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  1. Happy Birthday! BLK! where have you been?!
  2. yes sirr just look up auhsoj flowers and il accept any FR i get. :P
  3. wow! whats funny is becuase the last person that comment on my profile next to nightingale on my profile lives in jax is Aleph_0 . now i know 4 members on PSO-world that lives in jax! haha! san jose is on the south side. lol i live in Noramndy BLVD. you should see the off topic post about football season that i post about. lol. mostly about the Jaguars. we should all hang out! lol do you have facebook?
  4. oh an i live in jax too. near san jose small world!!!
  5. RYNOOOOOO FUNNY my birthday is on the 19th...ya i need to change that. thanks a bunch though
  6. Haooy Birthday! BEAST!
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