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  1. wus dat? I heard some guy talking about that earlier.
  2. gtfi DFO
  3. Yeah, should be there sometime after that.
    The whole meteor thing.
  4. With all this talk about 2012, it'll never reach here. ;____;
  5. Sometime between today, and yesterday. Or 2020. =( Should've used priority shipping.
  6. MABINOGI!!? I should check it out.

    When my laptop a comin?
  7. GTFI mabi now van, you got no choice dude~

    I'm sending you a laptop with it installed already. ;D
  8. =o Happy Birthday, Adriano.

    Now I'm going to be a generic prick and say, "Eat cake!"

  9. The motherfrickin' C.I.A.!
  10. The FBI!?
  11. Abducted by Alienz. o;
  12. Where joo go? ;o
  13. Hopefully it won't cause any problems ; ;
  14. He's in a better place! LOL!
  15. LOL! I can't help it
  16. No HUmars ever, XD
  17. TLH I HATE that mission after hunting my Frozen shooter lol.
    I don't care if the % Suck, I am NOT doing that again. >_>
    Maybe its more fun as a hunter. . . ;;
  18. Anything on Vanny looks good.

    True, I found a lot of presents on that spot. And Torrs too in TLH
  19. Van, are you on? Let's meet up, I wanna give you my card. ;>
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