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  1. Just as long as they don't junk-bomb her room, yeah, go nuts.
  2. Nassandra seems pretty apathetic about trespassers.
  3. Happy 5 days after Mayan New Year!

  5. Oh. Okay.
  6. It's a needlessly verbose way of saying Big Blue. 631 THz is a wavelength of visible color, blue to be more specific. It's a super nerdy way of saying blue.
  7. ...what?
  8. Big Blue? More like... Large 631 THz! *Snorting laugh*
  9. That was my last post. I was gonna elaborate on my post after you told me it was bound to start an internet backdraft, but the thread closed before I could.
  10. I don't know? I've been watching TV for the last 20 minutes now. Did you post something..."racy?"
  11. ...Did I just get the thread closed?
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