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Sep 12, 2002, 09:03 PM
Chapter 1

The red daggers hummed softly in her hands. Normally she wouldn't be able to hear it, but Kasera was standing perfectly till, hidden in a grove of small trees, waiting. She tightened her grip on the handles making her leather gloves creak. Sweat began dripping down her face, matting down her long green hair. It wasn't even midday and the heat was already unbearable, 'Thirty more seconds and I'm out of this jungle shit hole.' she thought, 'thirty more seconds and It's time for some serious R&R' The thought of which brought a oddly mischievous grin to her face.

Heavy footfalls to the southeast snapped her back to attention, something sounded wrong. The steps had a mechanical rhythm. Concentrating, her keen hearing was able to distinguish the whine of servo motors intermixed with the footfalls. Startled for a moment, she took a deep breath to compose herself. She was ready.

Two Sinow reds marched passed her position. "Two!? The damn things were walking in sync to hide their numbers", she cursed softly to herself. She lept to the back of the closet Sinow, plunging both daggers deep into it's unarmoured neck. With a quick twisting motion she managed to sever almost all the neuro-motor connections, It's arms flailed about uselessly. A simple horizontal slice from her right dagger and the head was neatly removed. Like a marionette with it's strings cut, the Sinow collapsed.

Kasera dove for cover behind a nearby tree, just a split second before Sinows claw sliced through the space she had just occupied. A second attack, even quicker then the first, neatly removed the base of the tree. The 'bots attacks, so relentless, prevented her any opportunity to counter-attack. The petite Hunewearl was on the defensive and though nimble and in excellent shape she was fast approaching the point of exhaustion. Desperately she scanned the horizon for something ... anything she could use to her advantage. salvation presented itself in the form of a thick grove of large trees.

She arrived, gasping for breath and on the verge of collapse, with the Sinow hot on her heels. No longer worried about attracting unwanted attention she was able to cast shifta and deband. Power surged through her, she no longer felt the exhaustion, instead she felt confident, almost euphoric. After dodging a particularily vicious attack, the Sinows right claw was imbedded deep into the trunk of one of the larger trees. "Gotcha, fucker!", Kasera screamed running up the stuck arm like a ramp. Diving at it's head with her daggers outstretched in front, she sliced clean through, landing gracefully on the opposite side. She pivoted to face the monster, smiled, then bowed. It teetered awkwardly for a moment, It's massive weight ripping the right arm from it's socket as it crashed to the ground.

"Well, I guess my R&R will have to wait until I can find out what those Sinows were protecting," she sighed.

Sep 12, 2002, 09:04 PM
Chapter 2

The young blonde-haired girl sat upon the large rock, hands cupped beneath her chin. Her serious expression belying her normally fun loving, sarcastic demeanor. So deep in thought was she that neither the pair of foraging Bartles or the pebble that bounced just to her right were noticed. A second pebble
bouncing to her left still failed to get her attention. The third, hitting her square in the back, finally got a response.

"OW!" Buffy groaned. Quickly she spun around scanning the dense brush. "I know it's you Jade! Show yourself or fear my wrath," she yelled the idle threat.

"You may be strong, young one, but don't be so fool-hearty," Jade was the picture of elegance. Dressed in a flowing red gown, with long brown hair cascading down her shoulders, It was easy to be taken aback just by her presence. She always carried herself with as much poise and dignity she could
muster, regarldless of the situation..

"Why did you have to hit me with a rock?" Buffy whinned, still rubbing the wound. "You may have scarred me! I demand ice cream in compensation."

Jade found it difficult to keep her composure at the mere mention of icecream. Of all her students, this little ones foibles, she found most amusing. "As I stated yesterday, I'll buy you some ice cream when we get back to Pioneer 2,"the smallest hint of a smile crossing her face.

"But I want ice cream now!"

"Such a petulant mouth for one so one. Mayhaps I should shut it?" she stated plainly. Jade had to keep a tight reign on Buffy because her gift of magic was such that she could be a potential danger to herself and others. She was more powerful then anyone she had met in the last ten years and being only six years old made her gift all that more astounding. "Sit with me child," Jade motioned to log she was standing beside.

Still rubbing her back in an obvious attempt to gain sympathy, Buffy hopped off the rock taking a seat beside her friend. "Are we leaving?"

"Soon dear, soon. I want to ask you something first though ... what were you just thinking about on the rock?"

"On the rock?" she asked. "Ummm ... I don't remember."

"Think hard dear"

Buffy closed her eyes tight, concentrating ... hard. Images flashed in her head; a small woman with green hair in a desperate fight, mechanical horrors attacking people, a shadowy figure in the jungle with glowing green eyes. "Terrible things ... in the jungle," That was all she could manage before the tears began. Wrapping her arms tightly around Jade she pressed her head into her chest, sobbing uncontrollably.

"There, there, little one. I shall protect you with my dying breath."

Sep 12, 2002, 09:04 PM
Chapter 3

The Lavis Cannon's energy wave caused the Bartles head to explode like a melon smashed with a sledgehammer, blood and bone fragments splattering over the lush jungle foliage."Oh my GOD! Did you fuckin' see THAT?" Stonedgrover laughed, pointing at the fallen creature. Brushing his shaggy brown hair back with his left hand he gave the Lavis Cannon an approving look, "Where have you been all my life, honey?" he said kissing the weapons hilt. Being a rather large individual and dressed all in black, he would of been intimidating if not for the mischievous grin which never seemed to leave his

"I don't understand you at all," Shir groaned, shaking her head. She wore a grey and green hunters outfit, had long white hair and a patch over her left eye. Her serious nature contrasted sharply with Stonedgrover's, but both were consummate professionals on an important mission for the government. "You mind if I call you Josh? I really hate your "hunter" name."

"Whatever you like pretty lady."

"My name is Shir," She replied giving Stonedgrover a cold look.

Winking, he responded, "I know, hon."

"You are SO infuriating sometimes. Now that you've played around with your new toy, can we get back to work please?" she pleaded.

"Absolutely! I just wanted to hear you talk ... ," He was cut off by the beep from his communicator, "Yes sir, right away sir," He responded curtly. Returning the communication device to his front pocket, he faced Shir, "We have to head back to Pioneer 2 immediately, there has been another massive energy discharge," his voice was ice.

Shir cast Ryuker, a glowing tube of white-blue energy appearing in front of her. They stepped into the light and vanished.

Sep 12, 2002, 09:05 PM
Chapter 4

The dense undergrowth made travel difficult and actually finding something practically impossible. Kasera grabbed a small towel from the pack at her waist in a futile attempt to wipe the sweat off her forehead, "God, what I wouldn't give for a cold shower right now," she moaned, re-checking the
portable navigation system strapped to her left arm, she resumed her search "I know the Sinow patrol came from this direction ... I'm positive," Groping her way through some dense brush she stumbled across a young blonde-haired girl sprawled on the ground ... unmoving.

Kasera, rushing to her side, knelt down, rolling the child onto her back. The girls elaborate blue outfit was that of a magic user, more stylish then then functional, most likely a fonewearl. "What is a mere child doing, alone, in a shit hole like this?" she pondered. Using her lap to support the girls head, a quick scan with the portable diagnostic unit revealed only minor cuts and bruises. Breathing a sigh of relief Kasera poured a bit of water from her canteen onto a towel and placed it on the girls forehead. After a few minutes she began to stir.

"Wha ... what happened ... wh ... where am I?" the girl moaned.

"Be still," producing a couple of yellow pills from her pouch she handed them to the girl, "Take these monomates, you'll feel better in no time," she said in a soothing voice. "My name is Kasera ... what's yours?"

"Buffy," she replied. Consuming the pills, she washed them down with water from Kasera's canteen. "At least I can remember that much."

"You are pretty banged up ... looks like you've been in some combat ... Why are you here, alone?"

"I'm not alone, I'm with my teacher, Jade ..." a look of shock and horror washed over her face. Buffy's hands began trembling uncontrollably, she lost grip of the canteen and watched it fall to the ground.

Concerned, Kasera asked, "What's wrong?"

Ripping her gaze from the growing puddle of water before her, Buffy looked at Kasera, tears streaming down her face, "Oh my god ... JADE!" she screamed.

Sep 12, 2002, 09:07 PM
Chapter 5

In a small well lit conference room, aboard Pioneer 2 ...

"The energy burst originated here," said the man pointing at a tiny spot on the Holo-map. The 3D planetary relief rotated and zoomed in on the location displaying a real time representation of the incident. "It was massive discharge, completely off the scale." Even at this size the explosion was
impressive to witness. Flowen was a famous four star General, known for his fierce temper and for being a hard ass. He was harsh judge of character, but those that earned his respect were friends for life.

"How off the scale, General Flowen?" Stonegrover asked. He was enthralled with holo-map representation of the event, which kept replaying in a continuous loop.

The General replied, "As in Dark Force ..."

Cutting him off mid-sentence, Stonegrover exclaimed,"You are during kidding me sir?! We already defeated Dark Force!" he blushed furiously realizing who he had just cursed in front of, "I'm sorry sir ... I forgot myself," he apologized.

"It's ok son, good choice of words actually," the General chuckled. He liked this hot-headed kid, he reminded him of himself at that age, "We did in fact defeat Dark Force. I was just stating that the energy signature was as large, or maybe even larger, then that of Dark Force. It's very different in
composition though ... definitely NOT Dark Force," pausing to take a drink of water then continued, "Everything in a 10 kilometer radius of the energy source has simply vanished. Look at this close up of the damaged area," The holo-map zoomed in revealing the devastated area. It appeared
everything, less the ground itself, had simply vanished.

"My God ... that's horrible!" Shir exclaimed.

Motioning for everyone to move closer to the holo-map, General Flowen said, "The interesting thing is that just moments after the the initial discharge, a second energy signature was detected in the jungle region to the north ...
very close to where you two had just been investigating."

"Meaning what Sir?" Shir asked.

"Meaning ... as near as we can tell ... whatever caused the initial blast, teleported to that second location," Replied the General. "This is big. Stonedgrover, I need you to assemble a small hand picked team to investigate."

"Yes Sir!" he replied, the mischievous grin appearing once again.

"Ok, you know the situation, we will reconvene here at 16:30. I expect your squad to be ready to go," General Flowen commanded.

"Of course Sir!" Stonedgrover replied. Standing at attention they saluted the General then waited for him to exit.

"From that silly grin on your face, I'll assume you're happy about getting the chance to use your new toy," Shir said dryly.

"Yep," he replied simply. Clasping his hands together he stretched his arms above his head and cracked his neck, "Ok, we have a squad to assemble."

Sep 12, 2002, 09:09 PM
Chapter 6

The dense Ragol jungle opened up to a wide plain. Buffy was showing signs of fatigue,"Hurry child! Keep running! They're right behind us," she yelled. Jade stopped, turning to face the horde of grotesques in pursuit. Somewhat human in appearance, they were clad in tattered clothing and running hunched over on all fours. She had to do something, the gap separating them was closing at an alarming rate.

Closing her eyes she focused -a calm coming over her- as if oblivious to the imminent danger she held out her right arm, palm upturned. A ball of fire, 4 cm in size, materialized in front of her hand, growing three times in diameter, then launching at the attackers. It struck the enemy frontline, exploding; limbs, rock, dirt and vegetation were scattered in every direction. Rafoi was a destructive spell, yet the three consecutive volleys did little to slow the seemingly endless swarm of enemies. Deciding discretion was the better part of valor in this situation, Jade ran to catch up to Buffy.

Closing the distance quickly, Jade yelled, "Running is useless child, we have only a few minutes before they catch us."

Stopping, Buffy turned to face her friend, "So What do we do then?"

"We have no choice but to stand and fight," she replied.

"Against that?!" Buffy said incredulously, pointing at the army of creatures approaching them.

"Since teleportation has somehow been blocked and out running them isn't possible, our only choice is to fight,' folding her arms beneath her breasts, she pondered for a moment, then noded as if coming to a decision, "A photonic blast is our only option."

"A photon blast?! Nobody has tried that in a hundred years and that was when they used MAGS," she whined, "It's impossible."

"As you know, I've done extensive research on the subject and the theory is sound ... but I need you to link with me to achieve the necessary power," Smiling, Jade laid her hands on Buffy's shoulder, "We've linked before in training ... I know you can do it."

A photon blast was simply a gateway opened to the spirit realm. Opening the gate required the caster to manipulate all the basic elements of magic, simultaneously. The type of creature summoned was controlled by altering the ratio of the elements combined. This complicated procedure was controlled
by a MAG, but, since the loss of MAG technology, so had photon blasts disappeared. Buffy had heard Jade go on endlessly about how photon blasts worked and she believed her capable, but the prospect of actually doing it was terrifying.

"Ok child, I'm ready," Jade said.

Buffy let her mind wander ... searching for her mentor. It was like feeling your way along a rope in a forest, blindfolded ... you just had to know which rope to grab. Success!

Jade felt the connection, the enemy was almost upon them, it was now or never. Holding both arms straight in front, palms facing, Jade closed her eyes and began a wordless chant -a simple beginner exercise to help maintain focus- a ball of foi grew between her palms until it was 10 cm in size. Barta, zonde and grants were intermixed causing it to pulsate menacingly. Finally she cast megid, the energy globe shrank by half, turning the deepest of black.

"Now Buffy ... NOW!" She screamed.

The energy hit her like a tidal wave making her eyes pop open, the torrent threatening to consume her. The child was much more powerful then she imagined. Raising her hands above her head the energy globe shot up then detonated in a swirling kaleidoscope of colour. A black scar was ripped across
the sky and a brilliant white form step forth. It was impossible to describe, It's shape seemed to change from moment to moment, as if made of liquid.

Jade, transfixed on the spectacle above, didn't notice that the creatures were upon her. Buffy watched in horror, as her friend was run through the chest, with a crude metal blade. Salvation had arrived too late. Jade gasped in shock, looking down at the 40 centimeters of metal protruding from her chest she screamed before collapsing.

Two huge limbs emerged from side of the summoned creature and were thrust aloft, shards of pure energy spewed forth like water from a fountain.

"JAAAAADE!" Buffy cried.

The creatures were just steps away when the sky began to rain death.

Everything went black ...

"Wake up Buffy ... wake up!" Kasera demanded, shaking her hard.

Buffy bolted upright, "Wha .. what happened?"

"I'd say you were having a nightmare, kiddo," Kasera replied softly, trying to console her friend.

"No, not a nightmare," Buffy replied coldly,"I remember what happened before you found me," burying her face in her hands she sobbed.

That's it for now ... I'll try to keep updating. Hope you like it so far.



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Cool I like it. I'm assuming that these events are happening at the same time? Well anyway I like it so keep writing. I hope they meet each other and kill stuff... oh and read my fan fic!

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Chapter 7

Nynaeve sat in a rather plain, sturdy chair ... brooding. Smoothing her dress and trying her best not to fidget, she looked around the room. Small, sparsely furnished and well lit, It wasn't anything remarkable, but it was befitting of the military.

A few strands of her long pink hair, fell out of place. Annoyed, she brushed them back, adjusting the ribbon that held her hair up. "Ten minutes early and nothing to do but wait," She mused. Idly she began biting her nails, promptly stopping when she realized what she was doing, 'Nasty habit,'she thought. Being a mercenary for the government definitely had it's perks, but the disinformation, misinformation and subterfuge drove her mad. Lost in her thoughts she didn't notice the door open.

"Excuse me?" repeated the man clad in red and black armour.

Surprised, Nynaeve glared at the man, she was angry with herself for being caught off guard. He was tall, with shaggy, brown hair and was in desperate need of a shave. With a nervous smile, she stood up and approached him, "Hi, my name is Nynaeve," she said holding out her hand.

Lightly grasping her hand, he bent over, kissing it. "Khaotika is my name, but you can call me Khao," He said with a wink and a grin.

Surprised she replied, "Khao, huh? I think I'll remember that," giving him a warm smile.

"What's it take to get a drink in her anyway?" another female voice piped up. "I'm sorry, am I interrupting something?" she said laughing. "The name is Magenta and I specialize in magic and talking. I've been told I'm very good ... at talking ... Though, I tend to think I'm also quite an accomplished mage." Taking a moment to adjust her rather prominent, purple hat, she continued, "So has anyone been briefed as to the details of this mission?"

Thrusting her hand out towards new arrival, "Hello Magenta! I'm Nynaeve and the big fellow here, is Khaotika."

"Khao," he corrected. "Ah, to be in the presence of two such beautiful women, truly I'm the luckiest man on Ragol."

Magenta leaned closer to Nynaeve, whispering, "Hey, If you aren't interested in him, I'd like a shot."

Nyneave, unable to keep a straight face, laughed aloud, "I like you, Magenta."

"What are you two talking about?" Khao asked, scratching is unshaven face.

Grinning Magenta replied, "Nothing ... would you be so kind as to get me something to drink, dear? I'm a bit parched, the dresses we mage's have to wear, are quite unwieldily, you see. Though, I must admit, I do look good in purple. Wouldn't you agree?"

"Yes, it suits you VERY well," Khao stated, giving Magenta an approving look.

Nynaeve, lightly elbowing Magenta, "I think he's a keeper," she whispered.

With that comment, Magenta doubled over, laughing. Khaotika, unsure of how to react, simply smiled.

"I'm glad to see everyone getting along so well. My name is Stonedgrover," he said in a loud, booming, voice, " and I'm the leader of this motley crue, " pointing to the petite, HUnewearl on his immediate left, "This is Shir, she's my liaison and second in command. So if you've finished giggling like a bunch of school girls, I'd like to get the briefing under way."

Shir interrupted,"Excuse me, Sir. We appear to be short one hunter ... name of ..."

"Snow, yep, that's me," he said. Twirling a ring attached to a small chain, he sauntered around the room. Everyone turned to face the newcomer. He was rather unremarkable looking. Average height, average build, with spikey, white hair.

"I expect you to be on time for mission briefings," Grover hissed, glaring at Snow.

Still twirling the ring, he walked up to Grover, "Hey, if you didn't want a lazy son-of-a-bitch on your squad, you shouldn't of asked for me specifically." giving him a sideways look, he smirked, "It's not like we haven't worked together before."

Nynaeve glance over at Magenta, she looked back and shrugged. Grover had a exasperated look on his face, idily, she wondered what had happened between those two. Snow, despite his lazy, doesn't-give-a-shit attitude, scared her.

"Everyone please take a seat and we'll get the briefing underway," said Shir.

Grover waited until everyone had seated themselves, Snow, choosing to lean against a back wall. Sighing he took a deep breath and began the introductions, "To my far left, the unshaven guy, is Khaotika, he's a ranger and quite a remarkable marksman."

Standing up, Khaotika said, "Call me Khao."

"Ok then ... Next to him is Nynaeve, she is a mage specializing in buffs and debuffs."

Nynaeve nodded in agreement, saying, "It's a pleasure to meet everyone."

"That's great ... really," Grover said dryly, "Next up is Magenta. Her forte is combat magic and she's quite good with a Soul Bani ..."

"Don't forget chatting!" she interrupted, "I just feel it necessary to warn everyone, that I like to talk. If I'm not fighting, that's what I'll be doing ... simple as that. It's like just the other day, I was at a pub with some friends getting a little ... rowdy, when all of a sudden this guy comes up to me, with a potato in his left hand and a pint of beer in his right ..."

Grover coughed,"Fortunately!" he said loudly, cutting her off,
"... fortunately, for everyone involved, there will be a lot of combat," he winked at Magenta, "Ok, finally, leaning against the back wall, is Snow. His speciality is ... well ... everything and you've already met Shir and I, so that's everyone."

Nynaeve asked, "So what's this all about?"

Shir turned off the overhead lights, a Holo-map materializing in the center of the room. Her face, lit by it's glow, took on an ominous look as she replied, "I'm glad you asked ..."

Nynaeve shuddered.