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  1. lol what's up zandra . Been a long time and just looking at my comments below how time flies. Wow. And right after I post this 10 years later time will fly quick again lol. But how are you hope you are doing well? I see you are still playing PSO2
  2. wow. already your Birthday again????

    well. happy birthday.

    and i still play the usual. just like my last comment from last years greet. lol
  3. Yeah Ryno I'm still on PSU, I never catch you online though. I also play PSOBB, usually both at the same time lol.

    But yeah I just turned 21
  4. Happy Birthday!

    everyone left PSU...
    its just you HAN and I... and others.. like people. might still play but rarely.

    but anyay Happy Birthday again.. haha
  5. Im about to get online in a few minutes. I believe you have my gamertag TANGZi11a. Just get into a private chat when I get on.
  6. I dont think i have your card on PSU.

    (reply on my page because i can see you reply here)
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