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Nov 23, 2002, 05:55 PM
Testing... Testing... Is this bloody thing even on!? Oh, right. The red light means... D'oh! Terribly sorry! Hello! I was just getting these disks ready... I am Dr. Phelps, head of the research team aboard Pioneer 2. We recently found these disks... Almost like the ones that Rico Tyrell left behind. Except that... They seem to be, well... Telling a story. As if it's just one big story written by someone, or someones. Most likely more than one person. It follows several different Hunters, and the style of writing changes occasionally... But we found them in the Ruins on Ragol. And they describe events that happened years ago on Pioneer 2. So we think they may be fact. Besides, we have little else to go by. As you may have noticed, you all have been invited to read these messages with us. Ah... Discovery!
"Hmph. Well, this is just great," a HUmar thought to himself silently, "How the hell am I gonna pay all that off!?" His discolored eyes darted back and forth nervously, though he had nothing to be watching for... Yet. They were pretty eyes, though a bit unnerving. The left one was red, and the right one was yellow. They stood out quite a bit, in contrast to his pale skin. The all blue-clad Hunter made his way through the alleyways of Deneb/9 to his favorite bar, Jimmy's. He flicked a bit of hair out of his face. It was spiked up, and the same shade of blue as his garments. Though it was spiked up, three or four disobediant strands would always fall in front of his face. And there was always one big bit of hair that would always run right down the midle of his face. He got used to it, though, since it didn't obstruct his vision. As he approached his usual seat at the bar, the chunky bartender glanced up at him.
With a muffled chuckle, the bartender greeted him, "Howdy, my man! The usual?"
"...No. Give me something hard," the Hunter smacked his fist down upon the bar as he said the word 'hard,' then continued to explain, "I need it." The bar was a raggedy place. Not exactly pretty. But it served it's purpose. A nice place to rest, get a good drink, or just tell some good Hunting stories.
"Got'cha. Why, what's up, Red?" the Tender asked. Red... That was the Hunter's name. Quite an oxymoron considering the HUmar's blue hair and refusal to wear any color but blue. He didn't mind, though. He likes being contradictory. Noone really gave him a hard time about it, either. Not really because they were scared of him. Well, some of them were, but mostly because most people just chose to avoid him.
"I don't have to tell you," Red grinned, flicked his tail, then added, "You know exactly why." His tail was a strange thing to see indeed. It was due to another one of his paradoxial factors. He was half-demon. Therefore, he appeared like an ordinary human, except for a few minor features. The most noticable of which was the pointy red demon tail poking out of the hole cut in his uniform. It was roughly 4 feet long, and only added on to the mystery about him. Other than that, though, he was average height, and a bit on the muscular side.
The Tender spoke over his shoulder as he poured the drink, "No, really, I don't..."
"Hm. That's funny. You seem to yell at me about it every time I come here." The Tender gave him a blank look. Red smacked his palm to his forehead before continuing, "My tab, stupid. It's at LEAST 20000 Meseta by now!"
"Oh, right. How much ya got?"
"Equipment aint cheap. I could pay it, but then I'd be completely out of money. I gotta' feed myself and pay for a place to live, too."
"I think you should go FIND a place to live in the first, place, now..." he bartender spoke while cleaning a glass, not even looking at Red.
Red's mouth was open silently for a few seconds before questioning, "Huh?"
"That's right. I'd forgot about it because I'd already taken care of it. As of now, yer broke. And you still owe me," he paused for a second, and Red stood, as if he were to protest, but the tender cut him off, "I have a friend at the bank. You were costing me." Red slammed a clenched fist down on the bar, and the vibration knocked his drink over. His lips curled into a scowl, his long, sharp, demonic canines showing. But a quick rememberance of the cannon that was always hid under the bar wiped away his original thoughts. All hope broken, Red exited the bar.
The Hunter's guild door slid open, and Red stepped inside. That strange, fresh smell that only came from offices or other places of importance filled his nostrils. He despised that smell. With a quick smirk, he took a paper and a pen, and wrote simply, 'Looking for Hunting partner(s), must share profits.' and under it, drew a large arrow pointing to the left. He tacked it onto the board, then leaned against the wall to the left of the board, so that the arow was pointing to him. He leaned in his usual way: back against wall, arms and legs crossed, head tilted down, and eyes closed. The woman at the desk sai something, but he didn't hear it. Nor did he especially care. Now came the fun part... Waiting.
((Okay... I've given up on #666, if you can't tell. I'll keep up with this one, though. What I'm aiming for here is basically one huge chronicle of the stories of different Hunters... And the stories will probably all be linked somehow. So basically, if you wanna write on this, contact me [My contact info is in my profile], and ask. We'll get together, decide on what should happen in the next chapter, and choose who writes it. I wrote Chapter 1... I'm hoping someone else will write Chapter 2, and we'll go in turns until either the world ends, the story ends, or we get bored with it. Of course, you'll have to consult the owners of everyone's characters, to make sure you don't make them do something that that character wouldn't do. Think of it as a... Huge story RolePlay. Which reminds me... Does anyone here RP? I love to. I'd RP with peeps here... Anyways... R&R, peeps! Thx!))

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Dec 1, 2002, 09:22 PM
Hey, people! Come on! You need more than one person to write a [u]group[/i] fanfic! I know that this first ((poor excuse for a...)) chapter sucked, but noone's even thought about helping with this! I swear I'll write better than this if more people will do it...