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Aug 8, 2005, 02:55 PM
I was watching the newest video again and was looking at the button layout. It seems like it uses Triangle, Square, and R1 are like how B, A, and R are used in PSO GC. Also it looks like the HP gauge is on left left, and the TP is on the right.

It doesnt look like it uses the O and X buttons... at least not for combat. That really upsets me because in PSO I feel like there are not enough buttons, expecially when using a FO. I think maybe what the game does is it cycles through button assignments, so you have more then just 2 set ups.

Then I noticed in a very short moment in the video he uses up some of the TP gauge. But its unusual... he is holding the R button down and when he presses the button, the gun fires and is uses up some of the TP gauge.

I thought that was very interesting because he also had a sword in his right hand, and at the bottom is shows a gun a sword Icon with the gun highlighted. later in the video he is using a partiasn and there is only 1 weapon icon, instead of the 2 that were there before, so Im guessing only some weapons can be used with other ones.

It never shows more then 2 actions being assigned. They probobly did away with heavy attack and only kept special normal. But special seems to do alot more now. Like instead of just a regular attack but with gush or something added, it changes the animation (In the video he does a spin slash thing). Also sometimes its showing the R1 button and sometimes its not... that has me stumped. Im trying to make sense of it all but im kind of cunfused.

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Aug 8, 2005, 04:58 PM
Like I said in another thread, when you fire a handgun, the PP (not TP, forget about TP when using weapons) gauge is the handgun's cell charge (or ammo if you wanna call it that); fire it and it depletes.

Same for sabers, swords and other bladed weapons from what I've been seeing in trailers (the three official ones and the two which were taken down from IGN which show raw gameplay footage from a very early version of PSU, explains why they were told to take it off); use them and their power cell (used to maintain the energy blade) is slowly depleted.

For wand type weapons, their attacks are apparently mostly techniques, so the PP here works like TP, depleting it as you cast stuff.

To explain what is going on when he's wielding a handgun and a saber at the same time, when you press R you switch to the offhand weapon (the handgun) replacing the weapon action buttons (square and triangle) for the action buttons the weapon in question has (notice how the handgun only has one attack action), when you're not pressing R you're using the saber and the attack actions are two once again (the two possible actions that particular saber has).

Yes, the "special" button is now also a whole new attack sequence, which can be comboed into the regular attacks for completly diferent combo animations (up to 5 and 6 hits, depending on the sequence you make and the weapon in question).

It's likely that pressing the R button for non dual-wielding situations (in case you're not using a handgun and a saber I mean) switches the action buttons to something else in case the weapon allows it.

As for the other buttons (circle and X), it's possible that you can set other things to them, or they work like a "confirmation" button and the other like the quick shortcut menu from PSO (Y button).

Just speculation here, don't quote me on that, but these are the conclusions I draw from watching all the videos so far.

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Aug 8, 2005, 05:24 PM
hmm... do you have any ideas on how you switch what the buttons do (like R button in PSO).

Im there are like a ton of different presets you can cycle through. Like I said, I cant stand how in PSO you are limited to how much you can set. Useing techniques is slow, hard, and sloppy.

Aug 9, 2005, 10:14 AM
Well that depends on how much skills a weapon has with it... If it has two then there's not much point of having more slots. One thing I've noticed is the absence of the number bar 1-0... Things seem to be working differentlly so maybe it's use isn't appropiate... Anyways I think we're going to have to wait and see newer gameplay movies when they come out to get more information. Also, the 'system' section in the official site might hint us stuff when it gets updated. Another thing that doesn't help is the fact we haven't seen any online gameplay movies. I'd like to see a Newm using techs XD

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