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  1. Hey! I don't do it on purpose! It's not my fault I only take e-arguments and online games seriously only just enough to enjoy them!
  2. Just everything terrible. He had a thing for being miserable. You have a thing for prematurely sending topics to FKL and making yourself look like a rowdy dunce.
  3. The YouTube Channel "EVERYTHING IS TERRIBLE?" or just everything terrible? Because that YouTube channel is awesome.
  4. Back the hell down, dude. You are getting way too noisy for all of this. We have to look at Draconian already and he's like one ex-friend I had with down syndrome who was obsessed with everything terrible.
  5. Echo was somewhat legit. I wanted Jean to be Legit, but apparently Resa has some huge fucking grudge against me because I don't agree with Olaf.
  6. Hay I don't like echo! She's whack! And yeah like I said, nobody is going to take those threads seriously. Otherwise, people simply not taking them seriously wouldn't have resulted in a derail. Those threads killed themselves.
  7. Well, the fact was you didn't contribute to either of the two that were half-legit and you were, as far as I can see, the sole reason the Echo one got canned.
  8. Whuh? if you're talking about that thread about the ship locks then I said I already got over it. A Couple people who already don't like me getting a chance to give me shit about my mood during that time really means nothing. Just be happy I didn't let them trick me into turning it into a "LOL U DUM U WOULDN'T KNOW WHAT IT'S LIKE FIXING A GAME" self righteous bitch fest about things I already understand.

    As for the fanclub threads. Those threads getting total'd were inevitable being unserious threads to begin with. The Jean's name bickering was retarded though, of course that was going to be trolled.

    I think you said something about your friends being mad about the happenings in that thread and blaming you for something-I dunno like I said, pick better friends they sound like people that wouldn't last 2 seconds around me. I'm like kryptonite to uptight people.
  9. One: You're screwing yourself over in the thread regarding anger management. Two: I want to stab you for assisting in destroying two fan clubs.
  10. My forcefulness? o_O Do I cast too many foies? D:

    But no really, whatever the deal is I don't really care, I'm just the kinda guy that hits back when people takes jabs at me from the blue. I can be a HUGE dick but usually I'll think someone deserves it, and it turns into a pattern of bledshed when that's all people seem from me, and I have almost complete strangers treating me negatively. @[email protected]

    Like seriously I've only known you for like 12 forum posts as far as I remember. Which means, yeah I don't hate YOU either? <_>
  11. Keep in mind I don't hate you, but I don't like your, hm... Forcefulness?
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