View Full Version : Trade Stuffs

Feb 24, 2001, 12:08 PM
Hello all. Here's what I currently have to trade:

Slicer of Assassin +2
Photon Claw +20 (-5% Native, +40% A. Beast)
Fake Agito (1983, -10% A. Beast)
Dragon Slayer +1
Club of Laconium
Fire Scepter: AGNI
Battle Verge
Parasite Wear: De Rol
Two Level 200 Mags:
Yaksa: 47/41/58/54
Kama: 46/88/46/20

The only things I'm really lookin for are:

Magical Piece
Technical Crozier
Sting Tip
(will trade all items for any one of those 3 wands)
Grants or Megid disk lvl 5+

Leave me a reply if interested. Thanks.