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  1. *Takes it like a wuss*
  2. *pokes with a stick*
  3. Oh god...
  4. *spills soda all over alex's games/dvds*

    well it is a pt
  5. *puts corks in stabby holes*

  6. Stop stabbing me..! I'm already full of little pointy holes!

    I don't hold water at all now!

  7. party? wha? *stabs*
  8. omg

    u 2 r hvn pt

  9. yeah i'm so awesome because i can cheat in pokémon >.>

    Those spiritomb users with wonderguard are my heros

  10. So you can cheat yourself into thinking you're so cool!!


    I died a little bit inside saying that...
  11. uhh not really. I don't "cheat" on pokemon. What's the point of fighting if you can't lose?
  12. *Flamethrowers your Scizor*

    Oh wait... you have AR..!
    Oh noes..! Your Scizor has the Flash Fire ability..!

  13. *ThunderBolt's your Gyarados*
  14. Orly?

    Check your email
  15. Hands off of my Pokémon..!

  16. *Steals your Pokémon*
  17. >.<!

    Y-you n-need to s-stop hurting and killing meeeee..!
  18. *megids*
  19. *Dripdripdrip*

    I'm here..!!

    I'm online..!!

    Aw nuts... I'm hungry...!

    Hurry up and log on if you've renewed otherwise talk about POkémon!
  20. ._.

    u so mean...
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