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  1. Happy B day
  2. Happy birthday, old man! Seriously! Hope you've had a good one!
  3. Yeah, like the guild XD Still, I found it amusing.
  4. That's because we spend so much time talking at other places.
  5. Thanks man XD Odd that the last time that we've had conversation via Visitor Message was my LAST birthday XDDDD
  6. Happy Birthday
  7. Thanks, dude ^_^
  8. Happy Birthday!
  9. If you want any more let me know and I'll see what I can did up. There's a similar style pic of CerFAl's main character Cerberus in the same thread, I'm sure you've seen it. He says you can add him if you like. That would give you another memeber if you need him.
  10. I might use that one. Kinda like a Star Wars cover pos, the image fades the lower it gets on the character.
  11. How much of him do you need cause there's a nice close up of him from the waist up in the private forum character thread.
  12. Cool. All I'd need would be a close-up shot of him and three more HG members' characters.
  13. I like that idea. I'll pick Deepfreeze as he's always been my main.
  14. Yo, I have a cool idea. I was thinking of possibly drawing a picture of the Hunters Guild members' characters (between 3-5 characters). I was wondering if you'd like in on it? Deepfreeze or Amanda ^_^
  15. Heeey!! Happy birthday, man! I should get something for you on BB as a birthday present!
  16. Ha ha, very true.
  17. Thanks! Now in politically incorrect land, I can drink! If I were in bagged-milk land, I would have already, though.
  18. Happy B day
  19. Did you get the PM I sent you with the url in it?
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