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Here's my first fan fic and is also my take on the whole PSO universe. This is only the first chapter so bear with the story and me. If you want more let me know I have three chapters near done already. Ok enough blabbing. On with the story.


Dark Treachery

Chapter 1

She awoke suddenly from her sleep, almost not knowing where she was. Her hand slowly reaching for her saber handle which lay resting on the nightstand beside her bed. Another bad dream. She sat there quietly wondering how many more nights these dreams would wake her. If Newmans, or Numans as some scientist called them, can be genetically created, why can't they find a way to stop dreams? "Well what good would it do for me," Kylan muttered under her breath.

Her past is so far and so clouded in her memory she can't recall it. Was she created in a lab, or wasn't she. Right now she was not sure and that thought would have to wait. She put the saber back onto the nightstand as she slid her legs off the side of the bed. She looked around the room trying to figure out what time it was. That was one of the unfortunate things about living in space, telling what time it is can be a real pain without a clock. It took another few moments to realize she was alone. "Where are you," she called looking around the room. The only answer was silence.

Rubbing the sleepiness from her eyes she stood up. Her nightshirt flowing down, covering the rest of her body, leaving only her legs visible from mid thigh down. Her long black hair falling down her back. She ventured out of the bedroom and soon heard the soft voices coming from the next room down. When she entered, there sat Edge. "Oh! Did I wake you," he asked apologetically.

"No," she replied with a sigh.

"Bad dreams?"

"Yeah," she paused, letting out another sigh. "Yet again."

"Dreams pass in time."

"Not soon enough. How long have these been happening, I can hardly remember," she said quietly as she sat down in a chair by Edge. With the lights off in here she couldn't quite read the expression on Edge's face. Of course looking at the terminal monitor gave her the answer she needed as to why he was awake. "Sorry Irene, I didn't mean to interrupt," she said towards the image on the monitor.

"That's ok, not feeling any better I see," Irene said.

Kylan cocked a half grin. Irene has always been patient and even at this time in the morning she seemed as calm as could be. As such it was hard to tell how long Irene had indeed been awake. There were only a few times when Irene seemed to loose her cool. One such time was during the Ruin raids. Being so far inside the ruins made it difficult for transmissions to get through. Irene had thought the whole group was killed. Luckily one of the five groups piped back to the Hunters Walk and informed Irene and the council what was happening. Looking at her now was a bit comforting; at least some people were not having such difficulties right now. Or so she thought.

"I was informing Edge about a little work," Irene said. Kylan raised an eyebrow and leaned forward as Irene went on, "I'll give you a quick heads up. We just need you to overlook one of our operatives within the next couple of days."

Kylan slouched back into her seat. "Sounds like so much fun," she commented dryly.

"Well with all your activities you've been doing in the T.T.F. simulator I thought you could use a break," Irene countered. Kylan's cheek twitched slightly.

"Don't worry we'll do it," Edge cut in before Kylan could make another remark while throwing a quick glare Kylan's way.

"Very well. I will meet with you at 290 beats."

"No problem, see you then. Out," Edge finished and cut the transmission. He spun his chair around and looked Kylan in the face and could see the look in her eyes. "We need something easy. At least until these dreams pass."

Even in the dark light Edge saw Kylan roll those beautiful green eyes. "Whatever," she mumbled.

"Also no more training in the simulators. Ok?"

She turned and began to glare at him. "It keeps my mind off things," she said sharply.

"Well now you have this to do tomorrow. Besides don't kill yourself beating your old times, we already got an SS-Rank in T.T.F and on top of that, an S-Rank in the challenge simulator. Jeez take a breather."

She eased back a bit and slouched into her chair. She had been in the simulators almost everyday. Sometimes she did them alone, and on very rare occasions she would help another team out. Most of those times it was a way to keep fighting. Could she ever stop? At the moment Kylan couldn't come up with a reason to stop. But she also could not come up with a good reason to keep going. "Maybe your right," she paused looking towards the ceiling. Her forehead furrowed as she thought back. "It's been what...only 3 weeks since Dark Falz was apparently stopped?"

Edge nodded, not saying much. Those weeks during the Ruin raids were quite taxing, both physically and mentally. He finally got up and kissed her, "Let's go back to sleep for a little while longer."

"If I can," she whispered, as she stood up, wondering if he had even heard her. The thought of those raids were too painful to remember.

EDIT: Putting chapter headings. Finally! Also if it doesn't have a new chapter number then it's a new section of the same chapter.

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Very good. Very well written, seem professional in a way. Ill enjoy reading the following chapters.

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Not bad. Nice to see a fic that happens so soon after DF "dies". Keep it up!

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Nice. ^_^ I'm kinda captivated by this... the writing doesn't have that cheap sort of technical-terminology annoyance that plagues most fanfiction. I'm interested in seeing how the characters develop... keep up the good work!

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Thanks for the feedback & encouragement. Here's the second section/chapter. Hope you enjoy!


Chapter 2

The trip to the council tower was quiet. Edge quietly drove the speeder, keeping his attention on the lane they were in at the moment. Both Edge and Kylan hardly spoke anything until they crossed by one of the small open parks. She looked down at the grass and trees, standing still from the lack of wind. Looking down Kylan thought about the first time she was on Ragol's surface. Those stupid boomas chasing her around like lost dogs, and silly rappies chirping as they waddled their way towards prey. She giggled to herself. The park was a great distraction for the common people on Pioneer 2. The fact they were still orbiting Ragol made them anxious to be on real land that the few parks in this giant space city helped ease their feelings. Right now though, as she looked at the different colors and kids playing with their families, she actually felt relaxed. "It's actually quite peaceful, isn't it,?" she asked.

At first Edge didn't understand until he saw her looking down. "Yes it is. You okay?" he said, which made him feel like a broken record. He must have said that a million times in the past few months.

"Actually, I am. I really am," she said as she turned to face him, smiling.

Her smile made Edge forget almost everything. It had been such a long time since he saw her smile.

"Watch OUT!" she screamed.

Edge looked back and saw a line of vehicles moving towards him. He swerved to the right and got back in his lane. "Oops," he said laughing.

Kylan also let out a small laugh. "Learn to drive," Kylan said.

Edge sat there and made a few crude faces while he seemed to mumble something quietly, then smiled. Perhaps things were finally going to change for the better. The rest of the trip the two began talking about some of the simpler things in life.

The Council Tower was as magnificent a sight as it was tall. It still remains the tallest building in Pioneer 2's city, reaching all the way to the top and through the main transparent steel dome. The mirrored windows reflected the stars and the planet and the sun, which helped illuminate parts of the city as the giant ship orbited around the planet below. In a way the Council tower was a glorified support pillar for the dome. The top floors under the dome, still were where Principal Tyrell did most of his duties. His main office jutting out the side of the tower giving him practically an unobstructed view. The section on top of the dome is where all the technical aspects of the ship take place. Basically it was a giant control room. For the moment things seemed quiet, however there were rumors going around that hunters may be called upon soon.

Kylan and Edge made their way through the many floors and elevators towards the Principle's top floors. Being on active duty made it a quick step to see the Principal and his advisors. When off duty, or just being a commoner, it was a chore to reach his top 6 floors, where his offices and administration were held. A few short encounters with guards slowed their process. It seems that after all that has happened since Pioneer 2 arrived, the guards and most of the Council's troops still appeared to resent hunters. Even though it was hunters who were able to make Ragol more hospitable. Kylan didn't care much about what they thought. We may be expendable, but we are remembered more often than not for our actions. Kylan thought to herself.

After the two of them materialized from the transporter they made their way towards Irene's desk. The stars were shining brightly through the glass dome ceiling. Edge noticed Principal Tyrell was absent and only one of the two scientists were standing at his desk. Kylan however, was all business. She moved right to Irene's desk, "Something going on?"

"Not exactly," Irene responded, taken aback slightly by Kylan's sudden forwardness.

"Ok," Kylan paused. "You called for us though."

Edge moved up along side of her, awaiting instructions. He also had to try and keep Kylan in check. Sometimes she could be intimidating if she wanted to be. Good thing it was Irene, and not one of those cowardly scientists. Irene looked towards Edge, "We need you to back up one of our undercover agents."

"Back up?" Kylan asked before Edge could respond. "How? Why?"

Irene seemed to straighten up, as if to match Kylan's stature, "As you know there are a few rouge groups of hunters. Some band together and create their own groups."

Kylan shifted. This was old news, clans, groups and small bands of hunters; they have been around since before she was born. Irene noticed and seemed to harden her stance even more, "You knew of Black Paper."

Edge nodded, "Of course...Did they reappear?"

"No," Irene said turning her gaze to Kylan. "This is another one. This group seems to be dealing in stolen weapons, armor, technology and maybe even some assassinations. We've been tracking them for awhile now and we think the opportunity is right to make some steps forward to shut them down."

"You need us there in case this plan goes awry," Kylan commented.


"Ok," Edge said. "But I have a question."

Irene and Kylan looked at him. Two sets of green eyes were now focused on him. He almost lost his composure for a second but quickly regained himself.
"Doesn't another department usually take care of rouge clans and such?"

Irene sighed, "Yes, but it seems that they were unsuccessful in tracking them, so Principle Tyrell took authority over this issue. Also it's been very difficult for us in tracking them down," she paused a moment. Edge looked towards Kylan; her face was etched in thought, and moved his gaze back to Irene. "This meeting was extremely hard to set up," Irene stated.

"You think there is a leak within your offices," Kylan said. It was a statement not a question.

Edge nodded in agreement. "We're not sure," Irene admitted reluctantly.

There was a deafening pause that filled the entire room.

"Well don't worry about it too much," Edge commented as he looked back at Kylan. She half smiled and cocked an eyebrow. He looked back to Irene, "We'll cover your man."

Kylan nodded in agreement. Irene let out a breath she didn't realize she'd been holding, "Good. I'll send you the information to you by tonight. Until then, the day is yours."

"All right," Edge said as he waved his hand in farewell. Kylan just nodded her head and left with Edge.

"Thanks," Irene said, a little late. Kylan heard and waved one hand, but did not look back.

That evening Irene's message was sent.

EDIT: Made a few tweaks near the beginning of the chapter. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Next section done. This is more a continuation of the previous section. I appologize for the relative slow beginning. Next chapter should be faster(hehe), I hope. I'll try to get the next chapter posted by Friday, I'll be gone all of next week. Vacation!!!!! So I'll try and get the next one up before that. Maybe if you like I can try and post an image of Kylan, if you like?(She's in my unfinished sig) Hope you enjoy.


That same night a few calls were made. Edge had finished with his call and left Kylan to make hers. He made his way across the living room area to the closet on the other side of the apartment. Good thing these apartments had a lot of closet space in them. If not then they would be leaving too many things behind, or in the storage bank, on their missions.

When he entered he continued to move towards a small weapons rack against the wall. Generally having weapons in your apartments was illegal but Kylan knew enough people to pull some strings so they could keep a few weapons here. Besides it's better to keep your best weapons nearby than to leave them in the storage bank. Accidents did happen from time to time and items were handed to the wrong people. They had a few items in their storage banks but it was items that were not too important.

He smiled looking at his favorite sword, but that smiled turned to a frown. This mission didn't require a sword. Handguns and one handed sabers were all that were going to be needed. He looked above the sword and saw Kylan's Valkyrie J-Blade resting on its shelf. Well, she won't be using this then neither. He thought slyly. He did know that she would attemp to bring her twin with her. Whenever they were on a mission, or in the simulator, that weapon was attached to her like flies to a hildebear.

He squatted down and looked towards the small assortment of guns. Both of them were not avid gun users, especially Kylan. From the time he met her until now he had never seen her use one. He reached for his custom ray handgun. It may not pack the punch like the bravace or "Red" series guns but it will do; enough to put someone down if need be or put a hole into an object. Below the rack was a small chest. When he opened it a rainbow of colors illuminated the room. He reached in and grabbed the corresponding photon magazine. He closed the chest and walked out of the closet.

Moving back across the room he could hear Kylan still talking. He walked in.

"You have all the info you need then?" Kylan asked the man in the view screen.

"Yup. I'll be there don't you worry," said the man.

"I'm not worried, I just want you there," Kylan retorted.

"I know. I'll see you then. Hatsumi out," and with that the screen went black then into its standby mode.

Edge moved beside her, "All set then?"

She looked over at him, taking notice of the gun and magazine. "It seems so," she said as she swiveled her chair to face him.

"Great...This should be a piece of cake then," Edge said with confidence. "You using the photon charger?"

"No, go ahead," Kylan replied. "I'm going to eat. Want anything?"

"Not yet, I'll be in there with you once I put this on," he said lifting the photon magazine.

With that said she stood up and moved towards the kitchen. Edge similarily moved towards their bedroom to the charger. Photon magazines usually did not need to be recharged all that much. They held an amazing amount of photon energy in them. However if they are not used periodically, or overused, the magazine will need to be recharged for awhile. Once he placed the magazine in the charger he headed towards the kitchen. Kylan was there feeding her Bana. "I thought you needed food," he asked sarcastically.

"I do," she said. "I just thought I'd wake him and feed him. Being that since there hasn't been many things going on he might need to wake up for a bit."

Edge shrugged, "If you say so. Not that the simulator hasn't been something going on."

Kylan looked at him and threw some food at him. Edge ducked and laughed at her, "Now you gotta clean that up."

"Ahh, who cares," she said. "You think we should bring our mags tomorrow?"

"Maybe, but not into the building. That would be a bit obvious."

"Well, duh," she retorted. Edge didn't care though. She was not depressed at the moment so he would take any jab she gave him. The mags would only help out if they ended up in a major fight. Being this mission was more covert they would not really need the extra physical or mental boost the mag would produce.

"Well let's get some food in us, then we can sleep and be ready for tomorrow," he commented.

Kylan nodded. The two of them were up for only two more hours before going to sleep. And in another 400 beats they would be looking over what seems like a very important piece of a grand puzzle.

EDIT: fixing hours to beats. My bad for forgetting it earlier.

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Sorry to those who read the story but I was unable to post the next chapter. http://www.pso-world.com/psoworld/images/phpbb/icons/smiles/icon_frown.gif Friday was way too busy. I'm posting this from DisneyQuest in Florida(duh). When I return home on tuesday I'll post the next chapter. Also let me know what you think so far. Thanks. Until then have fun!!!!

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Good story! Hope you can post that next chapter soon. http://www.pso-world.com/psoworld/images/phpbb/icons/smiles/icon_smile.gif

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Ok here it is! The next chapter. Sorry it's late and for any typos that might be there. Let me know if there are any. I'm a little sick and still tired from my vacation. Hope you all enjoy.


Chapter 3

The pub that the operative chose could have been much better. Even in a space city as grand as Pioneer 2, there were slums and this one was no better than the ones Kylan had been in before. The patrons consisted mostly of hunters and common folk. Neon lights lit the place and most of the tables were full, the very early morning crowd was in. Why the contact had set up such an odd time would only make anyone speculate that he did not want many of the daily patrons around. Why that could be, was anyone's guess: it could be that most of the current patrons were too tired to take notice or that he might know people that actually come here during the day. The stench from the patrons, food and drinks was beginning to burn her nose. Without many things going on recently, hunters were finding very little to do, and would gather in such pubs to just talk and pass the time. Unfortunately to blend in better, Edge and herself had ordered drinks. She would have ordered standard water but in here it could be a bad option. Across the room at one of the high tables was the operative.

He sat by himself taking a few drinks from his cup while he waited. He seemed to fit in better than she did. His gruff features matched most of the hunters in here. The old brown uniform he wore almost made him look older than he really was. She looked to Edge who was dressed in one of his older hunter uniforms as well, "Think we stand out too much?"

"Maybe you do," he said to her. "But that was the idea after all."

"Thank you for reminding me," she said sourly.

She didn't mind what she was wearing. Actually she liked it. Most of it. She just did not like being the center of attention. Thinking about what she was wearing made her look down and make sure her skirt was still covering her legs. The skirt would run the length of her right leg down to her ankles, but the problem was that it was only half a skirt. When she would stand up her bare left leg would show. The tight shirt didn't help either. Of course it was something like one of her hunter uniforms. At least the color choice was good, black and gray. "I just wish I could have worn longer shorts," she commented towards Edge.

He was ready to make a comment when he noticed the operative make a waving gesture. Kylan glanced non-chalant like at the new comer. His clothes were not as old and dirty as most of the others and he was relatively clean. He proceeded towards the operative and sat down. Edge and Kylan listened as best they could without giving themselves away.

Through the various voices in the place Kylan could make out only a few words at a time.

"Was it difficult to fi...the place?" the operative asked.

She couldn't make out the others response.

"...sn't matter. You have the...tems we asked fo...?"

The contact nodded.

Kylan looked at Edge quizzically, and he shook his head. He couldn't hear any better than she could.

The brown haired contact spoke again but was still too quiet to be heard. The operative glanced around the building as if searching for something and when he looked towards Edge, Edge shook his head.

"Where are th...," asked the operative.

The contact spoke but again was too quiet. The operative then leaned forward a bit, "I can't hear y...too well"

The contact spoke again, "They wi...be deliv...to the address agre...upon in thre...ays."

She heard him that time and grinned to Edge. This deal was quickly coming to a close and the operative would be making his move shortly. Kylan moved her hand to her side where her saber handle was resting.

"Excellent!" the operative happily said as he moved a meseta crystal across the table.

The other picked it up and examined it. Checking to make sure it was a legit crystal. When he was done he plugged it into a small hand held notepad. Apparently this guy took no chances. Once he saw that the meseta crystal held the amount he wanted he said, "Darkeen than...you for your sup...t."

Suddenly an alarm went off in Kylan's head. The name, Darkeen, was something she knew. Something from her past, long since forgotten. Her mind scrambled for the reasoning behind it, but nothing came clear except for two feelings: Pain and sorrow. Edge looked worried, obviously seeing the distress upon her face. She titled her head to the right so the contact and operative would not see her. "Darkeen. I know that name," she said hastily. Before Edge could say anything she stood up. "Stay here and let the group know to be alert," her tone left no room for argument.

She began to slowly move through the groups of people towards the contact man. He looked her way but seemed not to notice her as a threat. It seems the choice of clothing might have worked. He seemed to busy checking her out than noticing the direction she was moving or the look on her face. The contact stood up and Kylan was almost ready to take him down but paused when he extended his hand towards the operative. The other stood up and they shook hands but when the time to release came the operative did not. Kylan removed the hilt of her saber from her belt and mentally prepared herself for a fight. It might not be her twin, but Kylan could wield a saber just as effect and deadly, as her favorite weapon.

"All right buddy, you're done," the operative said while trying to turn the man around and bind him. Kylan held her ground about ten feet from the two men.

"You're under arrest for possession and distribution of illegal and stolen weapons," continued the operative.

The contact man did not fight as much as she thought. Her instincts told her to move in, but she knew that she would be reprimanded for interfering. She would soon regret that decision.

The contact man slid a small chip from his sleeve and pressed a single button in the center. He spun around and pushed it onto the operative's face. Suddenly the operative lit up as electric bolts zapped out of the chip and knocked the operative out of conciseness. A paralysis trap chip.

"Hold it!" Kylan yelled as she flipped her saber on. The durandal's blade materialized and lit up the room with a gold green light. Edge stood up and pointed his gun at the man. The contact man, however, did not stop. He ran out the door-

And tripped and fell flat on his face.

"Oh I'm sorry," said a voice from behind him as he pushed himself up. He looked at the owner of the voice and saw a masked Ramar. This person came over and started padding his sides.

"You okay?" the Ramar said continuing to pad him as if to make sure nothing was broken.

"Get off me!" cried the contact, checking to see if the other two in the pub had come out yet.

"Sorry just making sure your alright. Jeez, no need to get-"

"Shut up," was all he said as he pushed himself away from the Ramar and ran down the sidewalk to where his vehicle was parked. As he rounded the corner he looked back and saw the woman with the saber exit the pub. In a few more seconds he would be in his vehicle and flying out of this mess.

"Where'd he go?" Kylan demanded of the Ramar.

"Down that way," he pointed down the street to the right.

She looked back to Edge as he came out. "Is Arldetta on her way?" she asked Edge.

"She'll be here in a few seconds," Edge replied and no sooner had he said that than an air-speeder hovered down in front of them. The door opened and Arldetta stuck her head out. "Need a ride?"

Kylan looked at Edge and the Ramar. "Ok, I'm going with Ari, you guys follow," she ordered.

They both nodded. She again turned her attention to the Ramar. "What's the code, Hat?"

"7864," Hatsumi said.


"Get going."

Kylan looked at Edge for a moment, her eyes telling him how much she cared for him. He returned her look. "Be careful," he said calmly.

She nodded and ran to Arldetta's vehicle.

"All set," Ari asked.

"Let's catch this bastard," Kylan said stiffly and with that the chase was on.

Arldetta's air-speeder lifted off. Kylan brought up the vehicle's nav computer and typed in: 7864. The screen showed an overhead map of the city and a second or two later zoomed into a section of the map. A single blip moving down the screen showed the two ladies where this guy had gotten too. Hatsumi's tracking device was working just fine.

"I see it," Arldetta muttered as she hit the accelerator and drove off to catch up with the escaping man.

This was the reason Edge had called Arldetta the night before. She could drive. Arldetta, or Ari as her friends called her, had no fear of driving fast. Or reckless for that matter. It didn't take long to catch up with the fugitive. Ari closed up onto the back bumper of his speeder. The fugitive's speeder was a modified ZF-91. Basically it was a big T with engines on both extremities and a single rider cockpit in front. It was made for two things, maneuverability and speed. Arldetta's XC-45R was more cylindrical with a single engine and two skewed wings on both sides. The cone shaped cockpit had seats for two with an extra seat behind them. Like the fugitive's speeder Arldetta's was modified as well. Modified with various parts to help her get her out of any predicament. The contact man didn't seem to take notice them right away. It did not last though.

The speeder suddenly dived down, heading for the ground. "Here we go," Ari exclaimed as she put her speeder into a nosedive directly behind the other. The two Hunewearls leaned forward from the gravity. Ari's long blue hair seemed to almost block her view. She didn't miss anything. Only a few feet from the ground she pulled up.

It took only a second to reorientate herself and see the other vehicle swerving away and a wave of oncoming traffic in front of them. Arldetta yanked the wheel to the right, just missing the first vehicle, then left, straightened out for a second then another hard left. Seeing the next group beginning to turn to move out of the way, as such blocking the lane, Ari yanked up on the controls and put the speeder into an up and right arch. In the middle of it she flipped the vehicle and just barley managed to keep it from hitting the other speeders, the buildings surrounding them and still able to straighten the speeder out before they hit the ground.

"Sweet goddess, what the hell was that," Kylan muttered.

Arldetta smiled, as she seemed to refocus on following the contact's speeder.

"Are your compensators on?" Kylan asked dryly.

"No, need the extra power," Ari stated.

Kylan looked in front of them and saw the other speeder pulling away. She knew Ari could catch him. However just as they caught up to him he quickly zigzagged to the right and an oncoming bus liner careened towards them. Ari, hardly caught off guard tilted her speeder sideways and the liner passed by them without a scratch.

"He likes traffic," Ari said sarcastically.

Kylan remained silent.

They continued to purse him in and out of traffic when Edge contacted them. "Where are you?" Edge said.

"About five blocks from the Council tower...Whoa!" Kylan held her breath for a second as Ari narrowly missed a speeder coming down a lane from the right. "He's heading for an exit port,"

"Which one," Hatsumi asked.

"Not sure yet. Give us a few more seconds, he's trying to loose us first," Kylan answered as she saw the Council tower appear as they rounded a corner. If they kept going in this direction they'll run right into the tower.

"No problem we'll catch up," Edge said.

Redirecting her attention to the chase she saw they were just about on top of the tower now. Ari was continuing to weave in and out of traffic. A couple of those misses had been close too.

"I think we're running out of room," Ari sarcastically spoke aloud.

Kylan just looked over at her, a look of slight disbelief her face. Arldetta seemed to be thoroughly enjoying this chase. When Kylan looked forward again she saw a slew of speeders coming in from the left ahead of the contact's speeder, only one block from the tower.

He must not have noticed. As he came down after passing over a speeder he quickly jerked to the right. The right wing engine hit the ground and threw the vehicle off balance. Sparks flew but the engine and wing withheld the impact bouncing the right side back into the air. The driver compensating by pulling up and flipping the speeder until he regained his bearings and continued to move towards the Council tower at break neck speeds. And just before he hit the side of the building he pulled up. Vertically scaling the tall tower.

"Tyrell's not going to like this," Ari muttered as she followed suit and pulled up, only mere feet from the wall. The glass vibrating from the sheer power from the speeder thrusters.

When the first speeder neared the roof of the dome he did a quick 180, spinning the speeder as it moved through its arch. Ari matched the move waiting until they were heading back down before reorientating the speeder. A few seconds later the fugitive changed his forward dive into a slow angeled descent towards the northwest part of the city. Oddly enough he was no longer trying to drive them into oncoming traffic.

"What, did he wake up," Ari said with a sly grin.

The nav computer beeped. When Kylan looked there was a small message window.

"I think we have our exit port he's heading too," Kylan offered, switching the comm back on. "Edge he's heading for exit port DC-2."

"Gotcha, we're almost there," he replied.

She shook her head, "No hang back. He has to loose us first. I don't think his employers will like us tagging along."

"Ok, keep us informed so we can cut him off when he re-enters."

"I will."

"Good luck," Edge said reassuringly.

It took only a few more seconds to reach the exit port. The trip towards the port was more a race than dodging speeders and such. DC-2 was a commuter port. Each port had two airlock doors to pass through to open space and was a little over a mile long. It was basically like running through a glass tube.

"Once we get through the first door get along side of him and push him into the side," Kylan said to Ari.

"Easier said than done, but ok," Ari replied.

Once they cleared the first door Arldetta sped up and pulled alongside the other's speeder. It would seem his vehicle was set for some space flight as well as Ari's was. No sooner than they were along side, he began ramming into them. Arldetta was fighting the controls, trying not to give any ground away, but his vehicle was heavier and thus was winning this ramming match. They were running out of time and they were loosing. Ari looked forward and saw there was no more room or time left. About halfway through the exit port steel girders came down to support the glass barrier around the main lane. The other driver at the last moment slammed into Ari's speeder sending her into the web of girders.

Arldetta steadied her vehicle quickly and continued to head straight. As long as she remained steady, Kylan noted to herself, they would make it to the end of the port. But for them, the end of the port meant a thick shield of transparent steel. Kylan looked over to see the other accelerate out of the tunnel.

Ari slowed down slightly. "Is the first port airlock sealed?" she asked stiffly.

"Yeah," was all Kylan could mutter before she was thrown into her seat as Arldetta punched the accelerator. "You're not going to-"

Kylan cut herself off when she looked over and saw a devilish grin on Ari's face. The light from the port lit up her high cheekbones even more.

There was less than half a mile to the wall and that gap was closing quickly. Kylan could see the other speeder through the window. At about 500 feet Arldetta squeezed a trigger on her wheel and a few bursts of photon bullets sprang out from the front of the speeder. In a few seconds the windows in front of them burst open. They made it through. The pursuit continued.

In only a few moments Arldetta had caught back up to the other.

"He's heading for Oberon." Ari said.

"Yup probably going to make a break for it," Kylan replied.

"Not gonna happen," Ari countered.

No sooner than they reached the small ship, the speeder in front of them looped around the lobby ship and made a run back towards Pioneer 2.

"He's going for port DC-4, this time. Get there and get him," Kylan ordered through the radio.

"K," was the only response she heard.

This time the trip through the portal Arldetta stayed behind and the moment they came through they saw Hatsumi's speeder hovering in place, directly in their path. When Kylan looked closer she saw Edge standing through the open cockpit door with his gun trained on the oncoming speeder. The contact man pulled upward to avoid crashing and as he flew over the stationary speeder Edge opened fire.

Sparks flew as the photon bullets ripped into the metal. One of his shots hit the left wing engine, which quickly began to smoke. Ari ducked below Hat's speeder and continued to tail the man's smoking speeder, which was now moving much slower. It seemed like all his tricks were over.

"Great job guys," Ari spoke aloud.

Behind them Kylan could see Edge getting back inside as Hat was preparing to give chase.

"Get me along side of him again," Kylan told Ari. "I'm going to try something."

Ari nodded and moved to the left of the speeder. Once there Kylan lifted her cockpit side door.

"Whaaoooo hold on a sec, what do-"

"Get closer," Kylan demanded.

Ari did so and moved closer. Kylan began standing up. With the wind pressing hard against her face and blowing her hair everywhere, it was hard to keep her eyes open. When she looked over at the man he opened his window and brought his gun to bear on her.

"Down!" Kylan cried as photon bullets went flying by her head.

Ari drove the speeder down.

"Get under him," Kylan said hastily.

As she moved under the man brought his speeder down upon them. Ari was about to move when Kylan jumped up and somehow managed to get a hold of the vehicles body. Ari dropped a few more feet below the other and tried to keep it there. Just in case.

Kylan could hardly believe what she was doing. How stupid was this. She knew not to look down but did so anyway. Here she was about 2 miles in the air dangling off the bottom of a speeder. She pushed her anxiety back, found some more handholds and slowly pulled herself on top of the small neck of the speeder. Of course she knew this was a one manned speeder. The city below her seemed to move about its normal cycle, not paying any attention to the spectacle going on above. Stay focused. She told herself. She managed to pull herself up behind the cockpit window without being seen. Or so she thought.

Acquiring a strong grip on a handle with her left hand she grabbed her saber handle from her belt. She knew she had one chance to get this stunt right. She pulled her arm back and lit the saber, bringing the durandal's green-gold blade to life. She slid her body around to the window and slashed the durandal's blade across it twice. The chunk she cut from the canopy blew away nearly taking her head off with it. It took only a second for the man to realize what happened and he banked the speeder to the right, forcing Kylan to hold on for all her life. Underneath them Arldetta maneuvered her speeder below Kylan's dangling feet.

Now literally looking up to the man she caught a full glimpse of his face. Short black hair, brown eyes and no facial hair and was also relatively young too. He brought his gun to bear on her, but he never got a shot off. Kylan slashed at the gun, knocking it from his hands and letting gravity take it to the ground, 2 miles below. Her slash also left a gash in the man's hand. He stabilized the speeder, which allowed Kylan to jump into the cockpit.

He quickly brought that same hand up and backhanded Kylan across the face. In her determination and rage she hardly registered the hit as she moved in and grabbed his hand, twisting it. The man yelped in pain and the speeder shook while he wrestled to free his other hand. He let go of the wheel to try and hit her again but she blocked and punched him right in the face. Again the speeder shook as he fought off the pain and dizziness that accompanied the hit.

"Who do you work for?" she yelled into his ear.

"You heard me when I said it," he remarked.

"The person, who is it!" she pushed further. Both of them hardly noticing the course they were driving in anymore.

"Go to hell," he taunted.

In her rage she hit him again, only this time the vehicle didn't shake it dropped...

Into a nosedive. She had knocked him out. Too angry to save his hide she climbed out of the cockpit. She looked in the direction they were falling. At this rate and angle they would hit about the 7th floor of the closest building. When she looked behind she saw Hatsumi's speeder coming in. Edge already had the door open. Hatsumi brought the speeder as close as he could get. Time for a leap of faith. Kylan told herself. She leapt off the tumbling speeder.

And landed on the windshield of Hatsumi's vehicle. Looking back she saw the building coming up fast. Edge reached around the window and grabbed her arm. Hatsumi slowed the speeder down to a stop, as Kylan let go of the windshield and swung into Edge's arms. Seeing that Kylan was safe, Arldetta pulled up alongside.

He didn't remember how long he was out, but the rushing building let him know he wasn't dead just yet. Fumbling with the controls, the man tried to slow his decent, and turn on his compensators. He also pulled up on the control wheel. He still was not thinking clearly. When he pulled up it put him into a straight run into the side of the building. He ducked as low as he could into the small cockpit and hoped he wouldn't die.

Pain struck his whole body as he was thrown forward as the ship crashed through glass and metal. Glass, furniture and, unfortunately, people flew in all directions as the speeder slid through the floor. It slid for seventy or so feet before coming to a halt. The last thing the pilot, the Darkeen contact man, saw before more darkness took him was the wall on the other side of the building which was only two feet in front of him.

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Next chapter done. It's a bit shorter than the last one but I still hope you enjoy. If you spot typos & such let me know, sometime I don't sprell to goofd.

"The damage done to the port window is the least of our problems," Kylan said hastily as she paced around the living room space back in her apartment. It had been only 40 beats ago that she had been jumping from a falling speeder onto Hatsumi's about 2 miles from solid ground. With the whole situation still fresh on everyone's minds, trying to concentrate on the real issues was starting to become a slow process. Everyone except Arldetta was here now, who would be arriving at her own apartment by now. She had a few things to go over with her husband, Embihr.

"Ok fine. We'll worry about that later," Edge spoke as he made his way into the kitchen.

"Or until someone from the Council's security force comes asking," Hatsumi commented dryly. The speeder chase had left them all a bit weary and on edge. No one expected a simple information mission to go so far out of whack.

"Irene can chew me out all she wants later," Kylan retorted.

"I'll tell her that, just in case she decides to chew out Ari instead," Edge said as he reemerged from the kitchen with a cold med pack. He moved over to Kylan and passed the med pack over, "Alright, here. And sit down too."

Kylan did as she was told and sat down on the couch. Edge walked across the room and sat down in a small chair. The backhanded smack to her face was now a slight bruise on her right cheek but by the end of the day it would be gone. The cold med pack sent a few quick stings of pain through her face, and just as quickly left with only the uncomfortably feeling of the med pack slowly freezing her cheek. Hatsumi was on the opposite side of the couch looking at her quizzically. Kylan looked his way, "Don't fret, it's not bad at all."

Hat raised his eyebrows and nodded his head. He knew it was not hurting as much as irritating. If they were outside the building he could just cast a resta technique on her, but indoors it was impossible. The technique dampening fields that surrounded every building diffused the energies created by techniques. Monomates and such were only allotted to personnel and hunters on duty. Outside of certain areas any type of mate could get you arrested. With the Council still deciding whether or not to land on Ragol, items such as mates and fluids were something to conserve. Resta and mates could ease pain and quicken the healing process, but in this case both of those healing options would be overkill. The only other place to heal yourself would be at a hospital or at the medical room on the Hunter's Walk. With the current situation it might be wise to stay away from any place that may have some security around. At least, for the moment.

"Kylan," Hatsumi said as he moved his gaze over to her, "You told Edge you knew the name Darkeen."

Edge's face appeared to be surprised at the question but soon turned very serious. Obviously this question was treading on a delicate situation. Kylan though, seemed to sink into the couch, her eyes moving up to look at the ceiling. Her gaze appeared to look past the wall, as if looking through a glass into a scene that only she could see.

"I don't know where from," she said slowly and quietly. Emotions suddenly began pulling her in a thousand different directions. Edge was on the verge of moving over to comfort her but decided she would have to find this answer on her own. "When I heard it I could only remember feelings. Sorrow mostly." She sighed, took a deep breath and continued, "Almost like the feelings I get from my dreams. Someone was pulling people I cared for away and there was nothing I could do about it. Like I was being held down myself."

She paused again, removing the cold pack from her face. Edge had heard parts of her dreams before but could never find the realities that forged them. He looked over at Hatsumi; he was sitting there taking everything in. He moved his eyes back to Kylan as she continued, "There was someone else too, I can't make them out, but there was something about him. He seemed intent on what was happening, but did nothing to stop it. It's usually about that time that I wake up."

Edge stood up and began to move over to her, but she seemed to block the pain from the discussion and shook her head towards him. She leaned back into her chair and stared at the ceiling. He knew it was time to change to subject.

"Ok then. What do we need to do now?" Edge spoke as he stood in the center of the semi octagonal living room. Unfortunately not a true change of subject but no longer did it deal with Kylan's dreams directly. Or, for the time being, so he thought.

Catching the cue and trying to move on with the situation Hatsumi pulled out what looked like a guild card. Edge looked at it quickly then gave a lopsided grin, "Swipe that from the perp did you?"

Hatsumi nodded. Kylan looked over, slowly releasing her gaze from the ceiling to look at the card. Her face still etched with feelings she tries so hard to hide. She didn't seem too interested.

"Unless you know a guild tracker or a hacker it's worthless," Edge put in. He knew there were ways to track someone from using the guild number on the card. "Also need to make sure it's authentic and not a hacked card."

"Well I do know of someone who should be able to help," Hat offered. "Goes by the name Archangel."

Edge let out a single quick grunt, "Not very original is he?"

"He'll get the job done, I know that for sure," Hat countered.

"Can you set us up then."

"Yup, just be prepared."

"Ok, that's a possible lead then," Edge paused a moment, "Progress?"

"Hardly," Kylan muttered.

Both Edge and Hatsumi turned to look at her. She still seemed disturbed. "Then let's find this Darkeen group and see what's going on," Edge said sharply, purposefully putting an edge on his voice to snap her out of it. It seemed to at least gain her attention.

"Well no one seems to know what is going on with this group," Hat ventured. A short pause crept its way through the room.

"Look," Kylan said, a new determination crossing her face, as she leaned forward placing the med pack on the small table in front of her, "We know they at least have some illegal items."

Hatsumi nodded in agreement, "The paralysis trap."

"Right. Now are they or are they not specifically designed for android use only?"

"Thought that was common knowledge," Edge said.

"Also we can not miss the fact that the Council's main security force was not able to track this group," Hatsumi added.

"Exactly. Now put them both together," Kylan declared. She looked at both Edge and Hatsumi and they both were looking a little confused. She would have to spell it out for them. Men, she thought quietly, always the hard long way. "They have a contact within the Council."

"That's a big stretch," Edge said stiffly. "I know Irene felt there was some sort of a leak but I don't think she meant it as someone in the Council."

"As to what you told me about this mission I would have to agree as well," Hatsumi voiced.

It seems that the thought had crossed their minds, but ignored it as being too farfetched. Kylan was not about to give up just yet though, "I know it doesn't seem plausible but it is possible."

Hatsumi leaned forward, his brow furrowed in thought. Edge shrugged and then suddenly it hit him, "The traps."

Kylan half smiled, "Right. Traps are given out to androids on active duty. Just like we are given mates, fluids and atomizers on duty and later confiscated when we are done." Edge's face lit up, finally understanding where this was going. Seeing the look, Kylan continued, "Yes. Either they were able to sneak some traps passed the guards. Which would be damn hard to get past both the guards and scanners." She paused for a brief moment. "Or were given the traps. With the schematics on how they worked."

"With the schematics they would be able to create traps for non android use," Edge put in.

Kylan and Hatsumi nodded. "On top of that who knows or has access to port door codes," Hat added. "They would need to have them installed for almost any port to recognize their speeders and open the doors." Port door codes used to be easy to hack into and steal, however after a few things were stolen with the perpetrators escaping by using port doors, security had patched the codes with a high level blocker program.

Hat looked over to Edge who seemed to be getting a bit nervous.

"What the hell did we just get ourselves into," Edge asked.

"I don't know, but I intend to find out," Kylan said sharply.

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Ok finally an update here. Sorry for the long wait. Been crazy and my proofreader(my wife http://www.pso-world.com/psoworld/images/phpbb/icons/smiles/icon_smile.gif )has been busy with her own stories. This is only the first section of the next chapter. I hope to get the next section up much sooner. Hope you all enjoy


Chapter 4

Even on the 90th floor, the view of Pioneer 2 was spectacular. The small dots that represented the colonists, scientists and even hunters were a sight to see as they walked around doing their daily business. The various speeders moved along the traffic lanes shifting their height to make a pass or go down a side street. Various maintenance workers were currently cleaning the small grassy field that represented the entrance to the Council tower. Above he could see the protruding section of the building that signified Principal Tyrell's office.

Standing by the window behind his desk, Dak JinnKale gazed at the city going about its daily schedule. Evening time was usually a calm time of day for Dak, but as the reflected sunlight was slowly dimming the city he became uneasy. This morning's speeder chase had left a lot of questions unanswered and caused a good deal of damage to the city that had to be taken care of. Quieting down the media had taken almost all his time during the day. However after a few bent truths and tiny bits of the truth the media slowly dispersed. Now the real problem was getting the answers he needed as to why all this had happened. He received one story already and was awaiting another. The story from the hunters involved.

Dak was part of a small group who felt hunters were never needed in the first place. Against his many arguments and reasoning the majority of the Council and the Principal decided to use hunters to clear Ragol. In retrospect it had been a good idea; hunters instead of the Council's troops had been killed on the planet and during the now infamous Ruins raid. The Council's troops were needed here, in the city, to maintain the law and order. For the good of Pioneer 2 was how he thought of all the sacrifices the hunters made. In a way he respected them, they went down to the surface on numerous occasions to take care of the threat and except for a few rare occasions, did any of the hunters argue as to why they were sent to fight and not the Council's troops. Dak was by no means a helpless man but he considered himself more a business man than a fighter.

His train of thought was interrupted by a tone coming from his desk. He turned away from the bustling city and sat in his chair. Leaning forward he touched the intercom, "Yes what is it?"

"Officer Orro Geshal to see you," came a static female voice from the intercom.

"Send him in"

"Yes sir," she replied obediently.

Dak leaned back into his chair as the door to his office opened. Officer Orro Geshal strode in, his military posture not once flinching. His beret slightly titled and his custom Council rifle slung over his back. His impresive six foot plus height made most Lieutenants a bit skittish around him. "I have a report for you sir," Orro spoke in his husky voice.

"Relax Geshal," Dak said smoothly. "What have you found out?"

Orro eased his stance only slightly, "According to our files and sources we have identified the group of hunters assigned to cover the agent."

"And how is the agent?"

"Nearly recovered, sir. He woke up about 170 beats ago and is still in observation."

Dak smiled. "Good he should be ready to return to work within a day or so. Proceed with the information."

Orro straightened again, "The two originally assigned was a human male, a Redria Humar named Edge Norelwind and a female Newman named-" his cheek twitched "-Kylan."

Dak leaned his head forward in question.

"Sir?" Orro asked.

"Last name, Officer," Dak countered.

"I'm sorry sir but there is no last name on file," Orro stated dryly.

"Then how are we supposed to do a check on her? I don't suppose you have her ID number or her guild number?" Dak said sharply, clearly not happy about the lack of information.

"No sir I do not. However, the only Kylan in any database is a Kylan D'Anter. Her name appears only in the Hunter's Guild database. No other pertinant information is available. We do not know if it is this is the same Kylan or not. The only D'Anter that is on record is an Aoquenna D'Anter whom died in the Ruin raids." Orro was opening his mouth to continue-

"Save it Officer Geshal!" Dak ordered as he stood up and began moving around the desk towards Orro. "How am I to keep the Council's security force in order when it appears our database is incomelete?" Dak demanded as he stopped beside Orro. Even though the officer was a foot taller, Dak had a commanding presence that could not be ignored. Dak's job as head of the Council's security department meant he could lean into the troops and various officers if he needed too. Missing pieces of information was something that could not be left without some kind a reprimand. Everyone on this ship had all their information inputted into a grand database allowing the Council to track down any person if need be. Dak and his team spent the first few years during the travel tracking down those who did not have an ID. Somehow there was someone that had still not been entered. His gaze bore into the tall Officer, demanding some kind of answer.

"We," Orro began slowly, "Do know that both Edge and Kylan live together."

"Not good enough," Dak said harshly. Without a last name or ID number to identify a single person, background checks were near impossible. "I want you to get me an ID on this female."

"Yes sir I will take care of it personally."

Dak knew how to keep officers and other higher up officials in check. "Good to hear. There were obviously more involved. Proceed."

Dak didn't think Orro could straighten up anymore, he was wrong. "Yes sir. It appears that two more were contacted by Edge and or Kylan prior to the meeting. The first is a human male, a Greenill Ramar, codename: Hatsumi. We did get his ID number, and the second was a female Newman named Arldetta F'esant. It was Arldetta's speeder that damaged the DC-2 port."

Dak paused a moment then moved away from the Officer and slowly made his way behind his desk. "Very good. I want you to bring both Edge and Kylan to me at once." He turned around to face the window and gaze at the city beyond it, "I need answers."

"Of course, we are working on tracking this Edge Norelwind as we speak." Orro paused and looked down at his data pad reading it over again and knowing he had to ask this next question, even though he feared another reprimand was about to come his way. "What should be done about the fugitive that escaped the hospital at 125.8 beats?"

To Orro's surprised Dak kept his cool and seemed to look downward in thought. Silence filled the room for more seconds than Orro was comfortable with. Finally Dak looked over his shoulder and spoke, "No major concern. We were able to get his ID. My team is currently searching for this man. Your concern is to find the two hunters. If that is all you are dismissed."

"Yes sir," Orro said. He saluted Dak, who was again facing the window, and left the office. As he walked down the hallway towards the elevator he glanced back down to his pad and scanned it yet again, a small nagging question in his mind.

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Here's a quick pic of Kylan to tide you all over until the next section. My proofreader(my wife) has been neglecting my story. Maybe I should fire her. Just kidding. If she doesn't get too it soon I'll post the next one with my proofreading skill. Whatch out!!!

As always I'm curious as to what everyone one who's reading is thinking about it so far. Did that make any sense?
Have fun.

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Another section bites the dust! Enjoy. http://www.pso-world.com/psoworld/images/phpbb/icons/smiles/icon_smile.gif


The directions Hatsumi gave ended up taking Kylan and Edge to the eastern dome on the right wing of Pioneer 2. This particular section was still in good shape, unlike many of the other areas around the rim of the city. The east dome still had some sun reflecting through the area, but being the farthest east side of the ship meant in would be the first to become covered in shadows. As the massive ship orbited Ragol the central dome would cast a massive shadow over the whole East Side of the ship, however they would be the first to be hit with the sun when the ship reemerged on the other side. But for most of the people who lived here the odd light and dark schedule was something that becomes easier to cope with as time progresses.

The apartment building was only five floors high and was surprisingly one of the more elaborate buildings in the area. The main entrance had a long arch that was about 2 meters deep, creating a small tunnel to pass through towards the main doors. The interior wall of the tunnel was a mural that graduated from a deep blue to a white-blue at the apex. Within the blue tones were sea-life from their previous home, Coral. The evening sun made the mural appear as if it too were under sunset. Kylan was awestruck by the beauty of the artwork that surrounded her as they proceeded inside to the lobby and towards the elevator.

As the elevator rose, Edge looked out the window and saw the lobby they had just passed through. It had many more murals and other pieces of art scattered around the walls. "Not much of a place to find a guild hacker," Edge commented.

Kylan turned to look out the window, "Probably the last place officials would look for him."

The elevator pinged and slowed to a halt as they reached the designated floor. The doors slid open and the two walked into the hallway.

"Of course I don't see how he wouldn't stand out in here," Kylan muttered as she looked at the elaborately decorated hall. Even more of the same murals covered the walls here, except that these seemed to stray from the wildlife and environments of their previous world and instead appeared to be a mural of the forest surrounding the Central Dome on Ragol.

Edge pried his gaze from the walls, "Down to the right and it's the third door on the right."

They walked down the hall towards the door. Judging from the spacing in-between the doors the apartments seemed to be no larger than the ones Kylan and Edge were currently live in. But in a place like this the rooms could be more elaborate. Kylan approached the third door on the right, "Room 307."

Edge was about to press the buzzer when the door suddenly slid open. Kylan's stance hardened and her hand reflexively went for her saber. She moved through the entryway and saw the room was indeed the same size as her place but the layout was very different. Instead of a somewhat octagonal main center living room area it more resembled a triangle. The room was surprisingly clean; hackers had a small reputation for being more on the messy side.

"Actually I fit in just fine," came a loud voice from the room on the opposite side of the living room. Kylan gazed questionably towards the room, and made her way towards it. Edge followed closely, becoming more suspicious of this hacker's intentions. When they arrived at the room Kylan nearly gasped at the sight she saw. This room did follow the routine of being messy, but not in the sense of things being thrown all over the place. Oh no, this room was filled with computers that ranged in size from small pocket computers to large computer frames scattered about the room all connected by a web of cables. The heat from all the machinery in here was almost stifling, as such the hum from the computers blocked out practically all sounds from outside the room. Wires and cables were hanging off walls; running along the floor; a virtual web and what it was catching was information. There were more than twelve monitors in a double stack: six on top and six on the bottom. In the second screen from the right on the top row was a paused image of Kylan and Edge in the elevator.

Kylan slowly made her way into the web and, sitting in front of the monitors, she saw the bright green strands of hair that had to be Archangel's. "I thought common courtesy was to invite your guests in," Kylan remarked as she stopped her forward movement about two feet from the chair.

The chair spun around with a slight creak and sitting in it was a 19-year-old boy. Kylan was ready to leave at that moment when he spoke up, "Common yes, but I did open the door for you. I understand you need my help, so it seems that you'll have to dismiss my lack of common courtesy."

Kylan glared at him with a look that would have vaporized this kid in an instant. But as she glared at him she noticed his eyes do a quick up and down of her. Obviously checking her out. Edge noticed as well as he stepped forward. "See anything you like?" Edge asked.

Archangel turned and faced Edge with a lopsided smile, "Perhaps."

A sudden but brief sense of anger flooded Edge, but let it go remembering again how Kylan looked. She had a similar outfit on today as she did in the pub the other day. On top of that this Archangel, if this was him, was still young, and from the looks of it, single as well. Kylan had definitely had enough of this.
"I don't think we need your help that bad," Kylan said sharply.

"Suit yourself," the kid said. "But I just thought you'd like to know that a call had been made out to bring you two in for questioning."

Edge's cheeks twitched and ever so slightly paled. No big surprise though, he knew at some point or another they would have to discuss the other morning's events. "I guess we should have gone and explained ourselves."

Kylan's face still held on to the anger that was burning inside, only now it seemed directed elsewhere and not on the green haired kid. "I doubt Irene sent out the order," she retorted.

"Right on that one," the kid said. "The orders were sent from Dak JinnKale, our all time friendly Head of Council Security."

Edge regained his composure, "We'll worry about it later."

Kylan nodded, "It seems you're well informed."

"I need to be. Keeps me from getting into trouble," the kid commented dryly.

Kylan almost laughed aloud but held it in; perhaps this was not just a mere kid after all. She moved closer, "We need an ID check on this guild card."

She handed the card over. The young man took it and spun his chair back to face his rows of monitors. "No problem. By the by, in case you call me by name, call me Arch for short."

So this was indeed Archangel, Hatsumi's hacker who was now going to track down the missing fugitive. He slid the card through a reader and began typing something Edge or Kylan could not make out. Edge gazed around the room again and a thought crossed his mind, "Say Arch, how do you pay for such grand toys."

Archangel sat there and laughed. He paused his typing and half turned his chair to face them. "With money of course," he grinned, nodding his head towards the closet in the room.

Edge gingerly crossed the room and opened the door. Hanging in the closet was a black and gray Ramar suit. He turned around, "A Ranger? You?"

Arch smiled, "Yeah why not?"

"A bit young, to have to go through the training and get clearance."

The typical age for a hunter was 24, on very few occasions a 21 year-old would get through training faster, but not often. On top of that Dak would never allow anyone under 21, regardless of skill, to legally be a hunter.

"Not if you're an expert like me," Arch declared, his smile turning into a sly grin. "Besides I did it to myself and didn't wreck anything for anyone else."

Kylan, who was sitting on the sidelines during this one, was slowly coming to appreciate this young man. She wasn't sure how much official training he had but he defiantly found a way to "speed up the process." Besides it wasn't like she went through any official training to be a hunter. He had skills and now this young man, Archangel, will track down the man she was looking for.

"You hacked your clearance?" Edge asked. He too was beginning to see how Arch's skills could help them. Edge closed the closet door and walked to where Kylan was standing.

"Wasn't all that hard," Arch went on as he returned to the current job at hand. "Skipped a few levels of training, made myself a certificate and off to Ragol I went. The meseta I picked up allowed me to get everything you see here. A Ranger only needs a small amount of weapons if he goes in groups."

Skillful and smart, he was defiantly someone Kylan could use. As he finished his explanation a tiny beep came from one of the computers. Archangel spun around and typed a few things then slid off to the side. "Come and see for yourself," he gestured with his hands towards the central low monitor. There on the screen was an image of the fugitive's face, beside the picture was information: his name, date of birth, criminal history and parents. The fugitive's name, Stig Zunigar, did not ring any bells in Kylan's or Edge's mind. Then it hit Kylan and Edge what they were looking at. The fugitive's Hunters License information. Information from the Hunter's Guild database.

"You have a tap into the Guild's database?" Kylan asked.

"What does it look like to you?" replied Archangel.

"Doesn't matter. We need you to keep an eye out for him."

"Sure," he paused a moment. "But I don't do this for free you know."

Edge turned his head and looked at the young man sitting in his chair, slightly grinning at the two of them. "We figured as much. Here," Edge said as he reached into a pocket and tossed a meseta crystal towards Archangel.

The young man examined his fee, and slipped it into one of his pockets. "You're extremely generous. One would almost make rash assumptions on how you got so much. Doesn't look like you would have such an extensive money flow."

Kylan turned and sent another of her icy glares towards Arch. "Try it and die," she declared.

"Hold it babe, I'm on your side," Arch said defensively.

Edge rested his hand on her shoulder and squeezed it, to inform her to relax. "We'll see," she retorted.

Arch slouched in his chair, the look on his face implied he was making a serious decision, "Alright let's clear this then," he began. "You need me. But as you can see I'm not doing to bad for myself here. On top of that I know who you are and what you did during the raids, so if it wasn't for you I may be dead now," He reached back in his pocket and tossed the meseta crystal back. "Keep it."

Edge caught the crystal and held it in his hand. "What's in it for you?" he asked.

Arch laughed for a moment, "Fortune and glory. How should I contact you if I spot him in the city again?"

Kylan turned away from the screen, "Use Hunter frequency 256.98. That is my personal comm." She tapped her left arm brace; on it were a small set of buttons and a small communications device, amongst other things.

"Then I know how to get a hold of you to set up a date."

Kylan rolled her eyes.

"Then I'll send this info to you in a few beats, getting close to calling it a day. I'll be able to find your home mail address," Arch said with another sly grin. Both Edge and Kylan shrugged.

"Then have a goodnight," Edge muttered as he and Kylan began exiting the computer room.

"Yeah if I were you I would watch out. That order for you two has a high priority on it."

"We will," Kylan said. With that said they left the room. Knowing that Archangel had practically the whole building wired they said nothing until they were in their speeder heading home.

"Think we can trust him," Edge said, finally breaking the silence within the vehicle.

"I think so," Kylan responded. "Even though he has some issues, he definitely knows what he's doing. Plus he seems to have his priorities straight."

"Felt the same way," Edge added. "So what do we do about Dak? I think we should call it a day and go home. Then decide if we should contact him tonight or tomorrow."

"Dak will probably be up all night waiting for a reply. Or he has some of his troops waiting for us back home already."

"Love how he treats everyone like criminals," Edge said as he turned the speeder left, heading down another lane.

"As much as I don't like him he gets the job done," Kylan commented. "We'll see what happens when we get home. Regardless though I'm not in the mood for a confrontation tonight." She knew that discussing the job with Dak would not only cover the chase, but her lack of information in the databases.

"Well be ready just in case," Edge muttered.

When they arrived back at their apartment building, to their mild surprise no one was waiting for them. The trip up to the room was just as quiet. No one in uniform and also no suspicious newbs or troops were visible. The surprises kept coming when they entered their apartment: there was no door messages and no comm or video messages waiting. Edge finally sputtered the first words regarding the lack of a messenger or message, "Guess he wants to wait till morning too."

"He's patient, I'll give him that," Kylan smirked. "So let's use it and get some sleep."

"Hear you on that one. We'll just go pay him a visit tomorrow, and get it over with."

Kylan sighed, "Yeah."

They dropped a few things off on their way to the bedroom and within a very short time, they were both asleep. It was only a matter of time before another of Kylan's dreams would begin its routine torture of her mind.

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Chapter 5 section 1 awaits all you readers. I'll try to get section 2 up ASAP. Also I'm just curious who's still reading?


Chapter 5

The area looked the same as she remembered. The rock formed faces in the ground slowly shifting from their angry glare to a blank one. The ghost like forms floating through the air began to disappear into the dark sky. The area now was blanketed with an eerie silence. Looking around the battlefield Kylan saw the nine remaining hunters. She had tried to forget this day but the dream continued to push these memories back into her consciousness. Her's or his?

Dark Falz was a conscious entity. That entity was the reason so many had died. Kylan tried to fight the dream and the images her sleeping brain produced. She also realized this was not the same dream that had been torturing her these past few weeks. This was a recent memory not the ghost like feelings and images of her other dreams.

The feminine voice began to fill the area. She covered her ears as the sound began to become too painful for Newman ears. Edge and Aoquenna came to her side, but soon they succumbed to the voice as it continued to grow louder. She looked around and saw the Fonewearl clasping her ears with a Ramarl right behind her doing the same. Hatsumi also was clutching his ears while the only android, a Hucast, stood in a defensive stance. His ears were the only ones not affected by the onslaught of sound. The other Force and Humar in the group also were writhing in agony as the sound grew even louder.
Kylan fought the memory but she could still feel the pain in her ears. She couldn't image how pain could transcend from a dream. Her thoughts flashed to Edge, she looked to her left and saw him crouched on the ground, his face etched in pain. This was wrong he was not in pain. He was sleeping right beside her in their bed. This is not real! She told herself in her dream. No true answer came except the slight movement from the ground. She looked down and saw the ground crack and a bright teal light erupted from the hole. She looked away, turned to the Hucast to see if he was still functional. He was staring across the area towards the carcass of Dark Falz.

She tried to fight the dream but her head turned anyway. She saw Dark Falz's elongated forearms had changed from pincers to a "normal" hand and arm with a finger slowly extending with a single blade like appendage. Each wing had lost a section and was pushing through the skin, extending the wings arms further from its body. Like clockwork a burst of bright light shot out from the carcass and with it came the sudden fury of pressure. All present, even the Hucast was sent sprawling and the pressure threatened to squish them flat into the ground.

And just as fast as it came it ended. The feminine voice quieted and the pressure eased. The only sound that could be heard was of the rushing winds surrounding them.

"What in the name of..." came a voice through her ear comm device. She opened her eyes and saw the area had changed again. Kylan knew what this change was but her body reacted as if she had never seen it. She felt trapped in her own body, her own thoughts not registering to herself. Deep down she knew what would happen in this battle. Maybe if she resisted the urge to fight the dream she could change it. Perhaps this was no dream, but all that had happened in these past few weeks were a trick. An illusion created by Dark Falz to keep the group his slaves forever. She would fight this battle again and change the outcome.

She stood up and heard the group reporting they were ok and ready to do battle once again. All nine hunters would walk out of here alive this time.

"Up there!" shouted the last Force, a Fomar. He was pointed upwards.
Kylan stood up. She glanced around noticing the new surroundings. They no longer stood on solid ground but instead were standing in the air on a ring of light. She glanced around and found Aoquenna and moved to her side. Looking up she saw Dark Falz's new form. It resembled a deformed Diminian, with the elongated snout and heavy shoulder area. The elongated forefinger now sported the glowing razor blade of a Diminian's forearm. The hunters stood staring at the new form while it laughed maniacally. Now one, but Kylan, saw the attack coming. "Look out!" she cried, surprised to hear her voice with her thoughts. Maybe she could do this after all.

With a sudden bust of speed and power Dark Falz lunged forward, its forefinger slashing downward at the Humar standing on the other side of the ring. He leaped sideways from the attack hitting the ground and rolling back to his feet. The slash hit and swept through the ring, as if it was never there. Dark Falz slashed again, with its other arm, and again the Humar avoided the attack.

"Die you bastard scum!" shouted the Ramarl as she lifted her Wal-MK2 rifle and fire three shots at the massive creature. The first missed slightly but the second and third hit. The photon bullets impacted the skin, the first doing nothing but merely burning it, and the second put a slight cut into the thick hide. Hatsumi brought his L&K14 mechguns to bear and shot off three quick barrages of photon bullets. They hit with a spattering of energy and by the end, all that was left was another small cut in Dark Falz's side. Kylan knew bullets were no good and turned to face the Hucast.

"We need melee weapons!" cried the Hucast as he charged for Dark Falz, who seemed to just sit by the spot where it attacked the Humar, begging for someone to close in on it. The Hucast arrived and pulled out a small handle from a compartment in his upper thigh. The handle quickly extended to a length that would match the android's height. Then the brionac's blade flashed to life. He slashed at the form, and as his attack was about to make contact Dark Falz seemed to glow. His skin changed colors that swirled around and continued to change colors. The brionac's blade hit and bounced off the skin sending the Hucast tumbling backward. He stood back up and swung again, with the same results. Regardless of her thoughts and actions this was still playing out in the same fashion. She wouldn't give in just yet.

"It's a d'fense scr'n," Aoquenna shouted as she pounded the end of her staff into the ground three times in a triangle, holding it on the ground at the last hit. She then thrust her left arm forward; her thumb, fore and middle finger extended in a claw like fashion, as if she were holding an invisible sphere with those three fingers. The spell invisibly moved to the target her mind had set, and when it reached Dark Falz a huge Rafoie engulfed the monster. Before the fiery ball dissipated Falz flew to the middle of the top symbol.

"Techniques are useless. Hold steady!" Kylan ordered. The group held their ground and stared up at the creature, noticing its lack of legs. It moved again and turned to the Fonewearl, and a stream of blue energy balls came from the glowing orbs, which everyone assumed were his eyes. Kylan looked to the Fonewearl and tried to tell her to run, but no words came out. It seemed she still had very little power to change things. Still she tried.

The blue balls of energy moved down to the ring level and quickly changed its course. They moved to intercept the small Fonewearl. She ran before the first set would have hit her. Energy crackled as the balls passed mere inches behind her. The small Force was so preoccupied with looking over her shoulder and running away that she ran into the path of the Humar. Kylan tried again to warn the others but to no avail.

The Humar tried to move but was too late. The blue energy smashed into him, burning his clothes and sending blue lighting through his body. He shrieked in pain as the next group slammed into him sending backwards. He slid to the edge of the ring and when he fell off he didn't fall down but instead was sent upward by the rushing wind. The group yelled different phrases but it was futile. The Humar was lost. The Ramarl and Hatsumi took aim and fired as many shots as they could. All the bullets futily missed or ricocheted off Falz's body. That's when the next attack came.

Dark Falz raised one arm and a yellowish glow formed within its awkward hands. It turned to faced the Fonewearl again. After the recent mishap she was in shambles. Kylan tried to rush to her side, just as she had on that fateful day, but she would arrive too late to be any good. Before she could reach her Kylan saw a handful of small yellow lights grow around the Force's small form. The girl's face now etched with fear and dread, being a Force she knew what had been cast on herself. She saw the lights form into shards, and she put aside her fears as the group of Grant shards impaled her. She screamed for a moment but was silenced when the shards burst and sent a beam of light from the now dead Fonewearl.

Not again. Kylan thought to herself. She tried again to warn the others of the attack patterns but no words came out. Her body was again neglecting to move when she wanted to. She was trapped in her own body and would be forced to relive this day once more. Aoquenna came over and put her hand on her shoulder in comfort. Kylan wanted to grab hold of her and not let go. She did not want to lose Aoquenna all over again. Edge moved around to them; Kylan wanted to grab him too and tell them both how much she loved them. Edge froze in mid stride and yelled, "Watch it!"

Dark Falz had come down again, and came down swinging as his skin changed back to normal. Kylan and Aoquenna dodged the attack. Kylan lit her twin and ran towards Falz. She rushed to the edge of the ring and slashed at the creature, which was just hovering there. The twin hit Falz's skin and to her surprise and the surprise of Falz, cut a deep wound into its side. The creature pushed away and stopped on the other side of the ring. The Rangers let loose another barrage of photon bullets and Aoquenna and the last remaining Force launched a volley of spells.

All the bullets hit their target putting more burn marks and small holes into Dark Falz's thick hide. Unfortunately the spells that were cast seemed to have little to no effect. Kylan noticed and quickly ordered, "All Forces on back up! Heal us as fast and best as you can!"

Her actions and voice were playing out the same as they had and she could nothing to stop it. She watched as the Forces ran to all the hunters and cast shifta and deband on them. Hoping to give them a fighting chance. Dark Falz moved again and the Hucast ran towards it. He swung the brionac three times. The first made contact but the third bounced off as Falz's skin swirled again into its defense screen.

Kylan knew whom Falz would target next as he floated to his stationary stop amidst the top ring of light and let loose another barrage of energy balls. The target this time was Hatsumi. Hat wasted no time as he ran, yelling towards the Hucast in his path to run as well. They both survived. In the next attack someone would not. Falz raised his arm again and the group stood in place waiting to see whom would have grants cast on them. At this time Kylan wished Aoquenna had had it cast on her. She would be seriously injured but she would survive it, her resistance to light based magic was high enough to absorb enough of the energy to live. The Ramarl was not as fortunate.

She was the unlucky soul that was targeted and in a few seconds she toppled over dead. "Jarel, Edge, Roa move to my position. Hat you stay at a distance just in case. Let's try and get lucky with his drop point," Kylan heard herself say into her wrist commlink.

"Copy that, on my way," Roa, the Hucast came back.

"On my way," said Jarel the Fomar.

Edge was already beside her. Kylan looked towards Aoquenna wanting to tell Aoquenna to stay behind her. "I need you here too," was what came out. Hat came through with his acknowledgement. Kylan knew what was coming soon and her thoughts , albeit not her dream self thoughts, were lined with sadness and anger.

The group was almost together when Dark Falz once again came down swinging. Edge, Kylan and Aoquenna dodged the attack. Falz quickly moved to the side attempting to slash down Hatsumi. Falz missed and tried for the Hucast who was closing in on the group. He missed again and moved into position directly in front of the group of Hunters.

"Hit him!" Kylan cried. The Hunters moved in and took as many hits to Dark Falz as they could, being careful not to slash each other. Hatsumi fired his mechguns. The Hucast arrived in time to deliver two strikes before Dark Falz moved away. The creature was notably slower as it stopped in the center of the ring on the hunter's level. Falz's form appeared to be bleeding from the many cuts scattered around its body. Kylan could feel her dream self relax a bit. She knew what she felt at that moment and a handful of the others had felt the same thing. They managed to put Dark Falz on the defensive and were close to victory. Close but not victory, not just yet and Kylan knew what Falz's next attack would be. From across the ring Hatsumi still took some shots but it appeared to have no effect.

Kylan made one last attempt to warn the others, she screamed in her own mind as loud as she could, but no one responded. The time she feared was upon her now and her feelings began to break down. She could feel her sadness, anger and frustration growing. She could do nothing here but watch.

Dark Falz raised his arm and pointed towards the huddle of hunters. Its elongated finger pointed directly at Aoquenna. Hatsumi stopped firing as he tried to make sense of this new pattern. Kylan didn't want to look but her dream self would not close her eyes, she had no clue what was happening. The group looked as a faint ghost like form arose out of Aoquenna. Once it was practically out of her body it stretched into nothing and disappeared.

"I don't feel anything, I'm ok I think, "Aoquenna said.

"Good. Jarel stay with her," Kylan's dream self spoke. "Edge, Roa be cautious."

The group split with Edge and Kylan moving towards Hat clockwise and Roa heading around the ring counter clockwise. Aoquenna and Jarel stood their ground.

"Kylan look!" Edge said pointing towards Dark Falz. Just as she turned Falz attacked the Hucast, but she saw what Edge had noticed. The Hucast rolled to the side and charged the creature with maddening intensity. Dark Falz remained there, motionless.

"Roa no!" she screamed in both her dream self and her conscious thought. She ran towards Aoquenna trying to get her attention. She did at the last moment. As Aoquenna turned they locked eyes; sadness fully engulfed Kylan, as both selves knew what was about to happen. A second later the Hucast slashed into Dark Falz and Aoquenna screamed in agony. Kylan's heart dropped as Aoquenna fell to the ground. A quick stream of light rushed from her body and moved to Dark Falz.

Not realizing what was happening the Hucast slashed again. And again Aoquenna screamed as she felt the slash hit her. Ripping through her, sucking away her life.

"Roa stop!" Edge screamed into his commlink.

It was then that Roa saw the ghost like image in Dark Falz "mouth". Kylan held Aoquenna in her arms as tears flooded her eyes. Edge moved beside Kylan. She looked at him briefly and turned back to Aoquenna. Dark Falz was now an afterthought; he moved to the center of the ring and stood still. The ghost image of Aoquenna faded as Falz returned the borrowed soul back to its dying owner. Jarel cast resta but the damage was not truly physical. The attack had sucked Aoquenna's life out of her.

Aoquenna began to raise her hand and touch Kylan on last time, like she had for so many years but her eyes went from a loving mother's to a blank stare and her arm fell lifelessly to the ground. Kylan had failed to change anything. She grabbed Aoquenna and yelled in sorrow. She looked towards Edge through wet eyes and could not make out what he was saying. But he kept repeating the same words.
"Wake up! Wake up!"

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Jan 15, 2003, 01:56 PM
Her eyes snapped open. The place she was now in was dark with a slight bit of light coming from various objects within the room. Her pain and sorrow was still running through her when she felt the touch of someone holding her. Kylan frantically began flailing her arms trying to break loose from the being that was holding her.

"Get off me!" she yelled into the darkness.

"It's ok," came a concerned voice from her side.

She looked over into the shadowy figure beside her, holding her arms and trying to pull her closer. "Relax sweetie, relax. It's ok," Edge spoke to her.

Slowly she eased up as her vision adjusted to the darkness and could vaguely make out a few features of Edge's concerned face. Kylan glanced around the room. Making out various objects and realizing there was no danger here. The light sensors, noticing movement, brought the room's lights to a slight illumination, keeping the room dark but lit enough to see. She looked back to Edge; his worried face showed he was as startled by her dream as she was.

"Edge," she whispered as she embraced him. Her body still shaking from the emotional and physical drain from the recent attack from her mind. No tears would come, the last of her tears were shed when Aoquenna died. He held her soothingly, whispering various things in her ear to help calm her down.

She finally eased her embrace and looked into his eyes. She didn't know exactly what to say to him and it seemed he did not know what to say either. They stared into each other's eyes for a moment until she finally spoke.

"Why did she have to die?" she asked as she embraced him again. She rested her head on his shoulder and against his neck.

"Who?" Edge asked.

Kylan paused a moment until she realized that he was not really in her dream, and also that she had hardly ever spoke of her dreams to him.

"Aoquenna," she muttered.

"Was she in your dream then?" he said to her, beginning to understanding why she was so upset.

She nodded her head and squeezed him. He returned her squeeze until she finally eased up and pulled away to look into his eyes. She noticed he was seriously concerned for her; it was reassuring to see, as it showed how much he loved her. She took a deep breath, "I saw the last battle with Dark Falz...I couldn't understand why. But at one point I thought that it was real and I could change things."

Edge sighed, "I'm sorry." He paused, "But what's done is done."

"I know," she said reluctantly, but in her denial she asked, "But why couldn't Roa wait just a bit? Why didn't he see her? Why?"

She dropped her head. He moved closer to her, lifted her head and he gazed into her gorgeous green eyes. "I can't answer that for you. No one knew what was going on." He paused a moment and then continued, "Had it been you...would you have charged Falz?"

Her head dropped again, her eyes closed in an attempt to hide her guilt. But she nodded slowly, "Yes...I would have."

"I think we all would have. It's no one's fault. But imagine your guilt had you been the one to attack him."

She looked up at him, her face etched with sorrow and guilt. "I don't thi..." she stopped and regained some of her strength. "I couldn't live with myself if I had."

She thought of Aoquenna as she looked at Edge, "She was the closest thing to a mother I had."

"I know. It's hard to loose a loved one. Trust me I know."

She knew he understood loss. His father had been killed in a Guild mission many years ago with his mother loosing her life to a sickness only two years later.

"For all the missing pieces of my childhood I still remember her being there for me." A small smile creased her face, "She was always there for me. She taught me so much and loved me like I was her daughter."

"She loved you as a mother would have." Edge looked into Kylan's eyes with meaning, "She was proud of you for everything you accomplished, and I know she would be proud to see you become the person you are."

"But I don't know who I am."

"You know enough and I love you for who you are now."

She moved forward and hugged him yet again. They held each other silently for awhile until Edge broke it, "Was it the same dream as you've had before? It doesn't sound like it."

"It wasn't. Why the change I don"t know," Kylan commented.

"You said this dream dealt with Dark Falz right?"

She nodded.

"You were the next one that was...tapped," Edge offered.

She nodded again, "It was a bizarre feeling. Like being in two places at once. I could feel Falz during that time." A sudden realization coming to the front of her mind, "You think the dreams are linked to that."

"Yes," Edge said dryly. "Some sort of residual effect or maybe it just somehow opened up parts of your mind you haven't felt before or were locked away. You've become more powerful since that fight. Better technique casting and some strength as well."

"But why the dreams?"

"It's your mind that is holding them, perhaps the link unlocked them and now the missing questions of your life are set to come full circle."

"Or maybe it's a genetic defect of Newman breeding coupled with the link."

"You still think you were created rather than born?"

"I don't know," she hunched over. Sorrow filled within her once again. The thought of not knowing where she came from was as torturing as her dreams.

"One day we'll get your answers. I promise."

Kylan smiled. She knew he meant it. Edge would break every rule; ignore every order given, even bend space and time if he could to help her. Perhaps it was time to finally open herself to him. Even after all the time together she still held much of her life to herself. Maybe it was time to let Edge know more about her and what fragments of her past she had kept in secret. The conversation lasted until Pioneer 2 emerged from Ragol's shadow bringing dawn to the people of the gigantic space city. With the new sunrise Edge learned more about Kylan than he had ever thought, and with that came a new found love for her.

Jan 27, 2003, 03:38 PM
Chapter 6

Maneuvering through the Council Tower without any confrontations was difficult but with Irene's help, Kylan and Edge had made their way to Principal Tyrell's room without incident. Irene as usual was at her desk doing her daily duties. Principal Tyrell was still absent as was both scientists. Too bad, Edge would have loved the opportunity to pick his brain about Newman breeding. The morning sun brought a peaceful glow into the room as they proceeded to Irene's desk.

"Morning," Irene said when they arrived.

Kylan nodded with a half smile.

"Mornin," Edge said. "Sorry we didn't get in contact with you earlier.

"It's ok. However some sort of message should have been sent."

"You're right," Kylan agreed. "But why is Dak so interested in getting a hold of us?"

"All I know is that he needs answers as to why this mission went awry. The damage to the port was another big issue as well."

Edge and Kylan both were ready to defend themselves, but Irene put her hand up stopping their defense before it even hit the air. "I understand why. I don't agree with the means but it was necessary."

Edge nodded. Irene stood up, "Now the discussion of your pay." Her face turned to stone, there was something else she wanted to say but seemed reluctant. "If you'll follow me."

Irene walked towards the teleporter with Kylan and Edge following. Once they were all in Irene said, "Atrium."

With that said the waves around the teleporter shook briefly and returned to their normal upward pattern. In another second the group disappeared and reappeared in the Principal's private atrium.


The atrium was beautiful. Thousands of different plants thrived all around the room. The transparent steel roof was nearly blocked out by the trees. Many colorful flowers and other plant life gave the room a peaceful setting that was a stark contrast to the steel and neon of the rest of the ship. The atrium was more elaborate than the many parks throughout the city. Kylan wished she could have access to this room more often. Perhaps in a colorful place like this she could solve the many questions of her life, if not just to relax in the beauty. She crouched by an interesting flower she had never seen before.

Edge was also taken in by the place, "Amazing. I didn't think Tyrell enjoyed such things."

"You'd be surprised what he likes, if you knew him."

"I'm sure. We all have different sides to ourselves," Kylan said as she smelled an orange and violet flower. Three of the five petals bent back on itself, drooping down half the length of the stem, while the others formed around in front to make a pincer.

"I'm a little lost though," Edge asked. "Why bring us here?"

Irene turned her gaze away from Kylan towards Edge her face still hiding whatever information she felt was important. "For one," she began. "A change in scenery to do business is always refreshing."

She allowed a tight smile to crease her face but when she continued it was gone. "Also to discuss the mission. There are no cameras or audio recorders in her. We are totally alone."

Kylan looked over and stood up. "What have you heard?"

The discussion lasted for awhile as Kylan and Edge recounted the mission to Irene.

"Then it seems the story told to the press was a cover story. As I suspected," Irene said once the many different versions of the truth were straightened out.

"Dak never informed you about what happened," Edge asked stiffly. "And or never came to ask you about us?"

"He doesn't need to if he doesn't want to," Irene said. "He usually speaks with the Principal directly. I assumed his security force was able to gain the answers he needed. But the priority for you two is ridiculous."

"No it's not," Kylan said reluctantly. "I know why he wants us so bad."
Irene's face showed a moment of quick thought but arrived with the answer. She too knew what had really triggered Dak's attention and it had nothing to do with the chase. After last night's talk, Edge also knew what it was.

"Your lack of ID," Irene agreed.

Kylan nodded.

"Well that is his issue, not mine," Irene declared. The two of them looked at the Principal's assistant, knowing that the information she was hiding in the office was about to surface. "The real reason I asked you here was to offer you another job."

Kylan and Edge straightened as Irene continued, "I want you two, and whomever else you need, to track down this group. Darkeen is the name right?"

"Yes," Kylan answered. Putting her own thoughts together as to why Irene asked them here.

Edge preferred the blunt way, "Why?"

Irene's gaze hardened, "Because no one suspects two hunters to be assigned to this case. It would allow our people to continue with their leads and you to follow yours. Allowing our people to stay in the forefront while you and your team work unmolested. Also..."

"Because we're expendable," Kylan cut her off sharply. "No one would care if a small group of hunters were killed. Your men would be protected while we do the hard work."

Edge's eyes turned to an icy glare that sent a few shivers down Irene's back. She was good at regaining her composure, "Yes...I'm sorry. But I would choose no one else but you two to lead a small team. The Council owes you and all the hunters more than they would ever admit. I wish there was something more I could do to show how much I appreciate your actions in the ruins." She turned to Kylan, "I know you have suffered a lot. Perhaps Darkeen holds answers."

Kylan held her emotions at bay. Aoquenna died in the Ruin raids, at Dark Falz's and Roa's hands. She could forgive Roa in time but not herself for her neglect during that fight.

Edge's gaze eased, "Perhaps." He looked towards Kylan. "You knew the name and you said yourself it may be connected. Time to challenge fate and see what comes up."

"Ok," she said softly. "Irene I understand you reasoning. We'll do it for you."

"Do it for yourself as well, Kylan," Irene countered.

Fighting her emotions Kylan asked, "May I walk around for a bit?"

"Of course. Take as long as you need."

Kylan nodded and walked off into the small forest.

"Will she be ok? Is something else going on?" Irene asked Edge quietly.
"She'll be fine. She needs time to think things over. She had a dream of Aoquenna last night, about the battle with Dark Falz."

Irene gasped, "I would have never mentioned the raids had I known. But it seems these dreams are beginning to get the best of her."

"She's fine, give her time," Edge said soothingly, trying not to believe what Irene had said. But deep down he knew that the dreams were becoming too much for Kylan to handle.

"She needs her strength for Dak," Edge said to change the subject.

"Be ready for Dak. That's a good one."

They laughed and continued their talk about the new mission: fees, the team, ways to avoid security situations and any information on Newmans Irene had. Kylan returned almost 10 beats later and soon they were heading for the 90th floor to meet up with the Council's head of Security: Dak JinnKale.

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For those of you reading this story I'll hopefully be getting the next chapter up soon. It's kinda lengthy and has some important parts in it so I want to make sure it's proofread properly and makes sense. http://www.pso-world.com/psoworld/images/phpbb/icons/smiles/icon_nerd.gif Plus I have a bunch of other things I'm working one so time is somewhat short. Thanks for understanding.

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Finally!!! Section 2 of Chapter 6 is done. I hope. A few things to note though. I'm going on the timeline assumption that 14 years passed since Pioneer 1 left Coral to when Pioneer 2 arrived at Ragol. If this is wrong then please correct me. Also let me know if this chapter is too confusing. For some reason I had a tough time figuring out some of the numbers in here. One last thing though...Be patient witht his chapter it's kind of long with a lot of dialoge. I think that's all. Also I'm curious to see if anyone catches the Farscape(though I think other sci-fi shows use it) reference. Ok here it is... Enjoy. http://www.pso-world.com/psoworld/images/phpbb/icons/smiles/icon_biggrin.gif


As usual Dak's office was dimly lit. The window shades threw an orange tint throughout the small room. Edge could never understand why Dak liked the dim lights. Most of the objects and paintings in the room were hard to discern in such dim light. Almost everything was in shadows, including Dak himself, who sat in his rather large chair behind his desk. Dak usually faced the window but today he was looking directly at them as they entered.

Edge and Kylan moved towards his desk. Dak was resting his chin on his clasped hands. Edge could immediately tell he was irritated. Honestly he had good reason. Edge and Kylan had not contacted him after the chase a day ago. However, Edge knew that the chase was one issue that would be dealt with, which would carry a set of penalties. The other issue could have more serious penalties. Edge hoped Dak would remain civilized because he knew Kylan would not. Although she respected Dak she did not like his attitude at all.

They stopped in front of Dak's desk, both standing in a stern military posture. Dak looked towards them and dropped his hands to his lap as he reclined in his chair. "You two have been quite hard to get a hold of," Dak declared.

"My apologies but we had some business to finish," Edge put in before Kylan could speak. The less she said the better off they would be.

"I see," Dak said stiffly. "Irene comes before the Head of Security? Also taking a day to reply as well, when the call for you two was set to a high priority level."

"Well if you wou-"

Kylan began, but Edge cut her off, "We received no message."

Edge hoped Kylan could muster some sort of civility here, but it seemed Dak had already ticked her off. There were no messages sent to them, the way they found out about how high the request was, was through Archangel.

"I see," Dak said again in a way a parent would lecture a child. He leaned forward as he went on, "Well let me remind you that when such incidents occur that contacting me should be one of the first things you should do. Especially in such a case that happened yesterday."

Kylan eased from her stance and cocked her head to the side. Edge thought she was going to take Dak's head off, but she remained silent and still. The last thing Kylan wanted to hear was a lecture on protocols. Edge held his ground and his feelings. Dak was going to push but Edge was not going to move.

"So would either of you care to explain?" Dak offered.

Edge looked to Kylan. She turned to him and motioned for Edge to go ahead.

"Irene hired us to look over a small transaction," Edge began. "Also to look after the agent involved. The whole mission was to gain some information on a clan of hunter's selling illegal items. We had no idea the agent was going to arrest the contact. That was when all hell broke loose."

Edge noticed Dak was listening intently. "Go on. I would like to hear why damaging a port was part of this mission."

"We did not want to let the man escape. It appeared as though the agent assigned was told to arrest and bring in the contact. We took up his role."

"And was this part of the contract?" Dak asked sharply

Edge held his ground. "No it was not."

"And about the damage to the building? Why did that happen?"

Edge fought to find the right words, which allowed an unwanted pause to enter into the room. Dak as usual did not exhibit any patience, "Well?"

"Because I knocked him out!" Kylan snarled.

Edge dropped his head. This conversation was now going to head down the road towards a war of words. Dak remained still, his face still furrowed with thought. "And why was that Ms. Kylan."

She seemed to ignore the remark about her demographic. By putting her in the same position as a commoner, Dak had blatantly ignored her talent as a hunter and made an attempt to demoralize and insult her. Kylan knew what he was doing and was not in the mood. Edge knew she would later throw a similar comment Dak's way before they left his office.

"Because he was resisting and there was no time to wrestle the controls away from him," she told Dak with a sneer on her face.

"So you knock him out and leave him for dead. As such destroying a building and injuring many people in the process."

"There was no time to make a rational judgment," Edge put in before Kylan could make her own derogatory remark.

"As such is the way in the heat of battle," Dak agreed.

Edge was taken aback. Dak agreed with them? Looking at Kylan he could tell she was mildly surprised too. It seemed like Dak had gathered enough information about the incident and understood all the reasoning behind their actions.

"What's done is done," Dak said. "No one was killed, thankfully. The agent is recovered and should be ready to resume his duties within a day. I do not agree with how you went about your mission but it appears you did your role."

Edge was shocked. Instead of being chewed out, screamed at or thrown in jail; Dak appeared to fully understand the situation. Edge rationalized the chase in his head and again he felt the choices made were the right choices.

"Compensation must be made for those that were injured as well as the damage," Dak continued.

"We are willing to make amends to those injured," Kylan put in.

Edge nodded in agreement. The two of them had discussed this during the ride to the tower and had talked with Irene about it just before they left to come to Dak's office.

"Very good," Dak said "Your help in the aftermath was also very useful. It would have made things a little easier had you stayed until some of my officers arrived."

Another small jab, Edge noted to himself. Edge, Kylan, Hatsumi and Arldetta helped with the injured that morning until the medics arrived. Of course Edge knew that they had left in a hurry when the medics had the scene under control. Even then they were not ready to discuss the mission with officials without knowing how and why things went haywire. He knew it was not the right choice at the moment but Kylan had felt it best to try and settle down before going to authorities. When Edge walked into this office he felt that the wrong decision had been made, but now he felt it might not have been as bad as he thought. Of course in the back of his mind he knew what the next conversation would entail.

"If I may ask. Why did you speak with Irene before me?" Dak inquired.

"She hired us," Kylan retorted.

"Very well," Dak said.

Edge took a mental note of Dak's change in tone. Dak was once again becoming more serious, which meant that a change in subject was rapidly approaching. Edge turned to Kylan and out of the corner of his eye he saw Dak rise to his feet.

"Now there is another business matter that needs to be amended," Dak spoke in stern voice as he walked in front of his desk and leaned onto the desktop. He looked directly at Kylan, "Your lack of ID."

Kylan remained still and quiet. Edge was afraid she would not answer Dak, which would ensure that she be arrested. He could see her returning Dak's stare with one of her own icy glares.

"You do know the penalties for being a stowaway and or a rouge?" Dak asked


Dak was ready to burst when she finally spoke. "My parents we killed shortly before Pioneer 2 launched. Aoquenna D'Anter adopted me. I'm sure you found her name in your records," Kylan put a slight edge in her voice for her last statement. Edge could tell she had clearly challenged Dak's information that he had spent years gathering. Edge also took note that she had slightly altered the truth. It was not before Pioneer 2 left that her parents were killed, but before Pioneer 1 had left.

Dak cleared his throat, "Go on."

"So close to the launch there was no time to register the adoption, allow the name change to go through the system and input my new name into your database."

Edge noticed Dak's face became a bit red. Probably more from anger than from embarrassment. Dak raised his hand to his chin, "Then tell me why you have yet to input your name now."

"There was no need."

Dak stood up and quickly closed the distance between himself and Kylan, "It is our LAW!"

Kylan did not blink or move at Dak's vocal assault, which seemed to throw Dak off instead.

"Tell me how you managed to become a lead hunter in the Ruin raids without an ID?"

"Tell me how you never took notice then."

If Dak could get away with physically assaulting her he would have attempted to knock Kylan down. Edge stood back, knowing this was not his fight. He felt helpless but knew she wanted to deal with this on her own, and as quickly as it started though it had already come to a stalemate. Kylan would not reveal anymore to Dak as long as he continued to be uncivilized. Instead she would continue to find ways to insult him. They glared at each other for a few parsecs and then Dak moved back to his desk.

He took a deep breath as he folded his arms, "I'm sure you know that the situation on Ragol did not make many uses of the Council's Security Forces. As such I was only given the information Principal Tyrell deemed necessary to be logged into the databases." He turned to Edge as he continued, "I do not question the Principal's motives or reasoning. I was never informed to do checks on any of the hunters needed."

"Fair enough," Kylan commented dryly.

"I answered your question. Now please, answer mine," Dak declared trying his best to be act calm. Kylan paused as she gathered her thoughts.

"I became Aoquenn's student and the both of us went on guild missions together. I was entered as Kylan D'Anter in the Hunter's Guild database. Being entered as an offspring and student allowed me to never have to give anymore information. All they required was Aoquenn's info. It wasn't until one of our guild missions crossed paths with Tyrell's that we became involved there. After that incident we were assigned to the many hunters already sent to finding Rico and discovering what happened to Pioneer 1. No questions were asked about my background. As I preferred."

Edge saw that no emotions crossed Kylan's face as she told him how she had remained anonymous for these past few years. He knew she had told Dak the truth this time and that she was furious at herself for doing so. From what Kylan had told him, Aoquenn had used a loophole in the system to help keep Kylan as anonymous as possible, but to allow her to do jobs if nessecary. A student could go out on guild missions with a teacher, even if they were under 21 years old. Knowing the Hunter's Guild like he did, Edge knew that after awhile the guild would hardly take notice of your information. Combining that with the fact that Kylan had used the guild so often that she had become very well known around there. He knew the guild had looked the other way when Kylan began doing missions on her own.

"Very interesting indeed," Dak slyly said as he moved back to his seat. "But since we have time we might as well input your name into the Council's database and assign you an ID number."

Dak tapped a few keys on his desktop and a small monitor rose from the center of the desk. This was not going to be pretty.

"Your full name please. Before you were adopted," Dak asked stiffly.

"I don't know my real name."

Edge turned to Dak and saw that he was completely dumb founded. Edge wished he could have laughed right then and there but he held in his amusement and moved closer to Kylan's side. Dak leaned back into his chair and regained his stiff face.

"Then we have a situation here. Tell me your age then?"

"Not sure on that one neither."

"Are you kidding me? I warn you!"

"She doesn't know!" Edge insisted. This part of the conversation he could get into and he was going to try and end this. "She left her old life behind. All she has left are fragments. And besides if Principal Tyrell has yet to issue her an ID then I don't think it will hurt to leave it that way."

Dak leaned forward, slamming his fist on the desktop, "This is not a game! You could both-"

"What do you want? I'll tell you what I can," Kylan muttered. Her stance indicated she had practically given up this fight. Maybe not fully giving up but willing to cooperate. She had already told him one small lie. Perhaps she was willing to give out a few more. Dak looked deeply at Kylan, which sent a few shivers down Edge's spine.

"Judging by your form and look I would say you should be about 14 terran years old or 28 Newman years old. How ever you prefer. Would you assume that as a correct age?"

"Yes," Kylan replied with a sigh. "And no."

"Why is that?"

"Because I remember things before Pioneer 1 left. 14 years ago I would have been a baby. I remember Coral almost vividly as if I've spent many years there. Also a place I used to live."

Edge turned to her. Kylan's face showed a spark of revelation. She must have remembered something from Coral, about her home.

"It wasn't really a house or apartment," Kylan went on as she began to pace back and forth. The thoughts and visions of the past continued to come. "It was more a small encampment. No, more like an abandoned military outpost."

Dak leaned forward. Absorbing everything Kylan said like a sponge. "Go on, tell me more."

"I think the complex was situated between two large mountains. A constant cool breeze always flowed through. There were two towers at opposing ends of the complex, guarding the two entrances I suppose. Both were rectangular and about a quarter metra high. The whole complex must have been about three quarter metras squared. There were a few underground rooms, used mostly for bedrooms and supply holds. I think there were a total of five bedrooms; each room was large enough to house two medium sized families. There was always a lot constant flow of people around. I can't remember why or even who was in charge there. Many people came and went within a few days. But I was very young, but old enough to retain some knowledge of my surroundings. A baby would never remember such details."

As Kylan finished Dak leaned back into his chair. Edge was floored. Of all the places to remember something. It seemed he was right when he told her last night that her past was set to come full circle. Hopefully this was only the beginning.

"I remember that complex too," Dak added, "Shortly before Pioneer 1 left they were attacked. We never found out who but we suspected Black Paper."

"That's right! It was attacked," Kylan revealed.

"This is good," Dak offered. Edge agreed. The more she remembered the less of her being would be troubled. "The memories will help you find your inner peace I hope. It also allows for a more accurate assumption for your age. With that memory you should be at least 38 to 40 Newman years old, but you look younger."

Kylan sighed, "I know. I do know that I'm aging slower than most Newmans."

"It is possible that your creators attempted some genetic alterations," Dak put in. He was still looking intently at her. Edge continued to ignore it, leaving the reason to it just being one of Dak's ways of intimidating those in his presence.

"Or it's a natural effect," Edge threw into the pot in an attempt to keep Kylan's mind open that she really did have parents. If he could prove that, it may make the ghosts of her past stop haunting her. He knew that the love of a parent is something to be cherished. Kylan had had a taste of that with Aoquenna and in Edge's mind to find that she had no real parents would destroy her.

Kylan shrugged. "I would assume to say that I'm around 28 Newman years but 19 terran years old. Time will tell I suppose."

"Quite right," Dak interjected. "In light of all that has happened, both yesterday and today, I will hold off inputting you into the database. Perhaps next time we meet you will remember more. Your full name is the most important, but I will make a note of the information you have given me."

Edge gave a lopsided grin while Kylan just stood there quietly. "And when would you like to continue this then?" Edge asked.

Dak stood up stiffly and clasped his hands behind his back, "As soon as possible. Try not to take more than a week. If not I may have to call for you again."

Dak's grin was almost unbearable. Edge wanted to smack it right of his face. "We'll see what happens. I that all sir?"

He nodded, "Yes. You may go about your business. Thank you for your time Kylan. I hope you regain you lost memories soon."

With that Dak turned and faced the window. Taking the cue Edge and Kylan left and headed home. Between the two of them a few more pieces of her past had come together by the end of the night.

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Chapter 7

"I've been meaning to ask you," Arldetta spoke as she and Kylan walked down a sidewalk. "You straighten everything out with Irene? She's not going to bill me for the port I damaged."

Kylan put on her best sarcastic smile, "She might."

"Oh shut up," Ari retorted, nudging her elbow into Kylan's side. It had been four days since the mission and so far everything was quiet. Archangel had not found the informant, Stig Zunigar, anywhere. It seems Darkeen was attempting to keep him out of action for awhile. Even if he were seriously injured, he would be near to full health by now. Sooner or later Darkeen would allow him to take up another mission or allow him to return to Pioneer 2, and when that happened Archangel would find him. Kylan hoped sooner rather than later.

"It's a rather quiet day," Ari said, cutting into Kylan's thoughts. Today would be the sixth day of the weekly cycle so most of the main offices were closed. Plus with the heightened security of the past few months most of the colonists were staying home. Which was fine with Kylan. It would give her time to talk with Arldetta. Her many talks with Edge in the past few days made her feel like it was time to attempt to move on, and to fill in the missing time that was never spent with friends. She had known Ari for many years now and considers her more a sister than a friend. As she thought about it she realized that the few people who had been with her the longest she now considered family.

"Don't blame them. There hasn't been anything going on for awhile. There is just nothing to do," Kylan said as an empty bus speeder passed by. "The Council needs to make an attempt to land on the surface or the colonists are going to go berserk."

"I'm going berserk in here," Arldetta exclaimed. "That chase of yours has been to most fun I've had in awhile. Even guild missions are as dull as ever."

"Well since the Council took over most of the surface operations, guild missions to Ragol all are but impossible to find."

"Yeah tell me about it," Ari mumbled as they turned down the next street. The normal flow of speeder traffic was less than normal. Arldetta knew that it was a matter of luck when you walked into the Hunter's Guild and found any missions that would involve going to Ragol's surface. Usually such missions were mop-up style missions. Although they put you into real combat situations it was because the Council's security and troops screwed up and sent hunters in to clean up their mess. On top of that since Dark Falz was apparently stopped, the security around teleporters were ridiculously high. No more colonists sneaking to the surface to claim their stake into the land.

"It seems the only thing to do anymore around here is to walk and talk," Ari continued. "Heck even all the stores are boring considering nothing new ever comes out."

"That's what happens when you're stuck on a ship for years at a time."

Arldetta stuck her tongue out. The two walked for too more blocks until they paused by a store and Kylan stopped to gaze into the window. Arldetta wasn't sure what Kylan was looking at. Inside the window were various pieces of jewelry. Although these pieces have been on this ship for more than 4 years Ari could never recall Kylan stopping at such a store. She looked at Kylan and saw she was staring intently at a certain piece. A small ring with a single sparkling jewel in the center. She looked at it for a few moments more before continuing down the street.

Ari ventured a question, "Something I should know about?"

Kylan shook her head. She had a feeling Arldetta had seen the item she looked at, but she knew Ari had missed something else.

"You're being tailed," spoke a muffled but recognizable voice behind them.

Kylan didn't turn her head, "I know."

Ari stopped walking and turned sharply at the newcomer shifting her posture into a defensive mode. "What? Who the frell are you?" she yelled at the person.

She took notice that he was dressed in a gray Ranger uniform with a full-face helmet on. The only feature she could make out was two brown eyes. Noticing that Kylan had made no attempt to push this person away she eased up.

"Keep walking," the Ranger hurriedly spoke.

Kylan grabbed Ari's arm and forced her to keep walking. "How many Arch?" she spoke over her should to the Ranger.

"Who's Arch?" came his reply.

"No games," Kylan declared. She didn't need to see his face to know who this Ranger was. Arldetta looked over her shoulder, staring into the Ranger's eyes. Demanding some kind of answer.

"You're good, no wonder they are afraid to make a move," Archangel remarked. "What gave me away? My charming personality?"

Ari rolled her eyes as she turned back to look down the sidewalk as they approached the end of the block. They paused at the intersection awaiting the light to cross. Kylan held her gaze forward, glancing left and right occasionally. Plus she didn't show a hint of annoyance or determination at the situation unfolding around them.

"Your suit for one. Plus your voice is a dead give away, even with the helmet," she told him.

"Kylan, who is this?" Arldetta asked her friend.

"Name's Archangel and it's a pleasure to meet you," Arch said as he winked through the visor.

"Is he for real? This is the Archangel you two hired?" she asked Kylan, shocked at the notion that Kylan of all people would be anywhere near someone like Archangel. All Kylan did was nod.

The signal changed and the group crossed the street. Halfway down the street Kylan continued the conversation, "Let's go into the pub near the end of this block."

The pub was nearly empty. It was a good 130 beats before the dinner crowd would arrive. They moved to the closest standing table. Kylan was beginning to feel a little deja vu. Only this time they were the targets. Archangel took off his helmet and looked towards Ari, "I didn't catch your name."

Ari couldn't help but smile, "Arldetta."

Arch grasped her hand and gently kissed it, "A pleasure."

"Oh please," Kylan grumbled. Arch turned and faced her, a hurt expression on his face. She ignored the look, "How many? I only saw one in the window."

"So that's what you were looking at," Ari cut in, disappointment written across her face.

"Maybe," Kylan admitted.

Ari thought she saw a small glimmer in Kylan's eyes for a moment. Perhaps she was looking at the ring but saw something else in the refection that stole her attention. Now was not the time to discuss the ring. With Archangel around it would be even more reason to skip that subject.

"At least three more were following about a block behind the lead," Arch finally replied.

Kylan sat quietly in thought. Ari was about to speak up when the waitress came by and before the waitress could even speak up Archangel chimed in, "No need darling, we are just stopping in for a moment. Thanks sweetheart."

The waitress shrugged her shoulders and headed back towards the kitchen. Ari, again, was shocked at this young Ranger, "Is there a lady you don't hit on?"

Arch had no reply but to shrug his shoulders and put an innocent look on his face.

"Here's what we're going to do," Kylan said. Ari and Arch turned and faced her.

It took only a few moments to discuss the plan and none of them argued it either.

"Sounds good. I guess it's time to kick a little ass," Ari exclaimed.

"Ooohhhh," was Archangel's only reply. Kylan only snickered; obviously he was taken aback by Ari's willingness to get into a fight. She knew it was partially due to the fact that Ari was bored.

"One more thing," Kylan put in before they stood up. "Arch what are you wearing under there?"

Archangel's eyes widened, and he nearly fell off his seat, "Whoa! Babe I would love, to sh-"

He didn't get a chance to finish before Kylan smacked him upside his head, "What the heck's wrong with you! Do you have clothes on under you uniform?"

He started dumbfounded at Kylan, in one sense he knew he deserved what she did, but on the other hand no lady has ever smacked him like that before. Arldetta leaned back and laughed. This was going to be interesting.

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He saw them enter the pub five beats ago, but Stig wasn't sure it was wise to enter. He had his orders but could not afford to turn another quiet mission into a public disaster. It took almost two days for him to fully recuperate from the last encounter with Kylan. She had left him to die when she knocked him unconscious by leaving his speeder to crash into the building. He would get his payback, and he would get it soon. He only wished he could lock her in a speeder and do the same to her. He would just have to settle for killing her quickly and quietly.

Darkeen was aware that Kylan and her significant other, Edge, had gone to Irene and Dak two days ago. Pioneer 2's security force was on alert, and he knew his group had to be extra careful. He told his three partners to hold up and stay where they were. No need to be obvious or more obvious as he figured the reason they went into the pub was to avoid him. Then a thought occurred to him.

"Darrin," he said into his commlink. "Move to my position and enter the building across the street."

"Copy that. On my way," replied Darrin.

Stig reveled in his plan. There was no way Kylan and her two friends would recognize Darrin entering the pub. Darrin would go in and he would escort them out. Then Stig would take the pleasure of slitting Kylan's throat.

A few more moments passed and Stig could see Darrin approaching. He felt odd wanting to get his revenge so bad. But the moment he was waiting for would not come. Just as Darrin reached the block Stig was on he saw Arldetta exit the pub.

He of course knew who she was. The same blue haired Hunewearl that was driving the speeder that had chased him. He noticed Darrin stop and look to him, questioning what he should do. Stig held up his hand to motion Darrin to stay still. Arldetta continued to walk in the same direction she and Kylan had been going before they entered the pub. He saw no sign of the Ramar or Kylan. Could they still be inside? He had to make a decision.

He noticed Arldetta was not looking his way as she continued her walk.

"Darrin go into the pub and see if Kylan and the Ranger are still inside," Stig said in a rush. "I'm going to follow Arldetta and get some answers out of her. Get the rest of the group caught up to you and let me know what you find."

"I will," Darrin's husky voice replied.

Stig crossed the street and began to follow Arldetta. He noticed that she never looked back and that made him think that they had set something up. He tried his best to keep his guard up and to keep a look out just in case Kylan and the Ramar decided to jump him instead. He followed Arldetta down another block when Darrin reported that the two hunters were not in the pub anymore. He cursed himself silently. He should have went in and forced Kylan to leave with him. Too late to worry about that now. He thought to himself. In a matter of seven beats he had lost the upper hand.

The next street Arldetta would cross would be Coral Main. Regardless of the day and time Coral Main was always a busy street. Following the street south from here would drive you right into the Council Tower. During the chase he had come from the other end of Coral Main towards the tower. He cringed at the thought. He saw Arldetta stop at the crossing. He moved in.

As long as the light stayed in its current state he would be able to catch up with her and pull her aside. Fate was not on his side today. The signal changed and the group waiting to cross the street began to move. Arldetta seemed to move a little faster as she crossed and that made Stig nervous, as such he quickened his pace as well. As he finally began to cross the street he noticed Arldetta was already on the other side. He pushed his way through the people still crossing and was pushed aside himself. It took him a second to regain his balance and when he looked over his shoulder he saw a cocky looking kid with bright green hair.

"Watch where you're going!" the kid yelled.

Stig had no time for this so he just ignored him. Looking around he noticed there were more hunters on this block than on the others. No shock though; Coral Main and a handful of side streets had a lot of weapon and armor stores. On top of that the many Hunter's Walks were in the vicinity. Most were closer to the Council Tower and well above street level. He noticed he was almost running, so he slowed down. As long as he could see Arldetta he could grab her. He passed by an ally and noticed a Ramar in a gray suit and helmet looking into a window of the next building. If this wasn't such a busy street and he didn't need to keep up with Arldetta he would have stopped to inquire who they were. No matter. He would have a better chance with Arldetta.

No sooner than he passed the Ranger he felt his arm twist up behind his back. Dammit! Was all he thought. The mysterious assailant used his arm as leverage as he was pushed into the ally. Stig tried to look over his shoulder. All he could make out as a gray blur. It had to be the Ranger.

"Get the hell off me!" Stig yelled. He knew the assailant would not let go, but he tried to fight anyway. But the more he fought the more the person holding him twisted his arm.

Halfway through the ally he was pushed into an adjacent ally. If he knew where he was correctly this ally would have no visible exits. It was the perfect place to mug someone and leave them for dead. It was here he hoped to trap Kylan and kill her. That would have to wait for another day.

Shortly he felt his arm go free but was quickly spun around and slammed against the wall. He was right about his assailant though. It was the Ranger. He was not sure if it was the same ranger that was with Kylan.

"What do you want with me?" Stig asked stiffly. "If you think you're going to take my meseta you've robbed the wrong person."

"I don't want your money. I need your information," said a muffled voice. Stig could not make out if it was a female voice or just a high pitched male voice. But he had enough of this. He twisted his wrist and one of his paralysis traps dropped into his hand.

"I don't think so," the Ranger said as they grabbed his hand and twisted his wrist backwards until the trap slid from his hands. He cringed as pain shot through his wrist and forearm.

"Now like I said before," the Ranger continued in the same indistinguishable voice. "Who do you work for?"

Suddenly the pieces and the past few events fell into place. He fell right into her trap. Glaring at the ranger he identified his attacker, "Kylan."

Using her free hand, Kylan removed the helmet and quickly shook her long black hair down. She stared into him with more intensity than he had ever seen in someone and for a moment he actually feared for his life. She had nearly killed him the last time they met and he knew she might try again if he did not cooperate. Of course he knew if he failed again it might be better to let Kylan do it. Darkeen would not tolerate another failure, and he knew Darkeen's leader, or even worse his second in command, would kill him.

"You're not answering," Kylan snarled as she pushed harder into Stig's shoulder. The wall's rough texture was beginning to dig into his skin. Stig wore no armor this time. He had hoped to have help here when brought her into this alley, but now all his decisions were backfiring. He was left with no options for the moment, but maybe he could use some of the information he had to further screw with her mind.
"What exactly do you want to know?" he taunted.

He heard footsteps approaching and thought for a moment he would not have to tell her, but as he looked over to his left he saw Arldetta with someone else in tow. The other was the same cocky green haired punk that nearly knocked him down in the crosswalk. He would have to divulge something to bide his time. Kylan didn't even turn to see the two approaching.

"Get anything?" Arldetta asked.

"Not yet," Kylan muttered.

"Well maybe I can help," Archangel offered. He walked over and put the barrel of his gun against Stig's temple.

"I can't tell you who is in charge of Darkeen," Stig insisted. "But I do know who you are Kylan."

Kylan's eyes narrowed, "Enlighten me."

Stig laughed and met Kylan's glare, "You wish."

She finally had enough of this game. He was going to give her some kind of answer or she was going to make sure he never bothered them again. She grabbed Stig by the throat and knocked him on the ground. She stood over Stig, as he lay sprawled on the ground. She placed her left foot on his left wrist and squatted down placing her knee into Stig's back. He yelped in pain.

"Whoa Kylan, calm down!" Arldetta exclaimed.

Grabbing Stig's hair she pulled his head back and brought her twin's handle to bear. "He knows who I am. And he's going to tell me," she declared. "Now tell ME!"

She put the four spikes of her twin into Stig's neck, threatening to turn the blade on and skewer his neck.

"I think Arldetta's right," Arch offered. "Kill him and you gain no info."

Kylan knew they were right but she could not let him escape this time. Not until he gave her something. She was trying to scare him into answering but it seemed he could handle a fair amount of pain. She eased the twin away from Stig's neck but kept pressure on his back.

"Tell me," she said quietly into Stig's ear.

"You're," Stig began through clenched teeth; the pain was beginning to become unbearable, "name is...Angelianna."

Kylan heard him but still was not sure, but she removed her knee from his back, and crouched over him as she whispered into his ear, "What was that. Tell me again."

Regaining some strength Stig told her again, "Your name is Kylan Angelianna."

Kylan stood up. She knew that name. Somewhere in the clouds of her memories that name suddenly came through clear. The name was real.

"What did he say?" Arldetta asked as she moved forward.

"He gave her a name. Who it is I couldn't hear," Arch replied.

Stig slowly stood up. Pain was still rushing through him. He tried to move to the wall for support but Kylan grabbed a hold of his shirt, "Who told you this?"

Stig noticed a change in her tone. Gone was her rage, replaced by a quick calm demeanor. Stig once again bided his time and said nothing. To his surprise Kylan did nothing.

But Archangel did, "Don't you hear good? The lovely lady asked you a question."

Looking down the ally Stig saw what he had been waiting for, "The time for questioning is over."

With that said photon bullets suddenly flew past them. Kylan let go of Stig and backed against the closest wall while Arch and Arldetta tucked behind a crate beside her. Stig backed against the opposite wall against a doorframe. His backup had arrived.

Kylan took quick note that the three that were trailing them had indeed caught up and once again Kylan, Arldetta and Archangel were the targets.

Mar 20, 2003, 04:36 PM
This one is a long one. I didn't want to split the fight into two sections so I left it as one big one. Comments...questions...grammer errors...Bueller...Bueller...


Chapter 8

Kylan stared a hole through Stig. She knew she was slightly visible to the group of enemies that were closing in, but she did not care. The name Stig had mentioned continued to nag at her mind. She needed to get home and find as much information as she could find on the name, Angelianna. But that would have to wait.

"There is gun fire in your direction," Archangel declared to her.

The momentary distraction was all she needed to bring her thoughts back to the present. She no longer stared through Stig but stared at him and she saw him fiddling with the door's handle. If he managed to open the door he could get away. She looked towards Arch and Arldetta, crouched behind the crate as the bullets slowly began to tear through it. They needed to act. Through the sounds of gunfire she heard a click and turned her attention towards Stig. He managed to unlock the door and was beginning to turn the handle.


"I need a frelling gun!" Arldetta yelled. Never a dull moment. Arldetta thought to herself. She had hoped that she and Kylan would have some time to talk about things, but as usual nothing ever went as planned. Now all she cared about was getting out of this mess in one piece. She was certain that as long as Kylan was around they would get out of her alive. Maybe a little worse for wear but alive.

Her thoughts were cut short when Kylan removed herself from the wall and darted across the alley. She plowed into Stig and sent them crashing through the half-opened door and Arldetta felt her heart drop. Kylan was now officially out of this alley scramble.

"Guess we're on our own," Arch sarcastically remarked. A slight grin crossed his face.

Arldetta shook her head. If Kylan could gain any more information out of Stig then she would go as far as it took. Arldetta only hoped she could get back to them before Kylan decides to kill him. Although Kylan was not one to kill in cold blood, her longing to know her past sometimes clouded her, normally excellent judgment. Arldetta only hoped she would never bite off more than she could chew.

A bullet impacted the crate inches from Ari's head and brought her back to the fight at hand. A few hot sparks touched her arms. She needed a weapon, preferably a gun but anything would do. Just as she was ready to speak again Archangel brandished a gun from inside his shirt and handed it to her.

"Know how to use it?" Arch asked.

"About as good as you can," Ari replied.

"I doubt it," Arch retorted. "Just give me some covering fire."

Ari didn't argue even though she wanted to. Now was not the time for it.

"On my mark," she said.

Archangel nodded. She noted that his photon magazine was a different color than the one he handed her. She had a standard green magazine while Arch's was a deep red. She took a deep breath and mentally prepared herself. If she understood correctly Archangel only wanted her to distract the men and make herself the target while he did the rest.

"Now!" she yelled.

Arldetta stood up and fired as quickly as the handgun would let her. She didn't pick any targets but fired in the vicinity of the three attackers. Some shots were closer then she anticipated. She noticed the three men duck under the closest cover they could find and when Ari stopped firing they reemerged. Arch however was faster.

He rolled out from the crate and stopped in a crouching position and with three quick bursts from his gun the three attackers were down. Arldetta could do nothing but gasp. He was right after all. She was a good shot but not that good. Arch stayed in his crouching position and blew the smoke from the gun barrel. A giant smile creased his face.

"Impressive," Ari said.

"It was if I say so myself," Arch declared to himself.

With the remark Ari's astonishment with his skills diminished. It always seemed the better a young hunter was with their skills the more arrogant they were. She heard the sounds of sabers clashing and knew that it meant Kylan was fighting with Stig.

"Let's get after her," Arch quickly said.

He began to move towards the door when Ari caught more movement in her peripheral vision. One of the attackers fired his gun and Ari leapt towards Arch, taking him to the ground as the bullet flew by his head. When she landed she took aim a fire a bullet towards the man. It hit him right between the eyes. Now it was Arch's turn to be impressed.

"I can shoot straight too," she taunted as she realized she was lying on top of him. Her hair draped over Arch's face.

"Oh very nice," Arch commented soothingly.

Disgusted Ari rolled off and stood up. She looked towards the man she shot and noticed the lack of blood from the wound. She turned, looked at her gun and turned to Arch.

"Seize elements," Arch winked.

A crash came from the building and the two ran inside.


Kylan smashed into Stig with such force that the half-opened door flew open and sent them sprawling on the floor. The room appeared to be where the heating and cooling systems were for the store and offices. The room was about three stories high with the long glass windows along the top most floors. Catwalks and ladders outlined the perimeter as the sun cast a bluish color through the windows.

Kylan rolled off of Stig and they both rose into a defensive posture. As she stood Kylan brought her twin to bear and ignited both ends. Golden hues mingled together with the blues near her position. She mentally prepared herself for combat. All she needed was to let Stig make the first move. She wouldn't wait long.

Stig unfastened a saber handle from his belt, "Let's see how well you fight."

"Better than you can fly," she countered, spinning her twin around her. The golden blades hummed with energy and light as she brought it to a one handed stop behind her.

"Flashy twirls will gain you nothing but death," Stig declared as he switched his saber on and the Kaladgolg's purple and red blade came to life. The colors dancing around within the blade as Stig placed both of his hands on the handle. "Darkeen trains their warriors well."

With that Stig charged towards Kylan and stabbed his saber forward. Kylan dodged the move easily and spun her twin to her left hand and brought one of the blades down onto Stig's blade. Stig went with the movement, but Kylan spun the twin backwards bringing the opposite blade upward. The upward swing threw Stig off balance for a moment and he just barely caught her next horizontal slash. He blocked her attack and attempted to swipe at her feet. Kylan titled the twin vertically and blocked the low attack and she used that to attack at him again. He parried the next blow, but she kept coming. He underestimated her again. She was fast and she was deadly.

They continued trading attacks and blocks, both attempting to break the other's defense, but they both held on. Kylan now knew why she never wanted to be a Ranger. The high armored collar frequently blocked her view as she changed positions. Slowly though, she began to push him backwards in the next flurry of attacks but Stig again held on and managed to force her to hold still with a few solid attacks of his own. She moved in again swinging her twin in an upward arch from her bottom right to her top left. Stig dodged the first blade and managed to block the next, but Kylan went with her momentum and spun herself around bringing her forward blade towards Stig in an attempt to impale him. He sidestepped and parried her blade upward. She immediately twisted her hands and arms to bring the other side around the slash him. Stig ducked and made his move.

His strike would have taken her head right off, but again Kylan was just too fast. She managed to shut off one end of her twin and brought her extended blade down to block and the two locked blades.

They held the lock for a few moments and Kylan knew her position allowed Stig more leverage on her. Stig knew it too and slowly began pushing her blade away and he allowed a slight grin. Kylan held tight and waited. She couldn't tell for sure but she swore that she no longer heard any more gunfire outside. The smile on Stig's face grew larger and Kylan knew he thought his friends had won the fight.

The distraction was all that was needed to break the two apart. In the same instant Kylan and Stig both made their move. Stig brought his saber around in a counter clockwise arch while Kylan did the same. Both blades met again but this time Kylan and Stig did not let their blades stay together. She stepped to the left in an attempt to attack his side but Stig also moved and forced himself into her blind spot. For an instant she could not see Stig.

A quick sharp pain shot through her body as she was knocked to the floor. Kylan knew he did not hit her with his blade but kicked her back in an effort to throw her off balance. She fell on her stomach but didn't allow herself to stay a target. She quickly rolled on to her back and saw Stig slashing down. Kylan managed to block the attack and take note of where she was lying. By one of the heating furnaces.

She swung at Stig from the ground and missed completely. But he was not her intended target. Her arch brought her golden blade into one of the furnace's main steam pipes. Steam billowed from the hole she made which blew right into Stig's upper chest. The intense heat made Stig cringe as his armor absorbed most of the assault. In his pain and anger he charged forward, enduring the heat, his saber slashing wildly. The purple and red colors illuminated the steam cloud beautifully.

Kylan rolled from her spot as Stig slashed at the pipe cutting it. In the midst of all the steam he slashed again and brought the pipe crashing down in Kylan's direction. She easy moved out of the way as the pipe crashed into a pile of scrap metal. The noise echoed for a moment and died down. When Kylan looked towards the steam she saw Stig running towards one of the ladders. He was trying to escape.

Kylan knew she couldn't do much with the Ranger armor still on, so she quickly began taking most of it off. No sooner than she removed the main collar piece Arldetta and Archangel came running into the room.

"Get him!" she demanded, motioning with her head which way to look.

Arch took aim and fired. Stig had just managed to pull himself onto the catwalk as photon bullet impacted the spot on the ladder he had been only a second ago. Arch fired another shot and missed Stig's head by a few inches. Arldetta moved beside Kylan as she stood up wiping sweat from her face.

"We can't let him get away again," Kylan insisted before Ari could say a word.

"Not much good from down here and with a pistol," Arch countered quickly. "But I think we have him pinned. If he moves I'll nail him."

Kylan's only response came in the form a quick dash to the ladder Stig had just climbed. Halfway up she heard the clangs of metal that indicated Stig was up to something. She looked back towards Arch and he shook his head. He saw nothing he could shoot at. Ari slowly closed the gap between herself and Kylan. Just as Kylan began to climb again a shower of sparks fell down on her. The quick pricks of heat were more a nuisance than anything but still Kylan looked down to protect her eyes.

"He's cutting the ladder!" Ari yelled as she ran towards Kylan at a full sprint.

"No shot," Arch said with his gun trained on Stig's current position. Stig would have to move sooner or later and if he stood up, or even crouched, Kylan would be able to question him again.

Knowing she had no time to loose Kylan climbed the ladder as fast as she could and just as she was reaching the top she felt the ladder give way. Stig had finished his cut. As the ladder slowly began to tilt backward Kylan climbed to the opposite side and leapt of the ladder. She managed to grab a hold of one of the railings.

"You're in my line of fire! Move it!" Archangel yelled.

Kylan ignored him as she saw Stig stand up and run. Arch fired but was distracted by Kylan dangling off the catwalk railing, as such all his shots missed. Kylan climbed over the railing and looked down towards Ari.

"Use that ladder over there and come after us," Kylan pointed towards the ladder on the other side of the room.

Arch moved to follow Ari as Kylan began to chase after Stig, again. She followed him up another ladder to the third catwalk. He was heading towards the exit door, which would most likely be the stairway. When she went through the door she saw the stairway and could hear his footsteps on the metal steps. He would have access to the whole building form here. She would have to tread softly.

She began her assent as quietly as possible. She knew she needed to hear Stig's footsteps to know he was still climbing the stairs. She followed him to the roof, almost twenty stories high. Looking across the rooftop she saw Stig by the edge of the building. He looked as if he were ready to collapse. She knew the feeling; she was just as tired. Looking more closely at him she could make out the burn marks on his face and hands. Her face ached too, but it was not as bad as Stig's.

Realizing she was outside Kylan moved her free hand in front of her and began to cast Resta. She arched her fingers in as if holding a sphere, her index and middle finger pushed against each other as if they were one; her "four" fingers indicating the four marks of the resta tech. With her palm faced upward she visualized herself as the target and brought her fingers together and as they touched a greenish white light formed within her hand. As second later she opened her hand and the healing powers of resta flowed through her. She felt the heat on her face dissipate, her legs no longer ached as hard as they were and she had returned to a normal breathing pattern. The casting lasted only but few seconds.

Noticing what she had done Stig appeared to swallow a pill of some sort, most likely a monomate. Mates would end up giving the user the same effect as resta but at a slower speed. Resta would work almost instantaneously, while a mate would take several seconds to flow through ones body. She knew that by the time she ran to confront Stig, he would feel ready enough to run again. Knowing that there was no other way she ran. When she was nearly upon him he turned and ran towards the edge of the building and jumped.

Stig easily landed on the next rooftop and continued to run. Kylan followed and leapt to the next building. The roof on this building had a slight downward slope; feeling that she could handle it Kylan ran as fast as she could. She saw that by the time Stig reached the edge again she had cut the distance in half. Just like the previous edge Stig leapt to the next building, but she knew that that would be the last building he jumped to. The gap across the alley or the street was too far and the next building down was forty stories higher. This was the end of the line. She leapt across and landed harder than she anticipated.

With her balance thrown off Stig charged her again. The Kaladgolg's blade came into being as he slashed at her. Kylan lit one end of her twin and easily blocked the attack. In the small opening that she had made she lit the other end, bringing her twin to full power, and moved into attack. Again the two blocked and parried each other's moves. Without the added weight of the Ranger uniform and clearer view Kylan was faster and deadlier. Many times her strikes were cutting into Stig's clothes as he attempted to sidestep her advances. Stig held his ground for all he was worth but Kylan was backing him towards the edge of the building.

Stig made one final assault to stop her. Kylan came at him with a spinning horizontal attack and he rolled to her side, stood up and came down with a powerful vertical slash. Kylan managed to come around and block the blow but it put her into a defensive posture. Stig was leaning his saber on to her twin's left saber and she was almost down to one knee. Kylan waited until she was, gathered her strength and pushed upward with all her might. The force of her move knocked Stig onto the ground with his saber flying from his hands and down into the alley. But it also left Kylan wide open and Stig used that to sweep her feet out form under her. She crashed onto the steel roof. Stig climbed on top of her and managed to toss her twin from her hands.

Kylan grabbed a hold of Stig's shoulders and placed a foot in his stomach. Using her strength she tossed him, but Stig managed to land on his feet. Kylan quickly flipped herself back onto her feet. She took a quick assessment of the area and saw her twin lying on the ground about five feet from Stig. She would have to go through him to get.

"I don't want to kill you. But if you force me to I will."

Stig stared at her. She guessed he was trying to determine if it would be wise to engage her in hand to hand combat. By the way he was breathing she doubted he wanted to fight her anymore.
"Then you've won," he muttered in-between breaths. "But I don't have much more to tell you."

"Try," Kylan said.

"They'll kill you," Stig declared.

"They've done a great job so far."

"Just wait," he said quietly. "They'll send her after you," Stig laughed quietly, "And when they do you'll die."

"We shall see," Kylan said stiffly as she slowly walked towards him.

He noticed her advance and began to circle to her left. Kylan didn't care where he went, she was after her twin, but she did notice that the further around he went the closer he came to the ledge again.

A fall from this height would surely kill him so she ignored his position.

"So tell me something," Stig began. "Did Aoquenna ever tell you why she adopted you?"

Kylan stopped in mid stride and turned to fully face him as a harsh realization forming in her mind. "How do you know her?"

"We know everything," Stig taunted as a dark smirk crossed his lips.

Kylan held her thoughts off and ran towards him.

"Until next we meet," Stig said as he brandished a small odd sized box.

Kylan stopped for a moment realizing she was defenseless. Stig hit a button and the box formed into a small grappling gun. Noticing she was in no danger of being shot and that Stig was about to escape she continued her charge. But as she neared him Stig fired the gun towards the opposing building. The grapple attached itself and Stig used it to pull himself to the building's rooftop. Halfway through his trip he tossed a small chip towards her.

Kylan immediately recognized the chip and a paralysis trap. Just as she was going to dodge the trap, the chip burst into a thousand pieces. Looking to her left she saw Arch twirl his gun around his finger and holster it. Standing beside him was Arldetta.

She looked across the alley and saw Stig lowering himself to the ground and out of harm's way and out of her grasp. As the adrenaline slowed she again felt aches begin to crawl their way through her and with those aches came a surge of thoughts.

Stig knew Aoquenna. He knew Aoquenna had adopted her. He also knew Kylan's last name was Angelianna. She quickly put these pieces together and the realization nearly took the wind out of her. Stig knew, no Darkeen, knew who she was and more importantly knew her past.

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Just to let readers know, even though it may take awhile inbetween chapters I still have every intention of finishing this story. Regardless if many read or not. I have a lot going on right now...my older brother is in the hospital and things are not so good, I've got family things to take care of, work, games(I need some escape) and a few other things. I also have a few Phantasy Star background things I need to check up on. I feel like a school kid doing a research paper sometimes. I have a ton of notes all over the place. I'll hopefully get another chapter up soon and I should be able to go back to two sections again to keep things a little shorter. Have fun.

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Oops. No two section chapter here niether. But I believe it's shorter than the last. I think we're getting close to the halfway point. Depends if different ideas come too or not. We shall see. Enjoy


Chapter 9

"They know all about me!" Kylan exclaimed as she strode across the main living space towards her apartment's large closet. She and Arldetta had just entered the door when Kylan made her remark.

"What?" Edge put in as he exited the kitchen. "Who knows you and what just happened?"

Arldetta walked into the living area and sat down on the couch, allowing a sigh to come from her lungs. She, Kylan and Archangel walked their way back home from the alley where they ruined Stig Zuniga's opportunity to kill Kylan. Ari turned to see Edge walking towards her and she was about to answer when the third member of their party answered for her.

"Darkeen knows your beloved Kylan quite extensively," Archangel announced.

Edge looked over towards the young Ranger, "Archangel."

"Long time no see," Arch said as he moved his way towards the couch and sat down beside Arldetta. Once he was seated his put his arm around Ari's shoulders.

"Ari and I make a great team. Don't we?" he said as he leaned in towards her.

"He's bragging. Just let him be," Ari said as she moved to the chair at the other end of the room.

Edge being totally confused was beginning to loose his cool, "What happened!"

Ari leaned forward in her chair, "We were followed. But we managed to fight them off."

Edge's face questioned what she had just said, "Darkeen followed you two?"

Ari nodded her head.

"There were four of them," Ari continued her retelling of their fight. "Stig was their leader this time around."
"Good thing for us he's stupid," Arch put in.

"So how do you fit into this," Edge asked Arch with a slight harshness in his voice. "We haven't heard anything from you since the first day we met."

Arch leaned back into the couch, relaxing, "Well up until today there was nothing. I managed to get a snapshot of him while he exited his speeder at one of the docking bays. I was able to track him easily after that. Finding Kylan, or you, was just as easy. I used Kylan's Hunter frequency to track her down. I was delighted to meet up with her and the adorable Arldetta before Stig made his move."

Arldetta felt her cheeks blush ever so slightly. Arch seemed to always make a remark or a pass at her, every chance he got. Even though she was happily married she always appreciated to be flattered. She noticed Edge was still not satisfied and she knew he was justified to be so. He was here while she and Kylan were out walking when things went bad. She would have to be careful not to make Edge feel like this was his fault; he would blame himself for anything bad happening to Kylan while he was not around.

"In the end everything turned out ok," Ari said, but knew that was the wrong thing to say.

"It doesn't seem so to me," Edge said, his face appeared to be etched in stone. He was upset with himself and he was still not getting the answers he was looking for. "What is she looking for anyway? All I know is you two were about to be ambushed when Arch here came to the rescue?"

"I like that version," Arch sarcastically remarked.

Ari frowned at Arch but knew he was just trying to lighten the mood, "No. Arch showed up before that to warn us about them." Ari smirked and let out a quick giggle, "But Kylan had spotted Stig a few moments earlier."

Ari also remembered what else Kylan was looking at in the window where she spotted Stig. Figuring this was not time to discuss this and perhaps it was something for Kylan to bring up, Ari continued, "We ended up grabbing Stig into an alley. That's where he told Kylan something. We couldn't hear it though and she has not told us yet."

Edge let out a small sigh, "Did she kill him?"

Ari shook her head.

"Thank goodness. The last thing she needs is to have her guilty conscious become worse."

Arldetta understood what Edge had said. In Kylan's rage for answers she might have killed Stig to gain everything he knew, but later she would regret that decision and it would haunt her forever. To kill in defense in one thing, but to kill for personal benefit was another. Regardless of the information.

"I take it your all alright?" Edge asked as he walked towards Ari.

"Yeah we're fine," Ari said quietly.

"Kylan did most of the fighting, but she seems ok to me," Arch put in.

Edge stopped to turn towards the young man.

"Glad to see your alright then," Edge said sharply.

Arch's face twitched as he took Edge's accusation. Ari could tell he did not like being insulted like that, but in all sense no one would.

"Edge," Ari put in as calmly as she could. "We got separated when Stig's backup came. If it weren't for Arch, Kylan might not have come back in the same shape as she did. It could have been worse."

Edge sighed. "You're right. My apologies."

"I understand you're angry but no one knew this was going to happen," Ari added.

"I know," Edge reluctantly acknowledged. "We need to find out what he told her."

Arch appeared to relax again after Edge's apology but he still appeared to be irritated by the remark. Ari looked over to him a smiled. In an instant his irritation slipped away and he put on his best debonair grin.

"This is what I was looking for," Kylan said as she rounded the corner heading towards the empty seat beside Arldetta.

"Aoquenn's journal," Edge said.

Kylan sat down and nodded. Arldetta vaguely remember Aoquenna keeping a journal. Most hunters did keep journals to always remind them what task they have done or been given to them; as well as use it as a dairy for their thoughts. It also allowed Hunters to keep track of contacts and other notes. Perhaps this is what Kylan was hoping for. Perhaps Stig had given her a name.

"You've never looked through it?" Arch asked.

Kylan looked to him, "This has her thoughts, her memories and her life in here. I don't have the right to invade that."

"But you have the right now?"

Kylan looked at the book and a feeling of loss washed over her. Archangel had unwillingly filled her with doubt. Arldetta knew Kylan did not want to look in it, knew she did not want to invade Aoquenn's privacy, but Ari knew that some answers lie within those pages. She would do the same thing if she were in Kylan's position.

"Just do it," Edge said reassuringly. "I doubt Aoquenn would have left it for you if she did not want you to see it. See what you can find. You don't have to look at everything."

Kylan nodded and slowly began to open the book. She only opened halfway when she paused, "I can't. Not yet."

Arldetta looked at her friend and she could tell Kylan was in pieces. Kylan's thoughts were so scrambled she could not think straight anymore. Arldetta was on the verge of moving along side of her closest friend when Edge moved in. He squatted beside Kylan and placed his hand on top of her's and closed the book. The two locked gazes and even from her skewed angle Ari saw Kylan's eyes had lost all serenity. Her life was more confused and lost as it had ever been and from the look in Kylan's eyes, Arldetta was afraid she might never find her own truth.

"I think it's time for me to leave," Arch chimed in. "I have a few items to take care of."

Edge looked over his shoulder towards Arch and nodded. Arldetta walked over to him as he stood up, "Thanks for the assistance."

Arch grasped Ari's hand and gingerly kissed it, "My pleasure."

After the kiss he stood up and left, leaving for his home. Arldetta knowing that Embihr would be returning home shortly decided it was best for her to leave too. On top of that Kylan needed time alone. She only hoped Kylan would let Edge help her heal. She walked over to Kylan and quietly said, "I should go. Unless you need me to stay."

Kylan looked to her friend and Arldetta clearly saw the battle Kylan was fighting with her own self. She saw the rage, sorrow, guilt and longing that was mentally tearing Kylan to pieces. Ari nearly lost her own composure, all she could do was to grab Kylan and hold her.

"What I would give to have what you have," Kylan whispered into Ari's ear.

Arldetta's heart dropped and she fought to hold her tears back. Kylan wanted nothing more than to know what it was like to have a real family. She looked to Edge and then spoke to her friend, "We're your family now."

Kylan nodded briefly.

"Don't shut him out," Ari said softly.

"I won't," Kylan said. "I promise."

Arldetta gathered her nerves and stood up. She gave Kylan a small kiss on her forehead, gave Edge a quick embrace and left.


Edge felt near helpless. He did not know what to do to help Kylan, whom he loved so dearly. He moved to her and scooped her up in his arms. She immediately held onto him as he carried her into the bedroom. He gently laid her down on her side and kissed her cheek, "Rest now."

He was about to turn and leave when she grabbed his arm, "Stay."

Her voice sounded like a young girl asking her mother to stay after a bad dream. He leaned beside her when she asked him gently, "Hold me."

Edge lied beside her and gently wrapped his arm around her. He could feel the tension in her back as he leaned against her. Time slowed as he felt her body next to his. His mind raced with different things to say or ways to help ease her mind. Instead he simply lay there, quietly holding the woman he cared for so deeply. He didn't know how long it took before he or Kylan fell asleep.

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In honor of the Xbox's release of PSO I shall post the next chapter. Section 1 of chapter 10. Told you I would split them up again.


Chapter 10

The grass felt cool underneath her bare feet. She could feel all the bumps and dips within the soil. The air was refreshingly cool as she took each breath. The sky was as blue as she has ever remembered as large clouds slowly passed by over head. The serene area lasted as far she could see in all directions. Strewn across the land were various flowers of different colors and shapes. For a moment Kylan felt as she had not for many years. She felt at peace with herself and the world she lived.

Such feelings never last.

But she ignored all facts as let herself stay within the calm beauty. She took notice that her hair was braided many times as they blew across her face by the breeze. Although no mirrors were present she knew exactly how she looked. Gone were her black leather tops and knee high boots. Her half skirt replaced by a full, light and almost see through skirt. Her top closely resembled her skirt. It was a simple white wardrobe that many commoners used during the early parts of the yearly cycle. The time when snow would not fall, temperatures rose, and flowers began to bloom. She wished she could stay here, but if she did she would forever feel empty. She thought about her past. Or what she could remember. Of the most difficult times in her past there have only been a few people that have been there for her time and time again. One of those was her adopted mother, Aoquenna. Another was Edge, and at this moment she wished he was with her now. The past few days she had told Edge all she knew about her past and she realized that he was one of the things she constantly thought about.

"Soon," she whispered to herself.

And then she thought of another person. She knew Arldetta has seen her look at the ring, but Kylan had tried to derail Ari. She hoped she succeeded. As much as she would love to have Ari help her she was afraid of what to do. Of what to expect. For the first time in her life she was afraid of the future. She knew she was still a Newman and regardless of genetic tampering or any other type of flaw she was going to die before him. In a perfect world was what came to her mind. There was still a possibility he could die before her, but she would not let that happen.

"All things come to pass," a calm soothing voice said behind her. "In God's good time."

Kylan turned and nearly fell over.

"You're not here," Kylan said to the female that stood before her. "You died."

"But are you really here?" Aoquenna asked.

"I'm dreaming. But this can not be," Kylan looked at Aoquenn. Her face showed the same compassion it had shown all the years Kylan had been with her. Aoquenn was dressed in a similar style to Kylan. Instead of white she had slight reddish gradient from bottom to top and her dress was a single piece instead of two. Her red-brown hair was in its traditional single ponytail.

"You need to give up your guilt. Or else it will consume and destroy you," Aoquenn declared.

Kylan wanted so badly to embrace her but she knew this was only another dream.

"Or a vision within your dream," Aoquenn said.

"I'm trying," Kylan admitted. "But with all that is going on I can't seem to focus on one thing."

Aoquenn's gazed shifted to that of a parent about to lecture a child, "I've never seen you loose your focus. Don't dwell on things you have no power over."

"What's done is done," Kylan reluctantly replied. In her mind she knew the truth, but in her heart she could not accept Aoquenna's death. She couldn't bear to think of her as dead.

"You must accept that," Aoquenn said, reading her thoughts as she walked past Kylan.

As Kylan turned the landscape changed slightly. The field in which they stood was now half a metra wide, surrounded by jagged mountains and standing near the center was the pillar. The same pillar that had held Dark Falz. Kylan looked hard at Aoquenn. She was shocked. If Aoquenn could control her dream and read her thoughts, then why would she bring up such a horrific memory?

"Why?" Kylan asked, not sure to be sad or angry.

"It's not my doing," Aoquenn countered. "It's yours."

"No. It's not my doing. I hate this place," Kylan insisted.

"Which is why you thought of it. Which is why it appeared here in your dream. Which is one reason you can not sleep at night. Let it go," Aoquenn soothingly said. "Let go of your guilt."

Kylan slumped to the ground. She closed her eyes hoping this dream would pass and when she re-opened them the place had changed again. Looking down she saw Aoquenn's dead form lying before her. She was now on the ring of light where they had fought Dark Falz's final attempt to enslave or destroy them. She wanted to hide from this travesty and that is when the realization of this dream hit her.

She looked into Aoquenn's dead form and accepted her death. No fault was to be blamed on anyone. A tear formed in her eye and fell to the ground. Her final tear.

The dream Aoquenn stood silently beside her.

Kylan stood up and noticed the whole scene was frozen. Dark Falz was frozen as he moved away from Roa. Roa appeared to be finishing his last attack. Looking at Roa she understood that he was doing what everyone, including herself, would have done. And standing directly behind her, was Edge. His face showed as much sorrow as Kylan's had. She stared at him.

"He is your future," Aoquenn declared.

"I know he is," agreed Kylan as she turned to face Aoquenn. "Now I guess I'm supposed to find my past?"

"If you choose," Aoquenn offered. "But don't let it be your drive in life. Live the life that was given to you. Don't waste it."

Kylan again turned away and again the scene changed, reverting back to the serene grassy field she had started in. When she looked up she saw Aoquenn slowly walking towards the horizon.

"Why," Kylan asked.

"Because I love you," Aoquenn replied.

Kylan walked to her adopted mother and embraced her. "I love you too...Mom."

"Don't be afraid. If it is the past you seek then have the willpower to face it head on."

Kylan let go and looked at her, "I will."

Aoquenna smiled as she turned away and walked into the distance. Kylan blinked and noticed Aoquenn was gone. Kylan knew she would never see Aoquenn again and that filled her with sadness, but she also knew it was time to move on.

Apr 29, 2003, 02:37 PM
Kylan slowly opened her eyes. The bedroom was as it had been when she fell asleep, quiet and dark. She noticed that both she and Edge must have changed position a few times. He was now lying on his side facing the other way while she was lying on her back. She just lied there for awhile staring at the ceiling, thinking about what to do, what Edge must be dreaming about. For the first time in many years Kylan had finally slept without a torturing dream. Although she still had a dream, this last one had been more like an awakening.

She slowly rolled out of bed and walked towards the balcony, taking note of what time it was. They had slept for nearly 125 beats. Looking out from the balcony she could see Ragol through the giant dome of Pioneer 2. It was almost evening and within the next 80 beats Pioneer 2 would be orbiting around the dark side of the planet.

The city was going about its routine business. The people were beginning to head out for dinner, find some sort of entertainment, and for the few businesses that were open a staff change would be happening soon. The nightly security force would soon be out, trying to keep the peace. Most of the hunters were probably busy trying to find a new job or finish up loose ends. Some may be going through such an adventure like she had been going through recently. Kylan smiled at the thought that she was probably not the only hunter with problems or dangerous encounters. The longer she stood and watched the city go on the more she felt herself relax, as if a giant burden had been lifted. She knew what it was and she quietly forgave Roa. She wished she could do it in person, but he too did not survive the final battle with Dark Falz.

"If you have a soul then I wish you the best where ever you may be," she whispered quietly.

"What was that," Edge said behind her.

She turned to see him walking towards her. She realized she was so wrapped up in everything going on in the city she did not hear him get up. She walked over to him and embraced him.

"Thank you," she quietly said into his ear. He had stayed with the whole time. When she pulled away she saw he was smiling at her. She wanted to tell him something, but she decided it would have to wait until the current problems were dealt with.

"Feeling better I see," he said. His tone alluding to a sense of relief.

"Much better," she said smiling.

"Good," he replied.

"Where did you put Aoquenn's journal?"

"On the table in the living space," Edge paused a moment. "You really want to look inside?"

Kylan nodded. She knew that her dream not only was meant it was time to move on, but also to no longer fear the past. Kylan and Edge walked to the living space and Kylan sat down on the couch, staring at the journal.

"Want anything to drink?" Edge said to try and lighten the mood.

Kylan smiled as she turned to him, "Water is fine."

Edge nodded and walked into the kitchen. Her thoughts followed him and she realized her mag, as well as Edge's, should probably be woken from stasis. She decided to put them in stasis two days after the meeting with Dak. She had anticipated some sort of attack sooner so she kept them awake. When nothing happened she figured it best to put them into their sleep stasis mode. Ironically the latest attack happened so soon after she had done that. As she sat there she heard a few electronic beeps. She quietly laughed to herself as she knew that Edge had just woken up the mags and began feeding them.

Within a few more parsecs Edge emerged from the kitchen with a glass of water in each hand. He handed her a glass and she took a small sip before putting it down on the table. Edge came around and sat across from her in a chair. She looked down at the journal and picked it up. Kylan knew what year to look for. If she was correct on her assumption the year she was looking for would be AUW 3069. She felt a surge of nervousness course through her but she opened it anyway.

Thinking this chronicled most of Aoquenn's hunter career. Kylan opened the book to its halfway point and was shocked to find the year to be AUW 3076. That was a year before Pioneer 2 launched. Curious she read an excerpt.

5 | 7 | AUW-3076
The guild mission went without a problem. Kylan once again surprised me with her skills. She managed to take out four enemies without a single scratch or technique. I know the time is coming when we'll have to find a way to sneak her onboard Pioneer 2 without being noticed. I'm relieved to hear that Pioneer 1 is safe. With all the commotion going on around here getting her onboard may not be too big of a problem. A few of my contacts within the Hunter's Guild might be able to pull some strings somewhere. We'll just have to wait and see. It's good to Kylan moving forward. She seems to take her friendship with Arldetta very seriously. Even though Arldetta is a full blooded Newman and will age much faster than Kylan, she seems to ignore that. It seems Kylan has found a way to move on.

Kylan thought about what she had just read. She remembered that mission. They were sent out to take care of a small group of rebels. The last few years before the launch of Pioneer 2 saw many groups banning together and fighting the Council. They believed Coral could be saved and that the Pioneer Project was sending everyone to their deaths. Some other fanatics just did not want to leave their planet behind. At the time she could sympathize. The past is hard to let go.

She glanced at Edge as he sat patiently in his chair. She smiled and took another sip of water. She thought about Ari for a moment. What did Aoquenn mean by a "full blooded" Newman? At that point she was still slightly older than Arldetta but by the time they reached Ragol Arldetta was significantly older. She remembered training with her and doing other things together. The memory passed and she thought about the position of the year in Aoquenn's journal. Her answers were closer to the front. She decided to start at the beginning and to her shock the entry was dated AUW 3069.

8 | 15 | AUW-3069
She finally went to sleep. The past week has been a rough one but I'm sure we will both find a
way through. As promised I will never tell her. I know it may be crude but I was told it was to be this way when I accepted. This is probably going to be the hardest task I have ever taken. I willfully accepted and I will do my best to what is right. I'm sort of at a crossroads here. Do I give up my job and become a full fledged mother? Or do I teach her to become a Hunter herself. She is old enough to make the choice for herself so in time I will have to ask her. Until then I have to try and keep her safe. Perhaps some day she will uncover the truth for herself. One day you will find this. If you do I hope you understand why I did what I did?

Kylan paused again. Aoquenn knew of her past but was told to never tell. Kylan's mind raced with thoughts and reasons. But perhaps she would have to continue to read what Aoquenn had wrote in here. In the last line in that entry Aoquenn stated that she knew Kylan would find this journal and read it. But it also appeared as if Aoquenn had expected Kylan to know of her past already. For a moment Kylan thought that maybe Aoquenn was not as perfect as she once thought she was. Kylan glanced over the entry again and let that last thought slide away. Aoquenn gave up what her future could have been to protect Kylan. Everyone has something that they do not wish the world to know. Kylan didn't care. Aoquenn would always be her mother. She read the next entry.

8 | 17 | AUW-3069
I guess I will not have to wait to find out what she wants. She told me she wants to become a Hunter. I attempted to suede her into another profession but she would not hear it. Her mind was made up and I will support it. I was also amazed to see that she does not remember anything from five days ago. I know she was unconscious when I brought her here, but she had awoken within a day. I didn't think memories would fade away from such a brief period of unconsciousness. Perhaps it's something she does not want to remember. They may resurface at some point but for the moment I will ignore it. If she ever asks about it, I will not tell her. It is better this way. Tomorrow I will begin teaching her some rudimentary skills she will need to know. Mostly just to get her in shape and in the right mentality. I know she is a quick learner so this might be a good and a bad thing.

"Anything?" Edge asked from his chair.

Kylan shrugged, "It seems she started this when she took me in. She wrote that she was told not to tell me about my past. Why would, who ever that was, do that?"

Edge leaned forward and sighed, "I don't know. Maybe there is more. Probably to protect you. Is there something we can try to read into more deeply?"

Kylan looked at the journal and sunk into the couch, "Maybe. If I read more."

Edge stood up and walked toward her. He crouched in front of her and looked into her eyes, "Do what you need to do. If you think something might be in there then find it."

For the next 41 beats Kylan sat in the couch reading as much as she could until an urgent call interrupted her.

May 20, 2003, 10:14 AM
Chapter 11

"I'll get it," Edge said as he stood up.

Kylan looked to him and nodded. She watched him walk toward the vidphone in the computer room. She had read many pages of Aoquenn's journal and wasn't sure what to make of it all. She looked at the book and closed it. Kylan decided to wait and talk to Edge about it. No sooner than she stood up Edge called her into the room. She noticed that is tone was serious. There was no compassion anymore. Her heart began to beat harder. Who was he talking to?

When she walked into the room she saw Edge leaned over in front of the vidphone.

"Welcome Angelianna," came the indistinguishable voice of Stig.

"Why can't you make yourself useful and die?" Kylan dryly said.

"I would have hoped you'd be in a psychiatric ward by now," Stig taunted.

"What do you want," Edge sharply cut in.

"A truce," Stig offered. "An explanation. And an offer."

"Stick them up your ass," Kylan replied.

Edge went to reach for the cut off switch when Stig continued.

"Trust me you don't want to waste your last opportunity at life. This offer is not from me but from my employer. The person that you have been seeking."

"Your boss," Kylan declared.

"Exactly," agreed Stig.

"There has to be a catch," Edge said.

"Of course," Stig slyly said. "You have to hear and agree to our offer or you will loose all you hold dear."

"I've lost it all already so your offer is useless," Kylan snarled.

Edge looked towards her for a moment. The words she just told Stig raced through his mind, the reasoning behind it. His only conclusion was that she said it to help end this conversation and refuse whatever Stig was attempting to offer.

"Your choice. Meet me at these coordinates in 680 beats from now and we will discuss our offer. Don't show up and pay the consequences."

Kylan and Edge did not have time to respond before Stig cut off his transmission. The message light turned green indicating a message was sent.

"Probably the coordinates," Kylan said.

Edge turned to her, "Do we chance it??

She turned to him with a sly grin.

Edge returned her grin with one of his own, "He didn't say just the two of us right?"

Kylan nodded.

"I'll call the group in a little bit."

"Sounds good, I think I might rest some more," Kylan said. She had no intention of taking Stig's offer, but she would make sure they were fully prepared for a fight. Her gut feeling told her this was a trap set up by Darkeen's leader.


Security, as always, slowed down everything. Every time Edge and Kylan came to the Hunter's Walk with their weapons they had to explain all the legal reasons why their weapons were not checked at the Hunter's checkroom. Their mags were scanned, making sure they were ?naturally? raised. Mags raised in a different manner usually were either unreliable or schizophrenic. They still had over 100 beats before they were going to meet up with Stig. Hopefully for the last time. The security force was always strict about taking weapons outside of here and into the city. It was a way to maintain the peace of Pioneer City. Kylan understood why and respected the attempts made to keep order. In the back of her mind she had a feeling that security would report their whereabouts to Dak. If the Security Force did one thing right, the only person to get any special privileges would be Dak and Principle Tyrell. They have no favorites and from what Kylan has seen, all Hunters get treated the same way. Usually it's a quick and stern check with the Security officer acting as if every word from his mouth were hot coal. Still no love loss between Hunters and the Council.

They walked to the end of the hallway and stopped at the teleporter door.

"Designate Walk floor number," spoke the robotic computer.

"Walk three," Edge said and within a few microts the door opened.

Once they were both inside the teleporter Kylan said, "Ready."

A microt later the two of them disappeared and reappeared on Hunter's Walk floor 3. They stepped out of the teleporter and into the Hunter's Guild. Kylan looked towards the Guild employee and did not recognize her, which was a good thing. The last thing she wanted was any unneeded conversations. Edge was keeping an eye out for the rest of their group. Edge seemed surprised that Hatsumi and Archangel would openly walk into a death trap. Hatsumi would be the only one going down with them. Archangel would be following them using all his high tech toys back at his apartment. Arch was going to keep track of all the activity the group could not see.

As they exited the Guild Edge saw Hatsumi standing near the checkroom. He looked up and saw Hunter's Walk floor 4A above them. He wondered briefly if it was as dead as this walk. Kylan quietly walked beside him. She was most likely attempting to plan ahead for all possible outcomes to this trip.

"Hey Kylan," a young Ramarl said as she came out of the Hospital. Edge only caught her out of the corner of his eye but knew the voice was familiar somehow.

Edge and Kylan turned to face the young Ranger and found he was right. He knew her.

"Landra," Kylan said stiffly.

"Have a mission, uh?" Landra asked.

Edge only worked with Landra twice. The first time it was a small mop-up operation for the Council. The second time was in the Challenge Simulator. Both times Landra exhibited her ability to fight with both a saber and a gun. The only thing Edge remembered as her weak point was her lack of discipline. She would often run head first into a fight she knew she could not win. Edge remembered Kylan giving her many training nights in the various training facilities. From what Kylan told him she had matured, but still lacked the ability to take orders and follow them without question. As much as Edge would like an extra gun in this mission he knew she was outclassed.

"Yes, we are on a mission," Edge replied with authority, but he knew she would probably not get the hint.

"Could you use some help?" Landra offered. "I just finished up my current job and was getting a check up before finding another one."

"Thanks Landra but I think we have this one covered," Kylan put in.

"I can help. I know Hunters could always use extra help."

Edge looked over to Hat and saw he had started to walk over. He needed to end this quickly. Edge did not want to be responsible for this young girl's life. This was way out of her league.

"Thank you but this is too dangerous for you at the moment," Edge countered harshly, almost to the point of an insult.

Landra did not appear too upset but defiantly understood, "One of these days I'll be on another mission with you two."

Kylan was right. She had matured. When he first met her, Landra would have argued until the sun broke on the horizon of Pioneer 2. He would defiantly try to meet up with her again. As long as they survived all of the current attacks and managed to put an end to it.

"That's a date then," Edge smiled.

"I'll see if I can do some simulator quests with you soon," Kylan offered.

Landra smiled back, "Sounds good. Be careful."

Edge and Kylan nodded and Landra walked towards the Hunter's Guild. They looked at each other and smiled.

"She's getting better," Kylan offered.

"I see that," Edge said. "But let's get this over with."

They met up with Hatsumi in front of the Principle's teleporter. The teleporter, as it has been recently, was shut down. No Hunter had any real business with Principle Tyrell since the Ruin raids. Hat seemed like he was all ready for battle.

"Have everything you need?" Edge asked Hatsumi.

"Of course," Hat replied. "All I need is a fast gun and a killer piece of steel."

Edge noticed his katana strapped on his back. A modified piece of course, suited to fit Hat's personal fighting style and preferences. Similar to Kylan's twin and his own sword. Every Hunter had their prized weapon.

"I'm good to go," Kylan declared. "I want to end this as soon as I can."

Hat looked at her and saw the same determination that had led her group through the Ruins alive. Hat had only heard brief bits of information about the most recent encounter with Darkeen. Edge made sure to tell him who sent the message for this meeting and what he's been up to. Hat of course knew of Stig from the speeder chase.

"Then let us waste no more time," Hat offered.

"Right," agreed Edge.

They walked towards the checkroom desk and into the new elevator. The new design to the Hunter's Walk would allow Hunters on active duty to get to their speeders for a mission. The new idea appeared to be set up properly. The Hunter's speeder was parked in a special hanger that would in essence be a second entrance to the Hunter's Walk. The same Security measures were taken as the Hunter approached the hanger's teleporter. Extra Security measures were taken with regards to the speeder. Each speeder had to be searched for "dangerous" items. All in all a good concept and Edge liked it.

The Elevator moved one level down and opened into a teleporter room.

When they appeared on the other end they followed the maze like hallways towards the hanger and the speeder. The ride to Ragol was going to be tight fit. Three hunters with their equipment as well as their mags packed into a small vehicle. Kylan's Bana wasn't much of an issue it mearly rested on her lap. But Hat's Kalki and Edge's Bhirava were a different story. They were placed in anyway they could fit. Once they all managed to get in the speeder Kylan turned her arm bracer's comm device on.

"Archangel," Kylan spoke into the device, "You reading me."

"Loud and clear sweetheart," Archangel came back with his usual charm. "I have got you covered from every angle. Tell Hat he's got a sweet ass ride."

Kylan smirked as she saw Hatsumi laugh. Edge just rolled his eyes. Hatsumi switched on his vehicle's nav computer. It took a few microts to come fully online, but when it did Kylan let Arch know.

"Give us a way point Arch," Kylan ordered.

She could hear Arch typing away and within microts the waypoint appeared.

"Looks like an old stomping ground. A generator room in the Mines," Arch said.

Kylan stared at the waypoint for a moment, "Most likely it is no where near their base."

"Another attempt to screw with you then," Edge dryly put in.

Hatsumi sat quietly in the pilot's chair, awaiting Kylan to tell him to go ahead.

"Too bad for them I dont need their help for that," Kylan said with a laugh while smiling intimately at Edge.

"Hot damn! Somebody is getting lucky tonight," Arch responded.

Edge laughed and kissed Kylan on her cheek.

She looked at Hat and told him, "Let get going."

Hat fired up the engines, "Once more onto the breech my friends."

EDIT: A few minor tweaks made. No use re-reading if you've done so already. Nothing THAT important.

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Jun 2, 2003, 09:42 AM
Wow these boards are fast. Which is nice. A lot of great stuff to read. Anyway I'm as always looking for responses, questions, frell ups, and/or horrible inconsistancies. Looking back on what I have wrote I think I sort of blocked my story from possibly interacting with the many others. But Kylan would not be where she is today if I never sent her through this hell. Here is some food for thought. Interestingly awhile back, my wife was writing one of her many Star Wars fan fics and realized what she was doing with one of her characters. When one of her characters cries to God, are they cring to the writer? In a small sense the writer is a god...to a point of course. No I'm not on a power trip, but have any of you writers (that read my story too) ever have that thought cross your mind? Anyway I'm working on getting another part done, but I'm in a slump at the moment. Well see. have fun.

Jun 3, 2003, 02:17 PM
This is pretty good, i've just recently discovered this site and your story. LIke my own, it has some aspects that have to be more carefully thought out and you can't just say that somehtings will automatically be able to happen.
Anyway, i'm looking forward to you publishing more, and if you need something to try to just free yo mind, check out mine, some of the stuff will make you think.

Jun 6, 2003, 09:22 PM
Hey, great fic. This is alot better than alot of the fics on the site and is one of my favorates. One question: Is Kylan and Edge married? I dont think you clarify this (not sure though) and I was curious.

Jun 7, 2003, 04:44 PM
Thanks for the replies. Right now Kylan and Edge are not married, but in Chapter 7 there is a small hint that they were not but it is definatly in Kylan's mind. It was a small reference which I sort of left there for the moment. I should hopefully have a new post within a week or two.

Jun 13, 2003, 10:16 AM
Chapter 12

The lower level of the Mines looked exactly as they had when Kylan came through here a month ago. She was amazed at how well the crumpling walls help up. She had heard of various missions that occurred in the mines and Kylan figured that these walls would have collapsed by now. The lights still held their dim glow, which gave enough illumination to see the other end of the room. Kylan did take note that the flooring had seen better days. A few times the group felt as if the grating would give out beneath them and at one point had. Hat had no sooner placed his weight on the grate when it broke off. Edge was right there to pull Hat back to his feet and more, at the time, stable ground. At least the machines were finally stopped. The last wave a machines had nearly overrun the area and in the process of clearing them, many Hunters were critically injured or killed.

Archangel had specifically placed them about three "rooms" away from where they were supposed to meet. After they landed on the surface they used a modified telepipe to enter the mines. This telepipe had a small pad to input coordinates to pipe anywhere that was charted on Ragol. Standard telepipes gave a Hunter a one way pass to the Hunter's Walk that the telepipes were programmed for.

In an attempt to hide Hatsumi and keep things on a more even ground, Archangel managed to scramble the video frequencies and comms. Both groups were in the dark. But Archangel was still able to track them from small tracking devices on Kylan, Edge and Hatsumi. She also knew Archangel would probably find a way around his own scrambling code to allow him to view the area and contact the team. Since they landed she could hear static on and off in her earpiece. Edge and Hatsumi both acknowledged the same.

The generator room was now only a hallway ahead of them. Edge placed a trap vision lens on and spotted no traps in the hallway. Kylan was mildly surprised, but at the same time aroused her suspicions even further. They motioned for Hat to stay in the previous room until the door closed behind them.

Staring at the door, Kylan could feel her heart begin to speed up. Their mags were fed and were ready to support their owners. She knew Stig would tell her a few more pieces of information and then, once again, try to kill her. She looked at Edge and he seemed calm and collected. He had the same stern and cold look he always wore before a fight. But she knew he would not leave her here alone. If she were to die here, he would let himself die here as well.

A few more steps and the door would detect them and open. She touched the hilt of her twin just to make sure it was there. In her mind she laughed thinking. As if it would run away. The heat from the electronics was beginning to stifle the already dry air. They walked two more steps and the lights on the door flickered and the metal doors separated. As they entered the room Kylan noticed Stig in the center of the room. With the way he turned suddenly he must have been looking the other way. Kylan glanced left and right quickly, taking in as much intel as she could. The now destroyed generators sat quietly in the stale air. The small walkway they were standing on gave a slight vantage point to the main floor below, but the generators provided ample coverage. Sinows often used the generators and high ceilings as cover to launch an attack. Kylan had a feeling someone, or possibly a small group, was hiding behind those very generators she glanced at. She glanced at Edge and saw he too was taking in as much as he could before looking towards Stig.

Looking past Stig Kylan saw two people. Backup she assumed. She noticed Stig and the two others were both wearing what looked like medium weight armor. She was shocked that the armor did not appear as if it was a special piece. They looked old and worn. But if Darkeen was around before Pioneer 1 left Coral than these could be just as old. But also just as useful. On top of that it was a physical piece of armor unlike the energy armors and frames that most hunters, including herself, wore. The main reason for the switch to energy barrier was for mobility. A physical piece of armor could provide blind spots or hinder the user's movement. The major flaw in energy armor was it was still energy created by photons. If a photon weapon was tuned properly and had a few illegal parts, that weapon could pass through an energy based armor with the user baring the full force of the assault or killing them outright. A physical piece would not; it would block the assault, at worst throwing the user off balance. In the back of her mind Kylan felt as if she had seen these pieces of armor before. They all had a barrier or shield bracer on. What kind of shield she did not know. Again they were probably something older, possibly a guardian shield or an imperial barrier. Most of the new arm defenses like the divinity barrier and celestial shield were developed after Pioneer 1 had left.

Edge was quick to notice a lack of mags. Darkeen members must be trained to rely solely on skill and brute force than to use the extra boosts provided by mags. Or it is viewed as a liability. Something they would have to look after during combat. Edge quietly laughed to himself if that was the case. As well as the fact that Kylan had bested Stig twice now, without a mag. Mags could be trained in a number of ways. Kylan's Bana and Edge's Bhirava hardly ever got in the way during a fight. Of course they, Hatsumi included, could fight as well without a mag.

"Interesting," Stig said.

"Not expecting me?" Kylan sarcastically replied. She was still amused by Stig's confused look.

"Quite the opposite really," Stig countered quickly.

"Looks like we confused they heck out of you from here," Edge said with a laugh.

Stig's face hardened as they walked to meet him face to face. Kylan looked to Edge briefly as he looked intently at one of the two people behind Stig. Does he recognize him? Kylan thought to herself. Regardless of what she thought, Edge saw something and he was trying to figure out what importance it had. When they stopped a few feet in front of Stig, Kylan stared into his brown eyes. He did not flinch or attempt to look away. Stig glanced to Edge with a slight sneer, but Edge just ignored it. His attention still remained on the one person standing near the door.

"You had an offer," Kylan spoke to break the silence, cutting right to the point.

Edge returned his attention to the current conversation as a small bead of sweat slid down the side of his face. This heat was murder.

Stig took a breath before he began, "This feud has lasted long enough. We have more important issue to address and our boss would like this current problem dealt with."

"I agree on that part," Edge muttered.

Kylan shifted her stance, "Go on."

"As such we are willing to give you the information you are looking for," Stig paused.

"In exchange for what," Kylan stiffly said. "You mentioned an offer and I doubt Darkeen would be willing to just hand over information which you appear to deem so important."

Edge allowed a smirk. She knew exactly what she was doing.

Stig stiffened as his eyes narrowed. He knew he mentioned the offer and he was surprised to see Kylan bring it up so quickly. He had anticipated a small verbal quarrel before getting down to business.

"Yes of course," Stig replied in a way that appeared deceitful.

He reached into his utility pouch and pulled out a small disk. Kylan looked at it for a moment before returning her attention to Stig and her surroundings. She was about to speak when some static began ringing in her ears again. She glanced at Edge and he too looked slightly distracted. She immediately thought that Archangel was attempting to gain access to them, and from the sound of it might be close to doing just that. That would have to stay in the back of her mind.

Looking at Stig Edge said, "The offer then?"

Stig tilted his head slightly, again appearing as if he had anticipated a different response.

"This disk contains information on your parents and your lineage," Stig began. "Darkeen is willing to grant you this information in exchange for you."

Stig stared at Kylan deeply and it was Kylan and Edge's turn to shift there posture. They both knew they would offer some sort of offer to join Darkeen. However Kylan did not expect it to be extended to only her. Edge cleared his throat before he spoke up, "Why only her?"

Stig allowed a small grin, "Afraid to loose her? How touching."

Edge sneered at the remark. He knew Stig was only trying to bait him. Edge looked to Kylan, but she had her full attention on Stig. Again more static rang in their ears which soon changed over to Archangel's voice, "Breakthrough! You should be able to hear m...d they should be in the dark. Damn I'm good."

Edge did all he could not to smile. Arch was no doubt using Hat as a means to establish contact without directly interrupting them. He felt relieved to know that they now held a possible edge on the situation, but he kept himself alert to his surroundings.

"What do you want of me?" Kylan asked.

Stig wiped his forehead, which was glistening with perspiration, "Darkeen does not want you per say, but we know you can gain access to personal information on key Council members."

Kylan and Edge were both nearly floored. What was Darkeen planning? Why did they need that information? Kylan attempted to round up possible scenarios but Edge beat her to one, "You're planning some sort of assassination."

It was a statement not a question. Stig showed no sign of acknowledgement. Kylan paused for a moment. She knew her decision but the request still racked her mind.

"The answer is no," Kylan put in harshly, leaving no room for debate.

Stig glared at her, his usual sly demeanor nearly gone. He looked as if she had personally insulted him. But his glare also allowed his anger to shine through clearly.

"You obviously misunderstood the lack of options you have here," Stig said coldly. "Either do this or you will be killed."

Kylan quietly began to gather tech energy in case she needed to cast a quick technique. She felt a fight coming on but she did not know the direction. Edge walked right towards Stig, nearly standing face to face with him, "You try it and I promise you it will be the last time you bother us."

Stig held his ground, "You can not defeat us all."

Edge was about to speak when he heard Arch in his earpiece, "I'm picking up some extra readings. I don't think you are tot.lone anymore."

Stig noticed Edge's slight distraction and knew something had entered into his plan he did not account for. Stig took one step back before Edge grabbed him by the throat and used him as a shield, facing the two by the door.

"Anyone try anything and he dies," Edge warned.

Stig's guards brandished Kaladgologs. Must be a favorite choice of weapon for Darkeen. Kylan mused. Of course she knew they were copies and at the time she could not remember who owned the original. Kylan moved beside him and passed him her saber hilt which he placed by Stig's throat. Turning it on would kill Stig. Kylan smirked knowing that she had done that to him no less then a day ago.

Edge could tell Stig was infuriated but that only fueled Edge further. Edge wanted nothing more than to snaps Stig's neck and leave him for dead. Unfortunately he needed him as a shield. With his free hand Edge took the small disk from Stig and passed it to Kylan. She took it while continuing to hold in the technique she had ready. She knew what she was going to cast and was waiting for the right time to do it.

Stig tried to shake free but Edge was too strong for him. The two guards moved closer. With that Kylan and Edge slowly began to move backwards towards the door they had come through. Kylan was surprised Stig did not call them off, which sent a shiver down Kylan's spine.

"There is someone else here," Kylan said quietly. She wondered if Hatsumi was waiting diligently behind the door, waiting for the go ahead to come through. Her Bana slowly backed away from her shoulder, to allow her to move freely if she had to act quickly. Edge's on the other hand stuck on his back like flies to a Booma.

"I know," Edge muttered.

Their thoughts were cut short as Arch yelled over the comm, "To your right! To you RIGHT!"

Kylan had barely registered what he said when she heard the shots fired.

EDIT: Tweaks here too. Really just adding mags. I can't believe I forgot about them.
7/22/03 Whoops. Continuity error. Stig's gaurds have Kaladgolgs not guns.

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Jul 8, 2003, 11:28 AM
I can't believe how fast these fan fic boards move. It's great! Well not for slow posters like me. Anyway I'm still working on the next section but I've been busy and my attention has been diverted too. Bear with me, please. Or keep posting, PMing me to push me along.

Jul 8, 2003, 04:37 PM
It's really good so far Nid, I really like the pacing you have in the chapters--it makes it easy to read and flows nicely.

I'm about done with everything posted on page 1, I'll keep posting feed as I get further.

Keep up the good work.

Jul 8, 2003, 04:51 PM
Thank you. I'm sure you'll see that the sections tend to get longer and longer. The more chapters I wrote the longer they got. Also the sections in some were not clearly divided so I had to post one big chapter...Like the Chapter 3. At the moment, with all that is going it's been hard to focus on one thing. But I'm trying to get everything back on track. I need one of my PSO buds(Hatsumi) to give me some info for the next chapter.

BTW...I read your latest chapter. Very good. Keep it up. Your story definatly helped me get back into writing this.

Jul 17, 2003, 02:37 PM
Chapter 13

Hatsumi stood inertly as the metal door closed behind them. He had no doubt that if anything happened, Kylan and Edge could take care of themselves. It was more boredom and anticipation that Hatsumi disliked most about waiting outside. The heat here was going to take a toll on him as he waited. The smell of ozone drifted through the stale air as lights short circuited when the sensors attempted to turn them on. Other electrical wiring in the walls sparked as the continued flow of energy ran through them and came to a halt at the broken connection. Seconds turned into minutes as he waited. He was also keeping a distinct note on the number of times small burst of static came from his earpiece. He wasn't sure what to make of it, but decided to wait it out. Different scenarios of what was going on within the next room were keeping his mind busy. On a few occasions he would lightly squeeze the trigger on his L&K14 Mechguns resting silently in his hands, causing the barrels to spin but not fire. He looked over his shoulder and floating behind him, as always, were his Kalki. He took out some items from his pocket to feed his mag.

He had only fed it one antiparalysis when screeching static poured form his earpiece which sent a quick but sharp wave a pain through his head. His grip tightened on his guns and he was ready to burst through the door when a familiar voice came through.

"Hat," Archangel came through. "I think I manag...o get through. The bad gu...uld not be able to hear us and should still be in..."

The signal appeared to go out for good. Hat stood up, still anticipating something more to happen.

"Arch," Hat said quietly. Even though he doubted the others in the opposing room would hear, he whispered anyway. "Arch! Dammit."

Silence and static were all Hatsumi heard for a few microts. Feeling something was about to happen he began to slowly move towards the door. Hat didn't survive the battle through the Ruins for nothing. His senses have never failed him before and this time they were telling him to be prepared.

More static ripped through his ear before quieting down again, with the return of Archangel, "I got through to Kylan and Edge."

"Is everything alright," Hat demanded.

"I think so there is a lot of extra interference i...ere so it's hard to hear," Arch said, sounding almost confused. "I'm trying to talk to you separately. So I do n...onfuse all of you."

Hat laughed a moment. Only Arch would be confused about such, as to why something of his was not working properly. But Hat still wanted to know what was going on in there. He was about to ask Arch another question when Arch cut him off.

"Something is going on in there," Arch hastily said. "There is an extra heat reading."

Hat once again began heading towards the door, his guns ready for action.

"I can't make it out," Arch went on. "It's too light for a human or Newman, which could only mean that it's?"

"An android," Hat said as he stood before the door's sensor, and before he could continue, Arch's shouts came screaming through his ears.

"To your right! To your RIGHT!"

Kylan had barely enough time to act. She summoned the cold ice technique, Barta and managed to create an ice shield in front of Edge and herself. No sooner had the ice formed in front of her a photon bullet ripped into the ice, spewing ice chips and water from the impact. She took note from the impact hole in the ice that the bullet would have landed right between her eyes. Not even a microt later a second shot crashed into her shield in front of Edge. He still attempted to dodge the shot. Being that the ice was still thin the bullet tore through and impacted into Stig's right shoulder. The impact nearly knocked them both over. As well as leaving a rather large dent in his armor. Kylan held her concentration and let the tech flow from her hands, thickening the shield. A third shot hit the shield, again aimed at Edge. This time the ice held.

"Not me you stupid bitch!" Stig yelled aloud.

"Shut up," Edge demanded.

Edge moved closer to Kylan. Dragging Stig along with him. Surprisingly Stig remained quiet. Kylan's Bana charged to her right shoulder, sticking there like a child to its mother. Edge looked to his left and saw Stig's two assistants begin to move in. Their weapons drawn and ready. Kylan glanced at them briefly, her focus was still casting Barta, as another bullet attempted to break the ice. She glanced to them and saw they too were each carrying a Kaladgolg as they continued to move in slowly. Kylan guessed as to not get hit by a stray bullet.

Kylan's hands soon began to burn from the cold ice pouring from them. She split her focus for a moment, looked at Stig's men approaching, curled her fingers to the appropriate format, and launched a quick GiZonde bolt towards them. The bolt of lightning hit the attacker on the left first, before ricocheting off and engulfing the other in shower of magnificent yellow lightning. They both fell, shaking, trembling. The metal on their bodies provided a perfect conductor. Kylan felt herself tiring and knew she had to stop. She looked at Edge warmly as she quit casting Barta. Even the heat from the area could not stop their breath from materializing from the cold ice. Her body hurt. Using techniques were taxing, especially for non Forces. A Force was trained for the mental and physical drains of technique casting. Kylan could withstand a huge amount, more than other common newmans or humans, but even she had limits. Edge did not look too worried, he, like Kylan, were only waiting.

They did not wait long.

Just as a fifth shot smacked the ice shield, sending a multitude of cracks along the Barta shield, the door they entered through opened.

Hatsumi dove out of the doorway, mechguns firing off quick bursts of photon bullets towards the attacker's area. Edge could only guess that the attacker was perched on top of one of the dead generators. With all the added debris in the vicinity they could be hiding almost anywhere in that direction. Sticking your head out to find where the shots originated would only get yourself killed.

Hat's shots raked across the area. Photon bullets tore into the metal generators. Sparks burst from the impact. Hat landed softly and used his momentum to roll up to his feet. In that instant while Hat rolled, his mechguns were not firing and he was vulnerable. The attacker did not miss the opportunity.

The photon bullet barely missed Hatsumi's face, he could feel the heat from the bullet as it whizzed by. One of the Kalki were not as fortunate. It took the brunt of the shot. The other part of the mag nearly freaked. If it was prepped it would have cast a photon blast. As he stood up his mechguns lit up once again. Firing from left to right and back again, as he positioned himself behind the cool, but melting, Barta shield. A microt passed and the slow but steady barrage of photon bullets began again. Weakening the shield Kylan had set up, in an attempt to give them time.

The damaged Kalki managed to "limp" its way to Hat's side. While the other floated diligently by left his shoulder.

Kylan eased her heavy breathing as she gathered her thoughts.

"I think we have only one place to go now," Edge said rather calmly.

"To hell," Stig put in laughing.

Hat ignored him but knew what Edge was refering to, "Then let's drop down. Arch you with us."

"As always. That's your best bet," Arch came in with his usual flair. "You're target is defiantly on a raised position."

She thought about racing for the door, but seeing as how Hat had almost taken a shot in the brief moment he stopped firing, made her rule that option out.

"We go down then," Kylan concluded.

"There should be some sort of remnant of a metal stairway or catwalk heading down on each side," Arch put in quickly.

She gathered more mental strength for one last Barta tech as she positioned her fingers.

A few microts passed.

Another shot crashed into the fading shield.

Cold vapor arose from Kylan's hands.

"Go!" she ordered.

Edge knocked Stig on the back of the head with the hilt of his saber before running towards the side of the platform. Hat followed, sadly leaving his damaged Kalki behind. It being too weak to move again. He promised himself he would get it back. Kylan sent a quick blast Barta into the existing shield and quickly moved her hands upward, left and right. Creating a small canopy covering their escape from every possible angle the attacker may be aiming from. Once she was done she made her dash to the edge of the platform, her mag in tow. Kylan heard a few shots but nothing hit her.

Looking ahead she saw Edge and Hat drop to the floor below. She knew they were about two and half stories up from the next level, and if Arch was right there should be some sort of catwalk down on each side. What condition they were in she did not know and would find out in a microt.

When she reached the edge and looked down, the catwalk was a mere pile of scrap. Like everything else here. She saw Hat jump from the only piece still hanging, which was about a 17 foot drop from where she was now. She saw the stairway to that piece hanging to her left. Hat haphazardly landed onto the scrap pile and made his way down. The jump after that looked to be about the same, possibly less.

"Come on," Edge yelled from atop the unstable pile.

Kylan spun around and began to slide her feet off the side. The Bana flew underneath the walkway, attempting to hide itself from danger but stay close to its owner. The only grip they had here was an inch high flare on the side of the walkway. The light from the flooring nearly blinded her as well as the sweat from her hands making her grip even more precarious. She didn't worry and remained calm.

She was practically over when her Barta shield cracked. Quickly followed by a second tear through the ice. Small chucks and cubes of ice flew as the attacker began to "speed up" their shots, ripping through the crumpling shield. Kylan dangled herself over the side. She stayed calm and cool headed, looked down to get her bearings...

And a loud crash filled her ears and with it came a quick searing pain in her left hand. This in turn forced her to loose her hold on the side. Not being prepared for such she lost her hold and fell awkwardly to the catwalk below.

She hit the metal grating hard on her side, but her odd fall forced her into a roll and she slipped off the catwalk.

EDIT: Small tweak at the end to better set up for the next section which is coming soon. Very soon.

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Jul 17, 2003, 09:30 PM
Another great chapter. Whenever I read this fic I wonder how Kylan was "born". Birth or creation. That is a great sign that your characters are very well made. Also, what takes so long in making your chapters? No offence or anything though. Great story.

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Jul 18, 2003, 09:17 AM
Thanks for your support...and patience. It helps. As for the time in between chapters. It's a lot of things. First is a serious family issue with my brother, who is seriously ill. The other reasons can be linked to: work, my daughter(major time hog at home http://www.pso-world.com/psoworld/images/phpbb/icons/smiles/icon_wink.gif ), games, lack of motivation, and darn laziness. Right now I back into writing this, so hopefully I crank out some more chapter a bit quicker. Thanks again.

Jul 18, 2003, 02:02 PM
As the advice you gave me;

Go at your own pace.


Jul 18, 2003, 03:44 PM
[Stamps this fanfiction on the next to read list.]

*phew* This looks like a long one. I better print this one out and read it. I better not read it before I go to bed or I'll become an insomniac... like what happened to me when I read Davion's fanfic. /_

Jul 18, 2003, 04:10 PM
I like this fic so far. Very compelling story line that keeps me wanting more.

Jul 18, 2003, 07:52 PM
Hey. Sorry about your brother. Hope he gets well. I was just curious with my last post. Go at your own pace.

Jul 18, 2003, 08:31 PM
Thanks for the support. Now this is some major motivation! Expect a new section sometime within a week.

Slow day at work + motivation = a lot of writing time.

Jul 22, 2003, 01:11 PM
"No!" Edge screamed in terror as he saw Kylan crash onto the catwalk.

His heart dropped even further we he saw her roll off. The world seemed to move in slow motion. The sniper, Stig, the two guards, even Hatsumi were all in the back of his mind now. He thought about one thing.


He had no idea what had cause her to fall. Nor did he know how hard she hit the catwalk, or if she was even conscious. His mind flashed to possible things he could do. But in reality there was no time to do anything. In those few heartbeats he nearly thought she might possible die. A fall from the catwalk onto the scrap metal piles below would surely impale her. But the next set of heartbeats brought with it a revelation.

Edge had seen Kylan pull herself out of deadly situations before. As well as bouncing back from an unanticipated situation. With fear comes perdition, and Edge was not ready to give into that fear. As he watched Kylan fall completely off the catwalk his thoughts were with her.

And in the last moment before he saw his future possibly diminish before his very eyes, he saw Kylan miraculously managed to grab a hold of the catwalk with one hand.

Time sped back up.

"Hang on," was all he could say.

He knew she would not do otherwise. He began to climb down the mound of metal to get in position under her. He noticed Hat climbed down the other side as quickly as he could as well. His thoughts whisked to what the sniper was up to. No doubt they were climbing down too.

"What the hell is goin' on," Arch came crackling through his ear.

In the distance he heard Hat say, "We're about to get pinned, get us an exit. Now!"

Edge worked his way around the "spears" of metal and stopped beneath Kylan. His thoughts still focused on her. He looked up and if he didn't know better he would have thought she was hanging lifelessly. He knew what he had to do but needed the room for it. Edge spotted her Bana floating inches from her face. It was protecting her as best it could.

"Kylan, answer me," he insisted.

"I...I'm...," she weakly replied. All her strength was put into holding on.

Just hearing her voice was all the recognition he needed, "Hold on for one more microt. Please."

She didn't answer. He took that as a yes. A small drip of liquid splashed onto his right cheek. Rubbing it off with his finger he saw it was blood. Kylan's blood. Another drop splashed onto his face. He had no more time to wait. She was injured and knew she could not hold on much longer. In an instant he pulled his sword hilt from his back. The magnificent S-Rank's center base expanded and the gold photon blades came to life. In his ear he could hear Hat and Arch conversing, but he shut it out. He took a step to his left, regained his balance and brought his sword back. Using all his might he swung the mighty weapon in a low sweeping arch from left to right. The metal "spears" broke under the gold photons might. A quick shower of sparks lit up the area. In the next instant he dropped the weapon and repositioned himself under her.

He placed his feet apart to get a better stance for what he was about to do. He was only about five feet from touching her foot.

"Ok let go," he said as held his arms out. "I'll get you."

Her response was just that. She let go...

And fell into his arms.

Edge wanted to hold her and make sure she was fine, but knew they were vulnerable here. Hat suddenly came into view beneath the pile. His face showed a slight sign of relief. Edge quickly but cautiously worked his way down the pile. The extra heat from Kylan's body made a hot situation even hotter. Once down he followed Hat.

"Arch's finding an exit for us," Hat said quickly as they ran around the pile and in the direction opposite the sniper's. "How is she?"

Edge glanced at her for a moment. She had her eyes closed and he noticed cuts and bruises on her face. But at the time did not see where she was seriously bleeding from.

"I'm not sure," Edge offered. He tried to keep his emotions in check.

The six generator stacks on each side of the main walkway were lined in a two by three layout. Hat led them behind the furthest generator on the left. What he dubbed generator 5. Edge leaned against the warm metal and sat down. Hat kneeled beside him, looking at the wounded Kylan. Edge too looked over her. It wasn't until his eyes scrolled to her left hand did he see why she was bleeding.

Her hand was in terrible shape. It was covered in burns and blood. Metal splinters appeared implanted in her hand, across her arms, and as he looked back to her face he saw a few had made their way there too. A main concern was a large metel splinter which had pierced through her hand. He feared Kylan might have used one chance of luck too many.

"She's in bad shape," Hat offered quietly. "Stay with her, I'm going to keep an eye out and work with Arch to get out of here."

"I'm not going anywhere without her," Edge put in, his voice nearly cracking.

Hat put his hand on Edge's shoulder and disappeared around the corner. He knew Hat cared for their well being, but if they did not escape then that care would be for naught. Edge gingerly placed Kylan on the ground. In the back of his mind he hoped she was not visible. The pillar had about a 5 foot diameter with another 5 or so in between each generator. Laying her either way could allow her to be seen by an approaching attacker. He looked around the corner Hat just ran down. A destroyed Sinow Red lie quietly in between the two closest generators on his left. The Sinow's head and left arm were no where to be seen, the arm most likely taken as a weapon. Hatsumi, he noticed, had managed to pull out one of his hiding skills. He was no where to be seen. He smirked. If you needed someone to sneak into somewhere alone, he was the man for the job. Taking a chance he dashed towards the Sinow.

Edge grabbed the remaining arm and pulled with all his might. This was going to be hard, but he put everything he could into it. He managed to move it in between the two generators by Kylan. As he lept over the robot Arch came through with a warning.

"Stig and one of his two cronies are up and are looking for a way down. I can't find your sniper but I am 100% sure it is an android. By the accuracy it has to be a RA class. This camera that I tapped into isn't working well so I only have one angle. And it sucks."

Edge didn't respond. He was too busy gingerly lying Kylan against the Sinow. He wanted to cast Resta to ease her pain and possibly snap her from her almost comatose state. But with all the splinters in her it would make matters worse and make the healing process longer. Small cuts and bruises were easily healed by a Resta tech. Adrenaline levels and muscles would relax allowing the recipient feeling alert and refreshed. With some of the splinters in Kylan's face and hands practically under her skin, Resta would in essence trap them there. His thoughts skimmed away for a moment as Arch came back.

"My best view is a heat monitor. Guess they needed this place cool or something. Anyway I can follow your heat signatures. Right now I can't see Hat and it looks as if those two morons are climbing their way. Guess that camera isn't that bad."

"Can you see what hit her?"

"Not really. There is some extra debris on the main walkway. Possibly something shot down from the ceiling."

Edge cringed as he looked up towards the main walkway. Over it were a few small lights, most of them damaged, he saw one large hanging light situated around the center. Looking at the floor area he saw another one. Damaged and still spewing sparks. His thoughts were cut short once again.

"Get down!" Hat said harshly but surprisingly quiet.

Just as Edge ducked behind the Sinow's metal frame he heard a shot and a microt later it impacted into Edge's makeshift shield. The sniper was repositioned.

"I've got a bead on her and I don't think she sees me," Hat said in a very stern but amused voice.

Her? Edge thought. He remembered Kylan telling him something Stig had said on her last encounter with him. "They'll send her after you. And when they do you'll die."

So this was who Stig had to be referring too. A female android. A Racaseal no doubt. Without warning, a stream of sounds and voices cut through.



"Damn she is qui...," was all Hat could say before Archangel came through.

"Edge, on the left wall you have Stig and on your right is the crony. They are coming for you."

Let them. Edge thought rather viciously. He knew he left his S-Rank where he grabbed Kylan and he knew he had to risk getting it back. He wanted blood.

"Where are they Arch?" Edge coldly asked.

"It seems as if they just passed generators 1 and 2."

"Tell me when they are by 3 and 4."


"And you," Edge said with a slight smirk while looking at Kylan's Bana, which was hovering beside her. "You protect her."

Its eye blinked once, and made a few electronic beeps as it bounced up and down twice.

He glanced over his shoulder at his mags, "You do the same."

His Bhirava left his back and moved into postion behind the Bana. Edge allowed a quick smile as he looked at the three mags. With the three being so close they looked like one mean mag.

He looked at Kylan. Telling her quietly he had to do this. If he timed it correctly and Hat had distracted the sniper enough, this would work. He prepped himself on the Sinow.

Looked over his shoulder at Kylan once more.

Sent her a thoughtful smile.

Wished Hat luck with his battle.

Prayed for a few more miracles.

Waited for Arch's signal.


"Clear," Arch announced. "Or as clear as I can tell."

With that Edge leapt over the Sinow and ran towards generators 3 and 4.

This small and quick race, as well as this fight, had just begun.

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Jul 24, 2003, 12:43 PM
New chapter coming soon. Just letting everyone know.

Jul 25, 2003, 01:51 PM
Ok right before the weekend I give you the lastest section. Chapter 14 section 1. Enjoy.


Chapter 14

Edge placed his back firmly against the warm metal of generator 3. Or what he was considering to be generator 3. Looking across the way he saw the purplish glow of a Kaladgolg. Edge slowly began to inch his way around the round generator.

He stopped.

Took a quick peek around the side.

Stig was slowly moving forward with no regard for his flank. Time to move.

Edge ran as fast as he could to the next generator.

Gunfire lit up the far side of the room as Hat and the sniper continued their duel. Edge briefly saw photon bullets slam the wall to his right. There was a metallic clank that was unmistakably made from an android landing from a long jump. Where it landed he did not know. More importantly, was how Hatsumi was holding out. Hat could take care of himself and take care of an android, especially a Ranger. All he had to do was get close enough. Most, not all, Rangers were not as skilled in melee fighting as Hunters. There were exceptions though. He put his thoughts back into getting his weapon back.

He worked his way around to the metal pile and grabbed his sword. In the distance he heard the electronic chirps and whistles of the mags. Stig and his lackey were at Kylan.

Edge ran full bore towards them. He saw the mags circling and even ramming the two enemies. They were doing an admirable job. The unknown guard was behind the generator dealing with Edge's Bhirava, while Stig dealt with the Bana. Edge was nearly there when Stig managed a quick kick which knocked the Bana back, allowing an opening to strike. Stig raised his weapon, spinning it around to point the blade down.

Edge recklessly leapt over the broken Sinow bringing his around in an upward slash that connected with Stig's weapon. Nearly sending the Kaladgolg out of Stig's hand. Edge's forward momentum allowed him to clear Kylan; however it sent him straight into the wall. His side crashed into the hot metal wall, but in his adrenaline rush Edge didn't even flinch. He regained his posture, positioned his feet and stabbed the sword forward, aiming for Stig's chest. Stig easily sidestepped the attack, his back now against the wall. Kylan's Bana zipped past Edge's side and nearly took Stig's head off in the process. Obviously its intent.

"Stay with the other," Edge commanded the Bana.

It obeyed and flew to help the Bhirava.

Looking towards Stig, who was regaining his posture, Edge declared, "You messed with us for the last time."

Stig cringed and brought his weapon to bear; his eyes were focused on the task at hand. Sweat dripped down their faces. Each breath drew in hot dry air. Edge knew the close quarters here would be rough for a sword of this size. But he knew what to do and he was accustomed to various fighting situations. This was not something he was worried about. Tauntingly he pointed the massive sword towards Stig and pushed one of the custom buttons. In a matter of heartbeats the metal center of the sword thinned creating a smaller blade nearly half the width it had previously been in. As well as shortening the length to about 3/4 it's original length.

Stig bit in his lower lip and glared at his opponent. Listening behind him Edge could tell the mags were keeping the other busy. He would not become an issue. But out of the corner of his eye he saw two figures locked in a duel on the main walkway.

"You're friend dies soon," Stig retorted.

Edge turned his head halfway to see. Hatsumi was indeed fighting the mysterious assassin. Both clad in black, Hatsumi with his katana and the other with an old fashioned metal sword as well.

He knew Stig would attack, and as usual Stig did not disappoint with his readable actions. Stig's one handed forward lunge was easily parried by a downward swing by Edge. Following through the motion brought the shortened, but still large sword into the wall, leaving a large gash.

Stig continued to push offensively. Edge easily defended the many advances. Most of which ended with his sword impacting the walls and the generators. It was a good thing they were no longer operable. Edge was looking for one clean opening. The two continued their dance. Edge managed to switch the flow by becoming the aggressor, pushing Stig further back. They rounded the corner and Edge saw and opening.

Raising his sword up, he slashed downward.

And was thrown off balance by a kick to his back by Stig?s crony. Edge?s attack missed its intended target. He used the assault on him to his advantage. Dropping the sword, Edge evaded Stig's counter as he fell onto him. Edge grabbed Stig by the collar of his armor with his left hand to help him regain his balance while throwing Stig's off. Edge followed this up by a quick rising elbow to Stig's face followed by his left hand coming across and slamming into the right side of Stig's head. The strength of this hit sent Stig into the wall, nearly colliding with a broken monitor. He slid down the side of the wall leaving a trail of sweat and blood.

Edge turned his attention on the crony who snuck up behind him. A thought running through his mind as to where the mags were. He also heard Archangel attempting to talk to him, but Edge was not paying attention. Edge ducked under the first assault and slammed the crony against the wall. The crony tried to slash at him but Edge grabbed his hand and snapped it backwards. The weapon left his hand and fell harmlessly to the floor. The crony on the other hand, yelped in pain. Edge backed off and once again picked up his sword. He glanced to the walkway but did not see Hat or his opposition. They must be on the far side. He still heard the clangs of metal on metal. Their battle continued.

He looked back to the man holding his broken right hand, his teeth grinded together. Edge saw bruises on his face, no doubt from the mags. The mags. He turned and headed back to Kylan and saw her Bana hovering beside her, sparks and oily fluids spilling from a gash on its top. He saw one of the Bhirava lying on the ground in the far corner. He saw a small pool of the same fluid underneath it. The other he noticed was lying on the ground by Kylan's feet. It too had a serious slash in it. Archangel once again tried to speak to them but again Edge put him off, for a horrific thought occurred to him. If the crony had dealt with the mags and he passed by here...

He knelt by Kylan. Examining as much as he could, looking for a mortal wound. He found none. He looked at her chest and saw she was still breathing. To make sure he carefully placed two fingers the side of throat, checking for a steady pulse. Weak but there was one. She was still ok. Obviously the crony was not fully aware of who the target was. Or he had already figured her as dead. This, by a quick glace, was easy to ascertain in her current state. An electronic shrill from the Bana snapped Edge to attention as Stig's crony came barreling around the corner screaming. The Kaladgolg placed in his left hand, raised to strike Edge down.

Edge, still holding his weapon side stepped and swung his weapon. The horizontal arch collided into the man's back with the momentum knocking him against the wall. The Kaladgolg went flying from his hands. Another cry of pain, only this time it was weaker. Edge had managed to connect his hit in between the chest and waist pieces of armor. The photon blades buzzed inside his back. Blood poured out, creating red stripes down the man's leg. His spinal cord severed. The wounds were now already cauterized. The only thing keeping him upright was the sword that was about halfway through him. The crony, another nameless enemy, was going to die. Edge and the nameless soul looked at each other. His face plastered against the wall. Fear passed through his eyes as they lost focus and began to stare into oblivion. Edge pulled his sword away and the lifeless body fell, nearly folding in on itself. Edge had killed many in his lifetime and each one he wished he could have avoided it. Part of a job as a Hunter is to kill. To take lives. His job since he fell in love with Kylan has been to protect her. Even though she usually never needed it or wanted it. He did it. In essence, to do the opposite of which he had just done. He had not killed another "human" in almost 3 years. Killing is one thing that gets easier the more you do it. He knew that was true. His past before meeting Kylan was hardly something to be proud of. A few of his actions were downright dreadful.

Edge knelt beside the dead man and placed his fingers over the man's eyes, closing them one last time for him, "God speed."

"Ok if I have to tell you again," Arch sourly said through their frequency.

"Ok I hear you what's going on?" Edge replied.

"I have your frelling exit!" Arch sharply answered.

"Where is it?"

"Directly under the door you entered," Arch muttered. "A small ventilation shaft. Use it to get to the previous room."

It may not be the best exit he was looking for, but it would have to do. Edge walked to the corner and noticed Stig was gone. Once again the slithering snake would escape. Edge was ticked at himself for letting him get away, and in his mind he felt if anyone deserved to die, it was Stig. He went back, shut down the sword and locked the hilt to his belt, and gathered Kylan in his arms. He glanced to the main walkway and still did not see Hatsumi or the black clad android. He rushed to the point where Arch had directed him to go.

Edge saw the metal grating that was the vent. It was impressively large for a ventilation shaft but with the size and number of generators here it was not surprising to see it. He would be able to crouch in there, but even that would be tight. Kylan's Bana caught up to them. Its wound now under control. As long as a mag was "aware" it could fix itself. Usually it required extra fixes by a crafter but not always. The one Bhirava was not to be seen. More or less staying with its counter part. Edge hoped he could come back and save the two mags, if that was even possible.

"I'm there Arch," he said aloud.

"Good. The top door is locked tight. I don't think they can hack it back open."

"Thanks Arch. Where is Hat?"

"Ssshhh," Arch quietly answered. "He'll find you."

Edge knew that Hat managed to hide from his assailant, but that also meant the assailant was in the area. As well as Stig. Looking at the Bana he said, "Try to knock it in."

The mag beeped and began ramming the grate. The grate, like many things down here, was already weakened. It took three hits from the Bana to knock the grate in. Edge, looking at the Bana, motioned his head towards the shaft to tell the mag to go in first. Looking in he saw the only light was from an opening straight back. The dark blue-green light barely reached halfway down the shaft. The Bana's eye lit up providing a bluish, but small light. It was enough. Edge put Kylan on the ground and began to back his way in when he saw a dark figure appear around the far generator to his left. The side where Hat had managed to keep the sniper.

Looking over he saw the black android take aim with a Visk replica. His eyes focused on the figure and without a doubt, it was a Racaseal. Behind her he spotted another figure. Stig. He stared at the end of the Visk's barrel, awaiting the trigger to be pulled.


Ok now I have a question for you. Want me to go on as is, or do Section 2 from Hatsumi's perspective on this fight? Being as how he was in the background most of the time. I'm not sure which way to go here. Let me know.

Edit: 10/30/03 Racaseal show up on Edge's LEFT now. Adn put a reference to Stig in the end too. Sorry for the slight change.

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Hey, I like your fanfiction. ^_^ It's looking pretty good. Keep up the good work.

Jul 25, 2003, 06:13 PM
I'd say tell it from his view too.

Jul 25, 2003, 10:03 PM
On 2003-07-25 16:13, Brett wrote:
I'd say tell it from his view too.


Jul 26, 2003, 09:15 AM
lol, nidarrock asked if he should tell that last part from hatsumi's point of view or leave as is and I said tell it from his view, as in hatsumi's.

Jul 26, 2003, 11:47 AM
*slaps self* I thought that last thing was part of his 'signature.' Watashi no baka. (I am an idiot.)

I agree with Brett, go for it. http://www.pso-world.com/psoworld/images/phpbb/icons/smiles/icon_smile.gif

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Ok I'll do it from Hat's view then. May take a bit. This week is very busy for me. I'll do my best to keep you all updated.

Aug 4, 2003, 07:50 AM
ok, cool, hope it comes soon, I'm gonna be bored all week and need something to do lol

Aug 5, 2003, 09:32 PM
Cool idea. Changing the perspective of the story adds more veriety to the story and gives more depth the character your using for the persective. Also, how far is the story? Past the half-way point? Near the end?

Aug 6, 2003, 03:09 PM
I'm pretty sure it is past the halfway point. At least in my mind it is, but when it's all written out...how knows. Sorry that I have gotten slow again, but it's been hectic in the last week and a half and things are settling down so...If all goes well I can try to get back into the swing of things. Thanks all.

Aug 22, 2003, 02:17 PM
Well chalk up the past month to laziness and being, at the moment, a stay at home dad. Jeez kids can take it out of you. Well I should be getting a section up soon. I starting writing/typing last night and I got my thoughts running again. Sorry all.

Aug 29, 2003, 04:11 PM
Ok I should have a section up early next week. Hat's chapter will be split in two though. I probably could have made it into one, but I put in some more little tid-bits that show some of my views on Episode I. But it could also foreshadow something in a follow-up or something. That of course is a problem. Since I've been listening to the Pirates of the Caribbean score I've had another story idea pop into my head, which vaugly ties into this chapter. Which sucks becuase now I've got two PSO stories running around in there. Amoungst other stories. AAAHHHHH!!! Just have to keep listening to the music that keeps this story in the forefront in my head. Take care all. See you on the flip side of the weekend.

Aug 29, 2003, 06:40 PM
I know what you mean. Im trying to make a fic (keyword: trying) and I already have ideas for a follow-up. Not as bad as you but... wonder what your other story is about.

Sep 3, 2003, 03:50 PM
Chapter 15

"She's in bad shape," Hat said. "Stay with her, I'm going to keep an eye out and work with Arch to get out of here."

"I'm not going anywhere without her," Edge declared, Hat could almost hear Edge's voice nearly crack.

Hat compassionately placed his hand on his friend's shoulder. If they hid in this room they would die and Hatsumi was not ready to die. Nor was he going to let his two friends die. He was going to do what he could to escape this vicious death trap. Deep down he knew Kylan was a fighter and she would not loose this battle. Nor would she want any of them to stop and give in.

Releasing his hand, Hatsumi turned and sprinted down in-between generators 5 and 6. Hooking left he leapt over the broken Sinow Red lying dead on the ground. Once his feet landed he quickly turned right running towards the main walkway with the wall to his left. He cleared the generator and stopped behind the next one in front of him, generator 1.

He peeked around the corner and saw no movement. Taking a chance he moved to the opposite side, sliding his way across the metal surface. As he rounded it Hat saw another pile of debris under the walkway and directly in from of him. The pile of metal they had used to get down was to his back right. Being that no one took a shot at him he decided to get a second opinion.

"Seems like you're about to get some company unless you can hide. I need to tell Edge too," Arch commented before Hat could say anything.

Arch was continuing to overlook the situation as best he could. A heartbeat later Arch came through again, "Stig and one of his two cronies are up and are looking for a way down. I can't find your sniper but I am 100% sure it is an android. By the accuracy it has to be a RA class. This camera that I tapped into isn't working well so I only have one angle. And it sucks."

Hat figured Arch had a switch to speak to whomever he chose to in the group. Arch was technologically ready for everything. But if Hat didn't do something quick he would be spotted. His main concern was the sniper. Edge could easily handle Stig and the other guy. Edge was amazing with that sword of his. Hatsumi was no slouch at melee combat; he was one of the few rangers that managed to excel at both ranged and close combat. He rarely has seen an equal to Kylan, Edge and himself. They were a lethal group of hunters.

Hatsumi decided to chance the debris pile. As he stepped up to it and took his first hand holds he noticed this was more or less made to be a barricade, originally. No doubt made during the last battle with the machines. A last stand was possibly made here. Glancing to the past he remembered he took a few missions to clear the machines out of here. It was something he wished he could forget. It took months to make the mines safe. After many failures, The Principle, the Council and surprisingly a number of hunters took all the data that was gathered from the battles down here and used them in the Ruins. Without the vital information that was made many more would have died during the Ruin raids. All in all, the battle to clear the Mines sent more Hunters home dead than in the Ruins. Hatsumi prayed that the machines were shut down for good.

Coming back to the present Hat noticed this once makeshift barricade was made from various broken pieces from the walkways, stairways and generators in this room. An intricate web of metal, but within it this junk heap provided a place to hide and survey the other side of the room. The sniper's side.

Hatsumi climbed as high as he could go. Lifting his legs up he found himself to be lying prone. His katana was lying awkwardly across his back, but Hat ignored it.

Just as he was about to inform Arch he was out of site, Arch came through, "My best view is a heat monitor. Guess they needed this place cool or something. Anyway I can follow your heat signatures. Right now I can't see Hat and it looks as if those two morons are climbing their way down."

Hat smirked. His heat signature no doubt blocked by all the power running through the walkway. About 10 feet in front of him he saw Stig land on one of the platforms they had climbed down. But out of the farthest corner of his eye on his left he saw a black shadow drop from a high position, as he heard either Stig or the other jump down onto a metal platform. He turned his head towards the dark figure allowing his eyes to focus. With his dark Ranger uniform and being almost literally inside the mesh of metal he ignored the two closest threats. They would be hard pressed to visually spot him.

He continued to observe the sniper. It didn't take a genius to note the obvious feminine figure. Putting that together with Arch's observations, there were no more questions that it was a Racaseal. Hat wasn't sure though if the orange glow of the room put a flesh colored tint on her lighter metal parts or if the Racaseal had some cyborg attributes, such as skin. What he did take note of was the enemy taking aim.

"Get down!" Hat said as quietly and harshly as he could.

The Racaseal took one shot.

And thankfully missed.

Hat sighed for a second. He glanced to Stig and saw they had not heard him and were moving towards Edge's position. He looked back to the sniper and saw an opportunity.

He brought one of his gun's to bear on the Racaseal.

Broadcasting to Arch and Edge, Hat sternly said, "I've got a bead on her and I don't think she sees me."

No sooner than he pulled the trigger the Black clad Racaseal turned and fired at him. The shot hit the metal in front of this face, which sent a hail of sparks in his direction. He tried to cover his face but he still felt the quick but sharp pain of the sparks. As well as a few metal splinters. His face mask covered most of his face, but his hair and a large portion of his face around his eyes were still open.

"Damn she is qu...," was all Hat could say before Archangel came through with information for Edge, and before another shot was fired he slid backwards and rolled out the way he climbed in.

Hat was still high off the ground and was barely under the main walkway. He cautioned one quick glance and saw the sniper was no longer there. He looked up and saw with a small jump he could reach the edge of the walkway. Looking down he saw Stig's crony continue to walk away from him. Knowing what he needed to do, Hat holstered his weapons.

For a moment it puzzled him, but quickly figured out that if he could communicate with Arch, they could communicate too. With an android on their team this was not a hard thought to deny. Also was the fact that the sniper, the Racaseal, might want Hat to herself.

Gathering his wits Hatsumi took a small jump for the walkway's edge. He caught hold of it, his hands facing his direction. To hoist himself up was going to take all the strength he could muster. Hat needed to flip himself over the ledge or try to spin himself one handed into a better hanging position. He began gathering his strength.

And his grip was forcefully pulled off the edge. He didn't fall but was instead pulled upward, using his free hand to avoid crashing into the walkway. As his shoulders cleared, he was dragged onto the walkway's floor. Hat looked towards the person that pulled him up. In one sense he wished that person had not.

Standing up, Hat stood face to face with the black Racaseal.

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Oct 30, 2003, 07:09 PM
Been awhile I know. The past three months have been extremely rough. My older brother passed away early September, so many things faded away after that. Shortly before that the company I was working at closed so I'm sure you knw what that means. Being at home, dealing with the loss, looking for jobs, working on my portfolio, and being a stay at home dad has been very time consuming. I had this section about halfway done when all hell broke loose. Hopefully you, the readers, will still read and enjoy this. Thanks.


Chapter 16

Even in the hot dreary settings her black metal frame glistened. White hotspots littered many portions of her nimble yet sleek body. Her eyes a near solid shade of blue with a white glow where a pupil would reside. Her implanted hair pulled back into the black metal casing which formed a pseudo pony tail. Her skin was as pale and as cold as her heart. Her face, slender yet oddly attractive. The Racaseal looked as intriguing as she was deadly.

On very rare occasions had Hatsumi ever seen an android completed in such a fashion. Without knowing beforehand he would have assumed he was facing a human female. This creation was more a cyborg than an android. Most manufacturers stray from more human looking androids. In general it made the people aboard Pioneer 2 feel uneasy. The creator of this particular android must have taken an intense interest to make her look human. This left Hatsumi deeply disturbed, with many questions rolling through his head.

Knowing why she was here in the first place Hatsumi drew his katana.

The Racaseal did not make an attempt to advance. Instead she raised her right arm in front of her and a long metal shard began to expand from her gauntlet, directly below her wrist. Her own sword. The blade matched Hat's length and width and once fully extended the Racaseal moved into her battle stance. She was ready.

"Not much for words," Hat grunted as he turned his comm off. "Neither am I."

Hat jabbed forward with his blade. The Racaseal spun around the attack which brought a horizontal attack to Hat's side. Impacting on his energy armor around the high collar of the Ranger's uniform. Hat turned and held his position. His foe did the same.

Again Hat moved first; bringing his sword in an upward vertical strike. The Racaseal countered with a horizontal strike of her own and followed it up with another horizontal coming the other way. Hat countered and thus the two began trading blows back and forth. Even with all his training Hatsumi could not breech her defense. She was too fast and his uniform was slowing him down. The Racaseal had already made contact a few times. Thankfully his armor was holding out. But if he let his concentration slip she would be able to break through. A slow blade would pierce the energy barrier. Hat was also making sure that when the Racaseal's blade did hit, he was always in a position where the blade would have hit a hard section of his uniform.

Again they exchanged blows.

The clangs of metal on metal filled the room.




The direction of the attacks varied but he persevered. A few times he managed to parry her attack to create an offensive of his own. Although they lasted only a few microts it was enough to throw the android's balance and rhythm off. The next onslaught of attacks came from the Racaseal. She moved towards him, but right before she would have attacked she sidestepped to Hat's right and brought her blade towards him, with a powerful horizontal strike. Hat managed to follow the flow of the attack enough to bring his weapon to bear.

The two locked weapons.

Hatsumi, using all his might tried to push her weapon away. He looked into her blue eyes and saw them glaring into him. The cold blue sent shivers down his spine. Never in his life has he felt such a will to kill within an android. Perhaps not a will, but pleasure? Even though there was hardly anything to consider her eyes, he could almost feel what she was thinking, as if she were telepathically telling him.

And with those shivers he found enough strength to sway her weapon aside. In the opening he created he spun around, gathering even more power, and brought his own strike onto the female android.

A perfect opening. The Racaseal hardly managed to bring her forearm up in defense and Hat's katana cut into it. To his shock he saw blood seep from the wound. Blood? Had this been a human the attack would have cut the arm in half. He stood, bewildered at the sight. Never in his life had he seen and android bleed anything but lubricant.

In the next instant Hat's feet were swept out from under him. In his bewilderment and with the Racaseal's speed he did not see the attack coming. Lying on his back he looked up towards her. Her high metal boots echoed off the floor as she moved over him. With quick flick of her arm the Racaseal's blade was pointing towards his neck. Its metal tip nipping at his skin as if it were salivating for the kill.

"ExcellenT," the Racaseal spoke in a beautiful female voice with her enunciation echoing in his ears.

Not too big of a surprise though, given the love the creator must have had this android. Hat also noticed the air was now very dry and very, very quiet. Hatsumi no longer heard anything in the distance. His thoughts wandered miles in an instance. Had Edge been killed? Did he escape? Where was Stig? Did Edge get Kylan out as well? Hat did all he could to clear his mind and keep his concentration on the task at hand. Anger began to boil within him. Hat did he best to scan the area, looking for anything he could use when a plan of attack came to him. He was planning something drastic.

Hatsumi cooled his rage, took two deep breaths and attacked. Hatsumi brought both of his hands flat against the blade that was angled towards him. Thus avoiding the blade's razor edge. The Racaseal barely hesitated before pushing the weapon forward, missing Hatsumi by a hair...

And into one of the walkway's marker lights. Sparks burst from the light socket as a surge of electrical power traversed the Racaseal's sword and engulfed her with its power. The surge lasted for only a few microts but that was all the time he needed to snag his sword, dart across the walkway and leap down to the floor. Hatsumi's small gamble had paid off.

His landing could have been much better but he made it. The burning through his legs would pass soon, but he still needed to move. He ran towards the back wall, taking note he was now on the opposite side of the room. Backing against one of the generators he turned his comm back on.

"...re is it?" Edge replied over the comm.

Hat breathed a sigh of relief. Edge was ok, and if he was ok, so was Kylan.

"Directly under the door you entered," Arch muttered. "A small ventilation shaft. Use it to get to the previous room."

All the information I needed. Hat thought to himself. But he knew the Racaseal would not let them escape if she could help it. Looking back to the walkway he saw no sign of her. She was on the hunt again. Hatsumi sheathed his katana, then he pulled the photon magazine from one of his L&K14 Mechguns. With his free hand he unholstered the other.

"I'm there Arch," Edge's transmitted through the comm, though Hat could barely hear him within the room.

"Good. The top door is locked tight. I don't think they can hack it back open."

"Thanks Arch. Where is Hat?"

"Ssshhh," Arch quietly answered. "He'll find you."

Good. Arch knew better than to chance revealing his position.

Metal bangs began to fill the room and quickly stopped.

Hat began to creep around the generator to his left. As he came round he saw both the Racaseal and Stig come from their latest hiding spot. He could not see Edge, but knew from how the Racaseal was aiming that he was vulnerable. It was time for one last act of desperation. Hat no longer cared if he lived or died. He was going to ensure that Edge and Kylan escape this hell alive.

Without regard for his life Hatsumi opened fire towards his enemies as he ran towards Edge and the exit. The spray of photon bullets was enough to halt the two enemies' attack as they ducked for cover. Hatsumi never lifted his finger off the trigger. Even when he ran behind the next two generators his gun was firing. He would take no chances. Metal shrapnel and hot white sparks burst from the metal on impact. A few more feet to go.

When he arrived at the exit Edge had not wasted anytime. He was already pulling Kylan through. Hat kept his aim as he slowly began to back inside the duct. Knowing he needed only a few more rounds to finish the escape Hatsumi stopped firing and gently placed the photon magazine on the duct floor, tucked against the wall. So far he made it.

A microt passed and gunfire filled the duct's entrance. They were coming.

"Keep going," Hat pressured Edge.

"I'm trying," Edge grunted.

"They're coming guys," Archangel feverishly said. "Whatever you're going to do, do it now."

A feminine shadow filled the entrance.

A few more feet.

Another shadow merged with the previous creating a nice blanket of black.

A few more feet.

Metal clanks echoed into the duct as the Racaseal moved closer.

"I'm out," Edge declared. "One more microt."

Hat continued to back out.

A leg appeared at the entrance.

Three microts later, "She's out."

Hat took aim onto the photon magazine.

Stig's face came into view through the duct and saw Hatsumi aiming. In fear he pulled up an instant before Hat pulled the trigger.

The photon bullet exited the barrel of his L&K14 Mechgun and barely within the blink of an eye impacted the photon magazine. The bullet tore through the casing and set off a chain reaction within. A burst of photon energy exploded through the duct, pushing Hatsumi out and collapsing the duct.

They had escaped.

Oct 31, 2003, 07:19 PM
It has been a while hasn't it? I figured that you had too much stuff going on and quit. Im glad you didn't. This is one of my favorate fics in PSOW. dang though. You got me interested again and now I have to go through to aganizing torture of wating for the next chapter. Hope you keep writing and sorry about your brother and your lack of job.

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Nov 14, 2003, 03:55 PM
Chapter 17

"This is absolutely absurd!" Stig exclaimed for the forth time in the past few beasts.

Stig, Luna, and Jerhal had survived the encounter. Stig had managed to see the photon magazine microts before Hatsumi had fired upon it. The chemical reaction between the photon energy and the "capsulated" bullet forced a volatile mix. Combined with sparks from the metal casing, it was just the trigger the mix needed to explode. Stig could not denounce the cleverness of this bunch he was so desperately trying to kill. He wanted their blood to spill, and revel in their deaths. The strong emotions were feelings Stig was not accustomed to. He'd wished others to die before, but never with such, intensity. One day, he promised himself, he would even the score.

"Speak Those words again," Luna threatened in her cool voice, "And I will permanaTly quieT you."

For all intensive purposes Stig liked Luna as a comrade. On few occasions her "human" side would freak him out, but for the most part he looked at her like anyone else of Darkeen. Well not entirely. He was her subordinate and Luna answered only to Darkeen's leader. Which they were enroute to speak with now.

The three of them entered the next room. Still in the Mines. Even though they could use a telepipe at anytime, Darkeen squads would always move far away from the "hit zone" before leaving an area. With the right equipment telepipes could be tracked, which would in turn expose Darkeen's location. After he and Luna recouped after the escape they checked on their teammates. Stig knew that Gall was dead. He had seen Edge kill him. Stig never had the chance to get to know Gall as he was actually a new recruit. His first mission ended in his death. Such was life in Darkeen. Stig still could not understand why he came to backup Stig in his duel with Edge. Had he simply killed Kylan this may have been completed. But Stig also realized that had Kylan been killed and the rest escaped, Darkeen would be hunted until Edge was with his dear Kylan. Stig took Gall's personal belongings to be placed in Darkeen's burial grounds. Darkeen never brought the bodies back with them, but would bury their personal items. Items like their weapons, family pictures and other trinkets.

Jerhal on the other hand survived. He took the brunt of Kylans gizonde attack. He was out for the whole fight. Luna managed to wake him with her usually charming way. A few hard slaps to the face. They noticed the wounded mags lying on the ground and Stig wanted to finish them off, but Luna felt otherwise. The machine in her not wishing to see other machines suffer. Jerhal was one of the few Darkeen members that were not always at the home base. He came and went on numerous occasions. Stig never knew where to, and never had the chance to find out.

Looking over his shoulder Stig saw Luna walking a few steps behind him. Her stride, even in defeat, or a draw, was as confident as ever. He tried to understand her sometimes, but found there was nothing to understand but the facts. She was a machine that looked human. Trying to understand a machine was near impossible. He did not program her, so Luna was in turn blocked off to him.

"So what then?" he said looking forward again.

"We make our reporT when we reTurn," Luna explained.

"Nid is going to be pissed at this," Stig said, a slight tremble in his voice and wondering if Luna had noticed. This was not going to go well. Action was without a doubt going to be taken, and Stig was hoping he would not be the target.

"Failure will noT be ToleraTed," Luna's cold yet lovely voice filling him with both dread and an odd calmness.

Jerhal remained silent.

"Who is going to take the brunt of it then," Stig muttered, afraid it would be him.

To his astonishment Jerhal answered, "I will. I failed. I could not assist either of you."

Stig couldn't argue with that. Although he was upset to know that Jerhal was willing accepting his fate. Most likely death.

"Nonsense," Luna soothingly countered. "I was command. I will Take responsibility."

Even better. Luna was not likely to receive any penalty except a line of disappointment from Nid. Which is hardly a penalty. They would still need to assess why things went sour, so some reprimands would still come his way. But as long as someone takes the full blame for the failure those reprimands would be minor.

"I thank you," Jerhal said sincerely.

"BuT we do need To Take inTo account our failures," Luna responded.

Stig knew it. Though it came up much sooner than he had anticipated.

"You are right about that," Stig said as he turned to face Luna...

And found himself staring down the barrel of her side arm, her custom Yasminkov 2000H.

Stig's heart raced and in the next instant a white flashed, blinded him. The world began to move in slow motion as he felt his whole body go numb and collapse. His legs no longer knew how to hold his upper half up. He felt no pain as he crumpled to the floor like a rag doll. His eyes could not focus on the black metal object in front of him that was Luna's heeled boot. The blackness of the boot appeared to grow, as if stretching out towards him. Tendrils of black filled his vision, reaching for him.

"The failure has been dealt with," was the last soothing voice he heard before his vision was completely engulfed in black.

Jan 12, 2004, 07:02 PM
The darkness was as soothing as it was peaceful. At odd intervals bizarre clouds of faint color swept across the darkness, with the colors appearing to dance in-between and through each other creating a kaleidoscope of shapes and colors. A few of the shapes that were formed seemed familiar, but at the same time unrecognizable. Time seemed to stand still in this near empty void. Sounds held nothing here. Or did they? Out of the near corners of darkness a steady beep began to reoccur. The last hints of drab color cloud began to whittle into the darkness. But with that loss came a slight hint of white, which slowly grew larger and larger. Was this the end? The beep, an electronic beep, continued to grow louder. The white light began to engulf all the blackness until it was no more. Faint burry lines crossed her vision. She was not meeting her end. She was merely waking.

The blurry lines grew sharper until she clearly saw the outlines of the metal panels of the ceiling. Examining the ceiling further she saw the bar of light which illuminated her surroundings. The corners of her vision continued to remain in a wash of blurry visuals. Soon the wretched sterile air filled her nostrils and Kylan knew exactly where she was.

A Med center onboard Pioneer 2. The steady electronic beat no doubt a computer announcing her heart rate to anyone nearby. Kylan tried to remember how she arrived here but nothing came up, her memory lost to whatever medications the doctors had administered. She knew it would take a few moments to regain her lost thoughts, but lying around in a hospital was not going to help her. She needed to check up on Edge and Hatsumi. With the thought of them came the rush of the past. She, Edge and Hatsumi entered the mines to meet up and finally deal with Darkeen. Not Darkeen in particular but with Stig. She still could not remember what was said or even what actions had transpired but they would soon recover as well. Kylan began to sit up as pain lashed at her.

Her left side lit up like a fire. Looking towards her left arm she saw the metal immobilizer, keeping her arm straight and still. Tubes stuck out of the medical contraption, administering fluids and nutrients as well as any medications. Even her face felt like a burning fire. Wincing, she gently touched her face with her right hand. Her left cheek was wet to the touch. Was she burned during an assault in the mines? Looking at her fingers Kylan saw a gel like substance on her fingers. Yet another medical item the doctors must have put on her to heal. Pushing her pain aside, as best she could, Kylan attempted to sit up again.

The process was easier than she thought and the less she thought about the pain the less it bothered her. It's all in your head. She glanced around the room, taking in everything. The white room filled with various equipment was smaller than her kitchen back home. The light blue floor and the equipment lent the stale room a hint of color. Through the blurry edges of her peripheral vision she spotted another gaggle of color to her left. Looking towards it she saw the form of a young man sleeping awkwardly in what has to be an uncomfortable chair. His rough features, dark brown hair and build were all she needed to recognize the figure, Edge. Her friend. Her love. Her life.

The pain all but a distant memory as she gazed upon him. Not thinking about her condition she swung her legs off the side of the bed and was ready to walk over to him when she was rudely interrupted.

"No! No! No!" exclaimed a young Newman woman in white, a nurse.

Kylan turned to the nurse noticing her short reddish brown hair. Kylan wanted to ring her neck for interrupting a quiet moment alone with Edge. The nurse sprinted to Kylan's side.

"Stay put," the nurse commanded. "You're in no shape to be getting up and about yet."

Kylan rolled her eyes, but obeyed. For now. As she began bringing up her legs Edge stirred at the sounds of the nurse's voice and quickly woke up. His face almost startled as if expecting something horrible was happening. In an instant he was standing beside Kylan.

"You're awake! How you doing? You need anything?" He rambled on, asking various question, even repeating a select few.

Kylan thought she felt her cheeks flush, but wondered if Edge could tell beneath the muck of slime that the doctors coated her face with. She brought her right hand up to his face and placed her finger on his lips, "Sshhh! I'm fine."

Edge grasped her hand, placing a gentle kiss on her palm. Her soothing voice easing any doubts that she was in any danger.

"Thank the lords above," he sighed.

"Excuse me," their quiet moment interrupted once again by the nurse. "I need to check her stats."

Kylan rolled her eyes again, which brought a small smirk to Edge's tired features.

"Any pain?" the nurse asked.

Both Kylan and Edge looked dumbfounded on the young nurse. She did not appear to notice their looks. Or she just shrugged it off altogether.

"Um, yeah," Kylan retorted in disbelief of the question.

"Any one place more than others," the nurse went on.

Kylan actually thought for a moment. She had actually done a good job of shutting out the pain, but when she tried to move her left arm the pain once again shot through her. She grimaced for a moment before refocusing herself, "My left arm."

The nurse looked at the metal cast over her arm, lifting a small panel revealing Kylan's damaged arm. The sight nearly made her gag. Kylan had seen her fair share of battle wounds, many worse than this, but in her current state of being she was not ready for it. Looking close she could see the lines of micro stitching as well as the same slime substance that covered parts of her face. Obviously the slime meant to cool and heal burns, for her hand was severely burned. The skin was a horrifying dark flesh tone, with cracks of red throughout.

"It's actually much improved," Edge assured Kylan.

"Within about 200 beats you're burns will be an after thought," the nurse put in mater of factly. "But I'll increase you're pain meds a bit to help."

Kylan knew the medics had some amazing talents and medicines. She had seen amazing bodily restructuring done. If someone wanted to change their overall appearance it could practically be done, but the fee for such an operation could send even the richest colonists to the slums. Why she was getting even a remote chance of restructuring was beyond her, though she would rather not ask why.

The nurse closed the panel, checked over some more of Kylan's stats before moving to the font of Kylan's bed, picking up a datapad. She clicked a few random times before placing it back on the bed's front, "Just keep resting and you'll be out of here in no time."

The nurse left quietly and just before she disappeared out of the doorway Kylan thanked her, allowing no time for the nurse to respond.

Edge never took his eyes off of her. "You sure you're not in too much pain."

His concern always eased her mind, "Yes I can deal. What the frell happened?"

Edge sighed and Kylan though for a moment if he would refuse to tell her. But she knew him better than that.

"The sniper was a Racaseal. Not only a crack shot but a very skilled swordsman. Hatsumi was doing a go..."

"Hat," Kylan nervously interrupted. "Please tell me he..."

"No he is fine. I'll get back to him in a minute." Edge coolly reassured, but his tone betrayed him and Kylan knew there was indeed something wrong with Hatsumi. "Apparently the sniper shot out one of the ceiling's light fixture which nearly crashed on you. The photon energy of the light must have sparked a minor energy burst. Hence your burns and the splinters."

Kylan looked back towards the metal cast on her arm. Her thoughts did not linger there for long, "Hat."

Edge easily heard the concern for her friend and comrade. He too wished current events were playing out differently, but to his discontentment, things were not different. He gazed into her green eyes, the same concern etched on her face as it was on his. Edge leaned back into his chair, pushing his hair up with both of his hands before leaning forward again. Closer than he had before.

"Shortly after we escaped the generator room," Edge spoke quietly. "Hat decided to track them. He went back in to get Darkeen's location."

Kylan could hardly contain herself, "And you let him!"

Edge pulled back, the accusation stinging his mind as he tried to gather the right things to say. He had not expected such a response. Edge tried futilely to put something together but only shortened words came. Rubbing his temples Edge contemplated. Kylan sat quietly and motionless. Attempting to fuse together her own logical reasoning.

"There...There weren't many options," Edge finally broke the cursed silence, "My concern was for you. I was in no way going to leave you down there to die." Edge's voice grew louder, more passionate, as he spoke. "Frell that! That was never a damn option to me. You were NOT going to die by their hands. Hat knows what he's doing or he would never have done such a thing. You think I would leave you there? What point would there be to that? You have died for nothing and I would be alone."

He paused, before leaning towards her, looking over her battered face as if she was in perfect shape. "You're my life. My love. You're everything. How could you berate me for wanting to help you?"

Edge's face was covered in a wash of emotion, as a tear rolled off his cheek.

The sight of his face slammed Kylan like a freighter ship. The meaning and purpose came across as clear as an orthanyx crystal. The same crystal she had seen nestled atop a ring in a window while she was walking with Arldetta. In an awkward way, he had asked to be with her forever. And she knew full well what it implied. Tilting her down in shame of her actions, "I want to ask you something?"

Edge held his gaze. His eyes narrowing slightly.

"But...But I don't know how to say it," Kylan admitted in a wash of sorrow and regret.

Edge sighed. For someone who has lived by the sword for as long as they can remember, allowing emotions and feelings out into the open was never an option to be considered. What she wanted to tell him would no doubt be the most mentally challenging aspect of her life.

Leaning forward to her Edge whispered, "I know. Tell me when we get out here."

Kylan slowly raised her head, her eyes locking into his. His expression brought a small smile to her face. Why now of all times, do I have to keep myself focused on the current tasks at hand? Kylan knew that even when they did return home this matter would be dismissed yet again. The concern for Hatsumi outweighed her need for emotion. Her instincts taking over her feelings. It was all she knew.

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Awesome. I'm am very happy to see you are still writing for this story. I simply figured that you just let the fic fade away into the back pages. I cant wait for the next chapter (whenever that may be).

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Thanks for continuing to read. Even through the long times inbetween posts. I will finish this, but it just may take a bit. Thanks again.

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Holy crap a post!!! Only took me 2+ months. Have fun.


Chapter 18

Beats passed, Pioneer 2 orbited once again into the dark side of Ragol and the silence in the air was like the vacuum of space. The metal hilt in her hand was thirsty for more action. Even her saber was locked in its placed on her thigh. She was ready to go. But at this moment there was nowhere to go.

The out patient process at the Med. Center had Kylan itching for some kind of fight. It took them over 50 beats to remove the medical supplies, scrub off that horrid burn gel and fill out all the paper work. She took some pride in avoiding, what some would consider, a routine check-up. For the most part she physically looked like herself. The burns on her face were nothing more than a memory. Her left arm, which took the brunt of Luna's inventive assault on her, was still healing. Her skin would retain some light scarring but something as trivial as looks never bothered her. Once home she placed a long slender glove over her arm for just a tad of protection. The nerves and muscles in her arm and hand, more her hand though, continued to ache. On top of that any wrong movements would bring a lashing a pain. But she would persevere through this; it was nothing she had not done before. The trip back home was no less frustrating. It seemed every slow driver was out, weaving, blocking and cutting someone else off. That and the fact she and Edge spoke only a few words since he last told her, "Tell me when we get out here."

The small conversations they did have were all about Kylan's recollections of their encounter in the Mines. All the clouds of recent events appeared to have been blown away. Even Hatsumi was hardly mentioned, but he was without a doubt their prime concern. It had been 290 beats since they had left for the Mines. Within another 40 beats they were no longer alone.

The location they were in was occupied by three guests and with them came a small arsenal of equipment. The small apartment room was a clean as it had been in their last visit here, but the buzz from all the electronics had not dampened one bit. Archangel brought out various gadgets and small guns from various hiding holes throughout his apartment. Arldetta brought along four of her preferred weapons, her modified s-rank saber, a Kaladgolg, and two highly modded varistas. Arldetta's husband, Embihr, came in with his Justy strapped on his back and his s-rank Mechguns, each strapped to one of his legs.

Sneaking in such weaponry into an apartment usually was near impossible, especially the amount in which they came in with. But this building being the residence of Archangel made such a feat too easy. By hacking into the system he was able trick the camera system, open all of the employee doors and elevators, as well as knowing where each security guard was stationed with the proper ways to avoid them.

Amongst the other equipment Archangel pulled out were tiny earpiece communicators, night and trap vision lenses, two small holo bracers and his special telepipes. Kylan had seen high ranking military officers use a "holo bracer" in combat, she had even read countless documents on the device, but had yet to use one herself. In escecense it was a mini computer. Kylan removed her old communication bracer from her right arm and gingerly slid the holo bracer on. The cool metal bands felt refreshing in the warm apartment. Once positioned she felt an odd tingling sensation begin under the bracer which soon encompassed her arm and shot up and down her spine. The same feeling she had when her foot would fall asleep. The odd sensation lasted for only moment later before vanishing. A small smirk crossing her face when she realized what had happened.

With a quick thought the bracer came to life. Colorful holo beams sprung to life from pin holes which covered the bracer. The green and bluish hues mingled together and formed the holo's main screen. Kylan moved her arm in various directions and the screen always faced her. The screen was blank but all she had to do was think what she wanted to see and it would show her. To test herself she decided to place her heart rate on the screen. After two tries she had it, but was surprised to find her heart rate to be faster than she expected. No less her growing anticipation to get going as her grin grew wider.

"Nice aren't they?" Arch asked with a smirk of his own.

"Amazing," she replied, totally awestruck by the device. "Now I know why these are not used outside of the military. Or I should say, why the military holds onto these."

Edge and Archangel laughed.

"With these it would be too easy to coordinate an army to attack anywhere at anytime," Embihr put in dryly. "You'll see why later. Or. Once Arch puts his on you two will be able to literally locate each other with ease. Amongst other things."

"Showoff," Ari said softly to her husband as she nudged his shoulder.

The others looked at him and nodded. If anyone knew all the ins and outs of the holo bracer it would be him. Embihr's old alliances with the militant wing of the Pioneer project were burned down shortly after the incident with Pioneer 1. He felt it was the Militaries' duty to look into the explosion, but obviously all his petitions were overlooked or ignored. Like most Military officials and soldiers, at the time, he was not fond of hunters. He knew their role and held a slight respect for them. It wasn't until a young blue-haired Hunewearl entered his life that his feelings were changed. Leaving his rank and lifestyle behind him, Embihr became a hunter. The circumstances on Ragol were the final round of ammunition to leave the Military behind him.

Kylan marveled at the technology, "Anything else the Pioneer Military has that we hunters don't know about?"

Embihr stood quietly, his eyes narrowed to mere slits. The anger he showed was all the answer she needed. What these other devices were, he would not tell. Having known so much about the Military Embihr was constantly contacted and watched by the Pioneer government. The knowledge he had, if he decided to use it in such a manner, would be a threat to that government.

"Now I think I'm beginning to fully understand your hatred towards the military here," Edge said as he looked at Kylan's bracer. "With equipment like this?"

"All the hunters that were lost," Arldetta interrupted with venom. "It could have been prevented."

Silence fell over the group as they contemplated...

What if?

"What's done is done," Embihr cut into the silence. "Just never tell me where you got these."

Archangel put his best hurt expression on, and then locked his mouth shut with an invisible key.

Embihr just shook his head.

Three quick electronic beeps distracted everyone. A few parsecs later three more sounded off.

Edge's arm bracer was receiving a transmission.

A transmission from Hatsumi.

Kylan moved quickly to his side and the group fell silent once more as Edge keyed it on.

"Hat," he said optimistically, "Tell me it's you."

Static screeched through followed by Hatsumi, "It's me. I snuck in perfectly."

They group sighed as one. Arldetta noticed Archangel had silently slipped out of the room. No doubt attempting to track the transmission.

"Kylan," Hat went on. "Is she alright?"

Edge glanced to her before answering, "She's fine."


"We're coming in after you," Edge declared.

"Might be wise to bring a small arsenal with you. These guys are packing the same weaponry as we saw in the mines. One on one fights are no issue but with the number of guys here it's dangerous."

Edge could tell Kylan wanted to speak with Hatsumi and as much as he wanted to let her, they had to keep this conversation short. "What's the best way to hook up with you?"

"Sending my co-ords. This room has some energy shielding in it, and should help break up a telepipe signature as to not be tracked," Hat sighed. "Well should anyways."

"That doesn't sound too assuring."

"So far so good with me. It was my way to get in."
Edge paused as he contemplated.

"We'll do it, give us 60 beats and we'll meet you there," Kylan answered for the group.

"Sounds like a plan," Hat said, through the comm his tone was unreadable. "Good to hear your voice. Out."

With that the comm fell silent. All eyes focused on Kylan, awaiting her order. Archangel emerged from his room, and tapped his holo bracer. Looking towards it, Kylan saw Hatsumi's coordinates that he sent as well as a small message from Arch.

- My telepipe use a different frequency than normal pipes. They will never know the difference wherever we pipe to. -

She looked up and a smirk crossed the young man's face. Kylan could not help but wear a devilish grin herself. Darkeen would never know what hit them.

Taking her mind from the plethora of options this new bracer bestowed upon their group Kylan refocused on their task, "Alright here's the drill."

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