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Sep 21, 2005, 07:25 AM
Complete TGS 2005 Demo (http://www.geocities.jp/tgs_data/R0017874.mpg) (50.5 mo)

8 minute of video that show Battle System, Network and the trailer that has been already posted.

I think that the main info is that your "robot partner" appear (only?) in your room. It can lvl up and grow as the mag in pso. Maybe it will able to create items for your room, maybe its the only thing it could do but i dont think so.

The battles look a lot more impressive than in pso too. O_O

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Sep 21, 2005, 07:56 AM
I'm downloading the movie right now, and something I wonder about is if Heavey attacks have different animations? That would be neat.

Sep 21, 2005, 09:15 AM
Meh, we've seen the last 6 minutes or so already.

But the first two show Ethan using some pretty snazzy moves. I wonder how flashy combos like that will affect online play.

Sep 21, 2005, 09:32 AM
still waiting on the HQ version tho

Sep 21, 2005, 09:33 AM
Heh, this clip has more coverage than other. More story scenes & action. The offline mode is definately better than the current PSO.
Now, how would the online gameplay look like? So far 'lobby' part is similar. We might be able to see how a 6-member team is like in the next few clips from Sega?

Sep 21, 2005, 09:40 AM
Here is how looks like a 6 members party^^ (+ some others pictures)










Sep 21, 2005, 11:34 AM
Character creation seems awesome... way too awesome. X.x Almost everything I asked for is there!! RAcaseals, FOnewm hats, lots of neon green and black items!! This is going to be awesome.

Lobby dancing is going to seem fun, although your face flashing in the corner could be annoying if idiot spammers.. idoitcly spam. I hope they have a blocking feature. XP

The rooms are going to be awesome aswell, the mag thingies all look cute!! :3

By the way, who is they're talking to? XP

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Sep 21, 2005, 11:55 AM
Holy crap, that twilring double saber attack was insane! And there's upercut's and jumping attacks! You can see a slicer flying around in there.

Sep 21, 2005, 12:42 PM
Holy J-Man! Ethan has some sweet, mad-crazy skills!

I wanna see a high quality video of that sooo bad! >.<

Waaaaa! I wanna play!

Sep 21, 2005, 12:48 PM
I seriously want to know how they got ALL of this footage. As far as I know, any sort of media-acquiring through cameras was barred everywhere at TGS.

Sep 21, 2005, 01:12 PM
Not difficult to hide a camera in say... a nylon lunchbag that resembles a camera bag. Cut a little hole and voila.

Sep 21, 2005, 03:51 PM
My Comp won't let me see it ima try again it says theres a Error that keeps coming up...

Sep 21, 2005, 05:04 PM
Those special moves are ill!! GTFO person whose head is in the way!!

Sep 21, 2005, 05:29 PM
Sniff.... so beautiful.. my dream of having a cool explosion thrust move has been answered.....
Thank You God

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Sep 21, 2005, 05:51 PM
Oh... my... god...

Pity that only the first two minutes actually hold anything new, but damn, it's GOOD enough for me!

It seems my Double Saber legacy left by my main PSO character will carry on in my main PSU character, the double saber stuff looks fantastic!

Sep 21, 2005, 09:19 PM
...This game gets sexier every time I see something new for it.

Sep 21, 2005, 09:47 PM
On 2005-09-21 10:48, Reenee wrote:
I seriously want to know how they got ALL of this footage. As far as I know, any sort of media-acquiring through cameras was barred everywhere at TGS.

Well the one on the main PSOW webpage was probably by a company that was allowed to do it. I think certain people are allowed to have coverage if they register.

: X

And I'm betting people snuck in cameras aswell.

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Sep 21, 2005, 09:59 PM
A normal camera, I understand, but this was incredibly risky to use a video camera.

Sep 21, 2005, 10:13 PM
Risky yes, but I can't say I mind the person took the risk, otherwise we wouldn't be seeing it.
Yes, it may sound selfish, but at most the person would have been reprimended and kicked out of the TGS, nothing more.

Sep 22, 2005, 08:10 AM
I think if this person likes games getting kicked out would matter. i would think that the only way for it to matter would be to ban forever.

Sep 22, 2005, 09:38 AM
Not banned. Their stuff gets confiscated.

Sep 22, 2005, 11:36 AM
And yet another sweeet looking cast!

Sep 22, 2005, 01:53 PM
Nothing much new here, nevertheless a few cosplay photos. I think the girl in the picture is the voice actor for the HUnewearl.