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This is a Fanfic that my buddy Seifer01 and I have been writing for some time now. This is only the first part of it. I copyed it from my PC and I don't want to fix all the indents so please excuse the appearance. Please read all of it if any. It's pretty good, and I would like some feedback.

(EDIT) Somthing odd keeps changing my quotation marks and such into question marks. Do any of you have the same problem?


Heroes. What makes a hero? Is a hero someone who knows what to do in every situation? Someone who can lead responsibly through the darkest night; or melt through a stern deposition with a smile? Is a hero someone whose very life changes the course of history, and inspires even the least of people to do the same? Not always. Most heroes are just ordinary people, who ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time and decided to stand their ground no matter the cost.
Three such heroes made that choice. This is their story.

Chapter One

?Look Daddy, it?s leaving!? said a young boy climbing onto his father?s shoulders and pointing off towards the sky.
?Yes Seifer, Pioneer 1 is finally on its way.? Said a tall noble man to his the young boy.
?Where is it going?? questioned the man?s eldest son.
?Ragol Davion, it?s going to our new home,? the man said reaching down and putting his strong hands on his two other sons.
?I like our old home, I don?t want to leave.? said the man?s other son, hugging his fathers waist.
?I do to. But Diego, we won?t be able to live in our old home for much longer. That?s why the Pioneer 1 has to leave. Its job is to take many people to Ragol to colonize it for the rest of us. They will build a settlement there and a central dome.?
?Like a big house?? questioned the boy on the man?s shoulders.
?Yes Seifer, like a big house.?
?I think I?ll like living there.? Returned Seifer.
?I hope we all will.? The man said putting his arms around the two boys at his side. ?We still have a few more things to do before we leave on Pioneer 2 boys, lets go home.? The man and his three sons returned home still gazing up at the starship shooting off through the sky.

The man?s name was Artemis Angelus. Artemis was a rich and powerful man on his home planet where he made his fortune as a starship manufacturer. Because of his renown he was asked to help design and build the two gigantic spacecraft for the Pioneer Project. The Pioneer Project was a plan to relocate the entire population of his dieing home planet to another world where they could re-establish themselves. Un-manned probes were sent out to the far reaches of space to find a planet suitable for colonization while construction on the spacecraft began. The probes sent back information on a planet suitable for life named Ragol. Ragol was the perfect planet for colonization. So with the discovery of Ragol Artemis and all people began the pilgrimage to their new home.
Artemis built a home for himself and his sons on Pioneer 2. Angelus Manor was built so that the Artemis and his family could live like they did in their old home, in extravagant luxury. Angelus Manor was a vast estate with many rooms where Artemis and his sons could work, live, and play. Of all the rooms the library was the most impressive. It was where Artemis spent most of his time. It was three stories tall with walls and walls of bookshelves reaching to the ceiling. There was at one end an immense window that reached from the floor to the cathedral ceiling and overlooked much of Pioneer 2. Artemis placed his desk at the foot of the window so he could watch the people enjoy the starship he helped create. He was not a man to do things halfheartedly.
The three boys spent many happy hours in that library. They would race around the library; jumping from ladder to ladder, level to level. It was a pastime their father discouraged but tolerated.
Artemis had lost his wife to sickness a little while after his youngest son was born. Artemis? three sons were all he had left in the world. There was Davion Artemis Angelus, the eldest, the middle brother Diego Gabriel Angelus, and the youngest of the boys, Seifer Alexander Angelus. All three sons bore a great affection for their father, and a great respect. Artemis cared for his sons, and brought them up as best he could. He nurtured them and taught them to be serving to their fellow man and to be just in all their affairs. Because of this upbringing, the three brothers grew up humble, caring, and just.

During the early years that they lived on Pioneer 2, Davion made friends with some of the staff that worked at his home. He made an especially good friend in Dash Henderson, whose father was the head of security of all Pioneer 2. Dash was a few years older then him, and tended to beat him at a lot of things. Races, wrestling, target shooting, among others. The one thing Davion could always best him at was fencing and swordplay. In this, his biggest rival was no other than his youngest brother Seifer.
Growing up, Dash and the Angelus brothers were very close. Even before they came to live on Pioneer 2 they were best friends. During their third year onboard Pioneer 2, Artemis enrolled his sons in the Hunter Academy so that they might learn to become strong and disciplined. Seifer was allowed to enroll early because his skills showed much potential and because his brothers had already become some of the best students the school had ever seen.
Diego and Dash always seemed to be fascinated by guns. They were all they wanted to play with, practice with, and collect. They soon became Ranger trainees. Seifer and Davion loved bladed weapons. Swords, partisans, and daggers appealed to them. They became Hunter trainees. Davion was always partial towards the large two-handed swords. They gave him a sense of power that he could never attain with more agile weapons. Seifer was never as strong as his oldest brother, so he couldn?t wield the large blades Davion loved. Sabers were his forte. The only weight being the hilt that projected a photon blade made is much easier for him to use. He especially liked double sabers. He would practice with long staves when he was young fighting mock battles against many unseen foes. Most of his peers in the school, and some of the teachers, didn?t akin to Seifer?s unique style of fighting. Most students ridiculed him, confusing Seifer?s disregard of normal style as an inability to understand the basics. In reality Seifer was the most skilled of all his fellow students. Being topped only by Davion, and his ability to wield the large swords, of which not many students could use as easily. When Seifer, through tournaments and feats of skill, graduated to the more difficult double saber, he shocked and even angered many of his rivals. Seifer was seen as the oddball of his class. He was looked down upon by many of his peers because of his age. He was thought of as too young to be a hunter. Seifer pushed ahead so much that he actually graduated at the same time as Diego and Davion. This was an impressive feat that gained Seifer the respect he had worked these many years for.

At the graduation ceremony, it was customary to have the top ten students perform their specialty. Seifer, Diego, and Davion were the top three of the school. This made their father very proud. Because of the occasion, Artemis purchased new weapons for all of them. He bought Davion a Claymore, Seifer received a Stag Cutlery, and Diego received two guns, a Blaster rifle and a Lockgun.
The night of the ceremony the three brothers stood proud as they and all their classmates received their Hunter?s certificate. When the graduation was finished the demonstrations began. Many fine presentations of shot, sword, and sorcery were displayed setting the stage for the top three. After the initial seven demonstrations, it was time for Diego. Diego walked into the middle of the arena, surrounded by a multitude of people in the stands.
?Diego Angelus will now demonstrate his amazing marksmanship skills.? The announcer declared. Diego nodded that he was ready, and the show began. Several targets were fired into the air as Diego pulled his new Lockgun from its holster, took aim, and fired. He destroyed all of the targets before they had even reached the apex of their flight. More targets popped up fifty yards behind him as he pulled his rifle from his back. He dropped to one knee and destroyed each one in a matter of seconds. The crowd cheered as he stood again. More targets appeared all around the arena. Diego tucked his rifle under his arm as he once again withdrew his Lockgun. Now with both guns he began firing in every direction. Not one of his shots missed. All met their targets much to the satisfaction of the audience. Again more targets appeared but this time they were far towards the ceiling. Diego raised his rifle and fired. From a sheath on top of the stock a hook and chain shot towards the lofty ceiling. The hook caught hold and began to pull Diego up. He now reached for his hip where he kept a saber. He reached the ceiling and climbed on top of one of the rafters. He took a deep breath and fired his grappling hook at another one of the rafters twenty feet away. As his hook caught hold he leapt from his perch and armed his saber. He swung by one of the targets and cleaved it in two with his blade. He reached the peak of his swing and began to fall back again in a different direction. He flew past a row of targets and hacked through all of them with one swing. But suddenly his hook broke loose from the rafters. Diego began to fall towards the floor. The crowd gasped in fear as their hero plummeted downward. Quickly Diego fired back up at the ceiling where his grapple caught. He used all his strength to keep a hold on his rifle and lower himself slowly to the ground. As his feet met the dirt the crowd cheered again for their hero whose performance had outranked any Ranger?s that had come before. After he had finished his exhibition, Seifer strode into the ring.
?Now Seifer Angelus will give a display on saber combat.?
Seifer stood solemnly as he held his weapon. He spread his legs, closed his eyes, and breathed deeply as he raised his blade. He held the hilt out before him and with one hand turned one of the blades on. The crimson energy of his weapon projected out with a flash. In a blur of light he spun his weapon about. Twisting his lithe and nimble body with the motion of his saber. He jumped and brought it zinging down before him to the ground. He leapt up and jabbed forward withdrew and jabbed again. He left his blade before him this time still gently glowing. But now he grabbed the hilt with his other hand an in a moment another blade had joined the first. Effortlessly he twisted the deadly weapon around his body. His form was enclosed in a scarlet haze created by his weapon. Both Hunter and civilian held the unusual style that Seifer practiced in awe. He appeared to be fighting unseen enemies, swinging the weapon with amazing skill, throwing out kicks and blows in every direction while his weapon never ceased its motion. He leapt into the air spinning his weapon above his head before he brought it crashing down to the floor. He quickly stood up and held the saber at arms length before him. He drew a breath and began to spin the blade slowly at first but ever quickening. Soon it was spinning so fast that all one could make out was a crimson disc floating effortlessly on Seifer?s hands. For his finale Seifer quickly stopped the blade and withdrew it to behind his back. Now thrust his arm out in front of him. The audience could see a charge build up on his palm. He drove his hand into the air as streaks of lightning began to shower the ground all around him. There was a blinding flash that hid Seifer from view and caused all in the audience to shield their eyes from the brightness. When the light dimmed the audience looked in amazement at Seifer who was now standing proudly with his arms crossed across his chest and his blade strapped at his hip. The crowd roared with approval. Cheers filled the stadium as Seifer walked out of the ring and towards his brothers.
?Good job buddy.? Said Davion.
?Thanks Davion.? Replied Seifer, ?You?re next.?
?Ok then.? he said as he walked out to the middle of the floor, holding with pride the hilt of his new sword swung over his back.
?And now the eldest Angelus Brother, Davion, will exhibit his swordsmanship skills.?
Davion stood and took the sword from his back. He gazed about the stadium addressing every one of the onlookers with his noble gaze. Then he closed his eyes drew a deep breath and began his presentation. Plunging the point of his blade into the ground, he switched it on. The sides of the large metal blade flashed and began to glow crimson as the photon edges took life burning the ground in which it was planted. With one powerful swipe he ripped the blade from the floor. He began to swing it in circles around his body. The hum of the photons blended with the swipe of the steel to create a dreadful harmony. Spinning it around again he brought it in front of him. Now he began to slash from left to right with large potent strokes. Its hum could be heard throughout the arena. Next he shouldered his weapon and brought his hands to his sides in fists. He bent over until with a surge of power he slowly raised his hands to the air. The ground began to shake as many pillars of ice paid heed to their masters call and rose from the dust. He had created his own enemies. Now he took his blade form his back and dashed out at the frozen columns. He swung his sword from one side to another shattering the pillars like glass. With one column left he swung his weapon to his side and produced from his outstretched had a massive fireball. It collided with the ice and hissed as it plunged through the frost. The crowd was amazed with this display of both magical wisdom and brute force. They all leaned in waiting for more. Davion was happy to oblige. He swung his blade about and brought it crashing down to the ground. He grabbed the hilt with both hands and flipped it over with the blade pointing down. He began to slash with this inverted swing much to the satisfaction of the crowd. Next he brought his sword to his side and stretched one hand out in front of him. A pulsing red light began to glow from Davion?s palm. It rushed up his arm and covered his entire form with a shining power. It was Shifta used at so high a level that only forces could attempt. Now he reached for his hip and withdrew a large saber. With one hand he grasped its hilt and with the other he lifted his massive blade. Now he began to cut at the air with both weapons. He sliced faster and faster drawing strength from the magic surrounding him. After an impressive performance using both blades Davion prepared for his final show of strength. He sheathed the saber and crouched down low. With a yell he threw his sword skyward next he crouched to the ground and leapt to meet his blade nearly twenty feet in the air. He flipped over backwards and landed with his arms across his chest moments before his weapon imbedded itself in the ground with a thud. The crowed cheered as he ripped the blade from the ground, and walked back to his brothers. Throwing his arms around them, they walked back to their applauding father, who was watching from a booth in the audience. After the graduation ceremony, they headed home both exhausted and proud.

Chapter Two

The next morning was the day that Pioneer 2 was to depart for Ragol. All three boys donned their best attire and joined their father aboard the control tower. There their father was gathered with the principal and other officials of Pioneer 2. Some people stood at the foot of the tower as the rest of the population listened through the broadcast system were gathered in the massive courtyard before the control tower. Artemis looked at his watch and slowly walked forward towards the podium. After all were silent he began his speech.
?Today is a great day in history. Today is the day that we move to the next chapter of our existence, the day that we depart for a new life on a new world. We leave behind the legacy of our ancestors. The story of our past is laid out like a book across the ages. And as I survey the pages of this document I see many great accomplishments. I can see many years of prosperity and peace. But as I begin to turn the pages there are other things that come to mind. I can see war, destruction, and hatred. I can see brothers take up arms against brothers. I can see nations engage in vicious battles over petty disagreements. It is with sadness that I survey the hurt we have brought upon ourselves. But today is the day that we turn the page to a new era in our lives. Today we begin the start of something new. We leave behind all that our ancestors had built, all we fought so hard to control. We leave it with the hope of finding something better. My prayer this day is that we together may find it. It is not in my power to write this book, it is in your hands. I challenge you today to change the course of history and embrace tomorrow as one people unified by a love for one another. Thank you.?
The crowd cheered as Artemis stepped down from the platform. His words were powerful and true and would not be easily forgotten. Now the principal stepped forward.
?I pray that all of us would heed the words of our friend Artemis, that we would extend to our kinsman a gesture of love rather than raise an iron fist. And it is with these words that we shall leave our old home.?
Just as he had finished saying this the ground began to rumble as the starship?s massive engines roared to life. The ship slowly began to rise into the air and as it did there was a moment of silence as all aboard realized that they would never again touch the soils of home.
Artemis now turned to his boys and together they gazed out of the glass dome atop Pioneer 2. Artemis put his arms around his sons as they watched their old home drift away.
?Do you think that Ragol will be like our old planet?? Seifer asked.
?I believe so.? Artemis said, ?Of course it will be different, but we should be able to manage if we stay as one.?
?I hope we are able to.? Davion said.
?We can my son. If you remain humble and just, others shall see you and learn from your example.?
They watched until their planet was no longer in view, and then returned home.

The first few months of the journey were spent mostly at home. As all three brothers had completed Hunter academy there was little to occupy their time. They spent most of their days training at home or wandering the streets of Pioneer 2 looking for a good time. On one such excursion into the streets Seifer found himself lost in a dense commercial district on the backside of town. It was late and many of the shops were already closed. As he walked Seifer eyed a window in a large warehouse. There was light within and over the dull hum of distant traffic Seifer could just make out two men?s voices. Seifer fingered the hilt of his weapon nervously. Something wasn?t right. He slowly crept up to the wall and leaned against it, hoping to hear the conversation within.
?It?s about time you showed up!? said a man in a harsh whisper.
?Shut up, I got here didn?t I?? responded another in the same callous tone.
?Whatever, did you bring it??
?Right here.?
Seifer heard a grinding sound as something was dragged from the shadows within. There was the click of a lock releasing and the slow whine of a box cover opening.
?Very nice. You indeed are a fine businessman. Now if I could just examine them more closely.?
?Not so fast.? replied the second voice in a stern tone, ?I don?t trust you. First give me the parts.?
?My my, you are a shrewd man. But I fear I must oblige. Here they are.? Seifer heard another box open. ?One complete RAcaseal, in six parts.?
?Very well, here are the weapons you requested, heavy machine guns, rifles, handguns, with a few sabers thrown in for good measure. I?ll be glad to get them off my hands. Its just what I don?t need; getting caught with stolen weapons.?
Seifer leaned over, opened the door a bit, and peeked inside. There were two men standing exchanging boxes laden with weapons and android parts. Behind them were about a dozen or so guards overlooking the deal while keeping alert for any who might try to disturb it. Seifer watched as the first man slowly drew a pistol from his side and aimed it at the other who was examining the android.
?Now I really hate to do this but unfortunately I?m a very greedy person,? said the dealer, ?so I don?t think I?ll be able to let you leave with the android.?
The man on the floor looked up now to see the pistol trained to his head.
?You,? he said. His voice was trembling from fear and rage, ?I trusted you?
?Indeed you did, and how admirable of you to do so. But I?m afraid that your trust was in vain.?
?To Hades with you!? roared the second spitting to the side.
?You first.? said the first as he took aim and fired.
Seifer looked away as the photon bullet ripped through the man?s skull. From within he could hear the body drop.
?No honor among thieves.? Seifer thought to himself.
?Very good.? said the second dealer looking up to the guards; ?You all may take the weapons in exchange for your services. Put them to good use.? He now reached for the box of android parts. ?Now I?ll just be on my way.?
?Think again!? cried a voice from behind the group. A lone hunter appeared from the shadows wielding a partisan. He jumped towards the guards swinging his weapon. The Hunter rammed the end of his partisan into one of the guard?s chests. The guard fell to the floor stunned. He continued to swing at the rest who had drawn their own weapons but by now one of them had made his way behind him. The thug grabbed the Hunter?s arms and held the tight. Another thug swung his saber and sliced the man?s weapon in half. It clattered to the floor as the thug pounded his fist into the Hunter?s chest. The man?s body lurched forward again and again as he was ruthlessly pounded.
?Enough!? the dealer yelled as he slowly began to walk towards the beaten Hunter. ?Janus, Janus, Janus, when will you learn. You cannot defeat me. Why even bother trying?? Janus said nothing but only stared back at him with a burning hate in his eyes. ?You have been a great annoyance to me. I shall enjoy watching you die.? The dealer placed the barrel of his gun to the Hunter?s forehead. ?Goodbye Janus.? Seifer made his move. He burst through the door his saber drawn. The men holding Janus looked just in time to see a ball of fire come rushing towards them. They leapt to the sides; one of them just wasn?t fast enough. Janus now free of his captors snatched up the fallen man?s weapon and joined his rescuer in disposing of the rest.
Seifer rushed towards the nearest guard. He cut the weapon in two with one slice. With no way to defend himself, the guard could do nothing to repel the leveling kick that Seifer delivered to his head. He fell back lifeless. Janus had now run towards another of the guards and brought his saber crashing down above him. The guard quickly raised his own blade and the two weapons collided in a shower of sparks. The two men were locked there for a few seconds, each pushing with all his might. Then suddenly Janus pushed forward and set the man off balance. With one quick kick he sent the guards weapon high into the air. He caught it and brought it crashing down on his opponent?s skull. The man fell down dazed. Meanwhile, Seifer had let lose a barrage of lightning that left three more of the guards twitching stunned on the floor. Now they turned to the dealer who was madly trying to open the locked door. Janus marched over to him and lifted him off his feet by his collar.
?Now where were we old friend?? questioned Janus in a sinister tone, ?Oh yes, we were at the part where you were going to have me executed. I?m considering returning the favor.? Janus grinned.
?No, please don?t kill me. I?ll do anything, anything just don?t kill me.? The dealer trembled in Janus? hands.
?Don?t worry I?m not going to kill scum like you; wouldn?t want to tarnish my blade now would I? However I believe the police wouldn?t mind a chat with you and your friends. What say you we give them a call.?
?I?d rather die!? The dealer said.
?That can be arranged.? Seifer said spinning his weapon.
?No, no!? The pitiful man cried ?I?ll go, I?ll go.?

About a half hour later all the criminals were in custody and the weapons were off to their rightful owners. Seifer and Janus watched from afar as the criminals were led away in chains. After a short while the police chief came to speak to them.
?I cannot thank you two enough. You have done me a great service.? said the chief, ?Is there any way that I could repay you two??
?It was our duty as citizens and hunters. Think nothing of it.? Responded Seifer.
?I have had my satisfaction in seeing those men thrown into the cooler. I need no greater reward than that.? chuckled Janus.
?You are indeed great hunters but even better gentlemen. I thank you again,? said the chief, ?I shall not soon forget what has happened tonight. Farewell.?
?We must be going. I bid you adieu,? said Seifer as he and Janus turned to leave.
The two began to walk towards the residential district of Pioneer 2, pulling the crate with the android behind them. As they walked they talked about the nights events.
?So who exactly were those guys?? questioned Seifer.
?Those men are from an organization called Black Paper.? Janus answered.
?Black Paper? I haven?t heard of them, who are they??
?Black Paper is a crime syndicate that participates in the illegal trade of weapons and other technologies on the black market.?
?So I guess the item up for bid tonight was a RAcaseal.?
?Yes it was. In fact that?s the reason that I came here tonight. This RAcaseal that they were selling belongs to me. Actually she belonged to my father but ever since he passed away...? Janus? voice trailed off, ?I don?t like to talk about it. Well anyway she and I work as hunters to pay the bills. She was out on an assignment with the guild when she went missing. I went out looking for her and found her cornered by the same men we just fought. I did not have my partisan with me, and there were to many of them. All I could do was watch as they dragged her away.?
?So you came tonight to get her back?? Seifer said as they turned a corner.
?Yeah something like that, and partially to get revenge. I?ve had plenty of confrontations with those guys in the past. Most of them weren?t very pleasant so I always did want to see em? get locked up. Anyway I wouldn?t have gotten very far in a fight with them if you hadn?t come. I owe you my greatest thanks for saving me.?
?Don?t think anything of it, I?m sure you would have done the same for me.? Seifer said, ?So where will you go now??
?Home I guess. I want to rest up after that fight. Then tomorrow I?m going to have to take Hal here down to android maintenance to see if we can have her repaired.?
?Well, what if you come home with me? It?s not too far away. You could get some rest and then repair her tomorrow.?
?I guess that sounds like a good idea. Lets go then.?
?Great come this way.?
The two new friends began to walk off towards home tired and content. They arrived about a half hour later at Seifer?s doorstep. Janus could do naught but gawk at the massive estate that Seifer called his own.
?This is your house?? Janus asked.
?Yes.? Seifer answered.
?What?s your last name Seifer?? Janus asked suspiciously.
?Angelus. Why do you ask??
?I thought so.? Janus said as they walked up the steps, ?You did look a lot like one of Artemis Angelus? boys.?
?Interesting.? Seifer said opening the door. Once inside, Artemis greeted the two warmly.
?Welcome home Seifer. Who is this that you have brought with you??
?This is Janus father. We met tonight with some very unfriendly criminals who are now enjoying prison gruel.?
?Indeed an amazing story, though it troubles me that there exists such evils as what you encountered on this craft. I had indeed hoped that this would be a new beginning, but it seems that humanity has not forsaken its old ways. Nevertheless you two must get some rest.?
?Thank you sir.? Janus said.
?You?re welcome Janus.? Artemis said, ?Welcome to Angelus Manor.?

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Thanks. That is the small segment Seifer01(my best friend in real life, and Seifer in the story.) helpped me write. I hope the all the question marks didn't bother you.

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(EDIT) Somthing odd keeps changing my quotation marks and such into question marks. Do any of you have the same problem?
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Copy from notepad.

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I did. I'll try agin sometime.

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Could you please read this? I could really use some imput.

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Reason it was changing your quotes etc in ? is because you are using word I assume. It has special characters for those so copy it into word pad and replace them with the normal symbols (Note: you need to select the special symbols as the come up as something like | in the find what box)

Right...just going to read it now...

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Just finished reading it...very nice.

Hope to see more infuture.

Good luck!

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On 2002-07-29 04:37, SS_Death wrote:
Reason it was changing your quotes etc in ? is because you are using word I assume. It has special characters for those so copy it into word pad and replace them with the normal symbols (Note: you need to select the special symbols as the come up as something like | in the find what box)

Right...just going to read it now...

Thanks I'll try that.

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Ok, here's some more of the fic. IT just picks up where the first section left off.

Note: This may be different from the final product soon to go on a website.

"Thank you sir." Janus said.
"You're welcome Janus." Artemis said, "Welcome to Angelus Manor."
"Seifer." Janus said after they had walked a bit, "I'd like to repair Hal today, and not wait till tomorrow."
"I'll show you to the lab then." Seifer said, "Follow me." Janus followed Seifer down the halls towards the lab. On the way, they ran into Davion. He was holding a book, and was on his way to the library.
"Hello Seifer." Davion said, "Who's your friend?"
"This is Janus." Seifer answered, "I'll tell you how we met later. First we have something important to do."
"I don?t suppose it has anything to do with that crate you're scuffing up the floors with." Davion said, "Mildred isn't going to like this."
"Oh no!" Seifer exclaimed, "I've already messed up enough lately. If she finds out, she's going to make me scrub all the floors in the mansion!"
"I'll cover for you this time bro." Davion said walking off, "But don't expect me to do this again anytime soon. See you guys later."
"Thanks Davion." Seifer said as he and Janus walked into the lab.
"Nice place you got here." Janus said as they placed Hal's various parts on the lab table.
"Lets get to work." Seifer said as he started Hal's assembly, "Is there anything I should know about Hal before we start?"
"Not really." Janus answered, "She pretty much a normal android. Just be careful ok?"
"Sure, I'll do my best." Seifer said as he pulled out his tools. After a lengthily job of repairing, assembling, and restoring, Hal was fully repaired. Janus reached over and turned Hal back on. Her eyes flickered and glowed as she sat up on the table.
"Where am I?" She asked, "Janus, what happened?"
"Your in Angelus Manor Hal," Janus said, "This is Seifer, he helped me save you from Black Paper.
"Black Paper, They captured me?"
"Yes." Seifer said, "When I arrived at the warehouse they were meeting in; I saw a man trading your parts for boxes of guns."
"Trading me? Oh no, I can't believe I fell for that."
"Fell for what Hal?" Janus asked.
"The mission." Hal answered, "I was asked to follow a man who was believed to be a leader in the organization. I was supposed to find out where they were meeting, and report back to the guild. However, the people who gave me the mission were apparently part of Black Paper themselves. I followed my charge right into a trap. The last thing I remember was a shock in the back of my neck when I was fighting a group of thugs who had ambushed me."
"That sounds familiar." Janus said, "But first off, Hal I'm sorry I couldn't save you before you were captured."
"It's ok Janus." Hal answered, "If they got you too, you wouldn't of been able to rescue me."
"If it wasn't for Seifer here, we'd both of been finished." Janus said patting Seifer on the back.
"Yes thank you Seifer." Hal said hopping off the table.
"You're welcome." Seifer said.
"Janus you said that my mission sounded familiar. What did you mean?" Hal asked.
"Well, I was also asked to follow a man to his meeting place. The incentive for me was I heard the android parts they were trading belonged to you."
"Do either of you two remember who sent to on these missions of yours?" Seifer asked.
"Barely." Hal said shaking her head, "He was large, and had a short beard."
"He must be the same guy who sent me on my mission." Janus said, "He was a Ranger I'm sure of it. He almost matches your description. Was he fair headed or dark haired Hal?"
"Now that you remind me, I think he had dark hair, brown I think."
"That's him," Janus said, "it must be."
"Lets take this conversation to the library." Seifer said, "My father and brother should be there. They might be able to help you. Wait till you get to know them, Father especially. There isn't anything he can't figure out."
"Considering the job he did for the Pioneer Project, I'm not surprised." Janus said as Seifer lead them to the library. Artemis and Davion were reading and talking in the ring of chairs and couches they had setup for entertaining.
"And then I said to him?oh hello Seifer, Janus." Artemis said to them, "Who's your friend?"
"This is Hal sir." Janus answered, "She's the reason Seifer and I met in the first place."
"Well, tell me all about it then. And sit down, no need for them to stand while we have all these seats."
"Thank you sir." Janus said sitting down next to Hal on a small coach.
"Now I want to hear the whole story Seifer." Artemis said.
"Yes," Davion said, "I'm very interested as well."
"Very well, it all started when?" Seifer began explaining.
After Seifer finished giving Artemis and Davion a long explanation of what had occurred, Artemis leaned back in his chair and thought for a few seconds.
"Well, It seems to me that Janus here was lured into a trap." Artemis said.
"A trap? What do you mean?" Janus asked.
"Are you currently at odds with Black Paper?" Artemis asked.
"I am trying to bring it down." Janus said, "So I guess I am."
"I believe that Black Paper captured Hal in hopes of getting to you. And if Hal is helping you, they might want her out of the picture too. The same thing now goes for my son Seifer here."
"Really?" Hal said, "I would hate to think that I was used to do that."
"You couldn't help it Hal." Davion said, "How were you supposed to know that the people who hired you were trying to kill Janus?"
"I guess so." Hal said.
"I'll have to look into this then." Janus said, "I don't think I have much of a choice."
"And we can help you." Seifer said.
"Thank you, for everything." Janus said standing up, "But I don't want to bother you anymore, so I think we'll be leaving for home now."
"Actually." Artemis said standing up and walking to Janus, "If Black Paper really wants you dead, home is the last place you should go. Now that you've escaped them they'll most likely try to get you there."
"I think your right Mr. Angelus." Janus said, "But where do we go now."
"Why here of course!" Artemis said walking over to Janus, smiling, and putting his hands on his shoulders, "I wouldn't want you to be anywhere else."
"But wouldn't they track me here and attack Angelus Manor?" Janus asked.
"Even if they did, they wouldn't be able to get through. I designed this mansion myself. The security system is impenetrable by mortal means."
"Then we'll stay here, ok Hal?"
"Sounds good to me Janus."
"Excellent." Artemis said, "I'll send some of my staff to your home under full bodyguard."
"I'll go with them." Janus said, "I'll tell them what to bring."
"No bother." Artemis said calling the staff, "They'll just bring everything."
"Oh, thank you sir." Janus said.
"Your welcome Janus. Any friend of my son is a son of mine."

Chapter Three

Later that day Janus and Hal were situated in their new accommodations. Seifer, Janus and Davion went down to the training room for some exercise.
"If you going to be an Angelus for a while, you have to train with us." Davion said grabbing his training sword off the wall. The training weapons the Angelus brothers used were just like normal weapons, except that instead of photons the weapons had holographic blades. "We train everyday and expect you to do the same."
"Fine with me." Janus said.
"I see you're a Bluefull Janus." Seifer said spinning his dummy double saber.
"Correct." Janus said.
"Then here's a training partisan." Davion threw him the long weapon.
"Thank you Davion."
"Think nothing of it Janus, now you have to fight me." He spun his sword around once and held it out towards Janus with one arm. "Show me what you've got." Janus ripped through the air with his weapon. He swung at Davion's feet. Davion jumped over and stepped on Janus' weapon. He held the sword at his neck. "You're dead. Be more careful next time."
"Ok, lets try this again." Janus said. This time Davion made the first move. Davion swung at Janus' chest. Janus stepped back and, with great skill, made an assault that Davion was completely unprepared for. Davion fell backwards, and Janus pinned him to the ground. "You're dead this time." He said.
"So I am." Davion said, "You held back last time."
"So did you." Janus said.
"So I did. No holding back this time then."
"Fine with me." Janus said striking a battle stance.
"Oh this is going to be good." Seifer, who was watching, said. Davion stepped back and spun his sword around his back to pick up momentum. Janus brandished his weapon. Davion and Janus ran at each other. In a flurry of training weapons the fight began. Janus was definitely holding back the first two fights. He was an amazing duelist even with the unwieldy partisan. Davion swung at Janus' legs and he flipped back. Holding the partisan at the very end of the pole, he swung at Davion. He was attacking at such a great range that it was hard to get a hit in. He swung and Davion rolled under his blade and lunged at his chest. He brought his weapon down quickly and was able to deflect Davion's thrust. Seifer watched the two skilled Hunters go through many of these rounds. Neither of them were willing to give an inch. Janus' weapon gave him more range, but Davion's sword gave him an edge when it came to closer combat. After a while Davion made his move. He ran backwards towards the wall, Janus followed. He ran up the wall and jumped over Janus to his other side. Davion swung and hit his waist. He had won the match.
"Bravo!" Janus said.
"Thank you." Davion said, "Seifer taught me that."
"I did?" Seifer asked.
"You don't think I watch you? You are the second best Hunter from the academy after all."
"You are Seifer?" Janus asked. "Then who's the best?"
"Why that would be Davion, Janus." Seifer answered.
"You are?" Janus said turning to Davion, "You were holding back alright."
"The first two matches we both were." Davion said, "But the last match took all my skills to win. Only one other Hunter ever did that to me."
"You Seifer?" Janus asked.
"Yes me." Seifer said sheepishly.
"He's won quite a few times. After a while, you can fight him." Davion said hanging the training sword on the rack.
"No thanks." Janus said, "I saw him fight those thugs in the warehouse."
"Oh come on Janus." Seifer said smiling, "It'll be fun."
"OK, maybe later then." Janus said putting down his weapon and taking off his training suit, "I'm going to check on Hal."
"Ok, see you at dinner." Davion said leaving.
"I'll see both of you guys later." Seifer said, "Right now I'm going to fight some holograms." He engaged the program and a dozen holo-fighters appeared in the room.
"That's a lot of guys Seifer " Janus said.
"How else do you think I got so good at fighting groups?" Seifer said smirking and turning towards his opponents.
"Good luck Bro." Davion said.
"See ya later." Seifer said as Janus and Davion walked out of the room.
"Hal's quarters are in the west wing." Davion said.
"Thanks, for everything." Janus said, "We really appreciate this."
"Hey it's what friends do." Davion said.
"But we just met today." Janus said.
"We're friendly I guess." Davion said walking off towards his room.
"Friendly, right." Janus said smiling, "See you at dinner."
"One thing."
"What is it Janus?"
"Where is the dinning room? This place is so huge."
"Ha, check the automated map in your room."
"?Uh Davion?"
"Yes Janus."
"How do I get to my room again?"
Needless to say Janus and Hal had a rough time adjusting to the new life the Angelus family offered them in Angelus Manor. However, They soon made ties with many of the staff, created their own inside jokes, and learned the favorite foods of our cook, Mary. After awhile they became parts of the family. Hal enjoyed target practice with Dash and Diego, while Janus trained with Seifer and Davion. Janus was still searching for clues on Black Paper's whereabouts, and we did our best to help him. Artemis bought Janus a Gungnir to assist in his quest. Hal received a pair Vulcans and a good Railgun.
One day Janus and Hal decided it was time for them to leave and seek out answers more aggressively.
"Are you sure you can't stay?" Artemis asked.
"We're sure Mr. Angelus." Hal said, "We're very thankful for everything you've done for us."
"It was a pleasure doing so." Artemis answered.
"If you need anything, don't hesitate to ask us." Davion said.
"Thank you." Janus said walking out the door, "We will."
"Goodbye you two." Seifer said.
"See ya Seifer." Janus said as they walked down the street, and turned the corner.
"I'm going to miss those two." Artemis said, "Having Hal around was especially nice, since I never had a daughter. And after your mother died?" Artemis looked into space for a few moments, then turned around quietly and walked to his study in the library.
"What's wrong with Father?" Seifer asked.
"He must miss Mom." Davion answered.
"Do you remember her Davion?" Diego asked, "You're the only one old enough to have really known her."
"I was only three when she died, so I don't remember much. Diego you were two, and Seifer was just born. I don't remember much; mostly just mannerisms, the sound of her voice, you know things like that. We all know what she looks like; Father has her picture on his desk. Her death must have been very hard on him."
"I suspect so." Seifer said, "He goes off to his desk like that a lot lately."
"Well, lets get going now." Diego said, "We have a lot of things to do today."
"Quite right Diego." Davion said walking out the door, "I'll be at the academy. There are some younger students there that I'm to teach a few things. One of those graduate student things."
"Then get to it." Seifer said, "You don't want to keep them waiting."
"You know me Seifer." Davion said as he headed off to the academy.
"That Davion," Diego said once he was out of earshot, "One of these days he's going to find who can beat him consistently, and when he does?"
"He'll get better and thrash the poor sap who dares defy him." Seifer interrupted, "He always rises to the occasion."
"I guess so." Diego said walking off.
Seifer headed off to the Hunters Guild to see if there was any news. Diego, in the meantime, went to Pioneer 2's target range. When he got there, Dash was already leading the Rangers in points.
"Well hello there Diego." Dash said.
"Hi Dash." Diego said stepping on to the platform next to Dash, "How's it going?"
"It's going great." Dash answered putting a few holes through the target, "I was wondering when you'd come around."
"The range at home suits me well." Diego said matching Dash's shots with his own, "I decided to come here today."
"Then lets show these other Rangers how it's done." Dash said. The two Rangers tore into the targets.
Seifer, in the meantime, was returning from the Hunters Guild, depressed. "Geez, there just aren't any good missions today." Seifer said to a Ranger standing outside the guild.
"Right you are boy." The Ranger replied, "I'm heading up to the target range, I heard that there are two Rangers up there outscoring everyone else. I'm going to take those punks to school."
"I don't think so." Seifer said back, "If those two Rangers are who I think they are, save yourself the embarrassment."
"Eh?" He said, "Whatever, I'm still going."
"Ha, Good luck." Seifer said walking back towards the estate, "I warned you."

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