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This is my first fanfic hope you like it. Plz tell me your thoughts and ideas on the good and bad points of it. I have about 8 capters done and it is 10 chapters long. So there is more to come! =^_^= (oh if I misspelled anything it's because I spell bad and I suck at spell check.

Chapter 1 (Lost Time)

Walking through a door a Force looked down into the room she just entered. She didn't walk too far into the room because her enemy might be waiting for her. Seeing that all the item boxes were intact she thought to her self, "No one's been here yet." She jogged into the room ready to get the spoils when she was hit in the back by a photon bullet. Staggering after the shot she dashed toward the first wall she saw. Peaking out, she saw her assailant. A tall red haired HUneweral wearing a black and red body suit.
"You think that was going to stop me Suzuka? It'll take more than that to stop the great Zahan Clan-Clan!" She stated.
"You were careless Zahan, you were lucky I didn't see you right away." Suzuka answered.
"Yeah yeah, whatever Suzuka." Zahan scoffed "You think you have it all planned out huh, try this!"
After saying this Zahan ran from behind the wall and faced Suzuka directly. Suzuka surprised at Zahan's tactic hesitated to fire; this gave Zahan the few seconds that seh needed to chant the words for a powerful Razonde attack. The surge of power stunned Suzuka that she didn't even see Zahan running toward her with her Magic Piece ready for battle. Zahan hit Suzuka with a 1,2 combo then gave her a roundhouse kick for good measure. Suzuka rolled backward and quickly got up. She attacked Zahan with her Hell brand. Zahan held her Magic Piece up to block the brand from striking her. Deflecting the blow Zahan tried for a leg sweep on Suzuka, but Suzuka saw her leg and back flipped out of the way. Just then a computer announced 3 min untill the battle simulation was over. Suzuka looked up and grinned while she switched her brand for her Viristia again. Suzuka fired several rounds at Zahan all hitting their mark. Zahan dropped her weapon and fell backward collasping on the floor, her body soon faded away. Suzuka lowered her gun to think of her next move. She heard a door opening behind her. "It's too soon for Zahan to have respawned it must be Iria!" Suzuka thought to herself. She turned to see an android pointing a rifle her way. The Rasceal was about 30 feet away. Suzuka fired a few shots as she ran toward the wall where Zahan had taken cover earlier. Her shots missed as the android fired 3 shots with expert precision. 2 of the shots hit Suzuka in the lower back and the third hit the wall she dove for.
"Ahhh damnit, that hurt Iria!" Suzuka exclaimed, "What are you aiming for?!"
"I was going for your heart Suzuka but your movement threw my aim off." Exclaimed Iria as she moved slowly toward the wall waiting for Suzuka to stick her head out to shoot back at her. Suzuka meanwhile was bracing her self to run to the door opposit of the wall. She knew Zahan would have respawned by now and would be coming back to fry her if she could. She ran toward the door at full speed not looking back and not firing at Iria. Iria saw her and fired three shots hitting Suzuka in the back, but she fell inside the door and into the next room. Iria walked slowly toward the door knowing Suzuka was almost dead. Suzuka slouched back to her feet and ingested a monomate she had found earlier. Looking around she ran for the next door. Just as she came to the door a Chaos Bringer "materialized" right in front of her. Trying to doge his sword she failed and was struck with a one hit kill. Suzuka faded back and faded away. Iria saw this from the entrance and thought, "Damn, I needed those points." She turned to backtrack her steps when she saw a pissed Zahan looking at her from down the room. Iria raised her gun to fire but she was struck as Zahan hit her with a RaZonde spell that seared through her body. The android couln't withstand the power she fell face fowrard and died, but her body didn't disappear. "Out of lives huh Iria, too bad." Zahan chuckled to her self. She walked toward the door where Iria was going in. Zahan then entered the same room as the Chaos bringer. She was quickly killed. but as soon as Zahan died Suzuka had used a series of warp pads and appeared in the same room where she had died at first. She saw Zahan fall over and not disappear.
"Yes!" She exclaimed tasting victory. Then she looked up seeing the chaos bringer in front fo her. "No!" she gasped as he charged toward her and ended ehr last life.

The room faded and a computer voice stated "Game over, all lives lost, game over!" Suzuka, Zahan, and Iria all stood up and looked at each other.
"Since when do chaos bringers appear in battle games Suzuka!" Zahan questioned.
"Hey you're the one who all ways says 'lets spice up the game Suzuka, we all ways do the same one, nag nag blah blah' you wanted spice you got spice!"
Zahan sighed "Whatever Suzuka I'm not getting into this with you lets go. You ready Iria?"
"Sure let's go."
"Well I guess we could get something to eat huh Suzi?"
Suzuka glared at Zahan saying "Yes let's go, and stop calling me Suzi!"

The 3 walked out of the VR battle room and left down the hall talking all the way. The trio went to a fast food place to get some food. They sat down had the usual conversation, battle strategies that they could be employed against each other and other hunters mainly Black Paper.
"You see Zahan, most people grab what they can out of every box they see when they first enter a room, if it is something they can't use they keep it so the other person can't use it. Let's say they found a cane for instance. They might keep it just so you can't use it. But if they leave the boxes as is they won't arouse suspicion as much as a big room with no boxes in it. That's why I got the drop on ya." Suzuka explained shaking a potato wedge at Zahan.
"Ya sure but when I jumped out you didn't expect that and ya paid for it didn't you!" Zahan said grabbing the wedge from Suzuka's hand and eating it.
The two looked at each other crossly for a few seconds >_<. Iria sensing an argument said "Ok moving on to the real subject for today! What are we going to do about this research data from Dr.Otto? We haven't had many traces from the computers, and I doubt he is even alive.
"We could use another person on the job with us. The robots are acting kinda strange these past few days in the mins. Zahan stated
"Well I guess it wouldn't kill us to split the money with another person since we put our money together we'll still have more than the other person." Iria stated. "But who would work for the reasearchers right now with all this going on about the Pironeer 1 cover ups?"
"I know who would join us but she might be busy." Suzuka answered sipping on her tea.
"Who?" Zahan questioned, "Not that Ash guy he's too green."
"No, I'm talking about Rupika." Suzuka snapped "She is really experienced but she is busy these days."
There was an awkward silence. Iria wondered what was wrong, she looked at Zahan who turned away.
"What is it? Did something happen to Rupika?" She asked
"No, I was thinking about the first time we met Rupika, it was also our firt time down on Ragol." Zahan said "Iria rember before we came to Pioneer 2 and you were hurt on our ship in space?" Iria nodded. "Well after those pirates attacked us you were hurt in an explosion. We got away and found the people of Pioneer 2 on their way to Ragol. After we docked we-"
"You saw that the ship and I were in need of serious repair so you used your skills as hunters to get the money to fix me. After the explosion on the planets surface you did some quests and fixed me. I know Zahan you told me when I reactivated. The ship's hyper drive is pretty much shot unless we get a gazillion meseta which means we ain't leaving any time soon. I know all that I want to know about your first trip to Ragol and your meeting with Rupika." Iria stopped Zahan dead in her tracks.
"Well I'm getting to that. We got to Pioneer 2 and then we came to Ragol. We saw the explosion and heard all the reports of hunters going down to see what happened. But before we went down to see for our selves we were assigned to participate in a mission with the Pioneer 2 military." Zahan explained
Iria looked shocked. "You accepted a job from the military the day of the explosion? You never told me about that. Why, what did you find?" Iria questioned
Suzuka looked up from her drink. "It's not what we found Iria, it's what happened down there. It's what happened to all those solders what went down with us." Suzuka thought about what she was going to tell Iria and shuttered.

Thats chapter one 2 tomarrow!

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Very nice, but maybe next time you should right it in Microsoft Word so there won't be as many spelling errors.

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Nice work ya got there. Keep it up. ~_^

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Nice http://www.pso-world.com/psoworld/images/phpbb/icons/smiles/icon_smile.gif Keep writing >_>

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Thanks! =^_^= but when I typed it in word and tried to copy and past it came out with question marks for the apostrophys and all the spacing was just bad! well here is the next chapter where the story comes in. (ph I put A and B cause I am tired and don't feel like typing it all tonight. =^_^=

Chapter 2 (Nightmare mission)A

We were called to the Guild about 1 hour after the explosion on the surface. When we got there we were greeted by a solider in a blue and green uniform. He told us that we were selected to go down to the planet with a recon task force to assess the situation. We accepted the mission thinking of the huge reward. The plan for the recon was; 3 drop ships each with about 17 men in them. Our ship was special though. We had the recon team with us. The other transports had the defensive personnel. ::flashback wooohoo!::
Suzuka and Zahan both walked into the docking bay. Looking around they saw the hectic moving of everyone. Soldiers in formation jogged past them, a few cargo robots wheeled some crates from one place to another, and everyone seemed to be in a hurry. The transports were fairly large and kinda resembled speakers with four wings to Suzuka. The 17 people not including the pilots were all circled next to each transport. Suzuka noticed that the man in the middle of their circle was wearing the patch of commander. He started his mission outline for transport 3, which was their transport. He had a halo map in the center of the circle, which showed pioneer 1's location.
"Once we enter the planet's atmosphere we will run a scan on the Pioneer 1 area. We are going to proceed to this point about half a Metra from the Central Dome. We are then going to set up a recon search of the area. In case of an enemy attack we will use the emergency transporters here." He said pointing to a speck next to some kinda of river. "The transports will wait for us and we will take as many survivors with us as possible. You hunters will provide support and assist us in any conflict we will get into. Suzuka Clan-Clan you are part of alpha team, Zahan Clan-Clan your running beta support with the recon team. Rupika you will join Zahan. Let's move out!"
Saying this the group moved into their respected transports and the hatches closed. The docking bay doors opened up and the three ships floated out into space. The ships quickly formed a triangle formation with the recon ship in front for maximum scan. The ships sped toward the planet and entered the atmosphere. After a short bumpy ride they came into the upper atmosphere where the sky was the clearest blue ever.
"All right we are descending under the clouds, the monitor shows some rain so don't be alarmed if we hit some turbulence." Yelled the commander over the loud sound of the engines. The three ships slipped under the clouds and into the storm. They flew toward the Central Dome to begin its scan.
"Sir we're getting data from the scan... the electrical systems of the city are going haywire... doors locking all over the place and I'm getting strange life forms in the courtyards." Stated the recon officer.
"What do you think happned down there?" Zahan asked loudly
"It was probably a reactor explosion caused by the data stream the two ships sent out to each ofher." The recon officer answered.
"But if it was a reactor explosion wouldn't there be traces on the Dome?"
"Well it could be like a nuke with the people vaporizing and the buildings staying intact."
"No, even a reactor explosion would leave some harmonic residence in the air, it-" Zahan questioned.
"Zahan! We would love to hear you two talk science talk but there's no time, we are at the dome." Suzuka interrupted pointing at teh circular building coming up in the distance.
"Sir we are getting massive heat readings from inside the Dome... it seems to be magma?" The recon officer said rechecking the sensors.
"Just as he finished his statement a large dark figure rose up from on top of the Dome. It was the dragon! It saw the transports and thought of them as an invading opponet. It flew up in the air and power-dived strait at the right most transport. Fire spurted out of the transport and it rolled sideways. Spinning in the air it blew up mid flight.
"What the hell was that?" The commander yelled, "I want to know what that was sergeant!"
"I don't know sir it isn't showing up on the radar as any type of craft, but the bio sensors are going off the scale. What ever it is it is big and it's... alive."
"I don't care what it is just shoot it down!" Exclaimed the commander.
A singel double-barreled photon cannon extended from on top of both transports and pivoted around behind to fire. The dragon had already turned around and was going for the tansport on the left. Both guns fired but the dragon evaded the blasts, it came close to the left transport and slashed the engine section with its mighty legs (claw legs?). The transport exploded instantly showering the last transport with fragments. The last transport banded and turned to fly out of the atmosphere but the dragon breathed a fire blast that damaged it. The transport spurted fire from the side and a hole blew out of it. A row of 3 soldiers were sucked out into the air.
"We're going down!" Stated the pilot who struggled to gain control of the transport.
Suzuka looked at Zahan who was holding her hand. The pilot gained control of the transport long enough to keep it from exploding on impact, but not enough to save his life, he was dead. Picking themselves off the floor Rupika, Suzuka, Zahan, and 13 other soldiers staggered out of the wreck. The dragon, no longer seeing any threats, flew back to it's nest. Suzuka looked back at the transport that was sparking and on fire. She noticed the engines were still workng. In fact they were getting louder and louder.
"Everyone move now!" she yelled. The survivors ran past the gate into a large courtyard. Just as the door closed the transport exploded. The room they were in had a long metal pole on the ground and a small pool that islanded a computer console. The recon officer looked at his radar and saw a faint image. It seemed to be getting closer but it was too faint to be so close. "Um sir I think we have company?" He said half coughing from the smoke in the air.
Everyone took our their weapons. Suzuka took out her Flame Saber, Zahan and Rupika each took out a rod. The soldiers took out single mech guns and rifles. The signal got stronger and stronger until it was right next to the party. Everyone looked around seeing nothing. Just then as quick as the signals came they disappeared.
"I think its gone sir." said the recon officer walking away from the safety of the group.
"Hey you come back here they aren't gone they just stopped moving!" Zahan yelled at him. But it was too late. A huge bear like creature with purple fur and a huge jaw lined with teeth burst through the ground right behind the recon officer. Jerking around he saw it's claw rip into his stomach area. The beast then lifted the man up and roared. The officer screamed but was silenced when the monster bit half his head off. Shocked and frightened the others stared. Then Zahan changed her rod into a handgun by touching her inventory bracelet, which stores all her inventory items by using photon transfer energy to make everything easy to carry She started to shoot at the Gigobooma it took 3 hits and turned toward the group. They all fired and took it down. As soon as it died 5 more popped up, the insuing mayhem was as bloody as it was quick. Everyone scattered into small groups for protection but the small groups were no match for the power of the Gigoboomas. The first one to die was a solider who had missed the target. The Gigobooma charged him and tackled him on the ground. Using it's claws to kill him. Two more soldiers went down that was also. the commander yelled for everyone to fire on a certain spot that he pointed to. A lone Gigobooma by the door. The groups fired taking it down and dashed through the door. (OK I finish rest tomarrow) =^_^=

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Cool! It's much better then my huh, first fanfic ... which sucked big time http://www.pso-world.com/psoworld/images/phpbb/icons/smiles/anime2.gif

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::wakes up:: ok here is the other part. I don't think it is wise when people split up a single chapter it breaks the story. Well it won't happen agin.

Part b
"Oh my god what were those things!" panted one solider.
"We've got to get to the transporters." ordered the commander "How close are we Nick? Nick! How close are we?!"
"Um it-it-it's 3 clicks east sir." the young man responded.
"Ok let's get moving we don't know what else is out here."
The group started to move down the long path tightly in formation. Zahan heard a soft growling noise. She spun around to see 3 wolf-like creatures running full speed toward them. "Watch out!" She warned shooting at the creatures that dodged her shots. Two of the creatures pounced on 2 of the men ripping their throats apart the third split up the party. Zahan and 2 soldiers went one way while Suzuka, Rupika, and another solider went the other way. Zahan and the 2 soldiers ran along a long path with a narrow part in the middle followed by a large circular area. They came to the wide circular area cautiously. 4 more Gigobooma's then un-dug themselves and proceeded to follow them. Motioning for the others to close up they went almost back to back bracing themselves for battle. From the pack one Gigobooma lumbered forward, the three took aim and let loose a volley of photon bullets all hitting their mark. The Gigobooma went down. The other Gigobooma's seemed unaffected by their commrads death because they lumbered forward. The three started to fire at them to keep the monsters away, but they came closer and closer. Zahan pointed at a lone Booma blocking their path to escape. Running toward the opening one solider was pounced on by a Gigobooma and killed. Then Zahan and the other solider ran into the next room. This room was L shaped it had a small pod type ship in the lower corner and across from that was a teleporter. They ran toward the teleporter to get a fix on where it led. After stepping on the pad Zahan used her Status link to see where it led.
"It says it leads to the path to the emergency transporters to Pioneer 2!" She reported half laughing.
"Well Zahan, lets go, we will probably have some trouble once we warp there but if we work together we should make it. Answered the young officer
Meanwhile Suzuka, Rupika, and the solider were running from a pack of savage wolves that had been stalking them since the break up of the groups. They came to a room where they saw animal bloodstains and a dead solider.
"I think Zahan and the others came this way." Suzuka said looking at the blood hoping none of it was Zahan's. "Watch out, they're still here!" Suzuka sidestepped just as two Gigobooma's un-dug themselves from the same trap that Zahan and her team fell into. Suzuka used her Flame Saber to hack at one. The creature recoiled in pain but turned on the solider and attacked him instead. Rupika chanted a simple Zonde spell so not to hurt the wounded man. The strike came a shock to the beast, it roared loud, fell over and died. Mean while the other Gigobooma seemed to be watching the battle unfold. It charged the 3 with its claws ready to strike. Rupika let looks a huge GiZonde which sent a huge amound of electric charge through the Gigobooma's body. It lost it's sense of direction and ran into the wall. Suzuka accessed her inventory ring and retrieved her Shadow Handgun. The bullets were lased with a Megid like properity. She pushed the special weapon button to access its attack mode. The bullets hit their mark and killed the creature instantly. She looked back to see Rupika helping the solider up. He was still alive. For a brief moment Suzuka admired the human race. They had reached space with out enslaving another race or turning into a pirate race like Suzuka's. Shaking her wondering thoughts from her head Suzuka went over to Rupika.
"I can't even summon up a Resta spell Suzuka I feel drained. Do you have any monomate or fluids?" Rupika asked
"No I used the 2 I had when we crashed, I think my eye caught some shrapnel." She pulled back her hair revealing a bleeding and somewhat white eye. "Those 2 monomates were'nt enough. I'm having a hard time keeping the pain down." Suzuka started to wish she had learned taht Resta spell from Zahan a while ago.
The three came to the next room and it had a warp right next to the door. They entered the warp and saw the transporter to Pioneer 2. They moved as fast as they could with teh wounded solider they passed the Dome where a big purple Hildibear leaped off the roof of the Dome. Suzuka stopped them, it seemed to not notice them, They moved past it slowly not attractiong it's attention. Suddenly as they got to the other side they saw Zahan and the other officer at the transporter, they were shooting at a few Boomas that were blocking them from getting in.
"AHGGGH!" the wounded solider exclaimed no longer able to keep quiet under the pain. The Hildibear turned around and roared.
"GO! Get him to the transport Rupika!" Suzuka yelled pulling on the wounded solider.
The Hildibear reared back and shot a small fire ball that hit the wounded solider and threw Rupika back, She hit the side of the wall and fell limp. Suzuka was shielded from the blast because of her distance from them.
"Rupika, NO!" Suzuka yelled turning around to go back.
"No, Suzuka we have to go, she's already dead!" Zahan said grabbing her arm and pushing her in the transporter. The Hildibear lounged toward the transporter at an amazing speed. The transporter activated just in time to get the 3 survivors out before they were killed. Once back on the ship Suzuka was taken to the hospital where she received treatment for her eye. Zahan waited for her in the waiting room. The sole surviving solider thanked Zahan and left the hospital reporting to his superior.
The military would later sent 2 hunters (Bernie and YOU) to recieve the data recorder Rupika had on her. They would find her alive and she would be taken back to the hospital where she would make a full recovery. The whole incident was covered up from the public. The soldiers were said to be killed by the shock wave from the explosion on the surface while they decended to the planet. Suzuka, Rupika, and Zahan became friends and battle buddies. At about half a month later they had the money and parts to repair Iria. The ship wouldn't be flying anytime soon. They never talked about that day ever again.

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oh um I don't read the other forms (only fanfics) but what is that status bar thingy under our names?

Sep 1, 2002, 04:23 AM
You can find out somewhere in the Site related forum http://www.pso-world.com/psoworld/images/phpbb/icons/smiles/icon_wink.gif ... I know it's somewhere out there, that's where I checked to have the answer to that same question sometime ago http://www.pso-world.com/psoworld/images/phpbb/icons/smiles/anime1.gif

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Ok here is Ch3 it involves the crew as they fight in the mines. Oh these next few chapters follow that quest for Dr. Otto's Reasearch kinda. I hope I spell these robot names right, if not just tell me I won't get mad.

Chapter 3
Dr. Otto?s Research

Iria stared at the table processing what Suzuka had just told her. She couldn?t believe it. Suzuka and Zahan were the first hunters on Ragol. Now they could disperse the animals there with ease but it must have been hell fighting them like that.
"Well, I've sent the mail out to Rupika, she says to meet her at the Guild in 20 min that gives us time to check our stuff in the bank and re-supply. Let's go" Suzuka ordered
The trio took an Anti-gravlift to the hunter's deck. They went to the bank and got their battle gear. Suzuka wore a black and red battle suit; her hair was bright red and came down to her shoulders. Her Status link was on her left arm. She had her Shadow Brand her main wapon, and an asortment of other weapons ranging from daggers to Rail guns. Zahan wore a black and red battle suit but hers was a skirt. She kept her hair in two ponytails that were fluffed out in the back. Iria wore the standard frame for the Rascal but her allegiance to the Rogue Ctarl made her have to customize her appearance to fit the "Red and Black" uniforms they wore. Suzuka, Zahan, and Iria are part of a rebel faction within the pirate group the Ctarl-Ctarl Pirates. After a large defeat the Rogue Ctarls were scattered throughout the galaxy. They proceeded to walk to the stores stocking up on dimates, fluids, and a few other necessities.
"Ok let's go we're going to be late." Suzuka said as they walked toward the Guild. Once inside the guild the force Rupika greeted them. Rupika wore a black and purple dress that was laced with a soft blue material. She used to wear a hat but now she kept her hair out in the same style Zahan used. Her hair was a light blue. She was not as tall as Suzuka, but she was about Iria's height. Once everyone was set they left to the transporter, transporting themselves into the 1st area of the mines.
"Ok Rupika here's the deal." Zahan explained. "Dr. Otto and his research team were working on a new type or life form. They modified its DNA and enhanced his body. In short it's a big bad DNA disaster. Now that's all we know about it."
"So who wants the research?" Rupika questioned.
"The research staff of Pioneer 2 is going to use the data to find a way to stop it." Zahan answered. "We have found some computers that suggest there is a central computer with all the information. We have been looking for it but it seems the robots are getting more in number as time goes by."
"Well lets get started, everyone ready?" Iria asked. The group prepared themselves and stepped in the first room. Rupika quickly cast a high level Shifta which gave the muscles a boost of strength and an adrenaline rush, and a Deband spell which made the air around everyone very dense to soften enemy blows. The first room was a long one with boxes in each corner. Soon after they stepped in 5 Gillchic materialized in a line. Zahan and Rupika both cast Razonde, which knocked them over while Suzuka, and Iria blasted away with their guns. After dispensing the first 5 with no problem the group walked into the middle of the room. A formation of Canadines appeared in front of them with the red leader a Canane in the middle. The Canadines quickly spread out and moved in. Switching to her Hell Brand Suzuka struck one of them twice before it zipped away. The Canadine swung behind her and tried to zap her but she turned and stabbed the Canadine in its eye which held the processing center. It exploded instantly. Iria had positioned herself infront of Rupika and was taking out targets slowly with her Lightning Rifle. Rupika was using a railgun to help out. Zahan was using her Magic Piece to get in close for hand to hand combat. She spotted the red Canane and ran toward it. The Canane saw her and zipped up in the air. A red targeting laser beamed strait at Zahan who stopped. She ran left to loose the laser. After a few seconds the Canane shot a bolt that missed her completely. Zahan stopped and chanted a quick Zonde spell, which made the Canane fall closer to the floor. She then gave it a quick 1,2 combo with her Magic Piece then kicked it in the eye to finish it off. Soon after that the other Canadines activated their self-destruct and speed toward the party. Most of the Canadines were almost dead so Iria retrieved her Dark Shot from her inventory and gave them a good 2 blasts before they could blow up.
"Nice going Zahan, wait until there are only 2 or 3 Canadine left before you get the leader!" Suzuka sighed as they walked to the next room.
Giving Suzuka a dirty look Zahan followed into the room. The next room was a very large platform with blue force fields on the floor. Each corner of the room was a wall except one, which held the door. As the group walked into the middle of the room a Gillchic and 2 Canadine appeared in each corner. The group split up to each corrner. Suzuka taking the top right corrner rushed into the Gillchic attacking it with furious strikes. She severed an arm and the head. The robot fell back fizzed and exploded. The two Gillchics circled around her and gave her a few zaps from their stun guns. Feeling a bit foolish Suzuka backed back a few steps while she chanted a spell for a Razonde spell. Casting it she then gave each Canadine a few strikes before they exploded. Zahan taking the left bottom corner used her Confuse Railgun to cause the Gillchic to attack the Canadines. It killed them just as Zahan cast a GiZonde that paralyzed it on the spot. She then beat it to death with her Magic Piece. Iria used her Lightning Rifle to pick off the Gillchic. Then she used the special weapon switch to access the special attack. The bullets were specialy made to discharge electrical photons when they hit. The effect is as devistating as any Zonde spell. Suzuka, who was looking through some boxes for usefull items, noticed that Rupika was using a rather different tactic. Rupika ran strait toward the Gillchic and its Canadine friends, then she backed her self into a corner. In response the Gillchic lumbered toward her, likewise the Canadines flew low to the ground toward her in hopes of zapping her. She then chanted a Raberta spell that froze all three. Seeing they were frozen she then chanted a huge Megid spell that vaporized all three of them. Suzuka was amazed that Raberta spell must have been pretty high. She must train her body as well as her mind Suzuka noted.
Most of the rooms went on like this, everyone either taking on small factions of enemies or everyone attacking large clumps of mostly Gillchics and/or Dubswitches. About 19 or 20 rooms later they came to a huge room with a small platfrom in the middle. They saw that all the doors were unlocked except the last one which had 4 locks on it. There were about 4 doors that were unlocked and each door led to its own room with the lock switch.
"Hmmmm..." Suzuka thought "We should split up or it will take forever for us to get this door unlocked. Zahan, you and Iria take the left side and all those doors while Rupika and I take the right. Once you find your button we'll meet back here"
"Right, cya later." Zahan said walking to her objective
"Oh and when you find the button send me a message."
"Okay Suzuka we're going now." Zahan said again mockingly.
Turning to Rupika, Suzuka said, "Well Rupika let's go"
Suzuka and Rupika went into the door to face their next challenge. The new room was a small one, only a few steps from door to door. It had 3 doors and boxes in each corner. Suzuka walked carefully but nothing happened. The right door was unlocked but the left wasn't. "Hmph." Suzka snuffed as they walked into the next room, which consisted of a switch and some crates. Pushingthe switch they walked back into the empty room only to see a pair of Sinow Beats looking at them from the ceiling. The Sinow Beats both dropped and looked forward, their eyes glowing yellow. Suzuka ran sideways to get one of them to chase her while Rupika cast a Raberta spell that didn't freeze them. The first Sinow walked toward Suzuka while the other leaped toward Rupika, Rupika raised her arm to reveal a purple photon shield. The shield glowed purple and a photon barrier blocked the Sinow's attack. Rupika used this time to move sideways to avoid the double slash the Sinow was trying to give her. She shot a few burst from her Railgun, they hit the Sinow in the arm damaging it. The Sinow jumped back only to be restricted by the enclosed space of the small room. Rupika lined it up and fired a huge Megid ball that hit the Sinow dead on. The Sinow's wires, circuits, and nuropathways were all turned to dust as it was destroyed instantly. The Sinow fell forward adn exploded leaving a dimate it must have picked up from the floor. Suzuka was fighting the other Sinow hand-to-hand. She used her Hell Brand to get two strikes in before it slashed her on her arm. She reared back in pain holding the wound. Rupika saw this and yelled, "Hold on Suzuka, I'll be right there." She raised her Rail gun and fired, The Sinow saw this and jumped back in such a unnatural vector that it amazed Suzuka. Seeing this Suzuka thought back to what Zahan told her one-day during one of her tech-chants about robots and stuff. The Sinow (according to Zahan) seemed to have a higher AI than the other robots in the mines, they were the back up for the Canane's which act as camera/defense stations for the mines. Zahan also said that the mines were making their own robots although no one has seen these production rooms. Suzuka cleared her head from its ranting stage and focused on casting a Resta spell to close up the wound on her arm. After softly chanting the spell she looked up to see the Sinow, which was dogging Rupika's shots with amazing speed. It turned toward Rupika and made a huge leap toward her. She raised her shield but the raw power of the Sinow and it's momentum was were too much for the shield, which dissipated, and it's arm went through. Luckly for Rupika's sake the Sinow didn't have time to ignight it's photon blade so she was just thrown back into the wall. Suzuka then fired her own Megid ball but the Sinow leaped back again. This time it raised it's hands and it's hologram emitter made the image of 5 identical Sinow around Suzuka and Rupika. Suzuka slashed one and it disappeared while Rupika chanted a Gizonde Spell that filled the entire room with lightning. All the images disappeared and the real Sinow fell over and blew up.
"Thanks Rupika." Suzuka said pouring a monomate over a gash on her leg. The wound closed up quickly leaving only a small bruise. "I told you they were getting abit aggressive these past few days. They seemed to be working together more now."
"Yeah some of those Canadines seemed to be in a formation that I have never seen before." Rupika answered drinking a difluid to restore her spirit energy. The two walked to the unlocked door into the next room.

There ya go ch 3. Hope you like it. As always I want to know your suggestions. Ch 4 tomarrow

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Sep 15, 2002, 03:11 AM
Hmmmmm many people read it.... few reply. Well SO I'm still going to finish this story! oh....um well here is ch 4; the team use photon blasts (not very exciting) and go back to the ship for supplies. Ok enuff with talking here is Ch 4 enjoy!

Chapter 4 (Machine Madness)

Iria looked at the empty room, nothing happened. She know that soon after Zahan pressed the switch that it would become a battle ground. The robots in the Mines seemed to wait untill key buttons and switches were pressed.
"Ok Iria here goes!" Zahan yelled breaking Iria's thoughts as she pressed the switch. Soon after that a group of Gillchic and Canane with a Sinow Beat materialized. Zahan quickly cast Shifta and Deband. Iria shot a burst from her Lightning Rifle at a Gillchic causing it to fall back and explode. She shot up 3 more Gillchics before having to fall back to where Zahan was zapping Gillchics. Iria switched to her Dark Shot weapon and knocked a row of Gillchics down with minimal damage. They got back up and continued their advance. Zahan quickly cast multiple Zonde spells that caused one Gillchic at a time to fall back. After this volly she was met by laser blast from severel robots. Casting Resta on herself and Iria she felt her spirit energy being drained. She had run out of Difluids and only a had only a few Monofluids left. She had to make every shot count. The Sinow was now long dead, it seemed to have gotten paralyzed by Zahan's spell and shot up by Iria's rifle. Taking her Ice Brand out Iria unleashed a fury of swipes and slashes taking down three Gillchics and freezing the third. More and more Gillchics materialized and a few more Canadine flew in from doors in the ceiling. Zahan was getting weaker and weaker; she could barely chant the spells with out a mistake. Iria's Marutha was absorbing much of the photon energy caused by her own weapons. It fizzed around and spun wildly. Like wise Zahan's Ribhava started to spin also. Then Iria's Marutha made a tone that indicated it was going to attack. Iria stepped back to where Zahan was standing preparing to unleash her Marutha's photon blast. The robots were right in front of them, they were about 5 steps away. Zahan smiled as her Ribhava made a large triangle with a pentagram inside it. Then a large photon dolphin-like creature jumped in the air and flew forward smashing many robots. Like wise Iria's Marutha caused a large figure to stand out of it's triangle/pentagram, it's arms extended and shot beams of pure purple energy in the air. The beams crashed around Zahan and Iria with explosive force. More than half of the Gillchic's and Canadine's exploded from the combination of photon blasts. The rest of them were dispatched with ease by the rifle of Iria. After Zahan used a Difluid she found in one of the boxes, she cast Resta that healed her wounds and repaired Iria's synthetic skin. Having their task completed Zahan mailed Suzuka with the message ::switch pressed heading back to door:: with the message sent they backtracked to the large room with the locked door.

Like wise Rupika and Suzuka were faced with a room with nothing in it but when they pressed the switch it came alive. Their battle was similar to Zahan and Iria's, using their photon blast's when things got hairy. They backtracked to the room with the now unlocked door. The group agreed that they should all go back to Pioneer 2 before going any further. Casting a spell of Ryuker, which made the space shifting telepipe appear, the group all entered. Back on the ship they visited the hospital first getting treatments for their bruises and scrapes. The hospital has the only Sonic Regenerator. on the ship. These huge machines took up a large space and could do ten times better what the highest Level Resta could do. Iria looked with puzzlement at what they did to Suzuka. They put her on a bed type of thing and she went into the tunnel like she would if she was getting a brain scan, then it heals everything. Resta will speed up the body's own healing process but the Sonic Regenerator heals more delicate things; hair, bones, skin, and even internal bleeding, everything! Everything that is except synthetic skin of androids. Most androids with synthetic skin aren't too much diffrent from normal organic beings. Iria has a fluid like substance a "proto-blood" that carries electical signals and nutrients to the rest of her organic body. Her mechinical body had the nano-wires and such but she has a large amount of living with the non living. Anyway Iria's skin is a complex biomachine that can only be repaired or healed with Resta or an Android Doctor. So the best Android MD on duty repaired her. They also were given injections of a fluid all hunters had. These shots kept you awake for up to 3 days assuming you ate food and drank water.
With their needs met the group went to the shops. Zahan and Rupika loved the shops. Iria could care less. Suzuka on the other hand hated every aspect of them. Suzuka hated the color of the stores, she hated the useless items the weapon and armor owners had. She even disliked the music they played when you enter. Suzuka went to the Greenill Teker and had a weapon she found decoded. Rupika and Zahan went to the green Item store owner and bought the usual force stuff, an arangement of fluids mates and other odds and ends. Iria watched the 3 from a corner. She was amused when she saw Suzuka who was arguing with the fat Teker about the valu of a weapon. Just as it seemed that Suzuka had given up she grabbed the Teker's robe and tried to pull him over the counter.
"Whadya mean (-60%) everything, why would someone make a weapon that no one can use, you screwed with the photons ya fat bastard." Suzuka yelled nearly choking the Teker. Zahan pulled Suzuka off and held her back while Rupika calmed the Teker down who was about to call the military.
"She's just stressed about our quest that's all, here take this." She handed him a meseta block of a hefty amount. "That should cover the weapon and what it would be worth by selling."
Walking out to the table where the rest were sitting Rupika glared at Suzuka. "You need to control yourself Suzuka, act like a lady for once!"
"Yes mother." Suzuka mocked getting up from the dusty seat. "I think we are getting close to the secret reasearch lab. I read on a data stream that suggested a lab was near."
Just then Iria received a message on her BEE system. The message was from her friend Natsuki-Chan, an android that she considered her best "non-newman" friend.
"Suzuka, Natsuki says there are reports of Black Paper searching from Dr. Otto's reasearch. We'd better find it before they do." Iria stated standing up from her chair.
"Hmmm Black Paper huh, we owe them some payback from what they did to Klyas. They're getting out of control now that they have spread to the planet." Suzuka said thinking to their friend Klyas who was found dead in the Forest. She was a victim of Black Paper, criminal organization from Pioneer 2. "I wonder where they have been, we haven't seen anyone down there for days." Suzuka thought. "Well let's stop by the dressing room before we head back down to the mines, my clothes are starting to revel a bit much." Suzuka said looking under her arm at her shirt that was ripped ini many places. Making their way to the dressing room they had their clothes stiched and repaired. Coming back from what Iria thought as a wast of time they again went back into the telepipe, which was still shifting space and time from the mines to the ship.

Sep 16, 2002, 11:43 PM
well well I guess no one wants to tell me if my fan fic sucks or is readable? ::looks around:: Anyone have any ideas, comments, questions, likes, dislikes.... ::sigh:: part whatever it's on tomarrow.

Nov 11, 2002, 11:34 PM
Ok it's been along time but I've decided to finish this fan fic. It didn't turn out the way I wanted (you shoudl have seen the 1st ending I had It had a bunch of no name hunters and robots and ended up like a bad DBZ episode.) but anyway thanks for reading it I hope my next one will get more views.

Chapter 5
Black Paper Attacks!

Back in the mines the team went through a few more rooms of robots and a few Sinow Beats with minimal trouble. About 7 to 8 rooms later they came to a room that seemed to be occupied. There in the room were 4 androids. Two type 0’s and two type W’s. The room had coffin like chambers on either side. Suzuka raised a hand to stop the group. She ventured in being cautious not to make much noise. She went up to the type W and looked at it.
“It’s deactivated, they must have been part of the security system before the explosion.”
Zahan, Rupika and Iria all came up to the robots and looked around them.
“I’m not getting anything from them Suzuka.” Iria stated scanning them in all places.
“Well let’s take a look at that mainframe PC WOOOHH!” Suzuka yelled doing a cartwheel into the next room. The next room was a big computer. Suzuka looked around at the holo screens and buttons then turned to Zahan who was waiting for her to move. Zahan started to access various files and documents.
“I think I found the doctors video files, I try to put it up.” She fiddles around with a few keys until a figure of an older man zapped up on the screen. They all moved closer to the screen mashing their faces closer to Zahan’s.
Iria looked at the date of the file. “It’s about the same time the other records say the forest monsters were getting aggressive?”
Suzuka standing behind Zahan leaned over her to get a better look at the screen.
“Hey!” Zahan yapped pushing Suzuka back. “Do you mind?”
“I can’t see!” Suzuka answered
The videos were mostly daily logs of the animals they called Beta 17. From what they saw Beta 17 was an animal they found and modified genetically. After skipping a bunch of logs they came to a degraded one.
-------Date 18229-----Location Caves/Mines entrance
Beta 17 escaped from the containment block about 3 hours ago. It happened the same time a quake hit. That makes the 3rd one this week. What are those military boneheads doing! We’ve sent out Canadines to trace where it’s been but in all likely hood it hitched a ride to the caves via waste transport. If Beta 17 is able to self reproduce but judging from the problems that we’ve heard about monsters overrunning the barriers there it will probably end up shark food. (=^_^= Stupid them)

“Is that it Zahan?” Suzuka asked
“Well there is another one but it’s only bits and pieces, I’ll try to put it together.” Zahan said as she typed on the holo keyboard. “Got it!” she shrieked.

------Date??? ----Location Caves/Mines entrance
I don’t know how this happened. Beta 17 has grown beyond what the expected rate was. It has also reproduced hundreds maybe even thousands of times. The effect of their DNA poison has turned the forest creatures into bloodthirsty killers. Dr. Osto, my self and the rest of our staff have taken refuge in this remote area of the caves. The machines in the mines have gone haywire just yesterday a Worker droid was carving a passageway when it stopped turned toward the supervisor who was making his safety checks and ripped his arm off. Strange things are happening all over the Pioneer 1 landing site. There still isn’t any word from the team in the newly discovered ruins yet. I have a bad feeling about this. ::the scientist looks the away from the camera::
What the hell? Everyone get behind the barrier now I see a Sinow beat.
:: Sounds of screaming and a couple of flashes from some photon guns then the sound of Sinow beat’s blades and more screaming.::

Suzuka looked away trying to piece together the story. From Red Ring Rico’s messages and other diaries on Ragol these events all seemed to happen at the same time. What caused the robots have such a massive malfunction. It wasn’t just the worker bots it was all of them. And what was the military doing in the Ruins? Shaking the thoughts from her head she announced. “Ok guys lets get outa here. Zahan, put the logs on a disk.”
Zahan nodded and went back to her consol pressing random buttons
Iria went back to the Type O’s and W’s and inspected them again. She noticed that the serial numbers were erased from their bodies. Just then Zahan called to Suzuka. “Suzuka I’m done but some one has already downloaded this before… about a hour before we got here.”
Then as though listening to Zahan’s words the Type O’s and W’s activated saying “Black paper has ordered me to destroy any life forms attempting to access data block 1388.” Then they pulled out their rifles and fired at Suzuka who was the closest target. Suzuka leaped toward the side of the wall where a door used to be taking cover. “HELP!” she shouted as the robots walked closer to her position.
Iria accessed her inventory and got her Railgun she fired a few shots at the Type O’s to get their attention. They turned and fired back at her. Zahan and Rupika took this chance to zap the type W’s with a few Zonde spells followed up with a blast of Gibarta to try to freeze them. It failed but they stopped shooting at Suzuka’s door and shot at the twin forces in stead. Suzuka then ran behind the first Type W and gave it a few slices from her brand. It fell forward and exploded. The other type W dogged her next swing and hit her with the butt of his rifle. She stumbled and fell back. The android then pointed the rifle at her and started to pull the trigger just as Iria blasted his head off. She had disposed of her Type O’s with little difficulty and was glad to help. Iria reached her arm out to help Suzuka up.
“Thanks Iria, I guess that was a little present from Black Paper, lets get back to the ship so we can collect our reward money.” Suzuka said grabbing Iria’s arm and hoisting herself up. Rupika had already made a telepipe to transport then back to the ship. Once back they took the data disk to the scientist and got their meager reward. Walking toward the shops Zahan turned to the rest of them and said, “Why do we do these quest for the government Suzuka private clients offer more money?”
Frowning Suzuka replied “Well Zahan since I’m the captain I make the decisions 1st of all, and secondly we need to stay in good graces with the local government so if we run into any Pirates they won’t deport us to them or have you forgot they are still looking for us?”
Zahan glared at Suzuka and went to the Item Shop owner. They sold their goods and restocked on vital supplies. On the way out Suzuka noticed a flyer on the wall it read.
“Welcome to the 1st annual Nei VR Battle Arena Tournament. All registered hunters are invited to participate in this test of skill, brains, brawn, and endurance. Prizes include rare weapons, meseta, ship parts, higher access to Ragol and it’s surrounding areas, and FAME! Resister at the Guild quest today! Battle begins in 2 days!”
With a sounded like a small dog barking and a gasp Suzuka exclaimed “Gahh!” Zahan, Rupika, Iria come here. LOOK! A VR battle tournament and we can win ship parts. Lets enter!”
Sighing Zahan said “I’m not signing up for this crap Suzuka it’s probably just some trick to get money plus I hate VR battle!”
“No you’re just scared I’ll ‘fold you up’ like I did earlier today.” Suzuka said smiling
“Your on Suzie! I’m gonna rip your lungs out!” Zahan replied getting in Suzuka’s face.
Suzuka glared back saying “Whatever Zahan, stop calling me Suzie!”
Looking at the two argue Iria turned to Rupika and asked “Are you going to sign up Rupika? I think it’ll be fun.”
Rupika shook her head and turned toward the turbo lift. “No I have some business to take care of thanks for calling me about your quest guys. I’ll see ya later. Mail me ok!” She said trotting off into the turbo lift and zipping away.
Suzuka, Zahan, and Iria waved until she was out of sight. The three walked toward the residential block after a quick stop at the bank they planed to enter the tournament the next day. They would face some of the most skilled hunters on Pioneer 2.

Ok that’s it for Dr. Osto’s research. My next fan fic will be the Nei VR Battle Arena Tournament. I hope you enjoyed it. I don’t have a GIGANTIC story involving Falz or whatever but my stories will have a small plot I guess. They will link together but that doesn’t’ define then as such.

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AHHH i've tried everything to get those god forsaken queston marks off I've used word pad note pad word and i've saved it as win 95 or whatever. I give up. You guys are smart enuff to know what's what.

Nov 12, 2002, 02:04 AM
It's a good fic, and I'm glad to see how it ended. http://www.pso-world.com/psoworld/images/phpbb/icons/smiles/icon_smile.gif I look forward to the next one.

Hmm...if you've still got it saved, maybe try converting the font to fixedsys, or make it so that it doesn't put in those so-called "smart" quotation marks. That might help with those question marks.

Nov 12, 2002, 07:24 AM
Hmmm... Personally, right now, i'm kinda tired, but, I can tell, you're a decent writer. Just need to be a bit more descriptive. Of course, it all depends how you want to impact the reader, and on what level. But, good, very well done. As for typeing out before hand. Use WordPad, or NotePad. Then copy and paste. Should take care of your problem in that department. It uses a more basic programing, that matches almost any textual software. Hope to see another fanfic from you.

Nov 13, 2002, 12:24 AM
I tried that stupid word pad thingy. But the "fix" thing you mentioned I haven't tried I'll try later it's late and I'm sleepy.

Oh and thanks for reading! =&_&=

Nov 13, 2002, 02:59 PM
*Makes her a DB Plushie, including cool Saber in hand* Well, either way! You'd best try it! That's where I write, before I post, but, I never bother to fix my typos, sign of an artist, I guess. And don't forget to write another fanfic! You can even use my char, once I finish my fanfic...

Nov 17, 2002, 02:05 AM
::gets a little less depressed and takes toy:: thanks I'm going to read it now