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Nov 2, 2006, 06:22 PM
im currently trying to put together a list for those like me who are tired of leveling in the exact same spots, For instance, everyone is all nuts about Relic and Overlord. well hmm i ask Why?? they say the MP (Mission Points) are good and the Meseta is Great. SO. if you are tired of those missions keep reading if not. just stop.

me and my brother recently decided holy crap its boring doing 30 relic runs a night. and 20 de ragon runs. well. we went to Neudaiz on "C" and HOLY CRAP got mobs to give 41 exp a kill. then this big Menotaur thing popped up we were like "WTF?!!?!" killed it. (its weak) and got 81-114 exp.. so imediatley we are like omfg. the meseta isnt that great for completing the mission but HOLY CRAP the mobs drop 100-400 meseta.. EACH MOB. now we have found an easy place to kill (bring fire and ice weapons) that give MORE money over time, and WAY more experience. however if ur doubling up the exp. is like 11 on small raptors. 14 on the big ice shooter dudes. and 60-80 on the big menotaurs. but solo this is "THE BEST" that ive seen.

but back to the chart.

so far this is all i have simply because. its all i have :/ iknow.. add to it and ill continue making the chart.

1-4 Linear Line Passage.
Gives good monomates, Dimates, Trimates, Easy kills no real threat of dying and its convenient to go to because u start there.

4-10 Relic C
Great for Hunters and Rangers with guns. Forces its really hard because u get hit once and die, and on the boss he has AoE (area of Effect) and has this move that goes in a straight line that hits hard. but join a party and go there snag drops and tag everything once until you level high enough to start killing (which would be 10+)

10-15 Relic C
This is for those who just are lazy and dont want to leave and find a new place. its good experience however there are better places, the money and MP (Mission points) are nice. however it gets really boring doing 30-40 of these runs a day to level up.

10-15 (ALTERNATIVE #1) Plains Overlord C
This is for people who just like having fun killing "Real" bosses. and love to have a fair chance at items / experience. monsters are very easy to kill. and no real threat of dying if you stay out of range. this just takes a pistol (2000 meseta one) (autogun, Ortator, or the other one dont remember sorry my mistake :/) that is upgraded safe spot is +4-5 itll does NICE damage, and have enough PP to withstand a long fight.

10-15 (ALTERNATIVE #2) The Islands on Neudaiz
Go with a friend to neudaiz and complete the second mission not the first one, sorry dont know this ones name either. there is Forested Islands and the other one. its Forested Islands the one on the bottom. take a buddy there that is probably 25ish that is bored he will get nice exp as will you for not killing. or if ur brave and wanna blow through mates go solo. this is good really 10-25 10-15 needs assistance but minimal. and 15-25 can solo its for people who want their own drops and such. players who hate the "set-in order" or "Random" crap.

15-20 "SOLO" Relic C
Go to relic all alone. password game, bring a friend or something and just blow through it. bring some daggers and stuff so u can just PP the whole way. really great source of money and exp is fairly ok. however no matter what level you are you will probably use alot of mates. especially beasts having high HP and 0 evasion and medium defenses.

20-25 party up Relic B (needs full party with Force)
Simply get into a party with a force and 4 other people and just go nuts on the monsters, they will drop 100-300 meseta *bears being 300* and at the sametime gives you awesome experience. i advise upgrading to B rank daggers and grinding them to +4-5 bring some ice weapons and bring some dark weapons. because monsters are mostely Light / Fire based. the big bears are cake cause they are slow and u can just use PP the whole time (no need to worry about resistances on the monsters).

25-30 (personal opinion) Mad Creatures A
Mad creatures A gives you ALOT of meseta. and Ginormeous <-- (dunno how to spell) amount of experience. like.. ALOT i was getting such a nice boost in experience each run it was just insane.

this is as far as ive gotten however ill continue updating making it more clear ect..ect.. any opinions or tips feel free to voice them i will add them and put ur name next to title to show it was you who found it. if you guys think its wrong. bah shut up and bite your tongues cause this is how i have been doing it and its working great http://www.pso-world.com/images/phpbb/icons/smiles/anime1.gif the only other one i have seen and its from just seeing is...

30+ Relic C
People rush through this at rapid success rates. 5-8 minute averages. getting good exp getting good meseta and getting good PM all at the same time. i dont personally think its the best. but bear with me this is what "others" have been saying / doing

Nov 2, 2006, 06:48 PM
i personally like neudaniz the most, cause the mobs are the best and maps are the best done, and an easy boss, what more can you want?

Nov 2, 2006, 06:54 PM
I do the second Linear Line quest. Easy to get S rank, plus lv 30 monsters or something like that.