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Aug 6, 2002, 05:41 AM
These ten strangers are off on an adventure, working together to pass a series of tests. Each test they pass adds money to a group pot that only one player will win, and it could grow up to one million meseta. But one of these ten players is a mole. A double agent, hired by myself, to sabotage the groups efforts. Every few days, there is a quiz about The Mole, with questions like "Is The Mole male or female?", "what level is The Mole?", even "how many messages did The Mole post during the last round?". The player who scores the lowest on the quiz is EXECUTED, and must leave the game immediately. It is a simple premise, be observant, expose The Mole, claim the money. Ten strangers are about to embark on an adventure like no other, but only one will win. The one who answers the question, "Who is The Mole?".

Day 1 - August 5, 2002 - Monday

At 5:22 A.M. the players received an e-mail informing them of the games start. Their first mission had just begun, and the specifics could be found posted on the message boards.

It turns out, not only did the ten players have access to the message boards, but an eleventh party did as well. The Invader.

Mission 0 - The Invader

In this first mission, the players have until midnight wednesday night, to figure out which of the eleven is not a player, using nothing but the player profiles, and the knowledge that The Invader can only tell the truth. If at least three players correctly identify The Invader before the deadline, 100,000 meseta will be added to the group pot.

Good luck to the nine players, the mole, and the invader...

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