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  1. No worries, I been good and Good Luck on the networking
  2. Wow, slightly belated reply. Things aren't bad. Haven't been on the site much lately though. An animation convention is being held here very soon, so I've been frantically trying to amp up my portfolio. It's a good chance to network. Hell, I might even get hired haha. Who knows. Course, that means no gaming for me at the moment :/ .

    How have you been?
  3. sup how's it going?
  4. LMAO, sucks ya D/c tho cuz we actuall lost. Time ran out right b4 he was almost dead....kept running like a punk XD
  5. Hey. DC'd right before we killed him too :'(. Haha, I know you guys were 20-30 levels higher than me, but it was still hilarious (kinda) getting one shotted by not only enemies, but those annoying sponge traps too. Just sitting patiently inside waiting for it to blow lol. Fun times.
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