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Aug 6, 2002, 10:42 PM
heh... I have called the customer service for my cellular phone provider (Verizon) several times in the past for help with my service/bill. You see my mom co-signed for me for the simple fact I didn't have a checking account. As far as I was concerned, that meant that if for any reason I couldn't pay my bill, or it went unpaid, that they would then transfer that needed payment to my mother. Anywho, I called up today to request help for my service - they asked for the last four digits of my mother's SS# since "she is the person responsible for the bill." Hmm... that's ok, usually I just tell them my mom's the co-signer etc. etc., and they'll ask me for my billing address instead. Cool, np. Today, they tell me "that isn't the case, we always ask for the last four digits of the SS# for verification. It's against procedure to accept the billing address for verification." o.O!! >.<!!!!!!!!! WHAT?!
First of all: They seem to have NO problem whatsoever accepting my money when I walk in the office with CASH for there stinking bill - with NO verification of who I am other than my name and cellular number to check my bill.
2nd of all: If it isn't "proper procedure" to accept the billing address as verification, who the *@%$ was I talking to the last umpteen times I've called? The friggin janitor? jesus.... I honestly feel that there is possibly reasoning for a legal dispute. Obviously, I hope that I don't have to take it to that level; I just want to simply have access to customer service for the cell phone that I pay for every month, and no friggin problems... i dunno, im stoned, extrememly frusterated, and refuse to edit this post for any typos or run ons... screw it. =P ugh, cell phones....

Aug 25, 2002, 10:57 PM
Customer service with mobile/telephone connections aren't as good as they were years ago when the Internet wasn't as used. They're ego's have increased, leaving them to toy around with their own customers. They think they're top shit ALL the time! ><

Just go talk to the manager (or the person in charge) of customer service with your mother, with you and settle things there. It'll work out afterwards.

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