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Sep 5, 2002, 12:07 PM
This is a fight between Davion and an android who has been kinda possessed by Vol Op. He acts as a commander of sorts in the mines. At this time in my fic, Davion is beginning to realize the powers he has received. It's kinda long, but please read on and tell me what you think.

"Run for it!" Davion yelled, " I'll hold them off!"
"But Davion!" Seifer yelled back, "What about you?"
"I can handle this." Davion said, "I'll try and meet up with you at the command station Dr. Cornelius told us about. Janus, take good care of him."
"Good luck Davion." Janus said as he ushered Hal and Dr. Cornelius through the door.
"I don't like this one bit, but ok Davion." Diego said. He saluted Davion and ran after Janus and the others.
"Seifer get going!" Davion, who was already fighting the hordes of robots, yelled.
"I'm not without you Davion!" Seifer said as he fired bolts of Gizonde out of his hand and into the room.
"Seifer!" Davion said, "I need you to help them. Get going."
"No, I can't leave you!"
"Yes, and that's final!" Davion yelled as he grabbed Seifer and threw him through the doorway. With a mighty swipe, Davion sent all the robots near him flying into the crowds. Davion grabbed both sides of the door, and pulled them together. Holding out two fingers, he welded the seam shut with a small beam of Grants energy.
"Davion!" Seifer yelled as he ran up to the closed door, "NO!"
"Go on Seifer." Davion said through the door, "You can't help me now." Dozens of beams shot from the smaller robots slammed Davion into the door.
"Uugh! Get going Seifer!" he picked himself up and turned to his enemies. A quick estimate showed around three hundred robots not including Danias. "I seem to be just going from one fight to another." Davion thought to himself, "Oh well, I have chosen my path." Davion charged headlong into the melee, "Yes! I will live the hard life of a warrior!" Davion yelled as he bashed through the throng.

After a few minutes, Seifer caught up with his friends.
"Seifer." Janus asked, "What happened?"
"Davion sealed the door from the inside." Seifer said his head hanging low, "He tossed me through and shut it. Danias and his army won't be able to follow us now."
"But what about Davion?" Diego asked.
"The last I time I saw him, he was closing the door while the robots behind him were charging their weapons." Seifer replied.
"Poor Davion." Hal said, "What will we do without him?"
"You talk like he's already dead Hal." Seifer said, "Davion can't die! He's Davion! Look what he was able to do already. He can beat that android and him army. He can't die, I won't let him!" Seifer collapsed weeping on the floor.
"Davion said to wait for him at the command station." Dr. Cornelius said, "I don't think he was planning on dieing just yet."
"People don't usually plan on dieing Seifer." Diego said, "I'm sure Davion has a plan for this. Lets just get to where he told us to go."
"Ok Diego." Seifer said standing up and whipping his eyes, "Lets go." They marched solemnly through the dark corridors to the elevator. When they got to the elevators, they climbed in and pressed the button.

Davion was fighting on. Slowly he moved forward into the middle of the room, his mighty sword destroying anything in its path. Davion leapt into the air and blasted the robots below with Foie. He fell back to the ground and sliced through dozens more. When he got to the middle of the room, more robots came from the other rooms and filled in the spaces Davion had laid bare. Davion ripped out some of his high level techniques. Rafoie, Razonde, and Rabbarta waves tore through the ranks of his adversaries. And still they came. More and more of the Mine's denizens flocked to their master's call and attacked Davion without fear of death, and death is what Davion feed to them. He was in the middle of the room swinging his blade around and around fighting off the flocks of robots that had him surrounded. One of the larger robots, a Sinow, dove for Davion's legs, and tripped him. Davion fell to the floor. Immediately, they were upon him. Robot after robot piled high on top of the bloodied warrior. Danias looked gleefully as his minions seemingly demolished the Hunter even he was afraid to fight. Suddenly, a rumbling came from the high pile of robot bodies. Beams of light came shooting out of spaces in between the robots. Danias shielded his optics as a light filled the room.
"What is this madness?" he yelled as the robots on the pile came flying off and crashed against the walls.
"Rrrrraaaaaaggghh!" Davion roared as the last Gillchic was hurled from his body. Winds started to encircle Davion as they spread throughout the room picking up dead robot bodies. Davion was covered in a golden flame as he spoke to Danias.
"You said that you would let my friends go!" he pointed at Danias. "You said you would fight me without your army! But you lied to me! You have called down the thunder!" Davion raised his fists. "Now reap the whirlwind!" A golden ring of light fired out from Davion's body and flew through the room, slicing through any remaining robots and. As it reached Danias; he jumped over the ring and rushed at Davion, sword in the air. He jumped at Davion and swung his sword at his head. Davion raised his left arm to meet the blade. His shield activated and stopped Danias' attack. Davion grabbed Danias' sword with his right hand. The photon blades on the mighty android's Claymore cut into Davion's palm as he threw the blade across the room. Danias swung his fist at Davion's face. Davion reached up and grabbed the steel hand. Davion swung his free hand at the android, but Danias grabbed it as well.
"So you want to fight that way." Danias said.
"If I must." Davion replied.
"Well then." Danias said as he ripped his hands free, "Bring it on glow boy!" Davion and Danias engaged each other in hand-to-hand combat. Fist met fist as the two Hunters fought around the room, circling each other. Danias swung hard. Davion dodged and slammed his fist into Danias' face.
"Uugh!" Danias cried as he stumbled and fell on his back. Davion walked up to the fallen android. The light of victory was in his eyes as he spoke to his enemy.
"Surrender Danias, or you shall be destroyed."
"I've never met a man of flesh who could match me in a fist fight." Danias said, "Who are you?"
"I am Davion Angelus, son of Artemis Angelus." Davion answered. He raised his hand, and pointed it at Danias. A ball of fire formed and burned in his palm. "I told you to surrender and I am merciful. But if you insist on being destroyed, then you will burn."
Danias looked at Davion. "I accept your proposal son of Artemis. I surrender."
Davion discharged the fireball on his hand and offered it to Danias. "Thank you. I never take pleasure in ending another beings life, but sometimes I must."
"I understand Davion." Danias grasping Davion's hand, "Thanks for the hand." Davion helped the android stand. Once Danias was standing, a blue photon claw popped out of his right arm, and he slashed at Davion. Davion's armor took most of the blow, but Danias' blade ripped through his bodysuit. Blood dripped out of his wound as he staggered back. Another photon claw emerged from Danias' other arm.
"You're so naive Davion." the cold android said, "As you can see, I'm not your average HUcast. I've had some modifications." Slice after slice the android tore into him. Davion blocked some of Danias' swings, but he still took major damage from the daggers. Danias did an uppercut into Davion's chin lifting him off the ground. The blades of the android's photon claw burned into Davion's face. Davion fell to the ground amidst a pile of robot bodies.

"Ha ha ha." Danias laughed walking over to his sword, Davion tried to get up, but the pain was too much. "You gave a good fight boy, but I always come out on top." he reached down, picked up his sword, and walked towards Davion. "Now you will die." Danias lifted his sword above him. Davion felt his sword under the nearby body of a Gillchic. Danias swung his sword down at the fallen warrior. Davion grabbed his sword and brought it in front of him. In a clash the two blades met above Davion's head.
"Once again you betray my trust." Davion said, "I give you mercy, and this is how you repay me?"
"Trust is for the weak Davion!" Danias yelled, as he pressed harder.
"Those who prey on those who trust are the weak ones!" Davion cried out, "Without trust, nothing can be done that's worth doing, and you are doomed to live a life shrouded in your own suspicion and doubt" he kicked at the android's legs, and tripped him. Danias fell to the ground. Davion jumped up and swung his sword at the android Hunter. Danias rolled over and dodged the blade. Davion sliced back at him. Danias blocked the swing with his barrier and countered.
"I live by the sword Davion!" Danias yelled as his sword clashed into Davion's, "I don't need anyone's trust! You, a warrior like myself, should understand!"
"You had my trust for a brief moment, Danias." Davion and Danias pressed against their weapons, their faces within inches of each other's "I gave you a chance to redeem yourself, but you have chosen your path, the path of your own selfish desires. My path is the one of valor and loyalty. I am nothing like you."
"Rrrrraagghh!" Danias yelled as he slammed his head into Davion's face. Davion stumbled back blood dripping down from a gash in his head. "I told you! I DON'T NEED ANYONE!" the android jumped into the air and held his sword above his head. Davion rolled out of the way as the mighty sword slammed into the ground. The fight raged on throughout the room. Davion and Danias were both heavily injured, but they kept giving everything they had.
Both of the Hunters were strong enough to wield their swords with one hand easily; so Danias held his Claymore in his right hand, and his built in photon claw in his other. Davion held his sword the same way, and he held his emergency Diska in his left hand. The two mighty Hunters battled this way for a long time. Danias bashed his sword into Davion's chest; breaking some of his ribs, and Davion cut a large notch into Danias' torso. Danias swung at Davion, but he flipped backwards, and while upside down, attacked Danias with his slicer. The three flying photon blades slammed into the android, slicing a hole through his shoulder and arm. Danias fell back and clutched his arm.
"You are quite a fighter Davion Angelus." The android spoke as sparks shot out of his body, "And if the better man prevails you shall prove to be the victor. But I still have a few tricks up my sleeve." and saying so Danias pressed a button of his arm.
"What's this?" Davion asked stepping back.
"My trump card!" Danias yelled as a rumble came from behind the door. Davion looked on as a giant green robot came charging into the room. Two more of the giants rolled in behind it. "Sorry Davion, but fighting fair was never my strong suit. Have at him my Garanzs!" The three giant robots rolled towards Davion firing missiles. Davion ran about dodging. Jumping between a pair of the missiles sword first, he thrust his sword through the lead robot's body.
"I'm getting tired of your deceptions Danias." Davion placed his feet on the robot and jumped up slicing his sword up through its upper body. As the Garanz fell apart and exploded, Davion dashed at the others. "I should of finished you when I had the chance." He grabbed one of the robots and pulled himself up to the top. Davion raised his sword to impale the machine, but two missiles came flying at him. Davion jumped into the air and blasted a hole through the robot with a beam of golden energy. The blast threw him into the ceiling, where the missiles from the last robot met him. Davion must have been near a fuel main because the explosion was many times larger than the missiles could do by themselves. Davion yelled as the fireball engulfed his body. Danias looked on in delight as his foe fell to the ground and slammed into the body of the Garanz. Davion's sword fell beneath him and snapped under the stress. The remains of the Garanz fell on Davion and covered him. Danias walked up to the rubble.
"What a fight." he though to himself, "If I didn't call in backup he would have finished me. But now I live another day." He commanded his last Garanz to patrol, and limped to the door. Danias leaned on his sword and opened a Trimate repair pack as he pressed the switch to open the door. It opened, and standing behind it was Aric holding Davion's former demonic sword. "Wha!" Danias cried as Aric sliced the sword though Danias. Danias' body slid apart and fell to the ground, a look of shock permanently stamped on his face.

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Sep 7, 2002, 02:56 PM
I've fixed a few things. Tell me what you think.

Sep 7, 2002, 11:21 PM
Cool I like it. It gives the mines a darker more dangerous feel. I have one question is this the begining of your fanfic or just a part of a diffrent one? Keep up the good work. =^_^=

Sep 8, 2002, 12:55 PM
This is near the middle of my first installment (of three maybe) of my Fanfic. It's one of the best parts in this part of the fanfic I think. I just wanted to get what I thought was good of mine on to this site so people could Tell me what they think.

Sep 12, 2002, 11:11 AM
If anyone is reading this, please post something so I know what you think.

Sep 12, 2002, 11:30 AM
I liked it.

Sep 12, 2002, 07:42 PM
very nice. Good action, an evolving plot, character develepment, its all here. My only piece of advice is for you to work with your diologe a bit. Some of the lines sound a bit stale.

Sep 12, 2002, 08:39 PM
Ouch! That last hit had to hurt!

Sep 13, 2002, 12:48 PM
On 2002-09-12 17:42, Flame wrote:
very nice. Good action, an evolving plot, character develepment, its all here. My only piece of advice is for you to work with your diologe a bit. Some of the lines sound a bit stale.

Where do you mean, stale? I'd like to know so I can rewrite it. This is why I want feedback.

Sep 14, 2002, 10:18 AM
Of course we all know that the real hero in this story is none other than the consummate ladies man, Seifer. Davion can take on the hoards of minions but only Seifer can run away with the girl and look so good doing it.

Sep 14, 2002, 10:19 AM
And did I mention that I'm horribly witty as well.

Sep 14, 2002, 10:21 AM
Very funny Seifer, very funny. I'm very popular with the ladies too.

Sep 14, 2002, 10:23 AM
Yea, your momma.

Sep 14, 2002, 10:34 AM
Anyway, back to the Fanfic. Seifer01 here, my esteemed friend in real life and in PSO, is helping me write this story.

Sep 14, 2002, 01:20 PM
Anything I should change?