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Jul 2, 2006, 12:51 AM
Well this happened awhile ago but I decided to rant about it now because it caused us to go to school for an extra week.

It was a normal day. Normal as any other but little did I know something was going to happen. In english class while I was reading the newest I''s comic the fire alarm goes off. Very little did anyone expect A FIRE. Yes indeed a fire but were else! In the womans bathroom! Holy sweet motherless hell theres a fire in the womans bathroom in the garbage can. Well obviously some asshat had to do it. So after 1 1/2 hours of staying out in the sun we finally go in. We all pack up to leave to wait..theres an announcment. Class has been extended 2 hours. Thats right
2 Mother fucking hours. I HAD PLANS but these plans didnt involve PSO. They involved my payment plans for PSO. My boss said if I was late to work 1 more time. Iam fired. Well Iam sure he wont mind me being 1 hour late. School ends. I get fired. The girl who started the fire was never caught.

Second Fire.

Ahh Monday. After 1 weekend of punching a punching bag and damaging my basement wall (I kicked it off of the hook. It was very weak) I had a job internet on monday. Time? 4pm. So I go to school. Everything is normal. Perfectly normal. Until OH NO LAST PERIOD AND A FIRE AGAIN?! This time its personal but no..something is very very different. Its in 2 mens room! La dee da. But wait theres construction today on the road the fire department usally takes. So crap fuck now they havta take an extra 30 minutes to get to the school. About 1 hour passes. Its 3:20. We go back inside..DING DONG here it comes..Class will be extended one hour. Fucking wonderful? Not only did I think I would be late to the interview. I never thought someone would get it before me. Little did I know a girl 1 year younger than me runs up. Takes the job interview and she gets hired. Freaking great

I call my would be boss and tell him what happened he says he sorry and is glad Iam safe but I didnt get the job. Rawr very much rawr.

Tuesday: 7:55 DING DONG. The morning announcments come on.. What does it say? We have to go to school for an extra week in june and ....on july 3rd. Whens that? This monday! Well for some people christmas came early for others. It was just a shot in the head. Now Iam going to be sweating like no tommorrow stuck in school Wishing that I can get my hands on that little girl who started this shit.

and for the record the kids who lit the fire were caught.

They are both fined $9000.

Haha I think we shouldve thrown his in juvielnal hall because he got suspended for the rest of the year and from what my teachers tell me that kid was pure trouble and the one day he comes into school. He lights fires.

Jul 4, 2006, 12:23 AM
Heh, that really sucks. I can empathize, as someone at my high school tried to catch the bathroom on fire too(not the most flammable area in school). The situation was a little less severe though. He did it after school. They simply caught the kid and expelled him. They did leave the bathroom locked for half of the year though.

Jul 4, 2006, 06:07 AM
That really sucks. in our church, we had 3 false alarms during the service. that was fun too. -_-