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  1. Her name is in English.
  2. DeathDragon2332 your invited too. If you can make it would be great.
  3. I'm sorry I forgot to tell you where If your on to nite I'll be on around 6:00 PST ) that's Pacifistic Standard Time. Let's meet on Univ. 7 Guardians Colony 's Club room ( that way you can talk alittle more freely in English since it taboo to do so in the open. there is a GBR still going or 2X AMP ( which is the last day ) , which can help a lot. Also If you have certain Mission you want to do let me know.

    Oh is Sugarina in JP or English wording?
  4. HI, DeathDragon2332 I'll be on around 7:00 PST to nite if you like to swap cards or do some runs.
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