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  1. How have you been?
  2. Ovada!! *waves*
  3. *waves* :3
  4. Ovada it has been a while
  5. Hey Ovada long time no talk to
  6. Thanks, Brave!
  7. Happy Birthday Buddy...
  8. Hi *waves*
  9. *Waves back* Hi Ovada!!!
  10. *waves* Hiiiii Brave!
  11. Man I've been sleepy all day and I went to sleep early
  12. I'm sleepy
    Sleepy, sleepy, sleepy. But I'm alright!
  13. yeah at time what about you
  14. How've you been, Brave?
    Keeping busy?
  15. Hmm I'll take your offer *sips carefully*
  16. Have some
  17. Yay! You got it!
    Heya Brave :3
  18. Hey Ovada
  19. lol, practice on me. Click my name, go to my page and write stuff XD
  20. Nice to meet chuuuuu~!
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