View Full Version : BUG with Partner Card rooms 360 BETA

Oct 16, 2006, 01:46 AM
When I went to a room of someone who I have the partner card of earlier today the room had:

-The lights off
-I could not move anywhere else besides in place in front of the door
-The decoration bases and items were showing up fine
-The partner machinery could be seen through where the wall should have been
-and I needed to exit out from the system menu->Log out.

Anyone else experience this bug as well?

Thanks in advance for real replies.

I wanted to confirm with others before writing up a bug report over on the official site.

Found one link:
Caused by any decoration items sold in shops? (http://www.pso-world.com/viewtopic.php?topic=121453&forum=20)
Lose access to your character?

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Oct 16, 2006, 01:53 AM
This is probably the third thread in which this bug has been brought up.

Oct 16, 2006, 02:10 AM

Any links? In the middle of the thread?

Sorry for not finding them on the first page.