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  1. I'm all right as well. Haven't played much of anything other than picross lately, since I could really use some free time. Been rewatching some old shows to pass the time instead.

    Keep hearing about Terraria, by the way. What's that, another Minecraft?
  2. Everything's pretty swell. My free time is spent on Pokemon X and Terraria these days. Maybe I'll try PSZ online with my new 3DS XL sometime since my connection is still WEP encrypted.

    And how are you?
  3. So, how's it going? Any news ever since PSZ's demise?
  5. I think I'm in a loner room right now. I'll hop in Lobby #3.
  6. Oh, it's good. I may be level 127 (or something) in PSO, but my uselessness will exceed your boldest expectations.

    And where do I find you?
  7. Sure. I have plenty of free time to myself. If you wanna play PSO, I'm on there most of the time. I'm still kind of a newb, though; my techs are low, my weapons are low-end, and I'm convinced my material spread is really wonky.

    If you wanna play other games, that's cool too. I don't have wifi on my new internet, so I won't be able to play Pokémon or PSZ :P
  8. Yes! Melee FOmarl master race!

    I still love my Last Swan and L&K №whatever minigun, though.

    So, wanna hang out sometime?
  9. Kind of. Just looking around and stuff. I'm back into PSOBB so I've been using a ton of guides here. Melee FOmarl, same as you
  10. Oh, your back?

    And I meant to say "you're". Oh god, what am I becoming?
  11. Thanks Yup, tomorrow's gonna be anything but depressing. I might blog about it later ehehe.

    If you ever wanna chat you can add me on Skype or log into Shoddy sometime
  12. Oh, hey, the birthday reminder comes through again. Congrats, and have a happy one! (and none of that depressing bullshit like in your tumblr)
  13. He had since changed his URL to "" for some reason.

    I should really follow it just in case that happens again. I'm not saying it's likely to change again, but yeah.

    EDIT: Since then he's finished his english port of 1.8 JP if you wanna play the original for whatever reason in english.
  14. Hmm. Does Agastya's stuff get destroyed randomly all the time? Now I can't find his Tumblr page.
  15. I've been around. I only get 2 hours of time (at the library) per day until I work up the money for my own interwebs. This time will probably be 9:30~11:30am on weekdays. If you need me I'll be in the chat until 11:30.
  16. Hey, some time no see. Have you been on today? 'Cause I think I've missed you.
  17. THPP Wiki. You'll get things like move information and the type chart as well. Also has a Link to the simulator. Also has all the puppets base stats sortable.
    Touhoudex. The puppets list. I mostly use this for knowing how/when a puppet is going to evolve.
    1.8 Emerald Version. Everything you need to know about this hacks progression. Also has a link to the Useful Things page, where you can find the readme, egg moves and such. Should also list where you can find evolution shards.
  18. I have 92 Chaos&Mobius kills at the time. Picture will have to wait, as my camera is uncharged. The number will probably not change for some time, though, as I'm too eager to finally become able to equip my Glide Divine.
    And sorry for the delay - after finding out that Chaos and some other PSZ players also play ACWW, I've decided to check out my town as well, to see how overgrown has it become over the year (completely).
  19. If it isn't a problem, do you think maybe you could PM me your Chaos & Mobius count or take a picture of it in the Bestiary when you have the time?
  20. Took much longer than I thought it would. I skimmed the thread and wrote too much.
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