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Jul 4, 2002, 10:14 PM
:/ Guess my new hobby is Fan-Fiction. I borrowed my DC and PSO to a freind going to germany for the summer.

Chapter 1: Teamates

David Kraze awoke on friday morning.
It was like any morning. Waking up in his dirty apartment in the worst city-block of Oberon. He slid out of bed, checking his watch as he buckled the belt on his pants. 8:45. Waking up early was one of the things he hated the most. When you wake up early, you finish everything ahead of time and are left with nothing to do but to early to go to work.
He rubed the back of his neck as he put on his undershirt. The cold of his semi-grey cast skin starting to heat up as the nanomachines in his body got to work.
He moved from his bedroom to the bathroom where he brushed his teeth and went about the daily morning rituals. He caught his reflection in the mirror and smiled wide as he ran his hand through his spiked back navy hair.
"Friday is a good day." He whispered to himself, still grining like a madman.
He left the washroom whistling, fidling with the collar of his body suit a little before sliping into his HUcast armor suit. He removed the helmet and fiddled with the temperature controls.
In the kitchen, he ate a some toast, failing to find anything edible in his fridge. He grabbed the keycard and credchit from a small bowl on the table and left the house.

Alex Krowell leaned against the front of an apartment complex, somking a cigarette. He glanced at the package, the black skull contrast against the white background. "High Death". "High Death" was the name on the box.
He rubbed his eyes, dark pits underneath showing his lack of sleep, he yawned and scratched the stubble of a beared he had as he shifted positions on the wall. The top of his blue body suit was slack at his waist showing the ill filled muscle shirt underneath.
A black and silver HUcast walked out of the housing complex across the street and J-Walked to the wall he occupied. A cigarette was snatched from the open case and lit as the HUcast took off his helmet.
"What do you want to do?" Said the 'Cast, taking a drag.
"Nothing legal," Smiled the lanky human, flicking away his cigarette and walking down the street, the HUcast close behind.

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