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Sep 20, 2004, 11:54 AM
"Ladies and gentlemen. And Androids. And hermaphrodites. And those who either don't have a gender or who aren't really sure any more. I have summoned you, the aforementioned members of the Hunter community together for a mission of great importance. You will hold the destiny of this world in your hands as you strive for... For..."

"Uh, Sir? Who are you talking to?" Said Irene to Principal Tyrell.

She had become concerned with his behaviour these past couple of days. He had practically become obsessed with arranging this 'Treasure Hunt' as he referred to it. He locked himself away in his office for hundreds of Beats at a time, scribbling notes that he refused to show her. In fact he had only tried to look up her dress twice today. She was starting to feel unloved.

"I'm practising, Irene. For an event of this magnitude, I have to convey the sheer... The sheer..."

"Magnitude?" She suggested.

"Yes! The sheer Magnitude of the event. The very future of our survival depends on the crazy nuts that will show up today."

Tyrell did broad sweeps of his arms to emphasize the sheer magnitude of the point he was making. Irene merely shook her head. They stood upon a stage vacated from the Rappy festival so although they were in the forest, there were plenty of facilities still setup to handle the inevitable crowds of maniacs that would be appearing any moment now...

Sep 20, 2004, 12:04 PM
"He hath defaced the rappy festival with his lardy prescence. Soon, he shalt die..."


Sep 20, 2004, 12:16 PM
Durga walked into the open clearing that used to house the rappy festival. He looked around and noticed Principal Tyrell standing on a platform with his assistant.

He was followed shortly by Hugh, who was as always, silent in his approach.

"Ahh, Hugh. Ah havn't seen ye in a good while."

"Indeed. It's been awile since we've done any exploring as well. I hope this treasure hunt will be more than another hunters guild mission."

"Me too."

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Sep 20, 2004, 01:18 PM
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"Ughhhhhhh!" Groaned the male voice. Or rather the pile of leaves did, anyway.

The leaves shifted and eventually parted to reveal a dishevelled RAmar dressed in blue and white. His face showed about a day's worth of stubble and his eyes were red and bloodshot.

"Ugh. That was some Rappy festival..." He said scratching himself inappropriately. "... But whats with the shouting?"

Standing up he realised that the festival had finished but something else had started. Now if only he could remember where he put his Flame Visit...

Sep 20, 2004, 02:00 PM
Something loud was thrashing about in the bushes near the rappy festival clearing. twigs would snap. leaves would swosh. obsenities were uttered. Two giant black paws pulled a bush out of the way, as a giant monster strode out from the clearing. The huge mass of black metal looked rough. Indeed The MyTea B.O.C. - RAcast Extraodinare was the most dented, rusted, cracked, beaten up and downright damaged RAcast still in service. To make matters worse, he had leaves and twigs sticking out of the various parts of his body, while his legs were caked in mud from the knee down. In his right hand he idly carried he trusty Yasminkov 7000H. He scanned the ground infornt of him, letting go of a branch, the branch swining back and smashing into the face of the Newman that followed behind him.

It was a young lady. Unlike the typical female Newmans, this one had opted for the life of a ranger. She wore modified RAmar armor (fitted for her slight female frame), prefering it over what most human female hunters wore. She'd rather have some thick-assed armor than the flimsy garbs that RAmarls wore. Her pink hair stood out against the earthly colours of the Ragolian forest. The branch smacked her in the face, sending her to the ground with an indignant yelp.

Boc looked round to his companion. "Quira, get ur ass up, this is no time to be messing around, we have an important mission!!!" The droid bellowed with zeal, determination and strength in his voice.

The short RAnewearl spat out several leaves and looked up at the towering wreck. she resisted the urge to plant a bullet in the middle of Boc's visor, standing up and wiping the dirt from her behind. "Christ in a cartoon rustbucket, is it really that important!" she said.

"Of course it is! He stole a very important component! We must retrieve it as soon as possible!!" The droid yelled, leaves falling off him as he moved around conveying his point.

"look boc, I'm bloody well sure the doc can fit you with a new one." Quira replied.

"But it was my FINGER!!!" The droid screamed like a spoilt child holind up his left hand to reveal a missing piggy.

"Its your own chuffin' fault! I told you not to pet that rappy! I told you that You'd regret it! And now 'ere we are out in the wild searching for the over-grown tweety pie who ate your finger when i could be home drinking myself into oblivion!" The RAnewearl said, beginning to walk on.

"But he looked so friendly! How was i to know that it was a evil little bastard?!? And its still morning you drunkard!!" Boc replied.

"Because all Rappy's are evil! Why do ya think theres so many one-eyed HUnewearl's on pioneer 2? the little blighters pick the eyes outa their scones! And incidently it was you who drove me to drink... Hey whats that going on over there?" Quira said, pointing in the direction of the rappy festival.

Boc zoomed his vision to get a better look. He could see a large plump man on a stage, beside him a rather worried looking hottie. Elsewhere a hobo-esq ranger was pulling himself out of a pile of leaves. "Oh Joy! Tyrell the fat pie is down at Rappy Vegas! there must be something going on today! We gotta go! If even just to scream loudly at Bernie over there who looks as hung-over as Zi did the first time he took a swig of oil! His head will explode!" The droid said jumping around excitedly.

"Wot bout your finger?" the pink haired terror quizzed.

"Eh screw it, i still have my trigger & middle fingers, and thats all i need. Shootin and insulting - what i live for. Besides, maybe the theiving little bastard is around down there." The droid said.

"oh alright, but promise me that you'll not go purging any large unstable structures this time." Quira said. Tales of the events during the summer had traveled far.

"I promise nothing!" The ancient bot said, scooping Quira under his arm "Onwards! Into the breech once more dear friends!" He said pounding his way down a hill towards the rappy festival.

Sep 20, 2004, 02:02 PM
The camera is held at eye level, and is shaky. A mighty forest can be seen. A voice talks, almost remembering about times long past.

"There is a fine line between insanity, and rage. Many walk this line everyday... although most are behind bars, one would hope.

There are those, however, who are rightfully insane, and criminally rageful... and many are those of the hunter variety... and yes, of course I'm talking about one of them.

what, did you think I was just randomly talking about that Kireek guy? No way, isn't he dead now? eh.
But anyways...uhm."

The camera swings around and is pointed at a human male, one with a Ramar's head band and a second one placed around what appears to be grey/steel eyes.

"Yea, yea. "Dude, wtf?! Teh hax thts nt na I colour!?" I get that alot. But those people usually die shortly after..."

The camera swings around again into the forest.

"Today... I, Logical2u, anti-military zealot, will single handedly win!!! this here treasure hunt. And probably will be richer... I hope."

The camera is suddenly dropped on the ground, and the tape is removed. It keeps recording until the moment a booted foot crushes it.

Sep 20, 2004, 02:06 PM
Solstis, generally not one to be shocked, was surprised when he spotted a pile of leaves stand up and start moving.

He seemed oddly familiar, but Solstis declined to speak to the man, deciding that since everyone had long assumed the perky FOnewm was dead, he had better keep it that way.

"He hath defaced the rappy festival with his lardy prescence. Soon, he shalt die..."

Solstis jumped when he heard those words uttered from somewhere deep within the forest.

Could it be the fabled one...?

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Sep 20, 2004, 02:32 PM
Durga heard a hearty thumping coming from the forest, and the cheery yelling of BOC.

The short red HUcast looked to the rustbucket, carrying what looked to be a HUnewearl in ranger's clothes.

"Ey ther BOC. Been Awhile, Hahsn't it?" He said to BOC, giving a slight wave.

Hugh looked around to the people that had already congregated.

Looks like I'll have my work cut out for me

Sep 20, 2004, 02:48 PM
Deuce Deckard stood in front of the stage and waited for Tyrell to finish his speech.

He had cleaned up pretty well since the last time he had been seen, sporting a newly trimmed short back and sides hair cut and only enough stubble to look rugged rather then like a hobo. He had also finally figured out how to balance out his drinking.

He had found that drinking too much made him act weird and drinking too little made him act weirder. He had finally settled on mixing beer and coffee to stay on that fine line that was normal. Alchofiene was what he called it, and he was now taking a sip of it from a hip flask and enjoying the fact that he could just about see up Irene the Secretary's skirt. Life was good, he just wish he knew what Tyrell was planning with this treasure hunt.

Sep 20, 2004, 02:48 PM
What have I done!? Sephiroth666E3ilHowDoIRunFaster!?!? wondered as he jumped a fence into an alley between two run down appartment buildings. His saber active, he held it as a baton and went into a full sprint. Not caring that the alley was a dead end leading to a collosal fall down the twists and turns of occupied and vaccant space of pioneer 2, he jumped off the platform in dire hope he could find something to land on. Lady luck must have taken glance upon his plight that day, as not thirty feet bellow was an adjacent platform with a convenient flat topped building for him to land on. Originally he thought that the coralian architecture was a joke, having large floating platforms to support the streets that the upper and middle classes made up. But for some reason now, he didnt mind it so much anymore.

During mid fall, he looked back at the alley on the platform above him in a hope that he had lost his persuer. But upon falling a few more feet, the thrusters used to keep the platform afloat and illuminate pioneer 2's air streets blinded him at such a close distance. The next thing he realized, he was on a cold, hard surface, his leg in immense pain. The inevitable second thud came. He slowly opened his eyes, and looked up.

"With a fall that big, you should really bend your knees and go into a roll." The newman in front of him informed. Seph tried to get to his feet, but the pain shot back like a rattlesnake. It was obviously broken.

"Mister, i don't know who you are, i dont know why you'r so persistant, but why exactly the hell are you chasing me!? Am i different than everyone else in some way??"

Narrowing his eye, and coming to one knee infront of him, the man came face to face with Seph. The pain had blurred his vision, but he recognized that hooded face any day. The chill that ran through him numbed the pain completely. Zi'Zuku pulled out his custom knife.

"Because you're the only guy who got a picture of me in a festive rappy costume last night." http://www.pso-world.com/psoworld/images/phpbb/icons/smiles/icon_evil.gif

Sep 20, 2004, 03:00 PM
"DURGA!!" Boc yelled, both his arms shooting up in the air to greet the half-pint powerhouse of destruction, Quira being dropped to the ground like a sack of spuds, as the RAcast clanked over to Durga. Boc scooped the HUcast up in his arms giving him a big hug. "God DAMN its good to see you again scot-bot!"

Durga was taken aback. "Ack release mah ya washing machine with legs!! Ah ain't into all tat touchy feely sissy-bot crap!!" he said prying himself from Boc's grip.

"Sorry about that my tiny metallic brother, I'm just glad to see another mech out in all this mass of plantlife swimming with organic fleshbags." Boc said, flexing his 'muscles' and growling to try and re-afirm his mascalinity.

"Aye, Am sure." He said eyeing the walking rust pile up. "Ya remember ma friend Hugh don't ya?" Durga said pointing out the human standing beside him.

"Sure do." boc said shaking Hugh's hand, not that he had much of a say in the greeting as the RAcast basically snatched his hand up and began shaking it vigorously. "And I'm sure you remember The MyTea B.O.C. - RAcast extraordinare!! Sexiest RAcast to walk the lands!"

Hugh squinted a little looking at the droid, as if trying to remember "...No.." he said finally.

"What about Rusty the bullet magnet?" Said Quira, once again dusting herself down approaching the three, looking rather cross.

Hugh's eyes grew wide. "Oh yeah, this is the rust bucket that started that riot in pioneer 2 the other week."

"Hey! that wasn't my fault! That punk wrote 'wash me' on my back, so i tossed him through a shop window. not my fault everybody else started fighting and shit." THe bot said in his defense.

"Ack Boc, Who's the transvestite with ye?" Durga said pointing out Quira.

"TRANS-WHAT?!?" the pink haired newman yelled.

"Well ye be dressed as a man, but ye be a woman! or a very girly man." The tiny red bot said.

"Oh this is Quira, RAnewearl of mucho pain and death. Once killed a man with only her cold stare. True story." Boc said introducing his friend.

Hugh smirked "Queer-a?"

"Alright listen up you goons! I ain't no transvestite! Just cause i Don't prance around half-naked! Whats the point in been beautiful if yer dead cause your not wearing enough armor!! Any more lip outa you wee lad or you, you poncy git and you'll have my gun shoved so far down yer throat you'll be shitting bullets for a week!!" the RAnewearl roared, before storming off leaving the two droids and the man.

"I like her already" Hugh said.

"Indeed. Whats going on here today anyway amigos? and you haven't seen my little finger laying around here have yas?"

Sep 20, 2004, 03:11 PM
Principal Tyrell was suddenly wracked with self-doubt. The maniacs were practically crawling out of the wood-work but some of them were wanted criminals! What if they were unable to find that one thing that was precious to him?

Or worse, what if they held it ransom? Was it too late to back out now?

But if they saw him leave, they might become angry... and as his mother always said "Don't make the heavily armed psychopaths angry."

Also they were beginning to congregate around the stage, cutting off his escape routes. He was starting to become nervous and when that happened he needed to eat. Patting down his pockets informed him that he only had four boxes of emergency doughnuts left. There was only one thing for it... He need reinforcements.

"Psst! Irene! Get Marla Decker here on the double!"

Irene rolled her eyes. She suddenly got the terrible feeling that things were going to become a lot worse...

Sep 20, 2004, 03:12 PM
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Caal'Shto drew back slightly and held his breath, tightly clutching the tiny black metal cylinder he had 'obtained' from the RAcast earlier. It seemed that the FOnewm had heard him. He knew that he was in trouble if he could not escape into the safety of the trees. During the day, he was weak. He might have been able to take the FOnewm on, possibly the drunk too, but not the large gathering of hunters that was quickly amassing.

Run, hide, or fight...?

The force looked away. Caal quietly began to breathe again. Hiding, unfortunately, seemed to be the best option for now...

Sep 20, 2004, 03:50 PM
Solstis looked down from his tree limb to see a familiar pile of broken parts below him.

He raised his hand to wave, not realizing that his hands were the only thing supporting him.

As he fell, Solstis hoped that BOC didn't have any pointy parts.


You can just SEE the effort I put into this, right?


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Sep 20, 2004, 03:54 PM
BOC, dont tell me you've forgotten Hugh was a dark-ish newman.
"There is supposed to be a treasure hunt." Hugh said semi-plainly. "Its a bit of a change from the daily hunter work. I hope." Hugh left it off with a shrug, looking at the rust bucket.

"Aye, and if there be a real treasue, Ahl keep it t' m'self." Durga stated, trying to look large and important against the huge RAcast.

Hugh only smiled and shook his head. "I'll be over there if you guys need me." He said motioning to another part of the congregation.

"Bah, don't tell me ya still tryin' to get with thaht little Neeeeuuman girlie." Durge sneered at Hugh.

Hugh turned quickly, and gave Durga a look that would have scared BOC himself.

"Ah. Ohkay. Weh'll be seein ya' then."

"Later fleshbag." BOC added, giving Hugh a more-than-hearty pat on the back.

oh, how good it feels to be back in a groupie.

Sep 20, 2004, 03:58 PM
" What were we supposed to be looking for" Daemon asked Micoto.

"I dont know...Heads up" Micoto shouted as he spotted a flock of Rappies.

"OH NO their coming to ruin the Rappy festival" Daemon yelled.

"Hey lets go steal Tyrells doughnuts when they come" Daemon said again with a grin.

"Thats a good idea" Micoto said.

And with that the two headed for Tyrells resting spot while the Rappies invaded the Forest.

Sep 20, 2004, 04:18 PM
Something was on his leg...

Solstis woke up with a start, a small rappy running off as he did so. Apparently, it had been trying to steal his prized pallash set while he slept.

"Damn rappies!"

Solstis shook his hand rapidly at the running figure, all the while hoping that no one was around to hear him.

Before he could begin a long string of curses, Solstis sniffed the air quizzically.

"Is that... rust?"

Sep 20, 2004, 04:24 PM
angeleyez, you had best read this (http://www.pso-world.com/viewtopic.php?topic=76511&forum=12&20) sticky before participating any further.

Neophyte looked at the congregation. Like a group of disorganized insects they were. Sickening. They were so pitiful that they were taking orders from a fat elderly man that was so weak in and of himself it was enough to make her puke.

She waved her hand across the ring of energy, dissipating it and ending the vision it brought. A small girl, looking to be only 11 or 12, turned, her ornate armor dragging a dark purple cape behind it. Looking upon an obsidian obelisk, she looked adoringly at what seemed to be a mummified corpse shackled to the stone.

"So this is what you wish me to do, my lord?" She asked, her innocent and clidish tone belying the underlying malevolence that ran through her.

She recieved no audible answer, but stood and walked off with such purpose that it was like a warrior to battle.

She disappeared, leaving but a bit of brimstone in her wake.

She appeared in a flash of fire behind a tree, obscured from the hunters' vision.

Holding one of her hands to her face, she strode forwards. The hunters didn't take heed. They weren't looking for her, and so they didn't see her.

Why am I obfuscating, I could easily rend most of these simpleton's minds with but a thought. Why has lord Chainer wished such a depraved group to reveal his coming to.

She brooded to herself, nimbly dodging the hunters so that they wouldn't see through her simple ruse.

At last, she was right before the stage, looking at the leader making ready to speak.
oh yes, yes indeed.

Sep 20, 2004, 04:37 PM
"Bring the price that must be paid
Bring the mercy I deprave
Bring the reason he was afraid
Bring the spade to dig his grave."

Watching the camera flicker and melt along with seph's stripped skin under the pillar of flames, Zi'Zuku was satisfied that that copy of film had been well enough taken care of. Kicking the corpse off the top of the building, he watched as the faint drops of blood traced its fall into the abyss. He decided now would be the best time to take his leave while any possible witnesses turned their attention to the plummeting body. Zi'Zuku closed his eye, and thought of a nice and quiet tree in the central memorial park dedicated to all those lost in pioneer 1. Once the last detail was in place, a pillar of swirling lights had erupted from him, and then he was gone.

Had the park not been on a higher level than him, Zi'Zuku wouldnt have resorted to casting a ryuker, but what was done had been done, and he was inconspicuously hidden in a rather lush tree. At first his concern was to investigate the now re-populated exlocation of the rappy festival. But now, as his head slowly turned, for some strange reason it was on the large wererappy on a branch next to him.

Sep 20, 2004, 04:56 PM
Suddenly it all went black. Something had just struck Boc on the head and had knocked out his vision. He could still hear. All he could hear was the muffled laughs of the gathering hunters, Durga's be-puzzled 'huh?' and the groaning of a young man. Suddenly Boc's vision flarred back into life. A quick knock on the side of his head to make sure things where still functioning. ah, they where.

Next order of business, find out what the hell had just struck him. Boc looked down to see the slightly blurred figure of solstis lying out on the ground, groaning and moaning. He began to come around, muttering something about rappies. He then took three sharp sniffs. "Is that rust?" he said. That was Boc's cue to mind fuck with the tiny creature. Boc picked Solstis up by the collar, holding him a good 3ft off the ground.

"Puny human, you picked the wrong X-LR15 Destructo Bot to mess with!! I Shall rend you limb from limb slowly and painfully pathetic fleshbag!!" Boc uttered in his best Vodka impression.

Solstis was seeing double, and his vision was still slightly wonky. He saw two giant demon droids holding him by the neck. "Err sorry mister destructo bot of doom. i, er, never meant to dent your wonderful head like that. Please don't kill me. I have a Wife and Kids!!!"

Boc could help but laugh, slowly lowering the kid to the ground. "you got married and didn't even invite the MyTea B.O.C.? I'm hurt!"

Solstis shook his head and looked up. "Boc? oh i thought i was in danger, its just you. Naw still a swinging singleton, just trying to save my shapely ass."

"What ya mean 'thought' you where in danger? I can be dangerous!" The droid said, sorta insulted.

"OOOooooOOooo!! What ya gonna do, shake rust flakes on me!!" Solstis said beginning to laugh, suddenly stopped by the business end of a yasminkov been shoved in his cake hole. "Pblease bon't bo bathat, it tasbstes fubnny" Solstis said, still unfazed by the tool of death jammed in his gob.

"Ladies and gentlemen. And Androids. And hermaphrodites. And those who either don't have a gender or who aren't really sure any more. I have summoned you..." Tyrell the giant dough boy had began his little speech. Boc removed his gun from Solstis's mouth and began to listen intently, but while still watching Irene poised beside him. Not bad. For a human. She has nothing on Anti-Tank http://www.pso-world.com/psoworld/images/phpbb/icons/smiles/icon_wink.gif.

but enough crap. Business time!

Sep 20, 2004, 05:03 PM
Caal isn't a were-rappy. I'll write an origin fic for him eventually.

"...Umm...Good day."

A long, painful silence followed. Caal and Zi'Zuku just stared at each other.

I hate rappies...

"I have no quarrel with thee, good sir. I was merely attempting to brutally slaughter that enormous man and prevent that enormous broken android from shooting at me, seeing as I am the current owner of his pinky finger. It would be in both of our interests if we refrained from combat."

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Sep 20, 2004, 05:11 PM
"Ladies and gentlemen... etc etc. I have summoned... blah blah blah." Said Tyrell confidently.

"Uh, Sir? you're not making any sense." Whispered Irene.

Tyrell looked at his speech notes. Most of the writing had been smudged with sweat or obscured with doughnut jam. It would be time to wing it.

"Since my well-prepared speech is ruined I might aswell get straight to the point. This Treasure Hunt is a race for the first Hunter to bring back a certain thing which is very precious to me. The rewards will be great. Oh yes indeed. More great than an Aphrodite 2000 RAcaseal. I have one you know, it's very great..."

Irene elbowed him in the ribs.

"Oh right. Yes, well to make this Treasure Hunt more tricky, I'm not going to tell you what it is you're looking for. On your marks, get set, GO!"

Tyrell pointed two fingers into the sky and made a sound like a starter pistol with his mouth. Everyone just stared at him.

"Ummm, please leave now?" Asked Tyrell.

Sep 20, 2004, 05:48 PM
Principal Tyrell had just begun speaking, when a small HUnewearl dressed in purple lept out of the tree above him and landed on his shoulders, clapping her hands over his eyes and yelling "Guess whoooo!!"

"Erm...Would you mind getting off of me please?"

"Okyday!" K'Tani reached into one of Tyrell's jacket pockets and retrieved a donut before leaping off the stage into the crowd. "Woohoo! Sugar!"

Tyrell raised an eyebrow (as did many others) but otherwise ignored this and continued with his speech.

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Sep 20, 2004, 06:53 PM
The man look despairingly at the object he held in his hand, turning over and over only confirmed his worst fears. A heavy weight in his chest seemed to drag him down to the ground, but in fact it was the uncomprehensible amount of alcohol he had consumed that day that made him fall to the floor and loose his lunch over the soil of the ragol forest. Wiping a tear from his eye, the RAmar tossed the last can of beer from his hands to a large pile of related objects behind him.

"n0 //

Sep 20, 2004, 08:18 PM
"Might I advise never to call me 'good sir', or metnion the words 'brutally slaughter' in the same sentence in my presence?" Zi'Zuku's frosted whisper warned, like thorns on a plant.

It was at this time that Caal took notice to the several red droplets that glistened on the surface of the Zi'Zuku's metalic mask. He looked unharmed; no distinct gashes anywhere on the newman's midnight cloak other than the fringed end or any other sign of injury. The blood was obviously spilled from someone else.


"Good, Zi'Zuku relaxingly muttered as he loostened his glare to a stoic expression. Though still cautious enough to keep the hexegon symbol of megid locked in his mind, he felt confident enough to remove his face mask in front of the stranger. It had seemed pretty defensive, but then again, who wouldnt after having someone pop out of thin air next to you.
"Do you have any food or water?"

"You don't strike me as the man tha- GOOD GOD MAN, WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN EATING!?" Caal exclaimed upon Zi'Zuku removing his mask. He could only assume that this man's teeth were white, for if they were they were quite well hidden under a thick, sticky layer of human blood.

"Pipe down, will you? My blood type's AB, its not like it'll clot or anything. And I did cook him before eating him. You of all... things should know the concept of eating local fauna."

"I sir, happen to attend a few fine restaurants."

"Whatever, do you have anything to eat or drink? This stuff doesn't exactly taste pleasent."

"My appoloagies, but no. However, there are several people down there that I beleive would surely have some alcoholic beverages."

"Bah... *sigh*, so whats your deal? You're not exactly something you'd see every day."

"Neither are you. I could tell you my past, but thats not really what you're asking are you... tell me, do you have any intent you have behind this conversation?"

Zi'Zuku let out a blood filled smirk before reataching his face mask to prevent show of any more body language than had already been shown.

"Well, now that you mention it.." He said, stealing one last glance at the elegant claws and various deadly parts this thing had.
"Theres a competition about to take place. I simple find that it would be a lot more interesting if there were a few hurdles in the race."

Sep 20, 2004, 11:23 PM
"Come on, get going."

"Ugh...why this 'Treasure Hunt' of all things?"

"Because the reward supposed to be bigger then the reward for taking down Zi'zuku."


"Listen, do you want me to report you to the police?"

The green clad HUmar turned and stared right into the RAmar's eyes. The RAmar also wore green armor, although he didn't pick the armor out. "No," the RAmar said, trying to avoid the young hunter's stare. "Good," he said, and they continued on. It was silence for a couple beats. "So, Ziz," the Ramar started, breaking the silence. "Why did you need that maniac?"

"'That maniac' was the only one who could find out where it was. But now since he's in critical condition because of YOU, my chances have just went from big to slim. Bringing you along instead of turning you in helps with the odds."

"I knew why you needed me."

"I was recapping for the reader, idiot."

The RAmar's head turned red and turned around to face Ziz, his hand icthing to reach for his weapon. "No, I don't need to anymore attention as it is," he thought. Instead, he said "My name isn't idiot, n00b!" Ziz turned, his hand eager to reach for his DB's saber and make him eat those words. "No, I don't want to get in anymore trouble with the police, especially after that fist fight in the bar a couple weeks ago," he thought.

"Then what is your name?"

"It's Jerhe- eh, Jerry."

"Well then, Jerry, shall we continue on?"

************************************************** ***


Ziz cut throught one last branch before reaching the place where the hunters gathered. "Here we are," he said, and continued forward to the group of hunters. "Aw, shit," Jerry whispered as he noticed who some of them where. He put on a helmet that some RAmars wear. "I just hope they don't reconize(sp) me." He walked out to the clearing and got there just in time for Tyrell's speech.

************************************************** ***

Yeah, it's a poor post, but at least I introduced my characters. And yes, Jerry is Jerheroc. Don't blow his cover just yet. http://www.pso-world.com/psoworld/images/phpbb/icons/smiles/icon_razz.gif

Sep 21, 2004, 05:28 AM
Neophyte almost let go of her obfuscation when Tyrell announced that the 'treasure' as it were, was left as an enigma. The nerve, to deny her knowledge of what they were searching for. She wanted dearly to enter his mind and search it, destroying as she went.

Calm yourself.

She took a deep breath, and calmed her quaking body. She turned from Tyrell, and looked out into the field of hunters, taking note of any that caught her eye. She saw an odd-skinned newman male, talking with a HUnewearl. Two androids that had made their renown known even to her, BOC and Durga, their names were. She also kept an eye on the purple HUcaseal that had interrupted the speech. She also noticed two figures that were detached from the larger group, talking seemingly.

Finishing her inventory of those that might prove to be hinderances, Neophyte stepped forward, unsure of where to go, but the importance of getting there quickly stayed on her mind.

Opening her mind, she focused on the surface thoughts on those around her. Theories ranging from a data disk holding Vol Opt's core memory to a delsaber's heart, and even a cake from the famous cake sisters.

Closing herself off once more, she thought. Making a decision she walked, still unseen by those around her.
Hugh was flirting with a HUnewearl named Misty when Tyrell made his announcement.

"What, are we supposed to grope in the dark for something we dont know of?" He mused to himself.

"I guess so." Misty sighed, walking to a group of hunters. "I'll see ya around Hugh." She winked, then was off.

Hugh was silent a moment, watching her wlak off, but was stirred from his vegetable state by the odd feeling of intrusion. He wasnt sure how, but he somehow felt like he was intruded upon.

He shook the feeling and started for Durga when he caught a glimpse of a familiar shadow.


"Ey! Thahts bein' fair, ye old bahstard!" Durga yelled at Tyrell, rage getting the better of him.

Sep 21, 2004, 06:05 AM
Sorry for the short posts. I'll write a little more substantially once we get into the fic. (This one will be good! I can feel it!)
__________________________________________________ ___

If Caal could have grinned, he would have.

"I catch thy meaning. However, there are too many hunters present at this point. We should wait until they spread out, and then... 'hinder' them. And there is still the issue of Tyrell..."

"Wait. What is that?" Zi'Zuku motioned to the small black cylinder in Caal's claw.

"This is...a RAcast's finger."

Zi'Zuku stared, eyes ice cold.

"He tried to pet me! Who in the name of Falz pets a six foot anthro del rappy?!"

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Sep 21, 2004, 06:19 AM
"Y3 c4nn43 n0t t0uc|-| //y L337!!" Juno roared as he pressed his way through the mob of hunters. His black and purple RAmar armor made him clearly visible, as did his long dark purple hair with streaks of cyan. Most looked at him oddly, but then complied to his request shortly after taking notice of the rather large rifle he was shoving in every other person's face. A black bandanna was tied around his nose and mouth, the velvety smoothness of the fabric dripped down to his chest, this also made his look very bizzare. To highlight it all, his eyes glowed. One thing the ranger took pride in were his very expensive 'L337 |3n535' (contact lenses) that glowed a bright hue of sky blue.

"j00 hunn3y!" Juno yelled to a random HUnewearl, who in response took to gaping at him.

"M-me?" She stuttered, now growing anxious to the very violent, tall man coming towards her, knocking people aside with a Justy 23ST.

"W|-|y b055m4nz m4k3 c4l4//1ty?" The RAmar questioned, pointing to the trembling figure of the principal. A blank expressioned developed on the females face, her mind fell numb, not comprehensing what the barbarious man was trying to say to her. Realizing he wasn't getting anywhere with her, Juno shook his head and headed towards the elevated platform that Tyrell was attempting to escape from.

"//3nc|-| n0 und3r5t4nz |337."

An endless stream of questions from the crowd made speaking to the man from the distance he was at impossible, so the RAmar decided to attempt to get face to face with the man. Shouldering his weapon caused the four large rings in each of his ears jingle; With both hands free, Juno grabbed the edges of the stage and hoisted himself up onto it. Several decided to follow, but he was the one to reach the principal first.

"Cr0wd m4k3 Jun0 h34d hurt.."

Taking the rifle from his back, the two tips of the weapon prickled Tyrell's forehead. Finger moving to the trigger, the RAmar was sure that he had almost everyone's attention.

"//h4t b3 tr345ur3."

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Sep 21, 2004, 07:21 AM
Stage invasion!

Deuce let the rabble push past him and calmly lit a cigarette. Part of him was annoyed that his view of Irene and her short skirt had been blocked, but another part of him was trying to work out what his next move would be.

"As a Bounty Hunter i am meant to follow the infomation on what the target looks like, what they do and where they could be to do my job. Now with this 'Treasure Hunt' i have none of that infomation so my next move is obviously too..." he stood perfectly still for a couple of seconds as his brained turned itself over trying to work out the answer to this problem and he only burst out of the silence as the end of his cigarette dropped off onto his arm.

"Arg, arg, shit that burns. Ok, im getting nothing here, i wonder if anyone else has any ideas that i could 'liberate' from them" dusting off the end of his cigarette he took a couple of steps backwards and tried to mingle with the rest of the crowd.

Sep 21, 2004, 11:23 AM
"Mast...erm..Nasca !! I...I...I lost my purse while I was in the Rappy festival http://www.pso-world.com/psoworld/images/phpbb/icons/smiles/icon_frown.gif. I went to the festival right after closing the Lovely Greens and Fruits (Nasca's and Galatea's shop, more on this on a soon to come series http://www.pso-world.com/psoworld/images/phpbb/icons/smiles/icon_smile.gif ) on my way to the bank, and when I went to deposit the money I noticed my purse was gone !!" Said Galatea with tears rolling down her cheeks and a sad expression on her face.

"Calm down Galatea." Said Nasca camly as he put a hand on the weeping Racaseal's shoulder, trying to calm her down. "Now look at me..." he said as he softly moved her chin up with his free hand so they would make direct eye contact. "Tell me...how do you know that you lost your purse in the festival grounds ?"

"Im pretty sure I did not lost it before, becuase I stopped in Old John's shop to make an order of fertilizer and I paid him in that moment. I later went to the rappy festival to sight see and when I was about to leave for the bank a man with a festive rappy suit bumped into me, and then rudely left without saying sorry and then I..."

"Galatea...you didn't lose the money..." Said Nasca interrupting Galatea's recount. "You were mugged by the man in the rappy suit..."

"NOOOOOO !!! I had 50,000 meseta on my purse !!" Galatea yelled as she sat down and began to weep out of frustration, Nasca let out a small sigh as he patted Galatea trying to comfort her, they really needed that money to pay the soon to come bills.

"Don't worry Galatea, I'll go to the festival grounds tommorow and try to find the thief."


"Try to find the thief..." It has been 12 hours already and still no clues. He had looked everywhere, under benches, in the bushes, inside of trashcans and even interrogated a couple of the heavely wasted people who laid sleeping and drooling in the cold,humid and very litterd festival grounds. It seemed like the thief was long gone and that the money would never be recovered. He continued walking through the park and then heard some commotion, which very much atracted Nasca's attention, driving to him to see what was all the fuzz about. He could not believe his eyes, a still drunk partygoer from yesterday's bash was holding principal Tyrell at gun point.

"Cr0wd m4k3 Jun0 h34d hurt.." The man said in a bizzare language that Nasca recognized as leet, a very popular slang that often young wanna be Hunters used to convey their rather "unique" personality...

The RAmar's finger began moving to the trigger grabbing almost everyone's attention.

"//h4t b3 tr345ur3." He interrogated Tyrell.

"I sooo hate leet speaking people -_-" Nasca uttered to himself as he slowly kneeled to grab two small stones that where near his left boot, without being seen by the the gun totting maniac (Not BOC http://www.pso-world.com/psoworld/images/phpbb/icons/smiles/icon_razz.gif !!).

Time to give him a real reason to have a headache. Nasca thought to himself with a smirk in his face as he threw the two stones with great force at the man. The first one hitting the man in his trigger finger, making him yelp out in pain and the second one hitting the man right in his forehead, interrupting his yelp of pain and effectively knocking him out cold. The crowd turned to face the direction that the stones came from, seing Nasca just standing there as he had done nothing out of the ordinary.

"Someone HAD to do something, right ?" Said Nasca to the staring crowd with a smile in his face.

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Sep 21, 2004, 12:04 PM
Solstis watched the events unfolding before him with a blissful smile on his face.

Actually, chocolate stains were well mixed in with his outstretched cheeks, which he tried to wipe off with his hand.

Stricken with horror, Solstis suddenly looked down at his palm, realizing that no chocolate had been scrubbed off.

He then attempted to use his saliva on the chocolate, but to no avail.

This would be the last time Bernie gave him cheap chocolate. Well, not gave, "lended" without knowledge.

Solstis gripped the handles of his pallashes, preparing to battle for the honor of the chocolate gods.

There! He spotted him! The tall, ugly ranger was easily noticeable from any distance.

With a passionate war cry, Solstis charged the man, his pallashes creating a vibrant glow as he activated them.

Sep 21, 2004, 12:20 PM
Tyrell looked at the unconcious drunkard warily, and then leaned to his right to whisper to Irene.

"Can we get security to clear up the stage? This guy is starting to smell."

The few remaining hunters scampered at the sight of several beefy, well armed security guards coming onto the platform. One of them yanked Juno up by the hair, effectively re-engaging his mind and putting his scalp through a good deal of torment. As a reflex, the RAmar grabbed the guard's hand and twisted it. Dislocating the thumb with a pop and making the tightly clenched fingers spring free from his hair. Retrieving a simple saber from his belt, he activated it with one hand while rubbing a bruise from a well aimed rock with the other. Judging by the feel of his body, he had been drinking and had gone too far again.

"Damn, not again."

Realizing the situation, Juno retreated offstage after collecting his Justy. Over the years he had developed the habit of getting himself wasted at every possible opportunity, and in his 'happy' state he was known to do irrational things, and speak in slurred 'leet'. He was an alcoholic, and he was an easily angered man, and right now someone had pummeled his brains out with a stone. This, combined with the pressure of being homeless and having some outrageous debts to pay off, made him quite irritated. Slinging his rifle over his back once more, he slid up to a random hunter in the crowd.

"Who.." His gloved hand snaked up the HUmar's collar and gripped it tight. Bringing their faces close together, Juno was sure that the man was getting more than scared.

"Who gave me, this?" The RAmar said, pointing to the lump on his forehead. The man pointed a trembling finger at a white clad hunter, his long flaming red hair making him an easy target to spot. This HUmar seemed to be a good natured fellow, conversing about what he had done with a smile on his lips. But he could tell that the warrior was somewhat irritated. Like that was going to stop him. Releasing what was in his grasp, he slithered his way through the crowd to his target.

Juno shoved two bypassers out of his way, sending one kareening back and knocking another over. The second managed to keep his balance and proceeded to berate the agitated RAmar for his action. Not responding to the man's insults and outbursts verbally, he calmly took his Justy and whipped the tip of it across the guy's head. This left the hunter with a gash on his cheek, and if the blow ad been aimed lower it could have easily broken his jaw.

Now directing the rifle at Nasca's chest, Juno stared him down for a moment, letting the danger of the situation settle in to all that were present.

"I'll give you one chance to explain yourself, then we fight. And if you even reach for that butter knife of yours before then, I'll show you what real aim can do to a man."


"What the?" Juno turned his head to see some derranged hunter running towards him with his weapons brandished. Shit.. Thinking to himself, the RAmar jumped back and Grabbed a HUnewearl and threw her in the path between himself and the attacker. In this time, he also pulled off a pop-shot at Nasca to get him on his feet.

* * *

I'm trusting that Nasca has his trusty katana with him at this point and time.

And damnit solstis! <<;

Sep 21, 2004, 12:45 PM
i knew we couldnt go more than 3 pages without a fight.
Durga's audio receptors perked when he heard the sounds of a fight starting.

"Ey BOC, Ye want'a join tha scuffle?" He said cheerily, taking quick steps twoards where Nasca and Juno were about to get it on. It had been a good month since Durga had had a good fight. He was looking forward to it, as Hugh subtly slipped by him, in a hurried jog.

"Oh, ye aren't gonna be gettin' more than me Hugh!" Durga bellowed, speeding up into a full-fledged run.

Hugh had noticed the scuffle before it happened, and was reading Juno's movements accordingly. Hugh had worked with Nasca briefly in the past, and knew enough about him to know that he wouldn't be the instigator of a fight like this. Hurriedly Hugh came up behind Juno as he completed the motion of using a HUnewearl as a human shield.

Hugh took his bow in hand and nocked and pulled it, aiming for the base of Juno's skull.

"Be still, or else I will show you what aim is." He said cold and powerfully.

Durga trudged up behind Hugh, stopping just inches away from a collision with him.

"Ahnd if he misses then I'll get me mitts on ye."

Sep 21, 2004, 12:56 PM
The transporter pad hummed as the skin-tight RAmarl uniform conveniently wrapped around a woman materialised there. The woman took a quick look around before straightening the blue beret she wore with a badge affixed to it.

In the distance she could hear commotion. Less than 2 Beats after giving his speech and there's a riot? Tyrell has just set a new personal record She thought with a grin.


Arriving on the scene she saw that most of the Hunters had backed away from the combatants until their respective writers gave them something to do. In the middle however, were a whole host of trouble makers. Some familiar and some she had not had the pleasure of arresting yet.

Drawing out both Varistas she calmly walked into the middle of the stand-off, pointing the guns back and forth at the various participants.

"Marla Decker! HCIU! Now nobody move until someone tells me if Tyrell has said what it is we're supposed to look for!"

Sep 21, 2004, 01:07 PM
Aha! There you go with your all powerfull characters again http://www.pso-world.com/psoworld/images/phpbb/icons/smiles/icon_wacko.gif

* * *

Taking no heed what-so-ever to the sexy newcomer, the man let loose with barking laughter.

Juno was in the 'react' mode, were he simply didn't think about consequences of his actions. He jumped up, Hugh let the arrow fly when he saw even the slightest twitch in the man's body, ending up with the projectile embedded into the back of his RAmar armor. Twirling in mid air, the man purposefully fell to the ground, shooting out yet another random hunters leg and grabbed her body when she fell.

He rolled backwards with his newly aquired human shield, and despite her struggling, she could not free herself from the large man's legs and arms that held her to him. Rolling back into the quickly dispersing crowd, he released his hold and leapt to his feet, yanking her up with him. I'm a criminal, gonna die anyway so lets have some fun..

Shooting another bystander motioned for the other hunters that were edging close to him to back off, dragging the woman back a few feet, he gauged what would be his next move. The flesh bearing one was fast, it would be a miracle to put a round through his chest at this range. The Android was moving forward slowly, muttering something to him that he didn't bother to translate to his ship wrecked mind. The RAmarl in his possesion cried in a vain attempt to gain sympathy of those around her, and it was working. Many hunters (mainly men) were picking up some courage.

Tossing her to the ground, he placed one heavily booted foot none-too-gently upon her neck. Another man, to bold for his own good, raised his weapon to fire, but was cut off by a battle honed shot taking out his hip. Riot squad pouring in, Hugh advancing ever closer. His options were growing slim.

Sep 21, 2004, 01:15 PM
"Get off of my pallashes!"

Solstis kicked the young, and most likely dead, HUnewearl off of his weapons.

"Useless females!"

Solstis looked over at the one that had impeded his progress, and found him to be a relatively rough spot.

Deciding on a course of action, Solstis flipped a switch on one of his pallashes, setting it to "Javelin" mode.

It was in mid swing that a loud voice interrupted his train of thought, sending the projectile into the trees.

Sep 21, 2004, 01:24 PM
" BWARGHHHHHH!!!! " Logical2u screamed as he jumped out of the woods at the hostage taking RAmar.

Shots from his modified twin Varistas pinged off the back of the mans armor even as the crowd began to close in on a full circle. The RAmar's high class armor absorbed the bullets with only minor damage.

Even as he saw this, Ardo 'Logical2u' Melnikov was on the move, into the center of the crowd.

The man was already turned around with the ramarl still under him, when Ardo was about 2 feet behind him. The outstretched Durandal was just barely grazing the side of the man's neck.

"Get your dirty boots off the fine looking Ramarl now, before I have to ruin her clothes with your spilt heathen blood."

Full Dohanian mode was coming out again...

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Sep 21, 2004, 01:45 PM
Juno looked at the slash in his fine silk bandanna that ran from nose to chest and cursed loudly. Those things were expensive! The man that attacked him started to speak some line of heroic crap but Juno cut him off by shooting him in the chest, you talked, I reacted.. dumbass. Turning the weapon around, he warded back the approaching circle. A little bit of heel digging into the soft flesh of the female's neck made her whimper, making them ever so concerned for her life.

The RAmar had lost sight of Hugh, this was a relatively bad thing. Shooting four shots in four directions caused the crowd to scatter, that would leave the sneaky man less room to 'hide in the shadows in broad daylight'. The riot patroll approached, large shields preventing him from taking any good shots off at them.

One of the captains called out to him.

"Theres nowhere to run! Drop your weapon and surrender now and we wont open fire!"

Looking from side to side, Juno hoisted the girl up again and dusted her off.

"No hard feelings, mmkay?" He then shoved her in the direction of the crowd. The large RAmar let his Justy and saber drop to the ground, then placed his hands on his head. An armed patrol came to escort him to the nearest patrol car, and he was glad to be inside it for the angry shouts and 'boos' from the mob was tempting him to act up again. One of the guards looked at the maniac's cool smile, and shivered.

Sighing to himself, the convicted man leaned back, looking at the familiar figure of handcuffs placed on his wrists. The boss will get me out, he always does. Because he needs me.

Sep 21, 2004, 01:51 PM
*I must be getting old, its taking me longer to post then usual and people keep getting in before me*

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Sep 21, 2004, 02:09 PM
"Is thy race always this self-destructive? I assumed that this was a light-hearted, humorous event."

"There's always one crazy psychotic freak that turns up and spoils everything. It happens every time we...they even try to get together."

"Shouldst we not interfere? This is getting out of claw."

Too late, they're hauling his ass off already.

"When, oh when, am I going to get my chance to kill, or at least torture, that Tyrell?" Caal lamented, as several of the armed guards surrounded the principal.

EDIT: Slow...

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Sep 21, 2004, 02:19 PM
Hugh let the man go, for the time being. Although he should have stalked and killed the bastard to make sure the job was done.

"Gods, I'm growing soft in this downtime." He mumbled to himself as Durga came up behind him.

"Hugh, ya got in on more ahction thahn i thought'chee would." The scot-bot bellowed, giving Hugh a hearty slap on the back, sending him reeling forward. Durga gave a slight chuckle, and started forward.

"Ah think thaht faht man wants a cake. Them sisters be in the caves if Ah remember right." Durga informed Hugh.

"Then lets get to going." Hugh smiled, giving Durga a reassuring kick to the back of the head for slapping him.


Neophyte watched the fight take place, and was sickened at how easily everyone was taken aback.

These weak-minded sheep~! They should all be slain for cowardice~!

Her immaturity got the best of her, and she accidentally stopped concentrating on her obfuscation. Suddenly she appeared in a mass of hunters, who were all suprised - to say the least - at her appearing so suddenly.

She was awoken from her brooding when she realized she was visible. Looking around quickly, she changed her gaze from terrible and malicious to innocent and wondering.

"What? Did I do something wrong?" She stated scaredly, looking around quickly. One of the rather kindly hunters squatted down in front of her, and looked her in the face.

"No, you didn't do anything wrong. But why are you here? This isn't a place for kids like you." He said warmly.

"But I wanna find the treasure!" She said gleefully, giving a small hop.

"I'm sure you do." He smiled, but Neophyte had had enough of this characde. She pried into his mind quickly, changing his thought process, making her seem inviting and capable. "And that's why I'll take you with me, so you don't get hurt." He finished after a short pause.

"Okay! ^_^" Neophyte jumped giddily, grabbing the hunter's arm and starting skipping away.

Damn these charades

Sep 21, 2004, 02:22 PM
"Well I do have an idea. Wait here for one moment."

Zi'Zuku dropped from his brush of leaves to a lower branch, before lowering himself down into a prone position to avoid any immediate aknowledgement. Slipping from tree trunk to tree trunk in the shaded wood, he was able to make his way to the central field area of the park which where the crowd filled podium lay waiting.

"'And lo, I set as sheep amidst the wolves'. The sheppard is going to be punished for this one."

Attention foccused mostly on the stage and riot crew, it had required little effort to make it to the crowd. Sighing, Zi'Zuku kindly excused himself as he waded his way through the tide of people. A few familiar faces that took notice to him grew wide eyed for a moment, but he didnt need much time. Once securely in the center of the crowd, he cleared his throat.


And thus the race was on...

Sep 21, 2004, 02:35 PM
Marla dusted herself off. Cleary she must be getting old if people post before she even finishes get the jump on her and then she doesn't get the opportunity to shoot them. And what was with the crying? Someone must have been cutting onions nearby.

Now what? With an excuse for fighting each other temporaily unavailable, the Hunter's minds turned to that of what Tyrell's crazy mind had come up with. A treasure Hunt where the one thing they were looking for was completely unknown.

It could be anything, or anyone... even...

"A little girl! Awwww Kawaii!" Shrieked Marla excited running up and pinching Neophyte's cheeks before picking her up and spinning her. "You are so adorable! I can't believe...... I... Must... Jump... Off... A... Cliff..."

Marla put the girl down gently and walked away.

added onions

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Sep 21, 2004, 02:52 PM
Solstis stood over the prostrate RAmar, poking him with his foot.

"How ya doin' Logicardo?"

An impromptu photon bullet signed a few strands of Solstis's hair in answer.

"I see. If you see Bernie, could you shoot him for me?"

Solstis was rewarded with a few more singed strands of hair.


Solstis began walking towards the forest, looking for his lost pallash, when a large wave of fire swept through the crowd.

Due to the author's Solstis's careful positioning, all the FORAHUmarnewm received was a refreshing warm breeze.


With that, Solstis walked blindly into the forest, hoping to find... ah... what was it again?


Sep 21, 2004, 03:09 PM
"Get down!" Ziz yelled, and pulled Jerry down, barely avoiding the Gifoie. This sudden move caused Jerry to lose his helmet. Ziz looked around for Zi' but only saw the befullduled(sp?) group of hunters. "Chaos. Utter chaos. I wouldn't be surprised if Zonky knew these people," he said. "You okay, Jerry?"

Jerry got up, rubbing his eyes. "Yeah, I'm f..i.."
He stopped, realizing his helmet wasn't there. "SHIT!" he yelled, causing some attention. He then knew he had made another mistake, and streched his hand out. "Ziz. Saber. Now," he said. instead a hand grabbed his and shook it firmly. "Jerheroc?" the person asked.

************************************************** ***

Gah! Stop posting so damn fast! http://www.pso-world.com/psoworld/images/phpbb/icons/smiles/icon_eek.gif

Sep 21, 2004, 04:14 PM
"Boccie are you even listening to me?!?" Quira yelled into the 8ft droids audio receptor.

The RAcast flinched a little, looking around to see everyone sort of beginning to run away from a ever-growing circle of flame, a dark and evil newman youth the source, laughing as the slower hunters began to catch fire. Zi again. Causing mayhem and destruction. The force began to laugh his trademark laugh, yelling 'stop, drop & roll!' at the buring rangers.

Boc then looked back down at Quira. "Wha? Sorry i kinda zoned out there for about two pages *ahem*."

"Zi'Zuku is setting people on fire and before that you missed some nutjob trying to plug Tyrell." the excited RAnewearl informed the slow witted droid.

"The usual shit then? I swear they should ban hunters from bringing weapons when we all get together." Boc said, loading up his yas, ready to fight Zi back to the pits hat spawned him.

"Are you crazy?" Quira said, stopping Boc from attacking.

"Yes." He answered matter-o-factly.

"Zi will rip you to shreds, put you back together again and kill you again before you could get a shot off! Plus everyones just set off for the treasure hunt, we can't waste time fighting, We must find the booty!!" Quira argued.

"Hmmmm, good point. Best to just distract him and give us a chance to find the treasure. And it would stop old Logical from getting fried." boc said pointing as the Dohian dived behind a tree avoid a blast of foie from Zi.

The ex-militant RAmar raised his gun, peeping from behind the tree. "God dammit, where the hell is Nasca when you need him!" he said.

Boc thundered up to face Zi. The force stopped his onslaught of fire peering up at the rust bucket. Most of the less brave remaining hunters began to filter into the forest when they could. "Yo Spooky." Boc said cooly.

"Rusty." Zi said nodding his head.

"As much as I'm sure you want to melt me down and re-forge me into a giant tea pot right now, I'd recommend getting your ass in gear before its too late." Boc said.

Zi laughed. "Is that a threat?"

"Neah! Just some friendly advise. You do know that this 'treasure' Rolly-polly is talking about is a huge stash of rappy porn?" Boc said.

Zi's eyes grew wide with excitement. "R-rappy porn?"

"Of Hugh Heffner proportions. Finders keepers... I say you should get going while.... Hey where did ya go?" Boc said puzzled as Zi seemingly disappeared from his sight.

Quira & Logical approached the droid as he swirled around trying to spot what direction the lighting fast newman had hauled ass to. "Jeez, I heard that he liked rappies, but I didn't think he liked them THAT much." Quira said.

"I could tell you horror stories." a voice said as it approached from behind.

The three turned to see Nasca approach, putting his legendary katana back in its holster. "Hey Red, i thought it was your job to eternally struggle with that spooky kid?" Boc said ruffling Nasca's hair.

"Not really a job. More of a hobby." Nasca said squirming out of Boc's hand, noticing the missing finger. "What happened your finger book?" he added.

Logical rolled his fake eyes. "Plu-leaze tell me that you didn't do that 'pull your finger' joke on Durga and the scotbot pulled the damn thing off." he said.

"Neah, a demonic rappy of DOOM stole it. Besides RAcasts can't fart." Boc said.

"That smell is always there." Quira whispered into Ardo's ear, both chuckling a little.

Nasca's cheery visage faded. "You too? Some giant rappy stole Galatea's purse yesterday."

"Dammit! Evil damn rappy!! It's taint shall be cleansed from ragol!! First we find it, beat it to death, get back my finger, Galatea's dough and then we go find this treasure of death!" Boc said, pointing to the sky, his voice booming through the valley.

"But before all that, maybe we should stop officer Decker over there from taking a walk off that cliff." Quira said, nodding towards the zombified HCIU officer.

"Why? She's arrested me and Boc more times in the last 3 years than Rusty here has been shot in the last 3 group fics!!" Ardo said.

"By the light thats a LOT of jail time!" Nasca said shocked.

"Yeah. She threw me into the cells for a nite simply beause i told her that she looked like she'd put on weight the other week. That was an unpleasent experience. Some 6 ton HUcast tried to make me his bitch." Boc huffed.

"oh you loved the attention!" Nasca laughed, as the four set off to stop the RAmarl from crippling herself.

Sep 21, 2004, 05:01 PM
"Get down !!" Came the warning call from a random hunter amongst the crowd as the flaming serpents continued on their circular dance toward the crowd, their flames carrying the promise of a slow fiery death to those that dared cross its path or at least some nasty third degree burns. Nasca watched the enchanted fire moving closer toward him and many others, he could easily go into a roll to dodge the flames, but he was not sure about the others. He left out a sigh realizing the only safe option was for him to take action as he began to unsheath his katana and then directed the sharp point of the blade toward the ground and then thrusting the blade tip into the ground, making the ground shake for a brief moment before an earthen wall spiked out of the ground, acting as a shield for Nasca and the unprepared crowd from the comming flames.

Nasca sighed out of relief, glad that he had managed to protect the crowd, the happy moment not lasting long as the sharp metallic point from Zi'Zuku's Caduceus went through the wall and inbeded itself 2 inches deep in Nasca's left arm, catching him completly off-guard, the paim from the wound making him realize that things were not quite over yet, Nasca disenbeded himself from the spike in time to dodge an incoming ball of foie from above the wall of earth, leaving the ground charred where Nasca was standing before, a Fonewn now going into a dive towards Nasca only allowing him time to quickly get his katana into a defensive position but not enough time to get into a secure stance, knocking him down against the hard ground, Zi'Zuku quickly bouncing off Nasca for a second charge with his Angry fists, Nasca blocking the first uppercut punch with his katana and the second low jab reaching home in Nasca's abdomen, swinging his blade to make some space between him and Zi, missing his face by mere inches. A numb fealing creaping up in Nasca's abdomen, the icy effect of the Angry fist working now. Nasca ignored the unpleasant feeling and stared at Zi'Zuku. The both of them staring down each other now.

"What ? you are not happy to see me Nasca" ? Zi'Zuku hissed at Nasca in a sarcastic manner.

"Not at all Zi, I already have enough trouble trying to forget you in my Nightmares" Nasca could feel the scar in his right cheek burning alive when he barked out the words "Nightmares"

"That's a real pity Nasca, becuase the fight is just starting" He said as he yanked out the Caduceus out of the earthen wall with a single tug, then twirling it in a menacing manner, then stopping the motion with the sharp spiked bottom of the caduceus pointed towards Nasca. "Are you ready for round 2 ?"

"I was born ready..." Nasca said as he moved his right leg to the front and directed the point of his katana towards Zi'Zuku, indicating he had adopted a offensive stance most often used to charge with a katana in an attempt(sp?) to stabs one's enemy. "Come at me..."



The crowd stood in utter silence watching in awe as the two continued to stare eachother down, observing for any hint to any weakness or any motion that could point out a charge.A soft wind blowed and then a black and heavely rusted, metallic object fell from a tree inbetween the warriors, a shout from within the crowd signaling the fight to start.

"MY PINKY !!!"

Thus an epic battle begins again...


I still got it !! WOOOHOOO !!

Sep 21, 2004, 05:58 PM
Juno grinned as the patrol car came to a slow stop. Up in fron he could see the driver and companion conversing with a microphone, outside the window he could see the large sign reading "Dunkin Dippin Donuts". It looks like he wouldn't have to wait for a jailbreak afterall.

The RAmar pretended to cough, lifting his bound hands up under the bandanna. neither of the cops looked back, both of them lost in a deep arguement about who's turn it was to pay. Reaching into his mouth with one hand, the man pulled a fake tooth and gripped it in his right palm. The procces involved little pain to his gums, but more to his wrists. The cuffs were latched tightly, almost cutting off the blood flow to his hands. So manuevering them was extremely painfull, and the first order of business was to remove them. The energy cuffs could be simply disable with an electrical discharge to the key hole, the artificial tooth he had just pulled stored several thousands of wats of electricity, all contaned within its smal confines and the metal tip that extended from the bottom.

Most people considered him insane to carry such a thing in his body, but it had always earned its worth. Handcuffs off, he quickly went to the door lock, this too could fried and disengaged with a good electrical shock. By this time the guards had noticed his movement, they were bustling to set down their coffee and donuts to prepare to repress him. Juno had been in situations like this before, and he wasn't about to fail now. Kicking his own door open, the RAmar hoisted himelf to the roof of the car. The driver was the first to emerge, in response, the opposing man leapt over him. Bringing the handcuffs around the man's neck, he twisted cruelly, lifting the officer up so that he provided a human shield to ward his partners fire.

Dead, the hunter dropped his body after retrieving the mans weapon and using it to blow a sizable hole in his comrades head. Locating his weapons in the trunk of the vehicle, Juno re-entered the patrol car, this time as the driver. He hadn't forgotten his promised fight with the red haired HUmar, nor the self-inflicted festering wound in his pride.

* * *
I'll concieved motives and escape plan are now established http://www.pso-world.com/psoworld/images/phpbb/icons/smiles/icon_biggrin.gif

Sep 21, 2004, 06:59 PM
i guess my 'on your marks, get set, go!' didn't get taken the right way X)

In the moment Zi'Zuku took notice to the rusty collossus, Nasca had darted forward, elbows back with the tip of his alligned with the heart of his enemy. Though his opponent content with his infamous parrying position, Nasca had a little trick of his own. Shifting the position of the blade, he allgigned the katana with Zi''s single exposed eye. All that appeared of the katana was a one point five inch strip of gray. Like a rattlesnake siezing a field mouse, he struck.

A normal opponent would have been left impaled. The chill that ran down Nasca's spine was undescribable as he realized what had happened. Dropped to one knee, was his Zi'Zuku. Springing up while the katana was overhead, the well supported shaft of the caduceus knocked Nasca's trusted weapon even further off balance. The trap had been sprung. In but a mere short moments, Nasca was forced to lean back with the direction of the katana as the razor wings of the Caduceus grazed his nose. Shortly following the horizontal partisan like spin of Zi'Zuku came around the caduceus's other end, meant to be thrust backwards at Nasca's gut. To his fortune, his armored hunter boot was able to kick this continued attack of course just enough to avoid a stab in the ribs. By the ripples in Zi'Zuku's cloak, he could tell that a recoiling effect was about to take place. Simply letting gravity take its toll, he fell to the ground from his obscure position. Just as he expected, the caduceus's front had come around once again, spouting fourth a deluge of flames into the crowd.

The tables had turned, as Nasca dodged Zi'Zuku's flurry of arracks. Slashing out at his opponent's abdomen, the caduceus's bottom grudgingly dragged along the ground as it was brought to a virticle position that would surely prevent and horizontal strikes.

Nasca smirked.

Though the katana had clashed with the caduceus, the tip was still pointed at Zi'Zuku's gut. Sliding the sword along the shaft, he dug a good cut in Zi'Zuku's side, who was only able to sidestep enough to prevent a fatal blow. Setting an angry fist on the wound numbed the pain, but it would not be enough to leave the slash unrecognized. I can form a bit of ice in my hand with my angry fists in order to catch his blow. I may be able to get off a few punches before kicking him away from his blade, and force him to bring out the dragon claws. If i can get my dagger out then, i should be able to parry with a good fulcrum enough that i could know him of balance and get him while he's limited to fisting range with the ca-


Zi'Zuku's thoughts were coldly interupted by the smoking gun of the My.Tea. one himself. Instinctively he brought up his left arm to activate his atribute wall, but this only hindered the bullet as it singed through.

"Damnit rusty! Don't you know never to interupt an fight like this!?" Came the blazing words through clenched teeth. Zi'Zuku held his arm in agony, fishing inside his shoulder for the bullet knowing he could not cast a successful resta later without getting it out.

"Shouldn't you get going? Wether you have a rappy fetish or not, you're surrounded by people well aware of the price on your head. You ain't built like me fleshie."

Zi'Zuku's trademark glare for an answer, he pulled his hand from his arm to reveal a small metalic object between his fingers.

"You should have aimed to kill."

A purple-black fire egited from the dark newm's palm as he thrust it forward at the rust bucket. Nasca and Boc were able to react quickly enough, but an unfortunate humar unable to see it coming from behind the racast was not. The flames danced around his body, searching for a way in, successfully finding one as the poor man shrieked out in pain. The metalic face covering half his face was spared no percy, as the burst of megid seeped into every thread of every screw and bolt. It slowly disassembled itself as the man's eyes began bleeding and his shreiks went so high pitched they were therefore unheard. The flames led a small white life force out of the man, as he fell to the ground, his spirit floating above his body.


"It was nice chatting with you all, but I really must get going. Good luck on your 'treasure hunt'... Oh, and do watch your step."

With that, Zi'Zuku let out another gifoie, only forcing Nasca and BOC (well, mostly Nasca. BOC could probably take it) to the outskirts of the circle that had already been cleared for the fight. When the flames dispersed, Hugh and possibly some others could have sword they saw a ryuker closing up into nothingness.


"That took longer than expected. Has thy starting shot been fired?"

"Yes. All we have to do is watch and wait until the thin out."


"Oh, and 'Caal' is it? If you could do me a favor... if anyone comes up to you and claims you stole 50K from them, could you take the blame for me?"

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Sep 21, 2004, 08:47 PM
As the rest of the hunters ran off into the surrounding forests, Deuce popped his head up from his hiding place and lit another cigarette off of a burning hunter who hadnt got away in time.

His investigations into what the hell they were looking for weren't going to well. He had picked up the suggestions of Cake's and Rappy Porn, but he wasn't too sure on the sources (he wasn't too sure that he actually wanted to find Rappy Porn come to think of it).

He took a drag on his cigarette and let out a smoke filled sigh.

"Maybe i should go back to hunting dangerous criminals, its alot easier and...well hello!" Out of the corner of his eye he spotted Marla Decker. She could slap her handcuffs on him anytime he sniggered to himself, then came to the realisation that she worked for Tyrell! Maybe she had some info on what the treasure was. He jumped up and sprinted over to her.

Sep 21, 2004, 08:47 PM
"Jerheroc?" the voice asked. He turned to face the direction of the voice, greeted with a slap to the face. "Ow," he exclaimed. A short FOnewearl in the usual purple attaire was facing him. "I was hoping you wouldn't find me, Neawen."

"What are you doing here?"

"Funny, I would ask the same thin about you."

"I was waiting for you."


"You don't think I like to hang out with all these weirdos? Now, come on! We have something better to do!"

She extended her arms and formed a symbol in her hands. She let the symbol drop to the ground, causing a telepipe to appear. Before Ziz could object, both her and Jerheroc jumped into the 'pipe, leaving a confused Ziz behind. "Damn," he said, oblivious to the Megid'd( http://www.pso-world.com/psoworld/images/phpbb/icons/smiles/icon_wacko.gif ) HUmar behind him. He walked off, hoping to find another partner.

************************************************** ***

Now I'll be able to type faster posts without having to worry about three characters.

Sep 22, 2004, 08:01 AM
"That depends entirely on whose 50k thou hast stolen."

"Meh. Just some RAcaseal."

"I'll not take the blame for thy actions, human. It appears I hath missed my chance. Tyrell and his lackeys piped out when thou cast that gifoie, before I had a chance to attack. However, I can'st leave the matter of Tyrell for later. Now, I believe it is time for a little fun..." Again, If he could grin, he would have. Caal settled with flexing his claws and bristling the feathers on his arms and neck. The motion caused a quiet, yet sharp sound not dissimilar to several broken violins as the stiff feathers rasped together.

"Can I ask you a favour?"

Another one?

Do that again! I love that sound! ^_^

Sep 22, 2004, 12:56 PM
Deuce couldn't help grinning as he stepped in front of the RAmarl.

"Remember me?" He asked.

Marla continued walking straight into his arms. I must be really good! Thought Deuce. But something wasn't right. She seemed to be trying to walk through him as if he wasn't there. Deuce frowned. Lifting her chin he gazed into her eyes, she appeared to be far away.

Maybe she's sleep-walking? He thought. Maybe I can wake her up with a kiss...

He bent down slightly and touched her lips with his own. As he did so, he got a very unplesant pain in his temple. Straightening up he was surprised to discover a Varista was trying to push it's way into his skull.

"Ouch?" He said backing off.

"You don't look like my dentist. Who are you?" Marla asked him.

"Deuce Deckard, lover and hunter extrodinaire." There was a blank look. "Uh, we got together after that thing on the beach? The summer group-fic remember?"

"Oh! Right, right. I remember now... We 'make the beast with two backs' four years in the future. But why were you kissing me just then?"

"You looked like you were sleep-walking so I woke you."

"You could have used a bucket of ice-cold water like a normal person you know. Well, thanks anyway."

"Wait! I was hoping you could tell me what it is we're searching for."

Sep 22, 2004, 05:31 PM
Of all the nerve. She should suffer an eternity of torment for violating me like that!

Neophyte steamed with anger, Marla was going to be the first to die if she had her way.

"Did she hurt your face?" Asked the HUmar, who was still at her side.

"A little." She mumbled, faking tears as she rubbed her cheeks, which Marla had pinched cruelly.

The HUmar took Neophyte by the hand and led her to where Marla was being interrogated by Duece.

Letting loose the arrow that he had nocked, Hugh watched it fly. It arced beautifully, and made it to its destination.

An arrow lodged itself in a tree in between Caal and Zi'Zuku. Zi quickly traced its flight path, and met the cold glare of Hugh, signaling the hunt was on.

Durga watched them all go this way and that, not going anywhere in particular as the day wore on.

"Bah, Ahl just sit here an' wait for Hugh."

Durga sat down next to a tree, and leaned on it, putting his victor axe over his lap.

Sep 22, 2004, 05:38 PM
Solstis, completely ignored by the apparently more pivotal characters, was somewhat annoyed as a leaf hit him on the head.

He shook his fist at the psycopathic rappy and newm duo, but failed to attract their attention.

For the moment, they seem occupied by that crazy arrow fella. Zi' was visibly twitching with anger, and that usually meant trouble. In his mind, a plan was formulating... not just any plan, but a deadly one. A very deadly one. With stuff that the human mind could barely grasp without squealing in sheer terror. And... *is smacked* sorry.

Crouching down to pick up his still activated pallash, Solstis discovered a rusty finger.

"I may be an important character yet!"

With that, Solstis ran off into the fields, looking for the rust-bucket-of-doom.


"Who was that strange fellow?"

"Just ignore him... he's useless."

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Sep 22, 2004, 08:01 PM
The crunch of a twig underfoot made Juno pause and take hold od his sorroundings. Looking at the almost abandoned meeting area, he quickly spotted the few remaining law enforcment units. The bodies had been collected, now all that was left was for them to gather the details. Unfortunatley, Tyrell had fled the scene. The RAmar's boss, the leader of a large crime organization said to rival Black Paper istelf, had told him to find and retrieve whatever treasure that the principal spoke of, and now he was left with no knowledge of where or what he was supposed to find. The woman known as Marla stood conversing with a tall hunter, Thanks to the cover of the sorrounding forest his presence was yet to be dectected. Maybe she would have some answers

The bright sunlight filtered down through the autumn canopy, the shadows on the ground shifting as a cool wind blew through the trees. Greens turning towards orange, some leaves were already a bright red. The fall rappy festival had taken place not to long ago, to welcome the coming of a new season. Making sure that the Justy was fully prepared for battle, Juno laid himelf down upon the tall grass and roots of the forest. Aiming for the first riot patroll officer, the man took carefull aim and felled him through the lung.

Suppressing a smile as the others yelped in shock, the man bear crawled along the thick bushes and grass to another area. Several of the remaining guards were wandering forward with their shields, to investigate his previous position. Marla stayed behind, to call for backup. Juno couldn't see any other hunters in the immediate are, so he wasn't too paticularily worried. The two guards, dressed heavily in their armor and helmets, poked around in the forest nervously. In his cover, the RAmar managed to take one man out without a sound, but the other let out a shout before he was shot in the back while he attempted to run to the cover of a large tree.

Juno nodded to himself. Brushing a strand of cyan hair back and over his head, he again crawled to a new location, waiting for the others to react.

* * *

Another short post due to me not knowing all that will be paricipating in the battle. So if you want to fight, get your ass over here. Other wise Juno is going to have an easy time sniping out the rest of these people.

Sep 22, 2004, 09:47 PM
"What was that?" Ziz asked himself as he heard a cry from the edge of the clearing. When will the murdering end? He pulled out his DB's Saber and ran into the danger. He knocked down a few riot patrol officers as he got into the dense part of the forest. Gee, am I the first hunter here? Like an answer to his silent question, a bullet rang through the air and hit his leg, causing him to trip and fall face first into the ground. "Ugh!"

Ziz stayed on the ground, not casting Resta on the wound for fear the sniper might noticed that he was still there. Silence. Then came footsteps. Closer. Closer... He turned around onto his back, getting ready to strike. Here he comes. A man stopped right next to him, leaving Ziz a perfect place to strike. Now!

With all his might, he lunged the DB's saber right through the man's testicles, up through the stomach and chest, then pulled the saber through the man's back, causing blood and guts to spill freely in the opposite direction of Ziz. The man didn't even have time to react as he crumpled over and fell. Ziz got up, his arm sore from the strength and speed he had to use. He kicked the dead body over, and realized it was a patrol officer. "Shoot," he said. He heard a couple of guns cocked. He turned around, arms raised, and faced the officers. Now I'm in really deep trouble.

Sep 24, 2004, 12:13 AM
"I take it thoust know him?" Caal questioned sarcastically, beholding the elegant arrow's feathers. Zi'Zuku crouched adjascent from him, tended to his wounds while keeping eye of the beckoning Hugh.

"A little... well, I'd say we're a little fucked amidst normal methods. We've got 2 snipers out there, and one of em knows where we are. Won't take the other long to figure out our position if he traces Hugh's shots."

"Combat shalt not falter should we make ourselves but pebbles amongst the boulders."

"Normally I'd agree with you if i could make use of both arms. Hugh's no pushover, and my main advantage over him is that he can't break my defensive stance. But there'll be no need to even draw me out if I can't use the Caduceus with both hands evenly.

"We cannot rest here much longer to contemplate our options. Thou knowest how to deal with Hugh, I'll leeave him to thee. I'll make busy the photon sniper. Not three seconds after I leave, make movement. Farewell for now."

Before Zi'Zuku could respond, Caal lept from the tree, gracefully sprinting upon hitting the ground.


The caduceus shown brightly, before erupting into tiny pieces that filled a small red box.


Making the only use possible of his left arm, Zi'Zuku reached beneath his cloak to exchange his Atribute wall with a yellow merge.


In effort to conpact his appearance, Zi'Zuku propped his beloved cloak where he was previously sitting. Shuffling along the limbs, he slinked down the trunk's side opposite to Hugh, creating an unrecognizable visual barrier. Examining the contents of his belt, he reached for a simple combat mirror, and poked it around the tree's edge. While Hugh would be unable to notice the minute change in the tree's outline, the man was quite clear to Zi'Zuku, all by himself not 200 meters away. Moving to the other side of the trunk, he grudgingly brought his left arm up to a position where he could hold the mirror to keep the same view. Using the angry fist on his right hand to pat down a thin layer of ice, Zi'Zuku was confident he would be able to hold that stance for the time needed as the cold numbed his pain. Carefully, he slowly stepped away from the tree, using the mirror to spot himself that the trunk still blocked Hugh's view. Slowly, slowly, slowly, the black outline of a man in the mirror grew miniscule, and Zi'Zuku had made it to the forest's verge.

It would take several minutes to treverse the woods unnoticed, but Hugh would grow suspicious far quicker than that. He would need a distraction... Something to make it appear as if he were elswhere. He thought for a moment...

The cloak.

Still clearly visible through the leaves at his angle too. He had an idea. He concentrated on one of the offbranches that sprouted from those supporting the prop. Had it not been for the distance, Zi'Zuku would have made the trick too obvious. But through the thinning energy, all that became of his spell was a level 1 grants. Randomly searching for a second target, a young girl accompanying the agent Marla Decker caught his eye. Summoning the support of the yellow merge, he inconspicuously threw a Zonde at her not a moment after the grants had erupted. Weather or not the technique actually hit was none of his concern; Hugh had taken the bait. Zi'Zuku dashed out into the open as swiftly and silently as he could as Hugh reacted to the setup.


Hugh shifted his eyes for a moment to see where the attack had landed before leaching over his shoulder, and pulling an arrow from its quiver. Facing the odd colored feather outwards, and bringing the bow to the tip of his ear, he let loose a speeding arrow as it lodged itself into Zi'Zuku's casting hand. It was the glow that always precedes the casting of a lightning technique that had given him away. Hugh smirked to himself triumphantly, knowing that he would not get a scream of acknowledgement, but satisfied that that was a perfect shot. His opponent's hand probably pinned to the wood, he let another arrow fly. He watched its beauty as it soared through the air, destined for the heart of his enemy. The quiet yet hollow sound of the arrowhead connecting with the bark through Zi'Zuku's cheast brought one thought to Hugh.

The shadow has been chased down.


Zi'Zuku advanced his heel before his toes in his steps, noiselessly approaching the archer who had let down his bow. Pacing forward in at a crouched level, he slowly moved his balancing arms to his waist. Silently, he drew his knife.

Sep 24, 2004, 12:52 AM
"The time is," [pause] "Eleven, Twenty, Four."

A sigh escaped from her lips. Leaning heavily back into the blue cushioned chair, the woman planted the heels of her black thigh-boots onto the desk and shut her misty green eyes. What am I DOING here? she thought for the thousandth time. She'll never request for back-up. All she is is a damn attention slut.

The woman's eyes drifted around the room, taking in the sights of scattered potted plants, pictures hanging on the wall, random desk materials and whatnot that reminded her even more of her boredom. Damn you Marla!

The reason this woman was here is simple. She had lost a game of Three-down (aka Paper-Rock-Scissors) to Marla to see who would stay behind and act as back-up. So, here she sits waiting patiently for Marla's call. However, patience isn't a virtue for...

Suddenly, the desk BEE comm-unit beeped. The woman snatched up the receiver with a clawed hand, her black and orange striped tail twitching furiously. "This is Green Officer Zenja Tygaran..."

"Ooops! Wrong number!" *click*

Zenja let the receiver fall from her hand. Anger no longer quelled, the cat-girl cried out and slammed her fists onto the desktop, tipping over the vase of flowers and also a picture frame depicting Field Officer Marla Decker. Growling loudly now, Zenja picked up the comm-unit and heaved it towards the window where it shattered the glass and plummeted towards the street below. The sound of screeching wheels and twisting metal reverberated up through the newly formed opening.

Zenja stood up and lightly pushed a few strands of black hair out of her eyes. "Phew! Almost lost my temper there."

A sonic blast from a ship's photon engine erupted from outside the office window. Zenja's fur involuntarily ruffled beneath her uniform--which consisted of a sleeveless green shirt just barely covering her upper extremite and a VERY short black skirt--as the deafening roar reached her ears. Papers and objects were scattered across the room as a massive force of wind entered through the hole in the window. After recovering from the shock and rush of wind, Zenja ran over to the opening and shouted obscene words at the retreating police air unit until her voice was nearly hoarse. She saved her last breathe for one final shout. "Marla! You are going to pay for this! In blood, if need be!"


The mercenary swiped the fiery red hair out of her face and peered into her wrist-comm. The device depicted a scene of a large man exiting a police vehicle and heading for a forested are. The screen slightly buzzed with static as the device from which fed the images to her wrist-comm detached from the car's bumper and followed after the man. The merc remote-guided the miniature device carefully and concealed it in a spot near the collar of the big man's armor. She chuckled to herself as she switched to tracking mode. "Goin somewhere, Juno?"

Satisfied, Redanya started up the engine and sped off towards the criminal's location.


Voshay leaned forward in the small rusty metal chair he had been sitting in since before the crowd had arrived and Principal Tyrell gave his ludicrous speech. As expected, the usual bunch of misfits had arrived on the scene which in turn attracted even MORE psychos and other odd sorts. It came as no surprise that fights broke out as quickly as they did.

The RAmar had watched it all in silence. From the speech to the crazed giant taking hostages to the small girl appearing out of no where. That particular girl gave him the creeps. Voshay could of sworn he saw the wicked intent in her eye before she looked around and asked her question. It had been very subtle, but the RAmar couldn't be sure whether or not he had truly seen that malice. He had been around his fair share of strange people and that had made him very paranoid of people. Very odd. Oh well, not my problem. Just as long as she stays away from me.

Voshay decided it was time to go. To where, he wasn't sure since he had just about as much knowledge of the whereabouts of the object in this Treasure Hunt as anyone else. A thought resurfaced into his head, one he'd thought about plenty of times while he sat in that chair. Why am I doing this again? Oh yeah... the wife wants me to relieve some stress. "A change of pace" as she put it. This whole thing is stupid, but I can't leave or I'll never hear the end of it from her. Damnit it all.

With a sigh and a grunt, Voshay stood up and began to stretch. What a wonderful day to relax and...


Voshay quickly shifted to prone as he watched a photon shot fire from the treeline and head in his direction. Upon hitting the dirt, the RAmar rolled right and into the tall grass, drawing his silenced Yasminkov 2000H as he did. "Oh fuck that!" he said through clenched teeth and crawled forward through the grass. So much for a change of pace...


Finally got power back. The hurricane put me out for a week and two days but now I'm back. Hopefully I can catch up on everything I've missed. Pardon me if I write horrible. I've been feeling miserable lately, but not enough to prevent me for contributing to this GF. Now, for the sleep I need...

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Sep 24, 2004, 04:32 AM
w00t! http://www.pso-world.com/psoworld/images/phpbb/icons/smiles/icon_biggrin.gif

* * *

The pale green fading to yellow of the tall grass provided decent cover, but not for the bright colors of his hair. He took a quick recap on the situation. Five riot guards left, not including the cocky wench.. Two of them are dealing with another hunter that just killed one of their troup, and the other two are escorting Marla. Some guy with an odd weapon managed to dodge my fire, while the man who was talking to the female officer earlier hasn't made a move towards me yet. I guess I've got to move..

Silently as he could, the RAmar crept along the ground towards a cluster of trees. Inching his weapon out from behind his blockade, Juno took a moment to aim and squeeze off another shot at the man who had avoided him beefore. Apparently there was no luck involved, for he was able dodge the fire and return it within the same heart beat. Shaking his head, the gangster quickly retreated deeper into the forest. Then he froze, sitting on the ground with his victor axe across his lap was the android that had aided the effort of capturing him earlier that day. His presence hadn't gone unnoticed, leaping to his feet, the 'cast shouted a string of words hardly comprehensible due to his strange dialect. Shit..

Juno quickly found one of the six thermal grenades latched to his belt (something his boss would have killed him for if he had lost them to the cops), ripping it from his waist, the explosive was activated and promptly chucked in the direction of the advancing android. A large rumble and a flash of heat that soon consumed part of the dry forest in fire, not caring if if he had actualy done harm to his opponent, the RAmar leapt from the scene and deeper into the thicker part of the woods. Stopping suddenly, the man pressed his back up against a large tree and held his breath.

The hunter from before had followed him, slinking his way so that he would have tracked him without notice. Yet the explosion diverted his attention for the moment, and Juno had spotted the light reflecting off the barrel of his weapon. Charging to the right, the gang member dropped to his knee and fired at Voshay's illusive figure. Missing both times, he cursed and rolled to refuge behind another tree. Odds are against me, I've got little choice..

Taking the small comm. unit from his hip, the large man connected to one of the few people that would be willing to help him.

"Hey sis?" Juno inquired to the reciever.

"I saw on the news, I'm already on my way. Don't die." He smiled grimly, easier said than done.

* * *

Ziz swallowed hard, the two officers aiming potential threats to his life at his head were more than intimidating.

"Drop your weapon on the ground, and puts your hands behind your head." The hunter was about to comply when an event of catastrophic danger to his sanity occured. The first guard's face suddenly dissapeared, spraying blood out in a fine mist. A rapid thumping of a auto fire weapon could be heard as a line of flesh and mucle blew apart as a hail of bullets rained upon his chest. The second man gaped at what he saw, to terrified to even move. A dark wetness staines his pants just before a series of fast moving flashes ended his life by drilling a large hole through his abdomen.

The HUmar turned to the source of the mayhem, and found what he saw not in the least bit comforting. Walking towards him with a gun about the size of his leg attatched to her am, was a cyborg. Half of her head had been covered with metal plating, carved into the face was a wicked smile and a cruel eye. The other half of her head bore long, spikey black hair. With a grey eye that reflected no light, and a cold frown that contrasted brutally with the mask of the other side of her face.

Literal chains of ammunition trailed and wrapped around her body, around her legs and arms, waist, and even across her back and neck. These were bullets, like those from the yasminkov series, except rifle rounds that were fed into a large gattling gun apparently built into her right cybernetic arm below the elbow. Supporting the weapon by a grip with her left hand, the cyborg stared at him for a few moments, as if deciding wether she should let him live or not. Her black-blue leather outfit stretched tighlty over her figurely body as she pointed at the guard that he himself had decimated with a gloved finger.

"Come with me, you may be of use" Suteru demanded.

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Sep 24, 2004, 06:09 AM
"So Pioneer 2's job was to take all the gun wielding maniacs to Ragol" muttered Deuce, half to himself, half to Marla. "Not that im complaining too much, its keeps me in meseta when i have to hunt 'em down"

There was more fire, this time from a second area.

"Great, looks like the first guys got a friend" said Marla, getting her guns ready. "We better make a mo..." Marla looked around to find Deuce had already sprung into action. Well, not really sprung, more like strolled.

Vorshay had found some cover from the last couple of shots Juno had let off, and as he revealed himself again to make his move Deuce gave him a friendly nod as he walked past him, leaving the Hunter a bit bemused at his tactics. Juno, using his weapon as a makeshift mirror once again, spotted Deuce's advance. He rolled out from behind the tree and let off two shots. Deuce ducked down, the first shot singeing the top of his brown hair and moved into a roll. As he finished he took the remians of his cigarette out of his mouth and flicked it as Juno. The burning ash caught the Ramar in the eye's and as he desperately tried to dust it off Deuce closed in on him. He swiped out Juno's legs and as he plummetted to the ground he delivered an elbow blow to the back of his head. Juno lay still and only moved again when Deuce grabbed the scruff of his neck and began to drag him back to Marla.

"Its amazing what you can do when your not stinking drunk" he said to Vorshay as he passed him again "Oh, you may want to make a statement to Officer Marla Decker, this way"

The two men and the unconcious Ramar strolled back towards where Marla had been.

"I brought presents!" yelled Deuce in a playful manner, then stopped as he spotted the bodies of the two officers and who had made them bodies.

"Oh shit"

Sep 24, 2004, 07:17 AM
The first was a warning. To give his quarry a sporting chance.

The second was the reprisal of his casting a technique.

The third was the kill.

Hugh strung his bow over his shoulder, and started twoards the tree. Crouched and silent he went, running as fast as the position would let him. He looked over his shoulder to the sound of automatic gunfire. There he saw the metallic horror of this new android.

All the more reason to get back under cover.

Hugh was almsot to where Zi had fallen to his arrows. His heart fluttered somewhat, he had finally finished what he had set out to do since their metting at the fateful Stalag.

He lept up to the branch where Zi was pinned. His cloak was wrapped around him. Even in death he was a shade. Silently and quickly Hugh drew a dagger and drug it across where the facemask would be, to reveal the fallen one.

Inhaling sharply Hugh realized his fateful mistake. The cloak was nothing but an empty cloth, moving slightly in the breeze.

Just as Hugh realized this, his left shoulder seared with pain. Turning qickly Hugh brought his dagger around, only to see Zi'Zuku duck under it, dragging his own dagger out of Hugh's shoulder.

He squinted thought the pain and brought his left arm around enough in its limp state to block a kick aimed for his ribs. Zi'Zuku flowed back out of Hugh's striking range, holding his dagger defensively. Hugh nimbly threw his dagger at Zi, only half-caring if it struck true or not. He drew forth his bastard sword, brandishing it with both hands.

I need to escape, but now he has the upper hand.

They stood silent, one waiting for the other to make a move.

Durga was thrown back from the blast of the thermal grenade. Shaking his head somewhat to get the ring out of his audio receptors. The blast had done some damage to his frontal armor, but nothing functional was damaged. He hefted his victor axe and was scanning the area, trudging forward when he heard the burb of automatic fire.

Triangulating the position of the fire, he rushed forward as fast as his 4-ton chassis would carry him.

Finally making it to the clearing the scot-bot beheld the metal horror that had obviously offed a few fleshbags.

Letting off a string of guttural battle cries, Durga rushed the abomonation, bringing up his left arm and summoning his standsill shield, knowing it would take quite a few shots before failing him.

Duece was shocked to motionlessness. He stared down the barrel of certian death with not but a thought of semi-regret.


A thought, a unifying theory entered his mind, and a split-second before he would have been shred to pieces by automatic fire he ducked and rolled out of the way.

Neophyte saw what use she could make of Duece, but he would serve no purpose dead on the battlefield because his human instincts broke down. She shoved into his thoughts something worthwile, and he obviously took action upon them.

Seeing her new toy out of the way of danger she took cover behind a veil of trees, not wanting to draw fire upon herself.

your turn

Sep 24, 2004, 03:10 PM
Ooooooooooh, shoot.

Ziz noticed Durga charging towards Suteru, who was busy with trying to shoot down Deuce, oblivious to the impending doom coming closer and closer. "Uh, droid?" he said as he tapped her shoulder. "Take care of it yourself," was her quick reply, aggrivated at how Deuce keep hiding behind trees, bushes and such. "Damn forest."

Yeah, right. Although he had casted resta on his ankle, his left arm was still too sore for him to wield his DB's saber, which was the only weapon he had at the moment. "I don't need my Varista today," I said. "It's not like I'm going to fight gang members, riot officers and a scot-bot." Bah. I need to think of somethi-

"Sorry about this," he told Suteru as he pushed her aside, knocking her down. He had decided too late, however, as Durga ran into him instead. "ARRRRGGGHHH!"

Ziz got hit with so much force he was sent flying into a tree. Ribs...broken....don't know how many injuries...

He went unconsciencous.

************************************************** ***

Yeah, I might not be able to post until Sunday, so I decided to take him out of action.

Sep 24, 2004, 04:25 PM
Things were becoming confusing rather quickly. The DB saber wielding HUmar had been knocked into a tree by the enraged Durga, and now the cybernetic woman held her arm cannon-device at the now prostrate android's head.

Deciding on a course of action, Solstis flicked the switch on his pallash again, and hurled the weapon with all of his might.

Suteru looked up from her prey for a moment to see a photonic javelin sail overhead.

"Part 2... techanades!"

Solstis charged Suteru, his two grenade straps loosened, each holding 5 grenades. By pressing a button on his belt, he activated all of them, the explosive globules whirring with a high-pitched noise.

Suteru noticed Solstis a bit too late, but decided to plug him full of bullets anyway. Solstis managed to duck the first spray, all the while pulling his two straps over his head and hurling them at Suteru.

Suteru laughed as she plugged the bandoliers with bullets, the grenades letting loose their power a few feet in front of her.

His plan having failed, Solstis rolled on the ground with his hands to his ears, his human body lacking the ability to turn off it's audio receptors.

If he still had all of his senses, Solstis would have heard the the grass being crushed under the weight of Suteru, her metallic frame stalking towards him.


Sorry if that was confusing/didn't make any sense. PM me if so.

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Sep 24, 2004, 07:06 PM
"Oh no ya Don't!!" Boc screamed, launching himself at the back of the monsterous Suteru, using his yasminkov to try and strangle the demon cyborg, holding the old-time shotgun vertically in his hands across her throat. Using his height to his advantage Boc lifted Suteru off the ground to try and accelerate the ghastly suffication process.

Solstis looked up to try and figure out why he wasn't a gooey paste yet, to see the cyborg struggling from the grasp of the rusted one, gasping for breath, yet the emotionless face remained. "Solsits, get your tiny finger stealing ass out of the way!!" Boc yelled, just as Suteru swung her free arm behind her clutching the droids head.

"Don't have to tell me twice!" The dazed and confused fleshbag scrambled to his feet and began to run for cover. As he did, Suteri manged to paw her way down to Boc's neck, clutching an exposed wire. She gave a sharp yank on it, rewarded with an eletric fizz and the droid releasing his strangle hold.

"Crap!!" Boc said as he stumbled back. She had just disconnected the ...er... crap. It was times like this that Boc wished he knew how he worked. He had never bothered to learn what all his components did, that was for Doc Stone to worry about. But whatever the techno-witch had disconnected had forced him to release his grip. And now his left arm was shaking like a crazy bitch. The droid looked up to see that the Cyborg had now diverted her attention to him, preparing her death cannon for an onslaught of pain on his rusted metal arse. "Crap. Er, would it make a difference if i said that i loved a lady covered in ammo?" The droid said as Suteru's gun began to whirr into life.

"Apparently not" Boc said as the lead began to fly towards him. The sound of metal impacting on metal echoed throughout the forest as an unrelenting barage of firepower drove itself into Boc's chest. The RustCast was stumbling back as the power of Suteru's cannon was immense. Thankfully her lead based weapons wasn't as effective on the MyTea one as the fleshbags! He was made of metal! but it was still causing its fair share of damage. Worse still he couldn't get a shot off! between his left arm shaking (like a dog shitting razor blades) and the constant abuse from her cannon Boc was a sitting target.

"SCOTTY!! LITTLE HELP!!" the rust bucket yelled as a bullet clanged off his forehead, knocking him to the grass with a muted clang.

"Hang in there ya simple-minded ranger!" Durga screamed re-newing his assualt on Suteru, running up behind her. The Cyber-lady looked behind her to see the tiny red dynamo approach.

"AHM GONNA EAT YA!!!" he screamed raising his axe charging into the frey, flanked by the other various hunters that had jumped out of the woodwork to aid against the battle on the newcomer.

dammit, sorry for been gone 4 so long, started back at uni this week and last few days have been busy 4 me. but am back. and i've been loving what ive read. good stuff. keep it up!


Sep 24, 2004, 07:14 PM
Voshay watched from behind cover as Deuce rolled out of the android's firing path, the path of the bullets shredding trees and shrubbary behind where the RAmar had been standing. Voshay was about to return fire on the psychotic android when something caught his eye. It was that little girl he had seen previously in the crowd. She was staring hard at Deuce, appearing to be a small statue in the bushes. Voshay turned his attention to Deuce, who was dodging more fire from the android's chaingun. The RAmar's movements seemed sluggish, as if his legs were made of putty, but oddly enough he seemed to know exactly when to duck, to dodge, to feint, to return fire. Voshay's eyes went back to the little girl, or where she HAD been. Is she controlling him like some puppetmaster?

"You cannot run forever, you worm! Death-AAGHH!"

The android's vocalization and the eruptions from techanades pulled Voshay out of his silent musing. He shook his head and peered out from behind his cover. He spotted Solstis as he attempted to end the droid's rampage but did nothing of the sort to quell that rage except enhance it further. BOC entered the carnage as well as another familiar droid.

The black-haired RAmar sighed and closed his eyes. His breathing slacked, the air stilled, and the world seemed to slow to a crawl. Absent-mindedly, the RAmar's right hand rested on the handle of his holstered weapon. He entered this state of tranquility and held it for only a moment. Live for the moment...

The instant Voshay's eyes snapped open he was on the move. The RAmar stepped out from behind the tree and into full view of the android and he locked his eyes onto her frame. Sensing the newcommer on her HUD, the droid quickly turned her already firing arm at this new threat. Voshay was well ahead of her; his Yasminkov 2000H was already pulled free of its holster, twirling with amazing speed on his index finger as he brought the weapon up to eye level and opened fire.

What came next happened in the blink of an eye. The first bullet had just left the chamber of the droid's gun arm when Voshay's first shot connected with that shell, causing a bright spark and loud pang to ring out. The next two bullets slammed into the droid's revolving barrel, knocking the arm up and sending the hail of fire harmlessly away from the RAmar and into the treetops. The final shot hit the side-chamber where the bullets were fed directly into the chaingun. In a bright flash of light, the droid's right arm exploded, sending metal shards and ammo in all directions. The droid nearly toppled from the force of explosion, but instead fell to one knee, left arm clutching her smoldering right.

The crowd of hunters, temporarily confused at what had just happened, converged on the injured droid...

Damn you BOC! I had to cut out half of what I wrote and change some things! http://www.pso-world.com/psoworld/images/phpbb/icons/smiles/icon_wink.gif Oh well... that's the way things go. http://www.pso-world.com/psoworld/images/phpbb/icons/smiles/icon_smile.gif

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Sep 24, 2004, 10:24 PM
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* * *

"Fuckers.." Suteru muttered. Durga hurled himself at her, tackling the cyborg to the ground with the blade of his axe not inches from her throat. Left hand holding onto the weapon, she wrapped one cybernetic leg between his and twisted her way on top, smashing the droid's visor with the stub on her right arm. Kicking back she freed herself completely, with a click she removed the demolished joint from her body and tossed it aside. BOC came to his counterpart's assitance by smashing her on the soft side of the skull with the back of his hand.

Dazed but still functional, the cyborg caught herself when landing and removed a chain of ammo from her feminine body. She lashed out with this, wrapping it around the large RAcast's middle. Drawing forth from behind her a thermal grenade of much larger porportions than the ones Juno carried, Suteru tossed this to the ground and hurled herself from the blast radius. A small mushroom of flames blossomed forward in an awe inspiring explosion, enveloping the trees with fire and incinerating might. She took a few rolls as her body tumbled backwards from the devastation, leaping upwards she let a moment of relief pass through her. The softness in her eyes quickly hardened again, and she yelled out to her brother who lay motionless in the grass after Deuce had dropped him to enter combat.

"Up you fool!"

The others on the scene took a moment to realize all that had happened, their opponenet had been damaged, but for some reason they realized that the fight was far from over. Juno clenched the grass with gloved fists, suppresing the urge to cry out due to the immense pain in the back of his head. A grim smile flicked to and from his lips, one of the reasons he had been accepted for this type of work was his keen ability to take an absurd amount of knocks before truly being down and out of a fight. His rifle had been tossed aside, but they had failed to remove the saber from his hip. This he drew and sped off into the forest to obscure any shots they could have locked onto him in the time it took for him to jump up, roll forward, retrieve his weapon and run.

Sure enough, he was rewarded with the sound of a bullet ripping into the earth instead of his chest. He traced his sisters moevement, and formed a simple path in his mind that would correspond with her own. As he was charging, the large man nearly tripped over a small child. Gritting his teeth, Juno whirled upon her and smashed the butt of the saber handle upon her forehead, snapping her out of whatever trance she had been in and sending her to the ground. The criminal hoped that he hadn't killed her just then, though in truth he had no real reason to be worried about her health at all. But, oblivious to the details of what appeared to be a child he set off again, a shot from one of the opposing rangers glancing his leg as he did so. No women no children, thats a vow he had planned to keep.

Deeper inside the forest he and his sister took a moment to catch up with one another. She held in her left hand a deactivated brand, and upon her face a slight smile. They exchanged a quick embrace and then started moving again, they needed a plan for this type of foe.

"So bro didn't come?" Juno inquired, Suteru shook her head.

"Vince said he was in the middle of something, and that he couldn't be bothered to look after his younger siblings." She sighed, knowing that the only reason that they were in the situation they were in now was entirely of her fault. Juno just wanted to save me, now I'm a constant burden..

"That bastard!" He hissed, slamming his fist against a tree. He looked at her right arm, then away to the ground.

"He'll be here Juno, Vince doesn't like to admit it but he loves his family."

"Only after he enslaves us to a crime lord."

"It was the only-"

"Forget it, up now, they've followed."

* * *

No, I'm not going to give these guys an infinite reserve of back-up. Juno, Suteru, and Vince are a trio. Nothing more. ooo, backround history <<;

Sep 25, 2004, 04:39 AM
The smoke finally began to clear. Through the chaos and destruction coughs could be heard from those luckily enough to survive the blast. Voshay coughed his way back from unconcious. "*cough* What happened? Where hell did they go? Deuce? Durga? Marla? Where the hell are you?!" he yelled through the failing smoke. The ranger jumped as somebody fell upon his shoulder. He span round to see Deuce leaning upon his shoulder, looking worse for wear.

"*COUGH* *ACK* *SPLUTTER*" was the only response the re-formed drunk could give.

"By the light man, are you okay?" Voshay said.

The cough began to cool. "Yeah, don't worry thats the forty a day habit rearings its ugly head." He said leaning against a nearby tree, casually tossing another smoke into his awaiting jaw. "Where'd they all go?"

"I'm here." Marla said, spitting a clump of grass out, dragging the semi-concious solstis by the legs behind her towards the two rangers.

Voshay looked up from checking the pulse of an unfortunate huter who bought it in the explosion. "What happened to Solstis?"

"Boc did it." She replied. dropping solstis legs and sitting down to rest.

"Boc?" Deuce said lighting up.

She nodded. "Sorta. A Piece of him flew off in the explosion and cracked the kid on the noggin." She paused. "Poor rusty. I'm gonna miss his giant dented ass." She said nodding of in the direction that Suteru had detonated the 8ft RAcast.

"Ack, i dinne know ya cared about the MyTea one." Durga said, clutching his broken left optic been guided towards the assembling hunters by the ever helpful Quira.

"Who the hell am i supposed to arrest all the time now? Boc accounted for 75% of all my business. Me and the gang at HCIU headquarters had a game. We'd see who could arrest him the most in a week. Loser had to buy the doughnuts." she said annoyed.

"Well i don't mind you slapping hand-cuffs on me. Was fun the last time you did." Deuce said wiggling his eyebrows.

"Fear not foolish mortal! Your never ending supply of fat inducing snack treats is safe for now!!" A Voice bellowed from the smoke.

*Cue cheesy survival music* They watched as the figure of a droid limped forward, dragging one leg and clutching his busted up yasminkov in his right hand.

"Boc You're Alive!" Voshay said in surprise.

The MyTea one stepped forward to reveal the extent of his damage. Charred was not the word. scorch marks littered his already well damaged body. His visor was cracked. His chest looked like swiss cheese, with more bullet holes than the back wall of a shooting range. his left arm and leg seemed to be 'dead'.

"...Barely." Quira added, surveying the droid.

"like I've always said, its easy to knock me down. Its getting me to stay down thats the trick." The droid said striking a pose.

Marla gritted her teeth. "WHATYA MEAN FAT INDUCING?!?" she said while using a free hand to rub her rear as if feeling for the demonic cellulite.

Boc ignored the comment holding up his faithful yas to survey the damage done to it. The barrel had been buckled. The trigger was missing. It looked more b'fucked than Boc himself. A tiny droplet of oil leaked from the side of Boc's visor. He looked up. "I don't care if the fleshie-droid half breed messed me up. Hell if she didn't do it somebody else was bound to do it in this fic. I'm not even angry about her making me have a mechanical version of a stroke." he said nodding towards his limp left hand side. He held up his yas with purpose. "But when she hurts the ones i love she must be made to pay!!!" He placed the banged up gun on his back snatching a pair of mechs out of some unknown spot on his person.

"Your going after that jugernaught of rock?!?" Quira said ruffling her own pink hair.

"Yes she must die 1000 deaths. SOLSTIS! FINGER ME!!" Boc said pointing towards the semi-concious kid, as the others stiffleed giggles at the seemingly obscene comment.

Solstis pated his pockets. "Errr. I lost it."

"DAMMIT. THE BITCH MUST DIE!!" Boc yelled turning around and hoppling off in the direction he thought she went.

"I wouldn't like to be her." Voshay said shaking his head.

"What? are ye crazed? Whats the dented one gonnie do against that war-machine? He'll be stamped down into tin foil." Durga said.

"Boc gets really angry when you mess around with his weapons. Robo47 once borrowed his bazooka and forgot to return it." Voshay said standing up again.

"And?" Durga said.

"Boc assualted his chromed arse." Deuce said. flicking his ciggie behind him. "And he only forgot to return it."

"Should we go help him?" somone said.
"Whats that you got there sis?" Juno said looking at the contents of her normal hand.

"It appear to be a severally rusted digit from that walking scrap pile I blew up back there." She said holding it up for him to see.

"Where'd you get that?" Juno said a slight smile creeping across his face.

The Cyborg shrugged. "Dunno. Thought it would make a good trophy." She replied placing Boc's piggy finger into her pocket.

Sep 25, 2004, 12:52 PM
Voshay ran up to... well, lazily strolled past BOC as the large Droid hobbled unsteadily after the antagonists. "Whoa there, grillmaster 2000! You shouldn't be going anywhere."

The droid paused and looked down at the RAmar. "But..."

"Look at yourself!" Deuce piped up. "If you go after her now in your condition, I highly doubt you'd be able to live up to your "You can't keep me down!" boast. If you keep this up, you'll be retiring to the rust farm for good!"


"Besides." Marla added, "You're under arrest."


"Disturbing the peace... and... uhh... resisting arrest!"


"You can't be serious!" Solstis exclaimed. "You know well enough he did nothing of the sort!"


"But... I... damnit." Marla replied, defeated.


"I think we should..." Quira tried to say.

"STOP INTERRUPTING..." BOC roared, throwing his only working arm up into the air.


"me..." Boc finished, looking up to the see who had drawn the last straw. Sitting calmly on his metal knuckles was a strange white, four-tailed creature.

"Remember me?" it grinned back at the metal giant.

"The obnoxious shapechanging foxy love goddess who turned into a gryphon and saved my life but also tried to kill me?"

K'Tani nodded, still smiling.

"Nope, don't recognize you."


BOC chuckled and brought the fox-thing down to his eye level. "I'm just joking. Don't get yourself in a twist."

"Yeah yeah, happy happy joy joy," Quira spoke up, irritated. "Enough with the flirting! We got a job to do!"

"That being?" Voshay inquired.

"Find that treasure, of course." Solstis answered matter-of-factly.

"What about those troublemakers?" BOC said, pointing in the direction the droid and the man had went.

Quira dismissed the notion with a wave. "Of no importance at the moment. They're currently licking their wounds, so let them be. Firstly, we need to fix YOU up."

Everyone agreed with the sense of that.


"Done with wha... MY ARM! MY LEG! They're working! And..."

"They're purple." Marla said, covering her mouth to hide her grin.

BOC examined himself and yes, both his left arm and leg were in fact purple.

"What did you do?" the droid asked, looking at K'Tani.

"Why, I fixed you, silly! Unfortunately, it's only temporary. If you don't find your missing pinky by sundown, you'll turn into a rusty pumpkin."

The droid stared blankly at the creature.

"Just kidding! Now let's stop wasting time and get out of here!" K'Tani yelled before running off into the forest.


Sorry bout the eff up...

and about this post... don't ask. http://www.pso-world.com/psoworld/images/phpbb/icons/smiles/icon_smile.gif

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Sep 26, 2004, 07:25 PM
I think its starting to turn into a pattern. everyone gets a round of posting in, then the thread drops halfway down the page. meh http://www.pso-world.com/psoworld/images/phpbb/icons/smiles/anime2.gif

"We can't simply stand here all day Hugh. Well, at least you can't. ZiZuku hissed.

Hugh was just sure that he was smiling under that wretched little face mask of his. Though a feeling was boiling up in him that just wanted to make him throw down his sword and throttle the little jerk, his words did hold some truth. Zi'Zuku had already tended to his wounds. He wouldn't even get a chance to rub his without risking a blade to the gut. On the other hand, his opponent's style was to completely take his assailant off guard via the parry-strike movements. He was falling into a trap that he couldnt seem to find a way out of...

"What was her name? Misty? If you bleed to death, I'll be sure to nail her for you... to a rack that is. Havn't let me sadistic side out in a while."

Might as well make the best of it!

Hugh tilted his sword forward and lunged at the adjascent branch supporting Zi'Zuku. Flipping his dagger to a position resembling a sinnow beat's, he used the entire support of his forarm to block the oncoming blow for a moment. Sidestepping the remainder of the momentum, Zi'Zuku allowed the sword to slide off his weapon and put Hugh at a very unbalanced position. Seeing his only option, Hugh let himself drop to a lower branch as a dagger from above tore a new rip in the back of his cloak.

"Come now, you can do better than that! the menace in black sneered as he hopped along the upper branches to where Hugh's throwing knife had embedded itself. Performing a little spin as he releived the bark of the metal thorn, he threw it at Hugh while his cloak had created a visual barrier. Being forced back even further, Hugh grunted.

"Damnit, this isnt working"

He's trying to break your concentration. Don't allow yourself to be mislead by his trickery.

An abstract thought, but an arrow of light spreading the darkened clouds of Hugh's mind.

You may be on the lower canopy, but your advarsary cannot defend himself from below with such a small weapon. He knows this, and thus when you make your attack he will most likely jump and grab hold of a higher branch, kicking you as you pass. Here's how you can land a firm hit.


Zi'Zuku let a playful smirk shine from beneath his mask. Looking down at his hapless foe, Zi'Zuku lashed out another Gizonde, watching as it chased Hugh from branch to branch, controlling his movement. Though he was falling into the psuedo-personality that he had created to piss off Hugh a little, it just felt so good to watch the tables turn in your favor. But enough was enough; too much confidence causes the downfall of everyone. Recoiling his hand back after one last technique, he returned to his defensive stance as Hugh approached. I'll most likely have to pull a gibbon kick; my dagger wont reach far enough when he swings at me.

Hugh lept at the branch directly bellow Zi'Zuku. Instinctively, Zi' grabbed hold of the branch above him, and prepared to kick his assailant off balance and allow him to tumble to the gorund bellow with a broken back. But had he had a third person perspective of the situation, he would have ascended immediately.

Hugh had lept at the branch... he just never landed on it. Mid jump, he'd stabbed the bastard sword into the heart of the tree to create a support of his own, using his remaining momentum to swing and hook his legs around the limb Zi'Zuku was previously on. Pushing off the hilt of his sword with all his might he completed his swing to the top of the branch. Zi'Zuku's eye widened as his fast, yet too slow reactions kicked out at Hugh, only to have a streaming wound cut across his thigh.

Supressing a scream, he retreated to the lower branches. This was a gash that could not be left ignored. He would need a moment, and something to busy Hugh. Jumping from the lowest branch he could, he descended to the grass as the would proved more vital than expected. Looking up into the lofty branches of the tree, a primitive, yet time granting idea formulated in his mind. Limping a short distance, he pointed an open palm at the base of the tree, and cast a foie. Slowly ascending, the flames had reached the leaves like a fuse reaching the gunpowder.

"That should buy me a little bit...

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Sep 26, 2004, 07:57 PM
It was then that he decided to make his presence known.

Jumping down to the forest floor in front of the odd creature with a somersault and a flourish, Toldos entered the scene.

"Hey, I'm Toldos and I..."

“"We know! You're not dead!" shouted everyone else's characters.

Toldos stood up to his full (and still short) height, lifting up his hat and scratching his head.

"That's... not what I was going to say. I think that I spotted two odd looking folks right down this path."

Toldos pointed down a small rappy-track. Before he could say anything else, though, the overeager Marla grabbed his hand and dragged him off deeper into the forest.


Solstis was the first to interrupt the silence.

"For BOC’s finger!" He lifted up his pallashes, waving them up in the air as he shouted his war cry.

With that, the crew charged into the forest's deeps, completely disregarding the firey tree three meters to their right.

Sep 27, 2004, 12:17 PM
"So...anyone worked out what were actually going after yet?" asked Deuce as he tried to shake the strange feeling that had come across him before hand.

"Maybe were looking for Tyrell's self esteem? It would explain the purple and green dress he's always wearing" said Boc.

"But i dont think we can actually find self esteem laying about a forest"

"Unless it was in the shape of a pretty new red dress. Anyway, the most important thing im trying to find his my finger!"

The group followed the Rappy trail around a couple of trees. Then around some more. They past a few more tree's that kind of looked like the other ones they had seen, then made it into a clearing that was...the Rappy Festival.

"Um, this isnt right" said Marla, who had been leading the group, "I think we made a wrong turn somewhere..."

"I think it was at that tree that looked like the other tree at the bit with all the trees" said Deuce.

"The bit with the trees? You mean the forest?"

"Yeah, thats the one" he said cheerfully, big grin sprawled across his face.

"Urg, weve mastered Space Travel and harnested the photon, but we cant find are way around a forest or tell one tree apart from the other. Lets try following that damned trail again"

Sep 27, 2004, 01:33 PM
As Deuce and Marla began to try and figure out which way the gang were supposed to be going, everyone else sat down to take a little breather.

Boc flexed his left arm, trying to resist the urge to pull the now purple appendage off. Of all the colours of the rainbow, it had to be purple. That fear inducing colour.

"What?" a cheery voice questioned. Boc looked over his right shoulder to see K'Tani resting upon his broad shoulder, her 4 tails endlessy twirling around one another, practically hypnotising Rufus, Boc's ever faithful chao mag. She had been watching him study his now working hand and had sensed his disatisfaction.

"Nothing. Just... Purple?" The droid said displaying his arm.

K'Tani's face dropped. "But purples such a pretty colour. all deep and mysterious." she said tilting her head up. "If you don't like it..."

"HELL NO, I didn't say that." Boc said pulling his arm back. "It may be purple, but it works. better than my usual method of field repair." Boc said patting K'Tani on the head.

"Which is..." Toldos said from beneath the shade of a nearby tree.

"Duc tape." Boc said pointing over his left shoulder. At this, Boc's mag Rufus opened up a compartment on the droids back and pulled out a giant roll of the industrial strength tape.

In the meantime Voshay had approached and was listening in. "Don't tell me...." he began looking at the little blue mag.

"YEP. Doc Stone trained young Rufus here how to duc my rusted, yet sturdy ass. Show em my little blue bodyguard!!" Boc said. Without a second gone, the mag began to circle Boc's chest wrapping him up in tape, effectively plugging up the bullet holes that had remained from his encounter with Suteru. The mag then returned to his position over Boc's right shoulder, a broad smile across his face. "I'd think that a fellow hunter who refuses to die would know the amazing properties of such material." Boc said to Toldos.

"Doesn't really work on us fleshies." Voshay said taking a slug of water from a cantine he was carrying.

"But like i said, not as effective as your bizzare, *gulp* purple inducing method young fox-thingy." Boc said, shuddering at the mention of purple to K'Tani.

The fox had been watching Rufus as he flew around in circles fixing the droid. K'Tai's face was lit up. "but my way isn't as fun!!" K'Tani said snatching the duc tape from Rufus and darting off Boc's shoulder. She ran up to Quira and began to encircle the be-wildered newman in tape, covering her from head to toe, leaving only her mouth, eyes and nose uncovered. "SEE! FUN!" She said over-enthusatically.

Marla and Deuce stopped their brain storming at the sight of the trapped Quira and the yells. "Dammit! Let me out!!" she screamed.

Marla laughed. "Hey Quira don't worry, we can leave you in there until the holloween fic, and you can be the mummy!" she said chuckling at her own joke.

"if it doesn't go all pear shaped like the last one" Solstis muttered under his breath.

"If hes the mummy, whos the daddy?" Toldos said.

"Dam you evil changling thing!! release me from this sticky prison at once or you shall incur the wrath of the ultimate pink haired warrior OF DEATH!!!" She yelled.

"Funny mummy." K'Tani replied.

"Hey! I mean it! Fox hunting may be getting banned in merry old England but I'll get med...*mumph*...." Quira struggled to say as the four tailed fox wrapped an extra layer of duc tape around her mouth.

Deuce whipped out his flask of special beer/coffee mixture. "It's too damn early in the day for this shit." He said preping to take a slug from the container only to have it snatched from his paws by Marla. The Ranger took a long hard slug.

"you said it." she said handing him back the flask.

"Enough horsing around, lets cut him free." Voshay said trying to peel off the tape with his fingers. When that failed, he tried cutting it with a pen-knife. "dammit this stuff ain't coming off!!"

"Voshay you fool! Don't you know that RAcast strength duc tape is the Stickiest substance known to man?!?" Boc said.

".....no...." he said, smirking trying to resist the urge to suggest another sticky 'man made' substance, but thought better. now was not the time.

"She ain't getting out of that, we may as well plug her now and put her out of her misery. That or sell her to the natural history museum" Boc said pointing his mechgun at Quira's head.

The trapped hunter mumbled something. nobody quite understood but it sound like "kick your rusted ass from here back to Coral".

"Wait, rusty, how do you usually get it off." Deuce said lowering the droids gun.

"Well drunky i usually the triple strength high intensity cutting knife that i have installed in this marvelous metallic hide of mine, gets the duc tape off everytime. I'd be lost without it. So sharp it even managed to cut through that cake Marla baked for all the boys in cell block H. Poor guys. They shouldn't have ate it." The RAcast replied wiping another oily tear from his cheek.

Marla pouted. "Nothing wrong with my cooking. I'm still convinced those guys where just alergic to cake and didn't know it before then."

"All of them?" Voshay yelled.

"Great just use it. No need to send her to the great light just yet" Solstis said trying to divert attention back to the current problem.

Boc looked down at the mummified RAnewearl. his visor flarred a little. "Oh your never gonna guess where it was installed...."

"Hey juno look, theres a photonic cutting knife that slides out of this finger tip" Suteru said to her brother swinging the dis-embodied apendage at a nearby tree, slicing deeply into the bark.

"That could come in handy. Get it! Handy? its a finger!! Hahahaha I kill me." Juno said.

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Sep 27, 2004, 01:43 PM
Darn time-out errors, this was supposed to come before Boc's post. *Kicks computer* Well, pretend this came before Boc's post, or ignore it all together, your choice.

Oh, and just so there's no confusion, K'Tani's not really a love goddess, she just said that to drive Zi nuts http://www.pso-world.com/psoworld/images/phpbb/icons/smiles/icon_biggrin.gif

EDIT: Boc, that was funny http://www.pso-world.com/psoworld/images/phpbb/icons/smiles/icon_lol.gif Behold (http://freefall.purrsia.com/ff1000/fv00926.htm) the power of duct tape! (http://freefall.purrsia.com/ff1000/fv00969.htm)


K'Tani had made herself comfortable atop Boc's head, when she noticed they were back in the clearing where they started. She asked, "Why'd you come back here? I thought you were looking for those two weirdos with Boc's finger?"

"We're looking for the treasure." Marla said.

"What about my finger?!"

"It's very lovely."

K'Tani's ears twitched back. "Well, I don't know what the treasure is, but the scent trail from those two people and Boc's finger went THAT way. Why didn't you go that way??" She huffed as though following scent would be the obvious choice.

Everyone stared at her. "You can smell Boc's finger?" Deuce asked.

"How can you not?! Boc reeks of rust and burned WD-40! I can tell if he's walked by a week ago!!" Then, as an afterthought, "No offense meant, Rustbucket."

"None taken. But how's about you stop impersonating a mutant coonskin cap and make yourself useful?"

K'Tani jumped off Boc's head and trotted happily back into the forest, head low to the ground, following the trail.

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Sep 27, 2004, 02:40 PM
"They're coming."

"I know."

Juno sighed as they took up a new path, one that would lead them back in a large circle. His sister took off running, and he promptly followed. Ducking low hanging branches and dodging clumps of bushes as they went, the man could tell that somone was close behind them in the trees. Whipping around, the RAmar ignited his saber, then leapt up to sever an over hanging branch. A man came leaping down, tapping him on the back as he did. Cold metal slithered its way over his neck, threatening to end his life if he so much as swallowed.

"Careless, though I daresay you've learned at least not to be caught unawares by your enemies." The blade retracted, leaving Juno to stumble forwards and rub his neck.

"But your not our enemy, Vince."

The taller man turned to his brother, not smiling as one might expect at a reunion, but glaring. Suteru however, threw her arms around him and squoze him tightly, calling out his name as she did so. He laughed and returned his rapier to its bound sheath,

"Shh, not so loud my dear sister. And Juno, sorry for my delay. I had.. business to attend to." The sandy haired man replied, the oldest of the three. He was dressed in a large, plated vest the color of burgundy with tan sleeved travelling down to his wrists. Here, there were black gloves that had studs implanted on the knuckles. Loose pants and odd, elegant shoes, it made one wonder just how he moved as swiftly as he did.

"I'm sure your whores could have waited a little longer for you." Juno muttered spitefully, deactivating his own weapon but not putting it away.

"Touche, brother dear, now tell me. Just how do you expect to defeat the hunters that are now catching up to you at a quite rapid pace?"


"Exactly. Suteru, do you have any more of those lovely grenades? Ah yes, but only one? No matter. They are tracking you with some odd, fox like creature. I heard them mention something about a smelly finger." Juno raised BOC's finger,

"Now that you mention it, this thing does smell quite vile."

"Quite." Vince said, pursing a smile on his face and arching an eye brow. The oldest of the siblings looked at the youngest, she shrugged and blushed. Then he continued,

"Anyway, were going to use this to blow it up. Naturally, they'll be drawn to the explosion. When they arrive, we'll be waiting here for them."

"How elegant, were now going to turn around and fight the same people we've been running from." Suteru chuckled, poking fun at her oldest borther's ego.

"Hah!, this time it will be quite different. They don't know of my presence yet. So you two are going to need to distract the group with some more explosions untill I can get behind them and strike. Their attention will be diverted, and this will give you guys time to close in on them, and we'll fight hand to hand from three directions."

"I think your overconfident and a pain in the ass, and that shows in your plan.

"Good, your agreed then."

"I swear, one of these days someones going to cut out that tongue of yours. And it might just be me."

Sep 27, 2004, 03:35 PM
lol, damn funny tani!! both ur post and that comic strip.
Boc thundered through the forest after the nimble K'Tani, trying to keep up. Wasn't easy. He had been charged with carrying the mummified Quira, as well as Marla who despite spending most of her time running all over pioneer 2 with Bernie back and forth to montague's lab, was complaining she was tired. Someone who does that much exercise shouldn't be exhausted at some simple death-paced running.

Didn't they get the memo that B.O.C.'s crazy taxi service had been ran out of business? Who would have thought that a single lone Rusted android wouldn't stand a chance against a fleet of hover-taxis?

Boc stopped short of trampling K'Tani. She was sniffing at the air. "Bucket-head take a few steps back your stench is messing with my tracking." she said.

"Why do you say things you know will hurt me??" Boc said feigning hurt. as the others stopped beside him, moving so he could back up a little.

Deuce was wheezing. Damn that Alcoffine was tastey but it was making him unfit. "Where....*breath* to?"

A large boom shoot the very leaves from the trees. "Well my thong wearing comrade to venture a guess that we should head in the direction of that big bang and the billowing clouds of smoke." K'Tani said nodding in the direction of the explosion.

"I don't wear thongs anymore!!" Deuce said, adjusting his underwear a little, laughing nervously.

"Yeah! He wears the pair of panties i gave him!" Marla said, jumping to his defence.

Deuce slapped his forehead. Why O why was his undergarment preferences always brought up? He sighed. "Come on, we have a finger to find and demon cyborgs to stop." he said beginning to follow K'Tani who had began to skip off into the direction of the explosion.

"So Deuce, what colour are they?" Boc called as he ran after them.

"Shut up!" he called out, their voices fading into the wood as they ran on.

"Oooo i have a bad feeling about this." Said Toldos.

"Shut up Toldos. Your undead. Your opinion doesn't count." Voshay said ignoring the worried comment.

"I ain't undead!" he said following his friends into the well planned trap.

Sep 27, 2004, 05:52 PM
"A family reunion. How touching. Heh."

The three siblings snapped their heads to face the red-haired bitch who had a deathwish.

"You have a reason for sticking your sorry face in our business, or are you wanting me to blow it off?" replied the android.

"You really think you could?" the woman shot back coolly, slowly lowering her hand and resting it on the pistol at her side.

Vince stepped forward, clearly irritated. "Why are you here?"

The woman smiled, but no warmth could be detected in the gesture. "Your boss hired me to make sure you guys don't screw things up, fearing that your incompetance may hinder the task at hand. It would seem I appear to be too late."

Vince clenched his fists, then slowly let them open. "Just what..."

The merc tossed something at him. Not expecting this, Vince flinched and tried to dodge. Just as the object hit his brother's shoulder, Juno drew a pistol and fired at the merc. The woman tilted her head slightly, letting the bullet sore harmlessly over her shoulder. Quickly unholstering her own pistol, the merc returned fire, blasting the weapon from Juno's hand, as well as the one Suteru was attempting to pull out.

Vince lowered his hands and raised an eyebrow at the merc. His gaze lowered to the object lying in the dirt. It was a simple patch depicting a blue water drop.

"Are we quite done with the introductions? I'm itching for some trigger action," The woman said, grinning. "By the way, name's Redanya."

"Guys," Suteru said. "Those hunter following us... well, they're here!"

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Sep 27, 2004, 07:24 PM
BOC asked the group a pressing question.

"Where's the wee fleshie that lost my finger?"

Toldos winced.

"You mean Solstis?"

"Yah, all you fleshies look the same to me."

Everyone that was still capable of doing so shrugged. Solstis had been missing for some time, apparently.


Redanya, the skillful gun mistress, spun around as she heard an odd whirring noise behind her.

Relying on her instincts alone, she caught a strange glowing ball. On it's side a large yellow lightning bolt was etched, and under it, a colon was followed with a "P."


Solstis's short victory dance was interrupted by a laugh that seemed to come at him from all directions.

Vince smiled as he "poked" the offending young man, his rapier entering through Solstis's back and exiting through his right arm.

"As you rid me of one problem..." Vince looked over at the still twitching Redanya. "I'll let you live."

Solstis, obviously in pain, still managed to stick his tongue out in response.

That wasn't exactly my best plan. Thought the fleshie to himself.

Juno scowled at his older brother.

"Quit playing with the weakling... we have business to attend to."


Slight manipulation of the space time continuum.

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Sep 29, 2004, 01:58 PM
post 2666. evil. http://www.pso-world.com/psoworld/images/phpbb/icons/smiles/icon_evil.gif

Hugh lept from the burning tree, just as everyone passed it up, as if it were never there.

odd. usually in these group fics they stagnate over every little occourence.

But Hugh had no time to ponder the actions of others. He tended to his wound first with a resta, or what semblance of a resta he could provide for himself, being a hunter. Secondly he dressed the wound in a dark sinew-like material. Then he shoved his cloak over it to hide the wound to any other predators.

Looking over the land, Hugh tried to plot where Zi'Zuku was. His tracks were light, if they were visible at all. Then it hit him.

"Of course"

Hugh dashed off, hoping to meet Zi'Zuku unawares.

Neophyte shook with rage. The nerve of the ranger, to knock her down and run away. Like a scared puppy. She walked obfuscated among the hunters that had taken up chase.

"Where are the-" A hunter questioned to the air, but was answered with a photon bullet to his face, making a messy red spray explode out of the back of his head.

Everyone hit the ground, not wanting to be the next target. This played perfectly into their plans. An explosion of automatic fire came from their left, moving down hunter after hunter. The hunters stood up and scattered, some twoard the fire, some away from it. But the first to stand was met with a decapitating bullet.

Neophyte looked at their formations, realizing there was still another attack to come. Looking up into the trees behind her, she saw the third, coiled like a spring, ready to attack at the right moment.

Taking a moment to concentrate herself, Neophyte connected with Vince. Vince froze, his mind being invaded and controlled by some outside presence.

What... is this?

The felling of becoming my new slave, wretch. An innocent, childish voice answered.

No... I will... not...

Oh, but you will.

Neophyte concentrated he entire being on dominating Vince. She knew everything about him in a brief moment, his childhood, his brother, his sister, what they planned to do, everything. She forced her will upon him, as he fought valiantly for control of his body. He resisted every onch that was taken, every thought that was stolen. but in the end, he was defeated, a spectator in his own body.

Now, my poor little wretch, do my bidding.

Vince shadowed the woods around the firefigt, as the hunters were now returning fire and pusing the other two back.

And now, to deal with the ranger. How gleeful it is, to watch you slay your own brother. Neophyte beamed as she maneuvered Vince twoards Juno.

Juno was retreating. He had killed more than twenty hunters waiting for Vince to make his move.

"Damn him. Where is he-"

Juno got his piercing answer, the thin rapier slid easily into Juno's gut, and was pulled out effortlessly. Eyes wide and full of betrayl, Juno beheld Vince, who was staring at him with soulless eyes, ready to make the finishing blow.
fun fun for every-one. ^_^

Sep 29, 2004, 02:26 PM
"Cowardly, ill-aligned little witch!" Caal dropped from the trees from where he had been observing the battle, landing behind Neophyte who was still deep in concentration, savouring every second of her control over Vince.

"Using others to convey thy foul whims..."

A backclaw blow to the girl's head knocked her sprawling in the brush, breaking her concentration. Elsewhere, a sword fell from a limp hand...

Seemingly unfazed, Neophyte looked round at her attacker, rising slowly, deliberately to her feet, stony eyes filled with piercing menace, sibilant movements concealing the writhing hatred within.


"Only what honour I posess kept me from gutting thee where thou stood. I had hoped to avoid direct combat with anyone, yet thy callous disregard for other humans leaves me no choice. Let us see how thee fare'st against one without a mind..."


Fun fun for everyone indeed.

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Sep 29, 2004, 02:54 PM
The battle had began before the prey had arrived. A group of 35 or so treasure seeking hunters had walked right into the trap the 3 siblings had lain, managing to delay Vince's killing blow on the injured Solstis. All hell broke lose. The dark siblings began to tear the hunters to pieces with little effort, not evening noticing Neophyte seek shelter in the bush were she launched her mental attack on Vince, forcing the puppet to turn on his own brother.

The failing hunter party took the chance to begin to retreat, still hosed by Suteru's firepower as they ran. They would not make it far. But hope shined through. The selfless heros arrived.

In they ran. Charging into an unknown doom. Gallant heros who didn't no fear, or regret. Their sense of justice and virture raidianting majestically as they entered the clearing to face their foe. Their manner fair, their honor strict...

"Hey you shit eating, ass smacking, fart sniffing testie tickling bastards, I'm gonna shoot ya, kill ya, skin ya, cook ya and then feed ya to my friend Gerry the hobo!!"

....... like i said. a bunch of hopeless nutters stumbling into a trap flanked by a giant walking trash can, whos foul mouth was only matched by his smell. And not to mention the shape-shifting fox, mummufied ranger, drunkard in womens underwear, hard-assed (oh wait, firm assed) copper, the guy who kept claiming not to be dead and voshay. who is actually quite normal.

Boc didn't even stop to survey the caranage, he ran towards the battle. The droid then locked eyes with Suteru. She then snarled. "YOU. I destroyed you."

"Built to last honey!" Boc said firing off a burst towards her, while making a move towards Vince and Juno, the Cyborg rasing her shield to divert the fire.

"Away from my brothers!" She roared firing towards the droid. Boc ducked out of the way noticing a kid about to be pecked to death by a rappy.

"Dammit kid!" Boc said. He ran towards Neophyte scooping her up in his arms in time just as Caal let loss a flurry of squakes and pecks. Boc turned, his back taking the brunt of the abuse, shielding the youth from harm. damn i hope K'Tani didn't use all my duc tape, looks like I'm gonna need it. the droid thought to himself, just as the others finally caught up with him and began to shoot at the Cyborg, trying to draw her fire.

Boc ran behind a giant rock that lay in the clearing setting Neophyte down. "Hey kid, didn't mommy ever tell you not to go walking in the woods when devil rappies are on the loose?" Boc said patting her on the head.

The droid recieved only a burning gaze of hatered as response.

The droid ignored the girl for now, poking his head out to view the fight. He couldn't help but laugh as Marla yelled the violation's Suteru had commited as she fired at the scary half-lady half-bot, who herself had taken cover and who was fully focused on killing the others. He then looked at the rappy. His visor flarred. It was the giant mutant rappy that had snapped his prized piggy off. Looks like The MyTea one would be serving two helpings of vengance today...

Neophyte surveyed the droid as it began to shout obsenities at his enemies, then turning to excuse himself for uttering 'that which is not for young ears'. A wicked smile played across Neophyte's lips. Maybe she could use this barely servicable robot to her own ends. Droid. You will be mine. Surcum to my will. Obey me. She whispered in the droid's mind in a commanding tone. Boc turned transfixed on the tainted youth not speaking for a second.

"Kid, I've had to take orders from fleshbags for years. I'm cool with that. I like you squishy fleshies. But I ain't getting bossed around by a mirco-organic. Tis de-grading. The guys at Razor's would laugh at me." The droid said playfully patting her on the head again. "Now excuse uncle Boc while he reigns fire and death down upon the demented bird of their." he said jumping up pacing towards Caal.

Neophyte snarled. Either this one was strong of mind and able to resist her physic assualt or just too dense to realise.....

Whatever the case. Nobody patted her on the head. Or called her a Micro-Organic. http://www.pso-world.com/psoworld/images/phpbb/icons/smiles/icon_evil.gif

"Fowl bird!! Your finger stealing days are over!!" Boc said pointing his mechguns in the general direction of Caal.

"construct, ist thou of a simple mind? The vile creature you protect is of evil intent! Stand aside and allow justice to be served to the witch!" Caal said.

If Boc had a face he would have frowned. The bird talked. Either it was a giant parrot, the result of some sorta D-cel antics or the old droid had finally had one too many blows to the hard drive. "I'll admit, kids can be cruel at times, but they ain't evil FINGER STEALING FEATHERED DOOM-MONGERS!!!" the droid said showing the space where his piggy should be.

"honestly construct, thou should possess the wit to NOT go petting Rappy's. But thy seems stubborn and I do not have time to argue, the evil must be cleansed. Prepare for combat." Caal said, preparing himself for a fight.

Boc snapped the saefty off his mechs. "There won't be enough of you left to put in a bucket of Coralian Fried Chicken!!"

Caal squinted. The chicken jokes was going to cost the RAcast at least another 2 fingers...

battle was on... and neither saw Neophyte readying herself to join...

Sep 29, 2004, 02:59 PM
My poor Juno! ;-;

* * *

"Juno!" Vince watched wordlessly as his killing blow struck down an unintended target. Suteru fell to her knees, clutching the slash on her chest while tears poured down her face. She wasn't crying from the pain of the wound, but from the pain of betrayal. The Cyborg fell forward, grabbing the sleeved of her eldest brothers pants as she did so. Blood pouring from her wound onto him, she pulled her self up so that they were close to face to face. The man flinched for a moment, compassion returning to his face for the slightest moment. Then it took controll again, and he pushed her back.

"W-why.." Her cybernetic leg and arm gave out, leaving her to crumple to the ground, the last of her life draining away. The puppet raised the rapier and pierced its vicious tip deep into her chest, piercing her heart and ending the agony. This last move had been made out of compassion, to make the death swift. As Vince turned towards his brother, the middle aged sibling could see moisture gathered in his emotionless face. Juno grabbed his sisters fallen brand and activated it, managing to parry a thrust in a shower of smoking sparks from metal coming into contact with the heated weapon.

The RAmar staggered back into a tree, one hand clutching his fresh wound while the other defended against his brothers undeserved wrath. Red seeped through the bandaged on the man's legs and the nauseating pain caused him to fall upon that knee, landing upon a root, sending a chilling shiver up his spine. Juno threw himself up again, bringing his weapon up vertically to block a slash at his throat. and then twisted it into a diagonal position to fence off the oncoming stab the face. Another two steps back, another three blocks parried but no attacks were made upon his part.

Vince's style of fighting was a varied form of striaght forward fighting, so as long as he stood directly in the man's path, there was no chance he could win. The taller and younger man was forced back yet again, his brother leapt forward and kicked him in the chest, sending him down to the ground and laid out flatr on his back. A hasty attempt on a thrust to his abdomen was made, but Juno rolled to the side and swept out the blonde man's legs. Dropping the brand, the RAmar tackled his brother, years of grapple training finally coming to use. He usually acted as a personal body guard for the boss-man, so his fighting style had to be varied. Vince was the duelist of the family, but on the ground he was a meek lamb compared to the younger but larger sibling. Yet, the older was still armed.

The duelist slammed the butt of his rapier against his brother chest, satisfied that the crunch was that of a rib or two breaking. Wordlessly, they both seperated. Juno pointed to the mans collar, so he could observe the activated grenade there. Quickly tossing it from him, the explosion swept the two apart.

The RAmar staggered away into the forest, attempting to treat his wounds. While Vince dropped his rapier and sank to his knees. The images of him slaughtering his little sister, battling and wounding his brother. The only family he had left..

What have I done..

Sep 29, 2004, 03:41 PM
Neophyte shook with rage. Her tiny fists balled as the knuckles whitened.

"YOOOUUU... DAAREEE..." Her face contorted with rage, the formerly pristine and virgin face blossomed with veins and creases as her eyes went from light purple to pitch black.

Every muscle in her body convulsed, she seemed to be radiating a slight darkness, as her face grew ever more grotesque.

Her burning hatred was the only thing she could concentrate on, and it was consuming her body. With each passing second, her body looked to be more and more covered in a dense black fire, consuming all that was her physical body.

A dark phantasm screamed out, an inhuman scream, enough to freeze the hearts of men. Neophyte started to hover, the phantasm convulsing even more than she was, loosing more inhuman screams at every possible moment.

Opening her hands, malign black energies started to form, radiating more darkness from Neophyte.

Boc and Caal sttod stunned, gazing with wonder at the gruesome display of evil.

"I told thee she was an evil witch."

Before BOC could muster a response, another inhuman scream tore through them, deadening every thought they had.

With a contorted scream, Neophyte threw the balls of darkness at BOC and Caal, and she flitted to them, claws of black flame ready to incinerate every last particle of their being.

"NO! You are not to slay them! Stay your wrath, you have learned these simpletons of the demonic forces present here. For this I should smite you.

If you were not the last of the seven you would know no end to suffering."

"Yes, lord chainer."

The balls were just inches from them, the flames licking their faces, when all went silent, like a vision of nothing. BOC and Caal snapped from a trance, and saw Neophyte collapsed on the ground, a child that had fallen to exhaustion.

Sep 29, 2004, 04:44 PM
"If I was a pedophile, that girl would be in leather straps by now."

Doing his best to sidestep the close-to mosh pit which just took place, Zi'Zuku lept from the willow limb he concealed his tracks with, somersaulting into a bush upon hitting the ground. It was bad enough to have Hugh still trailing him, the last thing he needed was these brawlers on his hide. Splitting the brush, he examined the group through the temporary crevice in nature. In the moment he had taken to observe the scenerio, he noticed Caal and Boc standing side by side looking over some girl (hey, didnt i throw a zonde at her?), not killing eachother.

"Damn." he muttered, hastily letting go of the split branches. He didn't curse at the fact that he was but a droplet of blood in the deluge of misery and deception all rappies were conspiracizing. The clearing present, he had taken sanctuary in the lone bit of foliage amongst the group. Can't go back up the looming branch. Bright day. Nothing to hide behind as a catalyst to flee with. Too cramped to drop a pipe. Damnit. There was one means of escape... but... oh, damnit all...


As the treasure hunters calmed down a little from the unforgiving battle, a lone fonewm broke the sunlight, casting his shadow upon all of them. Clad in a formal shirt dancing with decorative black-blue designs which only rivaled the profound tunic bottom protruding to the extent as if one were trying to conceal an air bag. As his blue hair drifted wavily, shrowding his right eye from vision, he thrust his staff into the air with each step of his grass crushing cloggs, marching to his song of horror that not a soul great or small, mortal or devine could escape from.

"I'm painting the roses red, I'm painting the roses red! And imma find the treasure before you all because I are teh leet rockzorz and you are all noobs! Oh Em Gee, Double Yoo Tee Eff, El Oh El, Bee Are Bee!?, Oh painting the roses red! Cause I'm Zi- er- Zippidy Doo, and I'm not dead!"

Words locked themselves within the appaled tongues of his victims, as he left them mercilessly to find the next unsuspecting prey.


Wrapping his cloak around him, Zi'Zuku crammed the blue box containing his old fonewm uniform to the depths of his hunter's pack. It was good to know that with a change of clothes/hair and the removal of a covering you could move freely in public without any facial recognition, but still, who wants to have to do that?

EDIT: ... Speaking of, I should probably get to finding whatever it is we're looking for anyways...

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Sep 29, 2004, 04:51 PM
Arising from the darkness, Redanya released a low groan of pain. The light pierced her blurry eyes, sending fresh jolts of agony through her brain and reminding her where she was and why she was on her back. Damn, this is worse than a hangover...

The merc tested her limbs. Her left arm twitched a few times before she was able to discover that her left hand already rested on the handle of the other pistol holstered at her waist. Well, at least I didn't completely lose myself...


Redanya was already reacting even before she was fully conscious. Hearing the rapidly approaching footsteps, the merc lifted up her right foot, catching the hunter in the groin area and lifting him up and tossing him over. She quickly withdrew her weapon and fired repeatedly into the man's throat and chest and was rewarded with a warm spray of scarlet. She followed up with a backwards roll and came up into a low crouch before the corpse face-planted into the hard ground, his Partisan flying uselessly into the distance.

She quickly scanned the area. From the looks of things, something really messed up had happened with the siblings while she was out cold. Redanya had a job to do, alone if need be, but it was going to be a lot harder now w/o the help of Juno and the others. I'll have to hook up with whoever's left alive, but until then...

No one had seen her kill the hunter. Good... that made the situation salvagable. Not wasting any time, Redanya made her way over to what seemed to be another hunter, this one sipping on some liquid. Holstering the pistol, she waved at the man. "Hey."

"Oh! Err... hi! Name's Deuce... who might you be?"


Take the time to listen to these words

Before you throw your life into the wind.

I know that sorrow in your eyes

And the pain I can help you mend.

Drastically, the situation went from terrible to down right wierd. The hunters fell by the dozens, unable to stop the wicked death trap set by the siblings. Then, before Voshay could blast away, one of the assailants began attacking one of his own. He had stopped in mid-charge, turned, and stabbed his own flesh and blood. The sister deflected the killing blow to the injured man, but at the cost of her own life. At that instant, color and... feeling came back to the man's eyes. He stared down at the carnage below him, sorrow and agony reflecting in those glassy spheres. The man brought his weapon down again, piercing the heart of the one he had known and loved all of his life.

Voshay watched with a grim look on his face. The agenda he had set out with to find these criminals changed upon recognizing the look on that man's face, and any malice he had felt towards them evaporated in one, long sigh as Voshay made his way towards the now quarreling brothers.

Before reaching the duo, a grenade erupting, sending the combatants flailing in opposite directions. Voshay shielded his eyes from the heat of the blast. The bigger man called Juno, if Voshay heard correctly, recovered quickly and stumbled into the woods. Falling to his knees, the final assailant assumed a defeated stance, uncaring of the fate that would soon come...

Or would have if Voshay had not intercepted the rushing group of hunters. "Stop! Let him live," the RAmar cried, stepping in the way of the on-rush of bodies. They complied, albeit somewhat angrily and reluctantly.

"Why do you defend this... this... vile excuse for a human!?" a purple and orange HUcast asked incredulously.

"Because he is just that... human. A human with emotions. And for the moment I ask of you all to let me deal with this. Now go help the wounded."


"NOW, damnit! Stop worrying about killing and go help your fallen comrades, for light's sake!"

They group nodded and complied. The HUcast that had spoken, however, stayed where he was.

"Fine." Voshay said to the droid, "Stay if you like. Just don't get in my way. I warn you once and only once." No response from the droid.

Voshay turned and gazed upon the depressed, kneeling figure. "What's your name?"

"Why do you care? I want no quarter from you. Kill me now."

Softer this time, Voshay repeated himself. "Not on my chrono. Now, what is your name?"

The man continued to stare off into the woods, a blank expression on his face. "Vince. Happy?"

"Quite. Now, you better explain to me what happened here or this here droid will enjoy using your head as a soccor ball. No threat intended, just merely saying I'm not sure how long I can hold him off."

Vince closed his eyes and tilted his head slightly forward, a tear rolling down his cheek. "I... no. Damnit you wouldn't understand."

Voshay took the time to carefully consider his next words. "You say that to a man much older than you and one with much more experience. You assume I know nothing of what you are feeling at this moment."

Voshay leaned in closer, whispering. "The sorrow. It eats you from the inside. You killed your sister not out of spite, but out of love for you wish not to see her suffer."

Vince's eyes snapped open. "How..."

"Quiet." Voshay snapped, kneeling beside the man. "And to answer your question: I've been in your shoes, only instead of family it was my friends, soldiers under my command, and rather than love I did it out of respect."

Vince nodded at this, looking down at his lifeless sister. "I can't... live with this guilt..."

"Listen carefully, for this may be the last words you hear from me. Live out the rest of your life. Redeem yourself for what you have done." The RAmar's vision drifted off into the woods. "Someone else you love needs you."

Vince looked into the RAmar's face and saw the smile on his face. "I've never said this to anyone before, but thanks." With that said, he scooped up his rapier and headed off after his brother.

Voshay watched him leave before turning to the HUcast, glaring menacingly at the RAmar. "You're letting him go? Why?"

"For better or for worse." Voshay replied, shrugging. "Give it time and..."

"You dimwitted human!" The HUcast roared, punching Voshay square in the face. The RAmar fell backwards, hitting the ground with an audible thud. Not bothering to check to see if the human was dead, the HUcast chased after Vince.


I could have added more, but I panicked and wanted to post before someone else did. The end result was a shorter dialog between Vince and Voshay and Voshay getting his face knocked in... :/

Onward, fellow Ficcers! http://www.pso-world.com/psoworld/images/phpbb/icons/smiles/icon_biggrin.gif

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Sep 29, 2004, 05:37 PM

A RAmar raised his head at the calling of his name, by the sound of his brother's voice, something was wrong. The large man winced as he finished wrapping his treated wound. The criminal's healing skills were limited, but he could at least prevent himself from dying. He jumped to life, brand flaring and ready for combat once more.

Vince staggered to his feet, the gash on his back made from the hunter's twin cross-scars pouring forth his precious life. A HUcast stood over him, his dark purple frame with orange inserts and highlights made him appear quite menacing. His red eyes flared as he glared at his opponent,

"This is what you get, you filthy fleshbag!" The HUmar twirled, bringing his rapier around and parrying the android's Downward slash. Steppign forward, he slid the weapon around and let the sword point stab outwards gracing the edge of the droids neck. Juno came in and seperated the two by slamming his shoulder against the HUcast's side and nipping at him with the brand as he fell. Vince almost smiled, if he hadn't had to dodge and oncoming stab from his brother.

"The only on whos gonna kill this bastard is me, you hear that!?" The RAmar yelled at the now confused android. Voshay struggled to rise, nursing a broken nose with one hand while propping himself up with the other.

"Stop Juno! Its not what you think." Vince called out to his infuriated younger brother, almost unable to defend against his fury of attacks. Behind them in the forest clearing the other hunters perked up, if there was a fight to be fought you could count them in on joining.

"Like hell it is!" Juno spat, stepping forward with a large circular slash that left him open but forced distance between them. Vince hated to do this, but he couldn't just stand there, the wound in his back draining his strength rapidly. With a grunt, the faster man stabbed out at the exposure at teh mans side that his brother had left wide open. Not saying a word, the RAmar pivoted on his forward foot, swinging his body around in a complete circle and slamming the brand down and through his brother's back. Vince coughed up blood as the weapon was dragged brutally upwards, the smell of burned flesh and insides befouling the air as blood spurted from his new wound.

"I'm.. sorry." He gasped, sliding off the brand's blue, heated blade to the forest ground. The younger man's own puncture in the gut now soaked his bandages with crimson fluid. Juno let his head hang as rested on one knee, the hand that had killed his brother hung limp, but still clutched the weapon tightly. The HUcast had recovered now, and was heading towards the grieving man. Voshay, ignoring whatever consequences would befall his later, disabled the droid from behind with a non-fatal wound that severed the nueral link from the head of the android to the rest of the body. The older RAmar walked forward, finally stiffling the flow of blood from his nose.

"Its not your brothers fault. He was being.. manipulated." The man watched the criminal sweep back his long multi-colored hair and rise, dropping his weapon and turning towards him. The man watched as Juno silently walk past him to the figure of his fallen sister. Picking her up, he glanced back at voshay.

"I know." The large RAmar strarted forwards into the woods, carrying his dead sibling with him, leaving the other to whatever fate nature burden him with. He didn't care if he hadn't completed his mission, he didn't care if he was loosing blood with every step he took. His and his brothers life had become enslaved to save their sister, and now all that they had fought for had come to a tragic waste. For this, he didn't care if the all the hunters came from behind him to strike him down.

Sep 29, 2004, 06:28 PM
There is a reason why I should actually care about reading these posts. Now I'm confused. Bwargh.

The aftermath of a riot is one of the most amazingly quiet and mysterious places a man could become unconcious in. Frankly, the aftermath of Difluid overdoses are NOT pretty things, but once again, frankly, a former force should be used to it. But, as the myseriously annoying say, 'Meh'.

So many things went wrong that day. I ruined my favorite camera. I ruined the chance to win impress the hunters. I nearly killed another guy in 'rawr' mode... And now there is NO ONE to apoligize to... Damn it all, there should be some sort of guy overseeing this. Oh wait. Er.... A quick prayer, keep the faith holy etc etc....

Now... gotta figure out this damn treasure hunt...

Where the hell did they all go? hey, tracks! Sweet. That COULD help...

Unless there's some sort of crazy guy in the hunter group.

Like BOC... Zi'Zuku... Nasca... that scottish guy... and those other weird people that I cannot remember...

And there had better not be any Momes there!

Sep 29, 2004, 06:46 PM
Spiraling lights danced about him in a seemingly predestined pattern for a few beats before coalescing within him. Sharp points of lights burst out of him with the final movement, encircling him with a burst of white luminescence.

Generally, such a high level resta would completely drain the caster, leaving him unable to move for a good number of beats. However, Solstis was pissed.

He pulled a Yamato blade out of his inventory as he stood up.

"Who wants to die?"

In the distance, he saw the tall RAmar carrying the his sister, now apparently dead. Before he could move though, a commanding voice cut him off.


Solstis spun around to see Voshay behind him, which was odd considering that Voshay had been in front of him just a few beats ago.


Solstis raised his Yamato blade and situated himself in a katana-style stance. He then rolled forward on the ground towards Voshay, stopping in front of him in order to strike with his blade at an angle.

As Solstis suspected, Voshay easily dodged his attack, but did not retaliate in return.

Feeling somewhat silly, Solstis stood up and shrugged his shoulders.

"Let's get back to the treasure hunt then..."

Voshay smiled at the man's gesture and turned around, walking back to the path, completely unaware of the rude gesture that Solstis made behind his back.

I'll get that Juno guy and this Voshay fellow later... but this 'Toldos' needs to be taken care of first.

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Sep 29, 2004, 10:32 PM
Note: Didn't have time to post til now, sorry. But now the fight's (more or less) over so I don't have to worry too much about what my char would do in that situation anyway http://www.pso-world.com/psoworld/images/phpbb/icons/smiles/icon_biggrin.gif


K'Tani stared blankly as the hunters tore into each other, seeming to fight simply for the sake of fighting. To her, there were no clear cut sides in this battle, and all were losing anyway. She shifted nervously from one paw to the other, unsure of which of her companions to aid. She was stunned, unable to decide what course of action to take. The two most important things she'd been taught fought for supremecy in her mind:
Do not hurt others.
Do not allow others to be hurt.

No matter what she did, it seemed that one of these directives would be compromised. But when Boc and Teh Death Rappy came close to being burned alive by that girl, K'Tani finally made up her mind. She shifted into her HUnewearl form, and took up her favorite weapon, a Twin Blaze. She was about to jump into (what was left of) the fray, when an oddly dressed figure danced by, singing a tune. K'Tani, like most everyone else, stopped dead at this rendition of Teh N00b National Anthem. K'Tani instinctivly sniffed the air, momentarily forgetting she was in human form now. Even with her senses dulled she thought she knew who it was (by the lingering, unmistakable stench of Megid), but she didn't feel like risking a Foie to the face to find out if she was right. Instead she shook her head, and headed in Boc's direction.

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Sep 30, 2004, 03:12 AM

"Oh! Err... hi! Name's Deuce... who might you be?" Deuce said to the red head who had just turned up.

"The names Redanya, nice to meet you Deuce. Um, why arent you fighting with the others?"

"I value my life. There seems to be alot of hunters over there, swinging their swords about and some of them probably arent sure who their swinging them at. So to avoid being stabbed, shot or otherwise harmed i decided to take a spectators role this time" he finished off that sentence with another swig of his hip flask and tucked it back into "So, are you with any of those other hunters out their, because i think alot of your friends might be, um, dead"

Redenya's brain raced and a suitable excuse came to mind.

"Oh my god, your right. No, their all dead. Dave, Fred, uh, Charles! Who am i going to travel with now?" some of the worst acting and most unconvincing names had just occured, and Redanya gritted her teeth waiting for Deuce's reply.

"Hey, hey. Dont worry, im sure their in a better place now. Again, dont worry, im sure the group wont mind if you travel with us" came Deuces reply. For an ace bounty hunter he really could be gullible at times. Knowing Deuce had fallen for it, Redanya followed up her story by making her lower lip quiver a bit.

"Ill be strong, thanks for letting me join your group, but i will miss Fred" she lied and gave Deuce a fake smile.

"Come on then, lets see if i can track down my friends. Or pieces of em anyways"

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Sep 30, 2004, 03:59 PM
Boc and Caal stood over the demon-child as she lay unconcious. HEr evil and malice had disappeared and she appeared to be as peaceful as any sleeping child. The only thing that had broken the long stare was a mystery figure who waltzed by singing one scary assed song.

The old war-droid and the death rappy ex-changed a confused look as zi in disguise wondered by. Both shrugged and resumed their survey of neophyte. K'Tani strolled up beside them both in her HUnewearl form. "Hey I think that indignified dancing guy was.." she began, only to be cut off.

"Wow." Boc said.

"Truthful" Caal replied.

"She could have..." Boc responded

"...Deep fried us." Caal finished.

"Damn cool fireworks show." Boc said impressed.

"A veritable explosion of fire and colour." the rappy said nodding his head.

a slight pause in conversation followed.

"Okay I was wrong turkey boy. She is evil. Second most evil kid I've ever met." Boc said.

"Second most evil?" the rappy replied, not even looking away for a second for fear she may flare to life any second.

"Some kid once wrote 'please wash with soap' on my back while i wasn't looking. Damn that bastard child." Boc said, his optic locked on neophyte.

"You call that evil?" K'Tani said surprized.

"Its the droid equivalent of setting someones hair on fire." Boc replied.

Both Caal and K'Tani turned their heads slowly to look at Boc. "How can you draw a comparrison between innocent prank and setting somebody's hair on fire?" K'Tani said.

Boc shrugged. "Its a droid thing."

What should we do with the wench before she stirs from her slumber?"

"Make her take a time-out?" Boc suggested.

"Ground her without allowance for a month." K'Tani piped in.

Deuce and his new friend approached them. "slice her head off, pour holy water down her neck and nail a stake into her heart. Then toss a grenade in the coffin before she gets buried." he suggested.

"Deuce if you ever have kids, i pity them the first time they step out of line." Marla said approaching. She threw something towards Boc. "Missing something?"

The droid didn't react fast enough only to have the flying projectile strike his head. he looked down "My piggy!!!" the towering mech picked his missing apendage off and began to spin around in circles. flowers began to blossom. harp music played.

The others looked on as the droid kept jumping cirlces lost in some mystery world. Marla rolled her eyes. She then noticed Redanya beside Deuce. Her eyes narrowed. Something looked familar about her. "At any rate, i say we leave the kid here. if she wakes up i don't want ot be anywhere near her firey death. And i doubt none of you have sunk so low that you'd kill a child... yet."

She recieved a series of nods as reply.

Boc clicked his finger back into place. "I'm so glad i found you!! I'm a whole bot again! And more importantly i won't turn into a giant rusted pumpkin at midnight!!" he said talking to his finger.

Toldos was dragging the mummified Quira with him, helped by Durga "Ack, I tink the wee foxie was only having you on rusty." the scot-bot said.

"Was i now." K'Tani said smiling at the giant RAcast.

"Better cut the tape of Quira now, shes heavy." Toldos said, the Ranewearl responding with a number of defensive grunts.

Boc pointed his little finger out, activating the cutting knife on the end. One quick swipe at Quira the she was free of her stick prison. "I'm free! Thank the holy light that shines like a disco ball!!" She said gasping for air. She then whipped out her red handgun. "Now where is that mental fox so i can smoke her?!?" she said with a crazed look in her brown eyes.

K'Tani stood behind Boc hoping that Quira didn't know about her ability to change form. from behind the shelter of the droid she called out. "Err, damn that pretty white four tailed fox! It, uh, ran on after Voshay and Solstis."

Quira zoomed behind Boc to K'Tani. She eyed the 'new addition' up and down. "Who are you."

"Uh, er, ummm." the fox-girl searched for a fake name.

"Uherumm? Thats an unusual name. Welcome to our band of heoric treausre hunters!" Quira said swiping her hand up and shaking it.

"Uh, yeah, nice to meet you. DAMN ALL FOXES" K'Tani said in a not too obvious way to try and not blow her cover.

"Yeah, we should catch up to those two." Marla said beginning to jog off in the direction they had went, the others beginning to follow.

Boc took 3 thunderous steps and stopped. her turned to see Caal beginning to waddle back into the woods. He felt sorry for the lonesome looking rappy. Something began to tug on his heart strings. If droids had heart strings. "Hey big bird? You can't go back to seasame street just yet, we got some treasure to find!" Boc said over-zealously.

The dark rappy gave a puzzled look.

"Come on, times a wasting, there is much death and fighting and toilet humour still to be done!" the droid said running off to catch up.

If Caal had lips he would have smiled. "mmmmmm. May as well follow these half-brained monkeys. For now."

Sep 30, 2004, 04:54 PM
Voshay made it to the group just as there were beginning to move. "Hey! Wait up."

A few of them stopped, but the ones furthest away kept moving. Voshay slowed his run and came to a rest next to Quira, who stepped forward and placed her Red handgun on his temple. "Where is that blasted Pokemon!"

"Say what?"

"That white fox thing! WHERE IS IT!"

Something behind Quira caught his attention. Voshay spotted K'Tani shaking her had and BOC placing a finger--his newly aquired pinky to be exact--to his speaking unit. The RAmar got the hint.

"I.. err... well she said something about... going off to find Zi'Zuku... and try to persuade him to go back out with Zenja!" That's gotta be the dumbest thing I've ever said.

It worked, however. Quira lowered the weapon and glared at Voshay while the two behind her were trying their best to suppress a giggle. "I'll get my revenge later. For now, we need to catch up to the others." They all nodded and headed out.


The group stumbled upon a small clearing and a paved road heading east and west. A park bench sat in between a large Oakleaeh tree and a thin, glowing blue sign that read Bus Stop. Upon closer inspection, the paint on the bench was still wet.

"That's odd," Voshay stated. Why is this here in the middle of no where? This doesn't feel right...

"I say we head back into town," reasoned Deuce.

"Pits to that! We should head towards the lake!" Quira countered.

"No. What we need to do first is report to the HCIU," Marla said.

"Maybe the treasure is in the caves?" suggested K'Tani.

"We really have no idea where it could be," Voshay said, sighing.


Everyone turned to face the huge droid. His arm had reverted back to its normal color and also hung limp at his side. "What's wrong?" asked Deuce.

"His arm, of course." Caal answered.

"AYE, lads! 'Ere comes tha bus!" Durga cried.

All heads turned to where Durga was pointing. "Uh oh," BOC moaned, looking down at his left leg. It was beginning to turn black and the 'numbness' was coming back.

ERROR: Calibration unit failing!

BOC began to sway as if he'd drunk one too many high-octane bottles (again). A low grinding noise eminated from his knee-joint, and the big droid began to lean towards the left. He tried to balance himself, but failed miserably. "GAH! NOT AGAIN!" BOC cried, flailing his only working arm in the air.

They all turned to see what was wrong now, and Voshay, who had been standing to the left of BOC, looked up to see the droid tower above him. "Oh sweet light..."


"Thanks for breaking my fall, squishy!" BOC said happily, patting the RAmar on the head.

"Don't... mention it..." Voshay groaned, puffing out a large breathe of air. "Pain...".

__________________________________________________ ___

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Oct 1, 2004, 01:17 PM
Must... post!
19... 20... Urrgh... meh. More then 20 odd footprints... Thats a hell of alot of Hunters in one place, especially in a group... when we all hate each other... and some try to kill each other...

Well... what am I waiting for... I need to get outta here, and find that treasure... the easiest thing to do... would be to follow the footprints until I find the people with the treasure... and 'eliminate' them... Of course, there WILL be people trying to 'eliminate' me too... I'm not sure about my ranking any more since Zi'Zuku and his stalker has come onto the scene, but there is still a pretty penny on my head...

Ah, those were the days... getting called 'Terrorist', 'traitor', 'Communist', 'Dohanian scum', 'Religious Zealot', 'Sniper', 'Illegal Hunter', 'Driving under the influence'... oh. Err...

At least, theres still that damn reward hunting me... Over 100k meseta last time I checked online... Quite alot for someone who could bring this place to it's knees!

At that thought, Logical2u raised his hands in a cascade of evil laughter... then thought better of it and started running after the Hunters.

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Oct 1, 2004, 04:05 PM
Uh...Wraith? I thought we were in the forest...

Oct 1, 2004, 11:49 PM
[read the post below this one]

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Oct 2, 2004, 03:32 AM
all fixed! clear all that spam dudes and lets get this show on the road again!!

"I Wouldne worry Voshay, ya really don't need a pancreas. or liver. or both lungs." Durga said using his HUcast-ly strength to pick the partically disabled Boc off the crushed ranger, while Deuce and Quira helped him to his feet.

"I.. wibble wobble hola!!" Voshay said incoherantly, his head rocking back and forth as Quira and Deuce proped him up.

Marla frowned. "What by the shinyness of my badge was that? Hes speaking like Deuce on a friday night after happy hour." the copper said.

Deuce shot her an angry look "Hey!!" he then thought about it for a second. "Oh alright, your right."

"Ah the wee nipper has had a great big fat droid fall on his noggin, course hes gonna be away with the faries!" Durga said.

"Hey, I ain't fat! Its retained hardware!" Boc said from the ground.

Quira examined the blank expression on the nearly flattened RAmar. "Can anyone understand him?"

"I'm fluent in drunken-crap-talking." Deuce said.

"So what did he say?" The pink haired girl asked.

"Something along the lines of 'if i don't make it tell my family i love them' and 'kill boc in a horrible fashion'." Deuce said.

K'Tani interupted, as she bounced around excitedly. "Come on! the bus is waiting! get on!! Come on! The magic School bus!" she said jumping on.

The gang began to load onto the bus.

"Uh guys.." Boc called. "..Litte help."

Durga thumped his head, much like a human realizing he'd just forgot something would. The mini-scot-bot somehow managed to lift the 8ft RAcast over his head, proceeding to toss the Cyprian built bot onto the roof of the bus, knowing the oversized tin can wouldn't be able to fit through the bus door. the force caused the roof to buckle a little. "Ya'll be safe up there."

"appreciated scotty." Boc muttered from the roof.

Durga jumped into the bus. plonking himself down on the first available seat.

Marla pulled out her varista and pointed it towards K'Tani. "By the way, if you start singing 'the wheels on the bus' or 'hail to the bus driver' I make sure that you spend a nite in the pound." she said to the shape-shifter, still in her HUnewearl form.

"Who me? Sing? Never!" K'Tani said smiling innocently.

"Gaah, bleah blah scrotum!" Voshay said.

"Yeah Voshay, we're on a bus." Deuce answered.

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Oct 3, 2004, 01:13 PM
Some say time flies when you're having fun. Zenja, however, was not even remotely aroused, so time went by very slowly. Hours and a now completely destroyed office room later, the cat-girl had had enough. "I'm out of here!" she screamed. "Forget that blonde wench!" The cat-girl stumbled her way through overturned chairs, shattered potted plants, and one half of Marla's desk to reach the exit. Upon reaching the door, she tried kicking it open but realized too late it was made of metal. "YEEEOOOOOOWWWWWEEERRROOOWWWWWWWWWCH!!"

The door slid open anyway, and towering over her was Dionel, Marla's secretary. "What's the matter? Is something wrong?"

"Everything! Nothing!" She cried, trying to get past the huge man but unable to. She stepped back, glaring up at and pointing a finger at Dionel. "You! Out of my way!"

"Why should I?" Dionel asked, looking over Zenja. "You've destroyed Marla's office. She's not going to be happy about this. I think you better clean this place up before she gets back." Dionel crossed his arms creased his brow, but showed no sign of even consdering moving until his request was fulfilled. Zenja, realizing that the use of force wasn't going to get her anywhere, tried a different approach. She smiled broadly and motioned for Dionel to lean forward, and when he did she used her tail to tickle his chin. "Please, will you? I am dreadfully tired of this place and I promise I will clean the office up later."

"I... well... hehe... uhhh..." he fumbled, blushing a bright red. Dionel let his guard down and Zenja spotted her opening. She bolted past the big man, cutting his belt as she did. His pants fell to his ankles and revealed a lavendar thong with the word "Deuce" written on it. "See you later, sucker!" she yelled over her shoulder just as she rounded the corner and headed for the elevator.

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Oct 3, 2004, 06:24 PM
up there gringo! new part added.

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Oct 4, 2004, 12:52 PM
As, the bus trundled along Deuce couldnt help but find himself...slowly...begin...to fall...asleep. Erk. He woke himself up, remembering what happened the last time he fell asleep on a bus. Waking up hung over on a bence sans clothes was not a good way to start the day. He never found where his clothes ended up that day.

He turned to Redenya, who had sat herslef close to him to make sure her patsy didnt loose her.

"So what had your team learnt about this treasure before, you know, the got butchered" he said with the sensitivity of a rhinocerous.

Redenya stroked her chin for a second, trying to come up with something good.

"That it might or might not be worth something!" she came up with.

"Anything else?" said Deuce, who was jotting all that was said down in a book that had the words 'Purging' scrubbed off the front.

"Um, well, theres other people looking for it aswell, and thats it"

"So were looking for something that may or may not be worth something and other people are looking for it too. Well, im not sure if we got one small step closer or took 5 steps back, fell off a cliff and now have two broken legs" and with that he chcuked the book back into his storage puches.

"Wait a second, did anyone tell the bus driver where to go?"

Oct 4, 2004, 02:52 PM
What the hell is that deep rumbling noise? That had better not be my stomach, I doubt I have the money for a burger right about now.

And why is it getting louder? Probably some really slow Racast lagging behind.

AND why does it suddenly feel like I'm about to do something really stupid?

Maybe I should move into the middle of this here road to get a better look at what's ahead...




And that, my friends, is the sound of a Ramar hitting a bus.

Oct 4, 2004, 03:07 PM
Caal tapped on the driver's booth with a claw. The booth itself was opaque, and the bus driver could not be seen.

"Excuse me, sir, but can'st thou tell us where this conveyance is headed?"


Umm...Excuse me?

Caal tapped again.

"STFU [email protected]!1111111

Hmm...what a queer fellow.

"OmgF i r Not Ghey n00b!!!!!!!111lololololoollllllol"

"I was not questioning they sexual preference, good sir. I was merely commenting on the crude and outlandish manner of thy speech."

"lololooll0olol assh4t!"

"Wait...Ash, is that thee?"

"...Please don't hurt me! ...Or tell my mommy I used 1337speak in public..."


"Och, laddie! I think yeh just heet someone!"

"Mmyes, there appears to be a RAmar on the windscreen and a blathering retard at the wheel. Quite a precarious predicament if you ask me."

"Basically, we're screwed." Came BOC's voice from above.

"I prefer my wording..."

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Oct 5, 2004, 01:54 PM
"Hey it could be worse my feathered friend!" Boc yelled from the roof.

"pretell how this situation could escalate further mech? The bufoon at the helm is now sobbing uncontrollably and not keeping his eyes on the road. Voshay is still talking gibberish, the disgruntled hood ornament is making threats and you are still paralysed. How could things be more dire?"

A silence hung in the air. Only the sound of Ash sobbing at the wheel and the engine could be heard. Finally K'Tani spoke. "Well we could be attacked by heavily armed nasty men."

Suddenly the ground exploded behind the bus, causig ash to skid. the hunters inside the bus braced themselves to stop themselves from flying from the chairs. Quira and Toldos turned their heads slowly, giving K'Tani a harsh look. "You just had to say somthing didn't you!!"

Marla raced up the bus tossing Ash from the driving seat. "Outa the way squirt! HICU! I am comedeering this vehicle!" She put her foot to the gas, the bus heaving foward just as another blast rocked beside it.

"Hamma lamma, blurbale. kittens in cheese sauce!!" Voshay yelled.

"No Voshay, I don't think that mad man Zi'Zuku is attacking us. Last time i checked he didn't have artillery hidden in that cloak." Deuce answered.

Durga hammered the roof. "Boc! Can you see anything? Whos attacking?"

"Avast ya scurvey sea currs! Thar be the a ship approaching from the aft!!" The droid yelled down.

"eh?" Redanya spoke for the entire group.

"Pirates! A pirate ship!" Boc said annoyed nobody understood his poor pirate talk.

Another blast went off near the bus.

"Boc have you drinking the fuel from the bus?" Marla said.

"Yes, but thats not the point! Its damn pirates! In a flying pirate ship!" the droid replied.

"boy these fics keep getting weirdier and weirdier." Solstis mumbled.

"By gum! Hes right! Look! A fricking flying pirate ship! What the hell are pirates doing here?" Quira said pointing to the flying ship following behind the bus. It was an old fashioned wooden boat, with 4 highly advanced rockets duc taped to the sides.

Logical, still squished on the front grill used his super-eyes to get a better look. "Duc tape. Is there anything it can't do?"

"It ain't a treasure hunt without ruthless cut-throat pirates!!" Boc said from the roof as another exploding cannon ball skimmed the roof of the bus.

"Marla, floor it!" Deuce said.
On the deck of the flying pirate ship the captain stood upon his two peg legs, his orignal legs long gone. He wore the traditional pirate captain outfit, navy blue. His beard was neatly combed, with the end put into a ponytail. A scar ran from his cheek all the way to his neck. upon his left eye he proudly wore a gold trim eye-patch. As one of the cannon balls stuck near the fleeing bus, he let out a hearty "YAR!!"

A deckhand approached. "Cap'n Peggy!! We be gaining on thar bus!"

"Yar!! According to this here map, the treasure is in the bus!" The captain aid unrolling a map he held under his arm and pointing in the middle.

"Sir, thats a childs placemat from Captain Bluebeards all you can eat grogery!" THe deckhand said.

"Yar... Well just blow up the bus, my source tells me that these fools know where the legendary treasure is! We can find out where it be" The captain said.

"Aye, Aye!"

Oct 5, 2004, 02:11 PM
"Avast ye scurvy mongrels!"

Solstis cried from the pirate ship's rappy-waste covered Crow’s Nest.

"Arrr! How did that rascally knave get up there?"

Yelled Cap'n Peggy while shaking his fists at the youngster.

It was then that Solstis simultaneously snapped out of his Rappy-Cooler induced intoxication and realized his fear of heights.

"Yarr! I'll torment ye from up here!"

Solstis shouted back, all the while holding on to the railing for dear life.


"And I thought that Ash was stupid." Marla shook her head as Durga tossed the young man out of the bus's door.

Ash screamed for a half a beat before getting hit by an errant cannon ball.

K'tani shrugged her shoulders.

"At least they haven't boarded us yet!"

*Klank *

Toldos and Quira slowly turned their heads for the second time.


Oct 5, 2004, 03:24 PM
What's this?

Not 2 meters to the east, a small metalic pod shaped object lay dormant in the lush high grass surrounding it. Clearing the foliage to get a better view, Zi'Zuku descended to one knee. It appeared to be a message pod, commonly used by pioneer 1 as journals, and the pioneer 2 library of unnatural history to alert people when they are too close to the displays. It had been under Zi'Zuku's impression that all the messages left by Red Ring Rico had already been recovered... then again, it did look pretty new...

And then it hit him. Who else had a device of similar design, then the father of the person who used them originally. He tapped the button, activating the message Tyrell had left behind.

"It's maker has no need for it,
It's buyer will never use it,
It's user will never see it..."

"A grave. Old riddle he had heard a while back.

"...If you look for it, you will never find the treasure." With that, the message died out, and left Zi'Zuku in silence.

If I look for a grave, I will never find it... Irene must have thouhgt up of this clue for him. Which was good, because it was still a clue, which meant that this was truly a treasure hunt, which meant there truly was a treasure. But how to interperet that last line... It wouldnt be in a graveyard... it wouldn't be in too dangerous a place perhaps, if you're not looking to get put in a grave... maybe its not underground? Zi'Zuku looked to the sky mockingly. Ussually clues led you to the next, harder clue, which would eventually lead you to your goal. What clue could possibly be around here, or even in the sk-

Upon that thought, a schoolbus trailing several white large fox tails with a wooden jelopy for a vessel in persuit soared overhead.

... I missed the bus. http://www.pso-world.com/psoworld/images/phpbb/icons/smiles/icon_disapprove.gif
I can't follow them at those speeds... who can I trust not to kill me, who trusts me enough to lend me their ride?




*ding dong*

"Who's there?" Dionel asked over the intercom which had been redirected to signal his room.

"Is Zenja there?"

Oct 5, 2004, 10:55 PM
"Heim blib! Bleagh!" Voshay screamed, pointing to the right.

"Turn here! NOW!" Deuce translated flawlessly.

Marla whipped the bus in the indicated direction down a dirt path leading deep into the forest. "Where we going?"

Voshay shrugged. "Mog dimply boodad, ech inky winky sado. Ik manko blip ooooorgle." *I don't know, but we're out of the open. It'll be harder for that ship to find us now.*

Nonetheless, the ships cannons still fired into the trees, and all it would take was one random ball to collide with the bus.

BOC, now lying on his back, pulled out one of his trusty Yasminkov 9000M and fired up through the canopy at the dark outline of the pirate ship, hoping to do at least some damage. "Damn. I NEED MORE FIREPOWER!"

"How bout this?" K'Tani said, tossing up to BOC a weapon.

"A Madam's Parasol!!! I've always wanted one of these!!" BOC cried, waving his new toy in the air.

Suddenly, the bus blasted from the treeline and out into a large clearing. Marla quickly altered her course, narrowly avoiding a cannonball as it collided into the ground where the bus had been.

"Mang heil uno, Merlin!" *You got big ones, Marla!*

"What!" Marla slapped Voshay across the face.

"Lemon lime bored, Dice!" Voshay said, flashing a scowl to Deuce.

"Oops, sorry. But I agree with you though."

Marla had no time to hit Deuce for two explosions shredded the earth ahead of her. She tried to avoid the craters, but to no avail. The front left wheel hit the hole hard, tipping the bus on its side. Marla fought to prevent the vehicle from tipping over on its side and succeeded in keeping the bus on its two right wheels. "Damn this antique vehicle! Why this instead of a newer hover-model!?"

"Everyone! To the other side! Balance the vehicle!" Redanya cried. The group complied and moved to the left side of the bus. The vehicle evened out, but the motion caused the right wheels to lift off of the ground.

"RIGHT!" The group jumped to the right, once again causing the bus to overtilt towards the right.

"LEFT!" This time the bus righted itself on all four wheels, but Marla immediate cut a sharp left, dodging a cannonball which harmlessly scratched the paint.

"Exquisite driving, my lady." Caal commented.

"We're not through yet!" Marla said, tightening her grip on the wheel.

"Pencil con milk!" Voshay cried, pointing directly ahead of the bus.

"I see it," Marla replied, "but I can't turn anymore!"

Far ahead of them, the ground stopped abruptly. The group was heading directly for a precipice!

"There must be something we can do!" yelled Toldos.

Silence was the only response.


Zenja jammed the key into the ignition and fired the engine up. The MIE-76 "Black Shark" ACV (Air Combat Vehicle) roared to life. Zenja wrapped her hands around the control stick which felt oddly familiar in her grip. Pulling back hard on the CS, she tilted the huge wing engine-fans towards the ground and activated them. The fans whirred slowly to life, picking the craft off the ground and allowing it to hover in the air. The cat-girl checked the status of the copter and what armaments she had. Oooooo... a full salvo of missiles and two photonic chain-guns! What fun! she thought as she rammed the stick forward and sped out the hanger doors.

"Flight bird 127 you are not cleared for launch, I repeat, you are not cleared for launch. Return to base immediately."

"Negative, but you sound cute! Want to go out on a date sometime?"

"I... well... hehe... uhhh..." mission control responded.

"What was that? You're breaking up." Zenja said, switching channels on the comm unit and cutting the previous connection. She giggled to herself just as her private BEE communicator went off.

"What now?" she said, frustrated.

The visage of a familiar masked, black-cloak wearing FOnewm appeared on the screen.

"SUGAR ZI! My sweety!"

The mask and cloak hid Zi'Zuku's cringe very well. "Listen. I..." *pause* "...have a favor to ask of you."

"Anything for you, suger cake!"

Zi'Zuku sighed audibly and rubbed his forehead. I'll be waiting for at the designated area; pick me up quickly, I don't have much time for..."

As the dark one rambled on, Zenja was occupied with listening to him speak, applying make-up, sharpening her claws, changing her clothes, AND piloting the airship. "Ok, got it! See you soon, love!"

Smiling, Zenja--now dressed in a similar suit as before but with a turquois and black color scheme instead--piloted the vehicle back towards the base.

I'm coming for you, dark boy!

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Oct 7, 2004, 06:24 PM
"Avast! Blast thar big rusty patch on the back on the bus!!" The Captain screamed.

"Yar, Cap'n that be a droid!" a random crewmember replied.

"Aaar, cut me some frigging slack, I only have one eye! Blast it anyhow! If ye miss i feed ya to the sharks!" he bellowed.
"Marla I say put the pedal to the metal and we'll be alright!!" Quira yelled from the back as they fast approached their doom.

"Dump the rustbucket off the bus! We don't need the extra weight!" Solsits added.

"Your all heart Solstis." Boc said, bouncing an approaching cannonball off his madam's Parasol. He then looked intently at the fancy Parasol. "Hmmm, Marla, full speed ahead i have an idea!!"

"Why O why am i actually listening to a droid with the IQ of a cd player?" Marla muttered loudly to herself, hitting the gas, the cliff drawing ever closer.

Boc clamped his hand onto the roof of the bus, using his hastily duc taped left arm. in his right, he clutched onto the parasol.

all fleshies on the bus clenched their eyes shut at the bus screamed off the cliff, beginning to soar over to the other side. Logical grasped the front grill. He looked over his shoulder. there was no way they'd make it at this current velocity and speed. "We ain't going to make it!" he screamed.

"boy i hope this works." Boc said. at the aphex of the crazy jump, the droid opened the Parasol, holding it up. By some amazing feat, defying the laws of physics (and those laid down in Mr Rubbish's group fic guide http://www.pso-world.com/psoworld/images/phpbb/icons/smiles/icon_wink.gif) the over-grown umbrella caught the wind, helping the bus to soar that extra distance to the other side.

"By the light!" Toldos yelled.

"quite extrordinary!" Caal squaked.

"I wouldn't believe it if i wasn't not plummeting to my untimely demise right about now." K'Tani said from her crouched position on the bus, just before the large public transport made contact with solid land again, if a little aburptly.

"I nearly soiled my Marla's underwear!" Deuce said.

"How'de do it rustbag?!?" Durga said leaning out of a broken window as Marla began her mad bastard driving anew.

"Met Mary Poppins at the Christmas Party last year. After a few dozen glasses of Deuce's special punch she shared the secret of flight-with umbrella with me." the droid said matter-O-factly.

"what'd you teach her?" K'Tani piped in, just as another cannon ball soared overhead.

"The Theory of bullet magnatism. Poor girl. Told her fleshies shouldn't but it into pratice.... Ship ahoy!!" he finished.

"weeble! Goat turearc PAN PIPES ROCK!" Voshay slurred.

"Yeah boc, Voshay's right, we already know about the GIANT FLYING PIRATE SHIP THATS TRYING TO BLOW US TO SHIT!!!" Deuce translated.

"Neah! This is a new one. Black shark AVC if I'm not mistaken. No pirate flag... but..."

"But what?!?" Marla yelled swerving to avoid another impact crater.

"Its a pink kitty symbol.... and it says 'sex kitten' on the side." Boc said.

"I swear, the Goonies never had THIS much trouble." Solstis said as the new death-ship appeared on the horizon.

Oct 8, 2004, 12:43 AM
Redanya watched in awe as the second death-ship arrived on the scene. "Oh I'm definately taking a vacation after this..."


Everyone hit the floor just in time as a cannonball ripped through one side of the bus, taking with it a large section of the roof.

"Everyone ok?" Toldos asked.

Affirmatives came to him of the roar of the wind now whipping through the vehicle.

"BOC! You still up there?"

"I don't want to be, if that's what you mean!" replied the droid.

"Deuce, you can stand up now." Quira said, leaning over the cowering RAmar.

"I don't want to, mommy!" came the distorted reply.

"We need to fight back somehow," Redanya pondered outloud. "If only..."

Suddenly struck with an idea, the merc quickly checked her equipment for the item she needed. Yes!

"Does anyone have a pack of explosives?"

A large sack with the words 'Mr.Rubbish' written on the side landed at her feet.

"Uhhh... thanks BOC."

"Twasn't me! I don't carry things like that around. Besides, I find highly explosive and flammable materials unlucky."

Redanya climbed up on the roof of the bus with the sack hanging over her shoulder. She pressed a button on her wrist-device, activating a harpoon-like weapon and aiming it up at the first ship that had attacked the bus. "You've been a naughty boy! Time to take you off the list!"

Before she fired the grappling hook, BOC deftly placed an odd looking red hat with white fuzz around the rim and a fuzzy ball on the tip.

"It's Santa Clause!" K'Tani wailed, jumping up and down.

"HOORAY!" Everyone cried in unison.

The hook connected with a protruding piece of wood and Redanya sailed through the air as the decive reeled her in.

"I can see up her skirt!" Deuce said.

"She's not wearing one, you imbecile." Quira replied.

"I know, but you are!" He replied, grinning from ear to ear as he picked himself up off the floor. Quira swung at the RAmar, but the man saw it coming and ducked under the blow. The fist continued on its motion and smacked Voshay square in the back of the head. The black-haired RAmar rocked forward, slamming headfirst into a metal pole before falling to the floor unconscious.

"Oh no!" Quira yelled in shock, throwing her self on the downed RAmar.

"Let me help!" K'Tani offered, diving down as well.

"Damn... lucky bastard," Deuce said, snapping his fingers.

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Oct 8, 2004, 02:15 AM
Reach for the sky, for tomorrow may never come.

Hugh reflected upon this thought, this credo that he had lived to personify.

Don't think about the future, and forget about the past.

He cast his gaze at Zi'Zuku. For almost a year he had wanted to finish the battle he had left at the Stalag. To prove to himself that he was still the superior.

You can run, you can hide just like Bonnie and Clyde. Reach for the sky, never gonna die. I thank the light for the life that i have found, and i hold it tight, for tomorrow may never come.

He moved with unerring purpose on Zi'Zuku. The assasin moving in for the kill. He dashed, and caught Zi'Zuku on a rooftop as he was going from one place to another.

"This is how it ends, Zi'Zuku."

Hugh loosed an arrow, aimed perfectly upon the head of Zi'Zuku. It would have landed itself, would its target not have moved in time. The arrow caught the mask Zi'Zuku wore and sheared it off his face, revealing the shadow. Hugh examined him, and spotted the deep scar on his left cheek.

"No better than the beasts that we slay everyday."

"So after all this time, you still haven't thought up a better threat?"

"Because I don't need to."

"Oh, but you do. For even if the things you slay everyday are beasts, you are still no better than them."

"Begging for your life already?" Hugh hissed, drawing his sword.

"I'm growing tired of our little word games."

"As am I."

Hugh shot off a dagger with his left hand as he leaned forward to close. Zi'Zuku dodged it effortlessly, and brought his cadecus up defensively.


Hugh struck with an awesome force, enough to shove Zi'Zuku back a foot or two upon the initial impact. Aside from being locked with Hugh, he felt the weakening forces of jellen and zalure ripple through him. Even though they were relatively weak, the techniques still had an obvious effect. Hugh pressed mercilessly, the blade almost four inches from Zi'Zuku's chest. With as much force as he could muster Zi'Zuku threw the force beside him, added with a direct sidestep, bringing one end of the newly freed cadecus twoards the base of Hugh's skull.

Hugh stepped forward and pivoted on the balls of his feet, bringing the broad side of the sword up to block. The blow flew away, but brought another coming into his side. Hugh twisted and backed away, letting only a tear in his cloak bear evedence that it had happened.

Drawing a dagger, Hugh stepped forward quickly with it in a strike, which was easily deflected by the cadecus. Hugh let go as Zi'Zuku blocked, and brought his sword up in an arc, missing Zi'Zuku entirely as he jumped, bringing the cadecus around the uplifted sword and aiming for Hugh, who only ducked and sidestepped, using his sword to keep the cadecus from making a return attack.

He stepped back, and held the sword forward defensively, circling with Zi'Zuku, who had managed to relieve himself of the churlish jellen and zalure.

"Tomorrow may never come." Hugh said purposefully, narrowing his eyes.

Just as Zi'Zuku was about to voice a retort, Hugh charged forward, bringing his sword forward like a lance. Zi'Zuku jumped over it, and brought the cadecus around to meet with his attacker.

Hugh had ducked low, and let the blow whistle over him. As it did, Hugh brought a foot up into Zi'Zuku's chest, knocking him backwards enough to give Hugh solace enough to reset his stance.

Knowing that playing endless parries and dodges would only play to Zi'Zuku's advantage, Hugh set himself and wheeled in again, prepared to do what must be done.

Zi' brought the cadecus to block, but only blocked air as a well-placed knee to the side of his leg landed with tremendous force, sending all the muscles limp and a shock of pain coursing through it.

Hugh brought the sword down into the waiting cadecus, and brought the blade back quickly to defend against a feinting attack to cover an escape. He only stepped forward, not letting Zi' have enough room to reset himself. Again they struck and feinted, and again and again.

Hugh wasn't sure where this volley was going to lead, but knew that he couldn't keep up with this pace for much longer against Zi'Zuku.

Hugh stepped back and prepared to make another thrust. Zi'Zuku saw ab opening and brought the spiked end of the cadecus forward into Hugh's gut, but felt a sensation that he had never felt before.

And so they stood, both half-impaled on the other's weapon. Hugh looked with his silver-gey eyes into Zi'Zuku's, and they shared a look of unyielding hatred and compassion.

They pulled themselves off of each other's weapon, and held their grievous wounds, unsure of their future.

Tomorrow may never come.

Neophyte woke up, fleeting visions of earlier nothing more than half-remembered thoughts of malice.

She disappeared in a flash of fire, leaving but a bit of brimstone in her wake.

Something told her that she was to make herself disappear for the time being, to avoid the wrath of the many that now knew of her.

She appeared in a darkened room, seemingly prepared for her arrival. A metallic drone of a voice echoed, a familiar shade of voice in it.

"What did you do with Yaski?" Said a half-plated red and black HUcast.


feeling better, and getting back into posting shape. =D

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Oct 9, 2004, 10:41 AM
mr.rubbish rises from the grave. Nearly time to grand finale this sucker.

__________________________________________________ _____________

"Let's recap shall we?" Said Marla to no one in particular.

"Our lunatic leader invited the craziest hunters available to go on a mad-cap treasure hunt for something without knowing what that something is. A fight broke out. I was briefly hypnotised and then given mouth-to-mouth resucitation. I was shot at. I've acquired a very attractive cat-girl as a deputy. There was another fight. A gun-toting cyborg turned up. There was ANOTHER fight. BOC died... And then rose again. An oh so familiar white fox turned up. We got lost. My cooking was insulted. There was another fight. And another. And a battle. It could have been the second battle today, it's kind of hard to keep track. There was another fight. Evil children and missing fingers and evil crazy n00bs. And evil mutant rappy hybrids. Mustn't forget those. We took a bus, a SCHOOL bus. I mysteriously gain a secretary. We ran over someone. Pirates. Do I really have to say any more? Yes I do. FLYING pirates. The bus flew (it's not a hover bus). A death-ship turned up. Who the heck in their right mind would want a death-ship? Well they are useful... Santa Claus tries to save us. There was another fight. Have I forgotten anything?"

Marla thought for a moment. "Oh yeah, lots and lots of people died."

"Ah yeah, but they were good times eh?" Said Boc.


Redanya reeled herself up to ship and climbed it's rough wooden hull to reach it's railings.

"Oooh aarrr! We're being boarded cap'n." shouted out a generic pirate.

"To arms! Prepare to repel boarders. Death to intruders!" Yelled the captain whose name had not been mentioned yet.

"Uh cap'n. I don't think we should try and kill this intruder..."

"Why ever not... Shiver my timbers! Santa Claus!"

Redanya leapt the railing and set down the large sack she was carrying. The pirates surrounded her, looks of glee on their faces.

"Santa Claus! You've brought us presents! We've all been good boys, haven't we lads?" Shouted the captain.

"Ye-arh!" Replied the crew.

She raised an eyebrow at the (relatively) strange turn of events but decided to use this to her advantage.

"Yes I've brought you lots of presents!" She beamed at them. "I promise you'll all be very surprised."

Redanya reached into the sack and pulled out a thick black fuse before lighting it with a match.

"Now I've just got to go back to the bus, uh, I mean my sleigh to get something else, but I'm going to leave my sack full of presents here. You boys promise not to touch it until I return right?"

All the pirates held up their right hands, or in some cases, their right hooks or stubs.

"We promise." They chanted in unison.

"Be right back!" Said Redanya with a smile as she vaulted over the side and descended via the grappling line back to the sleigh bus.

The pirates watched her leave and then looked on as the fuse slowly burnt down closer and closer to the neck of the sack.

"You don't suppose I'll be getting that train set I've always wanted do you?" One pirate asked another.

Oct 10, 2004, 05:13 PM
Umm... i thought i was heading over to the party with my *ahem* house cat, but i guess going into a to-the-death battle with Hugh's fun too. and now that i am thoughrally confused, behold my crap post! http://www.pso-world.com/psoworld/images/phpbb/icons/smiles/icon_wacko.gif

Come, dim out the bright
Send back the light
O one of the twilight
Come, bring fourth the might
Bring all to fright
O one of the twilight
Bring, those of us who sing
This doomed song of peril
Soon, all will be night
Come forth O wanderer
The one of the twilight

Come, great morning bright
Bring to rest the night
O one of the twilight
Come, please end this fight
O gracious knight
O one of the twilight
Bring those of us who sing
This great song of glory
Soon, all will be right
Come fourth O wanderer
The one of the twilight

Now, all will change tonight
Decide on your plight
O one of the twilight
Chose, remain away from light
Or stand for what's right
O one of the twilight
Now! Which do you chose?
Step into light or shadows?
The decision, has been made tonight
The wanderer of life
Or the wanderer of death
On the verge of twilight



A small river teeming with essence, spilling out over Hugh's sword and dripping to the ground. His grip trembling, Zi'Zuku examined his wound. He couldn't breathe. Even with the removal of his mask, his throat locked as his gullet filled with a terrified breath. As the realization of the morbid truth seeped through his mind, pain made itself welcome to accommodate itself within his flesh. It was only then that he recognized how fragile his newman body was, as a cold chill swept through himself. The two slid off eachother's weapons and stumbled to the ground in heaps of only their hatred. Vision became an ideal, as the world spun around him. Rapid coughs and deep gasps for air relived Zi'Zuku's stomach of the pressure, but it was not the physical anguish which brought him fear.


He began to remember...
That stormy night at the cliffs of gal da val...
A fallen child of great tallent...
The epic grudge for light and darkness, sanity, and madness...
A dormant evil...
Brutal tactics and unforgiving attacks...
Two fighters in a near death battle...

And then... as the heavens cried for them to cease, and the earth opened wide and drank the blood spilled over it, the shadow bound his foe in a case of ice, and before him he brandished his weapon. Yet before the fatal strike was delivered, the shadow was tricked, and as he looked down a sword had erupted from his abdomen, just as it had on this day. The malicious desire returned to dormancy, and he attacked no more. Yet as the remnants of his deliquescing hope diminished more and more, the very source of his madness had reborn him, and he lived to see the next day. For if the shadow died, so did the knowledge, the power which lay dormant within him. That essence was not ready to escape with the blood its sole survivor shed; the message must be passed on.


Zi'Zuku's voice was weak. Though his usual tone diminished to a whisper willingly, there was nothing short of struggle in the escape of his words. He would need to gather his strength for this message: Hugh was now but a grey blur to him and even in the broad daylight Zi'Zuku was unable to see far enough to see how he was treating his wound. There had to be another way to get out of this... but he couldn't seem to find one.

"I would have hoped that my last words were to be heard by my loved ones... ha. I have none left to send this lesson to. Who knew it'd be to the man that struck me down in battle? But, I suppose that's how this message came unto me in the first place..." Zi'Zuku wasn't sure if Hugh was listening to him or not in between his healings, but it just felt so relieving to get this off his chest after so long. He had hoped that Nasca would be the one to inherit his knowledge, but Zi'Zuku doubted it would live on in his hands. I am probably going to die this day... I can't really say I've lived to great a life, but I always knew it was going to end this way... always through the heat of battle, one provoked enemy which would prove worthy and strike him down... I've had a good run...but... finally the baton can be passed on... I'd have liked it to been somewhere dark though... and like this was all one big nightmare, I'd wake up... and she'd be there, waiting for me in the sunlight... and there would be no blood on her... and I'd never have to look back on this nightmare of a life again... bah. Who am I kidding? My soul has blackened too deep to go across the hallow ground she makes with her steps... Slowly yet surely, Zi'Zuku raised a hand. Concentrating on the shaky limb, it flickered to life in a black-purple flame.

"Throughout my time on pioneer two I've always began a small obsession with Megid. Always... wondering its history... who first devised such a technique completely bent on destruction. Constant trips down to the ruins... observing the Gran Sorcerers... depicting the cryptic texts which laced the walls... What I got into was a little over my head... *wheeze* ... I don't think I'll have the strength to explore most details; I'll have to skip to the part that matters...

Those who use techniques are merely imitating the feats of our ancestry... simple performing spells for the sake of performing it; not truly understanding the purpose of the symbol left behind... what the disks teach are bullshit, blindness leading the blind and beyond that. Focusing your energies and whatnot? Bah. Listen well Hugh... for it may be the last time the explanation of megid gets explained. The eight points within the symbol are the first factor... The two at the horizon line, the top, and the two directly below the horizon line: connect them and form a pentagon in your mind. And vice versa, beginning with the horizon line's points again, form an inverted pentagon... And again, using any two points across from eachother until a pentagon and an inverted pentagon is formed in all possible ways... You know the meanings of these symbols... the man who brought them together was indeed brave and foolish. The pentagons should seem oblong in your mind, not like the symbol you see now. When clamped together by the hellish and devine, earth and heavens will they come together in one miasma of power surrounding on one point. On that point, visualize yourself. Not your foe, but yourself... Bringing down his hand, steady black flame carpeting pale shock-stricken skin, the effects of megid began to spill onto Zi'Zuku's open wound... but the results were not quite what Hugh had hoped for...

"In the past I've heard rumors of evil men using megid to heal themselves... this was possibly the beginning thought which aroused my cUrIOsity... The sudden and drastic change in his voice took Hugh aback for a moment... What's happening to him? He rose, and drew he sword. Something bad was going to happen... he should end it before it begins...

"That power I've described before. The current day megid simply transfers this power to a target, obviously unprepared to contain it dies in a most painful manner. But to truly master the technique, you must accept this lended power. Like the olden term 'Amen', 'Megid' is in fact an abbreviation not many are aware of. Amen in an ancient language was a three letter word, standing for 'el melech ne'eman'- god, our king, is forever true. Though I have been unable to fully translate Megid, who's abbreviated characters scatter upon the intersections of the pentagons' lines, it seems to aid in the control of such... bliss. The bliss to heal wounds... the bliss in the aid of battle... there's only one thing that kind of IrRItatES mE...

Hugh's attention was drawn once again to the change in voice. Now was the time to act. Approaching the fallen shade, he brought the hilt of his sword to his opposite ear... over a year of chasing, tracing nearly invisible tracks through twists and turns into the bowels of the universe, actually reliving some of the assassinations Zi'Zuku had made before him... and now to claim superiority. A little sad actually to see one so great reduced to a prey, ensnared in his own cloak and blabbering like a fool. Turning the sword so that the blade faced his enemy, he swung his sword down in a backhand like motion, this blood could possibly be the most succulent plasma he's ever drawn before


For a first time in a year, Hugh's eyes widened. They widened with a fear of both terror, and guild; the fear of creating a monster. As Zi'Zuku threw his cloak off at Hugh, he thrust the spiked end of his weapon through the visual barrier. There was no acknowledgment of pain. That was not good enough! Tearing through the black fabric, Zi'Zuku stepped forward in a torrent of attacks. There was no distinct style. No cease in the barrage. With each strike Hugh felt like he needed to defend in two places at once. With every assault his opponent threw at him, he took a step forward and forced Hugh a step back leaving nearly no time to react. This was not the Zi'Zuku he knew. All the preparation he had made against his foe's defensive style had gone to waste. A swing with one end of the caduceus knocked Hugh's sword off balance, causing him to nearly defend with his hilt as he drew it back defensively across his chest to block the other end. With a roar of fury, Zi'Zuku thrust his staff's shaft into the throat of his enemy, knocking him to the ground. Raising his sword and bracing both ends to protect his vulnerability, a tremendous force came down upon him: Zi'Zuku was swinging his weapon as a sledge. As his beloved sword was bludgeoned, Hugh stole a first glance at the face of his enemy. His mouth had failed to curve into a smile. Sturdy, emotionless, it recognized no feeling... which was more than he could say for his eye. That single eye staring down at him, folded into a glare yet wide with an anger unlike anything he had seen before: like a dam of ill emotions breaking forth from a pressure that had been held back for far too long. The defensive fighting style, the seclusion from society, it all made sense now. What have I done?


Hugh's buckling arms dropped from their hold as he rolled to the side, kicking off of Zi'Zuku's legs to perform an inverse summersault.

"No better than the beast we slay every day..." Hugh whispered.

"And no better then the people I slay every day. You have seen me be mean. You have seen me be cold. But you have NEVER seen my bad side. HeRe iT Is!"

Hugh had blinked
And then Zi'Zuku was upon him.
ladies and gentlemen, hurry hurry hurry, step right up to see the zampage of the century http://www.pso-world.com/psoworld/images/phpbb/icons/smiles/icon_razz.gif

EDIT: working this out in word to get the spelling right doesn't approve of my name too well :/

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Oct 11, 2004, 01:13 PM
Hohoho. I hereby invoke the second law of group-fics. "You snooze, you lose."


Hugh could not believe the sheer ferocity of Zi'Zuku's attacks. If he had said that Zi'Zuku was no better than an animal he would be right in a way, there was almost no trace of humanity left in his eyes. Death was just a heartbeat away...

Hugh paused. Lowering the arm he had thrown up in a futile defense he could see no trace of his enemy.

"What the..." He said looking up.

The cloaked FOnewm was floating about 20 meters above him and rising rapidly into the sky. This was not the work of some wonderous new technique. Rather, the unfortunate newman was snagged on the landing gear of a stealthy black death-ship. The kind that any upstanding member of society would love to own.

"This isn't over." Muttered Hugh to himself as he collapsed back to the ground and fumbled in his pockets for a recovery item.


"@%#$&@%#[email protected]%#[email protected]%#$!" Shouted Zi'Zuku in the direction of the ship's cockpit.

"Sorry sugar Zi but I can't hear you from in here!" Replied Zenja. "But I'll get you away from that other mean cloaked newman. Hold on! We've got a bus to catch!"


There was a light thump on the roof of the bus as Redanya touched down.

"Argle bargle! Shizzle mafishnizzle!" Muttered the incomprehensible Voshay from beneath the two soft females.

"Somebody slap him!" Shouted Marla angrily.

"No wait!" Intervened Deuce. "He said Redanya has arrived safely and now would it would be stragetically advantagous to accelerate away from the enemy."

"Really? He said all that?"

"Well, I had to clean it up a little."

Marla looked down at the footpedal. If she stepped on it any more her foot would break through the floor. She looked back up to the road ahead. There in the rapidly approaching middle distance as a giant bright neon sign. It was pointing to a small, red, spinning box set in the middle of the road.

The sign said: This is Principal Tyrell's treasure.

Time to brake real sudden like. She stepped hard on the brakes.
Nothing happened.

"Uh guys?..."

Oct 11, 2004, 03:35 PM
sorry i haven't posted in a few days guys. i wont bore/depress you with the reason. lets try and get this rapped up!!

"What now?!?" Quira said expecting the worse.

"In the words of the immortal offspring: NO BRAKES!!" Marla yelled

"Shazbot razzle beeeOOOP!!" Voshay yelled.

"We be fucked!!" Deuce translated without a moments notice.

"Ack! Ah'm startin to believe murphy's law was invented for us!" Durgra said.

the captain hobbled over to the santa sack, somehow able to keep balance on his peg-legs. "Avast! Maybe its a new eye-patch!!" he said beginning to open the sack

"Cap'n i wouldn't, santa'll hang ye from the gallows!" random pirate man said.

"yarr, he won't mind if i take a peek..." the captain opened the bag. His one remaining eye nearly popped out of his skull. there was enough tnt to finish boc off... For Good!! "Yaarrr, me ma was right, i shoulda been an accountant." he said.

The pirate ship erupted into a ball of flames, wood, booty, hooks and parrots shooting off into the air.

Boc watched the fireworks from the top of the bus. "Damn mangey pirates burn up real quickily! Least thats one less thing to worry about." he yelled into the bus.

"But we have no brakes!" Deuce yelled.

"Oh don't worry a crash won't kill you." Boc said.

"Errr Boc.." K'Tani began.

"Oh wait, might be slightly leathal to fleshbags." Boc said. "Okay. Durga, its up to us testements to technology to save these inept hunters!!" Boc said.

"Testement to what?" Marla said scowling.

Durga didn't speak. He punched out the back window of the bus and began to climb down. He quickly grapped the bumper, using his feet to dry and slow the bus down.

"Its working!" Caal yelled from the back of the bus

Suddenly the bumper came off in Durga's hands leaving the scot-bot standing in the middle of the forest holding the bumper. "Ah denni expect that to happen." he said to himself, dropping it and jogging after the speeding bus as fast as his tiny legs could carry him.

"looks like its down to the MyTea B.O.C.!!" the black monster said standing up on the roof.

"oh this should be good for a laugh before we all die!!" Marla said, thumping on the break. frowning as the steering wheel then came off in her hands.

"Yehaw!" scream Boc jumping towards a nearby tree wrapping his legs around the trunk. In a split second he turned, pointed his functioning right arm, firing off his almost-forgotten wrist-mounted grappling hook. The hook pierced into the back of the bus, taking a firm position.

"Ha Ha!" Boc said triumpantly, bracing himself to use the tree to try and halt the bus. The droid groaned when instead of stopping the ubs yanked his right arm off, like a kid would easily pull the legs of a spider.

K'Tani and Deuce sat laughing, pointing out the window towards Boc and his right arm been dragged along by the bus. "One last laugh before we die!"

Durga caught up to boc, the dented Racast still hanging from the tree. he noticed the missing right arm. "I'd be surprized if it was anyone else. Come on, lets try and catch up before the fleshies get splattered." The dynamic tot said, running on, boc limping on behind him.
The bus was hurtling towards the giant neon sign, destined for impact.

"This is the end!" Quira yelled.

"Waggin the dog Shagtastic!!!" *I'm too young and pretty to die!* voshay said.

"Before I die, i just want to say that yes. I do enjoy wearing womens underwear! Their comfortable! And feel naughty! And I don't care that you know because we are about to die!" Deuce said yanking his trousers down to reveal his cotton pink undies.

Solstis cringed. "Bring on the death and hurt!! Better than starring at Deuce's ass!"

"My ass is nice and firm!!" Marla yelled.

"I like cheese in a can!" K'Tani yelled.

"Into the gapping maw of doom!!" Caal added to the strange yelling session.

The bus screamed ever forward towards the sign.

doom approached!

*cough* *ack* *splutter* ...... the bus began to die itself. it began to slow down rolling to a stop, 1mm from the sign.


"Why am i still breathing? Please don't tell me this is hell! Stuck on a bus with only you guys for company" Redanya said.

"We ran out of gas." Marla said shocked, reading the guage.

A silence hung in the air. K'Tani finally broke it. "so duece... ladies underwear then?"

"Errr, lets get off this bus.. treasure to be found!" The crusty RAmar said pulling his kacks up and marching off the bus.

The entire gang disembarked, walking about 10 meters from the bus turning and looking at it, but not before peeling Logical from the front. "I can't believe it. Finally a lucky break!" Quira said.

With that the wheels fell off the bus. the airbag went off. then the fuel tank exploded. The icing on the cake was when the neon sign collapsed crushing the bus.

"Nabbie rock ma ass!" *See, this is why i hate public transport.*

The group all turned to gaze upon the coveted spinning red box, just as Durga and Boc caught up. They had finally found the spinning red box of treasurey goodness.

Marla and Caal slowly approched.

"20 mesta says its a McPhoton's happy meal." boc said.

Marla reached out for the box....

Oct 11, 2004, 03:50 PM
Marla found herself reaching for empty air as a giant gust of wind knocked the box up into the air.

Mouth agape, she stared as the stealthy black-death ship floated above the group.

Zi'Zukuzlluka smiled as he grasped the box, his cloak still wrapped firmly around the ship. Before dark newm could open the item, however, he was interrupted. Apparently the flaming remnants of the pirate ship were heading straight towards him.

"Firey shoes of destiny!"

"Yes, Voshay, duct-tape is an impressive thing."

Solstis blinked for a few seconds as Marla pouted.

"Wait... wasn't I in the crow's nest of the pirate ship? Who put me back on the bus?"

Everyone stared at BOC as the flaming pirate ship neared, the air noticeably heating with its approach.

"Candy Corn!"

Yelled Voshay in exasperation.

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Oct 11, 2004, 04:19 PM
As Zi'Zuku jabbered on in the uninterpretable dialect known as 'Rant' and thrusting the red box into his muzzle (Zenja noticed he became a little cranky after getting picked up) again and again, the pilot of the black doom ship noticed the flaming aircraft scorching towards them. With an malicious grin, she flipped open a glass casing on the control pannel and pressed a big red button beneath it. Missile tubes opening left and right, an additional four vulcan cannons unfolding on either side of the ship, and small microave *ding* greeted the pirates vessel.

With a flurry of photons and a thick stream of missile trailed smoke, the pirate ship was engulfed in an explosion worthy of the term:

"Shiggy lamp!" *Holy Crap!

"You said it Voshay. Now instead of a single, large, and possibly dodgable object, we have a hail of flaming debre to deal with."

"But I can't dance!" S2 Solstis exclaimed.

Oct 11, 2004, 05:22 PM
"Ah shit, is this going to be the third time im going to die today? And ive used up all my good dying phrases" Deuce mumbled and gave a sigh. "Well if im not going out with my unerwear taste's announced to the world, im going out with a snog!" and with that he grabbed Marla, leaned her back and gave her a huge kiss.

"Shit, i cant do one and no the other" he said as he finished and noticed Redenya. Dropping Marla he grabbed the red head and made with a repeat perfomance. He then turned to K'Tani.

"Um, im not sure where i stand with Fox Girl's, so heres a peck on the cheek"

And with all that out of his system he stood forward boldy.

"Come on molten wreackage, give me your best shot!" he yelled defiantly.

The heaps of wreackage rained down from the sky, and as if by some higher power was guiding it, somehow managed to miss everyone standing in front of the bus, instead smashing apart pieces of the countryside around it. As the last piece screeched into a hedgerow and set it alight, a cold sweat bagan to creep over Deuce. He could feel the presence of the three woman behind him, but he was too terrified to turn. Then the group beat down began...

Nov 17, 2004, 05:33 PM
ah, back to where i belong! writing in these group fics of death and doom!! Bet you all thought you'd be rid of me!! ha! i am like a stain not even daz can remove!! now back to the hunt!!
As Deuce was been beaten to a pulp by two angry ladies and one slightly miffed fox-girl, Quira and Voshay watched as the demon ship began to make a hastey retreat, Zi'Zuku struting about on top holding up the fabled red box triumphantly, for what must have seemed like the best part of 6 weeks http://www.pso-world.com/psoworld/images/phpbb/icons/smiles/icon_wink.gif. "God dammit that spooky little shit got the treasure!" Quira said.

"Weeble-blob!" Voshay said.

"Good idea lets steal it back Vos!" Quira said.

"...so really solstis i have no clue how you magically left the crows nest and ended up back here. Maybe the great light is protecting your sorry ass." The rusted one said.

"Well i have been extra good lately. i took a bath... first one in months!" he said. "Hey isn't that Quira stealing your arm?" he added.

Boc looked down to where he was holding his detached arm to see it gone. He turned to see Quira running toward zenja's ship, firing the grapple hook towards it. attaching it, she yanked voshay by his collar and hit the retract button, zooming towards the ship.

Boc shook his remaining fist. "Damn you one armed bandits!!"

Logical had finally regained concious. "they'll need back-up."

"Indeed they shall" Caal said.

"K'Tani, stop beating the b'jesus outa deuce and get us up there!!" Boc said pointing towards zenja's ship.

The fox girl looked up. She took a brief look around for Quira. satisfied the tomboy wasn't about she morphed into her griffon form. "Hope on!" she said.

"Does this thing have a steering wheel?" Marla said as she jumped on leaving Deuce laying in a pool of blood and a police ticket jammed in his arse.

Boc walked past deuce towards the griffon. Deuce, barely moving looked up. "Wait... Don't leave me. I still function!!" he said.

"As you command megatron deuce!" boc said in a very shockwave voice, picking the crippled RAmar up jumping on K'Tani's back.

"By the light chrome dome i forgot how much you weigh." the grffon said under the weight.

"Not me! Marla's been hitting the doughnuts heavily since psoworld crashed"

"Droid once the treasure is ours once again, your ass is mine!" She said as K'tani began to persue the dread-ship

Nov 17, 2004, 06:19 PM
On 2004-11-17 14:33, BOC wrote:
i am like a stain not even daz can remove!! now back to the hunt!!

Daz? (http://www.daz3d.com) I wasn't aware they could remove stains http://www.pso-world.com/psoworld/images/phpbb/icons/smiles/icon_biggrin.gif

Anyway, my brain is still fried from working on my dragon model, and I don't have anything to add to the story at this point...But so far everyone's had K'Tani acting perfectly in-character, so it's not a big deal to me http://www.pso-world.com/psoworld/images/phpbb/icons/smiles/icon_biggrin.gif

Nov 18, 2004, 06:50 PM
errr, actually this daz


good to hear from u again tani! now massage that brain of yours and get the inspiration juice flowing free!!


Nov 24, 2004, 03:06 AM
Zi'zuku, temporarily forgetting his recent anger, smiled to himself in triumph, a small twinkle in his eye as he stared at the prize he held. This revelry was interrupted by a loud clang and the tearing of metal. He glanced behind himself to see a hook and cable attached to the ship and two hunters hanging on to what looked to be BOC's right arm. "Well well... what do we have here."

"Murloc in la dia maka lako!" *Give us back what you stole!*

Producing a small dagger, Zi'zuku waved it in the air at the hunters. "Tsk tsk tsk. I'm afraid I cannot do that and, unfortunately, it is time for you to go. I..."

The plane buckled violently, sending Zi'Zuku sprawling onto the wing. The dagger flew from his and was instantly caught in the wind, bouncing along the plane before being sucked into the rear blade. The tail of the death ship exploded, sending massive heat and shrapnel in all directions. Smoke poured like blood from a wound as the doom-plane spun out of control, plummiting at an accelerated rate towards the green earth...


The motley crew of hunters chased after the newman and the cat-girl, but were slowly losing sight of the deathship. "Yah, mule! Yah! Faster! Faster!" BOC cried, waving a large whip-like cord in the air.

"If you hit me with that, so help me light..." K'Tani warned.

"Shhhh! Caal said. "I hear something.

Silence. Static... from BOC's head.

"BOC! It's your internal radio! You're picking something up..."

Reaching behind his head, BOC flipped open a panel and twisted a few knobs. The static began to clearand the output augmented. "It's the Pioneer News Network!" Marla cried. "Quiet everyone! K'Tani, keep following that ship!"


"The rioting has increased as law enforcement once again transfer the suspect to another undisclosed location. The suspect, believed to be known as Mr.Rubbish, was recently arrested on multiple charges of publishing overly mature and suggestive narrations, kidnapping and placing the victums inside industrial-sized sacks, and exposing adolescence to adult themes. Officials are celebrating the capture of this criminal mastermind, but many believe he has been wrongly accused."

As the anchorman speaks, BOC watches as a familiar blonde-headed man is shoved into a police vehicle. Thousands of protesters,waving this sign in the air (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v109/WraithVerge/1820Rubbish.jpg), surround the building and fill the streets to capacity. SWAT teams are called in to clear the streets to allow the convoy to make its way to the intended desitnation.

"Oh man! That's not good..." BOC moaned.

"What do you see?" Redanya asked.

"We'll have to worry about it later (read: another group-fic). For now, we have a plane to catch!"

"My underwear is riding up my..."

"TMI, Deuce! TMI!" Solstis cried.

"Aye, I see trouble an' the hurizon! Eyes ahead, lads!"

Everyone turned in time to see the dreadship's tail rutter explode and seperate from the main body. Smoke bellowed out in large volumes as the ship began to plummit in a large spiral.


"Yes, we can see that, Solstis. And drop the wierd accent." Marla straightened her hat and adjusted her breasts. "Follow that bird!" she cried, pointing ahead and accidently poking Deuce in the eye.


"Jejum bloopy shang shindo bikepedal zark dancers in the spleen light!!!" *FUCK!*

"I have no clue what you said, but I agree-AAAAAAIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEHhhhhh........!!!"

"Shit! Mayday mayday, I've been hit! Attempting to crash land in forest sector 7BR, reques..." *fffzzztt*

"Hhm... hmhm... hmhmhmhmhmhehehe... hmhmheheheHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAAHAHA!!! THIS is the treasure? THIS is what everyone was after!? MWAH HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA! Indeed!"

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Nov 24, 2004, 04:34 PM
How the heck did I miss this starting back up?



Zi'Zuku regained his footing and cast a glance towards the front of the ship. Nothing wrong there except that just infront of the ship filling almost his entire field of vision was the ground, and it was moving very quickly too.

"And that's my cue to be somewhere else..."

With that the assassin vanished in a cloud of coloured lights.


Zenja couldn't fail to also notice that the ground had suddenly become a wall. She flipped switches and pushed buttons while cursing her agent (in language that I dare not repeat on a family website such as this) for recommending that she become a literary figure. She also couldn't explain why the tail of the plane decided to mysteriously seek a new existance separate from the rest of the ship but she had more important matters to consider.



Quira looked on as the ship they were grappled to arcced gracefully though the air towards a not so graceful landing. She held onto Voshay tightly.
At least I'll have something soft to land on.

"Jejum bloopy shang shindo bikepedal zark dancers in the spleen light!!!" Was all Voshay could shout.


Zi'Zuku stepped out from the thick brush and winced slightly in the aftermath of the crash. That must have hurt. It was SUCH a shame that that infernal cat-girl lacked his talent for getting out of tight spots.


Oh for the love of the Light...

"How on Coral did you survive that crash that should have rid your miserable existance from my (miserable) existance?"

"Oh! simple. Airbags." She said pointing at her.... .

"[i]Well I'd love to stay and hear your no doubt exciting story, but I really have to go and see a man about a sale..." Said Zi turning to leave.

"Not so fast!" Shouted Marla.

"Okay then." Replied Zi walking away verrrrryyyy sssslllloooowwwllllyy.

"I think you should just stop."

Zi looked around. The goody-goodies were just crawling out of the woodwork weren't they? It was time for something.... Showy

Nov 24, 2004, 09:30 PM
Raising his head to fit perfectly within Marla's sights, he shot her a trademark chilling stare.

"Marla, how long has it been? I summer or two?"

"Seems like a lifetime of happiness compared to this moment"


With that, Zi'Zuku immediately exploded a red box between his hands, it's fragments rematerializing into his weapon of choice. As if a techno beat had erupted inside his head, it sprung to life within his hands, twirling from side to side and around his neck, performing stunts and tricks that cound only be explained by the staff itself having a mind of its own. after 30 seconds of displaying tallent which would have won a talent show, Zi'Zuku twirled the caduceus into a trident like stance. The two wing like blades forming a makeshift crosshairs, the red jewel between them brightened, threatening to unleash a fire bomb.


And after 31 seconds, from their previous dialogue, Marla promtly put a new hole in Zi'Zuku's long cloak.

"... oh Zenja?"

"Yes Sugar Zi'?" Replied the cat girl, running over to the group after hearing her becconing.

[i]"I'm sure you remember Marla from last summer."

"Oh crap"

"I remember that [i]bitch." Zenja fumed, her fiery eyes charring into a red hot glare.

[b]"Dark boy is MINE, and theres NO WAY that YOURE going to take him away from me!!"[b]

Feeling that his work was practically done for the time being (i mean really, isn't fighting what he does half the time?), Zi'Zuku walked over cassually to the rest of the group. And strangely enough, not one person questioned what he was doing there, or anything concerning Tyrell's prize; they were too busy spectating the fight which had erupted between Marla and Zenja. not a frown in the crowd...

sorry guys, i didnt really have much time to write this >_<

Nov 24, 2004, 09:30 PM
Raising his head to fit perfectly within Marla's sights, he shot her a trademark chilling stare.

"Marla, how long has it been? I summer or two?"

"Seems like a lifetime of happiness compared to this moment"


With that, Zi'Zuku immediately exploded a red box between his hands, it's fragments rematerializing into his weapon of choice. As if a techno beat had erupted inside his head, it sprung to life within his hands, twirling from side to side and around his neck, performing stunts and tricks that cound only be explained by the staff itself having a mind of its own. after 30 seconds of displaying tallent which would have won a talent show, Zi'Zuku twirled the caduceus into a trident like stance. The two wing like blades forming a makeshift crosshairs, the red jewel between them brightened, threatening to unleash a fire bomb.


And after 31 seconds, from their previous dialogue, Marla promtly put a new hole in Zi'Zuku's long cloak.

"... oh Zenja?"

"Yes Sugar Zi'?" Replied the cat girl, running over to the group after hearing her becconing.

"I'm sure you remember Marla from last summer."

"Oh crap"

"I remember that bitch." Zenja fumed, her fiery eyes charring into a red hot glare.

"Dark boy is MINE, and theres NO WAY that YOURE going to take him away from me!!"

Feeling that his work was practically done for the time being (i mean really, isn't fighting what he does half the time?), Zi'Zuku walked over cassually to the rest of the group. And strangely enough, not one person questioned what he was doing there, or anything concerning Tyrell's prize; they were too busy spectating the fight which had erupted between Marla and Zenja. not a frown in the crowd...

sorry guys, i didnt really have much time to write this >_<

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Nov 28, 2004, 07:12 PM
There was one frown in that crowd, and it belonged to Solstis's face.

He, alone out of all the crowd, was staring at the sky.

The HUmar shook the rusty contraption next to him.

"BOC! Ze satellite! She is fallingk!"


"BOC! You're a bot! Stop staring at the fight!"

As Solstis yelled, the satellite neared, trailing bits of firey alumninum foil. Faintly, Solstis heard a shout... it screamed...

"Zig Zeon!"

Nov 29, 2004, 04:36 PM
"I do believe thats quira and the sexual lizard voshay a-screaming our way." boy said observing the falling object heading in their direction.

"Well what are ya waiting for Rusty bucket, stop them from getting liquidiated when they hit the ground." Solstis said.

"Dammit i only got one arm! I ain't a super-destructo droid with magical fire breath and a jet pack!" The droid answered angerily and dejected.

"No. your not a super-destructo droid with magical fre breath and a jet pack. you are... The MyTea B.O.C. - the droid who takes a licking and keeps on-a ticking! You never back down!! Your my Hero!!" The little freak said with emotional theme music playing in the background.

Boc's visor narrowed. "Hang on, I'll save your fleshbag assess!!" he said jumping into action.

Zi motioned a little closer to solstis. "Is that walking scrap pile really your hero?"

"Of course not. I just knew if i said that he'd save them and save me the trouble. That and its always funny seeing him fuck up trying to help people." solstis said.

"Evil. I like it. So who is your hero?" Zi said.

"Oh thats..." *zi pulls out caduceus and glares at solstis* "...*gulp* you of course."

"oh eh oo ah ah ting tang walla walla bing bang!" *holy light, take the pink haired one, spare your humble servant*

"If this fall doesn't kill you i will" Quira said, writing voshays name on her 'folks to dismember and eat' list. right under K'Tani's name.
Boc watched as his friends fell ever closer. "Boy the gravity on this planet must be more messed up than Deuce's liver, they've been falling a long time." he mumbled.

He needed something soft for them to land on. He looked around. hmmmmm, he could use caal to break the fall... nah. get deuce to hurl whiskey bottles at them to slow their descent. wait. that would just hurt. maybe he...

"AHA!!" The droid said. he waded into the ongoing cat fight, grapping zenja by the arm, the others groaning in disappointment. "Citizen cat-lady, i need your body!!!" Boc said.

Zenja raised an eyebrow. "hmmm, never tried it with a robot....." she said.

"No." Boc said holding her up and running towards the estimated area of impact. "I need your airbags!!" He tossed zenja under quira and voshay just as they where about to hit. if by some miricle, the furry cat-ladies chest broke their fall. Both of them however bounced off zenja directly into zi'zuku, clobbering the evil little toad.

"Score! The MyTea one succeeds in preventing the death of fleshies once again!!!" he said reclaiming his arm.

Zenja sat up. "I sorta enjoyed that.." she said confused.

The crowd formed around quira and voshay, both still lying ontop of the unconcious zi. Quira clutched her head and got up "and i thought budget airlines were bad..." getting a helping hand from redyana.

Voshay then stood up, fresh as a daisy. "Hey, i can talk properly again!!" *wartnik balls in a shoe*

Zi's eyes began to flutter as he regained concious. "eeeehhhh."

Zenja ran over clutching him tightly in her arms. "Oh my sugar zi, what have they done to you!!" smothering him between her safety measures.

"mmph!!" - i can't breath!!

Marla dapped a tissue over a cat scratch on her forehead. "hey, he dropped the box!" she said. all at once everyone grapped for the box. Marla snatching it up before anyone else. they all gathered round, waiting for her to open it. The cop licked her lips. Her eyes widened. She released the locking device.

and began to open the treasure...

Nov 30, 2004, 03:23 PM
The flaps to the red box slowly lifted while dramatic orchestral music played in the background. Out of the box shone brilliant white light as dry-ice mist wafted out of the opening. The gang crowded around the box to get a better view, a certain droid almost squashing those in front of him.

"OMG!WTH?!?!111!! Is that what I think it is?" Exclaimed Marla.

"You don't want to know what I think about this." Said an annoyed Voshay. *Rashin Frashin Argle Bargle*

"I'll take that." Said a voice as an arm reached in and grabbed the contents of the red box.

All eyes looked up at the owner of the arm. It was principal Tyrell. He calmly tilted his head back and placed the objects onto his eyes.

"Ah! My contact lenses. I've been searching everywhere for them."

He suddenly felt the stares of the group upon him.


Nov 30, 2004, 03:32 PM
K'Tani - who had the common sense to shift to HUnewearl form before Tyrell (or worse, Quira) saw her in an animal form - drew a set of mechguns, and held them up all dramatic-like.

"What say we rename this the Tyrell Hunt?" She grinned evily.

Tyrell's eyes widened, then he turned and ran as fast as his pudgy legs could carry him, while K'Tani laughed maniacly and fired at his feet (though missing on purpose)

Dec 14, 2004, 06:56 PM
Boc and Quira stood their ground watching as the gang followed k'tani's example and chased after the fat bossman. apart from zi'zuku, who was still struggling in Zenja's grasp.

"Hes sure to lose a few pounds there. either with all the running, or if K'Tani shoots off his foot." Boc said, a spark crackling out of one of the many damaged spots on his chest.

Quira looked up at the rusted one. "Surprized your not running after him yourself screaming obsenities and aiming for his head yourself rusty."

"meh. i do that every time i drink too much disel anyway. Besides. I don't think my highly damaged arse could follow if it wanted to." The droid said his joints creaking as he patted the RAnewmarl on the head.

Quira smiled a little. "Okay rusty. Lets get you to Doc Stones. You've had quite enough excitement today." the pink haired ranger said opening a telepipe.

"Shame really i could have used that treasure to pay the damn repair bill. But hey! Least i got my piggy finger back!" Boc said as he stepped into the telepipe.

Quira shook her head.

she turned and watched as the gang chased Tyrell into the sunset, seeing the figure of Deuce busting a cap in the principal's ass, the fat man jumping a good 2 meters into the air as the drunkard did. "He won't shit right for a week." she said following her metallic buddy.

well considering there hasn't been much (read: any) posting in this one for while now, and with return of the shadow king just around the corner i thought it was best to put this one out of its misery.

fun as always amigos!

see you all next week!


Dec 15, 2004, 01:52 PM
mr.rubbish: Treasure Hunt rest in peace.

ALL: Amen.