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  1. Hey, still have no contact back from you in MSN
  2. That is very good news,
    which mean.. you two live together ever after now right? not just visiting like last time? So She live at your home with your family care then?

    anyway, about the gift, I shipped it out today, so expect it to reach there within 14 days. If not, please go check from your near-by post office.

    It is not quite a good gift, because I didn't know you two living together now. (those are what I bought since April at Tokyo) If you two really getting marry, let me know so I can send a better (and more proper) gift

    we should talk in MSN.
  3. For as long as she can stand..! n.n
  4. So how long this time?
  5. Ship to my home address in the UK - Yueri's living with me
  6. wait? so should I send to your home or should I send to Yueri home?

    normally shipment will need around 14 days.
  7. Yup! And with Yueri, too!
  8. Mr. nom nom nom~.

    You still live in the same place right? because I m sending you gift now that riot here is over.
  9. Please discuss with katy about the time D:
  10. update post the the group, question to you too.
  11. Final Group meeting, check it and post time.

    ask Yueri the same too

    this is the last time now, please try your best to come.
  12. alex, plz look the group, I think that we need to decide on the website theme.
  13. Hey, you never on MSN again ever since you did a quick online and offline last time.

    What happened? are you still with Yueri?

    you didn't respond to my message in deviantart either!
  14. well, biggie, let's do this then.

    first. what about today? It is last day of weekend SUnday now, I would like to finish this with you before MOnday. I m still at home for all my time except sleep again to wait this again.

    but in case if you still can't come today, then PM me with suitable picture for both you and Yueri-chan. so we can just use that.

    note: if you can't meet with me, why not try meet people with US time zone such as Xena or Miray instead?
    check PM.!
  15. Aw crap... sorry, I didn't wake up in time..!


    Man... I really do suck at waking up..
  16. are you coming? been 10 hours now. I m on stand by.
  17. Heh, nah - I'm just a little busy at the moment. MSN is very inconvenient for me - as well as very distracting.

    I like to procrastinate...
  18. You used to on MSN more often, you don't like it anymore?
  19. The name of 2 person who got the prize in event is Shaun and Lokasura
    for the another 3, please random draw withing staffs group.
  20. can you add my MSN if possible? [email protected]
    I would like to know how to make plan for it.
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