View Full Version : not sure if this has been answered about the beta...

Oct 9, 2006, 09:28 PM
so i tried searching for this but couldnt find any information...

it says the beta starts october 11. is that like 12:01am of october 11th, or some other time during the day? and is that also based on PST or EST or what? i want to download as soon as possible and get right into it.

Oct 9, 2006, 09:33 PM
Hmmm. Dunno.

If you're close to a computer most times Major Nelson's website updates with what's gone up in the marketplace. Since there's very little time to download it (apparently you can only download it the 11th and 12th, no later) I would suspect they'd do it at 12:01am.

Or perhaps that's just wishful thinking. http://www.pso-world.com/images/phpbb/icons/smiles/anime1.gif