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2 weeks after the encounter of Insa-Elenor, Kei and Helena had graduated from the Hunters Guild as racaseals. Kei, now relatively skilled with guns, decided to learn the way of the blade as well, and thus was trained by her father. Helena on the other hand, had decided to stick with guns, and further improve her skills. WC took it upon herself to show Helena just what Ragol was like beyond the Guild's training.


Chapter 1

It was early morning, Helena was laying in her bed. It was early morning, and she had just woken up, but decided to rest just a little longer. It felt good to lay in bed when you're tired, and just as she was about to drift back off into sleep...


The blaring alarm clock roused her from her peaceful state. The sudden shock of it made her jump, and she quickly rolled over and mashed the button to turn the alarm off. She looked at the time. "4:30am @[email protected] Why did I set my alarm so early O_o" she thought out loud as she stretched. She looked around her room. It was a mess. Clothes on the floor, dishes everywhere, various things scattered throughout the place- nal polish bottles, books, a phone, last night's clothes, hairpins- anything you could imagine a 17 year old girl owning you could probably find on her floor. In a neat little pile in the opposite corner of the room was her armour, some weapons, and her Preta (better known as "Ducky") mag, which was now awake. "Oh... now I remember..." she thought as she got out of bed. Today she was actually going down to Ragol for the first time. She thought she was ready. The Guild's training had brought her to clearance and strength level 54, and she had saved up her money and bought a decent varista at the store. The training simulations were a piece a cake, she thought going down wouldn't be too difficult. Helena wrapped herself in her housecoat, and headed to the bathroom. She had a quick shower, and looked at herself in the mirror as she dried her hair. Blue eyes, short blonde hair. The eyes she could understand, that came from her father. But how did blonde hair come to be? Nakago sure as hell didn't have blonde hair, and WC was well.... what could she say? Her mom was a droid with cosmetic and anatomical upgrades, and even then her hair was a dark-green/black colour. She shrugged, and went back to her room. She put on her undergarments, then a blue pair of shorts, and a blue shirt, both made of a highly impact/rip resistant material. Then came the yellow chest plate and upper le?g protectors, which kind of made it look like she was wearing a bathing suit and a short metal skirt with no front. She put on the yellow forearm covers, protective gloves, and upper arm/shoulder guards, before pulling up socks near her knees, made of the same material as the gloves. She slipped the blue, armored and custom painted shoes on her feet, and put the varista in her inventory. Slipping on the helmet-like hair cover, she got angry as her hand ran over the little hair piece at the top. Looking in a mirror, she looked like a french maid in yellow, which she hated, as it attracted a lot of stares, and a lot of comments she didn't want. Her mag had fallen back asleep on one of the pillows on her bed. "Hey" she softly spoke as she poked the mag. "Wake up, it's time to go." The mag looked at her, annoyed. "Quaaaaack -.-;;;" the mag wanted to sleep. "Quack yourself, we're going now O_o" she carried the mag for a few seconds before it flew behind her shoulder and followed her. Helena headed for the door, but before she got there, a pleasant aroma had filled the air, coming from the kitchen. ~gurgle~ She could actually hear her stomach rumbling, she hadn't eaten since lunch the previous day, and she was hungry. She went to the kitchen, to find her mom in her housecoat, cracking open some rappy eggs while some gulgus-gue bacon fried in the pan. She had no idea what a gulgus-gue is, but didn't want to find out. Tasted too good, didn't want to ruin it. "Mom, you're up early o_O" Normally WC slept in, she wondered why her mother was up early. "Well, your alarm clock woke me up, seeing as you're going somewhere thought I would make you breakfast.. Just where are you going anyway? O_o" WC asked as she stirred the rappy eggs with a spatula, scrambling them. "^-^; Thanks! Going down to Ragol for my first time today, wanted to get a head start before it got flooded with people ^-^;;" Helena replied as WC put the food, and a glass of synthetic orange juice in front of her. Beside the juice as a small cup, filled with a black liquid. "Aww... Mom, do I have to drink this stuff? It tastes horrible >_<" she whined as she pushed away the cup. "You may be mostly human, but you're half droid too ya know. If you don't drink it, well.. Let just say the consequences aren't too painless O_o Now you can drink it separate and wash the taste away with the juice, or I'll have to mix it in with your food =/" WC told Helena, placing a bowl filled with star atomizer fluid on the floor for Preta to drink. Oil mixed with food. Helena shuddered at the thought, and quickly drank the oil before chugging down half of the glass of juice to wash the horrible taste away. Half droid, half human, a crossbreed. Although some people enved her, it was also the bane of her life. It brought on a lot of mockery from others, and just made her feel like a freak in general. Plus she had to drink a small cup of that horrid oil every morning. Once in awhile, it made her feel sick to her stomach. On top of that, she was only born a few years ago. Being half droid had accelerated her growth to this point before it slowed back down to normal, and she felt she had missed out on a lot. War Child gave a good, long look at Helena. "Your first day... they seem to send them out younger and younger nowadays.. Next thing you now they'll be sending children O_o" Helena was only three and a half, but due to the accelerated growth, she never referred to her as a child. "You sure you're ready for this?" She asked, wondering just how much training was given for the new batch of hunters, rangers, and forces to have graduated so quickly. "Mom, stop worrying http://www.pso-world.com/psoworld/images/phpbb/icons/smiles/icon_razz.gif I'm level 54, and this varista I have should be able to do some damage. Boomas aren't that threatening o_O Besides, I passed the simulations in normal, hard, and very hard, this should be a cakewalk ^-^;" WC couldn't believe what she was hearing. Boomas where creatures created in the simulators for basic training, but were nowhere near what they would face once the people actually got down to the planet. For self-defense and other purposes on Pioneer 2, the) varista was a respectable weapon, but was nowhere near what would be needed down on Ragol. On top of that, the threat on Ragol was much more dangerous than a creature invented out of a scientist's mind. Why didn't the Guild teach them these things? "I can't believe this.." her mother muttered in an annoyed tone. "Eat, I'll be right back." she said as she walked towards the bathroom. WC quickly showered, dried, got dressed, and slipped on her armour, which hadn't been used in awhile. She whistled, and varaha was soon following her. WC quickly put some items into her inventory, and ran back into the kitchen. "Ahhhh this feels great! Its been awhile since I've worn this.." she smiled as she walked back into the kitchen. Helena turned around, to see her mother was ready to join her. "Um mom, what are you doing? It's illegal for you to go down now.. -_-;" she nagged. Typical teenager, didn't want to spend much time with her parents. "Oh I'd get in deep crap if I got caught, but that doesn't keep me from going down once in awhile anyway http://www.pso-world.com/psoworld/images/phpbb/icons/smiles/icon_wink.gif " she winked to Helena as she wrote a note to tell Naka that she would be out. Helena just looked at her oddly. Her mom wasn't always one to follow the rules, but this was overboard. "But what if you get caught, we can't have you going to jail.." she tried to persuade her into not coming. "The keywords in that is "get caught". As long as I don't get caught, we'll be fine! Not like they check ID or anything at the teleporter." WC argued back, then urged Helena to hurry up "Now come on, lets go. The longer we wait, the more awake the guards will be.". "I guess there's just no stopping you..." she sighed as she wiped her hands clean, and followed WC out the door. The two walked to the Hunters District, to find guards were asleep on the job. "Easy enough ^-^" WC chuckled as she walked through teleporter door, Helena following. When they were both in, Helena hit the button that would have the transporter send them to the first sector of the forest.

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Is anyone reading this? O_o anyways here's chapter 2

Chapter 2

Forest 1. Helena was excited, nervous, fearful, yet happy at the same time. The crisp, sweet air of the planet filled her lungs as she took a deep breath. Ragol's air had a much higher oxygen rate, and being part human, made Helena a little more hyper. The sun was just rising, the scenery looked beautiful. She almost wanted to just stay in this little cul-de-sac and relax. But now wasn't the time for that. She took out her varista and walked quickly ahead. WC grinned. She remembered her first day quite well, and the beatings the came along with it. She followed Helena, the yellow racaseal excitedly running out of the protection of the laser barrier and into the first room. She slowed down, her eyes darting left and right as she walked towards the centre of the area. WC lied down on the ground, watching through the scope of her Anti-Android Rifle. WC knew her daughter well, and the only way Helena would learn would be the hard way. Helena took a few more steps forward and ~CRACK!~ she had stepped on a stick. The bartles dug themselves out from their underground hiding spot, eyeing their prey. "What the hell is that!?" Helena screamed, hoping to get an answer from her mother. WC just watched through the scope, waiting for Helena to do something. The bartles came at Helena at a speed she'd never encountered before. All four of them charged her at the same time. Helena looked into the eyes of one, and she froze. This was nothing like the training the guild had given her. In a panic, she aimed at the first one she saw and rapidly pulled the trigger of her varista. The bullets bounced of the bartles like pebbles of sand, the bartles didn't even notice. "Get out of there!" WC yelled at her daughter. She was a good sniper, but she wouldn't be able to take out all four bartles fast enough. She aimed at the head of the bartle in front of Helena, and fired a few rounds. It dropped dead, leaving Helena an opening to run away. Helena dashed the hell out of the way of the three other bartles, running back behind the protective laser barrier. WC quickly followed.

"Just what the hell were those!?" Helena yelled, panting. Those creatures were nothing like the ones she had faced in the training simulations at the guild, and her hard earned varista was about as useful as a water pistol. Helena was one to act more on emotion than on actual logic. She was scared, she was sad, but worst of all, she was pissed off- not only at the guild for insufficient training, but at herself since she was powerless against the monsters that awaited beyond the protective gate. "Those my dear girl, were bartles.. They populate most of the forest, and they only get stronger..." WC replied softly, trying not to aggravate her daughter further. "They get STRONGER than that!? Damn it, why am I even here.." Helena pouted, turning around and heading for the teleporter. "Oh no you don't, you're not quitting that easily" WC nagged, grabbing Helena's shoulder.

War Child eyed Helena's varista. "Let's start you off with something a little bit bigger.." she grinned, winking at Helena. She turned around, and pulled something out of her inventory. She turned back to Helena, and pushed the item into Helena's chest, "Here! ^-^" WC cheerfully said as she gave Helena the item. Helena almost fell over from having the heavy thing pushed into her chest. She grabbed the handle and the bottom of the barrel, and regained her balance. "Ack! X_x careful! O_O An inferno bazooka... but this is lighter, and the barrel's bigger o_O Where did you get this?" She asked. She always wanted an inferno bazooka, but could never afford one, let alone find one. "It's an srank... you can get them by doing that teamwork test under seven and a half hours.." WC answered her daughter, pointing her towards a crate on the ground. "That teamwork test.. everyone just said it was a waste of time and only for geeks and snobs O_o" she commented, remembering people snickering at her when she almost took it. "No, geeks are people who attack the people helping them and think its funny. Snobs are people who religiously refuse things from the black market, or use things they didn't find themselves." WC mocked. "Some people refused to set a pipe so I could join them because a friend figured out how to make me some red mechguns, and even modify the ammo to be more effective. A few of my friends have even been cussed away by them." "Wow, some people..." Helena thought out loud. "Practice on the crate, fire three rounds, then reload" WC instructed. Helena took the usual stance while using shots. She fired three rounds, the recoil forcing her to bend back slightly with every shot. Se popped out the still partially full clip of shells, took the new clip, inserted it, and closed the slot. WC had been watching, counting the entire time. "Seven seconds.. Pretty good!" She complimented. "Hit the exact same spot each time too!" She continued praising. "Go ahead, try the bartles again, lets see what you can do with the bazooka http://www.pso-world.com/psoworld/images/phpbb/icons/smiles/icon_razz.gif" WC said as she gave Helena a light push towards the direction of the barrier. Helena walked through the barrier, and aimed at the already approaching bartles...

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I'm reading. http://www.pso-world.com/psoworld/images/phpbb/icons/smiles/icon_smile.gif So keep writing, you!

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Ya! present! hey, I like the lil faces you put in the text every now and then. It kinda brings the words to images in my head, funny ones http://www.pso-world.com/psoworld/images/phpbb/icons/smiles/icon_razz.gif

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Wonder where food comes from?

Chapter 3

The first beast charged at Helena full speed, leaning forward and retracting its head into its shell, ignorant of the fact that its demise would come by the big grey contraption in Helena's hands. She fired- with a loud ~BOOM~ the shell exploded from the barrel and flew towards its target. The bartle didn't even have time to roar in pain before the shot went perfectly through the neck hole, and its upper body had exploded into gibs. The remaining half fell to the ground and rolled past Helena, beside WC, blood squirting everywhere. Half of War Child was soon soaked in it. "Ugh >___< Helena, no head shots or shots going through the entire body! Go straight through the gut!" WC yelled in annoyance. To her that was one of the worst parts of the job- the mess afterwards. "Sorry mom ^-^;;" Helena quickly apologized as she took aim at the next bartle. Another shot fired, and the bartle stopped dead in its tracks. A large hole had been put through its lungs and heart. It collapsed to the ground, revealing the third and last bartle of the room, which stood still, unsure of how to take on the yellow clad threat. Helena wasn't going to wait for it to do something though. Again she fired, this time with less control, the recoil pushing her upper back slightly, throwing her aim off a bit. The shell flew an upward curve, clipping off the bartle's entire right half.

"Ok Helena, I think that's enough of the bazooka today o_o;;;;" WC said, sounding slightly sickened. "At least until you learn to kill things with a little less gore O_o". "Awww come on! This is fun ^-^" Helena argued, liking her new weapon. "Not until you get a little practice first, if we were with normal people they'd probably have their lunch on the floor by now -.-;;" WC nagged like almost all others do. "Awww you're no fun T_T" Helena whined, putting the gun away. "Here, try these.." WC said as she handed Helena a pair of mechguns with a gold-glowing photon pack in each. "Srank mechguns? O_o Mechguns are weak -.-" Helena complained, holding the guns that were minuscule in size compared to the bazooka. Helena had a little bit of mechgun training, but only with a few of the more basic ones, nothing better than an non- percented assault, leaving an impression that they were more for show than for anything else. "Just try them..." WC told her daughter, annoyed slightly at her stubborness. "-_- fine, fine..." Helena muttered as she took aim at the wall. She pulled the trigger, and as soon as the first bullet left the barrels she had dropped the mechguns- the recoil on them was more than she expected. "O_o what the... what did you do to these?" Helena asked, surprised at these mechguns' power. "Nothing, they're just sranks" her mother replied, tossing Helena the fallen weapons. "Try again http://www.pso-world.com/psoworld/images/phpbb/icons/smiles/icon_razz.gif". Helena practiced on the wall for a minute, while WC watched, just thinking. "Just 17... sending them out younger every year.. Not even training them for what they'll face, and sending them to the slaughter.. The poor kids.. First accelerated growth, and she's hunting already. Was only three years ago when I was changing diapers... the next year I was keeping her from eating everything in the cookie jar and playing little girls' games with her. Now she's already in her teens T_T they grow up too fast... at least the accelerated growth stopped and she'll grow normally now..." she thought to herself as she looked at her daughter. She shook her head quickly- now was not the time to be overly nostalgic. "Ready for the next fight?" WC asked, trying to think of something else. "Thought you would never ask http://www.pso-world.com/psoworld/images/phpbb/icons/smiles/icon_razz.gif" Helena said as she walked past WC and through the door into the next room. War Child grabbed her rifle, and followed the eager ranger into the next room.

In it was a gulgus-gue, which rose from its feet upon hearing the door open. A large horn protruded from its neck, and it had the snout of a pig. "Mom, what is that?" she asked, never seeing such an odd looking beast. WC pondered telling her the answer, but couldn't bring herself to do it, and would rather have Helena discover the surprise on her own. "Do you really want to know? O_o" "Yes..." "Realllly? http://www.pso-world.com/psoworld/images/phpbb/icons/smiles/icon_razz.gif" "Yes I said o_O" "Are you sure?" "I said yes, tell me already! -.-" Helena was getting annoyed with conversation. The creature was slowly walking over to the two racaseals, wondering what they were. "Where do think the "gulgus-gue" in gulgus-gue bacon came from? ^-^;;" she asked, sounding slightly like she was teasing.



"Please say you're kidding.." Helena worriedly asked, looking back and forth at the animal and her mother. "Nope ^-^;;;" "O_O Auuugh! >____< Mom that's disgusting! Just.. Eww! T____T" Helena whined in a raised voice as she shuddered. "Nice thing to tell me while you're half covered in blood -.- I'll never be able to look at your food the same again." "Hit it only in the head and we can have lunch early http://www.pso-world.com/psoworld/images/phpbb/icons/smiles/icon_razz.gif" WC teased just as the gulgus-gue started circling the two. "Aahhhh quit it! >___<" Helena yelled. WC noticed the beast now behind them, grabbed Helena's shoulders, and spun her around. ~grrrr~ the gulgus-gue had it its teach exposed and was growling. "@[email protected] meep." Helena and WC backed away slowly, and Helena raised her mechguns. The enemy jumped at Helena, opening its mouth, aiming for her throat. Helena stepped to the side and fired the mechguns- photon bullets tore through the gulgus-gue's head, making it go limp in mid-air. ~THUD~ The body hit the ground and rolled a bit before coming to a stop, not moving. It was dead. WC walked over to it, and took out a very sharpened blade. "O_o um.. What are you doing" Helena asked. She knew parents did weird stuff, but this topped it all to her. "Well if we're gonna have lunch it might as well be fresh.." WC replied as she pried off the gulgus-gue's armour, and began cutting at the tender meat. "@[email protected] I think I'm gonna be sick.." Helena groaned, turning around. In a few minutes WC had put a rather large chunk of edible meat in a bag, and set a telepipe. Helena and WC went back to Pioneer 2, and started walking home. "I think that's enough for one morning." WC tried to spark conversation as the two walked. "I guess.." Helena quietly replied, doing her best not to look at the bag. It was only 8 am, not too many people would be up, or were already gone. They walked in the door of the house, where Nakago was just heading to the kitchen. He turned and looked to see his daughter and wife come home, WC half covered in blood. WC kissed him hello as she walked to the kitchen, putting the meet in the freezer. "Hi hun, was just helping Helena a bit ^-^;;;" She said as she put her armour in the laundry washing machine and headed to the bathroom to shower. "O.o; o..k..." Nakago had just woken up, he couldn't think of much to say on the subject.

~knock knock knock~ "Are you almost done yet!?" Helena yelled over the sound of the shower, outside the bathroom. "I just got in a few minutes ago.." WC replied, sounding a bit annoyed. "It's been almost 20 minutes, you've been in there long enough! -.-" Helena protested- she wanted to bathe as well. "So? O_o" WC answered, washing her hair. "... -.-" Helena, now annoyed, walked over to the kitchen sink and turned on the hot water. The water in WC's shower suddenly got very, VERY cold. "Ack! O_O!!!!! Fine fine I'm getting out!" WC screamed as she turned off the water. Helena showered, ending up taking longer than her mother, and went back to bed. She was tired from the morning, and decided to sleep some more.

End of Day 1

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More, I say!

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all i have to say is:


great fic http://www.pso-world.com/psoworld/images/phpbb/icons/smiles/icon_smile.gif.

maybe i should update mine....... heh XP

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Sorry for long times betwen updates @[email protected]

Chapter 4

Begin Day 5

Helena had gotten up early again. She showered, and as quietly as she could got dressed, got her mag and weapons, and headed out the door.

"I'm sorry ma'am, we can't give you access to the caves yet." "Er... why? -.-" Helena asked, wanting to go somewhere else to practice. "Ma'am, a hunter of your experience level shouldn't even be allowed to go to Ragol. Not only that, but a second half of the clearance level is needed to be granted access if you wish to go on your own- you must get through the forest sector." The rookie military officer replied to her as if she was inferior, almost mocking her. "Well, what if I found someone with the requirements needed, and they were to come with me- would I be able to go then?" Helena continued asking, trying to find a way to go to the caves- the forest was starting to bore her now, after practicing down there for the past few days. "Yes ma'am, if one of your little school friends actually got to through the forest, then you can go down there when you're with them." He mocked, his eyes going from looking at Helena's eyes (eye contact while talking to someone is a sign of respect) and slowly moving towards her chest. Helena was angered when she noticed this. "Look at my FACE when I'm talking to you, private!" she snarled, ready to knee him in the groin then and there. "Meow..." the ignorant military recruit continued mocking her, treading her rudely. Helena had had enough, and slapped him across the face, his neck snapping to the right, a hand mark across his face that would remain there for hours due to how hard she hit him. Helena turned and started to walk away, the officer holding the side of his face it. "Bitch... what kind of a salute was that!?" He yelled, thinking after that he deserved respect. Helena turned around, and saluted. "FUCK YOU, general DIP-SHIT, SIR!" She screamed, before storming off to find someone she knew who could get her into the caves.

"Stupid asshole, treating me like that.." Helena grumbled, walking by a few tables. At one of them she spotted a familiar little green racaseal, talking to Dr. Mome, papers scattered around the middle with an ano rifle and mechgun in the middle of the table. She eavesdropped, wondering what the two were discussing.

"I can't make this, it would burn through too many photon packs, a waste of resources!"

"Only if misused, besides, I can pay you."

"Would take an awful amount to convince me to waste my time on such a concept."

"200 000 meseta."


"400 000"

"Fine... but you have to test it. Something this crazy I'm not risking someone's live to test."

"Gun first, money after." WC scribbled down her guild-card number on a piece of paper. "Mail me when its finished."

The scientist reluctantly grabbed the papers and walked away, as WC put the items back into her inventory. Helena walked over. "What was that all about? O_o" She asked her mother, her curiosity now aroused. WC quickly answered. "Hmm? Its nothing, nothing at all ^-^;;" "I can tell when you're lying mom -.-" "Just wait and see, you'll see o_O I think you'll like it..." the conversation continued. "Anyway, would you be able to go to the caves with me?" she asked what she came to ask. "Aww I'm sorry hun.. A little busy today, have a few errands to run and clean the house.. Maybe tomorrow?" WC asked, not wanting her daughter to feel bad."Oh I know.." WC said as she pulled out a small, black, handheld computer screen with a few buttons with arrows on them. "My guild card list.. I'm sure one of my friends would help you http://www.pso-world.com/psoworld/images/phpbb/icons/smiles/icon_wink.gif" WC's beat watch beeped. "Have to go for one more medical checkup, make sure nothing's wrong with me after working for the Guild for so long.. See ya later hun ^-^;" WC said as she waved goodbye, heading in the direction of the hospital. "Bye mom!" Helena yelled, and sat down at the table. She looked through the cards, noticing a few quotes with some of them. One in particular made her chuckle. "I don't trip on my extension card anymore, ok!? -_-;;" - Severance 7. Too bad the red racaseal was unavailable at the time. She searched each and every individual card, and looked at the search results. "Wow, Mom knows so many people, yet only one of them is available.." she stared at the name for a second. "Kit... why does that name sound familiar? O_o" she thought out loud as she opened up a new window on the screen.

Message: Hello?

Send? Yes | No

She selected yes, and stayed sitting at the table, waiting for a reply.

Apr 29, 2002, 03:35 PM
Sev's still got that quote on her card to this day, hehe. Keep it coming!

Apr 30, 2002, 09:32 PM
Sorry if last chapter was a bit weird, was feeling odd that day o_O Ok, chapter 5 is here!

Chapter 5

She waited for a few minutes, before a ~blililurt!~ sound was heard. She opened the mail folder, and checked the message reply, and set up a chat.

<Kit> WC!!!! Long time no see! =^w^=
*** WC is now known as Helena
<Helena> This isn't mom, this her daughter ^-^;
<Kit> Oh hello Helena, found mommy's card list I see :3 Shouldn't leaf through her stuff while she's busy for a second http://www.pso-world.com/psoworld/images/phpbb/icons/smiles/icon_razz.gif
<Helena> O_o? I'm here alone o_O
<Kit> Alone, at the Hunters Guild? http://www.pso-world.com/psoworld/images/phpbb/icons/smiles/icon_eek.gif You're only 3, a little young to be there alone =^w^=;; Where'd your mother go?
<Helena> I'm not a little kid anymore Kit -.- Don't like to talk about it, but due to being half and half, grew to this age rather quickly, technically I'm 17 >_>
<Kit> 17!? http://www.pso-world.com/psoworld/images/phpbb/icons/smiles/icon_eek.gif When you're mother said you guys grew too fast she wasn't kidding =T.T=
<Helena> -.-;
<Kit> Sorry =^w^=;; Just remembered when you were little, I babysitted you and your brother and sister once in awhile..
<Helena> Wait.. That's why the name sounded familiar...
<Kit> =^w^=
<Helena> You were the one that would bring yarn and we'd get all tangled up and would have to try and get out, and ticklewars, and the actually interesting stories and stuff, and let us have ice cream for dinner ^-^
<Kit> =^w^= you didn't tell your mother did you? =>_>=
<Helena> Of course not http://www.pso-world.com/psoworld/images/phpbb/icons/smiles/icon_razz.gif
<Kit> =^w^=
<Helena> Anyway, would you be able to come here? I need to get to the caves, forest is too easy, want to practice somewhere new ^-^;
<Kit> hmm? Alright =O_o= where meet?
<Helena> Outside the bank?
<Kit> Ok, cya soon! =^w^=

The conversation line was closed, and Helena rose to the table, and headed towards the bank area.


"Just turn the machine off! T____T"
"I'm sorry WC, we have to find our your limits, its part of the physical."
The doctor pressed the button on the monitor up more, increasing the speed of the treadmill. WC was forced to run faster to avoid falling off. "And they said it was a simple checkup -.-;" she thought to herself, watching the speedometre on the treadmill. She was being pushed to her limits, the speedometre showing the treadmill's turning speed slowly increased. 60 mph, 62 mph, 64 mph, 66 mph. Right at 66, WC couldn't run any faster, and was thrown onto the floor. "@[email protected] how much more of this do I have to go through?" "Just arm strength tests, and mental tests left." WC was led to a small weight room. "Ok, he have various weights here.. We usually start people lifting at 120 pounds, but since you're a droid.." the doctor pointed out to one of the biggest weights WC had seen in her life. "We'll start you off at two and a half tonnes" WC suddenly remembered why she hated going to the hospital. It would either make her extremely sore later, or be painful. It took quite a bit of effort, but she was able to lift the behemoth of mass over her head. "Capable of 2 and a half tonnes, lets increase the weight a bit." "What!? You've got to be kidding me @[email protected]" One by one 100 pounds were added onto the weight, WC's arms were trembling. "2 tonnes, 600 pounds..." the doctor marked it down as the assistants went to add more weights. The second the next weight was added, she couldn't take any more, and dropped the weight, just barely missing her foot. She collapsed to the ground, her arms and legs extremely sore. "2 tonnes, 600 pounds. Ok, on to the mental tests."

WC had undergone excruciatingly demanding physical tests all day, at least now she'd get to sit in a comfy chair. The first test was a sanity test, a few written and verbal questions, which she passed. The next was a mental capacity test. She hated this test, it reminded her of just how inhuman she was compared to her husband. A small cable was inserted through her artificial skin, attaching itself the "spine", or data transfer core, where data from the "brain" would be sent to where it needed to go. "Now you might feel a bit queasy, you may even pass out. Don't worry, this is a perfectly safe procedure." With those words, the doctor filled the switch, and WC's body started jerking in the chair she was clamped down to. Random thoughts filled her mind from the machine, with the soul purpose of seeing how fast data could be sent throughout her body, and how much data she could absorb. After getting the data he wanted, the doctor flipped off the switch, and WC's unconscious body slumped in the chair. This test had sparked her natural defenses, which is why they had to clamp her down to the chair with steel instead of traps- upon rebooting, she may have attacked the first thing she saw, under the assumption it caused the data flow "attack". She awoke, and kicked, but was restrained. After coming back to her senses, she was released, given the results, deemed healthy, and was telepiped home. She stumbled to the sofa, fell on it, and fell asleep, tired from the tests.

Helena leaned against the wall of the bank, waiting for Kit to arrive, trying to remember what she looked like. Her guild card didn't contain a photo, and she was frantically trying to remember her childhood years. Tail.. catgirl, blue hair. But there were lots of blue haired catgirls on Pioneer 2, she counted 3 within 10 minutes. "@[email protected] Hopefully she'll be able to recognize me, I can't remember her too well.." Helena worriedly thought to herself, looking left and right hoping to see someone who just might be Kit.

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Chapter 6

Helena shifted her feet nervously, staring at the ground. What would she say? What would Kit say? What did Kit look like? The only thing she could remember to really tell Kit apart was her liking of yarn. Helena had bought a small ball of it, more as a prank gift, but it would turn out to prove quite handy. Every time she saw a blue haired hunewearl, she'd roll it out on the ground to see what they'd do. She saw a blue haired person walk by in the corner of her eye. She held the end of the ball in one hand, and rolled it out to that direction, and waited. But nothing happened. She sighed in frustration. "This is getting pointless, I've been waiting almost 40 minu..." she stopped thinking out loud when she suddenly felt the string be pulled from her fingers. Helena watched as the string was pulled around the corner. "Hmm? O_o" Helena walked around the corner, to see a blue haired hunewearl re-rolling the ball, crouched on the ground.

"Kit? o_O" she asked, wanting to make sure it was who she thought it was. The catgirl looked up. "Helena? =O_o=" Kit asked back, looking up at the racaseal. Helena was at a loss for words, she hadn't seen this person in years. She smiled nervously, scratching the back of her head "^- ^;;;;; .....". "Helena!!!!!! =^w^=" Kit happily yelled, springing from her crouched position and pounce-huggling Helena. Helena nearly lost he balance at the impact of the hunewearl, stepping back a bit. Kit backed up a bit, and looked at Helena from head to toe. "=O_o= wow.. You've grown over 3 years =^w^=;" she commented, noticing the Helena was almost as tall as her. "Don't know I got this big, I mean mom and dad are both kinda short... >_>" Helena shyly responded, not really knowing what to say. "Sooo into guys yet? ;3" Kit winked, teasing Helena. "What!? O_o not looking yet, although the asshole at the teleporter won't stop looking at me -.-" Helena mumbled, a bit embarrassed. "Well, I guess you want to get into the caves =^w^=;" Kit tried to change the subject, which Helena seemed uncomfortable with. She went to the bank and got her equipment, before the two went to the teleporter, Helena noticeably trying to hide behind Kit as they walked past the guard. Kit activated the transporter, and the two suddenly disappeared. All they could see at the moment as a dark abyss, a with bright lights and sparkling circles flying past them as they were rushed to the caves below.

Helena fell to the ground, gasping for air as soon as they reached the surface. Kit grabbed Helena's wrist, pulled the long glove back, and quickly pressed a few buttons on her wrist monitor. A sizzle was heard as the racaseal was enveloped in a blue shield, which quickly dissapated in colour to a crystal clear. Helena caught her breath, and got back on her feet. "What was that!?" She asked Kit, already scared from not being able to breathe momentarily. "Its too hot here, have to put on environmental shield before coming down, too much humidity in the air as well =^w^=;;" she answered, thinking Helena would of known that at first. Helena withdrew her mechguns, and cautiously walked towards the first room, followed by Kit brandishing her srank claw. Helena waited for the door to open, and her eyes widened in surprise and fear at the sight. The room was breaking apart, small black islands of ground floating in a giant pool of magma. Streams of fire and lava would sometimes shoot from the ground, making an arch before falling back down into the pool, splashing on a few pieces of ground, turning whatever it hit into ash. "This is the caves!? X_x" Helena asked, sort of whining, Kit, never seeing such an inhospitable place before. "Don't worry, it's better after this, this is the only room you need to watch where you step ;3" Kit quickly answered before rushing into the room, jumping from island to island. Helena gulped, and soon followed into the hell-hole.

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Chapter 7

Helena did her best to keep up with Kit, but moving slowly as to not fall through the cracks. She was scared, the average person would find running around in a room like this suicide. Kit seemed right at home, and Helena was beginning to wonder if it was just plain skill or pure craziness. ~Tap! Tap! Tap!~ Kit's agile landings could barely be heard. That was of course, until she landed in the middle of the room, and a loud ~CRUNCH!~ was heard. Kit looked at the bottom of her boot, to see a squished mantis-like bug. "Blech! Gross =X_x=" Kit complained, trying to wipe her boot off on the ground. The sudden noise caused the before dormant creatures to awake. The ob liliy's petals burst from their curled position, revealing the creature's mouth. A group of Vulmers revealed themselves, leaving their cool burrows in the wall. The creatures hungrily eyed the intruders, and soon deemed them to be a decent breakfast. The Vulmers hungrily ran towards Kit, the Ob Lily staring at Helena.

Kit just stood there, waiting for just the right moment. Just as the beast was about to slash at her, she lunged at it, using her own and the vulmer's forward momentum to drive the photon claw into the heart. Kit turned the claw, enlarging the wound and slicing the vital organ to pieces. She withdrew the claw and ran off to attack the next opponent, the mortally wounded vulmer collapsing to the ground. Helena darted from where she was standing, and started firing at one of the attackers, trying to ease some pressure off Kit. She watched in horror as her bullets did nothing. They hit the vulmers, but just fizzled into nothingness while they continued trying to assault Kit. To make matters worst, the flying streaks of green had attracted the attention of one of the creatures. It turned and started running towards Helena, the rage visible in its eyes. Helena ran to the left, trying to get out of danger's way- and the Ob Lily struck. The vile plant reared its head back, and flung it forward, throwing its toxic megid encased seed at Helena. She didn't even know what happened as she felt the air being sucked from her lungs, and was unconscious before she hit the floor.

Kit had just finished off the second vulmer, which fell to the ground due to the massive scratch wounds in its face. As she turned to find the third one, she saw her friend's daughter near dead on the floor. Kit ran over to the girl, picked her up, and dashed out the door to the teleporter, rushing her to the hospital as quickly as she could.


Nothing but blackness

Then brightness.

She slowly opened her eyes, to see three human/numan like shapes. As her eyes adjusted, she saw the nurse leave. To her left she saw Kit, who's face went from worried to relieved as Helena woke up. The moment Helena sat up, Kit huggled her, extremely happy to see that she seemed to be fine. "=T.T= you ok?" she asked, wanting to make sure her young friend was alright. "I feel alright, just a bit tired, a bit of a headache.." Helena answered groggily, holding her head. The familiar beep on an incoming mail was heard from the guild card list, sitting on the little table beside the bed. She opened the message, to see it was from Mome. It only contained a few sentences:

"The gun is ready. Meet me at the guild, I'll give it to you there." Helena read aloud, having no idea what the doctor was talking about. "Well, guess we better find out.." Helena suggested, while grabbing her clothes and going into the bathroom to change out of her hospital gown, and into her clothes and armour. "=O_o= Alright.." Kit said as she began to grab her things from the rom.


"I'd like to get a temporary permit please, as an instructor..." The blue haired man said to the guild secretary, who was typing away at the computer, the blue glow of the screen shining across her face. "Name" she asked in a tired, monotone voice. She didn't seem to like this job much. "Nakago" the man replied, getting out the papers he would need to get the purpose. "Section ID, clearance level?" she continued her questions, sounding like she could use a good nap. "Oran, level 169" Nakago answered once more, a bit impatient at the amount of time it was taking the secretary to enter the information. "Identification papers" she asked the next question, extending her hand to take them. He handed her the papers, and continued waiting. Registration was the most boring part of entering, leaving, or re-entering the guild. "Thank you sir, please take a seat, and we'll call you when your licence is ready" she waved him away, sipping her coffee. Nakago sat on a nearby seat and grabbed and idly watched the spinning purple crystal in a glass tube, surrounded by information computers. He often wondered what that computer was 4. He watched it spin, waiting for the time to pass before he could be legally aloud to go back to Ragol again.

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Training Days, Chapter 8

The two approached the guild, to see a scientist in white standing by the door. Helena recognized him, he was the doctor she had to see when she had gotten sick as a child. He was holding a rather large, black case, and looked a bit worried. "Doc... doctor Mome?" Helena shyly asked, having not seen the person in the longest time. "Do I know you?" The doctor gave Helena a quizzical look, obviously not recognizing her. "It's me, Helena, WC's daughter..." she answered, trying to forgot the mass of painful needles he had stuck into her arm to give her a vaccine for this or a booster shot for that. "Ohhh, Helena, I remember you now. You were the one your mother had to hold so you couldn't run from the needles.." He was able to keep a straight face while saying this, sounding professional, and not like the idiot he made of himself when he had ventured into the mines. Helena remembered going for those needles, how WC had to hold her still. She hated the feeling of her arm being pierced, the needle pushing through her muscle, the liquid being forced into her arm. The first needle she didn't know what would happen, what to expect, and was terrified. The second she ran off as the doctor opened the door, only to be caught and brought back into the room by a nurse. The third she wiggled her arm free and swatted the needle away, shatterng it against the wall before he got another. The fourth she kicked Mome, and it got to the point where WC had to distract her the second the needle went in. Doctors were the only ones allowed to give sweets, only to children, and only small lollipops to cheer up the kids. WC would take one of these and offer it to her when Mome went to inject the needle. Pain turned to prick, and as long as there was a lollipop she didn't mind the following needles at all then. She wasn't scared of doctors or needles anymore, but the stories of her childhood were often quite embarrassing.

Helena gave Kit an annoyed look, watching as the catgirl tried her best to keep back the laughter. "=^w^=;;;; sorry... just.. *chuckle* didn't think you could be like that as a kid http://www.pso-world.com/psoworld/images/phpbb/icons/smiles/icon_razz.gif" Kit bit her lip as she apologized, trying not to laugh. "Anyway..." Helena tried to get to the point. "You said you had something for my mother. She can't come get it right now, I'll take it for her.." she said as she eyed the case in Mome's hands. "I can't give this to you, it's experimental, and I can't trust someone as young..."

"Here you go sir, your permit is valid for a month." The secretary said as she handed Nakago his temporary hunter's licence.

"What do you mean "Can't trust someone as young.." I'm a ranger just like her, just because I'm young doesn't mean I'm irresponsible.."

Nakago walked out of the guild, to see his daughter arguing with the doctor.

"You're not as experienced, and even if I could give this to you, I'm not, not without my payment!" he argued back, raising his voice to the tone of Helena's. "I was promised 400 000 meseta to make this, and I'm not giving it to anyone until I get that meseta!"

Nakago looked into his inventory to see how much money he had. 400 000 meseta. "There goes that tv I wanted to buy.. Oh well." He silently thought to himself, approaching the arguing scientist and ranger. He tapped the man on the shoulder. "Excuse me..." she tried to get into the conversation. The scientist abruptly turned around. "What do you want,. I'm busy!" He yelled, before realizing the status of the person he was talking to. He looked up and down, and backed away from the somewhat muscular man. He quickly lowered his voice and stepped back. "Heh heh.... can I help you?" He sounded nervous, afraid of retaliation- he wouldn't be able to fight back against a humar. Nakago took out the shiny yellow gem from his inventory. "This is 400 000 meseta..." he put the money into Mome's hand, before grabbing the case and handing it to Helena. "Come on, lets go Helena." He motioned with his head towards the transporter. "Dad?" Helena was confused- since when was Nakago allowed back on Ragol? "We have to go, your mother is expecting us home for dinner in a couple of hours." He grabbed Helena's hand, and started taking her to the teleporter. "Wa-wa-wa-wait! Just who are you? You don't even know what's in that case! You can't just..." Mome started to follow once Kit left to catch up with Nakago and Helena. Nakago didn't stop, but just looked back. "I'm her father- and if you talk to Helena like that again, I'll hold you down and you can be on the other side of a few needles." He answered in a stern voice, making his point clear. Nakago, Helena, and Kit walked into the teleporter, where they would be sent back to the caves.

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Chapter 9, Part A

Once again, back in the hellish place that is caves sector 1. Helena, sitting on the floor, opens the black case, to see the strangest contraption in her life. "What the...." she thinks out loud as the lifts the gun from the case. "Is this a yaskimov 9200, an ano rifle, or a mechgun? O_o" Helena asked, holding the weapon in her hand. The gun had the handle of a mechgun, the barrel and aiming mechanism of an ano rifle, and the handle of an srank mechgun. Nakago looked at it oddly. "She always said she wanted a rifle that fired like a mechgun, but this is going overboard.. o_O Then again she hated being called weak because she couldn't use the 9200's or the ano.." Kit, eager to continue on, had already stepped into the first room of the caves. "He..hey wait up!" Helena yelled, turning the safety off on the gun and following Kit. Nakago readied his srank twin, and followed the two girls.


"I don't believe this..." WC muttered to herself, slipping on her armour. Mome had called he and told her what happened, and how the three left before Mome could tell them the specific dangers of the new weapon. She called her varaha, grabbed her srank rifle and ran out the door, but was stopped in her tracks as a wave of fatigue overcame her, forcing her to the ground. "What the hell..." she sat up, feeling tired. This wasn't normal, she decided to run a self-diagnostic.


energy use- normal
sleep-recharged battery level: 79%
mechanical status- no damage found
simu-skin status- no damage found
status summary- fully operational


The letters at the bottom of the status report were letters she had not seen in around 3 years. "Child... this can't be..." she entered the directory, to see if it was just a malfunction.


Gender- female
eyes- blue
hair- blue
race- human with traces of android and hunewearl
ears- pointed
accelerated growth to compensate for mechanical systems in body
due: 1 week
status summary- healthy


WC couldn't believe her eyes. All she could do is sit there, looking at the status screen.

Continued in part B

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Chapter 9, Part B

~zzzn SQRAAAAAA!!!~ The vulmers screamed as Nakago tore through them with his srank twin, moving in almost a dance-like motion. Kit, helping Nakago by distracting the vulmers, paused or a second, casting shift and deband on the group. All three of them felt a surge of power as the support spells took affect, everything seeming a lot lighter, their vision clouded in red and blue. "Now how the hell do you aim this thing..." Helena thought to herself, not recognizing the odd markings on the ano rifle's aiming mechanism. It was almost like it was marked with some racist-only code, possibly the reason why racaseals couldn't use it. "Well, here goes.." Helena took her best aim at the ob lily who was rearing its head back, and pulled the recoil, barely able to withstand the recoil, small explosions becoming audible within the weapon.~SKAREEE!!!!~ the ob lily only had a second to scream before hundreds of photon/lead hybrid bullets tore through it, the bullets tearing out chunks of the deadly plant's body as they exploded upon impact. "So that's how its done.." Helena grinned and aimed at the recently arriving melqueek, and depressed the trgger once more. Before it knew what hit it, the melqueek was dead on the ground, minus a few pounds of burned to a crisp flesh. ~Beep! Beep!~ Then gun blared, refusing to fire anymore. Helena looked at the glowing panel on the side

Photon Cartridge Exhausted. Eject? y/n

Helena looked back at the open black case, noticing many fresh photon cartridges..


"Damnit... damnit... damnit!!" WC thought to herself, running through the streets as fast as she could n her armour, under the strain of energy loss due to the child her in "womb". "An exhausted photon cartridge contains more explosive power than a stick of dynamite.. Nobody tells trains the new recruits this because it is very unlikely they'll have to change the photon pack, but with this gun.. If she drops that cartridge.." The teleporter was now in sight, WC actually panting for air. Her vision getting blurry, the energy strain of a baby, running at full speed, and trying to stay at full power was too much. She fell to the ground, friction skidding her to a stop. "Damnit... Helena.." WC blacked out, the emergency beacon going off over her body.


"Can't shoot anymore, of course yes.." Helena presses the why on the screen, the ~CHUNK~ being heard as the cartridge was launched forward from the gun. It didn't drop to the side like normal, instead it was catapulted forward, spinning as it flew. "What the.." The cartridge hit the ground, a large explosion knocking Nakago, Kit, and the vulmers to the ground. "No.. NO!" Helena yelled, running towards her fallen father, caring too much about her dad to realize the continuing danger. She didn't get too far though- the fire from the explosion started reacting with the gases in the air, creating a fiery explosion the enveloped the whole room. Instantly knocked unconscious from the blast, Helena dropped to the floor along with father and friend.

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Chapter 10

"No..." the blonde racaseal mumbled in her light rest, slowly waking up. Well, tried to- as she tried to sit up, a sharp pain streaked through her back, feeling as if someone had taken a knife and ran it down her spine. She quickly fell back onto the bed. Above her was a bright light, beside her a brown, sterile looking night table, the entire room covered in white paint. The window to her left showed a view of outside. Although Pioneer 2 hadn't landed yet, she was still able to get a glimpse of the clouds outside, the radiant sun being enough to illuminate the room on it's own. She found herself tangled in cords and clips, some monitoring her pulse, others her brain activity, a few on her chest monitoring respiration. One by one she started ripping them off her body.


The loud siren was enough to make Helena cover her ears, several doctors and a purple racaseal soon running into the room. The purple racaseal with neon green trimming quickly hit the blue button on the wall, stopping the blaring alarm. "Oh, you just tore off the monitoring equipment.. Don't do that again, in the time it took us to get here to see your false alarm, we could of been helping someone in the emergency ward -.-" The doctor annoyingly nagged Helena, before walking out of the room, followed by the nurses. The purple racaseal stayed behind, reapplying the monitoring equipment on Helena. She looked up at the name plate on her chest.

Pioneer II General Hospital

"Nori huh..." Helena quietly mumbled to herself as Nori went about reattaching clippings and wires while checking the equipment. "Can I help you? O_o" The racaseal asked, letting out an annoyed sigh from having to set anything back up. "I want to know how my dad and friend are.." Helena glumly requested of the nurse-droid. "Names -.-" It was the end of Nori's shift, and she really wanted to get out of the hospital. "Nakago, and Kit. Nakago the Humar, Kit the Hunewearl.." Helena answered, wondering why Nori was treating her somewhat rudely. Nori quickly searched her databases, trying to find the records from those names. "Kit has second degree burns, is being treated for them now, will be released in two days. Which Nakago are you referring to? There is a Mr. and a Mrs. Nakago in here.." The racaseal impatiently spoke, trying to end the conversation as fast as she could. Apartments were expensive to keep up, and this wasn't the only job she had to tend to. "Both..." Helena quizzically looked at Nori, wondering why her mother was in the hospital as well. "Mr. Nakago had second degree burns and a shattered left rib cage, currently being treated and expecting to be released in a week. Mrs. Nakago is being treated for over-exhaustion, and in the maternity ward having her child inspected. She'll be out before the end of the day. Anything else? -.-" Nori was wanting to leave the room as soon as possible. "No, that's ok... ._. " Helena quietly sighed, Nori walking fast out of the room. Looking out the window, she began to ponder to herself. "I got my dad and friend injured, possibly destroyed a weapon I shouldn't have been messing around with in the first place, and my mother is pregnant.. My back hurts so much I can't even get out of this bed, and I've been running around in places which I'm not ready for yet.. Maybe I should stop for a bit.." Helena thought about the idea, and decided to take a break, at least until situations eased up a bit with her injuries, etc. The most crucial part of training of anything, knowing when to stop.


Helena had to learn her limits, and when to take a break, and so have I. Due to life catching up to me and biting me in the ass, as well as other things going on in my life, it is getting very hard just to think of ideas for this think, let alone find the time to write them down. Thus, this story comes to a close =/ I hate to do this too.. Sorry everyone still reading this =/ Hope you enjoyed.

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