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  1. What's this I missed your Birthday in 2018? Happy Belated Birthday Nsonic!
  2. I'm still alive I can be found on xbox live, gamespot (DaManFL), facebook's 1up group I try to stop by here every once in awhile to see what's going on.
  3. ha! still posting on here I see. you vanished after died. whereyou hiding out now hunte.r
  4. Happy Birthday, Hunter nsonic!!!
  5. Soooooooooooooooooniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iic!!!
    Happy Birthday, Dude!
  6. just realized your reply was 7 months to the day.
  7. btw I did enjoy my birthday going to the fair and eating elephant ears
  8. Yes, it would seem that you're right.
  9. hope you enjoyed your bday too DaMan. as you can see I don' t come on here often enough anymore. No love for PSO in the US it would seem.
  10. Happy Birthday, nsonic enjoy your day of Birth!
  11. Have fun celebrating 1 of your birthdays. nsonic!
  12. Happy Birthday, fellow 2-17er!!! may rares and defeated enemies lie in your wake.
  13. I noticed your comment on 1up funny that 2 of my PSO/world/1up/ live/friends would also comment there too (granted I was last)

    *yeah yeah I just said this on kevlar's page too
  14. Happy Birhday, nsonic! (well atleast for 1 of your birthdays!)
  15. Happy Birthday Dude! one of these days I should spot you on a game somewhere.
  16. Happy Birthday, nsonic!
  17. I'm officially all set up and ready to play PSU on PS3! Now you can show me what you've been up to when not on the Xbox version =P
  18. Yes, lets try to get together for a GBR run soon. Going along is quite long/boring. I'm not having much luck in find allies as well. So unfriendly these days...
  19. I'll try to catch up with you on GBR i've been doing a few runs lately. still not really good at it with particular people but hey we can have some fun!
  20. After seeing the Birthday I knew it was you accept my friendship request, Please!
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