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  1. Aha thanks Larian! Likewise .
  2. Happy Holidays!! =D
  3. :> lol
  4. Don't worry...I saw it! =D
  5. I posted in one of those threads D: dunno if you missed it,
    I wished you a happy belated birthday! D: I can't believe I missed it.
  6. Ohhh...Hey nice salad. Wait a minute...There is no dressing! I was tricked...Foiled...Duped even...You may have the last laugh, but this is only the beginning!! =P
  7. I was only sharpening my daggers to make this delicious salad D=
    *salad materializes*
    *takes ax*
    *scurries away*
  8. Now I'm willing to play nice if you are...
    -=Holds out the GRM Ax as a peace offering=-
  9. lol
    You're right.
  10. Oh noes!! But do you really wanna go through with it and loose your precious Ax?
    -=Reaches behind himself and pulls something out of his pocket=-
    Look! I brought Scape Dolls for once!! Mua ha ha ha!
  11. *Activates Grm Ax Self Destruction Sequence*
  12. ;o

    -=Grabs the GRM Ax for safety!=-
  13. : o hey Larian.....

    *sharpens daggers*
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