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Sep 26, 2004, 05:03 PM
I know this sounds silly, but is there anyone with a LEGIT Yamigarasu which doesn't have the need for it, or wants to trade for something else?

I would like to trade for any of the legit items below:

- DB's Saber
- Flowen's Sword
- Dragon Slayer
- Last Survivor
- Shield of Delsaber
- Yamato +14
- Stag Cutlery +30 (Fully grinded)
- Double Saber +20 (Fully grinded)
- Bravace
- Photon Launcher
- Lvl 143 Rati with 2 photon blasts, raised by myself
- 6 photon drops
- Attribute Wall

I wouldn't like to trade the Yamato or the Attribute Wall, but if anyone has a legit Yamigarasu and is really willing to trade, maybe we can work out something.

The mag only has Farlla and Golla. It's a POW/DEX mag, with pretty good defense. I can't remember the exact numbers, but it's white, raised by myself.

And the grinded weapons are legit too, slowly grinded by myself.

I'm not interested if your Yami is a dupe.

Oh, and I'm on GC version.

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