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  1. Sorry, been a bit sick recently. Caught some weird virus that took me down late last week. I'm finally getting over it now, though, thanks to a round of antibiotics and other medicines! (I never get sick! I'm not used to feeling that bad!)
  2. Hi, How are you Long time no hear must've been busy.
  3. Hi, Espio just wanted you to know we have a new rappy pet smilie....
  4. Thank you; same to you!
  5. Happy Thanksgiving
  6. Cool. Thanks for the confirmation!
  7. HI, EspioKaos how`s it going to answer LP Question. Yes, they can come from daily stamp got ten 2 sets of the super drills the other day and also the drill launcher also. hope it helps
  8. hi, long time no hear, how are you..... just want to let you know that the kokuinto Hozuki has a high lv of hp effect power for it and you can get kamui on A run also. And oh it was fun running with the other day need to catch up with each other again and swap cards, thank again for all your help- Omega-z
  9. Oh it was from the special boxes in block C had the Ortapolymer, ah I see well I`ll have too keep trying on my end then too( if I can lol) but will be hard with the low pop. Any way good luck with it too.
  10. Thanks, I'll add that to the article. Which boxes is that from, by the way?
    Also, only my JP account is active, so I wouldn't be able to run with you. Sorry!
  11. Hi, little update on the Temple of traps, on A you can get Ortapolymer. And oh If you like we can do some research runs to finish it up if you like.
  12. Just added it to the article. Thanks for the info!
  13. oh bf I go, I forgot to tell you about the rare spawn. It appear`s in block C the gobooma`s get replaced with ageeta`s instead and the gigobooma`s are to the right of the hallway up the stair`s and there is 4 of them. enjoy
  14. Hi, again I`m reporting in on some drops that you didn`t have on B run of temple of traps is te/tech charge as a drop from the special boxes. did some A`s but haven`t seen what it is yet I can guess but to see what it is still... and can comfirm the drop in C and the Unknown 307 drop I hope it helps
  15. You're quite welcome.

    I believe that's everything. Just make sure that you select the proper options when submitting your work. (At the point where there are two circular buttons, the second one is for clothes/parts. Make sure to choose that one.) And on the submission form, only the fields with a red asterisk are required. All others can be left blank.
  16. Awsome Thank you so much for the translations Your the Best A+++, is there anything esle I need to know when I summit the Picture`s?
  17. SEED・スーツ (SEED-Suit)

    コグ・ナッドのようで、スーツの針が敵をダメージする(使用者の最高のHPの5%)。 (5% damage note)

    尻尾が振る。 (Swaying tail note)

    前 (front)

    後 (back)

    シールドラインは半透明な尻尾と羽だ。 (line shield in the wings and tail note)

    はったのよう羽が振る。 (feathers flap like a flag)

    全種族使用可 (can be used by all)

    何でも物質で穴を開けることが出来る実験のスーツ。高級なSEEDとA・フォトンの物質と一緒に溶けられた 。 (description)

    コダマのマントル (Cloak of Kodama)

    使用者のブラストゲージが満ちている時に使用者がインビジブルになることが出来る。 (user can turn invisible using blast gauge)

    歩いて、走っている時にマントルが振る。 (cloak waves while walking or running)

    後記:マントルは服・パーツの追加のアクセサリー。 (add-on accessory note)

    レリクスの最深部で発見された別次元から現れたというマントル。ずっと前にアルゴルの協力ミッションで使用 された。 (description)
  18. Very interesting designs! It'd be quite a sight seeing a party full of people wearing that SEED-Suit!

    I'll have translations for you as soon as I can.
  19. Let me know what you think of them I like feed back
  20. oh by the way i did both way if this don`t work
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