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Sep 10, 2002, 02:57 PM
Well, here it is, a couple of days late but anyway, the prelude to Do Hucasts 2. This will be a particpation fic, and it helps a bit if youve read some of the original (or briefly looked over it and got the general jist of things.
You can add anything to the fic, just dont totally take over and take it on some wierd way that makes no sense. And dont kill other peeps characters straight out, thats just rude (unless there a cultist/child of dark falz, then thats ok). Well, here we go...

A year has passed since the Kireek incident. Deuce, a Ramar Bounty Hunter discovered a plot by certain android cultists to take over Ragol and do away with its Human and Newman population. They called themselves 'The Children of Dark Falz'.

Deuce managed to kill Kireek, and disapeared soon after. Kireeks death only slowed down the plans of the Children.

As the days and months passed, more cases of crime and violence involving Dark Falz cultists and Androids were reported. The Bounty Hunter guild was overloaded with requests to stop them and was judged not suitable to combat the new cases of crime. The heads of government on Ragol and Pioneer 2 decided a special task force should be set up, thus the creation of the Cultist Takedown Force, or the CTF.

The CTF was set up into into groups, Alpha though to Epsilon. Each force had at least five members, all specialists in their field. No one would of thought that the Gamma team would be the most important to the cause...

Cinos strolled into the CTF barrecks. It had been a long night and he really didnt get much sleep. He rather have been in bed right now then have to prep his team.

Cinos was young, mid twenties in age with short, mousy brown hair. He had passed many of the CTF entrance exams with ease, but suffered from being a bit hot headed. He only became leader of the Gamma Force when there last leader was caught of guard by a rather viscous hucaseal. It was a job he wondered if he was really suitable for.

His foot steps clicked and echoed throughout the barrecks. Most of the other staff were already at there morning briefings, and he was running 20 minutes late. He turned a couple of corners and pushed the two doors apart and entered the Gamma Force briefing room. Immediatly the team stood to attention.

"Theres no need for that guys, just sit down"

He stared at the team as they sat behind there desks. He felt like a school teacher addressing a class. Having to do a roll call didnt help him loose this feeling.

Ok guys when i call your names, just reply"
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

This is the part where ypu particpate! Add you characters to the roll call, maximum of five peeps for the team, and one character per person. Dont worry if you dont get in quick enough, a hell of alot more chances later!

Sep 10, 2002, 04:22 PM

A tall HUcast stood in the corner seat, taking a glance at the new leader. So this is my new commander? He seems... uncertain of himself. I guess not everyone is fit for leadership. Still, he is my superior...

"I am present, Commander."

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Sep 10, 2002, 04:39 PM
Might as well introduce myself I guess...


A young HUmar looked up from a desk in the corner of the room, brushing a couple of strands of his long black hair to one side with his hand. He was slightly jealous of Cinos for being picked instead of him to be the team leader, but he was considered far too irresponsible for the postion, despite his obvious talent in battle. But he still respected the decision of those higher up than himself, and was willing to follow orders...

"Yeah, i'm here"

Sep 10, 2002, 04:57 PM
As he hears Cinos say his name:

New Ultimate: "Here."

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Sep 10, 2002, 05:31 PM

The fourth figure nodded. He was a tall, black HUcast. Like the others he took his seat and began to study the young man who had been appointed as their commander...

Sep 11, 2002, 06:39 AM

Will Deuce be in this one?

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Sep 11, 2002, 07:54 AM
With everyone signed in, Cinos started flicking through the teams duties for the week. It didnt take long, seeing as there was only to pieces of paper and for each day it was the same duties.

"Were on back up duties this week guys. Anything importent goes down, and the other teams cant handle it, were going to be sent straight in"

General chatter ensued from the team, complaining of such a lame assignment.

"What, so we just have to sit about here till someone messes up? I thought we were going to see some action" Galik complained.

"Hey, least were not on patrol duty like Team Epsilon are. Their going to be walking the borders of Pioneer City everyday now"

The complaints and chatter carried on for a little bit, then died off as the team settled down into other tasks.

'What a great start to my command of this team' Cinos thought to himself as he leafed through a procedures manual. He had only really joined the CTF because fighting was the only thing he did well, and so far he had only been on three assignments, all of them ending in failure. The page of the book opened onto an image of Deuce, noted here as a great bounty hunter and first to meet and take down a Child of Dark Falz. His brief description of the Childrens plans were the last thing he left.

'I wonder why he disapeared?'

This thought was cut shourt by the whooping of an alarm. Cinos immediatly stood and juped over his desk and through the main doors, quickly followed by his team. Something had gone wrong, and now the back up team were being sent in.

Sep 11, 2002, 04:23 PM
Galik followed the rest of the team through the door and out into the main hallway, he heard a loud sound coming from further along the passage
He pushed past his teammates and started to sprint down the corridor ahead, as he flew round one of the corners he stumbled over something. He looked down to see the Beta team leader lying in a pool of blood on the floor, some sort of claw marks across his chest, it seemed that he was the one who had sounded the alarm. Continuing round the corner he found the rest of team Beta, scattered along the corridor in a similar state to that of their leader. There were bullet marks all over the walls, where the gun weilders had failed to hit their inteded target. He managed to take his eyes off this horrendous scene to see a figure stooping over one of the corpses. He immediately grabbed his Calibur and charged towards whatever it was, when he was just about to strike he felt a fist being thrusted into his chest, forcing him backwards and falling to the floor. The figure slowly started to advance towards him but suddenly looked up, and dissapeared down the corridor as the rest of Team Gamma arrived.
"What the hell happened?"
"Ugh," he replied, trying to stand up "I don't know, but I have a feeling that thing had something to do with it"
The team looked down the corridor, where Galiks opponent had fled, and tried to decide what to do next...

Sep 11, 2002, 05:07 PM
Death glanced at the corpses surrounding them. Most of them were a mess. This was no mere cultists work, this was the work of Hunters. It seemed that the ones slain by Deuce may not have been the only Hunters who had escaped the Military purge. He looked into the faces of the others, each too was coming to the same conclusion. Gripping his weapon he fought the urge to chase down whatever had just attacked Galik he turned to Cinos...

"What now?"

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Sep 11, 2002, 05:24 PM
I'm hyped. My turn!

Scion looked back at the bloody corpse of the Beta leader. He then knelt down to investigate the wounds.

"Death, I sympathize with your enthusiasm, but it is not a good idea to rush out and do a witch hunt. This was no normal assault. Let us see how much damage we have taken, and learn at the tactics our enemy uses."

Scion then glanced over to Cinos. "Uh, with your permission, sir. I am sorry, I have not had a group leader for a fairly large period of time. I wish to investigate these wounds more thouroughly."

"Oh, sure."

Scion carefully examined the slain group. curious, these wounds seemed to be made from a Photon Claw, He said to himself. I wonder if... Huh? The HUcast's built-in scanners alerted him to a strange chemical within the wounds.

No, I'd never thought I would see this weapon...

Sep 11, 2002, 06:06 PM
Ness ran to help Scion investigate the body. " It's Lily blood" Ness said. "It's one of the most poisonus substances on Ragol. He would have survived the initial cut if it weren't for this poison."

"Well in that case, let's get some antidotes from the medical wing" said Cinos.
"But that's the direction the enemy went" said Ness.

Sep 12, 2002, 04:47 AM
Death stood there taking this in. Then he turned to Cinos

"Scion and I are immune to the poison. We can retrieve the antidotes without incurring further risk."

This suprised the rest of the group, since they had met him Death had barely said two words.


This was followed by a muffled beep and then a large mag materialised behind him. It bleeped twice, seemingly in greeting and a little annoyance at being kept in Death's storage space for so long, then stationed itself at its master's back and floated there silently.

Sep 12, 2002, 05:35 AM
I'm sorry guys but I won't have time to post my own parts, as fun as it would have looked. Simply because I rarely come to PSO world, and when I do I don't stay for long.
Sorry for messing things up :/

Sep 12, 2002, 06:37 AM
"Ok, you two head to the Medical wing, the rest of the team will remain here"

As Scion and Death headed on down to the medical wing, Cinos started to survay the scene again. The Beta team leader was lying out here, but where was the rest of his team? He felt himself clutch the hilt of his Pallasch that was hanging at his hip. As he held its handle he felt it come humming to life.

Slowly he moved along the corridor, edging towards the Beta Teams brifing room. Blood was splashed on glass portholes of the door. He pushed the open just a crack, and took a quick glance. There was blood on the floor, but he couldnt see much else. He turned, kicked the door with great force and stopped as he saw hat lay inside. Beta Team were dead, and it didnt look like it had been a quick and easy death. One thing had done this to six highly qualified men, woman and androids? It would destroy Death and Scion, even if they were immune to the poison.

"Everyone, to the Medical Wing now!"

Sep 12, 2002, 07:38 AM
Scion walked down the corridors, surveying the scene. After leaving the hall with the first few corpses, there didn't seem to be any more casulties. The android felt uncofortable going to where the assailent had gone, and hoped that it didn't stop anywhere before the medical wing.

"Hold on, Death, I need to get somthing in my quarters."

"Can't it wait?"

"No, not if want to attack this thing and survive."

Scion rushed down an alternating corrider, and unlocked the door to his living quarters. He then picked up a little item, and headed back.

"Ok Death, I-"

Immediately he felt a sharp blow cut through his chest. He couldn't understand how one hit could do so much damage, even to him.


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Sep 12, 2002, 08:00 AM
Sorry for getting you in trouble so soon...

Death just stared at the thing petruding from Scion's chest. He had a flash, a brief memory of so many dead hunters...

"NO! I won't leave you behind!"

He swung his scythe at the thing, the phtonic blade cutting a gash into the flesh, there was a cry of pain and frustration and the thing drew back out of Scion. Scion managed to hit the close and lock control before he began to slip forwards. Death grabbed and the two lumbered off towards the medical wing hoping that the door would hold just long enough...

Sep 12, 2002, 01:21 PM
"Everyone, to the Medical Wing now!"

Galik slowly stood up and ran after the rest of the team. As he passed the room he heard a banging on the other side, and it wasn't long before fist shaped dents started to appear. 'It won't be long before he bashes that door down...' He picked up his pace and started sprinting down the corridor, he called out to Cinos

"That door won't hold for long, hurry up!" The four ran down the passage leading to the Medical wing, Galik stopped and tapped a code combination into the control panel, closing the door behind them "That should buy us some more time if it escapes, i've set it to a combination lock"

He caught sight of the two androids ahead, Scion was in a bad state but as an android he was more resistant to the poisons effects. He looked around the room

"Well it looks like everyones still alive... so what are we gonna do?"

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Sep 12, 2002, 05:31 PM
Dumb heroics, could have gotten us both killed. Well, at least I'm alive, and I got my little toy...

"Thanks Death, but I'll be ok." Scion stood up, then placed a trimate to his wound. Immediately it closed, and he felt renewed strength in him.

"I'm guessing the thing's trying to get out still?"

"Fortunately, yes."


Scion then walked back to the corrider with his quarters, deafening the shouting of his comrades. "I'll be ok. He can't surprise me this time."

Eventually the android ended up back at his quarters. All right, freak, what do you really have... At that, the door split apart, Scion backflipped away, watching the assailent come. If he had messed up, he would recieve another large wound.

Closer...closer...All of a sudden the figure stopped. Almost flinching, he seemed to curse the androids name.

Paralysis trap, get's 'em every time. He gave off a little smirk, then placed a few more traps for when the first would wear off. He then werily walked back to the group. "I've held him off for a little longer, why weren't you on your way to those antidotes?"

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Sep 13, 2002, 07:53 AM
Death just stood there looking at Scion, from the looks upon the others faces he had been the only one to hear the telltale 'ping' of a trap being activated.

"The Medical Wing was ransacked. There are no antidotes left, everything of use has been taken or destroyed. All of the Medical staff are dead"

He paused as the scene flashed through his mind's eye

"From what we could see the wounds were not inflicted by the creature we encountered...it seems that was not the only one..."

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Sep 13, 2002, 05:17 PM
"This is probably happening all over the base, we probably wont recieve any back up" Cinos explained, his tone low. In the distance, another ping was heard as a second trap was set off.

"We could barricade ourselves into the medical centre, but it would only be a short period of time before one of those creatures gets in. Or we could go take that thing out now, but risk being killed or poisined. Either way, were all a bit screwed"

"What about Epsilon Team? Their on guard duty, wont they comeback once they relise there's no reply from this place?"

"It would take an hour at least to get back here from the outskirts of the city"

"So we are screwed" Death said, his voice all quiet.

'What would Deuce have done?' thought Cinos, trying to pretend that third ping hadnt happened. 'He would of taken it out!'. Cinos remebered all the things he had read on the great Bounty Hunter, remembered why he idealised him, and felt inspired.

"Come on guys, i dont want to sit here and die!" He said as he grabbed his pallasch and headed on down the corridor.

Sep 13, 2002, 05:46 PM
"Come on Death, I still have freeze traps, and you haven't even used any," Scion noted. He then said in a low toen only Death could here, "And, thanks for not leaving me."

Death seemed to blush, Scion then ran back to the trapped...thing, hearing a third trap activation. Crap, one trap left, hopefully I can get there first.

The android noticed the figure was in a different pose than before, probably due to the time between the traps. He then placed the freeze traps, and watched as Death placed his traps.

"Commander, I advise caution: a photon bullet would be safer than any melee attack, no matter how this virus is transfered," he said as his last paralysis trap went off. He then unholstered his Varista and handed it to Cinos. "I'm sure you would appreciate this more than I would."

With that, Cinos took the gun, and aimed at the creature. Amidst its moans, Scion looked at it with an eerie stare. You messed up my room, he thought, as the creature's noises were silenced...

Sep 14, 2002, 05:13 PM
Sorry guys, but like New Ultimate I don't have much time to update this. Just kill me off or take my role what ever you guys want to do.

Sep 15, 2002, 05:13 PM
Sorry for taking so long, been a little busy. Here we go...

Death stood there looking at the corpse. Now that it lay there, silent he could make out its features better. This thing...this creature...had once been a RAcast. An android like him and Scion...

Once more he had a flash, the bodies of Hunters strewn across a battlefield. The last remains of those who had made the last stand against Dark Falz...

He turned to the others "I suggest we leave here, by now the Military will have been alerted and they'll blow this place to hell...they have no regard for Hunters or their plight..." he looked around at the corpses of the other teams "At least this way their souls will sleep forever free from Dark Falz taint..."

The five of them began making their way out, along the way they found many more corpses, each time they stopped to close their eyes and say a brief prayer that their departed comrades would be forever one with the great light and free from darkness.

To Ness and New Ultimate: I hope that RavenTW and Deathscythealpha agree with me in this, please post when you can, it doesn't matter if you can't post often just do so when you can. Really be a shame to lose anyone totally at this stage.



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Sep 15, 2002, 05:23 PM
No fanfic this time around, just wanted to say that I agree with Death on his note

Sep 15, 2002, 05:55 PM
Gamma Team stood outside the CTF barrecks and winced in the Ragolian sunlight. The entrance gate had been smashed and the guards killed. Cinos had known one of them quite well. He would miss their poker games. From the guards office came a loud beeping noise, indicating that a message had been sent. Cinos leant around the door frame and pressed the reciev button.

"...faciltys attacked...creatures...many dead...send help...HELP US!...ones here now!..."

The message was fragmented, but Cinos could see that it wasnt only the CTF barrecks that had been targeted.

"We better go help out at the other facilitys, it is our jobs" he said glumly, his day going from bad to worse.

The rest of the team looked unsure. Cinos could understand, the barrecks had just been ransacked, everyone killed and they were nearly killed themselves, why would they want to throw themselves into the same situation once again? But he was sure the team would understand.

"We might be able to find Episilon Team aswell"

Sep 15, 2002, 07:57 PM
Scion equipped his Mag Varaha, who sent a kind beep to his partenr. It then floated idly by his side, strengthening Scion.

The team immediately headed to the West grounds, only to find the two guards also dead. Darn it! Maverick... Scion thought to himself, remembering his companion Ranger who had fought with him so many times. After a short look through the first few corriders, they headed to the South grounds.

All of a sudden, a photon bullet cut through Galik's shoulder. "ARGH!!!" the hunter yelled, writhing in pain. "Who the?"

All of a sudden a dark figure jumped from out of the bushes, his Berdys at ready. Scion and Death took him on, while Cinos concentrated and cast Resta on Galik.

"Thank you, sir. I needed that." Galik watched the two androids struggle to take on this hunter.

Darn! he's too fast, I can't keep up! Death is having the same problem. Maybe...

He gave a small gesture with his hands to Death, telling him to circle round. He then concentrated on deflecting the Berdys attacks. The hunter (which Scion and Death had identified as a HUcast) saw through the plan, and whacked Death with the pole of his Berdys. Scion then smiled, made a futile horizontal attack with his ORatiagito, and then did a backflip to avoid the incoming attack.

All of a sudden, a trap sprang up, and a blue mist enshrouded the unkown android. After the mist left, the HUcast was left frozen solid. Death and Scion then gave their best swing with their blades, as the ice shattered and the hunter falled.


Another voice was heard from the bushes, as a FOmar came out and casted Resta on the android. The other two androids stood in bewilderment as they saw the rest of team Epsilon emerging from the brush.

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Sep 16, 2002, 12:43 PM
"You! What have you done?" said the FOmar staring down at the creature on the floor, he tried to cast Resta but it was too late, the creature was dead

"What the hell are you trying to do!?" Galik shouted at the FOmar, after seeing him try to heal the creature. The Force crouched down next to the dead creature

"The Children of Dark Falz are the only ones fit to rule this pathetic world, but you... you are trying to stop them..." The FOmar stood up and slowly turned to face Gamma team, his eyes started to glow red "THEY MUST NOT FAIL!"

"This doesn't look good..."

Maybe now would be a good time to pick up some more characters, for team Epsilon ^_^

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Sep 17, 2002, 03:15 AM
Death stood there in silence along with the rest of the group...something had happened to Epsilon team, somehow it appeared that they had been taken over by Dark Falz servants...

He drew his scythe at the ready and awaited Cinos orders...

Sep 17, 2002, 07:55 AM
"Wait," Scion said. "Commander, what if we join them, and see how these 'children' are."

"Are you crazy?" Death replied.

"I mean, why not see both sides, and then decide whether they're evil or not. We could check out their base, see how strong they are, stuff like that."

Man, I hope they got my clue...

"We're sorry, it's just that the HUcast attacked us. Here."

Scion popped open a Moon Atomizer, reviving the fallen android.

"Uh, wha..."

"We're going to come with you and find the base of you children."

"Huh...oh, right. Thank you."

It had seemed that the atomizer had revived the android to his emotional patterns before he was altered by the Children of Dark Falz. Which means... The android then used his link to automatically send an E-mail to Cinos.

"It seems that the moon atomizers reverse any brainwashing. Opinion, commander?"

Sep 17, 2002, 08:17 AM
Death paused for a moment and then he realised as he noted a gesture Scion made.

He nodded in agreement "I agree with Scion. Perhpas we should see what exactly it is that you have to offer before making any hasty descions."

Somehow it seemed that whatever had been controlling the other android was gone now...could it have been the atomiser? or perhaps the near death experience had removed whathever was controlling him?

Once again he stood awaiting a response...

Sep 17, 2002, 03:51 PM
#the moonatomizer seems to have reversed the effect#

Cinos quickly galnced at the message on his wrist communicator, then back to former Epsilon Team. He hadnt noticed them acting strange before, but that didnt mean they hadnt always been Cultists or Children. He rubbed his wrist with his hand, secretly typing a message back.

#It may be because he was a new convertee, or it could be a fluke. We should be careful#

He looked back at the recentaly revived android. It had no sign of any mutation at all. None of the extra bulk of bug like shine to his body. At the minute it just looked confused.

"We swear are alligence to lord Dark Falz. We will serve him in everyway possible" he said, raising his left hand as he swore the offe, crossing his fingers on the right behind his back.

Through the lens of a sniper scope, a seperate party watch the scene unfold.


Sep 18, 2002, 02:13 PM
The Team Delta leader looked through his binoculars at the group below, unaware of Gamma teams true intentions "So, Teams Epsilon and Gamma have betrayed us..."

The RAmar with the Sniper rifle looked at him, "Permission to take 'em out sir?"

"No, we should follow them and examine the situation in more detail before making any decisions... I'll alert the other teams, if Epsilon and Gamma are working for the enemy then we will need all the help we can get"

The RAmar nodded

Galik looked at Scion, he was very doubtful of what he was hoping to achieve by doing this, he would have preffered to wipe out Team Epsilon right there.

'How can Scion just suggest walking straight into the hands of the enemy?'he thought to himself 'I'm sure an Android of all people would be more cautious before proposing something like this... I don't trust him'. He leaned over to Cinos and whispered to him "I don't think this is such a good idea sir..."

"What other choice do we have... cultists are much stronger than regular Hunters" Cinos whispered back

"Alright," said the FOmar "Follow me..." Galik relluctantly followed his team leader... 'This is crazy...'

Sep 18, 2002, 04:58 PM
Scion followed the FOmar until they reached an opening or cave.

"In here," the force told them.

Scion then sent an email to all of Gamma team. "There are a dozen or so lifeforms that seem to be loosly following us. I don't know what it might be, but I suspect we dispatch of Team Epsilon soon, so we won't have as much to worry about."

Scion then waited for Cinos' move to attack, and gripped his Oratiagito nervously...

Sep 18, 2002, 05:23 PM
Cinos looked nervously at the backs of Epsilon Team. For over 10 months now he had been working alongside these people, talking to them, joking to them, being friends with them. Now he was thinking of killing them off.

It would be safer for his team if they did, but then he wouldnt be sure if he was killing true cultists or someone else pretending to be one. He still was sure about the Hucast who had attacked them. He was all jittery now, looking from left to right, not sure what to do with himself. Would he have to kill him too?

This was not something he had never wanted to have thought about. He could feel his pallasch getting clamy in his hot, nervous hands. He raised it slightly, then thought again and lowered it again. But then he raised it a little higher, as if he was going to go through with it. But his nerves got to him again, and he found he just couldnt do it. There was only one thing left to do.

He tapped the Fonewm on the shoulder, and as he turned his fist connected with his jaw, sending the force to the ground.
If anyone else wants to particpate in this fic, feel free. I think i got a bit misinterpreted when i first said only 5 team members, i didnt mean that no one else could join in, i just didnt want a massive team of elite commando type chaps. So if anyone wants to take on members of the other two CTF teams (Alpha and Delta are still alive...) or a seperate faction coming in, or even reveal themselfs as the enemy, go ahead.

Sep 19, 2002, 03:23 AM
Death watched as Cinos struck down the force with his fist. He once again took his scythe into a ready position, he had been forced to kill others taken by Dark Falz once before, now he would do it willingly.

He advanced on the HUcast weapon at the ready

"You have one chance. Surrender now."

Sep 19, 2002, 07:37 AM
Scion then pulled out his Oratiagito and struck a blow to the nearest hunter. By this time, Epsilon team knew what was going on, and began to counter-attack. A HUmar gave a deep cut to Scion's chest with his Calibur, but Scion just shrugged it off, activated a Trimate, and crippled the HUmar's legs.

five down, one to go, he said as he watched Galik take down a ranger. The last hunter then ran into the cave, crying for help.

Now, for those things behind us... the android turned around, his sword at the ready.

Sep 19, 2002, 08:41 AM
At Scion's attack Death quickly swept the scythe around and through the chest of the HUcast who dropped to the floor, lifeless. Scion proceeded to dispatch the HUmar he was facing whilst Galik accounted for one and New Ultimate and Ness took a third.

As the last Hunter ran for the cave mouth Death grabbed a calibur from the ground by his feet and hurled it after him. The hunter turned in time as the sword pierced his chest carrying him off balance and driving itself into the ground behind him. He remained there convulsing, impaled upon the weapon as its photonic edge ate away at his insides, then finally he fell silent and his body slid down along the blade to the ground.

Death turned to look at Cinos, he was still styanding there, his fist outstretched from where he had struck the FOnewm to the ground.

"Are you all right? Sir?"

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Sep 19, 2002, 09:27 AM
"I couldnt do it, i just couldnt take down an old friend"

"What do you mean?" Death said, concern in his voice.

"I had known some of Epsilon Team or awhile, and even if they had become cultists and were willing to kill us, ic ouldnt kill them! What good is a team leader if he cant protect his own team!" With that he turned and punched the wall. His hand wiped over his face as he felt the weeryness wash over him. H ebadly needed sleep, so bad that he was able to ignore the blood swelling from his knuckles.

"If we wait here for half an hour or so we can work out our next plan of attack" Cinos said, totally changing the subject "If any of you need a rest do so now" and with that he sat against a rock and closed his eyes. He listened to the bewildered chatter of the rest of the team before he dozed off...

Sep 19, 2002, 09:36 AM
Death glanced over at Scion, Cinos was asleep and most of the others were tired. It seemed that only they, the two androids were unaffected. He was about to say something when Scion began moving off, away from the others, he was about to ask what was going on when Scion made a brief gesture, following in the line of it Death caught a glimpse of some figures, all concealed in the undergrowth. Perhaps they were more cultists lying in wait to ambush them when they let their guard down. Mirroring Scion's path he also began to approach them.

Hey, doesn't this seem like a great chance for some other people to get in on this as Team Delta...*hint* *hint*

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Sep 19, 2002, 03:29 PM
Team Delta watched from nearby, the RAmar with the Sniper Rifle turned once again to the leader

"Dammit! Sir! We've got to take out Gamma Team NOW! Before they kill anyone else!", he was almost certain that Gamma Team were the cultists involved, after what seemed to be an unprovoked, brutal attack.

The team leader looked on quietly, he had no choice other than to agree "Alright, this seems to confirm what we had originally suspected... i'll alert the other teams about Gamma Team's betrayal"

The RAmar raised the Scope to his eye and took aim...

Galik looked up and saw light reflecting off something in the bushes ahead, the wind blew and he caught a glimpse of the RAmar holding the rifle

"Everyone get in the cave... NOW!" he called out to the others, none of them understood but they ran inside with him, a photon bullet just missing Cinos' right leg

Team Gamma was now trapped inside the cave, Delta Team was waiting for them outside and Cultists lay ahead of them in the cave, whichever way they picked now they would be faced with the opposition...

(I just took on the role of Delta Team for a little while to move the story along ^_^)

Sep 19, 2002, 05:00 PM
I think alpha wants people to volunteer for Delta team stuff. Not sure though.

Scion was tired of all this running. He didn't care if this was a still-alive team beleving them to be cultists, or just clever beast. Either way, he was going down fighting.

The android sent a private message to Death. "Listen, I think it's best we communicate over private messaging each other. I'm gonna confront whatever is out there. Whether I have to talk or fight, I'm sick of just running. I don't care what you do, but it's time for me to actually do something. Have fun!"

Scion immedietely rushed out of the cave before Death gave a reply, running right into the arms of Delta Team. at least 3 photon bullets pierced his metal chest as soon as he emerged, but the android just applied a Trimate, and stood there, gazing into the eyes of the Delta Team leader, as he accused the android.

"Alright traitor cultist, it's time we ended your life."

"Heh heh, I have no life, and I don't see any traitors around, do you?"

The leader gazed at Scion with a burning fire in his eyes. "DIE!!!" With that, every hunter present charged at Scion.

Hmmm...either be further accused of treason, ending in death, or let all these guys pound me, ending in death. Ah, the great disadvanteges of odds, Scion thought to himself, as he sheathed his sword, and backflipped away from the charging hunters, laying down a paralysis trap. Come and get me...

Sep 19, 2002, 05:52 PM
Deatn ran out just as the members of Delta team ran towards Scion and became entangled in the paralysis trap.


He dragged the unconsious form of the FOnewm up in front of the now paralysed Delta team.

"This is the last of Epsilon team. They were the ones responsible for the masacre at headquaters"

This gained no reaction from the still stuck Delta team.

"If we were cultists then you would be dead now...we came to try and root them out, not kill one another."

He turned to look at Scion

"Neither I nor Scion have any patience left. Choose. Beleive me and we destroy the cultists. Fight and you will die."

He stood there in silence awaiting their reply.

Sep 20, 2002, 10:31 PM
Talila sits back watching the happenings of the day. Times are hard, and the years get rougher all the time.

"The deserve some sort of help, anyhow itl be fun and it looks like they need it..." says Talila as she hops off the wall she is sitting on.

I am a mercenary, i work for others, theyre in a tight spot and may need a hand, off i go as fast as i can...


Sep 21, 2002, 08:44 AM
uh...sorry, it was hard to make out your post.

Aw, your not going to attack? Man, that sucks. Oh well... Scion thought to himself, then watched as one of the hunters left.

<Death, see that hunter over there? I want to see what she's doing>

Scion walked past Delta Team and ran to the other hunter. "Hey, hold on a minute!" The hunter looked back. "What's your name?


"Why aren't you helping Delta Team?"

"I'm a mercenary, I was only hired to help."

"Ah yes, mercenary life."

"Your one?"

"Was, next month is the two-year annversary of my 100th mission," Scion said, almost lost in thought.

"How was it?"

The android seemed to smile. "My friends, Maverick, Eclipse, Sapphire, and I received a mission from a life-long friend and employee. In celebration of it being our 100th mission together, he would give us each 300,000 meseta for a completed job."

"We always gave it advance, and we literally shopped till we dropped. I bought the three Books of Katana, which a man said he could use to fashion a powerful saber, for 100 grand. I agreed, and he made my Oratiagito. Maverick bought a pair of Uzis, Eclipse electronically purchased a pair of Sinow Beat Blades. Sapphire then bought a special gene-patch, and before we began, Eclipse and Sapphire, well, let's just say that they used Sapphire's new gene patch extensively."

It was hard to determine whether the hunter was laughing or hurling. "Anyway, the mission was to find and retreive a rare device in the mines. We went through both the Forest area as well as the caves. But then, when we reached the mines, a large amount of machines awaited us."

Scion looked down. "Sapphire didn't even see the blade hit her, and by the time we had finished the fight, it was too late for moon atomizers or the Reverser technique to work."

Talila looked on as Scion continued. "We then learned that, during the fray, Eclipse had accidentally hit Sapphire! All of us greived, but Eclipse cursed himself, and immediately headed back to Pioneer 2. Maverick and I then went and got the device, and our employer gave us another 200 thousand meseta. Like we used it."

Scion then looked back at Talila. "But, I've held you off from your job. You should go on then," the andriod apologized.

"Huh? Oh, yeah. ok. I guess I'll see you later." The hunter rushed away.

Man, I can't beleive I let that out! I need to learn how to keep things to myself...

Sep 21, 2002, 10:55 AM
Delta Team still seemed to be pretty unconvinced, despite the attempts to persuade them that Gamma Team was on their side. Noticing this, Galik who was by now losing his patience, dragged the body of the dead FOmar over to the Delta Team leader and pointed his finger towards the telltale tinge of purple in the FOmars eyes

"You see that!?" He shouted at the team leader, who just stared on quietly. Galik pointed at his own eyes, feeling that the team leader needed more convincing "Do my eyes look purple to you!? What about Cinos, or Ness, or New Ultimate," he said, pointing at each of them in turn "Do they have purple eyes either? Huh!?"

"I guess we were mistaken... i'm sorry" the team leader replied. Galik ignored him, noticing Cinos had fallen asleep on the floor 'Yeah, I could use a rest too...' he thought to himself, he walked over to a nearby tree and sat down leaning against it, and closed his eyes.

Sep 23, 2002, 04:04 AM
"The others are exhasted, I suggest we pause here until they can rest sufficiently. I will stand guard."

Death took up a position near the cave, if anything came out of there he intended to know about it...

Sep 23, 2002, 03:19 PM
Most of the team found it hard to sleep, considering what was happening. Messages were being sent regulary, pleading with someone to come save them. This was knocking donw the teams moral, and when he wasnt sleeping, Cinos noticed this.

The night before he had been drinking in some bar, trying to steady his nerves for the next day, all it had achieved was to get him totally wreacked and make him late. But least then, his worries were of something normal, something that could be overcome. Now he had the fear of getting himslef and the rest of the team killed.

At one point he awoke to see Death still standing in the same spot on guard, but he had switched himself into standby mode. He knew that even in this mode, if aything attacked them, he could easily switch back on and protect the sleepers for a little while till they awoke. A shuffling noise behind him, made him turn, but there wasnt anything there when he looked, his brain was probably playing tricks on him in his half asleep state. He quickly fell back into his deep slumber. He had to enjoy his sleep now, cause tommorrow he didnt even know if he would ever be able to again.

From the bushes, Talila spied on Gamma Team. She had been lucky not to alert the android who was standing guard. She had panicked a bit when the team leader turned his head, but she was able ot hide herself easily enough.

She settled down into a spot next to the bush and closed her eyes.

'Looks like i will have a busy day tracking them tommorrow'

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Sep 23, 2002, 04:31 PM
Galik looked around him, he seemed to be on a train, he looked down at where his body should've been but there was nothing, like he wasn't there at all. In front of him he saw a child, sitting next to a RAmar, the child had short black hair and was wearing a fake HUmar costume.

Across the aisle, a tall HUmar wearing black armor stood up, he had a scar on the left hand side of his face and long blonde hair. One of the Stewards walked up to him and started to talk, asking the man to sit down, the HUmar grabbed the steward by the throat and threw him down the aisle. The RAmar next to the child stood up and pulled out a gun, the HUmar activated a Red Double Saber and thrust one of the blades into the RAmar, the child screamed, and then everything went black.

"Was that... me?"
Yes, a long time ago, you probably won't remember that much about it
"Heh, wearing that costume made me feel big and tough"
But you weren't, were you?
"If only i'd been stronger..."
That's why you joined the CTF?
"Yeah... after that day, when that bastard killed everyone on that train... I wanted to have revenge, and kill all of those Cultist freaks"
But that would make you no better than they are, would it?
"What? Who is this!?

"Galik? Galik wake up," Galik opened his eyes to see Cinos in front of him, the sun was up "You were talking in your sleep, are you alright?"

"It was nothing, don't worry about me..."

"Ok, we should get moving"

Sep 23, 2002, 08:22 PM
Scion smirked at Galik as he got up. "Death, how was watch?" "uneventful," the android replied. Boring man. Good thing I didn't have to keep watch, I was hoping somone would attack,the android thought to himself as he noticed a message on his mail. Scion almost shrieked when he read the message: "The moron is still alive. Hope you care enough to rescue your gun-slinging friend, 'cause it sure hurts waiting for you."

"Maverick!" Scion yelled as he ran back to the West ground barracks...

Sep 24, 2002, 03:10 AM
Death stared at Scion as he rapidly disapeared into the distance. He paused to look at Cinos who nodded. The the whole of Gamma team took off after him. Delta team, still a little unsure of where Gamma's loyalties lay were intending to follow. As they were about to set out there was a cry from the cave...


Talila awoke...something seemed wrong. She crept to get a view of where the two groups had been camped, there was no sign of Gamma team...she turned to look at the place where Delta team had been camped and a terrible sight met her eyes...

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Sep 24, 2002, 05:58 PM
Dead, all dead, killed in just a few moments by 3 cultists. They never had a chance thought Talila.

She hid in the bushes waiting for the cultist to leave.

The cultists looked around, and decided their enemy was gone and ran off in the direction the gamma team had ran off.

Talila pulls out one of her toys(a tracking divice) and finds out where the gamma team had run off(the beacon was stepped on nicely by one of the gamma team members and stuck there). She ran at a safe distance behind the cultists when she knoticed they were going the same direction...


Sep 24, 2002, 07:04 PM
Scion was back at the West grounds, scaveging through the wreckage to find his friend. Scion then noticed a strange blade. Incerdible! Is this the Meteor Cudgle? Scion took the blade, which turned out to be a long blue pole with two spike balls at the ends. hmmm...I'll inventory it right now. Maverick should come first. The android finally found a severely wounded ranger dressed in black with a mask on and long hair. "Mav? You ok?" The range groaned. "Your need to work on your rescue time, buddy. I've been sitting here infected with this *cough* darn virus for over a day, and you haven't done anything to help."

"Heh heh. We had searched this place before, and I couldn't find you."

"You weren't looking *cough* hard enough."

"That virus must have you good, you usually bust a wisecrack," the android said, smiling.

"hehe, you gotta Sol?"

Scion handed a Sol Atomizer to Maverick, which he used to heal himself. Scion then activated a Star Atomizer to return energy to both of them.

"Haven't felt that good in about a week!" the ranger said, laughing.

Scion then reminisced with Maverick as the left the grounds...

Sep 25, 2002, 05:09 PM
The rest of Gamma team arrived back at the west grounds just to see Scion and Maverick emerge. The ranger was still rubbing his chest where his wounds once were.

"Good to see you alive" said Cinos. He had only briefly talked to the Ranger before, mostly when he had spotted him on guard duty.

"Ok, if we head back to the cave now, we can head on in and try and clear out whatever lays inside", Cinos started as a plan was slowly building in his head."Delta team should be able to back us up. Weve got enough weaponary to hand but are medical equipment is running low, we have about 10 Trimates and 6 Sol Atomizers. Well have to see what equipment Delta team has when we meet up with them. Ok, lets move out..."

As he turned he was greeted by the sight of three Cultists. Two seemed to be organic, one looking like a Hunewearl, the other a Humar. The third member was so far evolved that it was hard to tell what it had once been. It looked like what a Sinow Beat would of if it had been a large beetle. This Child of Dark Falz must have had alot of time to develop.

"WATCH OUT!" Galik yelled at Cinos, but the warning came to late. The Child had leapt, and with one big hand had batted Cinos aside like a rag doll. His body smashed into the remanants of a wall, which then collapsed over him. His armour reported back to the rest of the team that all vital signs had stopped, not even revivable by any techs or medical equipment.

"Commander!" yelled one of the team, but whoever shouted couldnt be determined as the cultists moved onto the rest of the team.

Sep 25, 2002, 05:58 PM
Maverick immediately pulled out a small metallic object as Scion took his newly acquired Meteor Cudgel. The ranger yelled out. "EAT THIS, CRAPMASTERS!!!" With that, three large lightning bolts hit the cultists. "Can you take THAT? The unstoppable power of the Heaven's Punisher!" The energetic ranger shouted.

"Mav, look-"

A large claw whacked Maverick, leaving him alive just enough for a Moon Atomizer to work. Dang freak. Time to die! the hunter thought as he activated a moon, and then let his Meteor Cudgel impact upon the large Cultist. "You don't beat up my partners" the android said as blow after blow hit the creature. I knew these things changed sutly, but I didn't think they underwent a metemorphosis! I need to be careful. he thought. Just then, he remembered Cinos. "DEATH!" He said as he tossed Death his Oratiagito. "Help us out! Galik, Ness, see to the Commander!" With that, Maverick, Scion, and Death all pounded on the beetle, until it eventually fell. The two other Cultists then transformed, the HUmar into a werewolf, and the HUnewearl into a were-tiger.

Ah, dang. this totally sucks, the android thought as the other two animals advanced against the hunters...

Sep 25, 2002, 06:26 PM
Galik quickly started digging away at the rubble that covered Cinos, 'Come on Cinos... don't die on me now...' he thought to himself. He caught sight of a hand underneath a couple of the bricks

"I've found him, help me out over here!" he called out to Ness, who was searching a different area. Together they managed to clear the debris that had falled on top of Cinos and dragged him out "Get him somewhere out of harms way" he told Ness, turning round just in time to see one of the Creatures claws swiping towards him, he jumped out of the way and swung his Calibur at the creatures head. The creature raised one of its arms to block, and the Calibur lodged itself into the Creatures flesh, Galik tried to pull it out but it was stuck in too deep. "SHIT!" He called out as the creature threw him to one side with its arm, pulling out Galiks weapon. Just when it was about to bring the Calibur crashing back down onto him, Galik thrust out his fingers and using up all his TP he fired a blast of grants into the Creatures chest. He watched as it screamed out in pain as it slowly started to melt away, he picked up his calibur from the puddle of purple goo on the floor and ran to help the others with the remaining enemy...

Sep 26, 2002, 03:07 AM
Death let out what could only be called a vast cry of rage. His eyes burned with rage, fury gripping him he drove the Oratiagito through the chest of the last cultist, pulling it out of the air as it leapt at him. He swung it down and onto the floor before withdrawing the Oratiagito and driving it through the creatures head. Before the other could stop him he planted an explosive mine and what remained of the now dead cultist was claimed in a surge of fire.

As the rage faded he walked over to Scion and handed him the Oratiagito "Thanks." he then headed to where the others were gathered about the body of Cinos...

"He's not dead. Almost, but he's still alive. We need to get him to a medical center now." without another word he lifted Cinos from the ground and began to carry him back towards the medical district.

Sep 26, 2002, 04:36 PM
Scion looked at the Oratiagito.

"Here Death. You should keep it. It suits you."

Death was surprised as Scion handed the weapon back. "But right now, let's worry about the Commander," he said as they headed even faster to the medical center.

Sep 26, 2002, 04:47 PM
When many people have claimed to have 'died' or had a near death experiance, they always claimed to have seen a tunnel of light. Cinos couldnt see a tunnel anywhere.

His body felt as if it was floating in water, but the water didnt feel right. It was dry and tasted stale. His mind raced as he tried to pull himself together and stop panicking. The team were clever enough to know how to treat most wounds, but would they be able to do anything as major as bringing him back from death?

'How could i of been so stupid as to not see that Child of Dark Falz?' he asked himself once again as he played his last living memory back over again in his head. The thing just batted him aside like a toy! Least it hadnt hurt as much when he landed, seeing as he probably stopped living after the hit!

'Your not supposed to be here Cinos' a female voice wispered in his ear, no! his mind. He swirled around in the dry water to see if there was anyone about, but there was no one there.

"Who...?" he started, but his head started to hurt.

'You are not supposed to die yet Cinos, go on, Live!" and with that he felt himself getting sucked into unconsciencesness. Least he wasnt dead anymore...

Gamma team started to move back in to the barrecks grounds when they heard the clicking noise of a weapon being cocked.

Death turned, Cinos on shoulder to see a figure holding an ornate Varista, pointing it right at him. The man looked in a bad state, his hair was unkept, stubble could be seen just reaching over the top of a mask he used to cover his face and a metal exoskeleton surrounded his right arm.

"Drop the Commander, ill take care of him now" he said, his voice as rough as he looked.

"I dont think so" Scion said, pulling his Oriagito from its sheath, making his way towards the man. He didnt even see what happened, but his blade was now stuck in the ground and he was double over with the pain of a blow to the stomach. The rest of the team started to take a couple of steps back.

"Hand me Commander Cinos now please, it will be for his own good. Anyway, youve got more important issues inside that cave"

The team looked weary. A total stranger was commading them to hand over Cinos and not eve exlaing who he was and what he would do with him. But Death stared at the man, looking at his eyes. Something in his database clicked and he remembered the ranger. He pulled Cinos off of his shoulder and handed him over.

"Remind him to join us" Death said and gave the hand signals for the team to follow him to the cave.

"But?" Galik asked, totally dumb funded by what had just happened.

"I think he will be able to sort Cinos out. He was the first ranger to face the Children of Dark Falz after all"

Sep 26, 2002, 05:38 PM
Talila caught up to the group right as they handed the Cinos to the man at the barracks.

"Aw good, someone who will help with Cinos" said Talila quietly.

"Hey, Gamma team, you seem to be one man short there?" said Talila like she wanted to help.

The Gamma team turned around and started to draw their weapons.

"Hey stop that, and dont think about trying to get any help from the delta team, they were all slaughtered by those 3 cultist that you ran into back there"

The Gamma team put their weapons away.

"Ok so how do we know your not a cultist?" said Death

"I would have killed you by now" replied Talila

"True" said the whole team to themselves.

"Hey Talila" The man who had taken Cinos into the barracks "Still looking for work?"

"Yes, i wanna help these here fellows" replied Talila

"Well if they say no you can just follow them again." he replied.

"Ok im gonna follow you now, its up to you how far away i follow you from" said Talila to the Gamma team.


Sep 26, 2002, 09:31 PM
Scion got up from the Varista wound. DANG! Even with a Varista, only a handful of hunters can damage me this seriously! He thought as he popped a couple Dimates to restore him to most of his health. Then he continued back ot the cave.

"I'm bored. I'm gonna go kill myself," he said. He then whispered to the stranger. "You take care of him, unknown, or your head will be in my hands." With that, he went on.

The hunter finally made it to the cave. He didn't quite know what he was trying to prove to himself. Maybe he really was bored. If that was so, then the two creatures that just attacked the android gave him no satisfaction when they died.

"I don't know what I want, but it's time to actually do somthing..."

Sep 28, 2002, 09:57 AM
There was an electrical fizz as a couple of sparks fell from the ceiling and cascaded over the floor. Cinos half watched this event with one eye, as the sparks danced along the tiles and eventully died.

An oxygen mask had been placed over his face and he could make out the faint weezing of a set of bellows, moving up and down trying to keep his lungs working. A bandage had also been wrapped around his head and torso, covering the wounds from the Child and the falling rubble.

He was in the medical room of the CTF barrecks, he could just about tell that, but it looked alot worse then when he had previously seen it. One of the creatures must have had a field day ripping it apart, and now everything was running on reserve power. The faint smell of antiseptic still hung in the air like every pther cliched medical room.

"Finally awake then" a deep voice said from across the room. Cinos turned his head, a task that hurt incredibly, to look at the voices owner. He was sitting on a chair, his scruffy long hair hanging over his face, and a cup of coffee in his hand. His brown ranger armour was covered from dents and dings from many a fight. Cinos instantly recognised the figure.

"Your Deuce..." he just about said, his ribs hurting when he talked. He was being looked after by the man he respected and idolised. Somewhere behind the pain he made a brief smile.

"Not many people have survived an attack from a Child of Dark Falz, espicially not a fully evolved one. You must be pretty tough kid"

"Well...i did die" he replied, a humourus tone to his words.

"And you have found one of there entances, thats pretty impressive, but i dont think you and your team really know what your heading into"

'One of their entrances?' Cinos thought to himself.

"Do you know whats happening to the rest of Pioneer City?"

"Weve been cut of from communications, we know some other facilitys have been attacked but..."

"Not just other facilitys, the whole city"

Cinos didnt like the tone of Deuce's voice, something bad really was happening.

Sep 30, 2002, 03:20 PM
The team looked around the cave, it seemed to be deserted save for a couple of remaining corpses scattered around various places in the cave.

"What the hell?" Galik said to himself, he turned to the two androids "Either of you picking up any life signs in here?"

"Nothing, but we don't even know for sure if these creatures are alive at all"

"So what are you saying... these things are like Zombies then?" He replied

"Zombies? I am not familiar with that term"

Galik chuckled slightly "Nevermind...", he continued to search for anything that would give any clues "Surely there are more of those things living in here than the ones we've killed already though"

"What makes you so sure?"

"It's just a feeling, you androids need to stop taking everything I say so seriously..." he shook his head "I don't think we're gonna find anything in here, lets go back" he looked back to see 5 sillhouettes standing in the cave entrance

"It appears you were right after all, there are more of them"

Galik drew his Calibur and shook his head and thought to himself
'Androids... when are they gonna learn'

Sep 30, 2002, 05:01 PM
Cinos shook slightly as he cycled through the images on the datacube. He managed to get himself up to a sitting position as the medicines Deuce had given him kicked in.

Each image showed destruction. Buildings were on fire, shops looted and people killed. In each image a tell tale sign could be made out that Cultists and Children of Dark Falz had been there.

"They attacked the government facilitys first, as you should know. Starting in the early morning to catch everyone off guard. With any major resistance out of the way they moved onto the city itself, killing anyone that got in their way. If they werent killed, they were dragged off to be sacrificed to Falz. Most of the hunters who lived in the city had grown to fat and lazy to fight them off anyway. And this is only the first part of their plan"

The ramar took a long drag off of a cigerette, then slowly blew the smoke out.

"How do you know about this?" Cinos said, still flicking through the images.

"Ive been following them for about 8 months now, watching what theyve been doing. I tried to mess up their plans as much as i could, but this one, was to big. Different groups arranging different things. I managed to get them images by hiding in different spots around the city as i made my way here"

Cinos placed the datacube down, sick at looking at the images of destruction.

"Wait a minute, what did you mean by the first part of their plans? And why come here?"

Deuce looked up at Cinos, satring at him through his long hair, a malicious looking msile on his face.

"Youll find out soon"

Sep 30, 2002, 05:12 PM
Death stood there staring at the images. With each his eyes glowed brighter. Every image was like a knife inserted into him. Each brought back terrible images of the past.

"So what are we going to do about this then?" he almost screamed, this caused the two humans to turn, neither was used to an adroid giving such an outburst.

Crying out in rage he ran outside into the city...

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Sep 30, 2002, 05:26 PM
Scion just went ahead towards the 5 figures, 2 of which lunged at him, both falling in less than a minute.

"Entry-level?" the android suggested. "You'd think they would have a better defense." With that, 2 more stepped out, both large beetles like the last one. Galik then replied, "any other comments about the odds, Scion?"

Ah, come on Galik. You don't want some fun? he thought to himself. The android then rushed for one of the creatures, jumping over it, and hitting the other with one side of his Meteor Cudgel. At that time, the final creature lunged at the other hunters.

The android leaned down to the face of the monster. "I don't suppose you would surrendur peacefully, huh?" The other one ran towards Scion as he said this, but by that time, he had once again gotten up on the other monster's back, and the two creatures collided. He then placed two explosive traps on the back of one, flipped over both of them, and placed another two explosive traps on the other. Within 2 seconds the traps blew, and both creatures fell. He then saw as the other creature had fallen.

The rest of the hunters then looked behind Scion. It seemed he didn't defeat those two other Cultists at all.

"I've done my exercise, somone else can slag these freaks," he said as he walked forward. He gave one last hit to each creature, then walked deeper into the cave, letting the other hunters fight...

Oct 1, 2002, 06:56 AM
Death stood in the buring streets killing anything that crossed his path. The way behind him was littered with the corpses of the servants of Dark Falz. As he reached the remains of a building he saw a child trapped under the rubble. He ran over and began to try to dig them out but after he pulled a lerge section he saw the the child's right hand side bore the stigma of one touched by Dark Falz power. The child looked up at him with eyes full of pain, Death nodded and swung his sythe and there was pain no more...

He knelt there for a while holding the body of the child, his scythe buried with its haft in the ground beside him. A flash coursed through his mind, a memory, a ring of corpses, a child laying in a pool of their own blood and a figure laughing...he placed the child's body on the ground and stood up.

"I swear" he called out into the darkness "you who would taint the lives of the innocent I am your death!"

Wth the last word he uttered a scream of pure rage and hatred. Then he began to make his way back to Deuce and Cinos at the same time he sent a message to the rest of the group "Meet me at the med center. It is time to end this..."

Quick way to describe Death's anger. Remember when EVA-01 goes berzerk in the first episode of Evangelion? Well there you go then!

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Oct 1, 2002, 04:44 PM
Whoops, for some reason i qouted instead of edited. My bad.

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Oct 1, 2002, 04:53 PM
Galik stood over the body of the final surviving creature, it was squirming around in pain, trying its hardest to stand back up, purple goo seeped from the slash across its chest that Galik had given it with his Calibur. It gave out a horrible screech as it grabbed one of his legs, Galik managed to free his foot and bring it slamming back down, squashing the creatures head flat in an explosion of purple goo that splashed all over his uniform

'Ugh... this purple stuff really stinks... Huh, a BEE message from Death'

"Hey guys, we need to go meet back at the med center, somethings happened"

Oct 1, 2002, 05:45 PM
Deuce and Cinos strolled through the barrecks, Cinos limping slightly. His left ankle was all swollen and every step he took shot pains up his leg, but he had to find out what Deuce was really about.

"Notice anything different about this place?" Deuce asked, not turning to face Cinos but carrying on walking in a straight line.

"Except for it being all beat up?" Cinos made a quick scan of the corridor, with its flickering light fixtures casting shadows in the corners. He couldnt see anything different.

"Wheres the bodies gone" Deuce said bluntly.

Cinos stared at the back of Deuces head as he caught onto what he was saying. There should of been loads of bodies lying around the place. But all these corridors were epty, and he hadnt seen any in the rooms they had passed.

"And have you thought about how those Children of Dark Falz got into these barrecks at all?"

Cinos relised he had only thought about that briefly, but with everything going, he hadnt really delved that deep into the topic. He guessed Deuce was probably going to explain it all to him anyway.

The two turned a corner and Deuce threw the double doors of the armoury open. Where there should of been racks of weaponary, there was just a large hole in the floor.

"The creature got in here so easily cause they were living right underneath you. They knew these barrecks would be built here, so they had tunnels set up to go straight underneath you. They just had to knock the hole through and they were in"

"How did they know it would be here?" Cinos asked, not liking where his own line of questioning was going.

"Cause someone told him. Someone in this base, in the government was working for the other side all along"

Oct 1, 2002, 07:17 PM
Scion walked further into the cave until he rached a large opening that looked like a temple. He snuck around until he reached the top section, trying to make sure none of the cloaked figures would see him. He paced around the circular shrine until he cought glimpse of a taller figure in the circle. The figure walked into the middle of the ring, as the others chanting somthing that sounded like "dark force". He then talked to them.

"My friends, it has been too long since we have lost the great Dark Force. Normally we would have to wait another millenium until he returns, but not this time. This is your final test: how much will you sacrifice for him? Our succesful attack on the people who wish to stop us has brought us enough souls, with yours added, to bring him back! If you willingly surrender yourself, you will gain immortality and unimaginable power! All you must do is come forward!"

Are these guys nuts? How can they have taken souls from the dead hunters?

The figure continued, "But we have an intruder," he said. Immedieately Scion grabbed his Meteor Cudgel, "and it seems his android body also contains a soul. The man who brings it to me will gain the favor of the Dark Force!" With that, every figure headed into the top section. Scion held everyone back, but he couldn't hold on much.

Ok, brawns won't work, how about tricks? Scion did a handstand, holding his Cudgel in between his legs, then spun his lower torso. He then jumped away into the center ring, watching four explosive traps activate where he once was.

Scion stood there facing the tall figure. "Well well, the sould that resides in you has increased your strength greatly."

"I don't have a soul."

"The Dark Force would argue with that. BRING YOUR SPIRIT TO ME!" He extended his hand, which stretched into Scion's metallic body. The android felt a painful burning, and then saw the hand come out holding a blue-ish orb.

"How can that be anyone's spirit?"

"You'd be surprised. Now, lifeless shell, you must die. Your body will make a great housing for Falz."

He then flicked his hand, and Scion's android head flew off. The rest of the body tumbled backward, then fell. The android died watching the spirits of the Cultists being absored into a dark mass, growing exponentally...

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Oct 1, 2002, 07:52 PM
Galik squeezed himself through the main door of the barracks, it seemed that the attack on Pioneer City had knocked out the main power generator, luckily the main door was half open when it was shut down so the team still had access to the barracks, even if it was somewhat limited now.

"ANYONE HERE?" Galik called down the corridor, there was a response from the direction of the armory, making it out to be Cinos he decided to follow it.

Death had already arrived and was waiting in the room along with Cinos and Deuce, Cinos explained the situation to them.

"What happened to Scion?" Cinos asked, after noticing the androids absence

"Dammit, I never even noticed he was gone... he must have gone further into the cave alone"

"I've tried to contact him but his frequency appears to be jammed, I can't get anything through" Death added

"Do you think it could be interrference from being so deep in the caves?" Galik asked

"Perhaps, but that is unlikely to be the cause" Death replied

"Let's just hope that those caves are as uninhabited as I thought they were, or he isn't gonna last long down there..."

Oct 2, 2002, 03:54 AM
Death began to move, he was sure that something was wrong and most likely Scion was in the middle of it...

A terrible flash of the future passes through his mind as he charged towards the armoury and leap feet first into the darkness...

The others were right behind him, as they landed they were met by a terrible sight. There in the centre of the room was a wailing purple mass, faces geering as they emerged and sunk back into the sphere. Then they saw Scion, his body lay beneath the mass, his head a few feat away, lying at the feat of another figure...

"Ah more souls!" he cried out as he did so a series of creatures formed from out of the mass, "Arlans!" Gallik shouted as the foul creatures made their way towards them...

Oct 2, 2002, 06:47 AM
He awoke inside a bright romm. Well, not really bright, but just pure white all around. He was lying in a chair that was bonded to the floor.


He looked around, but saw no one. He then felt a deep pain from where that dark figure had taken that strange orb. He looked down to see how badly he was injured.


Flesh! Covered in human flesh! He looked at his arms, and still more flesh, with hairs! He felt his head, and ran his fingers through his long blue hair.


At that time he saw a little girl, gigling and playing around. The girl then walked over to him.

"Mister, will you play with me?" she asked.

"I'm not sure. What is this place?"

Suddenly, the child grew. He saw her reach adolescence, and then adulthood, in just a few seconds. Her face brought back a painsul memory of his past.


The woman smiled. "Hello, Daimyo. It's been so long since I've seen you."

"What is this, a near-death experience? I'm an android, I can't have these kind of things!"

"Your android body was only a replacement. You obviously don't remember."

"Remember what?"

"You saved my life. You sacrificed yourself to protect me once, before you were an android. The doctors came and took you and me to the medical center. You were too far gone for Atomizers or techniques. But the docters had a new android-replacement procedure, copying the nueral impulses of your brain in the circutry of an android body."

"When your human body died, I saw your spirit. You wanted to still protect me, I guess, and you resided in your android counterpart. You took care of me until I had come of age, and then I joined the Hunter's Guild to stay with you longer, remember?"

He felt the burning memories come back to him. He was working on the case of a murdered couple, and found a terrefied newman girl, naked and half-dead. He took her back to his home, clothed her, fed her, and brought her back to health. But the murderer was afraid the young girl would tell the hunters who killed the couple, so he went to his house and tried to kill the girl. He and the murderer fought each other with their last breath, and finally, the murderer laid dead. But he was too badly injured. He told the girl to call the Medical center, then told her his name, in case they questioned her. Daimyo...

"You remember, don't you?" she asked.

"Yes, but how can this help me? I'm dead!"

She pointed to his hand. He opened it to reveal a broken doll. Of course, the scape doll he had gotten from his quarters when this whole thing started!

"I can leave at any time?"

The girl nodded, a tear in her eye.

"Look, I really care for you, but there are people outside of this place that would want to make me evil. I have to fight them, ok?"

The girl nodded again, looking down. "In case you die and become an android again, I just want to tell you one thing."

"And that is?"

That day, that mission, when I died, I spent my money on an android replacement procedure. I just wanted it to happen whenever you might remember who you were. My body is preserved until the procedure, and you can tell them when, ok?"

"I thought you bought a gene-patch from that black-market seller!"

"I lied. Please tell them to activate the procedure when your done fighting them."

"No problem." He brushed his hand across her cheek, wiping the tears, and then kissed her on the forhead, and everything was then covered with a bright light...

Scion woke up, his head back on his body, and saw the bodies of the Cultists lying down. The large mass had grown larger, but one of the spirits inside it escaped, and went into the android's body.

"You! That's...not...possible!"

The android looked up with a smirk, then threw his Meteor Cudgel into the figure, killing him.

"My lord, release me..." his dying words announced.

A large arch of lghtning hit the figure, and the mass seemed to shrink, while another mass formed around the now dead Cultist. It then grew into a large dragon-like creature, roaring at Scion.

"Oh, this is not good," he said as the dragon flew through the roof of the temple, into the evening sun.

Scion ran out of the cave and typed a hurried message through his communicator. "It's Dark Falz! He's back!"

Oct 2, 2002, 07:49 AM
"Damn it!"

Someone called from across the room causing Scion to turn and find himself looking at the others. The floor around them was drenched in purple ichor and there was what seemed to be the remains of a number of Arlans strewn across the cave.

"Come on!" Death called at him, we've got to stop Falz!"

Scion ran to join the others and they rapidly headed back towards the entrance to the cave. When they reached it a terrible sight met their eyes...Falz had landed on the top of the city and a living tide was making its way towards him...the children of Dark Falz weer returning to their master...

Oct 3, 2002, 04:40 PM
The group stared on into the horizon, their gaze totally transfixed on the scene what was unfolding in front of them. Everyone but Deuce watched, he just stood their and chipped out a cigerette on his armour.

"We were all screwed from the beggining. As soon as they attacked the city they were gaurenteed enough souls to awaken him" he said in a somber voice.

"But Dark Falz was destroyed, and legend says that he can return every 1000 years. How can he come back only after two?" Cinos asked, his eyes still transfixed on the mass movements of Cultists.

"He wasnt destroyed"

Everyone stared at Deuce after that comment. He just stood there, lighting another cigerette.

"When the four hunters defeated his last form, he made a last ditch attempt to save himself. He ditched his host with enough of his genetic make up as to not be totally destroyed, but to not be detected by anyone. He just needed enough power to awaken himself from her. Power generated by peoples souls"

"Wasnt Rico his host? She hasnt been seen for a year, where would anyone find her?" Death said.

"Falz sent her body somewhere where his Cultists could find her. Where she wanted them to find her. Shes been behind this all along"

"Then shes now been returned to being Dark Falz then?" Galik asked, all these sudden answers starting to get to the team.

"No", Deuce said bluntly, "She wouldnt of put herself in that position just yet. She can let the Cultists and Children be hosts. She will be close though, keeping a bond between herself and the new Falz"

There was a loud click as a hand gun was cocked and pointed at Deuces head.

"How do you know all this! It seems so conveniant that you suddenly turn up and tell us this now, when its way to late" Galik yelled, not being as patient with this question as he was with the last. His hand shook slightly with anger.

"Ive said to Cinos ive been following them for months now, ive been pieceing their plans together piece by piece. I only really found out the whole plan recentaly, and then it was to late"

"Then how do we stop it! How do we know it wont jetason itself again! How can we save everyone! You seem to have all the answers, tell me!" Galak was sweating heavily, his face was all red with rage and his hand trembled even more.

"I dont know, we may not be able to stop him" Deuce said, turning away from the group.

There was a loud roar and Falz seemed to get bigger as he absorbed more souls, taking the lives of the Cultists who made the dark exodus towards him, sparing the lives off the Children, as he knew they were the ones able to protect him. Cinos looked on at this scene, a sad expression on his face.

"Were witnessing the end of another world, and we cant do anything to save ourselves this time" he said, a visable quiver in his voice.

"Thats about right kid. But we could die doing nothing, or we could die trying to find a way to stop this" Deuce said, knowing his words would be inspiring to Cinos, if not the whole team.

"I dont know about you, but im takening the second option"

Oct 3, 2002, 05:06 PM
"I have no soul. I am but a machine."

He stood there looking at the ever growing incarnation of darkness

"Yet I exist and so long as I continue to do so I swear that I will bring Dark Falz his death, even if it means my own"

He turned back to the others

"Now how are we gonna kill this B******!"

Oct 3, 2002, 05:14 PM
Scion looked on at the catastrophe, the memories of the HUmar Daimyo surfacing into his own. He still wasn't sure if he and the hunter were the same, but Sapphire sure seemed real, and his emotions toward her as well. And if he could do anything about it, he would make sure there would be no more little Newman girls cowering in dark allys with that thing lurking around.

"Hey Death, I'm gonna need my Oratiagito back. That thing swallowed my Cudgel." The android handed him the samurai sword, and he walked toward the mass of figures.

"What are you doing?"

"Surviving. Anyone wanna come?"

Oct 3, 2002, 05:23 PM
Talila who was sitting around in the back of the group spoke up.
"Im with you, even if it kills me. Theres no work if the world ends"

Talila draws 2 Dark Blue Claws and equips one in each hand.
"If they fight like animals ill fight like an animal"


Oct 3, 2002, 05:23 PM
Galik managed to calm himself and unequipped his Handgun, his mind had been wandering all over the place recently, it felt like there was another being inside his head, and ever since encountering Deuce he had found it more and more difficult to keep control over his body

"I... i'm sorry, I don't know what happened..." he turned away and looked out towards the city, he paused for a moment before speaking again "If we went in there... we may not be able to come back out again"

"You don't have to come with us if you don't want to Galik, it's your decision"

He turned back to face Cinos "No... I want to come with you, i'd rather take a shot at this now while he's at his weakest and at least have a small chance of ending all this than to sit around, waiting to die... I'm going with you to the end..."

Cinos nodded, and Galik again turned back to face the city...

Oct 5, 2002, 08:04 PM
"Ok then, and we're not going why?" Scion said, as he ran toward the crowd of figures.

"Let's make some blood drip!" He said, slashing the first Cultist he saw...

Oct 6, 2002, 04:24 PM
The whole team charged into the tides of Cultist's, hacking and slashing their way through anyone that got in there way. With each cultist they took down, the weaker Falz would be when they finaly got to him.

Their was a scream and Cinos turned to see New Ultimate taken down by a large group of Cultists. He tried to make his way over to him, but their was to many in his way. His Pallasch flicked out and took the head off of a former Ramar as he cursed his inability to save a comrade. A sting in his leg made him flinch. He stabbed his weapon backwards into the chest of a Fomar who had just thrust a halbred into his leg. Another Cultist leapt at him as he tried to limp forward, but a hail of photon bullets exploded its skull just before it struck him. He turned to see Deuce standing behind him, Varista in one hand, Mech Gun in the other.

"Dont die now kid"

Oct 6, 2002, 06:46 PM
New Ultimate was being overwhelmed by hordes of cultists. There seemed little hope as Gallik was unable to reach him. But, as all seemed lost the tqo androids cut a path to him, Scion decapatated three whilst Death tore the remaining in half with a sweep of his scythe they pulled him to his feet with only time for a nod of thanks as the assault continued.

The two androids were begining to cut a steady path towards the center. Each with his own determination to slay the dark force...

Oct 6, 2002, 07:42 PM
Figures. Bodies. Mounds of flesh. It didn't mean anything this time. All these things were now was target practice. Scion found an opening, laid a trap, and jumped, setting off the trap, and using the shockwaves from the explosiong to propel him higher up. The dragon that was Dark Flaz then rushed at him, ramming him in the chest. Scion fell down and was thrown at the edge of the crowd.

CRAP! That hurt! he said, applying a trimate. He then got an idea.



"OK, LAY A TRAP AND AND USE THE EXPLOSION TO GET YOURSELF OT FALZ'S ALTITUDE!" He said, laying another trap and flying up, then taking his Varista and riddling the dragon with photon bullets.

Ok, crapmaster. Know that we can hit ya', let's see how long you last...

Oct 6, 2002, 09:28 PM
"Give me a lift as well", Talila throws Scion a long rope with a hook, "Ill be up once you are."

Talila pulls out a small lifting device, "Yell when its attached to something".

Talila holds one end of the rope loosly so Scion has some slack.

"Ok im ready, GO..."


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Oct 6, 2002, 09:42 PM
Ok, get on his back, and slag him!" He said, pouncing again.


He threw the lin upward, tossing Talila high enough for her to latch on to Dark Falz. He then took his Varista and took a couple potshots.

Be careful girl. I've seen enough people die today...

Oct 7, 2002, 03:23 AM
From the ruins of a near by building, a lone figure watched as Gamma Team battled on in a vain attempt to stop Dark Falz. She smiled a malicious smile at them as she twiddled with the red ring on her wrist.

"Your only making me stronger fools. Every person you slay only adds their souls to my strength" she said to herself, but as if she was anouncing to everyone below.

A gust of wind blew through the sky, ruffling her red hair and long robes. A small glint of humanity glistened in her purple tinted eyes for a second, and then was gone. Rico had become a slave to a slave, and there was no way to save her now.

Oct 7, 2002, 03:16 PM
Galik seemed to ignore everything happening around him, all he wanted to do was reach New Ultimate. He slashed his Calibur randomly, hacking down everything it hit as he pushed his way to the place where he had last seen the HUmar. He felt Deuces hand grab his arm

"He's dead Galik, let it go", Galik swung around, hitting Deuce in the face with the back of his hand, knocking Deuce over

"You KEEP AWAY!" Galik shouted, he normally wasn't like this but for some reason he couldn't explain, he couldn't control his anger in the presence of Deuce. "God... dammit... what the hell?" he said to himself, he couldn't even bear to turn around and face Deuce, because he was afraid that he might not be able to control himself. "I'm sorry!" he called out as he ran to join the others, getting as far away from Deuce as he could

"Damn kid..." Deuce remarked as he brushed himself off

Oct 8, 2002, 04:57 PM
Cinos moved towards Falz as fast as he could with his wounded leg. The beast was slowly slivering between two large skyscrapers, its immense girth bending and braking the buildings foundations.

Cinos staredm up at the creature with terrifying awe. He had seen diagrams, models and some rough footage shot by a Racast during the final battle, but seeing Falz in real life was something way different.


The creature looked different from what he had seen. Its three snike like appendages on its lower body were present, along with its scythe like arms and large pointy head. But the torse that had been so promenantly sticking out of its head was missing. What did this mean?

He watched as Scino and Tallila hung from it and attacked, looking like string puppets dangling aimlessly. The attacks seemed to be doing little but aggrivating the creature, and it shook its body from side to side, trying to remove the two warriors. It pushed up against the sky scraper and knocked Scion from his holding place.

"Scion!" Cinos yelled, randomly shooting at the beast as he went to check up on his team mate. It would have been alot easier if it wasnt for his leg. He crouched over the rubble where the android was laying, battered and dented.

"You ok?" he asked.

"Im fine, nothing a set of tools couldnt bash out. But Talila is still up there!"

The two look on as the beast bellowed and screamed, trying to knock its second attacker off of its back.

Oct 8, 2002, 06:08 PM
Scion was in even more pain than from the first attack, so he applied a Star Atomizer, healing both him and Cinos.

"It seems that the more we fight on, the stornger Faz gets," he told Cinos. "That leaves two possibilities: The Cultit's lives are increasing his strength, or their deaths are."

The hutner watched Talila fight on. Darn it, I can't do anything, but I can't watch her die! If only...

[If only what?]

The hunter jumped back as he looked at a tall HUmar. All of a sudden, there was only him and the other hunter in a bright white room.

"You must be Daimyo."

"In the fle...uh, nevermind."

"So you ARE dead?"

Daimyo changed the subject. "Listen Scion, Falz is eating away at my soul. I'm using what power I have left to help you."

"But Talila?"

"Man, you ARE me. But I figured you'd only care about Saph."

"SHE DIED! You have to move on somtime!"

Daimyo thought for a mintue. "Well, at least we get to spend time together again. Talila will be fine, she's stronger than she looks. But Falz isn't the main enemy."

"What??? Then who is?"

Daimyo writhed in pain. "I'm sorry, Falz is trying to get me again, I can't continue on. You have to defeat h-"

"Scion?" The android turned toward Cinos.

"Sorry sir. Daydream."


"You wouldn't understand. But I can tell you that Falz isn't the big picture..."

Oct 13, 2002, 05:08 PM
Rico felt the slight stabs of pain as the team continued to attack Falz, but they were so light she could just ignore them. She was to busy concentrating on other things.

With every passing minute should could feel herself getting stronger. With every heartbeat she could feel her body change, latent powers awaken within. And with one power, she was able to look at everyones soul.

'A throwback from when he was looking for a body?' she thought to herself as she looked at the Gamma Team one by one.

They were strong, they were all fighting for the side of good, all wanting to rid Ragol of Dark Falz. She delved deeper. He could see all their inner emotions now, and could find their flaws. Alot of them were still strong, but a couple were cracking under the strain. She could see that one of them was once a follower of her cause, but had managed to break away. Another was doubting himself, and becoming distrustworthy of the of the former follower. Another was going through a revelation of his past, while the leader of the group seemed to have something...something she couldnt touch upon.

She could pin point there weakeness' and use them against them. She would be successful. She swung her long robes around herself and dropped down from the building. Falz would be gone soon, and only she would remain.

Oct 15, 2002, 05:07 PM
uh, anyone else there? This thread seems to have slowly died down, but the story has not finished yet. If everyone wants me to finish off the rest of the fic myslef, i can do that. And that means i can put in some plot twists for 'Do Hucasts 3'

Oct 15, 2002, 06:37 PM
I really wanna finish this, but I try not to overpost. I prefer waiting until at least 2 other people post before I start on it again. This also gives some diversity to my submission.

But if you want me to post, I can.

Oct 16, 2002, 04:19 AM
Well I would like to finish but I was kinda lost for what to say...here goes

*Turns to others*

"Hey back me up here guys!"

*Runs to confront Dark Force*

Death stood there staring up at the living tide that made its way towards the new Falz. As he watched his sensors picked up another sound, it was faint and coming from the other direction. He turned and shock gripped him, standing there was Red Ring Rico...before he could move she dropped from the building and vanished. Well not quite, he heard the sound as she hit the ground and began running.

"There is one last piece of business I have to take care of." he called to the others and headed after Rico "I have no soul to lose. Only my existence and that matters little to me" he intoned as he charged off.

The others looked at his retreating form in disbelief...Death couldn't be running away could he? Returning to the matter at hand the others set about the long climb to rescue Talia and bury Falz one more...

Oct 16, 2002, 07:00 AM
What is Death doing? Did he find who's really behind this?

"Death shouldn't go alone Sir. Permission to follow him."

"Just make sure you both come back in one piece."

Scion nodded, handed all of his traps to Cinos and headed towards Death.

He believes he doesn't have a soul. I would like to beleive that myself, but I'm not sure. It's not like I don't want a soul, it's just that I have to be careful in this battle if I do, Scion thought to himself while he chased after Death. He then noticed a figure running away from him. A woman, a bit slim, with glasses. She ad brown hair with...

A greanish-blue trim?

WHAT? How is Tyrell's daughter behind this? He then looked back at Falz, still fighting the others. He looked familier, but his torso...

Of course! Rico was his host body! Then Duece was right: Rico is behind this.

"TYRELL!" Scion yelled to the retreating woman. Death stopped a few feet away from her, sword drawn.

"Pathetic androids, you shouldn't have followed me." she said as she pulled out an evil-looking scythe.

"Now you will rot, in whatever hell machines go to!"

Oct 16, 2002, 12:02 PM
Noticing Scion come up beside him he took a fighting stance. He was surprised at the choice of weapon, a scythe worked differently from most other weapons...

As Rico began to swing he stepped into it behind the hooked blade and landed a punch to her face sending her sprawling backwards, she stood spitting blood from the corner of her mouth "You! You dare strike me!" she shcreamed at him "DIE!!!" as she unleashed a megid technique at him. At the last instant Scion swept in and pushed them both clear.

"Thanks" Death called as the two regained their position and began to circkle Rico.

'Damn this is going to be more difficult than I thought' Death considered as they continued to circle 'I wonder how the others are doing...'

Oct 16, 2002, 06:19 PM
Dark Falz roared as another attack was perfectly excuted by the remaining members of the team. Deuce had just got a perfect shot off on its chest, and purple blood dripped down its body. Cinos was also holding his own against the monster. He jumped backwards as one of its head moved towards him. He skidded the ran forward, jumping at the last second. A trap dropped from his hand and landed in the creatures mouth. There was a couple of seconds, then the explosion shattered the creatures skull.

Falz flayed his large arms, knocking large pieces of concreate from the bulidings surrounding him, forcing the Gamma team members to have to move out of the way. Talilas rope snapped, and she started to fall, but a quick footed Maverick managed to catch her befor eshe hit the ground.

Witha final war, Falz fell limp against the building, apparently dead. The team stood ready, knowing that he was meant to have another form, an even stronger version himself. Nothing happened.

"Is it dead?" asked Talila as they all stared on at the grotesque body.

"i think so, but i thought Falz was suposed to have another form? We couldnt of finsihed him off that easily?" Cinos replied, nearly as confused as Talila.

"Its missing its host, it musnt be getting enough power to move up to another form" Deuce said, his gruff voice sounded as un-patienate as ever. "Rico must be around here somewhere"

There was the sounds of a fight, and the team followed it to where Rico, Death and Scion where fighting. Rico glanced up at the newcomers as she parried a blow from Death, a malicious little smile curled up in the corner of her mouth.

'There all here, i can turn them against each other now' She thought to herself. Ricos plan was coming together.

Oct 16, 2002, 07:54 PM
Scion looked at her smile. He didn't understand what was happening, but he knew it wasn't good.

I don't like this, he tought. He then turned to Maverick, and the ranger gave a nod.

Scion then ran away, while Maverick unleashed an assortment of photon bullets Rico. The android's traps had been reset, so he decided to circle around and take out Rico from there. He saw the rest of the team try to take her own by themselves.

Why do I feel like this isn't going to work? I've gone through the entire procedure 3 times in my head, and succes, even with Rico's experience, is likey to be ours. But there's somthing about her. She's not herself. Granted, I'M not myself, but she seems...evil... Scion thought through this while he went behind Rico, giving here a solid blow to the forehead with his wrist.

Man, I can't shake this feeling off! Somthing bad's bound to happen...

Oct 17, 2002, 03:54 AM
Rico stumbled from the blow, with her guard down Death stepped forward and drove his sword through her. But instead of dying she stood there with an amused look on her face, seeing the horror in Gamma Teams faces she laughed "DO YOU REALLY THINK YOU CAN KILL ME?" this was not Rico's voice...this was a voice that they all recognised, one they had encountered coming from those possessed by Dark Falz, the voice of the dark force itself...

Rico gripped the sword piercing her body and pushed it away causing Death to land a few feet away against a wall. He managed to stand only to be hit by a blast of rafoie. When he did not move Rico/Falz turned their attention towards the others.

The others were sure Death had ceased to fuinction but Scion noticed a slight movement...Death was alive...badly hurt but stil alive...and wanting revenge...

Oct 17, 2002, 05:48 PM
Sorry guys, my connection has been really screwy recently, hence the lack of posts >_>

Galik was the only memeber of the team who hadn't encountered Rico yet, she saw this as a slight advantage, and decided that he would be her first target. Buried deep down inside his mind she discovered a lost memory, one that had been coming back to haunt Galik in the past few days, possibly due to the presence of Falz

Rico chuckled to herself "Well, well, well... I never thought i'd be seeing him again, I guess Ryzor does have a use after all..."

Galik's head started to feel heavy, his vision blurred, from nearby he heard a voice call out

"Help! Galik help me!", he didn't recognise it but he thought that maybe it was a survivor, so he ran to the area where Rico was fighting the others... but through his eyes he was viewing a different scene unfold, a HUmar in a black uniform was fighting several of the beetle like children, the same HUmar from his dream. He drew his Calibur and ran towards the HUmar, the sheer hatred for this man was still burning in his heart.

"Shit, looks like this kid needs a little reminding" Rico thought to herself, she delved deeper into his mind and unlocked some more memories, Galik suddenly saw hundreds of scenes flash before his eyes in a matter of seconds. He saw scenes of his childhood, his past, fly by... he finally remembered who the man was, Ryzor, the two had been friends since he was a child, but the last he had seen of him was on the train 7 years ago

"Ryzor!? B... but you're dead!?" he said in disbelief
"I'll explain later, now help me out over here!"

Galik turned to face the two androids, who in his eyes appeared to be nothing more than a couple more of the Children and started to charge at them, barely missing Scion

"What the hell are you doing Galik!?" Cinos called out to him, but he got no reply, Galik couldn't hear him or even see him, he was focused on protecting the person who he thought was his best friend

Rico smiled from behind her new bodyguard
"All too easy..."

Oct 17, 2002, 10:46 PM
Talila pulled out a Suppressed Gun and loaded a special photon cartridge. She aimed at Galik and before anyone could stop her she fired.

*Gasp* "Why the hell did you do that" said everyone aloud.

"Dont worry he'll be fine, just taking a nap, we dont need to be killing each other here." replied Talila. "Get him away from here, he'll just be something to trip on if he stays here."

"Oooh" they replied.
Scion dragged the sleeping Galik away from where the battle was and came back quickly.

"Why'd you have to ruin my fun you party pooper" smirked Rico "If you knew what was good for you you would have just run"
She laughed an evil laugh and glared at the gamma team and Talila.



Oct 18, 2002, 05:07 PM
'What could she have done to turn Galik against us?' Cinos thought at the back of his head as he stood ready for Ricos next attack. He knew Galik had been acting a little strange latly around Deuce, but...

"Starting to panic now Cinos? Wondering how i could turn one of you friends against you?" Rico said, her voice mocking and deep.


"I know what your all thinking about at the minute. I can look deep into your souls and find all your fears and buried secrets. I can play with your minds in ways you would never be able to understand. You understand dont you Scion, or should i say Daimyo?"

The Hucast took a step back as she said his past name.

"I could also tell you Deuce's dark secret, how he let his friends die cause he was a coward"

Deuce clenched his fists and teeth and cursed the creature in fornt of him.

"I could also tell you things about Death and Talila. Things they've bottled up..."

Oct 19, 2002, 07:12 AM
"Perhaps I don't want to here." Scion sharply replied.

Rico glared at him as he continued. "Give them all of Daimyo's past, but he's dead, only giving me advice. While you are still at large, which means...YOU CAN GET TO KNOW HIM BETTER!" The android gave a wicked slice to Rico's midsection. In a rage of fury, she hit him hard with her scythe. Scion stumbled from the blow, but he still held his ground.

Suddenly, Scion was in a room, possibly from an appartment. He didn't know what happened, but he had a feeling that Rico was behind it. The android searched through the "apartment" until he found two hunters fighting. One was badly bruised, another was laughing maniacaly, preparing to attack the other hunter with a Silence Claw. When he noticed that the beaten hunterwas Daimyo, Scion rushed up, preparing to launch a powerful blow to the Claw-weilding menace.

Suddenly he stopped, just a foot away from Cinos. He saw the young newman girl watching the two sparring hunters with fear. He looked back, and saw a victorious Daimyo stagger back, resting from his ordeal.

Scion turned back, and tried to deliver another attack to Rico. She dodged, but the attack still broke a art of her glasses. Scion laid one of his paralysis traps and ran back to the group.

Scion had tried too hard to resist Rico's mental attack, and fell down exhausted.


Oct 19, 2002, 06:30 PM
Death reeled back as the images flooded through his mind...so many deaths...so many lives extinguished...so much blood...all on his hands...the body of his mentor lying at his feet, purple ichor oozing from the wound trough his chest and back...


Death screamed his eyes blazing red he struck out at Rico carving the head from the scythe before rushing madly towards her carving of further chunks of the handle until there was nothing left, Rico stumbled and fell and he stood there poised over her sword raised

"Wait are you waiting for?"

she snarled the question at him

"...I can't..." he turned away as he turned Rico drew a dagger and stabbed him in the back...

he fell to the floor and a triumphant Rico stood above him...he was alive...but for how long?

Oct 20, 2002, 04:09 PM
Cinos closed his eyes, not wanting to see another member of his team get taken down. He was supposed to lead them and protect them, not get them killed off one by one. He could here Death groaning on the floor a few feet away from him. Each noise cut deeper into his weakening soul. Rico probably had already seen this, his fear of failing, of letting everyone down. He remembered why he was late on his first day. He had spent most of the night drinking in some bar, trying to crush even a small piece of the fear that was welling up inside of him. It hadnt worked, it just made him drunk and depressed.

He had hidden this fear from everyone, not spoken about it to anyone, and now it was coming back to haunt him. But he had to bury it, he couldnt let it overwhelm him at this point. He had to do something, and it would probably end up being something stupid.

"Stop killing my men!" he yelled and charged at Rico.

"NO! You idiot!" Deuce yelled and tried to reach out and stop him, but he was to late.

Cinos' Pallasch fizzed into life as he reached Rico and he brought it down in a long red arc. She barely had chance to raise the knives in her hands and stop it. There was and almost electrical clash and the weapons rebounded each other in a shower of small sparks. Cinos twirled and brought the Pallasch around again, just scratching Ricos cheek. A small stream of purple blood ran from the wound.

"Gotta do better then that human!"

There was a loud thud as Rico's leg met Cinos' stomach. He doubled over, winded, and left himself open to Rico bringing a elbow down on his spine. He hit the floor hard and almost choked on the dust that was brought up. AS he went to move he felt a foot come smashing down on his spine. He roared in agony as he lost all feeling below his waist, hes spine snapped clean in two. Rico just looked on callously.

"Leave him alone!" shouted Deuce as he raised his Varista, closly followed by Talila and Maverick raising there own weapons. "We will shoot!"

Rico just looked on, smiling. She didnt flinch as the three opened fire, the photon projectiles heading straight for her. A couple hit home, blasting apart her shoulder, chest and stomach, the others just flew by harmlessly. Rico continued to smile as the purple blood dribbled down her cloak and spilled onto the floor.

"That should of floored her completely" said Talila, bewilderment in her voice as she watch Rico just stand there.

"She aint human anymore, these weapons wont finish her off now" Deuce said, the same unsurprised tone in his voice that he had used many a time now.

"Then what will?!" Maverick asked, himself on the verge of panicking.

"Nothing you humans will ever be able to handle!" Rico said, the smile still not leaving her lips.

Cinos lay on the floor, listening on to what was happening. They were all screwed now, he failed to prtect his men, and there was nothing anyone could do now to stop Rico.

Oct 20, 2002, 05:20 PM
Scion lumbered up, and then staggered away. Everyone looked at the android as he simply walked away.

"Mav," he said, tossing his Oratiagito to him. The ranger caught it, looking at the powerful samurai edge.

Rico laughed almost maniaclly, looking at Maverick holding the sword, and seeing Scion walk away from the battle. Maverick rushed straight after her, sword drawn.

I hope you know what your doing Scion...
Scion picked a Trimate off of a fallen Cultist, applied it to himself, and walked over to Falz's corpse. He searched on as he thought about Rico and Falz, and the bond they had. But did they have it, or do they have it? Was it possible for two beings sharing the same body, to reside in another body after one dies? Right when Falz died, it seperated between it's dying corpse, and Rico's body. Why would he let go of one of the strongest people out there, unless...

The android finally found his Meteor Cudgel from the corpse, and then ran back to the others.
Maverick was on the ground, soaked in a pool of blood, with the Oratiagito stuck in his back once Scion got back. The android looked at Maverick with greif and sorrow, and he found out that the ranger had died defending the rest of them, he looked at Rico with hate and spite.

"I was worried, I thought you would chicken out Daimyo."

"Enough Falz, you die today, for the last time in our generation!"

Rico glared at him with a furious rage. "You can't even touch me, let alone kill me, you multi-race freak!"

"Look where that comes from, a demon hiding behind an innocent woman!"

She scolwed, a deep hared for the android mounting steadily. "So what if you know who I am? But there's a flaw in your reasoning. This is only the creature's body. She died when those stupid hunters from your ship killed my perfect form. Knowing it would mean another millinium of nothingness, I decided to try somthing new. Usually, when I "die", my host's real body is returned with the host's conciousness, so I decided to surpress her conciousness in my body, while I took hers."

Duece stared at Rico with an expression of shock. She looked back at him. "Shocked? Well, it gets better! I actually copied Rico's thought patterns, and made a clone conciousness while I hibernated and restored my energy. Now I'm fully abled, the clone surpressed, and you get to see an even greater form than thought possible!"

Here we go, Scion thought, watching Rico begin to change.

Oct 21, 2002, 09:10 AM
Death pushed himself up from the floor...his systems were registering near fatal damage but he didn't care anymore. Once again his eyes burned but this time far brighter, the red sections on his armour burned as he stood...

Stil the others did not notice him as their eyes were drawn to where the new incarnation of the dark force was taking shape...

He let out a blood curdling roar and charged at the thing, finally it turned as he lept burying his sword into one of its eyes, surging the last of his strength he overloaded his core. A massive explosion rocked the area as the others were thrown back. For an instant they saw a figure glowing, a great winged reaper...then there was a flash so bright they had to shield their eyes...when they looked again Ricos corpse slumped to the ground and disolved. Death's lifeless body lay there...shattered...sword at his side...

"It's finally over..." Deuce comented as he surveyed the destruction. Scion began to gather up Death's body...he was an android so perhaps there was still hope?

Oct 21, 2002, 04:45 PM
Cinos still lay on the floor, totally useless. He could barely keep his eyes open through the pain he was feeling and the world was all blurry and distant. He had seen Death give up his life to stop Rico, but he couldnt grive for her, the fear of failing everyone had totally taken over and he had. He felt useless in his body and mind now.

He still lay there, staring through half opened eyes. The destroyed city looked strangly serene like this. He could see the ungathered souls dancing in the wreackage, there blue light illuminating their surroundings. He wondered if anyone would come to tend to those souls? Souls maybe he could of protected? The fear and pain rose in him again, and he murmered through parched lips;

"I wish i had the power to save everyone and not fail"

It was a quiet wish, but somebody answered it. His half closed blurry eyes could just make out the outlines of a woman. She strolled over to his broken body and knelt beside him, her purple glow lit up his face.

"You should be a good host, i hope you dont dissapoint" and with that, she vanished, leaving Cinos was a strange feeling inside. It was cold, but filled him with power.

"Hey kid, you ok? We will try to get you to the medi centre as soon as possible" Deuces voice called out as he rushed over to where Cinos lay. He knelt down and lifted him onto his shoulder and headed back to the rest of the team.

Cinos' mind started to race as he tried to beat the uncoming unconsciousness. His last thought was the relisation that he was becoming what he had once tried to stop, he was becoming a servant of Dark Falz.

No. He was becoming Dark Falz.

Well, i think thats the end of ths fic. Seemed a bit sudden, but...
Ill leave you guys to add your own character epilogues, but i think Deuce and Cinos are finished for this fic. Roll on Do Hucasts 3.

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Oct 21, 2002, 05:20 PM
Suddenly the room came into focus, Death sat up at looked around him. He was in medical center, as he rose a nurse walked over to him

"Ah! Your awake!" she looked surprised, flinching a little from the look he gave her she explained "When the HUcast Scion brought you here you were in pieces...the medics were able to reassemble you but they were unsure if you would reactivate..." he continued to look at her "How long..." he began "Three weeks" she stammered. He slid himself from the table and looked around. He flexed his hands and legs...strange...he had faced oblivion yet somehow he had come back...why?

As he took his sword from where it had been left by his bed and walked out into the streets he kept asking himself "Why? Why did I come back?" in his head a voice answered "Because there is still work to be done..." with that he vanished into the crowd, just another Hunter in vast espanse of Pioneer City...

Oct 21, 2002, 05:33 PM
Galik woke up to find himself lying on some kind of hospital bed, he was still feeling somewhat sleepy as the sedative hadn't fully worn off yet. The door opened and a nurse walked in

"Ah, you're awake"
"Ugh... how long have I been here?"
"About 2 hours now"
"But, how did I get here?"
"Your friends, they dropped you off"
"They still here?"
"They left soon after they brought you here"
"Any idea where they were going?"
"They didn't say"

Galik looked down at his uniform, it was now battered and scarred, he wouldn't even think it was the same, unused armor he had been wearing the day he first met Cinos. He removed the special CTF section ID that he had recieved the day he signed up and smiled

"You're in the CTF?"
"Yeah... well, I used to be..."
"Oh? Why? Did you quit?"

He didn't reply, he got up and walked over to the window, he looked out at Pioneer City on the horizon and sighed, thinking about his companions who had lost their lives fighting, Beta team, Delta team, Ultimate... and how close he had come to killing his own teammates

"I never want to go through anything like that ever again"

He looked at the section ID medallion once again, before placing it down on the table next to the bed and walking out of the room

Well, i'm out of it now too... I would've hoped it had gone on longer but it was nice working with you guys none the less ^_^

Edit: What's happening with DH3? Is it going to be another participation fic?

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Oct 21, 2002, 07:16 PM
That would be cool. I could make another char, or maybe tranfser Mav to it.
Scion was back in his apartment. Once again, he was without a purpose, without a need to be. Was Dark Falz really dead? Death killed him so easily, and he normally went through another form of some kind. It didn't make sense that Falz died like that. Still, Scion thought about Falz's death, about his own life, and how he might be able to take control of his own future.

He then suddenly remembered that Sapphire told him about a Deceased Replacement Android she payed for. Scion decided to go to the Medical center. He asked the secratary about the DRAs.

"Yes sir, we did have a Sapphire buy one. She only allowed access to someone named Scion. Please place your hand here for identification." The android laid his hand on a print indicator, identifying him as Scion.

"Come right this way." She said, leading him to a room with a lone doctor inside. "He will help you with anything else."

"ah, welcome! We don't get many androids around here, so it's interesting to meet one," the doctor said.

"Thank you. I'm here for a DRA that a Newman hunter named Sapphire purchased."

"Ah! Silhouette has been waiting!" He said, leading Scion to another part of the room

"It has a name already?"

The doctor nodded. "Sapphire wanted a name to match yours, I guess to be a partner for you, Scion. Here she is." He pressed a button on his pad, and a small pod lowered, revealing a beautiful female android.

"It will take a couple hours to power up her systems, he said, starting the power-up sequence.

"Doctor, can you erase memory data?" Scion asked him.

"Yes, why? Bad past?"

"I want you to erase all of my memory data. My experience, my acquaintentences, my allegiences. I want to start over, a new hunter."

"Very well. I can do it while I am powering Silhouette up."

"Thank you," he replied, entering an adjacent pod.

Daimyo, Sapphire, thank you foreverything. Silhouette and I can handle things now. Rest, my friends. Scion thought. The pod closed, and Scion deactivated...
"Well, it was a good ride while it lasted. Come on kids, let's go home."

"We are home."

"That was fast."

Thanks for the fun deathscythealpha! Maybe I can help in DH3!

Oct 22, 2002, 08:39 AM
Im still thinking what to do with DH3. I was thinking of doing the next bit myself, finishing off Deuces tale. But you lot seem interested in another particpation thread, maybe i could start up a side story?

Well, we will have to see...

Oct 22, 2002, 07:35 PM
Side story eh? Maybe we could do something through the eyes of one of the other teams and have it set around the same time as the events of DH2? I think Delta team seemed to know more about the situation then anyone in Gamma team did, and what happened to Alpha team?

So many possibilities =/

Oct 22, 2002, 08:07 PM
Well, if I get in the side story, I know exactly who I'm gonna use! *devious grin*

Oct 23, 2002, 07:59 AM
On 2002-10-22 17:35, Reno wrote:
and what happened to Alpha team?

Hmm, i forgot about Alpha team, what did happen to them?

Well, so far for the side story ive been putting together the idea of what happened/is happening to the people who remained on Ragol after the DH2 incidents. DH3 has gone back to Pioneer 2, so it would be nice to have some people see whats going on in the semi ruined city that was Pioneer City.

"Do Hucasts: Ruins of Ragol" anyone? Ill see what happens later.

*goes off to finish chapter two of DH3*