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  1. It's at least more fun than Warlords of Draenor was. I at least have other people to play with in this game. And characters who are more customizable than my old ones (and my WoW characters.)

    Old characters who are gone: Arlene Crow (no more dark elf,) Killbot (no more amazonian robot maid,) BROcast (no more... him,) that cyber-ninja dude I probably never showed you
    Old characters who are still around (but look a bit different): Mazarin (duh)
    New men (and women): My new Force main who is probably not as interesting as Mazarin (hell, he apparently looked like Kirito with glasses at one point,) a metallic sniper lady, an ex-valley girl Deuman, and a dashing Cast who looks like a plane when wearing a certain combination of parts
  2. Whaat D: Well I hope you are having a good time still?
  3. A lot has changed since then. New Ship, new main, and like 80% of the characters I had back then are gone now.
  4. Yeah it has been a while... how you been
  5. Hmph, *owtheedge* haven't seen you around in a while.
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