparks shot off and he rebounded agasint the wall which had the same rebounding effect, this in turn threw him at a 45 degree angle into the next wall and he pretty much bounced around the whole hallway like a pingpong ball and then he flew through his own open door which Alice was holding open...

"heh... that's never goinng to work! You've done this... how many times now.... isnt this try number 5?"

"i can dewt... itsjust sotired need.... rest... NO must stop the she devil temtress monster beast,... ahgagagahgahgabey!eeee yeeee heheeee oooOOooh..." Flare conked out on the shaggy rug... Alice stooped down and looked at him, closing the door behidn her... "im going to arrange that the third room be taken off th ebill, we'll just stay in two rooms tonight.. alright?"

He looked at her odly.... "donchu daaaayeeerrrr...." and then fell unvonseouse...

his vision was quite blurry, he saw something pink in front of him, a red part connected to it seemed to be swaying back and forth... no wait there was more to it... the image was becoming clearer...

his eyes shot fully open...

Flare quicky backed up agaisnt the wall and then forced a hand over his eyes...


The still soaked Alice shreiked yanking a towel off of the dresser...



"Then why are you reacting like that..."

"It... was... umm PREDICTABLE heay..."

Two of his fingers parted and he saw her staring straight at him now sitting on the bed with him...

"well if youre up then i don't have to sleep on the couch... MOVE OVER"

he rolled to one side as the female berserker curled up next to him gently...

"Funny I thought you'd taken a shower..."

"Oh I did..."

He motioned for the lights to magically turn off and closed his eyes... abotu 5 minutes in the dark later Flare swore he heard alice whisper in her sleep... "so did you like what you saw?"

It had to be just him.. right?

Meanwhile Death was standing in torn shorts up against a wall, scratch marks were on his body from the knees up... his shirt had been ripped off and his red hair was a mess, he was panting heavily...

"now.. LISTEN... I realize that you have ... possible FEELINGS for me and I may have some for you but..."

There was a sound similar to a cat screaching before making an attack... Kimagure in a fushia colored bikini leapt at the wall and tore at it, then turned snarling at death...

"c'mere" she said...


he jumped while screaming just as she knocked over a flower vase which crashed on the floor...


"If you keep calling me that then why are you so afraid DEATH-KUN!!"

she made another jump for him... landing on the bed she contorterd her body around and then sat with her legs curled upward..

"come on" she said pervertedly to him...

"I'ts not that I don't Like you or anything But I really think that you're taking things too FAAAST"

She leapt again and slashed some more paper form the wall, the room was a mess...

"get CLEAN!" death shouted the room immediatley went back to its original form..."

"Listen... kima... I really don't want ot have to do this to you but... BIND SPELL!"

She was in mid jump and stopped like in the matrix...

Death walked around the mid air leaping critter and then slipped outer clothing back onto her... he then sat her in the bed...

"darn cat DNA i swear.."

he sat down next to her and looked her in the eyes... now you're going to just SIT like that and sleep peacibly!!


He sat as far away in the room as he posisbly could from her ... the mana was already draining from his body... but he HAD to stay up.. he simply had to!!... wait... where were those candies... he spend summoning the liches but it wasn't anything too bad.. wait a second... THEY WERE GONE...

"kima... where did you put my Vest with all the stuff in it!!... he looked around the room... she'd HIDDEN it from him on PURPOSE... he saw her frozen image smiling wikedly..."

"no.. no nonon nonononoNONONONONONONO!"

A few hours passed, death kept trying the door to see if it would open to the actual hallway... it never seemed to want to...

Death turned to the frozen neko-jin on his bed... he then plopped down next to her looking at her with a despitefull look...

"Im going to unfreeze you BUT ONLY if you promise you'll give me back my VEST and you WONT try to go and DO ANYTHING..."

He snapped his fingers and she sat where she was... all right then... we'll just sleep... your vest is under my pillow if you want to get it... she then curled her body around the pillow in such a way that the only way under it was through SOME part of her...

"you're despicable..."

"hehe I thought you liked the looks of my eyes, they did seem to pul you in.."

"well now all I'm seeing is a smiling set of jaws bent on something that i dont think either of us are ready for..."

"all I wanted to do was kiss you..."

Deaht looked at her squinting... "you mean it?"

She sniffled... "ye-yeah..."

Death got closer to her... "well i'm sorry I didn't realize... maybe we are pretty much the same... you and I... so tell me... have you ever felt love before?"

"never... you?"

"He's my BROTHER who'd want to FEEL his own brother!"

"OH so you are related arent you..."

"DOH I just admited my own gosh darned family secre..."

She already forced her lips against his.. this lasted for quite some time before death reared his head back... "you knew all along didn't you... that the reason the Dragon Liche came was for me, That Im the only real threat... I don't see why you guys don't just kick me out of your little group... flare doesn't even like me..."

"but I like you... and alice likes anything she can leach candy off of..."

"Are you seriouse?"

"she put her arms around him..."

"give me a back rub and maybe ill be..."

"err Im not exactly a masouse..."

"if you know any form of martial art you should know were the pressure points are..."

"errr I dunnow..."


Death stared at her with wide eyes and still hands... kimagure then wrapped her legs around him and hugged him as tightly as possible...

"GOTCHA!! you'd make a real nice teddy bear... lights off..."

all was quiet...



Sleep well Heroes...




Suddenly Flare Bashed down the door screaming with all of his might... he ran into the room and looked aorund... it was dark... too dark...


He saw Kimagure holding death who wasn't even able to move... kimagure decided not to either... she just smiled slyly...






"that'll shut him up..."



...err yeah.. sleep well... He...roes...

Apr 9, 2002, 10:59 AM
What matter of creature was that little feind who held a dagger beneath his cloak and cast spells that were too powerfull for comprehension... how could so much strenghte go into such a pathetically small body... and why did they seem to travel in packs?

-Chapter 6 The Black Mage

Magic for a new melinium (http://members.lycos.co.uk/th8or/djtiestomagic.mp3)

Alice and Kimagure lead the pack while the two men walked slowly behind them rubbing the backs of their heads...

"What happened last night?"

"I dunnow, All I remember was sitting ni the room and then BLAM i woke up and it was morning!"

"...You're joking right?"


"I was gonna ram your door through and then I woke up and was sitting on the floor of your room with the door ramed through..."

Alice whispered to kimagure... "are you sure they don't remember a single THING that happened last night?"

"not a darn thing, and it's better that way, because nothing really happened anyway..."

alice turned her head to one side with a depressed expression and saw "awww..."

"What's the matter?"

"oh nothing..."

The four continued walking... they were now outside of the town and were glad to leave it... Kima stored her old masamune wand in her bank and took a few rations, she now had taken a liking to her new Psycho wand...

"say what's that big thing up ahead?"

"Oh that? That's the giant tree stump, they say it's higher than the mountains around it..."

"Why is it so big?"

"There used to be a tree there but It got cutt down by an army of giants... the resulting effect crushed the Heron army 39 years ago but also created a new Goarge behind it... it's not as deep as the cloudspine though... yeesh all thats ancient history almost!"

"40 years isn't that ancient..." death said cracking his knuckles...

"Well then you tell us something that happened longer ago?"

Death stopped where he was walking...

"Man left the planet earth and came to the planet sol 600 years ago or so... that ancient enough for ya?"

"well ok so you got me beat...."

"sheesh! what was the Heron army anyway?"

"they used to be dark mages, but they left their cloakes and daggers behind and took up the katana, they then created vast armies that reveled samurais, they were more like a corssbreed of Ninja and Knight, they hated giants, and it only took 4 of them to take down one..."

"Where did the giants come from? OH NO WAIT don't tell me... the east..."

"now you're catchin' on!"


"who the hell said that?"

The four knights turned around and saw a stout little mage dressed in all grey, his face seemed hidden in shadow..


"yabba yabba nee yabba nee!"

"OH I'm profficient in MageSpeak!" Kima spoke up... "He says his name is Nerd..."

"yabba yabba yabba nee!"

"And he is here..."


"To... kill us all?"

The mage then pulled out a tiny dagger and leapt on Alice, Flare quickly kicked the tiny mage off who stood up with dagger in hand...


Death looked around... "Oh right they broke the contract..."

"Maybe it was a bad idea to erase their memories Kima..."


Flare looked at allice then at kimagure who in turn glared at alice..

"you just had to go and say it out loud didn't you!"


"WHOAH WHOAH WAIT A MINUTE what kind of twisted stuff did you both DO to us last night..."

Death stared at Flare...

"Let's just pretend we didn't hear that..."


Alice decided to fool around... "oh nothing too big..."

Flare grew pale... "I get at what you're saying..." he started to tear up... "I CAN'T BELIVE IT! SHE ACTUALLY INSULTED MY.... umm... SIZE!"

Death stared at her... "umm don't get me wrong but she blinked like 15 times when she said those four words..."


"She's lying, you can tell..."

"Damn you and your scientific knowledge death!" Alice shouted out... Suddenly a beam shot past her and struck Kimagure it missed her by a mile but ripped her kimono's side...

"DAMN" She rolled back with her staff in hand...

"you asked for it!"

Death pulled out his bow...

"PREPARE TO FEEL MY ARROW!" he pulled an invisible string back which rebounded and a tiny red arrow shot fourth from it...


"YABAA!" The tiny black mage flew into two peices and death absorbed 20% of his mana...

Chuckling at his daring feat, Death looked over to his freinds "AHA See That spell works all the time!"

"It worked niceley on the dragon liche too!" kimagure said...

"OH say that's right! You did use one of my spells after all!"

The two halves of the mage turned into sliced halves of a wooden doll...

"What the... wait a minute... he had an Escape Doll..."

Death turned around and saw a blue ball of light about to strike him in the head... he leapt and was knocked backward getting hit in the gut instead... his body was dragged by it for about 50 yards and then the ball exploded...

Death hit the ground, his stomach seared...

Kima ran to his aid...

Alice started growling at the mage with his pekid little glowing yellow eyes...

"So tell me the truth.. was I good?"

"ho humm... It could've been better... maybe if you hadn't cried so much..."


Alice ran toward the mage not answering Flare's question, only playing on it more...

She sliced at the mage who met her moves blow for blow...

"YABABABYABABAYANEEE!!" <You cannot challange my powers of mimicry!!>

The little mage stepped back a few yards and began to charge a meteor ball...


"HEEAAAH!!!" Flare ran forward with his broadword glowing brightly at its tip... he ran the mage through, lightening centered around the blade and then Flare lost his grip, he was blown back into the soil leaving a trail behind him that lit fire a litte, the sword flew into the air and landed 20 yards away, it stuck straight into the soil...

"Damn i'm not proficient enough!"


Alice kept her master's daggers sheithed, she sliced at the air leaving cherry blossoms in her wake... one landed on Flare's cheek as he was still laying in the grass...

His vision blurred... everything was a flutter, his heart nearly lept out of his chest when he looked at that berserker...

The spell of the daggers was working, but on the wrong person, the idea was to enchant the ENEMY not your freind!

He got up and started walking slowly to her, romantic music playing in his head... she cutt at the mage who split into three peices, these peices turned, once again, into wood carvings...

"Damn he's protected!" She snapped, suddenly a pair of arms came around her and held her tightly she looked back at flare who was blushing tremendously and had the dumbest look in his eyes.. "did I ever tell you how beautifull you look when you're angry like that..."

"let go or ill slice your arms off.." he stepped back....

"Whoah... what was I doing!"

She looked at the daggers she was holding...

"I should've known!"

She stuck them on her back and let her new cape drape over them... she ran with stealth toward where the mage was now standing chuckling to himself... kima had healed death's wound and he stood up again... "Thank you Kima-chan..." he said running off with a spear in his hand... she placed her hands on her cheeks and sighed while blushing...

Death ran the mage through with the spear and then picked up the shikabobbed mage much like he had done earlier with the hound, he flipped the mage up and then did something new, he twisted the spear into a halibert and sliced at the mage 3 times mid air, before converting in into a bow and shooting at him point black on the ground,


A large explosion knocked death backward and about 20 feet into the air... he started looking around for the little Nerd to show up again... he appeared where he least expected...

right smack dab in front of him in mid air...

"YAAAAAAABANEEH!" <Meteor Level 20 Technique>

There was a sound of thunder, as fire began to rain from the sky...


All movement in the air ceased for the raining rocks... Death's time on the technique was running low, so he up and punched the little mage in the face... he then gabbed the mage by his cloak and did a barrel roll plummet to the ground, he struck the ground with the mage's pointy-hat wearin' head... hen leapt back and off of the mage...


"He must be out of dolls!"

Flare ran up and rammed his jewled haliburt into the mage, the mage squirmed and then made a choking noise...

"Is it dead?"

It turned into wood...

"umm where is her now?"

There was a booming voice from the sky...


Everyone looked up and saw a towering mage who was as wide as he was tall.., Marching toward them like the Stay-puffed marshmellow man...

"umm that's something I never expected to see..."


"He just said he'll trample us all beneath his mighty mighty feet..."



Death thought back...

the plane... his only other means of transport...

"I have a secret weapon that I never expected to work..."


"We need to run as fast as we can and as far away from that mage as possible!"

"how are we going to get away from the mage?"

"It's not the mage i'm worried about!"

Death started running then made a whistling sound... a black streak in the sky started to move about...

"What the hell is that?"

It came down and stopped just before him, death leapt on top of it, it shot forward over his freinds heads....

"ALRIGHT BUDDY! IF IT'S FIREPOWER YOU WANT TO SEE I'LL GIVE YOU MY WHOLE ARSENAL!... err yeah right as if this was my whole aresenal.... err my ONLY WORKING PART OF MY ARSENEL!"

The tiny ship turned around...

"now, i need you to do something for me buddy, I need a FULL SPEED warp jump, but dont aim down to leave the planet, aim up and shoot into the water, that should slow you down, hopefully, if you crash you crash but you can be fixed, just don't hit anything too hard, now all you have to do is a Space jump, ok, but AIM your engiens away from this guy, and use about... a 2 second top speed burst... that should be enough...

The machine spoke up in a chirpy electronic voice "Calculations indicate that at the angle required to terminate the attacker the ammount of energy dispersed COULD tear off the planet's atmosphere..."

"What are the chances of that happenening?"


"... Ship... i never wanted to do this but... Im going to have to ask you to leave the planet, fire a 91 second burst behind you, and aim for the atmosphere, that will take you out of the galaxy, once there, I need you to turn on your sensors, I... I will miss you... but please do this for me,.."

the lumbering giant was getting closer...

"I need you to find any Sighn of freindly life! My people even! If you do, Tell them about me and where I am, keep the coordanents of this world and be sure to BRING THEM BACK HERE, as many as possible, as long as they are FREINDLY... do you understand?"

"What if they are not freindly..."

"avoid contact... if you cannot, you wil have to..." death started to tear up... "terminate yourself..."

"That is understandable Comandant, it was nice knowing you... Saiyanara..."

Death leapt from the ship and landed on the ground...


"Its nothing any more... let's go..."

"but... IT FLYS!"

"and it is a MACHINE!"

"Oh for christ sake you act as if a Flying machine is something revolutionary or new... Lets get out of here..."

Death then grabed kimagure and alice in his arms...

"What do you think you're doing?"

Flare asked...

"We're Jumping!"


The tiny ship sparked, and then a beam brighter than the sun left from the rear of it, the ship Shot straight up into the sky with a white beam tralinging behind it, the beam widened and kept getting wider, it peiced the black mage and then covered every part of him, it kept growing in size, dust flew up, cratering the ground, and then the sky lit up,


Death said Jumping with his boots... they flew as high as possible into the air... the girls were screaming and Flare was about to go out of his mind...



The shoes took all the impact...

"What did that ship do..."

"remember the warning seal... go ehead.. look back there... I don't even want to see it..."

The image of that odd brocoli thing appeared in everyone's mind...

Kima turned around slowly... she let out a ghasp but didnt know quite how to respond, she walked to the edge of the tree stump... there was a fiery cloud of smoke and flame billowing miles up into the air... the mage had been vaporized, but the... the spell was like no technique she had seen...

"What... is that called?"

"It shouldn't exist today, it doesn't belong here, nor does it belong anywhere, forget it's existance, now you know just what I am capable of, though I doubt ill be capable of damage like that any longer, I only did it because we were in an open feild, in a few months everything here will be dead, not from the explosion but its aftermath, it is cursed, and no life shall thrive here again until 50 years or so....

Kimagure began to cry... she looked at death.. "WHY... WHY DID YOU UNLEASH SUCH A TERRIBLE EVIL!"

"i did not invent it... I only used it out of desperation to defeat what seemed like a foe who had way too much protection...:"


"if I had tried the other way it would have invoulved us dying... I sacrificed something too... my air-ship..."

"your Air.... ship... as in a ship that glides on air..."


Death looked away from the large cloud, and their attention turned from it to him...

"I was afraid you'd learn too fast, I don't want history to repeat itself, don't you understand, that's times job, my job is to determine the fate of things, that is why I loathe time so much..."

"Why do we keep on, pushing west? What do you hope to obtain there?"

"I hope to find my freinds..."


"i wasn't sure if i could trust you, or anyone..."

Flare looked at death dissapointed...

"i cannot belive you, you MONSTER, you kill things, and play on peoples emotions, and it's all just to serve your own needs! I was right all along! I think you'd better put those boots to good use and JUMP the hell away from us, we don't need to see your twisted face again, you don't belong here..."

"Flare! Don't Say things like that! He was just trying to help!"

"He doesn't want to help anyone! He doesnt belong with us! go on you corrupted fool! and don't COME BACK! EVER!"

Death started walking away...

"That's RIGHT just go on now! you don't belong with us!"

"but Flare! he killed the black mage!"


"but, we weren't near Falis any more, and there's..."

"WHat there IS is no justice in killing innocent life..."

"I only cared about the sentient life... I... you're right... nature deserves just as much... I... let me make it up..."

Death lifted a hand...

"Don't YOU DARE do any more spells! you've tampered around here enough!"

Death waved a circle in the air with his finger... it began to rain... UP...

"that will wash the radiation into the sky and out of the atmosphere... I'm sorry I angered you all..."

Death jumped, as the clouds started to echo with lightening and a fog set in, his figure dissapeared into the fog... quickly the rain changed to snow... and it began returning to earth...

Everyone looked around...

"that was a nice polymorph spell, but don't you think it's a little early for winter?"

"It'd say it's just about the right time of year actually..."

Flare sat down... "It's cold enough all ready, may as well make the air and ground cold too..."

He crossed his arms... and just sat...

Kimagure started to cry... "I CANT BELIVE YOU" she shrieked... she then desperatley shouted into the fog...


She wailed and hollered but it got her nowehre...

"quiet woman... we don't need him, and we don't need your whining..."

Alice slammed the jewled daggers intot he ground...

"Well if you're going to kick him out of the party then you may as well get rid of all of the weapons he gave us too!"

Flare said "GLADLY!" and he jammed his broadsword into the tree...

all of a sudden there was a sound... It didn't sound natural...

then there was another... it was alot like the sound of an owl hooting, but it sounded like it was coming from the lips of a human...

"What was that?"


"cooo cooo"

.... "guys?"

"What's making that noise?"

Then there was the sound of cold steel sliding out of a sheith... and then a flash of thunder lit up the sillouetes of armed men encicling the giant tree stump that they were standing on... all of them had glowing eyes and they chattered amongst themselves, some whispered while others started to laugh... Flare stood up... and lightening struck agian, revealing a countable number of about 40 men standing all around the three of them...

what are we going to do now?

Apr 9, 2002, 02:39 PM
They were so nature-loving that they made rangers seem like tyranouse killers, they refused to walk on grass for fear of killing a single blade, whatever cataclysm should befall this people is beyond me, but if they can't kill anything then perhaps they'll all die of hunger...

-Chapter 7 The Heron Guard...

Lightening blasted the ground and split a nearby tree in two, atop the large tree stump they stood the rings beneath their feet, uncountable... the white fire blaized in the sky again lighting up the faces of the surrounding warriors...

"you, who tampered with nature..."

"You who created the fire to end all fires..."

"you who made the rain fall up..."

"And made the it snow in warmth..."

"Defires of nature! SPEAK for your crimes!"

"AND YOU!!!"

One stepped forward and looke Flare in the eyes....

"You SLAY an innocent baby tree with your SWORD!"

Flare looked down to where his sword had sliced what looked like a blade of grass in half...

"That was a tree?"

"YES it was a tree... a FINE tree..."

"but it looks like grass..."

"IT IS NOT JUST ANY BLADE! Each blade, too is sacred, but the BLADE which you have killed was made to grow and flourish..."

"...into a Mandrake root... am I correct..."

All of the heron guards ghasped...

Kimagure looked around them... "That's what you live off of, right? Mandrake roots? They burrow into the ground and make a magical ora that prolongs life if inhaled..."

"how... did you know that?"

"I studied botony..."

Alice and Flare were amazed at kimagure's wealth of knowledge...

"infact he didn't kill that plant, the seed which it sprouts from is a wood burrowing BULB that re-grows and re-grows itself, infact by pushing it in further he may be prolonging its life..."

"eyah you tell em' Kima..."

The herons started whisperng again...

"indeed you are correct, but who was it that made the great fire..."

Kima sniffled a bit.. "he was a man that I thought I loved..."

"where is he now?"

"He jumped..."

she pointed to the edge of the giant stump...

The Herons ghasped again... they all crowded along the edge... "She speaks the truth, i smell his scent!"

"and there are footmarks here..."

"So he can jump to many places can he..."

"i suppose he could just about jump anywhere..."

"his magical potential should be used for good and not evil..."

"he said that he was trying to do that..."

"do you defend his honor..."

"I dont know if he has any honor left to defend..."

"Come with us, down into our home, made up of this fine tree, there you can find shelter from the cold..."

"thank you kindley...."

One of the guard took his katana and hit the butt of it against the trunk's surface... it made a thud as if the tree was hollow, all of a sudden a tiny trap door poped open and one wearing a bear skin on his head shot out, he waved and they all started to walk in, two with spears crossed them and told them to follow...

"God i hope this isn't the last time we see daylight..."

"oh be quiet..."

They continued onward down a long flight of wooden steps and into the borrogrove of the tree... roots were dangling over head...

"well this certainly is unique..."

They walked past several caved halways and into an elaboratley huge hall. It was composed of many carvings and statuetes honoring long dead heroes and giant hunters, in the center of the hall was a katana which was held in place by tree roots... several people were bowing to it as they stepped in...

"What is that?"

"That is the magial sword that made this tree so large in the first place, it is said that its energy can be fed off of by anything t hat weilds it.."

"has anyone tried to steal it?"

"just this morning a little black mage popped in without warning and placed his dirty hand upon it, he didn't take it however just touched it for a second and dissapeared..."

"hmm perhaps that was his secret..."

"Did you tell the mage about its power?"

"Yes infact we invited him in, he seemed like a nice guy, really..."

"could you even understand a word that he said..."



"OH MAN you're a laugh riot!! HAHAHA!"
______________End Flashback...

"No I suppose we didnt..."

Alice then spoke up... "Ummm I was wondering, just where is your restroom..."

"a what? You mean a room for resting? Ah you can rest in any room you like except the main hall..."

Flare whispered in alice's ear "they don't eat so I guess they dont... ummm"

Kimagure then said "well damn..." she then hit alice on the back of the kneck gently and said "just HOLD it ya sissey!"

"can you stay for the night?"

"actually mister... heron guard sir.... umm we didn't mean to intrude on your land, so it wouold be best if we could just..."

there was a great rumble...

"What was that?"

then another rumble...

"I know I heard something..."

There was nother...

Finally a heron guard screamed "GIANT! GIANT INCOMING AT 7 O CLOCK!"



"oh for christ's sake! are you telling me that peck is still alive?"


"he just said 'you bet i'm still alive' "

"And now that Death is gone and his weapon's gone all we have is eachother..."

"and about 50 or so heron guard..."

"let's MOVE!"

the knights were just about to take to the door when an army of heron guard of all shapes and sizes with the same katana weapon in their hand and a mandrake root in the other came running by...

"make that... um.... a few HUNDRED... heron... guard..."


They started pouring down the sides of the tree stump, walking around circular paths, they then began running for the giant, towering black mage who kept hobbling in the stupidest fasion...

Kimagure suddenly got an odd vibe...


The Mage lifted his hands into the air....


A worm-like dragon rained down out of the sky breathing fire, it seemed to be one of the flying type, it never used its multible limbs to walk, it began slithering through the air toward the many heron guard still pouring out of the stump like angry ants from an ant hill... they started screaming battle cries while the dragon toasted them 20 at a time...

Kimagure finally managed to get ouf of the trap door along with Alice and Flare... they watched in horror as the dragon sped throught he air straight toward THEM!


Flares sword beam and wind blades shot through the air by Alices special dagers along with some random heron spears began stabbing the dragon to and fro, it's large wings flapped heavily, blowing down several more heron guard...

"at least he isn't a dragonliche!"

"Yeah Green dragons aren't that strong!... aren't they?"

The dragon got closer to the ground as it became closer to the three warriors it opened it's mouth to shoot flame, flare's energy sword shot directly intot he dragon's mouth, the dragon flew back a little bit...


Suddenly 3 sets of winter wolved accompanied by a large momma winter wolf appeared...

"FIGHT FIRE WITH ICE!" Kimagure screamed after summoning the beasts... they began shooting ice toward the dragon and covered it with snow and ice... it froze solid, struck the ground and shatered apart...


Alice and Flare jumped back as one of the baby winter wolved turned around toward kima and let her pat it on the head...

"good doggie..."

Alice and flare then simultaneously responded "yick! Dogs..."

The wolves howeled and then started running alongside the heron guards who cheered as they litterally sacrificed themsleves under the trodding feet of the giant mage...

"HEHEHEHEHEHEHEE!" it kackled relentlessly...

Kimagure started to charge another blast....

"Here's one that Death taught me!"

she fired an energy beam at it it began to wrap around the mage... it then tightened... it became tighter and tighter forcing hte mage to shrink...


Suddenly the mage pulled out a spell book, thumbed through a few pages. said

"YAbba Yabba Dabba Dee!"

The bind blew off and then the mage burst into his original huge size again.... laughing nefariously as he stepped on more and more of the attacking Herons...

"What can we DO now?"

"we'll have to make like the heron guards... and attack with FULL melee force!"

insert this music here (http://members.lycos.co.uk/th8or/fineandereinhandermix.mp3)
The trees, the river, the sky cutting through the clouds, or was is the clouds cutting throught he sky, all was dark, as the night was still young, and the river flowed so gently it was like a stream. Feet stepped through the mud, throught the water, along the babling brook, by the old farm houses and demolished buildings, over the seemingly endless feilds of grass, past the domed cities, past the mechanical sentries keeping guard, hovering powered by odd crystals ready to fire on anything that moved, past these the boots did walk, through the treese the boots did walk, through the mountains and the valeys and the pathways did the boots walk, until they came to rest on a symbol written on the ground with acid which almost evaded detection...

The boots turned into the direction of the longest point on the pentagram, and then began running straight forward, over mountains, through rivers vallleys, so quickly did they pass by they seemed like nothing, the feet traveled fast than human speed, rather at the speed of though, they then came to rest at another sighn, the boots changed direction agian, this time running through a forest where the myst became purple, and later turned pink, as the cherry blossoms raines through it from the trees, the speed of the person walking in those boots forced the trees to sway in pattern like a great wind passing through, they came to rest on another symbol, later another, later another, crossing farmland, resting ground, nesting ground, anthills and forests, there seemed no end to the trail, it crossed half the globe but was traveled in such a short ammount of time... then the symbol changed durastically it was a skull and crossbones with a warning written in a long dead language, and then the boots came to rest on the last symbol... no arrows pointed anywhere... it was an interbang... an exitement mark running htrough a questionmark... and it sat there, carved into a volcanic rock... left to sit for all eternity...

The boots switch their angles, and were now paralel with the ground, and those wearing the boots could only sit... resting his head on the palm of his hand... he sat for a while... pondering just what it could be...

the myseries ran uncomprehendable, only ponderable, by one man, along in a word, no paths diverged, nature was natureless, this is the land of neither east nor west, it was too far west to be called west but it was not far enough east...

A pair of red eyes, bloodshot blue... could only look around, and then finally realize the truth...

------A mere pebble...
-A Pebble to rain...
-------to rain from the sky
--land near an eye
--------to tell where to die
---to mark a grave
---------or for lives to save
----perhaps it was
-----------perhaps it wasnt
-----perhaps not
--------------perhaps so
------an infintile possiblity
----------------infintesimally great
--------who was who here?
-------------------what was what
-----------how was how
------------------------how could it be
--------------HOW COULDNT IT

Death stood up, his bend legs straightened, his hands fell to his sides, the rock had fallen, FROM THE SKY...

And in the sky, amongst the clouds there was a break in the clouds...

--------------------------A break in the clouds...
--------------how could it be
----------------------------How did moses
-----------------part the red sea
------------------------------a miracle
-------------------that was so holy

it was in the air... all along... they wouldn't want to put their cities on the ground! that would be foolish, one could be easily seiged, or controlled, or even killed, how else better to avoid what was on the surface than to go above it...

THEY were there...

He lifted his arms high into the air

and screamed a scream

beyond his mortal coils ability

and so his voice

was heard...


upon the grounds, the rocky ground, held up by nothing, defying gravity, only staying in orbit with the earth as to not be seen, the fog was a hex, to keep the clouds gathered, the parts were bugs, to which only his types of eyes could see, Death walked up to the gates, in heaven he stood, above the clouds, a floating island made of hexed volcanic rock, it jetted down like a mountain instead of up, and the surface here was smoothe...

then there was a problem...

no one was there to open the gates...

but how could this be?

perhaps the gatekeepers were just off duty

his hand pushed the gate in, and so in too did he walk...

where was everyone?

perhaps they were afraid?

they hadn't seen a visitor in so long...

and so in did death walk, he saw images, people walking through a crowded street, fine carvings and stones, knowledge kept only to themselves, machines, great machines, being built in the alchamey and science labs, ships leaving docks and shooting for the stars, a large map of the universe in the center, GROWING and EXPANDING only more and more, knowledge and data never ending...

the map was still there... the people were not...

Death ran up to a computer terminal, he hit it with his hand... it still worked...

"CHECK THE LOGS! Tell me everything that happened here!"

"Log- 2119:

Planet Status: Uninhabitable
Peopel Status: Neo Rhenisance, Nuklear age, Some Space travel
Knowledge Status: 35% of Universe mapped 22% of dimensions mapped

... "this was where the SOL logs began, this was the starting point, the point of knowldge we had before having to leave..."

"EARTH was a fine world indeed, you could plant a seed in the soil and it would grow, the sky seemed clean, and the sun healthfull, but soon the people of the world became infectiouse, rather than existing with nature they were as viruses, they leeched the planet clean of all recourses and now there is no life... we are afraid that there is nothign we can do but relocate to where the new humans are relocating. A world named SOl is out there, we, oursleves, will not stop establishing outsleves in space... and shall thrive on..."

"now to the day I was locked away..."

He fast forwarded through some mapping records...

Planet Status: Habitable
Peopel Status: Arcadian
Knowledge Status: 67% of Universe mapped 54% of dimensions mapped

"We'd passed the half-way mark, more than half of everything was then KNOWN by us..."

"We regret to say that one of our grandest heroes, has been reported DEAD by his brother... Masakari Kushari Kai.... He was considered the 3rd great elementalist who controlled Fate, while his brotheres controleld Time and Love, it is unknown as to what will happen to the Kai ballance of this world, and we may be forced to Exile the other two here if they are unable to produce results..."

Death went a few days later...

"For reasons unkown FATE still seems to exist within us, we do not know why, some theorize that he may still be alive, a trial as to the whereable of Fate is being held on Sigma 5, Masakari Kushari Kai, has refused to attend..."

"that bastard..."

He then went all the way to the latest log record...

Planet Status: Habitable
Peopel Status: Midevil, Barbarouse, Lost
Knowledge Status: 100% of Universe mapped 150% of dimensions mapped

"150..." Death began to sweat... "that's not... possible... we... FINISHED... WHAT YEAR WHAT YEAR!"


Death stepped back from the monitor...

"no... NO... NO NO... NO NO NO NO NO... NONO! NO!! NOOOO!!"

He looked around the towers they were deteriorated, the sculptures dead... the skies still dark, he could see there were stars...


Death went up to the monitor... he stared at it...

An image of the fully maped universe came up... a ring ran around it... then the skies lit up furriously acoording ot the map, each one had a marker on it, but they were too hard to differinciate, most of them ended with "colony" and "dimensional transporter"

"Computer, please explain to me, how there are 150% of dimensions?"

"In reality the dimensional space is endless, once we began recording we realized the % numebr was of no use,, so instead the number will be used to represent 100^100^100^100^infinityX100 in %...

"can you please update the latest dimensional findings?"

The map had an error appear on the screen...

"Thsi computer's recognition capabilities are presently behind the required computing radius required to present the data in full..."

"use the 3D holographic map in the center then..."

"processing... please stand in the center of the map..."

Death sat on the map, Everything around him blew with a white light... Death then opened his eyes... he looked around him... he saw... people.. his freinds... his FAMILY... his brother sitting in his castle... his other brother twidling his thumbs... the clouds the air... and then he said "TAKE ME TO WHERE MY PEOPLE ARE!"

The map went away... Death looked around... the songs of birds filled the air... and playfull music was playing...

"What is going on?"

He looked around, people, HIS people, wehre all over the place... the island was on the ground...

"AH He's Finally returned to us!"

"We all thought you were dead!"

All of the people around death spoke in a single voice "you're still existing in the world where only the banished may go..."

"the banished?"

"Of all of the dimensions we've found, this one by far is the best for sustaining our life, there is no death, and no sunset... much less a sunrise, the very AIR is made up of mana, and what is best is the fact that NO ONE here has ever NOT existed..."

"Wait... you mean... I'm in Heaven now?"

"We ALL are!"

"So this is where our souls go..."

"oh dear,,, it seems that you don't belong here... you can only join us once you've reached our level of conceousness..."

"how do I do that?"

"Let your soul, which is made up of your conceousness, and your love, exit your body freely..."

"but what happened to conquering the universe?"

"that job is left to those below us... and people like you, they have the universe now, we have everything that we want..."

"it seems nice and all... but Is life really that easy?"


"So then we hid all of this knowledge..."

"that is correct..."

"and its all now here as a part of our conceousness... isn't that unfair to the others.."

"The others will join us here, once they've become like us, but they cannot learn the secrets we know, they must obtain the knowldge on their own..."

"so then why are all the colonies still in space?"

"that is the space in THIS realm..."

"oh... I get it, the map showed every dimension inter-laced..."

"that is correct..."

"Ah I'll go back then now, to my own plain, say is there anything you need done over there?"

"You must restore the blance of good and evil..."

"you and you're freinds..."

A woman walked out of the crowd and touched death on the cheeck, she brought her face close to his..


"you're brothers are nothing like you, one is too weak, one is too strong, you must be brought together again as one, and then work together to restore the ballance on your plain, we've been watching you, and your prayres are still with you..."

"tha..thank you..."

"take this quadralithium with you"

she said whispering, she slid a stone into his pocket... "don't waste it..."

she then passed through him... death closed his eyes... the map stopped spinning around so violently...

"alright alright, rule out all dimensions containing the majoraty of my people on the map and show me just WHERE they're at..."

The map had about 3 spots on it, one said Ragol, One said Earth, and the other read "You are here"

suddenly a fourth dot appeared...
it began to shape shift and then became a smililng face that looked much like his... except the patterns on his face were those of a grand master imaginator...

"EHEM... if you don't mind... I think you're making the story boring by just sitting around and saying hi to your own people, Right now theres ONE dimension...

the map turned into a 2d map only reading You are here, They're here, and THEY'RE here on it then another one said OH and he's here too

Death looked back up at the head... "c'mon c'mon! you have a mission! And you're freinds are in danger, you'd better hurry..."

"who are you?"

"what goes beyond love?"

"well love surpasses time, time supasses fate... fate suprasses love... what can surpass love?"

"well that is what I am... You're freinds are in danger Number 208..."


"your generation number, it's just easier to keep track of you all that way..."

"What number are you..."


"zero... then if you surpass the things that are insurpasable doesn't that make you nothing...?"

"Well That's the PESSIMISTIC way of looking at it... theres also the part of the half glass that's full you know!"

"...oh... wow that's deep..."

"Ill tell you something else thats deep... YOUR FREINDS ARE IN DEEP TROUBLE IF YOU DON'T GET THERE NOW!"


everything flashed and melted away... the island detonated and fell to earth, the monitor screens read "mission accomplished" and detonated, a network of satelites related the information deep into space where they were catagorized and stored...

"What do you want to do flare? Just CHARGE him?"

"You got a better idea..."


The three nights turned and saw an angelic figure standing in the air, the angelic part quickly dissapeared and the dark outline of a man hovering in the sky with a shining stone held in the air appeared...


"who is that up there?"

"He's so commanding!"

"oh my GOD is that YOU DEATH-KUN!"

Death smiled and looked down to his freids...

"I never break a promise and I'm not a deserter, THINGS ARE IN GOOD HANDS NOW..."

There was a sound of ten thousand voices echoing across the plains...

Nerd looked left and right, the little mage started to take a few steps back...


Giants rose from the ground, Heron Guard rose from the ground, some were skeletons others were shades of white and green, they stormed the giant mage like ants attacking a large spider, mroe and more came from the ground,, and they kept slashing, beating, stabbing, bitting, and all out assaulting the mage, who fell to the ground which was already teeming with spears which shot into his back, the mage screamed so loud that the earth shook...

Death floated down to earth and the pocketed the crystal... "thanks mom" he said calling out into the night sky...

"So how are you guys doing..."

"Where were you?"

"I went to find my people..."

"did y-" "I only found myself" death interupted alice's query...

"that is one big dying mage..."


"so want to go in and get a spot of tea?"

"sounds just loveley..."

"Wait, they don't make tea..."

"ah I'm sure we'll work soemthing out..."

The knights sat a wooden carved table in front of the great sword, taking turns at figuring out how to make a hot cup of water tea... they finally gave up and just drank hot water, death took a mana pill with it and they decided check outside one last time to the condition of the herons, hundreds were marching back form the battle feild, beaten, scared, some had lost limbs, but they were victoreouse...


"yes runner?"

"Word from tallow says that we didn't prevent them from reaching the east..."

"Did the drones report anything funny?"

"they did for a few seconds but said it must've just been a squirrel.."

"and what of the island..."

"Which island..."

"YOU KNOW THE ONE WHICH I AM NOT ABLE TO VISIT due to that damn curse..."

"someone did say they saw a shooting star plummet to the earth with what appeared to be a utopian castle on it..."

"... he's done it then..."

"who'se done what sir?"

"my brother..."


"not that brother the OTHER brother who was entombed..."

"oh right... the one that's still alive!"

the dark liche rolled his eyes and sat back in his chair...

"these are sad times for us... my race may end with this generation, did you know that?"

"end sir... are you seriouse?"

"quite... seriouse..."

"Then what do you plan to do sir..."

"If an expert like Nerd couldnt do it, then I'll have to get someone who is more... experted... yessss..."

"who sir? who?"


"sir, I also have some more grave news..."

"what is it now..."

"you know,.. our king?"

"the one who I CLAIM to be the advisor of but actually use like a puppet... yes?"

"war has been declared on him by the mayor of willow creek and the kingdom of shiris..."


"has declared war on this kingdom sire..."

"well that is not good... that is not good at all... that means that the dwarves, the herons, the elves..."

"and even the every-day warriors sire..."

"yes yes them too... they will all be sent in to destroy us... hmmm seems quite interesting..."

"what do you plan to do tonight sire?"

"The same thing I do every night runner..."

"Collect broadway musicals on DVD?"


"ehe yeah..."

"send the king in..."

"isnt it usually the king that sends the advisor in...?"

"don't tempt me..."


the runner sped off...

"well I must say that was quite interesting..."

"I especially liked how the mandrake roots made the mountain of... courpse... heh turn into... well a mountain!"

"that was cool, you're right..."

"so i suppose we should turn in..."

"yes... indeed..."

"So where do you fellas sleep?"

"Sleep? what is sleep?"

"... do you guys do ANYTHING...?"


".... ok that's it lets camp at the base of the stump tonight..."

"im with you..."

"FINALLY FINALLY I CAN STOP HOLDING IT..." alice ran out as fast as she could...

"What was up with her?" Death asked...

"just never mind, get some sheets out of that crowded vest of yours or something..."

Death chuckled... they gathered up their things and headed outside, they then slid down the side of the trunk past a huge root sticking up out of the ground and then camped, peacibly for once, in the shade of the tree...

sleep well... heroes...

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Never Winter Nights Preview Track #5 (http://members.lycos.co.uk/th8or/05.%20Track%2005.mp3)
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GTA the ORIGINAL Track5 (http://members.lycos.co.uk/th8or/GrandTheftAutoFunkMix.mp3)
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NWN Track 14 (http://members.lycos.co.uk/th8or/NWNTrack14.mp3)
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Majic for a new melinium-DJ Tiesto (http://members.lycos.co.uk/th8or/djtiestomagic.mp3)
Yushigi Fuki- Machine Beat (http://members.lycos.co.uk/th8or/Machiene%20beat%20Fav.mp3)


Such a place as this was unimaginable, the skies seemed more blue in the walls of this city than any other, the King ruled with loving hands and his many wizard accountants were by his side, they were the most knowledged minds on earth, no evil influences existed whatsoever, and the people flourised better here than in any other place, living quarters were fineley furnished even for the peasents and everything was a flutter with highly-evoulved culture and honor...
-Murthimne Chapter 8

alice started to wake, thought she hadn't opened her eyes yet she felt someone very closet to her, she put her arms around them and they returned... they were about to kiss when Kimagure and Flare screamed...

Death and alice opened their eyes and saw they were in eachothers arms.. "AH sorry it's not that I dont like you or anythign I must've been sleep wakling or something" "umm yeah I concur.."

They turned and lookid at kimagure who had already slapped Flare in the face... he dumbly said "I sorry allice" and then fell over...

Everyones face was red, they gathered up their belongings just as a heron guard coughed...

"EHEM... No mean to disturb your slumber but we've recieved word from the north..."

"how far north?"

"THE... north..."

"Murthimne? why are all of your men armed?"

"we've been told to KILL YOU!"


"sorry sorry just a little heron humor..."

"ehe.... yeah... so what's the word?"

"The armies of the light shall war with the armies of the dark in the hills of burrogrove..."

"are you seriouse?"

"If that's true.... then we need to get there!"

"Every night does.. and that goes for all of the heron guard..."

they all started rubbing their twin katanas together...


they all dashed into the grass and dissapeared from sight...

"I sure wish we could move like that..."

"say death, cant you JUMP us there? one at a time?"

"As much as I'd love too, something odds happened to them..."


"urr I have this crystal see, and i don't want to lose it, but it also acts as an electromagnetic dampener... only once the crystals energy is used up can i jump again..."

"Why do you think it works that way?"

"Oh i know why, it's to keep me from jumping to my bank and using this crystal to power a m.... I mean to... to umm... let me destroy the world yeah... YEAARG! well...i suppose that's a good thing..." everyone sweatdropped...

-insert 3 days of marching-

"So this is the town of Murthimne, what is it's purpose Kimagure?"


"easy I just don't!"

"It is the capitol of the empire of SHIRIS!"

"And that is..."

"...the empire all warriors of the light stand under!"

"...well I stand alone... I think alliances only lead to people taking sides..."



"that way they wont make you repeat the oath 10 thousand times..."

"well i most certianly wouldnt want to have to do that..."

They walked up to a large drawbridge which slowly lowered allowing a walkway over a deep moat. Upon entering the castle everyone was a flutter with glee...

"Kimagure!!" A voice shouted out, and a guard came running up to her... "Sire would like to speak to you, it's about the mayor of Willow Creek!"

Death's pointy ear purked up... "I know the mayor as well, he's almost like a brother to me, may I join her...

"umm who be ye?"

"I'm a freind of Kimagure..."

"speek he the truth?"


"THEN GO ! GO! The royal magesty has been expeting you!"

Kimagure walked into a large hall with death at her side only following along...

"Why did you come, you didn't like the mayor of willow creek..."

"I have a good feeling about this..."

They walked into an office that was litterally filled to the brim with knights and warriors of every kind...

"Come on up, get a number and take a seat... ok so just stand..."

Death and Kimagure reached for the tag simultanousely then looked at eachother.. "oh you can get it" "no you can get it" "Really i insist" "OH SHUT UP AND TAKE THE NUMBER YOU TWO!"

"ehe sorry" kimagure snathed the ticket and went to sit down..

"hmmm" she said to herself...

She then pulled out a thin wand and waved it over the ticket...

"Now serving number... 308!"

Everyone in the room said "WHAT"

"OH looks like thats us come on death!"

the two ran in the door without any questions being asked...

Kima nealed before the king, death stood for a while then shrugged and nealed too..
"Welcome my children, you are Kimagure is that correct?"

"Yes, I am Kimagure Yuu, The light sorcoress from Flarghiana..."

"you were near the east border for a while... can you tell me what happened to you?"

"we went on a bit of a scouting mission for the mayor of willow creek, We were attacked by some dark warri-"

"-TELL ME what you found" the king interrupted...

"We found a strange young man..."

"is he still with you?"

"yes.. he is sitting next to me..."

Some wizard walked up and chattered in the kings ear... another came up and whispered "he is of dark magic, he cannot be trusted...

"young man, I understand you don't really need to pay respect, is that true?"

"I don't feel the need to do anything as of yet..."

"that's not true..." one of the mages in back spoke up but he king silenced him with the wave of his armored hand...

"young man.. we are at war now... we need all of the help we can get... will you help us... or the dark?"

"I will help... myself..."

"...that is a way in which i've never beeen spoken..."


"don't polymorph him into anything... I want to just talk... man to man... if he is a man..."

"more man than you'd imagine..."

Kimagure looked at death frightened...

"You have no respect for authority!" She said... death looked back at her...

"now now, there are limitations..."

"what could you do if those boots of yours worked young man..."

"i'd leave this world and go to the next..."

"hah, I find that hard to belive..."

"do YOU... or your WIZARDS..."

"... ..."

"A strong king is reallly only suported by the men who stand behind him, the more men the stronger he becomes..."

"will you stand behind me?"

"I will stand behind my freinds, if they are behind you then that is only coincidense.."

Death started to walk away..


A bolt of energy shot from a mages hand... death caught it and wrapped it around his hand... it became absorbed into the jewel in his wrist... he smiled with his smoking hand still extended... he started to walk around the room in a semi-circular motion and then looked back toward the king...

"tell me about the mayor of willow creek..."

"acoording to reports he was found dead..."

"was he FOUND dead?"

"actually he wasn't found, he was only seen jumping off into the cloudspine..."

"then he's not dead..."

Kimagure looked at death...

"What are you talking about? Why would the mayor fling himself? Why are you talking about him like that? I THOUGHT YOU HATED HIM!"

"I did at one time... but ladies and gentlemen boys and girls, I have a big suprise for you... the MAYOR of willow creek, is infact somewhere very near here, so near that he is already standing in this room..."

The mage who had shot the bolt stepped forward...

"It's true..."

The figure then ripped off his mage's hood, revealing brightly lit orange hair, nothing like the mayors, but the tail was identical, that was what made kimagure ghasp...

"HE IS... HE IS!!"
"I trust you're observance kimagure... so then ... you were in hiding all along?"

"yes... and I'm supposed to still be dead, but nobody knows that... I guess fate just wasnt there for me" he smirked at deathkiller after saying that... death smirked back...

the two brothers walked toward eachother and extended their hands...

"For God and Country!"

"That's an ancient fraise that I miss..."

"too bad there's no country..."

"oh there is, i've been to the floating island too you know..."

"has time?"


"Just as I said, a strong king relies on his mages... the evil KING you are about to combat is relying only on his own mages, and one of them is a liche... that liche... is our brother..."

"you have a third brother...?"

"He is the eldest, and something wrong happened to him, he's become old... from what we can sense of his energy as one..." they began to talk in unison...

"Death, you and your freind are starting to creep me out..."

"We were unidentical twins..."

"I... see..."

"Whatsay we get out of this castle, send all of our troops ina giant wave, march across the cloudspine and seige the armies of the dark..."

"but they have Necromancers, Zombies, Orks, Goblins, all manners of beasts and dragons!"

"we have dragons too" a warrior mage spoke up walking out...

"I shall summon the dragon riders of Elitia...."

"You do that" the king ordered, and the mage vanished in a flurry of leaves...

"I think we'd better go then, thank you for your time your magesty" kimagure said politeley...

"SEEYA!" the two brothers said as they walked out...

They came out the door to find alice at another candy store and Flare sneaking in the back way of another bathhouse...

"I swear they never learn..."

"so Fate..." "so Love..."

"Oh you can speak first"
"no really you go ahead..."
"i was wondering if we could"
"go out and enjoy ourselves?"
they then spoke in unison "just like in the olden days?"

"hey I nkow they have a pub here!"
"Then what're we waiting for...

Alice shot out of the candy store at the sigt of two deathkillers..

the shop keep ran out after her "YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR THAT! HEY!"

"oh... oh sorry... uh... you can keep the candy... i think it's making me see double..."

she started rubbing her eyes furriously.. she then looked up and started to rub them again...

Sitting down at the bar they both ordered glasses of tea...

They then looked at eachother...

"it's steamin' hot..."

"it'll burn your tounge if ya don't blow on it"

they were talking rather sarchastically...

"three... two..."

They both chugged the tea and started rolling on the floor laughing and crying simultaneousely...

"WOOH NELLY!" death said spitting out steam as he talked...

the bartender scrathched his head...
"well i suppose if they get their kicks from that.. letm..."

"More tea!"
"Put hot coals in it!"

"remember the time i made you inhale an alburnain slug through the nose"

"hah I never thought it would fit but my those things are flexible!"

"And then you said you SWALLOWED IT"

"I must've had food poisoining for a week!"

"Say bro, Id like you to try this here candy!" he handed him a little round thing...

"candy... isn't that for kids?"

"well this isn't just any candy, go on swallow it.."

"am I gonna regret this?"


"it's not liek those sourballs is it?"

"oh nothing like that..."

The orange haired guy took a bit into it and it melted in his mouth..

"hmmm i don't get it... what's the point? its sweet? oh no... is it sulfuric acid?"


"gonna explode in my belly..."


"give me ghaunaria?"


"dihereeia then?"


"Well then what?"

"It just refilled you mana..."

"... it what..."

"that's right..."


death was knocked back from a wave of energy...

"ummph sorry.."

"no wait im sorry.. umm OH NO!"

A bloodshot eye opened...

"i didn't just feel that..."

"feel what?"


"my senses are eluding me..."

"how so?"

"I could've sworn i'd felt my brother come back from the grave..."

"if he's on to me, then he'll come here now, he'll destroy this town and all these people!"

"no... i can read him... he's not aware yet... we'lll get the drop on him for sure when the party starts!"

"i wish you wouldn't refer to a great war as a party..."

"ok a FEILD DAY then..."

"*sigh* I'll never understand you..."

"that's because you're all mushy, i'll never understand you either..."

"Better to be mushy than rock solid!"

"oh yeah well at least we both HAVE a texture as oposed to that bastard out there..."

"good point..."

"heh the 'STAND BEHIND ME' thing, that was a riot!"

"i know! yeesh! and then you said 'ill stand behind my FREINDS' AHHAAHH!"

"well they are my freinds..."

"hmm I think the purple one's got a thing for ya..."

"I thought you had a catagorized knowledge of all of their names..."

"...Kimagure, right? yeah..."

"What makes you think she's got a thing?"

"oh it's just by the way she hopped into bed with ya and all..."

"now how did you know that?"

"I cast a spell on willow creek, I know everything that goes on..."

"err so you think that was intentional..."

"might've been... she do anything else like that?"

The memory of the inn at Farlis came to mind...

"I gue... NOpe no nothing..."

"hmm i sense that your memories been wiped..."

"aww come on you're just kidding right?"

"nope, that girl REALLY doesn't want you to know about something she did to ya..."

Death jaw dropped and he turned to see her through the door, she was across the street looking at books, he turned back...


He got a pat on the back

"hey it's all right, Congratulations man, you actually beat me to it..."

"i'd dare not ask what TO..."


death turned back and looked at her...

"you don't think she really... and I really... I mean you know..."

"hmm do you feel like a man?"

"... in what way?"

"OH come off the playing dumb!"

"Alright then i suppose i do slightly..."

"AAHAAAAHAHAHAHA!!" The orange haired figure fell out of his chair...

"you and a sorcoress oh god the picture in my head is DISTURBING!"

Death snapped... "well she's nice..."


"I didn't mean THAT way nice I meant her personality!"

"SUUUUURE ya do!!"

Kimagure stepped into the bar...

"what are you both laughing about...."

"UUMM just remembering old times!"

"so how is willow creek?"

"they left some barbarian named BWS in charge, he seemed like a nice guy, had all these samurai swords and claimed to be a Shinobi but he read barbarian all over him..."

"BWS? what kind of name for a person is that?"

"I asked him the same question and he said 'it is the name of a shinobi of the sword!!!' hehaahah all dramatic-like!"

"Wait, if he was your replacemnt, then how'd you talk to him?"

"Ah it was all pre-aranged..."

"Why pick him then?"

"I saw what he wanted, he's arleady turned the town into a zone equiped for war, the tavern was reconstructed into 50 or so catapults, archers wait nurvously, the rich farmland has even been MINED!"

"they have MINES?!"

"Dwarves make em' and other explosives! it's quite funny!"

"so yoru towns now being run by Dwarves and samurai?"

"pretty much ehehe Im amazed as to how well they get along! though BWS likes to call them TENGU.. heheh!"

"well that's interesting, I can't wait to see how Farlis sets up for war!"

"oh i know already! I passed through there on my way here, see i used a gateway from there to get here quickly, MY you puleld a nice number on the fountains!"

"well that wasn't intended..."


"hehe cute pun..."

"oh hey that was a pun! SAY kimagure, why dont you sit down next to your boyfreidn here!"

She blushed... "I... I dunnow what to say... Im not his... i mean... I..."

"do you prefer the term lover then?"

kimagure got an appauled look and everyone turned to look at her...

"ill show him" she thought, she then put her arms around deathkiller and plopped into his lap..

Death got the most bizare expression on his face... "ERRRRR"

"So, honey, what'say we get away from this bozo" she then kissed him on the cheek and put him in a death grip so he couldnt speak up...

"gah... rrrrk..."

The orange haired guy just stared...


he fell out of his chair laughing...

a tear was starting to form in death's eye from all the pain... Kimagure then forced him to stand up and walk out of sight, then she let go


"I just wanted to show up that brother of yours!"

"He IS the mayor of willow creek you know, err i mean WAS!"

"I'm gonna go read that book of yours some more in the room..."

"what room?"

"I already got us one..."

Death's jaw dropped... "NOT AGAIN"he screamed into the skies after she had left..

"already shacking up I see" the orange haired 'mayor' said poking more fun... "perhaps i should use an all seeing eye spell on you!"

"and then ill use an all seeing eye blocker!"

"Then ill use an all seeing eye blocker blocker!"

"Darnit there's no such thing!"

"I just made it up so there is!" he stuck out his tounge...

Death just started to walk off...

"I suppose i'm going to meet you outside of the city walls at noon tomorrow, we'll set out then, ok?"

Death looked back and nodded then he just kept walking...
insert this music here (http://members.lycos.co.uk/th8or/shhrrrgllmnnnfff.mp3)

An army of zombies, wherewolves, and other asorted beasts began carrying blocks of iron over great distaned, they placed the iron on an assembly line, it was sliced into differint portions, a helmet was fasioned, then a sword or haliburt or spear, or even arrows for a bow, which was then strung, then a sheild was forged, and it was given the insignia of the dark empire... Thousands of bones were gathered, sharpened an then mounted in the helmets, soldiers had one spike, commanders two, and captains three... the king finally marched in wearing a heavy armor and robe... his face hidden behind a dark helmet and cloak, his melmet was facidted with 4 gigantic elephant tusks, and his shoulder guards were given spikes of their own... he then was handed a sword which had been kept for such purposes called the HellBringer. He weilded the sword and dark energies began to pour forth from it...

"this will do" he said in a billowing voice...

Masakarikusharikai... or time as he was better known... took a sapling and held it up to the crystal ball he carried with him, the sappling wrapped around the ball and formed a magIcal mace...

"Give me the power to crush my brother..." he said holding it close to him... suddenly his bony hands unshriveled and became soft... his flesh became toned again, he took off his black robe and put on a bright red war-cloak.. he then fitted a triangular hat on his head...

He started to walk outside of the castle, he stood amongs the trees and the babling brook...
A cold wind blew through the air... the armies of the light had mounted, many on foot, some leaders on horseback, they began to form batalians and look at strategies... war was comming, and it would last for quite some time...

the orange haired entity known as love stood at the top of the outside wall of the castle... the wind blew in his face and brought his hair back... his ears turned away and heard the breeze blowing past them... the night air was brisk, the moon was nearly full, the other moon unseen... he inhaled gently...

"Funny... I can already smell him..."

sleep well heroes...

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Apr 10, 2002, 03:43 PM
When one of our number fell, it only stood up again to take up arms against us... Their numbers only grew whilst ours decintegrated... I had never known fear before, but when I saw the hills, litterally moving with the bodies of 6 or 7 thousand undead courpses, some of which I used to know before their demise, then and only then did I experience true fear...

-Chapter 9 The War of Heroes

A battle horn resounded at sunrise... Every able-bodied man, woman, and dwarf stood up, some bearing armor, others cloth and magical medalions, in the town of Farlis, all of the mages gathered around their two crushed fountains and lifted their arms into the sky, in Willow creek, the new mayor had every arrow lit, every man armed, every catapult prepared to fire and be reloaded multiple times...

they were comming straight through the cloudspine... a second flank was going to attack the main assault party from the north. Two battles were set in motion to be waged...

The five nights awoke... Fate and Love pressed their palms together...

"You must go to willow creek, your old town, and make sure the defense is done well..." death said... "i will go with my freinds to the hills, I will take to the high ground and rain arrows until they can no longer leave my bow..."

"I wish you luck my brother..."

"And the same to you..."

He patted eachother on the back and the orange haired death dashed off into the horizon...

"Boots of dashing... heh interesting item he has there..."

"It's all starting to make since now... running, jumping... hmm..." alice started pondering as to what the mysteriouse third brother's footware might be..

The army of the light started marching in full force with their heavily armored king leading the pack.. behind him were 10 wizards, the sky became filled with dwarven blimps over willow creek, and dragons took to fly over the marching army of the north. the people riding atop them waved down and then took to a higher altitude...

Death pressed his fist into his palm...


"Do you like war?"

"War is a game played by two sides like chess, there are two options, you can either have victory, but victory is rare, and only comes to a force that is lead by knowledge and inteligene, to the victor go the spoils, most of the times in chess, both armies widdle themselved down to the bone however, and when that happens, a Stale Mate usually occurs, nothing is accomplished, but peices are lost, many... many peices..."

"Quit ranting about games and come on!"

"right right..."

The armies of the light came to rest in the flatlands, off in the horizon everything seemed calm... and still... The mages from farlis caught up and were told to prepare every spell in the books...

They waited a night and two days... that was when the rumbling began... the sun had just begun to rise, when the sounds of thousands of trampling feet were heard on the horizon... they were growing closer...and soon silouetes of hundreds of formed troops started wakling over the edge of the horizon, every warrior stood poised for combat...

Marching in front of them all was the dark king...


The king of light was advised by his 10 wizards to not go but he ignored them...

"watch now... and watch closley..." death said to kimagure who was up on the hillside with him...

"he is stupid enough to think that he can fight and win against someone who is armed with the strongest sword because of his POLITICAL power, he's been blinded! Don't you see! he will die... that is how fate forsees..."

Kimagure hushed him... "don't speak of the king like that!"

"it's true isnt it?"

Kimagure watched death instead of the two kings... they pulled out their swords, death's expression stayed cold... the two swords colided... and then fell back... they struck again.. they were too heavily armored for their own good, but their heads were fulley exposed... it was foolish all-together to fight like that...
but fight they did, slowly like mamoths trying to trample on eachother, death raised an eyebrow... their swords clashed... they were at a standstill, everyone who was faithfull to their leader held their breath, crossed their fingers, some weapt, others focused in awe... death did none of these... instead he cracked his kneck and knuckles...

the swords became devided and then re-met... sliding to and fro in the old men's hands...

Death's lips began to move.... but no sound escapped them...

the kings stepped back.... they slowly began to stride from side to side, then they rushed for one another, the bull-headed king of the light decided to do a stab, while the king of dark brought his sword around and beheaded the king of light... the multi-skined coat of the king of light flew into the air like a flag of victory, and the broad sword tore through it... death pulled out his bow and aimed for the king of the darks heart... that was when a spear rained down out of the sky and struck the king of dark through the heart... death broke his trance...

"what the hell!"

Everyone screamed and ghasped...

"WHO... DID.... THIS... TO ... MEEE..." the king of dark let out... just then a mage in all red appeared before him... no.. it was a LICHE...

"It is about time that the true ruler showed his strenghte, wouldn't you think, do you know who made that sword magical, dO you know who CONTROLLED YOUR ARMS AND LEGS in the combat! NO! it was not you!!! IT WAS ME!! TIME! THE EVER FLOWING RIVER THAT MAKES ALL THINGS ON THIS PLANET BE..."

the mage pointed up onto the hillside directly at Death... "YOU AND I SHALL FIGHT ON THESE GROUNDS!!! NOW!!!"

Death jumped without a second through, he hit the hillside with his feet and rode down the side of the rock, it crumbled beaneath his feet and casused a small avalanch, death leapt from the soild and landed directly in frong of his brother...

"hello brother.. May i complement you on the rediculoue hat you're wearing..."

"so we meet again... you should've been locked away for good..."

All of the soldiers of both sides waited patiently...


The mage shouted, just as death erected a spear and ran it through the liches stomach...

"imputant fool, time is not just some thing you can kill!"

Death was thrown back agains the hillside, rocks fell from the sky onto him.. he was buried under a pile of rubble, the liche laughed victoreaously. The rocks blew away and death rammed another spear through him, then he converted it into a sword and brougtht it up through him... already troops of dark and light were running down to where they w ere standing, they walked over the bodies of their kings and began swinging at eachother. All of the mages on the hilltops did a group summon, meteors and fireballs along with alrge animals and balls of ice rained down on both sides crushing hundreds. In one spot a group of knights were thrusting and pummeling, neither side seemed to be getting anywhere... "ANDER!!!" the knight cried out as his freind was cut down, ander quickly stood up again... he had a bizare look on his face and blood was pouring from his kneck... "Ander? are you ok?"

"BLEAARG!!" the undead kngiht swung as his freind and beheaded him, before dicing his own head off.

Blood was flying in all directions, metal was hitting metal, steel hitting flesh, the liches fought hte mages, the Wizards the necromancers, it was anarchy.

Kimagure started to run, she ran as far from the battle as she could, she was crying, she absolutley couldn't stand to watch...

she then had a thoguht...

"Death needs you, Flare needs you, ALICE NEEDS YOU!"

Alice screamed as she landed on a piled of dead, she then started running forward, cutting to and fro.... she then pulled out her jewled daggers... many of the male monsters turned and started at her, letting some knights, flare included, cut them down with little resistance...

There was a break in the line...

Death screamed... 20 people around him, light and dark, exploded and turned inside out, death let forth an amazing arsenal of magical attacks, all of which time found some way to counter...

"The 'game' of your is over..."

Death started panting.. he tried to charge anything from his kai... but it was depleated... he started to search his pockets...

"looking for this?"

Time's hand held the bottle and he smiled viceously...

"that's right..." he then flipped the lid of it and poured all of the candies into his mouth, he grinded them in his teeth and swallowed...

"quite good actually..."

Death snarled... his hand came onto something in his pocket... he felt around it... and then ran into time, time's hand Ripped through Death's side, he was holding one of death's organs in his hand, he let is become smashed... blood trickled between his fingers... "NOW YOU DIE!"


Death rammed the quadralithium crstal into his brother's heart, then fell on it himself, he felt the sharp crystal penetrate his ribs and glide into his heart...

"wha- at have you... d-done..."


"DON'T DO IT!!!"

Death rammed his body into his brother...

"MAKE US ONE!!!!!!"

a light shone out and slid over the battlefeild liek a wave... there was then a sphericle explosion when sent all the nearby men and mosnters flying... the clouds gathered around and then became sucked intot he feild...

Everyone stopped fighting to watch the tremendouse wave of energy detonate where the two brothers had stood. the light then ccurved in around itself and quickly there was just a dark negative ball in space...

"What is that Emanuel?" a wise wizard asked another who was far older... "Why I do belive it's a fusion hole of darkness, Neva'tril.."
"But if that's a fusion ball then why isnt anything fusing?"
"Oh i think something is fusing, but its not two objects, it's two people!"
"Oh that would explain the size... WHAT? TWO PEOPLE?!"
"I always wondered what this would look like ..."

Kimagrue then jumped into the conversation... "Will the two people in there be allright?"

"Hell If I know!"

"C'mon death, you can make it out of this I know you can!!"

The ball then exploded, all of the warriors had been moving awawy from it to their respective sides.... they suddenly were picked up and litterally flown to their sides by the detoanion... then a crater had been formed, smoke billowed from it, and a grey hand slamed on the edge of it, then another, two arms puled a body up.. and then the entity stood, glowing in the darkness of the smokey battlefeild, he brushed himself off... and then looked around... Four jewles, two blue, two red, appeared the being's side, it then formed what looked like a Double edged Scythe...
It didn't speak... it just looked around the battlefeild... first it shot a wave of light across the dark section of the feild, it litterally burned away all of the escaping dark troops, then it turned to the light armies and started to charge the same attack...

"GET OUTA' THERE!!!"Kimagrue shouted to the retreating troops, she cast a teleportation spell on her freinds and they were then standing on the edge, just her, Alice, Flare, and a few Heron Guard and warriors who had been caugh in the spell were sitting on the grass in the smoothe hilside... More wizards caught on and teleproted too, only 200 troops in all made it, before a large beam of darkness trapsed across the sky and out of the canyon...

the figure continued to sit there... then it turned, sprouted a set of wings and took to the air, it jetted into the sky and then flew off into the horizon..


"it looks like he's headed for willow creek..."




"you're wrong..." flare spoke up... he took a step forward from the crowd.. "he IS of light and darkness, shadow and flame, he takes no side, and he'll kill us all unless we do soemthing..."

"... Flare. that's the first time you've ever defended ... him..."

"Whatever happens from here on in I think we should work together... Even the surviving dark troops should help..."

"but the war is still raging on at willow creek..."

"A huge explosion is going to go out there in just a few hours!"

"then we'll just have to snuff the fuse,.."


Apr 10, 2002, 05:19 PM
The dark king squirmed, the post still sticking through him... "MY WARRIORS" he called out...

only the sound of the wind blowing responded... "HELP... I... I CANT GET UP!"
silence... a raven chirped...

the clouds began to gather... and so did crows...
"no... NO... NO!!!"
They started pecking at him... then lightening poured down fromt he sky and shot the spear which had impaled the king and pined him to the round, his heavy armor acted as a tomb and conductor, the lightening continued to stike his body for 5 straight minutes, then fainlly he screamed and exploded into leaky chunks of meat... only his boots, smoking, were still visable next to the steel shaft...

Vultures began to circle and pick from the bodies of the dead...

-Chapter 9: Fate, Time, Love, Truth

the winged creature of fate and time landed just outside of the cloudspine... inside it's mind a war was waging...

Do you remember the time we played as children
you always picked on me...
I taught you many things...
now what are you learning?
I cannot learn anything from the likes fo you!
ah but that's not true at all!
if you are trying to say pitiful things like love they do not belong to me...
is that so? you've never felt love? or compasion? in all your days you find such things to be irrelivant?
such things are only done to insure that mere genes are passed on through generations and nothing more...
love is more than copulation you fool, love is so much more...
WHY are you so MUSHY all of a sudden! I thought that you were FATE! Fate shows no need for love!
Thoguh it is not my occupation, I FELT love...
love is dead...
love cannot die...
Care to make a WAGER on that?
Fine then, lets say if LOVE steps up on the battle feild and calls to us, then ill let you ABSORB my powers into yours and then I wlil exist as nothign mroe than an elemental observer!
care to sign that in blood?
Done, and done...
a contract written in red ink passed from one hand of the entity to the other as it flew...
hehehehe YOU FOOL
Didn't you sense it! didn't you KNOW that I was hiding something from you?
you were hiding something?
hiding the truth!
that's the fourth power, the one which none of us could hope to obtain contorll of, whoever controlls what IS the truth controlls SIMPLY what IS! It is not TIME it is not LOVE alone nor is it FATE alone that determines what is true!
you always said that FATE determined what wa...
I've changed my concept, we are nothing, we don't have any controll, what is now is truth and none of us can destroy that or take it away, infact I don't think we BELONG with these people any longer...
if you knew the Truth of what our people are now then you'd know that we have no business medelling in these weak people's affairs, leave it to them to become more like us...

Theyfinally came to the edge of the cloudspine,and willow creek, the land bridge had been replaced with a new wooden one... The Two-sided entity sat and looked at the town,..

"where is you're love?"
"he will be here"

A few assorted necromancers liches and ork mages looked over the edge of a small trench in the ground they had dug...

"what is that?"

"is it on their side our ours?"

"It seems to be something an ork mage would summon, any of you guys do this?"

they shook their heads and shrugged... "ok... that is unexplainable..."

"im sensing some funny vibes comming from it... I think we should just wait before attacking it..."

"LOVE!!!!" Its voices cried out, one commanding the other sarchastic
"WHERE ARE YOU LOVE?" "I told you this was foolish..."


"well well well... now you have to fulfil your side of the bartain..."

"but... BUT...[/b]" the orange haired figure walked infront of the many archers and catapults...

"What have you done now?" he said placing a hand on his head...

The left hand rose up... "DIE!!" it shot a blast and the orange haired figure fell to the ground...

a few men ran up to him and one checked his pulse...

"He's still alive" the archer called out, and some cheered... he was then carried back behind the lines...

"what the hell..." the dark orks started to ask questions... "I think he is on our side, maybe we should join him out there!" "do you think that would be safe?"

The liche had a wiked idea... "How about YOU guys to up and get behind him and WE'll sit back and watch...

The orks pondered this for a while in their shriveled brains..

"mmmnOK!" they leapt out and walked behind the glowing entity...

"HEY MAN cool move there with the..."

there was a large explosion and ork gibs flew over the top of the trench...

"yup he's not on our side..."

"Start charging Falis's breath!"

"ill raise some dead..."

"good good... ill see if I can't polymorph him into a spleen or something..."

Fate/Time took a few steps forward...

"he's not comming to fight you now, Prepare to die knaves!"

the catapults fired, the creature then leapt straight into the cloudspine...

"UM UMM CHARGE TIME CHARGE TIME HURRY HURRY!" the sound of wailing catapult stones got closer and closer then finally the trench was blown out, killing all of the mages inside, dark troops started marching forward with asorted weaponry... Fate/Time was now standing on the walls of the inside of the cloudspine...

"Boots of climbing!"

"[i]wasn't it predictable?"

running along side the edge of the cloudspine, the entity then grabed a sleeping hound and bit into it, suckling the blood from its main artery like a vampire, after throwing the limp hound on the ground the two brothers merged into one started running up the other side of the crack int he cloudspine... Warriors of all types peered over the edge to see what had happened to the bizare monstter that leapt... suddenly beams of energy shot upward killing all of the onlookers, the creature then jumped up into the skies, slashed with its scythe at some of the Dragon riders, dismounting them and sending their dragons free, and then he came down intot he center of Willow Creek... looking arond the creature spoke up "WHERES THE MAYOR!"

A large samurai stepped out baring a giant katana... "I AM BWS, THE MAYOR/WARLOR OF WILLOW CREEK!"

"...you're not the one I want!"

"To get to the orange-haired one, you must cross me!"

The creature formed its scythe into a katana...




The right hand pulled out a jagged crystal and rammed it into his connected heart...

Death slip off from time... and then he held up the contract...


The other form did not become stable, rather blue and red energies leapt from it uncontrollably...



"...truth... a... I.... i see it now..."


"ye-yes... it's clear... I... I cant belive this... you..."

arrows flew, along with more boulders, the armies of the dark were launching their assault...

"Brother... help me, please, i dont want to Die! I'm sorry ! IM sorry!!"

"you wont die... you willl just surrender your body... fate controlls that much... the dying... but fate cannot end the soul... because the soul is something that surpases love..."

"and that... surpasses..."

"...unanswerable question... go now... forget about your hatred... shed it off.. please... YOu said you didn't learn anything from me when you were bound to my mind... YOU DID LEARN... you leanred.... love..."

"lo-...love... I... love?"

"can you love?"

"...i love power..."

"one can love something and never obtain it..."

"and THAT TOO IS..."


"NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!" The glowing entity shriveleed up and burst... tiny sparkles of red and blue light started to rain down... Death caught one of the sparkles in his hand, gripping it tightly a wave of energy ran over his body... he looked up... a tear fell from his eye...

"Farewell... brother..."

Death turned... he saw something new now... the troops... evil and good... neither were moving... arrows in the sky were now sitting still in the air...

"what does this mean?"

He started looking around... everything was still... silent.. a mother bird was dropping food into her youngs mouths, but... the food had stopped midway...

"am I doing this..."

Death lifted his hand... and the wind blew some trees... he then closed his hand.. Death then turned toward the troops... "Am I only observing this singular moment?"

A voice spoke... it was deep, and powerfull as if speaking inside of Death's own mind... it was very kind sounding...

"brother.." it was time... "I'm sorry for the mistakes i have made in the past... time is a great teacher... and from it you have learned many things since your childhoot... fate... I also have come to realize that all things must come to an end... what you are witnissing is a single moment in time... you can move throguh time freeley until your death... that is what you have learned form me.... can Fate truley learn fate? perhaps... perhaps not... the legacy of the Deathkiller, form what I have observed of the past, has always dealt with levels of love, time, and fate... We were an odd bunch... Our powers were devided equally into three seperate personifications... now we can finaly exist as one..."

"where are you now brother?"

"I am everywhere,... but nowhere... it is peacefull here... I can finally rest..."

"will i ever meet you again?"

"when your own fate catches up to you... heh... but until then... i must go... remember now.. you have the power inside of you... and just like our forefathers.. you must help the family name... PASS ON our name... and teach him equally of time, fate, and love, also, teach him about truth... and how to respect it... I was too blind to realise the truth... it took our fusing together for me to aknowledge it... please... will you do this for me? for all of us?"

"Gladly... but how will i be able to do it?"

"love can help you find a way..."

"Love? but where is love?"

only silence reponded...

Death looked around... "BROTHER!"

he ran into the mayors office, past Bws who was still in mid swing of a showy samurai performance... he pressed the door open and it didn't swing closed... Death walked right up to his brother... who was moving, unliked everything else... "i'm sorry, but this wound is fatal..."

"did you hear.. the voice?"

"yes... I was speaking for that voice too... UMMPH... take my hand..."

"what is this for?"

"with my last ounce of strenghte, i pass unto you... the power of love... let it guide you where you must go... and let it help you in life... life is nothing without love, nor is it anything without death or time... I love you brother... I am afraid that My time is gone... It was really nice though, these last few moments togehter... have *cough* made up for... the lifetime of....hate... *sputter*" His eyes rolled back into his head and blood trickled from his lips...

Death took a few steps back... the door shut itself on the hinge... death looked around... outside arrows were still flying and the battle was still going on... in his hand he erected a scythe that read Truth on its surface in an ancinet Dialect...

"I... AM... THE... COMPLETE...

... yes..."

Kimagure, flare, and Alice came to the edge of the hillside...

"alice, what's come over you..." alice let out a ghasp...

"my... master... I felt him leave this plain...."

"he's dead?"

"I didnt even realize he was ALIVE!"

"...alice... do you see the battle...?"

"yes, its raging... so violent..."

"dont you want to jump in and start sliting throats?"

"Why would I want to go and do that? ... AM... AM I CURED!"

"my god! She's not a berserker any more!"

Alice looked at her daggers, they had turned to dust... "What about Death's Weapons?"

They all were already holding them...

"this must mean that he's still alive!"


"time just left... so did love, your master Alice.."

"what did he have to say?"

"he said to go into this world with love... and it will guide you, pretty much..."

Alice smiled and then looked at flare... "OH to hell with holding back" she ran up and planet a kiss on his lips...

kimagure walked up... she held a finger to her cheek and poked it a few times... "well ehe.... err I umm well ya know I... Im sorry abour erasing your thoughts..."

"I regained them... I know you ... err we didnt do anything..."

"well i was wondering if umm... maybe some...day you wouldnt... mind...doing such... a thing...."

Death picked her up off of her feet and they kissed... Death then held out a hand and the weapons in the creatures hands decintegrated...

Death and Kima then looked over at the two knights kissing hungrily ignoring the fact that whatever war had happend had just ended...

"we must leave them to determine their own fate, a world of love, and peace, but still hate, though there is a ballance, it cannot be kept by destroying both sides, a peace contract will be made, and the world will become prosperiouse until the end of everything and when truth becomes nothing..."

"will that day ever come?"

"It will only come if you allow it..." death smiled... "it's in heaven's hands..."

Death then carried the sorcoress off and a horse walked up, its master fell off of it... he looked weary...

"Who are you?"

"I... ITS YOU!"

the warrior got up and pulled out a samurai sword...

"funny I thought i got rid of all the weapons..."


"well don't use it in the name of destruction will you? or else it will lead to your own..."


Death mounted the horse with kimagure at his back...

"These are strange times, but they are going to be times of peace... you... BWS wasnt that your name? I need you to get down there in the valley, and make a peace treaty with the armies of the dark, everyone can exist in hapiness if we truley try to let this work..."

"who... who are you strange sir?"

"I am peace, if war is your destiny then you will obtain me, If I am your mission then war is your destiny!"

"what you just said was a paradox..."

"Like I said, it's strange times we live in..."

The horse started to run at top speed off into the setting sun... Death and Kimagure were ready to spend the rest of their lives... together...

I have no regrets...

The two armies gathered and met, some runners later caught up... they reported that the small defensive group at willow creek and the dark attacking army from the east were all that was left of civilization on the contenant... BWS, being the only man who seemed ot have a wepaon in his hand at the time, initiated a peacefull treaty between the sides. It was rumored that Flare and Alice became wed that very night... the dwarves landed their baloons and started to arm fireworks instead of explosives a banquet and celebration were held in place of war... and the lands were still once again...

but the ballances of good and evil are not always for one side... rather than good and evil, the ballances of peace and war were unstable... and sooner or later... something was going to bubble up from the dark side... and it would either tilt the scale again... or ballance it... that was still to be determined... Either way, civilization was sooner or later going to be tested, and that was when the balance was going to be determined... whatever should happen though, Deathkiller would be there to help the side of peace and prosperity... he existed as a martyr of knowledge that could only be obtained if man willed it to be obtained... mankind would rebuild itself to its former empire in a matter of years, in the process they would use up all of the recources of their homeworld... in turn.. they would only aim higher... and Deathkiller after Deathkiller would follow them into the space between the stars until they were composed of man's number...

but that, my freind... is another story...

-------Preview for next chapter

For now... we must move on... Death and Kimagure are now wed, kimagure has born a son, just one this time, thank God, and he seems to be very much like his father... and as was the tradition, he was named a Junior... adventure was already awaiting his life at a young age...

----Next Neko Nights: Chapter 10: The cat-boy named Death...

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Plot: Deathkiller, Nuku
Characters: Deathkiller, Nuku
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a hand holds up the orb and smiles
the orb only shines back
the smiling face deems it satisfactory

From the imagination of Ian Boswell

----Halcyon Neko Nights----
--Spinoff of Halcyon Otaku--

-------FIRST SEASON--------

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0.o and so begins a chapter anew:
It's not over yet!

A young boy wearing black stood atop a hillside with the breeze in his hair. His boots were buckled thightly with a type of machinery built around them... he sniffed at the air... dinner was cooking, he would be expected home soon. Though he did like going on adventures, young Deathkiller Jr. Lived on a short leashe. His father would normally go off on hunting excursions while kimagure studied magic futher and further. She also had an apprentice working along side her whom Little Death had never met. He was always too busy going places without a map, exploring deep dark caves and leaping above clouds. Looking at ancient castles miles to the north and long-since fallen skyscrappers to the south. He loved everything there was to exploring, his mind was fresh with a clean slate willing to learn everytrhing.... he could hear his mother calling miles away, he turned a few knobs and dials on his boots and then leapt off the hilllside, his eyes and mouth wide open in exitement, his arms frailing behind him, his blood hair blowing in the wind...

Chapter XI- The Catboy named Death

Sliding down the hillside at a less than 45? angle was axhilerating, he finally leapt from the surface and rolled on the ground to avoid any damage from the fall, he started running over the grassy feilds, past trees and fallen sets of armor, he picked up a sword and began playfully slashing at the air for a bit but then heard his mother's voice again calling. He continued to blitz over the terrain, the songs of birds filled the air creating symphony upon symphony... the young boy then came to rest at the door of a small white painted cottage with an indigo roof. The place looked magical from the outside. It fit right in place with the surrounding cherry trees and giant oaks which mixed together freely... Little death opened the door and walked in to greet his mother, standing at the doorway was the first person his age that he had ever seen...
He froze... he'd never encountered... a girl before... she stood in a mages outfit, she'd obviously been in training for a while, she only smiled looking at him... he decided to return the smile back... he then thought back to some advice his father had given him...
"My you look nice today, erm, My name's Deathkiller... what's-"

"OH just like your Daddy eyee!"

"umm... ye-"

"AH well that's cute you look just like him too, my names tomapuro and if you don't mind i really should be teleporting home but umm i haven't mastered it indoors yet so ill just be stepping out here like so and..."

she had already dissapeared into a feild of cherry blossoms before even finishing her rather fast paced scentence...

the young boy just scratched the back of his head, shrugged, and then entered the tiny cabin/hut...

"hey Ma'" he said "What's going down?"

She laughed and then turned to her son "you're the spittin image of your father... now you go and wash up, lord only knows where you've been, then you have to do some studies, after that I'll give you dinner..."

"aw ma' do I have to?"

"Studying is necessary if you want to learn anything!"

"but daddy can teach me martial arts and stuff!"

"after dinner maybe..."


"go on go on, cleanliness is next to godliness..."

"right right..."

less than a mile away the men of the small scattered town of Fl'ari'gha were in the forest preparing to cutt down some firewood...

"SO Neb" one of them asked "Ever considered becoming a logger-man like myself?"

"thanks but no thanks BlackDragon, I prefer just finding work where it's needed..."

"well then Death, you oughtsta been a loggin man! I'm shure you'd be makin' a killin' out here!"

"I'm here for a differint reason entireley and you know it otherwise i woudln't have come..."

"Well why ya gotsta' be so seekretive as ta whatcha gonna do out heya?"

"Ahead.... and to the right..."


"A goblin plans on flanking you two carrying the log... he doesnt see me because of my stealth..."

"He's just joshing you around BLack, you know he is..."

"I dunno if i can belive him or not... he's very prone to practical jokes..."

"run... as fast as you can... and don't look back..."

The two decided to run for it anyway and just play along... Death turned to the right... an ogre was standing in the clearing, he growled and yanked a tree straight out of the ground...

"GRAUUUURR!" it snarled... Death started running toward id...

"OGRE AXE!" his red sphere converted into a translucent red axe of energy, death drove it intot he organs chest before it even had a chance to use the tree as a weapon...

"AH see I toldcha he was joshin!"

"No you didn't I DID..."


"Goblin, shmoblin, you know i could've poisoned that ogre...

"it was faster this way..."

death pulled the weapon out as the ogre slowly began bleeding to deaht, it wasn't even dead yet but they talked as if it wasn't even there....

"I think we need to get home..."

Death then picked up the tree that the ogre was clenching and held it with one hand... "Let's go..."

"you really should get rid of that bracelet..."
"bah it only lets me lift things, it's not like a-"

"What the...."

"That's Tomapui's voice!"

"Well den lets find out where dat came from!"

"And lets find where the noise came from too!"

"dats what ah said!"

"I cant understand a word that you're saying!"



The men dropped the stock that they were carrying and began running in the direction of the high pitched screams...

They came to a clearing.. "Where'd all the trees go?"

"it was as if they'd been ripped out of the ground!"

"and they're right above us!"



The three men rolled out of the way as a tree then landed in the vicinity of where htye had been standing, it started raiining upside down treese, they jamed into the ground and began to form a fort-like wall, soon they had formed a thick cage....

"I don't like this..." Neb spoke... the three men pulled out their respective weaponry and started looking around... there was another growl and then an Ogre Mage flew over the edge of the wooden wall with Nakahara in his thick bulging hand... he started to squeeze as she let out another scream...

"He's absorbin' her magical abilities!"

"LET HER GO OR DIE!" death let out a scream...

black dragon started running toward the ogre mage "YOU LET GO A' MAH DAUGHTER OR YOU DAAAAIIY!!"

The screams started echoing over the trees and through the mountain range... to the ears of a young boy with red hair that suddenly purked up...

"Dad? Mister Logger?"

He looked out of a window while still sitting in a bathtub... he quickly dunked his head underwater and then shook dry. He buttoned a chineese-styled scholar's shirt in all white and then picked up a book, he prepared himself for a fake excuse...

"mom, i'm gonna go out and study under the shade of a tree..." she lifted an eyebrow at him...

"well all right, but I've got my eye on you..."

He blitzed out the door and past the horizon line faster than his mother could say "But wait don't you need your hat?"

Ariving at the edge of the forest,t he young boy swallowed his courage and ran toward the shouting voices... he came to a clearing and saw the last thing he had ever expected to see...
His father was in the air, glowing, hovering, the mage was too, they exchanged magical blows, and then his father puleld out a bow, he shot the orks hand and forced it open, the little girl then fell, He saw her eyes, filled with terror, He wanted to save her... he felt something take over his body... he forgot about the situation entireley and jumped up with the power of his boots, he grapled the girl seconds after she had left the ogre's bulkey hand... the ogre had a confused expression on its face after somthing red and black had blazed past it... it looked up and saw a young boy with head hair and the girl in his hands shoot above the cloudline...


The Senior death took this chance to strike, he rammed a hand into the ogres chest...

"YOU FEEL IT DON'T YOU" he said smiling wikedly through his teeth, the ogre place his hands onto Deathkillers midsection...

Death nodded his head afted giving something a big tug with both hands now deeply inserted past the ogre's flesh... the ogre let out a blood curling scream and plummeted to the earth, death held a palpitating heart in his hands that was the size of his head... he threw it upward and then sliced it in half with his scythe, it instantly stopped beating and exploded in a fury of blood.. death inhaled some, he was dripping with ogre blood. He let himself slowly drop down to death, he fell onto his knees and looked at his bare hands... then suddenly a thought came to mind... he looked up at BlackDragon who had a stoopid look on his face and a hankercheif... he quickly hid the hankercheif and said "Well i suppose that won't do..."

Death looked up..."What the hell grabbed your daughter!"

Litthe Death-junior landed inside of the thick wooden arena-like cage behind neb, he had his back turned, he slowly pivoted on one ankle with a toothy grin and Nakahara in his arms...


Neb chuckled... "well if he keeps this up he's going to be very much like his father..."


Chibby Death smiled a bit and didn't know exactly what to say, he then stood Nakahara up

She turned around and hugged him...

Chibby Death didn't know how to react... he just let her hug him with his hands held outward... he then felt something prick his kneck...


She retracted her haid with a thin line of red line running from her lip to chin... "Ehem im sorry I needed some to replinish my strenghte after the ogre drained me..."

Death rubbed his wound and it instatnly healed... "I know you're probably going to scream at this, but Im part vampire, that's where i get my magical skills...


She gigled and then walked up to her father. They hugged and she then looked around...


the loggs all fell over...

"your wife taught me that one mister Killer sir..."

She bowed respectivley and then dissapeared along with her father who said "WAIT I ..." but vanished before finishing his scentence...

"We'll i'd say she's alot like her mother... Well Death, since you're here... "Deathkiller said looking at his son... "care to help me and neb carry the logs back home?"


"That boy really admires you..."

"yes, i suppose he does..."

That night they had dinner and Death showed his son the NIght Sword Technique, a rather simple level 2 summon, and then recomended they all turn in... Little Death looked out the window at the moon for nearly an hour before decideing to drift off, his eyes slowly shut and he began to dream of the events of the day: his finding a pond and making a fishing rod that didn't work, his scaling a mountain and finding a cute baby dragon, he decided to get as far away as possible before the momma showed up, he then saw that girl and her haunting eyes of differint color... she was so oddly atired... everything about her seemed... perfect... though he didn't quite know what he was feeling...

The rest of his dreams were abstract, unrealistic almost, but one seemed quite frightening, it was a nightmare where he saw his father being killed, and his mother... what was more frightening was... he swore it was by his own hands...

but it was just a dream...
Hell on earth, HELL ON EARTH, all I want is HELL ON EARTH!
Hai Desunoka... you must awak immediatley there is urgent news!
how many years...
Traces of his residual dna are still recognizable on the planets surface...
Im talking abou the one who TRIED to kill me last time *umm its a Halcyon-otaku Manga thing just play along*
From what we can tell he's long since deceased...
Then how is his DNA still on this damnable world?
that's the urgent news, the comptuer reported that it forgot to tell you about your relocation from Earth, we are now on the planet Sol, it is aproximatley 174 thousand lightyears awway from Earth
and why are we HERE?
The last world was destroyed...
well isn't that just peachy! YOU SHOULD'vE WOKEN ME UP! so did it perish in fire? or ice?
Poison sir...
what bet?
Oh right I killed the guy after making the bet...
For an AI computer you ask alot of questions!
Earth's population has re-intered the dark ages, they are also... um... oddly altered...
Altered in what way?
Some are dwarves, some are orks, some ogres, some zombies, from what we can tell it's like something out of a Fantasy Novel!
The majority of the population is still human?
no they're Nekonian
What is that?
Homofelinius... human and cat
well it can't be helped..
So can I wlak now?
you body has been bionically replaced and is technically immortal, your nanobots are improved as well, thought their updates stopped about 90 years ago...
Good enough! Show me the way out!
Straight up, just blast through the ceiling...
there was an explosion... a figure , dripping in cerebral fluid with a body made of steel looked intot he sky... he smelt of the air..

umm sir they were never enslaved by you to begin with you were killed first...
"shuddup shuddup shuddup"...
Im not getting out of your head sir, i've been built in...
"then go on silent running..."
it is best you have a guide...
"we'll distss this AFTER you shut the hell up!"
*uh oh, what could this mean... the return of...
PROJEKT H.O.R.N.E.T ?!?!?!
(thats Human Organic Reconstructable Nano Employing Tetropedal lifeform for those who don't know their Halcyon Otaku Manga Idioms)

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"who might you be young man?" "I am the son of deathkiller" "there is no such thing... deathkiller is a constant entity who exists beyond time..." " am alive and my father is too, we share the same name..." "and his father? do you think that he is still alive?" "I do not know..." "he is... within you, and your unborn children..." "but why are you telling me this?" "it is because you must die..."
-Chapter 12 Waking Dreams

The young deathkiller sat up in bed... he let out a ghasp... he had never before met another person in his dream who had held such a personal grudge... he looked over and saw his father sitting in a chair, arms crossed, staring straight at him...

He opened his mouth to scream but it was just his father held a finger to his lip... that calmed him down instantly... he pointed to the door and his son slipped out of bed... without saying a word he followed his father outside into the darkness, the grass against their bare feet...

"what is it, father?"

The tall figure pointed toward the sky.... the young one who seemed identical in appearance aside from some obviouse features and height differitnce looked up at the moon, it was blood red...

the other wasn't in the sky...

"do you know how the earth died?" an unfamiliar voice spoke...

a figure with a metalic body and blonde hair came to rest after appearing out of nowhere, he seemed to be hovering...

"The same way anything happens, one side of the scale tips and the ballance goes too far off..."

"What scale?"

"good and evil, war and peace... there are too many scales to truley point out one of them..."

"what happened ot earth?"

"the scale on the side of goodness and propserity failed, it became too heavy, the scale tipped and broke, hence earth's destruction was inevitable..."

"but if man is from earth... where did man come from before that?"

"nobody knows... records were not kept that far back... but what I do know is that wherever MAN came from... you didn't..."

"What do you mean?"

"your people, don't you realize that your nothing like anyone else?"

"I don't know many people..."

"hmmm you're still too young to understand, that's why you're asking questions... you father... i know isnt.. he knows... My story as well as everyone elses..."

The elder deathkiller finally spoke up... "you caused it didn't you..."

"In a way, yes, I was responsible for Earth's demise, but in a differint way, I was guilty by NOT taking action..."

"so you are the evil side of the scale..."

"that is correct, and I can see it allready! Namby Pamby good's taken over this damn world, I vaporized 3 villiages on my way here, the people are developing math and science all over again, and it will take them to new heights, decay all of their recources and destroy them.."

"How can you sleep at night... you monster?"

"Just like you, my fellow monster, i don't sleep, I only know that if anyone is responsible for anything it is in-turn everyone elses fault... I am a creation of science and mathmatics, yes, but I am desaighned to KEEP the scale in check, this era for man is perfect, dark ages, people lived and died by the sword, there was no complexity to life, only simplicity..."

"Man has the right to develope!"

"But development always leads to destruction!"

"are you aware that this planet doesn't have fossil fuels, or radiation, or.."

"but it will if they keep progressing, if not fossil fuel then they're find some sort of ecological-destroying system of power that will ruin their environment whil eonly temporarily supplying needs..."

"so you think history just repeats itself over and over again, man kind, the virus, spreads from one world to the next..."

"yes, they are far behind machines like myself, we know that once you've reacher perfection you must stop... did your people know that too?"

"Yes, we learned everything there was to know and left human kind to fend for itself, it was the best decision we ever made, because some day, man kind WILL get it right, and they will be able to develope themselves, and do what my people did, which was respect eachtoehr, the environment, while also moving with a conquering instinkt in the search for all knowledge... it can be done..."

"And when it does, what do you think will happen?"

"I, my son, my son's children's children's children could finally rest and join the rest of our own people..."

"not true... mankind must DIE then you can leave them be, leave no single human standing..."

"oh , and lets say you follow your program to the bitter end... what happens then once everything has been completed..."

"...I cannot see that far into the future..."

"you will cease to exist, thats what..."

"i... dont understand what you mean..."

"once your mission objective to rid the virus is ended what will you do then? plant trees? Mankind exists in this wolrd to live and discover and we must allow them to do that, until they've become perfe-"


"I think you're jelouse, being a machine you cnanot comprehend what is after life itself, I see only life after life, my son belives that too..."

"Well You told me it was true, do you mean that, that this man will not have life after life?"

"He's a goddamn hornet, he has no feelings, he has no soul, just instructions to follow..."

"Ah but you're forgetting I also have a rivalry with your family name... that is why i have come here..."

"so that's how you knew how to communicate with us, well with the power of good on my side I cannot fail..."

"With the power of darkness on my side I can Match your strenghte you cannot kill me..."

"you can't kill me..."

"Foolish mortal coil, once you've been ended that is all that is left of you!"

"see son , he doesn't understand, even if he was to kill me, do you honestly think that would be the end? I'd just keep on living and I'd guide you from beyond the grave just as much as you woul-"

"AH but that's an interesting theory, let's test it, what if i was to kill your SON and then kill you!"

"You won't lay a hair on my son's head..."


They both began to tighten their muscles and grind their teeth... The young deathkiller began to run away as fast as he could...

Suddenly he fetl something sharp and metalic hit the back of his head... "AAH!" he shot up from his bead...

"wha... it was a dream?"

He looked and felt aorund him, he padded the surface of his feather-filled matress, all seemed in order, he then got out and started pacing around his room, he was still afraid from the nightmare, and just like all nightmares he wanted to just let this one wear off... he sat shivering in the chair where he had seen his father for a few minutes staring at the white full moon...

Then a cloud passed in front of it... the moon turned red...

He felt something shiver down his spine, he looked around his room, the shadows seemed to move as the cloud passed over the moons surface, he keep his eye fixated on the window, he only turned his head every now and then to nurvousley look at a shadow or his door... panic began to set in... he was sweating up a storm... he clenched his own body tightly... it began to rain... the sounds of droplets on the roof washed onto the window, and those droplets only cast more horrific and distorted shadows on the walls... he sat there... with only the red moonlight shining into his room, then lightening struck... he jumped up and ran for the door he placed his hand on the knob and turned it... he opened the door and saw an iron glove push the door open, he stepped back screaming, a yellow haired figure then slowly walked into his room, and pivoted his head around, he then stopped and looked at him on the floor, the body turned and met the direction of the head and began walking forward, the figure held out his hand, it made a bizare sound of flesh and metal sliding together and then turned into a twisted claw...

A red blur shot across the room.... little death opened his eyes.... the room was empty... the moon white... the clouds sparse... the rain non-existant... and the window was flying open... He went up to it and clossed the shutters.. that was when he looked out into the mountains... a great red light was eminating over the hillside along with a great yellow light...
Insert this song here (http://remix.overclocked.org/songs/Shenmue_Matsuri_Madness_OC_Remix.mp3)

On the hillside two figures stood... one with a body of metal, the other of pale flesh...

"We are the two most powerfull entities on this planet, we could even be admired as dieties, why don't you just give in to my side, we could level this race together and we'd rest..."

"no... I would rather leave man to make their own decisions, they were given free will, if our people could do it only using up 3 worlds then so could they!"

"but history only fortells 2, there could have been many many many more worlds before this one, we aren't aware..."

"NOwhere is there evidence otherwise..."

"I have a knowledge of all history, human history, I don't have any records on your poeple, for all I know you could have been worse than man, who'se to say you didn't ruin 100 worlds before this one..."

"We did..."


"but at least we left the worlds in-tact afterword to rebuild themselves, if we cut down a forest we planeted seeds..."

"oh how caring, you can't just justify the taking of life with the replacing of it..."

"letting things go to waste is also a sin in some cultures..."

"you are such a fool"

"human kind has a great potential, and for this i must protect them..."

"YOu care too much"

The two figures grabbed at their encircling energies, Death pressed two index fingers together infront of him.... he then guided his hands in the shape of a weapon and it formed, he pulled it back and the blade lenghtened on it....

"You have no means to stop me..."

"These people are weak, they only need a great mind to lead them, what we have is great minds with bodies to match, we can rule them with an iron fist!"

"Why not just forget about the body and center on the mind..."

"Wouldn't that be letting something go to waste then?"

"...indeed, everything is a double edged sword, that is why there was a ballance in the first place, neither of us can win, neither of us can die.... But I can do something to help"

"and that would be?"

Death passed through time itself , he came to a temporal nexus penacle, he crossed through space and time litterally shattered and broke around himi with the tremendous speed at which he charged, he dispelled his blade and reached into the androids circuitry, he tore hands into him and then pulled them out quickly... "you forget, I am from the same time period as you, but I am from your FUTURE..." He then fell back and looked at the circuits which he had removed... one read RECONSTRUCT NANOBOT CONTROLL V68.9G7 and the other MANUAL REGENERATION CONTROLL

he threw the chips to the ground and stepped on them with his boot of jumping, the pressure crushed the disks into sand... Death turned around, he let time catch up with him, the air molecules super heated and exploded in a fireball from the speed.... death was now standing behind the Cyborg, who had been slighty incinerated, but not completley... the Android hit the ground and tried to stand up... "WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO TO ME?"

"i killed all of your little nano bots..."


"you never had a kai, you had robots that pretended to mimik a kai, you can never copy the real thing with such primative measures..."


"your physical power was being abused, I deemd that it be removed, now the only power you've got is in her... "Death poked at his head... and then jumped away...

The figure struggled for hours to relearn to walk, his body had been encased in burnt metal, there was no way in telling how badly he had been damaged, all that seemed to work were the endogeers for movement and the central processing unit was intact fully, some data was missing, data on nano technology... it couldn't be rebuilt... for the first time in history... a H.O.R.N.E.T considered Self Destruction, but changed his mind...

"I... unit X-13.... will go down in history, as the first HORNET to gain power, WITHOUT THE USE of my own body, I WILL USE MY INTELECT, which is superior to Biological Weakness AND THEN i will RULE THIS WORLD AHHAHAH AAAHAHAAH!!! I still have knowledge of the GUN, and the Beam, and the Mirvoli molecule and the ATOM! AHAH YOU FOOL! YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU HAVE LEFT ME WITH!! First thing is first though... we must begin with the basics... yes... I SHALL BUILD AN EMPIRE and it will center around... IRON... yes... iron... it has such raw potential for destruction, Iron and steel... ahhaha.... HAAHHA" the figure started marching over the hillsides and off past a swamp and over icey plains though a desert and then a forest... then he came to a spot, he scanned it for raw materials, the entire mountain range was encasing a thick iron deposit that ran miles deep... he smiled and then said to himself "It is time to start building..."

"Who was that man Dad?"

"An old freind of our familes, he'd forgotten what he was up against, though he still thinks that he can win... some day, you might even be the one to finally end him...or maybe that will be left up to your children..."

"umm o...k... That reminds me, theres a question i've been meaning to ask you..."


"exactly... how would I... get.... umm... chil...dren?.."

"... LONG RUN son, long run, not just yet now urr... maybe ill tell you when you're ready..."

"But I wanna know now! where'd I come from! where'd Nakahara come from! HECK! Where do All babies-"

"Dont say it! Just dont say that last line..."

"why NOT!"

"...ok I got an idea, how about you go up to your MOTHER and then ASK that question you were about to ask me..."

"but I...."

"GO ON now..."

The little red haired boy ran out of his own room to ask his mother a question in the middle of the night...

Death sat down and wiped his brow... "I had a hard enouogh night as it was, I don't need to deal with this now..."

There was a blood curdling screammm

death's head was now staring at the floor, he dragged his feet into his bedroom where Kimagure could only say "YOUR SON JUST ASKED THE QUESTION! YOU HANDEL THIS ! ITS THE MIDDLE OF THE FEAKING NIGHT!"

"I'VE GOT AN IDEA! lets all just GO to bed and then we can talk about this in the morning!"



"BAH! You think the WORLD is more important than OUR son don't you!"

"Well no... ma'am i'm not saying that..."

"youw ere out fighting at some bar werent you... I can see those tears in your clothing, is that a BURN MARK?"

"I broke the speed of light, that's all!"

"HAH like ill belive that! You probably had some bar burn down last night..."

"I swear I didnt!"

"I can see the authorities showing up at our door already tomrrow morning! OR MAYBE they'll disturb us again in the middle of the night!!! "



"but I..."


The smaller death got smart and was long gone from his parents room, he had already placed a set of ear muffs on and was sound asleep, still his inquisitive mind could only ask the one question in his dreams, and his thoughts were left free to imagine all of the possible outcomes...

sleep well... err... well i guess only one of you will be sleeping well... the other might be sleeping on the couch @[email protected]

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yeah Im sorry about that, I hadn't had any caffiene and it was the last day of vacation, just REPLACE the name NAKAHARA in your head with TOMAPURI, sorry about that mix up, Nakahara is not in this fic... My bad... her name is Tomapuri I forgot I forgot I'd been online with her that day duping nothing but Pan arms for everybody lol... Im suprised YOU didnt get a pair, WC http://www.pso-world.com/psoworld/images/phpbb/icons/smiles/icon_razz.gif

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The boys and girls lined themselves up two by two and only the best of the best from appearance alone were selected to fight. 40 our of countless numbers would go in, and only one could come out...

Chapter 12: Apprenticeship...

"so what you are telling me is that you want him to study to be a mage?!"
"yes, just like his mother!"
"but we could train him to be a ranger ourselves!"
"i don't want my baby to be a ranger, I've already got a ranger for a husband!"
"but still i always thought that it was a good idea to have him... well... fine then if that's what you think is best... I think we should let him decide for himself just what he wants!"

Chibby Death was then placed before his two parents... "come on, todays the day you decide what you want to be in life. Do you want to be like your old man... or your mother here?"

... ... hours passed... both stood firm, refusing to move... the poor child stood undecided feeling more like this was a game of 'favorites' finally he ran up to his mother and hugged her crying..

"rrrrrrrRRR you're just lucky because you got first dibs on him from birth!"

She stuck her tounge out while winking and clenching her wimpering child in her arms...

Training day in Farlis had arrived, all of the youngest and brightest boys were being lined up in sets of two by their parents. Death was placed next to a large hefty boy who eyed him like a bully... "Whats your freakin' name kid..."

"um im' dea-" "YEAH well that don't matter any more, from this point on, to me, you're THE ENEMY... and I will TAKE YOU DOWN..."

"umm why am I here again?"

"because you freaking hugged your mother" death said tieing his sons bowtie and stepping away to examine his school uniform... "that'll do i suppose..." the parents then were told to step as far back as possible... a grand wizard stepped up... his name was Mort... he was the first to choose a compatiable aprentice... he walked up to the first boy and placed his hand on their forehead... "hmmm too stimulating..." "too imaginative..." "too... perverted yeech..." "DINGDINGDING we have a winner here!" "REALLY!?!" "no... no sorry false alarm..." the litle boy began to tear up "ohwww... *sniff*" The wizard then passed up several youngersters and then came to cross the young death's path... he eyed him... then lowered his head, peering over the tips of his glasses... "interesting specimin... but I'm not worth of such a student... no I suppose that you'll just have to do..." he then took the pudgy boy by the hand who stuck his tounge out and then walked off with the old man... death clenched his tiny fists and narrowed his eyes... the ground started to become wavy and then the air appeared to be heated... death turned and saw his dad making poses at him and he cooled his anger... his father then did a thumbs up... the next wizard stepped by, an then then next... each one taking a special stare at death.... eventually all of the children had been selected and walked off with except for him...

"i don't get it...who am I supposed to go with?"

"me..." a very crankey old foice ejected... "over here sonney..." death turned and saw a mage in all black with a pointey hat that was quite limp and had drooped to one side, his scraggley appearance was quite frightening...
"Dark arts runs in your blood, and Im the only mage here who knows how to use those techniques for the ways of good...." the full grown death was about to raise a finger and his mouth was already open but nuku quickly slaped his wrist down...

"alrigh come along with me..." The small boy followed the slow moving mage into a small dark building which had cobwebs strung all over the place... "cough cough it's been a while since i've actually had a... STUDENT... to work with... this should be quite interesting..." "um sir... if i might ask... what is your name?"

"hmm not shy at all... that is good AND BAD... and to answer your question I am Sid... insidouse Sid, the Wizard of id..."

"...ok... nice ring to it..."

"heh i get told that alot..."

A large dusty book with tears and pen marks in it cover was layed down in front of him...

"as you know, the teachers like to have a little competition before we actually begin the school year..."

"is that so?"

"yes, Im going to spend a week with you, in that time you will sleep in this small unusued shop... after that you can visit me four times a week and take 3 days off, andy 3 days you want, I dont like schedules they are too random and don't actually act in acoordance to the stars, did you know that the human psyche actually works on a 25 hour schedule? Yeah a time mage told me so... well you'll have to beat his studnets butt... we teachers, are quite competative you see, everyone wants to prove they're teaching methods are the best... well most teachers right now are saying "WE MUST START WITH THE BASICS" but if there's anyuthing the dark arts has taught me... beggining at the begining makes things harder as they progress, HENCE we will begin at the END of the book and read from right to left going backward through all of the lessons... I have never had a student sucseed because the time mage always gets his kid to use ligh-speed haste, or the geomancer makes a volcano erupt... its alright though. this year I think the medal is going ot me.. hehe and if that's the case you'll get an award of your own...

"What kind of award?"

"a mystical item, they give one out every year, but they never tell anyone what it is... this year they said that the donator went by the name Deathkiller or something like that... what's yoru name sonney?"

"...my name is Deathkiller..."

"what? You're the magical item contributer!" the mage lifted an eyebrow "umm no... i don't think so..."

"then who is this other man with the same name?"

"OH i bet that's my father..."

"...funny, your old man should've just given you a gift to start with if that is what he'd wanted..."

"alright so im on the last page... what am i supposed to do?"


"...Alevuris nixonium kerbatius kerbonium tetechinaviu kitsonanim buchotetroketchida-" the book was quickly closed... two wrinkled hands with exposed veins rested on top of the book... "son... first lesson in magery... NEVER mutter a spell without reading the DESCRIPTION first..."

"oh sorry... what was I about to do?"

"Summon a demon of fire and shadow..."

"oh... and was I actually going to summon it?"

"probably not... but lets find out how strong you are... please finishe the line... i want to see this... HEHEEH last year the kid made a CHICKEN of shadow that crowed fire HEHE...


There was a sound of a gong being struck... suddenly a giant roar from outside... the mages eye shot open and his glasses fell to the floor... "no..."

Suddenly there was a knocking at the door...

The mage walked up to the door... he gently put his hand on the knob and quickly swung it open... a dark face with red glowing eyes was staring at him...

"umm... did someone call my name?"

The mage stared for about 10 seconds, then slowly closed the door with his back against it...

"...Oh... kay... " suddenly there was another knocking... a mage with his hat on fire was at the door this time... "excuse me but did you just summon a demon of fire and shadow? I stopped him but err he singed me and nearly killed 18 people..."

"you're hats on fire..."

"ill worry when it gets close to my hair... dont do that again, if that was a demonstartion you should have also un summoned it..."

"But it wasnt me! it was my new young deciple!!"

"...that kid? uhu suuuure it was man... whatever just don't do it again ALRIGHT! and kid, you'd better not try that stunt once you've learned how to do it yourself..."

"but he..." the door closed...

the large thick spell book was taken up...

"ok moving on to level 3..."

"what about 2?"

"SKIP IT..."

This time a much larger book with even more dust on it was lowered onto the table on the cover was a hand with an eye looking out of the palm in a gold engraving...

"ok last page..."

"Nimnari vauchi katastadhan..."

The mage covered his ears and closed his eyes... he then opened one and looked around with it... "oh good, it would seem that we've found your limits..." suddenly there was a great creaking sound... it was coming from the floorboards...

"ok step out of the building... NOW... NOW DO IT NOW"

THe mage and his aprentice then ran out of the building... it started to shudder andthen caved in... suddenly there was a billow of smoke an a dragonliche lifted itself from the ground with black armor plated onto its skeleton...


"Can we just skip the monster summonings all together?"


"ok can I please learn some fireballs and stuff?"

"...you... dont know magic missile?"


"...wow... ok tryt his... hold out your palm... focus your energy... and SCREAM REALLY HARD just let it all out at that focal poitn RELEASE the energy COME ON thats it COME ON!"

"NNN!NN!AAAAAAAAAAAH!!!" a vien burst on the little boys forehead... he then fell over...


"...my god... he can handel the most advanced techniques but it is the easiest spells that give him the most trouble..."

"my head hurts..."

"NO don't lose the power now!"

"um ok..."

"listen, whent he magic competition starts up... I need you to take this pad of paper here..." The mage scribbled some words onto it and a pentagram...

"make this shape in the sand around your feet, standin the middle of it and READ this wording here... do you understand?"

"yes but I don't know what I'm do..."

"LETS START on the most basic spells for defense..."

"aww... defense? who needs that!"

"it is severley important, trust me..."

"fine fine..."

"Go away dragon liche" the wizard snapped and the liche snarled before falling apart... the bones landed in the shape of the building's structure and suddenly the tiles lifted up around them and the house had re-formed....

weeks of training later

"welcome ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, to the 405th anual Farlis Mage Apprentice Competition!Im' youre host JIM RAYNOR And wtih us I have nine spear running bob cat! bob, glad to have you on the show!"

"thanks Jim, glad to be here"

"Alright so what have we got here today?"

"40 boys and girls, each of a differint mageship...time mage, dark mage, elven mage, light mage, water mage, geomancer, necromancer, tekromancer, windromancer, homolupis, metalmage, and a slew of other catagories even liches!"

"well these kids are simply amazing!"

"they are normally selected by their parents and the first 40 to enter their kids are accepted. the mages pick what's best for them and then they start to train, if their kid does well here then they are signed up for full aprentice ship, we assure you that all the boys here WILL get full aprenticeship even though some may fail horribly and even set themselves on fire!"

"and ACCIDENTS are what alot of people have come to see!"

"thats right! jsut look at this audience! alot more than their parents showed up ill tell you that!"

"well without further adue let the battle royal begin.. each student has a technique or a series of tecnniques which they've been coached and taught to use... alright first there is the SINGLE technique catagory... alright, our judges come from the 8 differint races of course..."

"yes it's quite hard to get an ork mage to come down and vote but they seem to always find a way of getting one down here"

"Oh quiet quiet here comes the first little girl.. her name is Suzy acorn, and she is a Geomancer, her technique will be sizemic stomp.. a technique that takes one week to learn... alright here she goes.."

the little girl trod her foot on the ground and screamed... nothing happened... she then stomped again... she stared at the motionless ground... the wind blew by and some of the soil lifted up and blew off as dust... she started to tear up.. she then began to ball, and finally fell onto the ground and threw a temper tantrum. Suddenly the ground began to shake temendously and split up from where she was slamming her fists and stamping her feet... she suddenly looked up at the cracked soil all aroudn her, she smiled adn the earth suddenly slid back into place... she took a bow and about 3 people clapped... she stepped away...

"wow that was exiting! alright! now for the next young child... it's Derek Flabius, a time mage aprentice!"

"boy is this kid hefty!"

A large boy stepped into the center of the arena, he wobbled as he stepped... he looked around at everyone in the audience.... suddenly he had dissapeared... he then reapeared and there was a flurry of dust flying up in the air... the word "GIVE ME A 10" had been written into the soft sandy ground with his footprints but there were hundreds of them in the ground...

"WHOAH that was better than the light speed figure 8 we saw last year!"

"quite impressive!"

"too bad the votes only go up to 6..."

"next up is Deathkiller... and hes... AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! OH MAN THIS IS TOO MUCH! he's an aprentice of SID!!!"

"Sid?!?!? AAAHAHAHAH!"

"Sid.... AHHAA the wizard of id...who has never seemed to get anywhere with his students who apparently are experts of the "LIGHT... DARK ARTS" AHHAHAHA"

"WOULD YOU TWO MIND SHUTTING UP AND WATCHING THE KID WORK" a booming voice erupted from the stands... everything was silent... chibby death was totaly focused, looking forward, he remember what his 'master' had taught him... he bent his knees a little... and took a very impressive looking stance... and then he fell over and began to snore... the snoring sound ECHOED all about the room and most of th epeople in the audience began to laugh... the people in the booth were laughing over the intercoms it was insanity... quickly he opened his yes... stood up and turned and walked away... the rest of the boys and girls did techniques invoulving turning objects into insects and reanimating bones and inanamant objects... then came time for the next competition...

"Alright this one is a trial by fire , a unique OFFENSIVE technique, we don't do DEFENSIVE techqniues in here because we dont want these kids getting hurt"

"plus the range of what one can be defended from is quite broad so we cant just carry one catagory.."

40 wooden dummies were set up with target bullseyes on them... one was then put up..

"first up is suzie..."

The little girl walked up... she pointed her finger and said "EARTH!" ...











Suddenly a giant mountain struck up out of the ground, engulfing the dummie and it then closed aroudn the dummie and fell back into the ground...

the little girl sniffled a bit and then took a bow... about 3 people clapped...

The time mage boy was up next... he threw a grain of sand at it which moved so fast that it split the atoms of the sand and created a 14 foot tall mushroom cloud.... he smiled and took a bow to anther fantastic round of applause...

"AHAHA here comes SI'ds KID again AHAHAH!"

"insidiouse sid of id's kid! I LIKE IT! HAHA!"

"has a nice ring to it! HAHA"

Death stared at his dummie...

"MAJIC MISSILE!" he cried out loud enough for everyone to hear... nothing happened.. he then fell over and started to snore again... Everyone LAUGHED their heads and posteriours off... Death was then dragged off sleeping by his teacher who gave a nurvouse look to the audience...

the rest of the dummie destructions were quite impressive, one boy even had one dummie strangle another to death...

"OK now for the last round, the battle royal! EVERY studnet charges a spell and casts it on everyone else, if they are good at defense and offense then they should be able to make it out of this without being hurt, but we have a team of white mages on the scene just in case... ALRIGHT ARE YOU READY??? ON YOUR MARK... GET SET... GO!!!!!

all of a suden death began kicking at the sand.. he stood in a star shape and muttered some words on the peice of paper... a black shell formed around him and then detonated in a fury of light... the other kids were still muttering their spells when all of a sudden this bliding light came form that one corner of the arena... suddenly a long, sleek streak of dark shadow pressed upward... it then came down and struck the ground, forming a crather, then another two lines of shadow shot up and bent halfway and came down... soon 8 of these said lines had formed... and then a giant spider was standing in front of the young Deathkiller...


the giant spider then split into millions of tiny ones which flew through the air and made a dark shadow on the ground all of the other children began to scream and run in fear... but the time mage stayed dead still... "its just a bloody illusion he said..." he started to walk through the group of spiders which were gladly crawling all over him... he then looked at death in the face... one of the spiders was on his fat cheek.. he slapped at it with his short stubby fingers and scowled... "i bet you think you're tough now eh? just wait till you see my Time TECH..ni..que... wooh... im feeling kind of woosey...

he fel over and the veins in his skin began to pop and show at the surface...

"OUCH!!! That was the dreaded spider of Vilheim!"

"the what?"

"It's toxins are not lethal but sap one's strenghte for an entire week! OH MY that means that everybody is out of the competition except......."

"...sid's boy..."


the crowd said in a very monotone voice "yay...."

Death stood alone atop a podium and got 3 medals... then a chest was handed to him.. he opened it. in it was a book written by his father on spells and a set of red orbs.. he held up the orbs and looked at his father... his father shook his hand and said "you're a man now son!"

"...are these those bankaishita things that you are supposed to stuff in your pants?"

"NO!!!! GOD NO!!"

"oh good because all that 'your a man now' talk was begining to scare me..."

"no but there is a special tradition which you must enact..."

"alright then... it doesnt invoulve me stuffing something in my pants does it?"


"oh good..."

that night a campfire was lit... and the elder death encircled the fire which at times only showed his silouete through it...

"alright son... I have a solution here of Silver and Nitrogen... apart one is a powerfull substance which can fuel many things, it is quite flamable, the other is one of the most beautifull metals on the planet... indeed. Power and Beauty together is a deadly combination... but when these chemicals are combined... they form a white... milky substance... that holds no beauty or power... but it does have a power, a power of the OXIMORON... and Deathkiller, the word itslef is an oxymoron, hence Silver Nitrate is the bare-bones Chemical representation of what an oxymoron is...and this is a practice which is PERMANENT, but it steals your beauty and gives no power... but it gives us our own beauty and our own power in our own... SPECIAL... manner..."

"how dad?"

"take those jewles, clench them in your fists as hard as you possibly can... there was a burrowing like drilling sound and the young bow screamed and clenched at his wrists he fell to the ground nad began rolling around in pain... his arms then were hed up and death examined them... "good. now y ou can use any uof the spells in the book i gave you..."

"It really hurts dad... i think im bleeding inside..."

"dont worry, with those it doesnt matter how much you bleed, you'll always have blood..."

"who made these?"

"no mage, no doctor, no biologist, no scientist... they were made by nature itself, and sculpted to perfection by... the only race to acheive perfection..."

"the only race?"

"yes... our race... they learned that perfection is never perfect, and it is better to life imperfect lives than to worry about achieving such inhuman levels. Perfection itself, is evil... Remember that son... NEVER ever in your life, achieve to be perfect! only strive to protet what is right... do you hear me? care more for others than yourself... alright? can you do that?"

"yes... i suppose i can..."

"good, now take the silver nitrate... remember what it represents, it is imperfect, it is the oposite of perfect, take it, close your eye, and run it down the side of your face... thats good... good... now the other side... now look at your finger tips...

"they... they are black..."


"what did this stuff do?"

"it stains the skin..."


"don't worry it looks realy good on you when you do it without a mirror....

"what do I look like dad?"

"remember that makeup i always said was tatoos?"


"well now its permanent..."

"you mean, my face didnt always have this?"

"you had a birth mark on your face adn your mother was oposed to my doing this to you but i swear its just a good process... now you have lines instead of a triangle, later when you mature, you can add triangles ot point inward form the straight lines near your dimbles... alrgiht.... for now you are what you are... and that is all you'll really ever have to be..."

"...well I thank you for the gifts that you have given me.."

"you are technically a young man now... you should start reading that book, study with your teacher, and be sure to not tell him about what you're reading in that book..."


"alright hen, its getting to be bed time, you'd better turn in.. oh and um try to avoid your mothers gaze is she leans i just stained yoru face and hands for life im pretty sure she'll make me sleep in the doghouse..."

"*ghasp* WE HAVE A DOG!!!!"

..."no... that was a figure of speech..."


"9_9 sorry to get your hopes up maybe someday ill get you a pet..."

"YAY liek right now?"

"...just go to bed!!"

The two wlaked home and let the fire burn itself out overnight...

meanwhile X-13 had his own plans for what to do in the north..

Apr 27, 2002, 10:55 AM
Try and cross the path of a killer, see how mcuh mercy he shows, dare to take him further, deeper intot he borrogrove, and once he's there cutt towards his hair, he'll dodge right into your blow...
Chapter 13: Experience

The forest ambience echoed from the trees as the night air only grew more cold... a figure with blazing yellow hair and a twisted metalic arm stood in the forest gazing up into the sky. The trees shot up to distances which coudln't be measured... the figure turned looking left and right, his eyes changed in size almost mechanically... he then pivoted his torsoe from side to side, surveying every inch of everything... he placed his arm agains tht efirst tree and with a single punch befell it... the tree made an echoing crash which was followed by yet another resounding boom... the north was alive again. Lightening began to flash and blaze in the distance. The sound of falling trees and calpping thunder echoed for miles distance... and then all at once.... it stood still... not a sound... not a noise... only silence... perfect... silence...

And then fire...

Red hot waves of energy bursting up around the mountain side, billowing smoke resounding into thte sky... and then rain... the fire continued to burn, straight on through the rain.. then there was stillness... then the sound of earth being broken... and tamed... then the sound of boiling... and finally stillness once again... the forest ambience was dead now.. and only the sound of pouring, molding, clambering of metal upon metal, echoed through the mountain side...

Years passed... The pale boy with red hair went on to study everything he had been given, he masted the dark arts for use of good, he became on with his weapons... his hands were his weapons... his body his soul were his weapons... he mastered all of them... then he was told that he had graduated from aprentice ship... and then he was told that wherever he went in life was his own decision... the figure decided to travel to the kingdom of Lancefran to the south... there he would be knighted and placed in the service of the king who went by the name "Merculitiouse"... His father was outraged at his decision, saying it was best to settle down and raise a family before concerning himself with such nonsense, he still hadn't mastered THAT... despite these warnings the boy defied his father and went on to the south... A vampiress who had just graduated form her apprentice ship took his hand and stood by his side... the two looked back as their parents bid them farewell... one crying... the other staring with a cold-dead stare...

"they're on their own now... whatever guidance I had given him goess with him... it may even die with him..."

"I'm sure that everything will turn out right..." Kimagure Assured Death...

Death still clenched his fists.. "these are bad times... worse than you could imagine... I feel it now... something to the north... another thing to the south... they don't know it yet, but death is going to rain from the skies as if it were in a hurricaine... I can see images of blood spilling, boiling under the force of white hot metal, metal which is turned into iron... iron ... that's it...."

"what are you talking about?"

"The north... the south... what is it to the south? I can't... see that far... it is just evil.... whatever it may be.. and here we are..."

"where are we exactly?"

"...right smack dab in the midle of it all..."

"...well I'm s'posin then that Me and some men oughtsta go up nort den..." Black dragon finally spoke up...

Death and Kimagure turned and looked at him... "art thou mad man?"

"well if it's bad i'm sure a few brutish warriors like us can handel it!"

"...you have my blessing..."

"I don' needjur freekin' blessin!" The warrior began to walk towards his own home, where he would plan...

Kimagure gave death an odd stare... "a-aren't you going with him?"

"... my time is coming, it will be here soon, I know it is... but ... no... not just yet... we must raise another child.."



"you know that I'm too old to do such a thing!"

"oh don't worry, it won't be OUR child... but I can tell already that we're going to have to spend our time raising SOMETHING up all over again... real soon...."

"I don't understand you logic..."

"I wish I could..."

The two slowly wlaked back to their little two story home with a billowing chimney and purple tisle roof.... meanwhile the two youngesters, now aged 17 were walking off ot the south...


"you can call me Death now... Im no longer near... HIM..."

"why do you hate your father so?"

"he's never let me be free in life, now that I have freedom i realize that all i ever had was restriction... now I am free to be stronger, to go out and make a name for myself! And you... will you really come along at my side to help me?"

"ever since we first met as children i've been hoping to spend my time with you... and the day you saved my life..."

"it was nothing really..."

"well now that I have my own freedom... my freedom to um... well you know... be free... I want to be free WITH... someone..."

Death stopped walking... Tomapuri stopped alongside him... his eyes widened... he turned and stared at her...

"...you mean to say that..."

He looked into those deep multi-colord eyes... they shone like pools... beautifull pools that he only wanted to go swimming in...

"ehe... errm... aahi... aee...rrr...nn...ma...naaaa...."

"...y-your blushing..."



the stared for a while... one smiling the other a nervouse wreck...

finally the vampiress reached out and grabbled Death's upper body... she then forced herself onto him.. he started trembling with fear... then he thought "OH GOD SHE'S GONNA BITE ME!"

She then stared at him face to face and death's kneck fell limp...

His body and mind were quite disagreeing with eachother at the moment, too bad for him his body was so much stronger than his mind with the jewled implants... the two began to press their lips together... nearly hungrily.... then they broke after a few seconds... and stared...

Tomapuri licked her lips...

Death, secretly gritting his teeth, smiled a toothy dumb grin...

this made tomapuri laugh... then she decided to lay her head on his shoulder...

"thank you" she said speaking into him...

"what?" he asked... she looked up with tears in her eyes...

"I've never felt like that before... I don't think i could with anyone else..."

The stared for a while... death began to think some things out then an old memory surfaced in a conversation with his father...

"You MUST raise a child so that the family NAME can be carried on! if you don't then the world is screwed and will fall intot he hands of those who, at this moment, shouldnt really exist! but they do! every day you see signs of forces beyond these small people's comprehension being pushed around, the ballance must be maintained or else you have war, bloody, terrible, war. And with War Carnage, and that, as a Deathkiller, is the one thing you MUST AVOID!!"

Death's eyes lost their sense of fear... he looked at tomapuri as she began to rub her face into his sleeve to wipe her tears...

"We'll be free... then... together..."

Tomapuri looked up again lovingly... they both smiled and then started walking south... slowly...

Atop a tree a wizard in all black began to wipe a tear from his eye... he smiled watching the two youngsters walk off toward the setting sun... "ah young love" he said... "it can be so insideouse... KEEHEHEHEHEH!" He then acted like he was going to leap off of the tree which he was standing on, just before a cracking sound emitted and it fell over with him still on top of it... "ow..." he let out after a loud crashing sound... Death and Tomapuri didn't even notice it... they were too busy gazing into eachothers eyes and tripping over their own feet...

The elder death slammed his fist into a wooden table, causing it to crack along the grain line... he cringed... "ugh... he's going to go and DO IT now I can see it already!"


"he's going to ignore EVERYTHING I told him and ruin his bloody life and leave it to US to save the freaking day!"

"...You're age has lead to your senility.."


"then what are thee?"

"... A genuis...."

Death cracked a smile and then began laughing hysterically, he fell out of his chair and ran his fingers through his hair...

"It'll all work out in the end! HAHAHAH!"

Kimagure laughed in a disturbed way trying to just go along with it, she even forced a smile... her eyes told otherwise though.. inside she was thinking "he's gone mad..."

The sun had set and tomapuri decided to set camp. A tent was quickly placed up in the grass and a small campfire was lit... the trees became dark and shady, concealing the contents of the forest... the two had never been alone before at night together...

"I miss my father i hope he's doign all right at home without me..."

"I miss my parents too... I wonder what they're doing right now..."

"if i got rid of a pain like you i'd be celebrating if i was them http://www.pso-world.com/psoworld/images/phpbb/icons/smiles/icon_razz.gif"

"...heh..." death stared at her and then smiled... they both laughed together.... "hmm how do you suggest we celebrate our freedom?"


Ambeince echoing from the forest was met with the sound of a wild dog somewhere deep within the forest howling at the moon... the trees swayed gently in the wind... death tought heavily on how to respond to the question...

He finally turned toward Tomapuri and said "I dunnow... what do you want to do?"

She smiled and began to turn her head downward while rearing her head back and batting her eyes at him... she then folded her lips back and concealed her expression in shadow... her eyes stared upward and straight at death who's expression had turned to one of shock...

She smiled at his reaction a little and placed her hand on his which was already on the ground... Death looked down with a drop of sweat running down the side of his face,,, he didn't know quite how to react to this,,, His gaze then turned to tomapuri who's mouth had twisted into an excited grin... her fangs glittering in the light of the campfire...

the two sat staring for a while... death wide eyed, tomapuri just smiling wikedly... suddenly she pounced forward letting out a shout.... 2 or 3 birds began fluttering their wings and leaving their purches from the trees...

morning seemed to take forever to finally come by,,,

it was a long night, after all...

Apr 27, 2002, 07:24 PM
The echoing of a beating war drum shook the ground... the birds flared up and flew at each beat... it was delayed for about 30 seconds before resounding again...

Chapter 14 : WarCry

a mage in all black began to rub his bruised head... he laughed at himself and stood up looking behind him at a fallen tree. He stooped down and picked up his pointy hat which had fallen limp to one side... he brushed it off and put it on... he then looked over and saw a the campfire had snuffed itself out... inside the tent two tails had playfully wrapped themselves around eachother... A set of red eyes with blue innards staring into a feild of red and a feild of blue... the two yawned and stretched after just holding one another for quite some time... They quickly put their armor back on underneath the sheet which covered them before standing up again... they looked at eachother blushing... neither had spoken a word yet since the one took the fatal plunge... err pounce... they smiled a bit at eachother while silently gathering up their belongings and packing the camp into a small napsack... death hung it over his shoulder and the two just started walking as if nothing had happened...

The wizard in black chuckled to himself... "well well I wonder just what they did with all that time together..." Some nostalgic memories of the past came to his mind and he cacled grotesquely before choking on his own saliva...

He then looked up and saw the two had nearly vanished from sight... "UH OH!" He started running after them as fast as his tiny shriveled legs could carry, though he was trying to maintain his distance...

The trees split apart and the narrow path gave way to a brightly lit open feild.. the two surveyed the sweeping landscape and plains.. grass was blowing gently in the wind... One moon stayed barley visible in the sky... Death then pointed out in the distance to what looked like a lone tree sitting in a feild of green...

"I think i see a man there..."

Tomapuri focused her eyes as best as she could... "i don't see a thing..."

Death started to look at it in an angry fasion...

"what's the matter Death-kun?"

"...Tomapuri... on the count of three i want you to jump to the right and cast the best damn fireball you know on that tree... three... two..." The sound of an arrow gliding across the air quickly shot toward them, the two jumped apart, The Vampiress casting a light decimation ball of fire, Death aiming an energy bow and firing a sleek red arrow. The arrow and fireball converged at the tree and at first it split in two before exploding in a ball of fire...

A figure landed swiftly on his feet after doing a backflip... he had sweeping blonde hair.. he wore a dark colored tunic and bore what looked like two longbows... but they were.. bound together by something....

each bow had a colored jewl at each end which glowed of an elemental color... earth, fire, water, lightening...

The figure called out... "Who Be Ye and why Hast thou Crossed The Path of the Lacefran army?"

"WHO BE YE!" Death called back...

"What Kind of NAME is that?"

the figure called back...

"MY NAME IS DEATHKILLER I am from the outskirts of Farlis! To the North!"

"... Noth Yes... Farlis I am unsure of... let me see you up close..."

Death dematerialized his bow and began to walk forward...

"you are good to come unarmed, otherwise I and my men would be forced to destroy you..."

Death walked right up to the guy and looked him in the eye... the figure jumped back...

"EH You are of Necromantic blood! but ... But... they were all supposed to have perished in the great war nearly 20 years ago!"

"...My father told me he was the last of his kind, and that he was in no way related to the Necromancers which you know... I am a studier of the dark arts and I know how to use them for the side of good..."

"... you're sids kid?"

A medalian was presented which read "SID THE WIZARD OF ID"... "so you did study in farlis..."

the figure let his odd weapon down...

he then unstrung the bow and stuck it into a large pack of what must've been 150 arrows... His backside bore 4 such arrow packages...

"whoah... quite the archer you are" Death said....
"ARCHER! HAH! I am QUAD BOW! the Ranger of Myrtry... My city was destroyed by the ironclad forces of the north... I have come to join the Llacafran army and demolish what is left of that god-awfull race... will you help me?"

"who are these ironclad people of the North?"

"...you don't know? For days they've been comming at Llacefran from the east and west! They move in a circular motion trhought e cloudspine... oh... that's right... Bordering willow creek... the Town south of it... it is... Farlis... How COULD you know... or anyone from Farlis for that matter!"

"are you saying that to the east and west of my home town are forces which could easily smite it?"

"they are SO powerfull! they use weapons which we could not possibly mimick! they have.... they have... STICKS... they point them like bows but carry them on their shoulders and then they let loose these iron balls that litterally rip apart flesh and bone without any human strenghte for proportion, they don't even have to know magic!"

Death was reminded of an old story his father had told him of a thing called a Missile, and how he was educated that years later they invented the Psionic Light Particle and the use of such weapons was lost...

"Well I think i might know of such things, they can be fought with countermeasures... um.. do you have large barriers or sheilds that are strong enough to stop the metalic balls?"

"NO! They litterally make them of something from the earth! We only have steel to help stop such things and it does nothing agaisnt these rocks of death!"

"....Then We will help in any way that we can!"

Death motioned to kimagure... she ran downt he hillside and caught up witht them as they began walking toward Llacefran...

"say..." she asked "Where are the rest of those men you said were with you?"

"oh that was just a gag to keep you on your toes... http://www.pso-world.com/psoworld/images/phpbb/icons/smiles/icon_biggrin.gif"

"... uh huh..."

Nearing the end of a hillside a great red spire shot up from the horizon... upon reaching hte hillside many spires of the same color but differint height were seen jetting up from the concrete walls of a powerfull fortress that took up the entire horizon...

"What we're looking at here is the outer walls of the kingdom of Lacefra, they are so high that nothing can cross them...."

"I betcha I could jump over them!" death said smiling...

"try and you'll be shot out of the sky..."

"hmm maybe you should just walk in like the rest of us Death-kun..."

"alrigth Tomapuri..." death crossed his arms as they neared a set of gigantic wooden doors...

The guards pointed spears at their knecks...

"what is your business here..."

"we've come to see the king and inlist in ridding the world of KEH..."


"but... but I thought you needed all the help you could get..."

"executive order states to turn back or KILL anyone who tries to enter the city and get work... signing up for the army now means an END to your life!"

"isn't there anyway that we can prove that you guys NEED US!?"

One of the guards began scratching his chin... "well there is one way hehe..."

"you can get intot he city if you can open this great door with your own power..."

"NO PROBLEM!" death said as he jetted a few feet back... he then ran one of his feet through the ground like a wild animal and then placed two index fingers at the corners of his head.. he snorted like a bull, smiling...


Death started runnign forward, suddenly he saw an arrow pass by the side of his head, it struck the giant wooden door and litterally lifted it up off of its top hinge... death slowed to a stop and looked up in amazement as the force of the tiny arrow forced the giant heavy door 90 degrees and then 180 degrees around on its joint... Quadbow and Tomapuri passed in smiling, death stared in amazement, then suddenly the large gate swung back with so much speed that he couldn't avoid it... after landing a few miles out in the feild he got up and just jumped over the wall, where he was met with 45 arrows...

After a quick visit to a medical practitioner and some healing spells...

Death Tomapuri and Quad bow endred the office of the king... he was busy speaking with his advisors... suddenly a figure dressed in heavy garments walked up... his black hair was slicked to the back of his head with grease... his eyes shone red and his pale skin only made him look more gothic with his red and golden armor...

"who be ye?" he asked...

"we were here to speak with the king..."

"ah yes, well I am the king's resident advisor..."

"who are all those people chattering around hima nd whispering in his ears?"

"those are his international advisors and seers... they see everything for the king and report it to him... he takes in the data and issues orders where they are needed, there is always someone taking orders to be given while someone else is relaying information pertaiing to the same resident..."


"yes... the king's power and rule stretches to every land on this continent simultaneously thanks to his seers..."

"So you represent his voice HERE then?"


"why is that?"

"I am his son... Prince Larn of Llacifran...

"is that so..." death said tilting his head to one side... "where's the family resemblance...."


Death looked from side to side as Tomapuri and Quad bow fell to their knees begging for forgiveness... death let out a sigh and then fell to his knees as well...


*cough* "what a spoiled brat..."

"shuddup death he's a seer!"


"see he just heard what you said..."

"Silence FOOLS! now Listen... if you want to enlist in our army in fighting the forces of the dark I recomend you travel to the east or west OR IN BOTH directions for all I care! just spread out and give your lives to help us, we're busy fighting agaisnt the Ironclad armies of the north!"

"umm YESSIR!!"

Death and Tomapuri headed out of the citadel with Quad bow giving death odd looks....

"you're just like your father, no respect for authority" tomapuri said to death as they walked out... they looked around and decided to spend what little money they had on supplies and provisions... Quad bow bought even MORE arrows and gladly signed up for two rooms at the local inn.... with his freinds money...

"hehe" he said to himself counting some gold coins... "they'll probably not even notice... "

Death and tomapuri sat down at a pub after gatherings spells, supplies, and other supplies...

"So want to get a cup of tea?"

"sounds good!"

They sat down... "All we serve here is COFFEE..."

They stood up and walked out...

"well I bet he's used to telling people that alot..."

"hmm whatsay we just go to our room and stay until tomorrows daybreak, that will give us a great head start on our trip... err to... what direction do you want to go in again?"

"... hmm i'll do some readings on the safer route with a rind rapidus... but ill have to be totally alone and have perfect silence..." she frowned at the idea of sitting in a dark room dimly lit by candels without death by her side....

"don't worry, I'll just walk aorund the city, see some sites, maybe explore some secrets about this place, get as much info as I can and then meet up with you in a few hours in the room..."

an idea came to tomapuri's mind... "you know what, that's a good idea, you go and do that... I'll get 'ready' for you..." she gave him a wiked smile and walked off in a rather noticable fasion...

Death rubbed the back of his head... "errm... looks like im going to have a repeat of last night..."

Tomapuri set her things on the small white bed.... she looked aroudn her very plain room.There wasn't even a window... she closed all doors that were openable and then sat down, she searched for a candel and pulled one out, then she searched for some matches... "that's funny.. i thoguth i had some matches..." at that moment quad bow was using some to light up a cigar... he then decided to buy a few rounds for his buddies at the pub where he had a room...

Tomapuri then searched her bag... several items were missing...

"that's odd... I knew i packed somethings here, but I dont see any! some of the essentials are missing! Including my... *ghasp*


Death nearly fell off of the edge of the giant concrete and stone wall... he could've sworn he'd hear someone scream about their unmentionables... He looked around and kept his ballance... the wall was quite tall, indeed, but it wasn't thick at all nearing the top. the wall just seemed to get thinner and thinner on the way up... its stability rested only in the base... death walked past several archer turrets where men were lifted using a pulley system that had originally been used to construct hte wall, now it was used to carry men to carefully situted platforms with holes cutt in the walls allowing for archers to fire arrows down toward attackers.. Death proceeded alongside the wall and then he came to a part which didn't seem to have any archers at... he looked around and realized that this was an area near the side of a lake... "funny, what if an attack came from the water, they'd be defensless" death thought... he then looked down at a small patch of ground bordering the tall castle wall and the water's edge... someone was standing there... in an all black cloak... he shifted his body a bit revealing a red tunic with gold trimings....

"its the kings son!" he thought... he then saw a ghostly figure appear out of nowehre...

He tried to listen in as best he could...


"Ah, what is it Son of Llacefran..."

"Don't call me that DREADED NAME... everything is going acoording to plan, i think someone might have noticed me for what I was..."

"what was his name?"

"I dnd't catch it..."

"you should be more carefull about these things before issuing a report like this, are you in trouble?"

"no.... the fool was forced to show respect to me HAHA so everyone belives that I'm the kings son even though the king was never married!"

"excellent.. tell me... did you really mind controll the king?"

"YES his orders are so stupid, they are sending men to their deaths! this leaves your army untouched..."

"yes... we are gathering to the east and west while only sending in our riflemen grunts 3 at a time, they are, of course, being slaughtered, but I think that they are also slaughtering your men as well is that true?"

"yes! It's perfect! I hope to see your armies take this city soon!"

"that we shall... good work Mildred of Mortia..."

"mildred of mortia... isn't that a land to the north?" death thoguth to himself...

"Farewell sire..."

The ghostly apparation discintigrated and the figure looked up, death stepped back and out of the figures gaze... he then looked back down and saw that they had dissapeared...

Death leapt from the side of the wall and landed on his feet in the town square, he looked over toward the inn which tomapuri had checked into... he looked over at the pub and saw quad bow laughting his drunken ass off...


Death entered the inn and asked for Tomapuri's room... he quickly ran up to it... the exitement of the night's events was already getting to him.... he really wanted to see her face... he slolwy opened the door in a playfull manner, expecting anything from anywhere... he then looked and scared himself with his own reflection in a mirror.. he slowly closed the door behind him and tiptoed into the main living space... he saw a plain room with just a bed... a blown out candel was sitting next to a rind rapidus fortune telling circle... and in the corner, crying and making her makeup run was tomapuri... death knealt down and placed his hand on her shoulder...

"oh Im sorry am I that late?"

She looked up at him and saw he was trying to comfort her... despite this she slaped him... death rubbed the side of his reddened cheek and then asked "I'm sorry... i don't know what I did but I'm sorry... listen can you just please tell me what happened ?"

"i.... I.... used the rind rapidus... it... it showed me the- the future..."

"well? Which direction should we go? East or west?"




Death screamed and stood up, he backed himself agasint the wall.... "AAAAAAAAAAAH!!!"

She hadn't even finished his scentence...

The figure of Death's father appeared in his mind, smiling at him wikedly... "you can't fight fate, son... you can't fight fate..."

Tears welled up in his eyes.. death's knees gave in and he fell to the floor... the image of his father this tuck out his tounge and taunted him further... "I told you this would happen! I told you this would happen!" he said singing in a taunting fasion...

Death looked up at Tomapuri who had a shocked expression on her face...

the two stood up and then ran toward eachother... they hugged as tightly as they both knew...

"it's ok... everything's going to be ok..."

The both sobed a bit... then the crying gave way to kissing...

They broke and began breathing heavily... then they smiled... and started laughing...

"so We're going to have a son!"

"I'm going to have a daughter!"





they both then looked at eachother in an angry fasoin... and that only lead to more laughitng...

"Good god, and it hasn't even been 2 days yet!"

They both then looked at eachother with mixed feelings...

Finally they both opened their mouthes to say something and they cutt eachother off... they then attempted it again...

"ok fine... 3.. 2.... 1..."



They then met again in a tight hug... death then decided to force his abdomen away a little she chuckeld and said "aw don't worry just yet... it's going to be a while..." She planted a kiss on his lips and they both retired to the bed...

Meanwhile their new 'freind' quad bow was running through the town in NOTHING except for his tunic with his bow shouting "YES! I AM HE GREAT PANTLESS WONDER WARRIOR FROM THE EAST! AND I AM HERE TO SAVE YOU!" he then fell over and into unconceousness...

It was yet another long night for Death and Tomapuri...

May 10, 2002, 07:12 PM
Slowly opening his eyes death forced his head up, straining the still-tired muscles in his kneck, death looked around and saw his love enveloping her arms around him... his face lit up in a smirk as he tried nudging the limp load of flesh now laying atop him... the response was a high pitched grunt, followed by the gaze of tomapuri's two-colored eyes comming to meet deaths... they stared... time seemed to stand still for them, minutes pased, finally tomapuri smiled, showing two of her vampiric teeth, she guffawed and then with a bright face chimed "well i'm certainly with child now" death sweatdropped and his head fell back into a fluffy pillow which litterally exploded upon contact with the back of his head....

Tomapuri and death brushed off, showered, and dressed without saying a word, they then stepped out of their room and turned to see quad bow, red in the face, snoring away toppled over at the foot of his room door... he had several lipstick painted lip shapes planted on one side of his face that ran down his kneck and down one arm..

Death and Tomapuri sort of gawked at the snoring display before deciding to just ditch the guy, suddenly something clicked in death's head, he turned around and re-gathered all of the supplies which the "ranger" had stolen from them...

"god what an idiotic theif" tomapuri said as they walked away... immediatley quad-bow awoke shouting "Somebody say my name?"
he looked around and observed the empty hallway... he then fell over again and started to snore again...

Death and tomapuri left the dark building and light erupted through the air, the town was already busy, and flourishing thanks to the upcoming war...

Tomapuri and Death headed out of the castle walls after being given passes to re-admit them... "this new system is only a sign that they've gotten REALLY insecure around here..." "You think it's just paranoia?" "yeah..."

The two had reached the outskirts of the feilds surrounding the city, they turned back to view the magnificent wall one last time, they turned to look at the lake, it was peacefull and still... then there was a sound of thunder... death turned and leapt in front of tomapuri, startling her, he grabbed at something and held it for a second... his hands started burning and smoking, but he stilli took the time to observe it... it was a black, slightly melted, ball of... iron? it was quite hot, and heavy... death let the iron ball drop and its weigt pressed a crater into the soil...death looked up and saw a rifleman covered from head to toe in what looked like thick, black, samurai armor shaking uncontrolably in fear, the man threw down his weapon and started running, death walked up to the stick sitting in the ground, he knealt down and examined it a bit... he slowly moved his hand downward, a bird chirped, silencing the... err.... silence... Death touched his fingers to the wooden carved surface, and then he ran them across the barrel, elecrticity erupted in the tips of his fingers, it ran through his blood stream to his heart.. he grabbed at it.... it then ran up his spine and touched his mind... his vision went blurry... and suddenly an image shot into his head:
He clenched his head and tightened his eyes together, images of triggers firing, armored figures leaping off of the edges of building with devices in their hands, blaring, blaring with the sound of thunder, each pull of his index finger silencing another life, WHO'S FINGER? HIS FINGER?

Death shot up at the sound of a bullit flying by he turned back and saw it hovering in the air in his sight.... it litterally just stood there... not even moving... he held out his palm and encircled the object, it was warm, he then noticed that it was slowly moving a bit through the air, he took the ball out of the air which it rested, he then took the item in his hand and loaded the ball bearing, he then turned back, aimed, and pulled a switch, a spark shot off, gun powerder exploded and suddenly in a burst of flame the ball had been shot back toward an even more heavily armored figure... suddenly the wind washed over the grass and the clouds began to shoot across the sky like a time-lapse image... death shook himself... reality and time as he knew it returned to normal... Tomapuir had her hands clasped over her mouth... death turned to her and asked what the matter was... she shook her head and stepped back from him... death saw he was holding the weapon in a way which seemed... comfortable... he then lifted it onto his shoulder and it made a clicking sound, asuring that the workings of the weapon were in order... death knew this, but he didn't know how he knew it... he tried opening his mouth but a scream was let out... death looked over int the direction tomapuri's eyes seemed to be focused... he saw the armored figure with a gaping hole, through the armor, through his rib cage, and into a tree in the distance... the man fell over as his armored clamored chaoitically.. death dropped the gun and held tomapuri in his arms... "i- I dont understand what's going on, please tell me what I just did!"

"you were shot at and in an instant the shot had been returned, it was so fast I couldn't see the speed at which you moved..."

"I-Im sorry, these gifts that my father gave me, perhaps I don't fully understand them yet..."

"we can learn.. of them... togehter..."

Suddenly there was the sound of metal hitting metal, it reocurred several times... tomapuri and death turned and saw an army of ironclad warrior with their cannon-like rifles.... they examined the dead body and took aim... suddenly the sound of objects whisking across the air buzzed in Death's ears... he turend and saw hundreds of objects blaze across the sky, they began coliding with the ironwarriors and bouncing off of their armored.. they began chucling but suddenly they all fell over after making a loud ghasping noise...

"what the heck was that all about?"

Suddenly a blonde-haired valiant looking figure shot into the air and flew past the sun creating a lense flare, he then struck the ground in front of the two warriors and turned, he blew a romantic kiss and said "quad bow to the rescue"

"what the hell did your arrows just do?"

"AHAHA they stuck them so hard it took them a while to realize the ammount of damage that had been done to them..."

"but they just bounced off!"

"ah the arrow might have, but the sheer pressure of the force of the direct strikes caused their organs to implode..."

"geez quad bow, I wouldn't want to get on your bad side..."

"oh hell son, everybody's on my bad side"

quad bow patted death on the back and quickly snatched a few trinkets off of tomapuri in the process... he then started walking toward the woords from which the ironclad warriors were emerging... he turned back... "you fellas comming?"

"umm SURE" they followed him into the forest... sudddenly the sound of iron striking iron echoed through the forest...

"30 of them, around usl... get ready to move... in 3... 2..."

the sound of 30 rifles going off lit the forest up, all of the birds and animals ran for their lives as all of the trees were litterally ripped from their basses and splintered, death grabed tomapuri and they both fell to the ground, the balls colided in mid air and exploded in shrapnel, death blocked the shot with his body, quad bow landed next tot hem and readied his odd double-bow... he started furriously firign arrows while turning his body around in all direciotns...

Death and tomapuri observed the fast hand actions of the ranger in awe and started to narate "He's using single arrows as if he was firing them 30 at a time!"

Quad bow took a bow and took the hat off of his head to do so, in his hand were 30 arrows which had all been cramed into a well-trained grip...

"oh... he is using them 30 at a time..."

The archer looked up with a grimace just as more iron balls flew over his head... deatha nd tomapuri shifted to one side to avoid the blast.. .quad bow twisted his bow into a pose and it began to glow with blue light...

"CHILL OUT" he said pulling his handfull of arrows, many struck fallen trees turning them into icecubes, the remaining arrows hit home and froze the riflemen...

"HAHA! that must've been the whole wave for today! SEE It only took ME and ME alone to finish off the entire wave of the north! MUAHAH! SEE! You should be thankfull that you could bear Witness to the power of QUAD BOW - THe Finest theiiiiRanger in the land...."

"what were you about to say you were?"

"nothing, nothing..."

Suddenly the sound of hundreds of metalic boots trampling the ground was heard and the ground literally quaked with vibration...

Death and nuku turned and saw the trees of the forest int he distance falling over and splitting...

"uh... I have a feeling that THAT is the main attack force..."

"too bad seeing as all the troops were rallied to the other side of the city today..."


"the kings highest advisor said that it was 100% certain that they woudl come from the WEST, so everyone was forced to quard the west..."

"then why are you HERE?"

"heh, call it a hunch... I've learned to never trust those with power..."

"um no offense but how are we going to deal with all of these men single-handedly..."

Quad bow rubbed his chin and faked a look of deep thought...


with those words the ranger dashed off in the oposite direction of the oncoming forces...

"high ground? this is a forest that shoots out of a plain, there arent mountains for MILES..."

Death looked at tomapuri and then at the falling trees... the rumbling was getting louder.. and closer...


May 24, 2002, 10:26 PM
Well after several months of procrastination i'm finally gonna' update this sucer, to those who don;'t know, ive been doing hundreds of stories in the past few months, most of which are at another forum which i will NEVER, EVER, tell as SINGLE one of YOU people about, the last thing I need to see is Barubary and all those people from Omega-Hour.com and people who I know from the game I used to like but have long since BEATEN.... I'm glad I was finally able to admit that to myself ^_^ though every day I think about going back and then I say to myself: DOn't Do it you fool! I'm sort of speeding things up so don't be shocked by the pace of the actions + i wrote this without any glasses on and I was VERY VERY tired @[email protected] still am, im gonna go to bed as soon as I hit the post button...

"Stand back Toma-chan" Death shouted, she did so and he spread his arms wide apart. The trees stopped shaking a a series of bullits flew from the forest and they all stopped in mid flight then they shot backward intot he trees this action was acccompanied with the death cries of nearlyh 40 men. Death held his hands together and began to charge what could only be called a kaio-dan energy ball. The red sphere in his hands lit up and only complimented his red hair and eyes, letting the ball fly it bowled over the people standing amongts the trees and then detonated ripping apart more of them, More bullits shot forth from the smoke and cinder, death could only let himself go, he ddn't hold back at all, his eneries burst outward like crazy, mowing over everythign in site... Several people started gathering outside of the city to see what the comotion was, hoalf od the forest was abalze now and the ironclad armised had been taken care off, quad bow came back just in time with a chocked look on his face... "What matter of magics were ... was... I..."

"I dunnow I just did any old thing and it seemed to work..."

Tomapuri only looked with one eye about ready to pop out of its socket her mouth was contorted into an in human shape, she'd never seen such magics before.

"I just made them up really... i think it felt pretty good actually,, funny thing is i don't feel weakened at all..."

Death then noticed his wrist was glowing...

"what in the..." He noticed a pourous wound has split open and was gasping for something...

"um what's my hand doing?"

Suddenly lightening struck from out of daylight, a red sphere hovered in place it slowly moveed up to death and planted itself in his wrist...

"I... don't understand..."

"I get it, that power was from the jewl embedded in your wrist that your father gave you..."

"yeah but... i thought it was just to learn the spells in his book..."

"Magic is always subject to change..."

"Say death ya don't suprose i could see that jewl eh?"
"Death and Toimapuri eyed the blonde "ranger" who had a look of theivery upon him...

"ah it's ok at least i gotchur wallets!:"

He sped off toward the town and tomapuri cast a spell removing his inventory and emptying it into her own intergalactic pocket...

She smiled contently and started walking back toward the city...

"You ever though of just up and building a house here? I bet we could do all sorts of interesting stuff..."

Something clicked in Death's mind at that moment... yous ay we're going to have a son Tomapuri?"

"or a daughter..."

"yes... or a daughter..."

Somewhere, miles away, a pale old man with red hair coughed...


"...I was just wondering... umm"

Death started to shuffel his foot..."

"well if you wanted to raise a family together... um somewhere near here... that way we can assist against the dark and um... well you know... bring her up right..."

Tomapuri blushed.. "you're asking for my hand aren't you..."

"well yeah kind of..."

"OOOOOH DEATH!" she leapt into his arms "i've been expecting those words for ten years! THANK YOU THANK YOU!"

she hugged him tightly and smiled wikedly before letting go...

"let's go to the chappel right now!"

It wasn't long before they'd said their vows and actually wlaked out together with a slight musical accompanyment by a freindly bard who charged a bit much. The couple then went home and enjoyed their first real honeymoon on the outskirts of the city in the moonlight. Tomapuri looked up at death smiling and he gazed into her deep multi-colored eyes...

"i know that look" he said narrowing his brow... "theres something you haven't told me..."

"I lied the last two times, I'm not really with child... but err... I am now..."

"..." death just fell onto his side and said "ah I'ts no big suprise to me now..."

"wow you took that better than i thought..." she said smiling at him... death slapped his forehead and then hours lated shouted in his sleep "Gosh Darned Era I'm freakin' Stuck in..."

Day came and they set about at gathering wood a few magical hexes and spells and a house of wood with the strenghte of steel was forged just 2 miles outside of the great walls, it sat bare in the open compltley noticeable with its bright color scheme of red, purple, green, and yellow. It sat there, quietly, cozylie, a bit of smoke billowing from the chimney... and just like that...

4 years passed...

Young Nakahara was indeeed female, she had cyan hair and purple eyes, she inherited traits which seemed to come from nowehre, and she was gladly accepted and raised as their own. She had a pale look but very sharp vampire-like teeth. Her ears seemed stunted this time, and she was just begingin to learn to talk. Since then, Death had only communicated once to his father via leter, telling him about his cozy little home and how he was settling down, the father only replied with 3 words: "You Discust Me" He aparently had expected a son who wasn't so early to settle down stop advennturing, though the adventuring was still going on, though he no longer used his shoes, Death occasionally would go monster hunting with QUad bow int he mountains, Quad bow never changed despite being arrested on 20 differint occasions, he always seemd able to bail himself out... Tomapuri was still masting the vampire arts and she normally guarded the forests from any outsiders, man or beast. She also got a free snack with the deal so everythign was quite fine with her.

One day though, unlike many, Death went to see the king after having decimated another northern army...

"sire..>" he said out of line "I feel that our kingdom may infact be in danger again.. I noticed that they have been alerted to my prescence and the riflemen are being accompanied by wizards and warlocks, it won't be long before they find people like myself in their aid..."

"ah come come death..." the king said in a monotone voice "no one has yet to match your stregnthr..."

"well... I still fear the possibility..."

"you haven;'t gotten out much have you my boy..." the king said very unrealistically...

"I... suppose not... if i might ask... why have you been talking like a puppet latley?"

"... no reason, I do not nkow that you are talking about" the king answetred without a single change in tone of his voice... death looked about and saw a mage in an off-orange type of vommit yellow colored robe staring in a trance at the king...

he then thought back to a few years ago...

"He'll be playing right into our hands soon and then when they least expect it, we use the secret weapon...

"sire it has come to my attention that you are being controlled by a certtain mage on your staff through mind controll, one who claims to be your son when you have no living wife, I refuse to belive that such a thing is possible, I also fear that there is a weapon stored in the lake which could secrelty crumble this city and they have been waiting untitl he day of your death to call on an order which would invoulve a replacement of the advisory mages, in turn they will be replaced by necromancers from the noth AND on top of that THEY together will be able to summon the creature from the depths and THAT , is a bad fate for this fine city indeed..."

The sound of dropping metal wepaons sticking the floor erupted, all of the mages stared at death and one stared at him in utmost horror, his colleagues turned to him supiceously and then the mage shouted HE LIES!!!!!! and then started runnign towards him, he pulle dout a knife just as death attempted to stop him he saw the man actually stab himself and them placee the blade in his hand, he quickly turned ouver and shouted "AH HE'S STABBED ME!! AAAH!!!"

The king stood up and then started to shout monotone orders...


Death looked around the room... "Wait a second!!!"

Then the mage had an evil grin consume his expression as he coughed up blood and the king uttered "Burn his house and his family too..."

Death screamed "NO!"

his secure life had ovbously come to an abrupt end...

Death started to tun out of the room, pushing several guards out of the way, he then started running down a spiral staircase every not as then he came to a window at a diffetin side of the pillar he was walking down, the first opening showed the outskirs of the ciyt m, his home, and an ARMY of people already marching toward it "NO!!" he started running faaster coming to the next window he saw a long sleek black leg jet out of the water body outside of the city...


Running even faster he came to the next window and arrows flew just past his head it was quad bow! Shooting AT HIM!

Death continued down the stairwell and finally reached the bottom a mob of angy people began attacking him and he pushed throught he crowd with all of his pysical strenghte he ran to the edge of the city wall and blew a giant hole in it with his mind he ran through the opening and came to a crossroad, the monster attacking the city ott he right, his home being assulted to the left, he HAD to stop the mosnter first, he charged the greatest energy bombo f all time and let it fly , it struck the creature, whatever it was, dead on, the red flames consumed its body and then detonated dramatically, death thend toward his home and saw his fire being died to a stick she cried out as they lit her alaze , he was too, late, but his DAUGHTER, she had to be alright, his eyes filled with tears as his wife feel limp after shouting his name, death ran into his home and began searching around "OH GOD OH GOD PLEASE TELL ME THIS IS JUST SOME HORRIBLY DREAM! A NIGHTMARE!IT HAS TO BE!"

Leaving his home he saw his young daughter ablaze on an adgacent stick, the growd began to grobe at him and he was lifted off of the gorund and siultaneously tied to a pole, it was obviouse that HE was next, shouting death litterally turned the grouwd inside out with his mind... madnes was gripping his mind, he couldn't belive what they'd done, he let loose gravity waves upon the city forcing some walls to crumble, and trhen he felt his pwoer diminsh, his body started to reject his power source, the jewl fell from his wrist and shattered, death stared wide-eyed at the metal on the floor...

"my... lineage... i've... doomed... everything... OH GOD! WHY DID I CHOOSE TO STAY IN THIS GOD FORSAKEN PLACE!"

he closed his eyes, hoping it was a dream, hopign he would wake up, he felt a sharp pain in his shoulder, again and agian,, he looked up and saw arrows jetting out from himself in the direction thery were pointed was quad-bow who had a disapointed expression, but also one of anger, the city walls suddenly collapsed in on themselves, killing hundreds of thousands, deeath stared in dismay as only smoke and dust rose form the ground, everytiing fell slent, death fored out the arrwos but was only struck again, finally he turned and started to flee, as fast as he could with his injuries, throught he trees he could hear an army follwoing him, and he could also hear the footsteps of ironclad troops on the nearing march, he could also hear the sound of quad bow leaping throught e trees the visions of his family being burned and dead runnig through his mind, death continued stepping forward through thr forest, limping from time to time, finally he reached the end and realized he was in a murky river, the river wound about like a wide creek. It was infact a swamp... death then was forced to trudge through the murkey water, he supposed that going downsteram he would be able to evade his pursuiers, but every time he tried to rest he only heard the sounds following him. He tracked for 8 days without food or rest, the madness was consuming him, he was being to see illusions and delerium was setting in, the Famine and thirst wer ethe most consuming affets on his body though.. With no pwoer source his body felt like it hadn't eaten in decades, he finally found himself so lost that he fel into the water, realizeing the murkey water WAS just water he dipped his hands into it and started to drink,t his relife was discuting in taste but his body felt a little rejuvinated form it. He did so some more... and then some more... and finally he dunked his head intot he water and practially inhaled whatever it was, water, and moss alike. He gave a sigh of relife and was then struck in the back of hte head with 20 arrows, simultanously, he felt the peice his eyes, nose, toung, chin, mouth, brain, he fell forward and the arrwos actually slid out of his skull, his body floated to the surface witht e arrows at its side, blood dripping from his skull was turning the water red... his last though was...

"I will avenge you tomapuri... nakahara..."

and the darkness... silent blackness... nothing... nothing that he'd expected, no great lights or lands of no sunset or dawning, no wife no kids no father no mother just lonley, lonley darkness...

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The warriors caught up tot eh courpse which had started to sink into the water... quad bow crossed his arms... "welll you can't let his cape go to waste..." he started to rob the clothes litterally off his back, he jammed a knife into the pale-dead wrist and uncovered nothing... finaly being satisfied with his body search, quad bow trudged back out of the swamp with the search crew and they went back to celebrate their vanquishing onf the man who would go down as the GREATEST FOE in the history of Murthimne...


a frog croaks

a cicada chirps

a crickit rubs its lets together and harmony arises in the sounds of brilliant swamp ambience...

and then...

a scream...

a horrible horrbile inhuman scream, fueld by madness, delirium, hatred, want for revenge, loss, sadness, hapiness long since passed, and such great and powerfull regret, so pwoerfull that the conciounce is no more, the conseouse is a living hell... and thought he body is broken, worn and dead, it stands again int the murk swamp a silouete lit by moonlight...

Red,bloodshot eyes peering over what should be limp hands and a question...

"why am I still alive?"

He touched his pale fingers to his face and was shocked to standing up abruptly when realizing that he couldn't feel his face. Death then took himself up out of the murkey water. The Ambience coNtinued as he trurged toward a nearby shore. His feet being cutt by twigs and stone. he couldn't feel anything happening though. He landed on the shore, his weakened knees could go no more. He lost his ballance an fell. as his head colilded with the stone he felt something for a second his the back of his head. He ran his fingers back and came to a protuding object which he nurvously moved forward and back along it's rough surface. The soil below him was soft and feeling as if it could give at any moment. Death thought back to what had happened before waking up in the swamp. He remembered his wife... who'se name had been lost in his memory... and his daughter... nakahara... sweet nakahara... burnt on a steak only for being asociated with him... he was trying to do them a favor... those HEARTLY BASTARDS! THEY KILLED HIS WIFE AND DAUGHTER! THEY WOULD FEEL TRUE PAIN! AS SOON AS HE GOT HIS STRENGHTH UP HIS REVENGE WOULD BE MADE! but then he clenched his fist. Around the arrow hilt. Clenching his teeth he pulled and it wiggled a bit but refused to be freed. Death turned toward the water... and knealt in the soil. he pressed his head downward, using as much strenghte as was left in him... holding out his left arm, he began to charge the energy of his brain crystal. It felt as if it would work, but then it sizzled and slipped out of his flesh. his loose flesh. It had rejected the sphere. nd then the unthinkable, it shattered and exploded into a multi-dimensional puff of air. Death stared in horror, at where his power supply had been, it being gone now, he had only the strenghte left in him. He pulled at the arrow, and it finally gave way, but at a price, his feeling in his legs went dead. He slipped and fellinto the water, just as the arrow was removed... a few minutes went by... his body submerged in the swamp, the feeling, hearing, and vision went dead. He sat... in silence... thinking to himself...

"is this what death is like? Or am I in hell?"

and then there was an echoing voice that called out

Do you recognize me?

Death sat up... his eyes wide open... his feeling was back again... he felt the back of his head and daringly pushed his fingers into a gaping hole where his temporal lobe shoul've been. he then felt, lightly, a thread of brain, connecting itself to his spinal coord. he was tempted to pull it until it broke, but something made him retract his hand. It shouldn't have been enough for him to stand up agian. and yet he found himself able to. The voice that had talked, was nowhere in sigt and death still was wondering to himself.
"why WHY WHY ME!!"

and finally he tried to shout it out... but he'd been inhaling the swamp water for a good few minutes, water jetted past his vocal coords and partially out of his lungs dripping down his chin... he started to ghasp for air but only sucked down more water and this nearly put him in shock as he quickly started spuring in and out water jetting out of his mouth... death then realized he didn't have to breathe... so he simply stopped and exhaled what water was left... he had no pain from collapsing his lungs... death turned toward the soil again and saw a small dirt path leading away... "I may not remember some things, but at least i know a dry road when i see one" he thought to himself as he trudged out of the murkey swamp on weakneend legs.

it was then that he realised the forest ambience had died and he was now submerged in eerie silence. He then heard a loud drum beatin gin the distance. A water dew droplet slipped off of a leaf and onto death's hand. This caught his attention. he observed. Unfortunetly he was too late to notice the spear pointed in his face, he suddenly was being shouted at in an unusual and primitive language. Death turned and saw a uncivilized native, wearing animal skins, and bearing primitive weaponrly, along with some coerds in similar dispositions. theys tarted to force death backward. And he soon noticed he was being lead into a tribal area, past a fire he then saw what looked like primitive holding cells held together wtih stalagmites and stalagtites that had been intenionally placed. he saw glowing eyes peering at him from the darkness of these cells. Inhuman... unalive.. entities... Like himself ? Perhaps now he had to accept his fate... death stepped back into a similar cell and suddenly fell back he felt something in the back of his head snap against a jagged rock and then all at once at the speed of thought his legs gave out and all feeling was lost his sight and vision went dead and everythign was cold dark and silent.

"is this what death is like?"

"how much time has passed now?"

"Am I still alive?"

"Has it been a second, a day, a week a year perhaps im even buried now..."

"Where am I? What can I do... why are my memories gone?"


Death sat in the darkness for quite some time. Before hearing a voice call out. It was the same one as before.

So young man... do you not remember me?

"who are you?" "Where did you come from?" "Can you help me?"

I am an old freind...

"But... who are you?"

I am your mind...

"But... But if you're my mind... then what am I?"

You're a soul, impisioned in a mortal coil that has lost some of itself...

"...So I'm not dead?"

Not yet anyway... besides theres no use rushing that... it hasnt even been half a second to me after...

"A half a second... since what?"

Since the death of your wife and daughter... you see... men sometimes choose to forget memories of the past which they found to hurtfull to dare to keep inside of them, and that is how they go on with their lives. UNFORTUNETLY THE MIND cannot forget such memories and is forced to endure them for ETERNITY WHILE THE FUCKING SOUL GOES FREE!!! YOU'RE SO GOD DAMNED LUCKY you know that... and that's why Im going to have you do a little job for me...

"what do you want from me?"

As long as you're here... so am I... do you remember the name... of Karashi...

"karashi? no i don't..."

That's because in magic school you were told that he was so evil that his name shouldn't even be thought of... but I did something... OH you bet I did... ALOT of thinking infact! INFACT I DID RESEARCH WHILE YOU WERE ASLEEP!! AHHAH! AND I KNOW JUST WHAT WE NEED to get that Revenge that WE BOTH WANT...


yes... YES... we SHOULD do that.. heheeh

"and then I can join them in death..."

...i suppose you can... heh... but in order to do so... you'll have to let me inside...

"what do you mean?"

Step aside and give me the biological reins... so i'm not just a calculating machine...

"what do you mean?"


Deaths body pulsated and soon it began to grow new cells which were supposed to be iiriplacible and soon the body stood up on its own, and a dark red eye peered out from inside the cave... and the voice started to flare up. Praying prayres to a souless evil force which had long since been destroyed now reborn in the words being spoken by a madman's mind... death couldn't controll himself as he began to pray more and more and soon his body was ready for total war. a new strenghte came over him, he broke from the seal and released his fellow undead and then they picked up tortched from the flames some set themselves on fire intentionally and they rampaged and dined on the flesh of the people of the small tribe who gave verry little reisstance. Death rallied his new freind around... with blood dripping from his lips. he smiled at his group and said "WE MARCH EAST AND WE FOLLOW HE PATH OF THIS SWAMP AND THEN WE SHALL REAK THE FRUITS UPON HITTING GROUND THERE! ALL HAIL LORD KARASHI! THE NECROMANTIC GOD!"

"HERE HERE" The decaying creatures skwaked... and so suiting up with stolen clothing and armor, the tattered remnants of man being led by a red haired figure began to travel along the banks of the swamp until they came to rest, endlesly for 7 days and nights they traveled with an unfailing endurance, upon reaching a small city, made of stone, and sitting at the place where the swampy waters began layed a stone with a red aura pouring from it into the murkey swamp waters and travling down stream. Death observed the stone and finally realized that it was created by Karashi himself... his soul cried in horror as the mind used some inner strenghte to break the boulder with his mind.... laying in the place, stabbed into the water, was an unharmed, unrusted, eternally sharp double katana... it had two katana blades placed directly nect to one another so that two cuts could be made simultaneously, and it burned with a dark ora... death's soul cringed as the hand reached out and grasped the handel, written in cursed insignias his body began to glow red, lifting the sword into the air, the dark figure became surrounded with light and he then marched up onto a hill standing in the center of a nearby broken town, he lifted it into the air and screamed "I AM KARASHI EMBODIED ONCE AGAIN! I AM HIM INCARNATE! ALL THOSE WHO HAD ONCE FOLLOWED HIM! SHALL NOW!!!! FOLLOW ME!!!!!

Suddenly Wrights, Liches, and hundreds of armored courpses and dead wizards rose from the ground bearing unwanted greetings. "WHY HAVE YOU DISTURBED OUR ETERNAL SLUMBER!?"




Waving the mystical sword suddenly every undead body went into a formation and the sword protrueded outward toward the north...




And now for your viewing pleasure...


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Jul 8, 2002, 02:22 PM
The undead armies continued slowly on into the swamp, they crossed it, passed over mountaints, encountered some small homes built int he mountaints and killed the residents. They continued throught the mountains finishing off any tribal people along the way and finally they came upon a small villiage. The peasentry were just mingling about minding their own business, and then one looked ot the hills around the town and saw hundreds of undead warriors comming down the mountainside being led by a red-haired Neko-jin dressed in black with a dark red cape weiling a terrific looking sword shining off of the sunlight.
The calls went out and archers mounted upon the towers, warriors and brave knights readied themselves to protect the town, and in came Death, alone, being acompanied by two liches, he held a hand and told them to stop and start spell casting, moving toward the valiant figures he stood before them.
"I want your bodied..."
"I am the only one you shall fight then..."
Unsheithing the double-katana Death brought up his sword and it colided with the knights. He twisted his katana and sliced the knights sword in half. He then stabbed the knight with it and watched as his skin turned into dust only his skeleton remained attactched he then tossed the body at his allied and it detonated into a ball of lightening which struck the nearby warriors all that was left of the knights were their sizling boots with bits of flesh sticking out of them.
"Forget about them! FIRE!"
The archers arrows began to fly and they only bounced around the looming figure, theyturned back and struck each archer who let an arrow fly. Death lifted his hands and the archers then stood back up after falling and began to turn toward their fellow archers who were not struck firing arrows and stabbing them with daggers. Death continued his march foward through the town and then he pointed a finger forward. Hundreds of Wights and Zombies quickly bolted past him and began stricking down the townspeople with Rustry Swords and Battle axes, then the people who were struck down stood up again and took up arms agains thteir fellow comrades.

Death then went up to the mayor and touched his hand to his face lifting him into the air...
"WHO ARE YOU?" He cried...
Death rammed his fist through the mayors chest, the palipitating heart in his hand, he squeezed it and blood shot aroudn in all directions, licking his lips, death pulled his hand out of the mayor and let the lifeless body drop,
Death turned and saw the still standing town...
"Burn it, leave no stone unturned, destroy everythign!"
The town was taken to the tortch and on the crushed and black suit that was the remains of the town the undead forces made camp, it consited of hundreds of zombies simply standing watiint to be given orders, on the scortched steps of the mayors office, Death stood and raised his hands into the air.
All of the zombies Cheered.
There were more cheering

There was a great ammount of cheering that lasted into the day... the Necromancer was enjoying his little puppets too much.
He sent the bodies forth and scattered them for miles around, NOrth reported back with Victories, as did south, but East and west never returned...
Decidiing to investigate these losses Death himself started marching toward the east. His undead armies ever growing as he walked along, and burried bodies stoff up and took up arms along with him,, just by steepping by abody it immediatley served HIM.
It was then that the fortification of the Ironclad warriors were reached.
"These were what were once called the greatest terror to ever exist in the world..."
"HAHA!" A yes-man zombie laughed.
"Whatsay we show them who the new boys are in town?" he turned with a smile
"HAHAAAAA" the zombies jaw fell of...
The zombies began to run toward the town and neared the great gates... suddenly the gates became unhinged and fell atop the attackers crushing bone and flesh... hundreds of zombies were destroyed by the sheer weight of the doors. Standing at the entrance was a blonde figure wtih a patch over his once metalic eye, a sharp metalic arm to his side, dark black armor with many spikes abotu it surrounding his body, and his arms crossed.
"EXCEPT ME!" The Necromancer shouted over the hills.
The Blonde figure turned toward him, his eye widened...
The Necromancer ran forward over the gates rifles were fired at him, iron passing through his flesh, ripping him apart, he kept runing forward with unfailing endurance, he then unseither his katana and struck down the blonde figure...
"I know not of what you speak... But I do know this... everything that you know is DEAD!"
Stabbing the sword like butter throught he dark armor Death cutt up the warrior like nothing, and then he looked at thousands of armored warriors, bearing thick suits of armor, some stood 11 feet tall embedded in thick black Iron, Riflemen Stood ready to fire, primitve bowmen armed with Iron arrows lied in wait Iron swords were even bore.
"Try your worst on me FOOLS!" Death ran through the crowd which had all centerded on him, he let his katana fly and it made lightening pass through the iron a perfect condctor fo the system shock energy hundreds exploded into somke with just a single strike of the dark sword whtie lightening leapt from man to man detonating them in shades of red and black. He kept contiuing through the pile, blocking every blow with his bare hands, shouleders and elbows, finally he brough the sword onto the last man and found himself standing atop a pile of burnt Iron... He took advantage of this and animated hundreds of giant skeeltons and iron goulums finally he sharpened his sword against a grindstone and told his new army along with his old to make the final blow to the west! The last place which fueled his hatred in the first place! AND THAT THEY WOULD RISE AND BECOME GODS of the planet! And so they together marched off into the setting sun...

Jul 9, 2002, 06:54 PM
The undead armies marched for months, deteriorating, throught eh feilds, armored warriors trampled over the useles piles along the way, tired, weary, suffering from fatuge, but ever vigalent, death neared his final task of vengence. The only remaining kingdom in the land on the continant. His troops which he had sent were destroyed, gathering knowledge from the ironclad town Death was able to asses that they were still vulnerable and couldn't wisthstand iron. Death had lost complete track of time. When he neared the final mountainside, before reaching a large chasm, he was prepared to look down and see the still prospering kingdom which had exiled and murdered him, had defiled his wife and daughter, all beacause he had sworn himself to protecting it. He looked over the edge and saw standing there...


The once mighty stone walls that had surrounded the kingdom were no longer standing, the villiages within appeared crushed below a pile of debris, the pallace located in the center was being held up by nothing... his small house which had been constructed lie in ruins... all of his past memories came to him and he took them for lies... "THIS PLACE NEVER EXISTED?!" he said in a shock... he refused to belive it... he was unsatified with his revenge... he ran down the side of the hill and came to rest before the ashes... he purried his face into his hands and tried to cry but his tear ducts had long-since shriveled. the nearby moat had dried up. he stared at the world around him and began to feel the chaos rising in him, to destroy even the WORLD!

And then... a figure appeared before him... above the rupple, in a feild of purple, long flowing hair, she looked like a pale goddess. An angel bathed in purple with hair and clothing all in a shade of off-violet.

"Who... who are you?" he questioned to the indigo entity...

it ignored his heed completley and spoke on its own with a voice that calmed the wind.

"There once was a girl who had a father..."

"everyone has a father..." he said mezmorized in reply...

"He left her for dead one day... laying in the bruned arms of her mother, she layed on the ground forgotten and childlike..."

"such a sad tale... it sounds like something familiar..."

"The father had no faigthe and she was left to the care of the father of her father before..."

"who... what is this story you tell?" memories, cloudy, began to surface in his mind... memories of HIS father before him... HE wasnt the father! HE HAD a father! The Father was... WAS..."

"HE Cared for the young girl and raised him as her own until his dying breath! and on his death bed he left his grandaughter with the truth! THE TRUTH OF HER FATHER!"

With that the dark energies began swirling around both figures, showring over the feilds in rays of black red and indigo, penetrating the grass, killing it and then miraculouslely bringing it back to life with each wave of energy.


Death looked wide eyed into the eyes of the woman... the eyes burned like those of...

"naka... hara... is that..."


A pause, the sound of flesh being peirced, blood flowing, FLOWING? BLOOD ACTUALLY FLOWING?

Death looked down at his stained hands... his wrist burned, feeling like it needed something...

and then a memory....


He looked at an energy blade, red as the color of his hair, peircing him through the gut, it was fixed in place by the angelic figure who'se eyes still appeared loveley despite their expression of hatred and despisition.

"Twas I who waited for you..."

"i've waited my whole life to be with you Nakahra..."


The blade twisted, blood shot out of the once mighty Necromancer's mouth... he began to laugh wildly ...

"SO you THINK you CAn KilL tHe DeSTroYer CIgoTUL!?"

"You are nothing..."



The blade swung upward peircing the rotting prain and ripping the spine in two, another hand was brough forth by the indigo godess as she shrieked even resounding like song birds... and then there was only light...

light which was cast for miles... and then an explosion... a shape of a mushroom rising from the ground, loneley upon the long-since-dead plains. And walking from the epecenter, waves of electromagnetic energy simply washing around her... stepped the Daughter of Deathkiller. She bore on her shoulders two spheres of energy, embedded in her wrist, another, she dematerialized the blade and only continued walking away, the energys passing by her, around her, but not through her, despite their tremendouse force, which ripped apart the ground, shockwave upon shockwave rode across the earth, forcing it to cave in, across the air she walked, out of the crater, through the dead forests and the trees, past the courpses turned to dust while standing, past the still-living feilds, through the ash and burning snow thereafter, and into a quiet part of the forest, untouched by the explosion, to a small pile of rocks, with a cross stuck intot he ground, made out of mere twigs. The young girl knealt in her indigo dress, and brough forth a peice of flesh.

"Here you go papa... You're son has returned to you..."

Laying the still tatooed with Silver nitrate peice of flesh laying next to the grave to rot, she wept, and stood up, letting her tears simply dry themselves away. She left it all behind her, the destroyed world, the rampaged city, the ruined forest, and a small pile of rocks...

she then stopped in mid-pace and turned half-way, pivoting her glance toward the grave...

"My name was never Nakahara... I was the son that never was... I am... Shinokorosha..."