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Pioneer 2 was made to house mainly colonists to the alien world of Ragol. However, for protection, several individuals were hired for various missions that helped either civilians or government interest. These elite people are known as Hunters. This is the story of Daimyo, a powerful HUmar who was on the 5-year boyage that it would take for the massivs ship to reach Ragol, where the crew and small number of civilians of Pioneer 1 were waiting...

The ring of the alarm startled a drowsy Hunter, who smacked the snooze button. When the ring didn't stop, he realized that it was the phone.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm coming! Can't get an ounce of sleep around here..."

He activated the comlink.

"Rise and shine, Daimond!"

"I told you not to call me that, Rick. And I just went to bed!"

"Daimyo, it's almost 400 beats! Now get out of your snooze hole and get over here! Monsiuer Tyrell needs you."

"*gumble* I'm coming"

Daimyo drudgingly got his hunter's outfit on, and came to the Principle's office. The secratary smiled at him.

"Hello Daimyo! Late night out?"

"Heh. Very funny. Can anyone NOT comment on that."

"Nope!" Rick came out of Tyrell's office, some meseta in his hand.

"What did he bribe you with this time?"

"Hehe, gotta new job. Go talk to the prince if you want to chime in."

Daimyo yawned as he entered Tyrell's office. The somwhat elderly, but not TOO elderly, Principle looked with an incriminating glare.

"DON'T...say..anything." the hunter told him.

"I'm surprised, Daimyo. Usually your the first one here!"

"I can't win everything."

"Of course."

The hunter looked at the computer on Tyrell's desk. "Anything new?"

"She's doing fine, working on another project." They both slightly chuckled.

"Permission to speak freely, sir."

"Daimyo, your not in the military. You can be as blunt as you want."

"Some people might disagree with your leadership, but you sure can raise good daughters!"

"With all do respect, what's that supposed to mean?"

"She's smart, strong, and beautiful."

"And you WANTED to say beautiful last, right?" The hunter sort of blushed. "Don't worry about it Daimyo. Everyone you know knows that your not really attracted to women."

Daimyo looked at the Principle. "So, about that mission?"

"More of an investigation, really. There's been a murder."

"A what? Who on this ship would want to kill anyone?"

"I want you to investigate the scene, and decide for yourself."

"Rick isn't coming with me, is he?"

"No sir. I sent him on a wild goose chase. Why else would he have come out with meseta?" The hunter smiled.

"I think you need a little alone time, ok?"

"Yes, sir!" The hunter walked out happily. He loved solo missions, even though this was obviously the worst mission of all. But he had solved mysteries with almost no clues before, and he could it again...

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Oct 6, 2002, 04:41 AM
I'm guessing you're gonna be Damaiyo on Ep I & II...

Keep 'em coming!

Oct 6, 2002, 07:42 AM
Perhaps. Read on.
Daimyo went back to his apartment, grabbed his keys, and jumped into his hovercard. He then turned on the radio.

"Ok, people, hear he comes! The famous King is coming on!"

Abram King, a popular singer who sang anchient songs from their home galaxy of Algol. This time, he was singing "Crawling in the Dark," and Daimyo began singing along to it on his way to the scene of the crime.

He finally made it to the scene. The hunter looked at the humble neighberhood around it as he reached the house.

"What have we got?"

A police officer replied, "Meet Mr. and Mrs. Erik Chamberland, 15 years each."

"These wounds look like a combination between a Photon Handgun and a pair of Daggers."

"How would know so much about hunter weapons?"

Daimyo flashed his Hunter ID. "Oh, sorry Sir!"

"Hey, no problem. This wouldn't be Vickie and Erik Chamberland, would it?"

"You know them?"

"The Chamberlands won an science award for controlled genetic birth."


The hunter smilied. "They could mentally alter the personality, intelligence, strength, size, shape, everything about a child while she was pregnent. Only Newmans could do it, and only mentally disciplined ones."

"Oh, I remember now. That was before launch, right?"

"Correct. I want you to take these two to autopsy, and see if she's missing any egg cells, ok?"

"Ok sir, anything else?"

"Nah, I got it."

The police left as Daimyo investigated their house. He started with the living room. Typical blood splatter, slashed furniture, signs of a struggle. He then looked in the corner and noticed shreds of clothing. All of a sudden, a loud sound was heard in the kitchen. Daimyo pulled out his Lockgun in the direction of the noise, and slowly walked into the kitchen, where he saw a horrible sight.

A girl! Daimyo thought.

A beaten, half-dead, and almost naked young Newman female was standing there. Daimyo immediately pulled out a Trimate.

"Here." He said, applying it to her. She woke up and looked at him with a sadness in her eyes.

"Are you ok?" he asked her.

"A bad man attacked my mom and dad and beat me up," she answered.

"I can see that," he chuckled.

"Are Mom and Dad alright?"

"There great. You won't be able to see them, but they're with you right now. Can you tell me what happened?"

She nodded. "A man came in and argued with Dad, and they got into a fight. The man beat Dad up, and then went and beat up Mom. I started screaming, and he came over and beat me up. That's all I know."

"Ok, thank you. Do you have a name?"

"Project 2T6x5-3Y, but most people call me Too-ti"

"Well, that's not a proper name for a beutiful girl like you." He said, making her smile. He then noticed her Light blue hair. "How about calling you Sapphire?"

She made a big grin. "Ok, thank you Mister." She then said, "Sir, I'm afriad."

"That he might come and do it again?"

She nodded. the hunter then replied. "Well, how about if I take you to my apartment? It's very very high up, so it will be very hard for him to come get you there."

The girl nodded, and Daimyo picked her up. "Come on, I'll buy you some clothes and ice cream." He said, making the girl giggle as he walked out of the apertment, back to his hovercar...

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Oct 6, 2002, 02:50 PM
Part three!

Daimyo looked at the large machine-like monster standing before him, all guns ready to cut through his flesh. The hunter did an uppercut move with his Sawcer, hitting the "head". He then did a horizontal to the feet, knocking it over. After that, he leaped into the air, coming down with the Sawcer pointed at him, and shooting an abnormally large blade to cut through the hulk of metal.

"Training simulation 3X, over. New record, 57 seconds."

The entire arena vanished to make way for a room with an office at one end. Daimyo headed to the office section, and spoke to the girl there.

"Anything else, sir?"

"Yeah, have we gotten any information on animals on Ragol?"

"Yes, we have the Rag Rappy, Booma species, Wolf species, Mothmants and Monests, and for a real challenge, Hildebears."

"Yeah, I'll take three Hildebears. What's their attitude?"

"Usualy docile, but we can change that."

"Good." The hunter went back into the room, and took his Flowen's Sword in hand. 3 large gorrila-like creatures came up and started to rush Daimyo.

"Recreation Simulation Ragol5 over. New record, 12 seconds."

Daimyo then left with a "Thank you" to the desk worker. It had been three months since he had found Sapphire, and she was becoming a beautiful adolescent. He was still on the Chamberland case, but nothing new had come up, so all he did was review the sparse evidence that he had. A lot of the other events that took place during this period revolved around her, and he never thought he could do hat he had. He had asked Tyrell if he could change the girl's Bio chart to include the name "Sapphire" instead of "Too-ti." After that was done, he enrolled her in school, but she was too intelligent, and was eventually transferred to the Techinuqe Academy for Future Forces. Sapphire was not as mentally strong as the others, so it gave her a good challenge to become better.

Sapphire said her birthday was coming up, so Daimyo went and bought a Razonde level 3 Technique Disk, since Zonde-type spells were her favorite, and she was about to learn Ra-level Techniques in school anyway. He laid it on the table and turn the lights off, waiting for her bus to come. When it did, he yelled a big "Surprise!" to her, and showed her to the disk. She thanked him with a beautiful ice sculpture she made in class with her Gibarta spell.

Daimyo was watching the young 7-year-old (who was physically and mentally 14) practice her Razonde one night on his pavilion overlooking the city. He couldn't beleive that he had the cababilities to raise a young girl. Sure, he only raised her for a few months, but it was enough to bring out new emotions in him that he never felt before.

"Ok, Sapphire! Time to hit the hay!"

She immediately came in and went to her bed, which was actually Daimyo's. He had put all his stuff in the living room and slept there when Sapphire started living with him. She turned out the lights, and then Daimyo went to his bed.
Good, she's gone to bed. That guy has been on me for the past three months,and as long as she's with him, I'm in trouble. I have to silence her, permenatly. A figure thought as he stealthily entered the apartment, a sniper in hand. He slowly walked into the room, quietly opened the door, and pointed the barrel to the young newman's head...

Oct 7, 2002, 05:51 PM
The figure was locked on, and was ready to pull the trigger, if it wasn't for the big hulk knocking him into the wall, waking up Sapphire.

"What the?"

The man got up from the tackle, still reeling from it, to find Daimyo staring at him with a sneer.

"I don't remember inviting you to my house." Daimyo kicked away the sniper on the floor before the man could reach it. "Now what are you doing here?"

the man immediately pulled a Lockgun out of his pocket, and Daimyo pulled his out just as fast.

"She'll squeel. I'm surprised she hadn't yet. I can't let her do that."

"I'm guessing you'll killed the Chamberlands."

"I didn't mean to! It was just an argument! I went over to the house just to tell them somthing, and he threatend to cut my throat! I...I didn't...I just acted! I didn't even think about I was doing, I just shot him! And then...it felt good."

"Shooting them once is no major offense as long asyou admit it, but killing to people and nearly killing a child, then not telling anyone, that's a major offense."

"Shut up! Just shut up! What would you know about that, you brainless mound of brawn!"

Daimyo squinted his eyes at the person. "Ow, I'm hiding the pain."

"ENOUGH!" The man hit Daimyo with the stock of his Lockgun, then headed out to the living room to leave. Daimyo grabbed his forged Agito from the wall and swiped the man's leg. He placed a dimate on the wound and pulled out a blue Photon Claw.

"Conversationalist my butt. Your an assasin!"

He grinned "That's right. And a hunter, to top it off! My employer was worried that he might be found, and that meant that I could be discovered as well, so he hired me to do a nice clean-up: you and the girl!"

"Daimyo!" The two looked to see the young newman teenager staring at her.

"Ah, two birds with one stone," he said, bringing out another blue claw. "My Silence Claws will make short work of you."

"I don't think so!" Daimyo said, slashing at his midsection. The assasin countered with a downward slash, then attempted a diagnal cut to Daimyo. The hunter evade it, then equipped his Double Saber. He was able to slash the other hunter a few times, but he countered with a strong slash to Daimyo's face.

Each hunter would not give up. After 3 hours of non-stop fighting, they're bodies were far beyond what would be healthy, and yet the fought on. "That's it! Time to finish this," the assasin said, then directed his palms toward Daimyo. "EAT THIS!" He said, and a large black developed in his hands. "MEGID!" The assasin yelled, launching the orb into Daimyo's chest.

Ung! gotta...hold on... He struggled to stay up, as the assasin walked over to Daimyo. "This end's now. I'll get a nice bonus from this." He said bringing down the Silence Claw.Yeah, right. Daimyo sideswiped his leg, then, without any words or waititng for anything, ran the Agito into the hunter's head.

It was finally over, but Daimyo was too badly injured. He slumped on to a wall and rested his injured body. Sapphire immediately ran over to him.

"Daimyo! Are you ok?"

"Unh, yeah, I'll survive, I think..."

"Daimyo? Daimyo! Please, stay awake!"

"Call the Guild. Tell them what happened."

The girl immediately ran and called Tyrell, telling him about Daimyo's condition. Tyrell replied that he would send all parmedic groups, and told her to pray.

"Alright Daimyo, all you have to do is stay alive. Daimyo?" The hunter was silent. Exhausted over his ordeal, he couldn't keep himself awake.

"Daimyo? Daimyo? DAIMYO!"

Oct 7, 2002, 06:19 PM
Damn, Raven. That's pretty good work. I'm shocked. And you said you weren't that good of a fic writer. You stand corrected. You are a good writer. Looks like I've got to do much better.



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Oct 7, 2002, 07:25 PM
Well, I've been thinking this through my head ever since I started on the Do HUcasts 2 fic. Thanks Blackhawk!

Oct 7, 2002, 07:31 PM
"Beginning of a Hunter Dynasty" is bascially telling the PSO backstory of 2 characters I've RP'ed in one way or another for over 6 years. I'm hoping it is good enough to make the archive.



Oct 7, 2002, 08:47 PM
Heck, let's go for another round! *orders some coffe*

Daimyo woke up in a white room, with masked figures around. They were talking amongst themselves, and one of the looked down on the hunter.

"Ah, your awake."

"Where am-" he felt a sharp pain throught his body. "I'm afraid that skirmish you had will be your last. You've suffered to much damage to your body. Your slipping away from us at this very second."

"What can you do?"

"There is a procedure. But it is experimental, and very dangerous. But it's the only way, so we've been doing it since you were unconcious."

"And what procedure is that?" he asked wearily.

"We are going to copy the impulses from your nervous system to an android circuit chip. you will have Daimyo's perosnality and memories, but you won't be human anymore. If you don't want to proceed, you don't have to."

"Die or die and leave something for Sapphire? Nice choices." Daimyo said. "Don't make me remember that I died." The docter nodded.

"If it doesn't work, tell Tyrell to take care of her."

"I will," the docter replied.

Sapphire waited anxiously in the waiting room, hoping for some one to come out. When one of the docters finally did, she rushed over to him.

"Well, is he-"

"I'm afraid there was only one thing we could do. We had to make an android body and copy his consciousness into it." the docter couldn't think of anything else to say but the blunt truth. "Daimyo is dead."

Sapphire looked at the tall android coming out, tears in her eyes...
<Activate systems check>

<All systems are operating within normal parameters>

The android walked out of the emergency room, and looked at the young teenage newman crying as she looked at him. He felt a need to comfort her, and even seemed to know her, although he had just met her.

He was Scion, and he had two objectives.

Protect this girl and himself.

Oct 8, 2002, 05:25 AM
Almost two years later

"Aw, come one, Scion!" A newman complained to a tall samuruai-like android. "No Sapphire," the android quickly answered.

"You know I'm old and skilled enough to join the Guild! Why won't you let me join?"

"You know how I feel. You could get hurt."

"Come on! You've spent over a year with them, and you haven't come back home with a scratch!"

"It's about what could happen, not what does happen," he replied.

"Why do you always treat me like a kid? Just because I'm eight and a half years old, and most girls are still playing with dolls at that time?"

Scion had to think on that one. She was clever, that's for sure. They both hated going to debates, but there was always somthing Sapphire wanted, and there was always a reason why she couldn't get it.

"And you know I-"

"You don't have to remind me that you completed the academy with honors Sapphire, you only told me a dozen times when it happened."

The girl then just left. She was nearing the maturing point of an 18 year-old, and Scion knew to take her seriously. So he went on to do his job at the Hunter's Guild. When he was done, he Scion looked through the job listings and reserved one. He then went to the bazaar and bought a lovely hunter's outfit. The android then went home while Sapphire was gone. He didn't know where Sapphire went, but after the argument, she probably wouldn't be back for a while. So he placed the outfit on the couch, wrote a letter, light some candles around it, turned off the light, and then went to his recharge station to powerdown for a while.

Sapphire came home a couple of hours later, ready to apologize to Scion. That was when she found the suit and the letter, and a tear filled her eye. She read the letter with earnest.

Sapphire, I am sorry for how I acted. I didn't want you to join the Hunter's Guild because I wanted to register you myself. I hope you like the outfit: I didn't want any punk HUmars to hit on you. I have already reserved a mission for you. Hope it's not too easy.


Sapphire kissed the forehead of an inactive android, then tried on the suit, and went out to do her mission.
3 years later

At long last, the Pioneer 2 was reaching Ragol. The Hunter's Guild was celebrating with an enourmos party. Abram King was even providing a concert, featuring several of Algol's anchient songs, as well as a new one he had written. Scion and Sapphire (Physically about 22 years old at this time) were both at the party watching what was outside, waiting for Ragol to appear.

"Why, hello!"

Scion looked to find a HUmar in his 20s talking to Sapphire. It was Eclipse, a hunter that they had met about 2 years before. Scion then smiled and went back to watching the stars as the two went away from the party to an isolated section of the Guild.

Eclipse and Sapphire sat there for a long while. They talked about many things: the future, the past, each other's opinions on somthing, etc. Eventually, Eclipse nerveously pulled out a small box, and gave it to Sapphire. Shocked, she took it and opened the lid to find a ring.

"Uh, I guess I should ask if you want to get married."

"Ah! Eclipse, you! Of course!" The two hugged each other for a long time. Eclipse whispered, "I want to have a new beginning on Ragol, and I wanted it to start with you."

Scion glanced at the two, noticing the ring on Sapphire's hand.

Dang, he's good.

The light speed system disengaged to reveal a beautiful planet. Sapphire and Eclipse came over to tell Scion about their engagement, and Scion smiled.

"Ok Eclipse, but she's yours now. Don't ask me for help," he joked.

At that time they were about to open communications with the Central Dome, and everyone had went over to the window. It was a symbol of a new life, an attonement of the past mistakes people made.

And then the explosion.

That one moment of silence, when all there was was a large shockwave from the surface, was probably the most feared moment by everyone in that room. Chaos erupted, and everyone except the three hunters went into a panic.

"Maybe we should ask Tyrell about this," Scion told the two.

Oct 8, 2002, 04:05 PM
This is cool, well written and interesting. And some prequal elements to the character in 'Do Hucasts 2'. Always intersting to find out what they were doing before.

Keep it up!

Oct 8, 2002, 06:18 PM
Thanks, I might not be able to post any up tonight though (homework), but I'll try.

Hope you don't mind if I "advertise" Do HUcasts 2, cause it's essential to the end of the story (well, somthing I posted in that fic is)

Oct 8, 2002, 08:39 PM
Two words: slaggin' homework. Oh yeah, next section

Scion, Sapphire, and Eclipse rushed into Tyrell's office. Without a "Hello", Scion immedieately asked him what happened.

"Aside from the obvious? We have lost contact with Pioneer 1!" Sapphire gaspe at the thought of the entire colongy being destroyed.

Eclipse imeedieately tried his best to comfert her. "Don't worry, Sapphire, losing contact could mean anything, it doesn't mean that they're dead."

"True, but I couldn't stand the thought..." She buried her head into his chest, and he brushed his hand through her hair.

"With all due respect, Sir, we're willing to volunteer to go down and find out what happened! There's nothing else better to do!" Scion begged.

Tyrell thought for a moment. "Ok, but be careful. I don't want any more deaths than neccessary." he nodded, and the three left for the main teleporter.

"Uh, could you?"

Scion looked back to Tyrell.

"Uh, it's nothing, nevermind. Carry on."

Eclipse, Scion, and Sapphire had been in the forest for about an hour, reching the Central Dome.

"According to the orbital data, this area is where the explosion occured."

"Don't you think there would be signs of...oh, I don't know, NOTHING?" Eclipse replied.

"Yeah, that's bugging me too. There's no burn marks on the structures, no radioactive traces on the plants, even the animals are normal, except for the fact that they seem to be more aggresive than normal. This SHOULD be the largest crater ever known!"

"Hey guys, come over here! A massive transporter!"

The two ran over to Sapphire, who had found a large teleporter, capable of sending multiple people at a time.

"Wonder where it leads?" Eclipse said.

"Only one way to find out." The android stepped on to the pad, and Eclipse and Sapphire followed.

The three ended up in a large cavern, greeted by a strange roar. Suddenly, the roar turned out to be a dragon, who flew down on to the cavern floor, and started chucking fire in their direction.

"Hmmm... Eclipse?"

"My pleasure."

After about ten minutes, the dragon lay dead.

"You were a bit late on that second to last attack, that's why he was able to hit you so hard before he could execute," Scion smirked when Eclipse came back.

"Funny. REAL funny."

"Well, it doesn't seem like there's any answers around here. Let's head back to Tyrell, and tell him what we didn't find."

Oct 9, 2002, 07:00 AM
A fanfiction requires custom elements, which is why I made my own Guild Quest in this section.
"A dragon?" Tyrell asked, shocked by the idea.

"Yes sir," Scion told him

"Anything else?"

"No signs of an explosion. It was like the people just vanished. Plus the animals seem to be more aggresive than what Pioneer 1 said. We also located a cavernous area, and were thinking about investigating, but decided to tell you."

Tyrell sat there for a moment. "Very well, we'll set up a transporter down to those Caves. I think you should take a break, earn some meseta, stuff like that."

"Very well sir."

The three hunters went over to the guild to see if they could find anything. They then discovered one about a lost hunter, and decided to take it.

"Very well. Your client is on the far left," the desk girl told the threesome, pointing to an elderly man sitting down and weeping.

"Hello sir, We are the hunters that have taken your mission."

"You have? Oh, thank you! This is the most important thing to me!"

"The quest said somthing about a lost hunter?" Sapphire asked.

"Yes, a ranger actually. He's my son, and as soon as he heard that they were making a transporter to the caves, he rushed off. We don't know what's in there! I don't want to lose him. Please, you MUST find him!"

"What's his name?"

"Richard Wyatt, but his Hunter identity is Maverick."

"I've heard of him," Eclipse said. "He is one of the top 3 snipers on Pioneer 2."

"Yes, and he could very well be dead right now. But I don't want to think that! you have to bring him back! I'll offer 100,000 meseta to each of you!"

Everyone in the room gasped. 100,000 meseta ALONE was hard to get a hold of, let alone 300,000!

"DONE!" The three hunters said in unison. They then rushed out the door, into the Caves teleporter.
The hunters stepped out of the transporter into a hot and muggy cavern. In the next room, several tall, green, reptile-like creatures teleported to their location, each with four eyes and scythes for arms.

"My database records them as 'Evil Sharks'," Scion told the group.

"Well, let's kill 'em!" Eclipse said, giving a horizontal slash to the midsection of most of them with his Giguish.

Soon afterward, the hunters were deep in the caves. Only a few monsters presented challenges, and it only took and extra minute or so to dispense with those. Each time the monsters teleported in, except for the next room, where the enemies were already there.

"That's odd, they've already teleported in. We should be careful." At that moment, they heard a groaning in the room. They looked around the corner, and a black-suited ranger pointed his Sniper at them.


"Yeah. How do you know me?"

"We took a mission to find you. Looks like we did."

"Heh. Gotta Antidote handy?"

Scion handed him an Antidote, and Maverick administered it. He then took a Trimate and healed himself.

"Sorry about the barrel pointing thing. Just gotta be careful.

"No problem," Scion said, slicing a Shark in two.

The room was soon cleared out. The four hunters were preparing to leave, when Scion got an idea.

"How would you like to help us with this explosion thing? I mean four is better than three, and we could be good acquantinces."

"I'd like that," Maverick replied. "So why don't we go investigate further?"

Scion, Sapphire, Eclipse, and Maverick, then headed in to the section section of the Caves.

Oct 9, 2002, 03:00 PM
On 2002-10-08 16:18, RavenTW wrote:
Hope you don't mind if I "advertise" Do HUcasts 2

Advertise away. Here ill do some for you;

"Read 'Do Hucasts 2' for the best dang read youll ever...eh, read"

Ill leave all advertising to you.

Oct 10, 2002, 05:05 PM
Dang it! Just about finished with the next section, and I have to go to a play. But I was writing it on my dad's laptop, and I didn't save it! ARGGGGHHHH!!!!

About a month had passed. Scion, Sapphire, Eclipse, and Maverick had explored into the Caves and defeated a strange worm-like creature named Del Rol Le. Mr. Wyatt paid the entire group (even Maverick) in full, and then gave his son the powerful Varista when he said that he would be joining Scion and the others.

Mr. Wyatt began to trust on them more and more, and eventually didn't even use the Hunter's Guild when he had a mission. He would always pay a handsome sum of money for each member, so they rarely took mission from anyone else.

Tyrell had given them a three week leave, and it was time for the group to get back to work. They were about to leave when Scion got a call.

"Hello?" The android aske into his intercom.

"Scion? It's Wyatt! Listen, can you do somthing for me?"

"What is that?"

"An associate of mine told me that there was a device discovered in the underground Mines that another group found during your leave. I was hoping that you could bring it to me."

"Of course."

"Oh, and-" The man typed in some keys on his computer. "each and every one of you is now a proud owner of 300,000 meseta!"

If Scion had a jaw, his would have joined the other three that dropped.

"Uh, could we get back to you as soon as we spend all that money in hospital bills recovering from shock?" Eclipse said.

"Certainly! Just make sure you get my little toy when you go into the mines.

Oct 10, 2002, 07:44 PM
Man, that sure sucks ... It happened a few times at work while I was writting for parts of a fic -_- as long as you still have in mind what you wanted to write, there are good chances that it comes out better then what you first lost ^-^

Cool story too! I'm not done reading it of course but I'm liking it alot!

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Oct 11, 2002, 07:54 AM
thx, BWS-1. This might be my last entry for a few days. so I promise it to be a plot twister!
The shopping spree was on. Scion, Sapphire, Eclipse, and Maverick all rushed as fast as possible to the bazaar. They now had enough money to buy what they wanted to get the most, and they got it! Scion bought three books of katana, and took up the offer of the man, who used the knowledge in the books to make the Oratiagito. Maverick bought a pair of Uzis, and Eclipse purchased a couple Sinow Beat Blades found by another party in the Mines. Sapphire then said she purchased a special gene-patch "for Eclipse", and wanted to try it out before they left.

Scion had a feeling what she meant, so he decided that they could wait until tommorrow to investigate the Mines. The android powered down at their home, while Maverick had to stay awake through constant giggling and noises all through the night.

"I swear I'll kill that android for making me live this."
The next day, Scion and the rest packed up their new weapons and headed for the Mines. They were immediately greeted by several robots.

"Fun from the beginning, I like this place," Eclipse said, attacking the first Sinow Beat he saw. Sapphire casted Razonde around the entire area, and Scion took his Oratiagito and slashed Gilchick after Gilchick, while Maverick stayed back and picked off individual robots with his Uzis.

The fighting was intense. Neither side would give up. Every time one droid fell, two more teleported in. It started to become a losing battle, but the team continued on, and eventually began to win.

Sapphire had just taken out another Canane, and then the Sinow's blade hit her. She reeled from the attack, unable to get back up. Weakened by the brawl, she started to lose conciousness...
"Whew! Good job everyone!" Scion said after they had beaten back the entire force.

"SAPPHIRE!" Scion and Maverick looked back to see Eclipse mourning over Sapphire's cold body.

"No...no..." Eclipse started to become red with rage, ready to go back and kill every one of those droids again. Scion came up to investigate Sapphire's body. He looked carefully at the wound. There was nothing they could do, she was too far gone. But somthing was wrong. Scion looked at the wound further.

"This wound couldn't have been made by a Sinow, it's too powerful. It's a blade from a Sinow Beat, that's for sure, but-"

Scion looked at Eclipse's new weapons. Eclipse's eyes shrank, realizing that HE had killed his love. He staggered back on the wall, and sat there weeping.

Scion and Maverick continued through the Mines' destroyed a computer virus named Vol Opt, and retreived the device for Mr. Wyatt. But nothing helped. Nothing could get his mind off of the fact that Eclipse had accidentally killed his fiance, and the only one Scion really cared for. He went to Principal Tyrell's office after delivering the device.

"Sir, I think you need to assign a new team."
This is basically where I pick up on Do HUcasts 2. Scion joins the elite branches to try and get his mind off of Sapphire, and eventually gets assigned to Cinos's team. Read "Do HUcasts 2" for more information. Once we finish that fan fic, I will post the Epilouge.

Oct 13, 2002, 12:46 PM
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Scion went back to his apartment. He couldn't beleive that he had lost the only one that mattered to him. Now that she was gone, he had no purpose. There was nothing he could do but sit there and ponder his existence.

He decided to go out to the back of his apartment and practicehis combat skills. His mind was filled with greif and sorrow, anger and hatred, isolation and lonelyness, all at once. Eclipse and Maverick left, each one trying to cope with the pain in their own way. After some practice, Scion set down and wondered about his future. How easy it was for a storm to come up in the middle of a sunny day! He thought about life, death, and the possibility of an afterlife for androids. Do androids have a soul? Could they obtain or lose one? If he could go to an afterlife, would he see Sapphire again? All these thoughts raced through Scion's mind, who had never before thought about such things. He had always lived for the moment, never for the tommorrow.

It was a few weeks later. Scion was studying anchient myths and lore, suddenly interested in the views of life after death. His skil with weaponry didn't lower, which was probably why he was approached by two men one day.

"Scion?" one of them asked. "We have a proposition for you."

"Does it really matter whether I accept it or not?"

"We know of your un-surpassed skill with the sword, we were wondering if we could offer you a position in an elite group of Hunters."

The android looked up. "I'm listening," he said for some reason...

Oct 21, 2002, 07:30 PM
Well, here it is, the Epilouge. This is basically the same thing that I posted in DH2, but a little addition at the end.
Scion was back in his apartment. Once again, he was without a purpose, without a need to be. Was Dark Falz really dead? Death killed him so easily, and he normally went through another form of some kind. It didn't make sense that Falz died like that. Still, Scion thought about Falz's death, about his own life, and how he might be able to take control of his own future.

He then suddenly remembered that Sapphire told him about a Deceased Replacement Android she payed for. Scion decided to go to the Medical center. He asked the secratary about the DRAs.

"Yes sir, we did have a Sapphire buy one. She only allowed access to someone named Scion. Please place your hand here for identification." The android laid his hand on a print indicator, identifying him as Scion.

"Come right this way." She said, leading him to a room with a lone doctor inside. "He will help you with anything else."

"ah, welcome! We don't get many androids around here, so it's interesting to meet one," the doctor said.

"Thank you. I'm here for a DRA that a Newman hunter named Sapphire purchased."

"Ah! Silhouette has been waiting!" He said, leading Scion to another part of the room

"It has a name already?"

The doctor nodded. "Sapphire wanted a name to match yours, I guess to be a partner for you, Scion. Here she is." He pressed a button on his pad, and a small pod lowered, revealing a beautiful female android.

"It will take a couple hours to power up her systems, he said, starting the power-up sequence.

"Doctor, can you erase memory data?" Scion asked him.

"Yes, why? Bad past?"

"I want you to erase all of my memory data. My experience, my acquaintentences, my allegiences. I want to start over, a new hunter."

"Very well. I can do it while I am powering Silhouette up."

"Thank you," he replied, entering an adjacent pod.

Daimyo, Sapphire, thank you foreverything. Silhouette and I can handle things now. Rest, my friends, Scion thought. The pod closed, and Scion deactivated...
He awoke, a weapon of destruction and power. Made in case an assualt was needed on Ragol, he is ready to destroy any new danger that presents itself

She awoke, a helix, death and pain awaiting those who angered her, wrapped in beauty and seduction.

He looked at her, feeling the uncontrollable urge to hold her forever, and she felt the same. brushing his hand through her metallic hair, he gazed into the penetrating stare of her optical sensors. She kissed his metallic face, and the two walked out of the lab, back into his apartment. They would be together forever, and nothing would stand in their way...
Better get the body bags, because Scion and Silhouette are gonna dominate Phantasy Star Online Episodes 1 and 2!