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  1. I'm On ship 7:}
  2. What Ship are you on Omega?
  3. I'm most likely going to be in ship 1 as a Female Cast Dezorian FoCast named A'jole in JP if I can make it do that since the CC had a hard time with that.
  4. Yeah lets do some damage in PSO2
  5. Casts for the win in PSO2
  6. Piss, pass the word I`m on the darkside (lol) the JP sever`s. It`s way better than I thought just the translations are fun to get around lol. you should try it out. I couldn`t get my wify to buy me a DS and PSZ to play well make that two of each lol. That too she like`s the bigger screen and PSU/AOTI lol go figure lol.....sorry For not getting back to you sooner had some pretty hard times had my 5th daughter die a week or two ago and have been heart broken lately, She even had a cool JP name too lol. I`m glad to hear that your doing well on PSZ keep up the good work. Oh I have a very good pic of you Kireek, Sue, and me Omega at the 5th floor hanging out oh that too I`ll be back on the EN sever`s before the close to say bye to every 1 too, hmm maybec make the the gudda honnuc`s it is at 86% with out boost lol then be the only one to ever have them lol.. well who know`s lol
  7. HI, Boss how it going, try out Pso-w out hehehe. Oh what happen to our Guild Page for "BP" it`s gone?
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