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  1. So this is where you have been hiding... </3
  2. Thanks Lar : ]
  3. Happy Birthday!! =D
  4. Happy Birthday!! =D
  5. Merry Christmas!! =D
  6. Thanks Buddy!! =D

    I'll probably hear from you sometime later today!! =D
  7. Happy Birthday!!
  8. Totally wasn't me. =x
  9. You should check Mishaela's notes.
  10. Well, I've finally decided on my ego names and gender of my spirits~

    Luxem's Ego Female Blunt Spirit will be called Nyx.

    And Bruges' Ego Male Bow Spirit will be called Eros.

    And unfortunately today was the abrupt end (atleast for a little while) to my stint on mabi....this time~

    Thanks for the parties~ See ya lar...
    P.S. I'll return to get my white bows
  11. Happy Birthday!! =D
  12. lol!! =P
  13. Oh great....*stabs self*
  14. Yeah...I'm still playing...It's still a lot better than PSU at the moment...G7 recently came out. So when you do come back...You will have plenty to do!! =D
  15. Sounds fun~ So, how's mabi? You still play? I can't technically come 'back' yet, but I do have plans to, eventually haha.
  16. Holy cow bud...Your alive!! I was starting to get worried...I'm actually great seeing how I just got back from really awesome week of vacationing/volunteering!! =D
  17. Hey Lar! Sorry for disappearing on such short notice like that hah.

    It's been kinda busy on this end for me, plus I accidentally cracked my laptop monitor, so I was waiting to get another one sometime soon!
    I'm on campus now so yay free internet/computers =D

    How's you?
  18. Haven't heard from you in awhile...Hope everything is okay!! =D
  19. :U I GOT NOTHIN'!!!
  20. Wha!!?? o.O
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