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  1. Hey. I sold 2 good rares. black wings that went for 1.5mil and a daggers. the white wing looking ones that are 500 S-atk req for like 750k. Then I had a bunch of material items and rares that sold from 1050 meseta to 300k. Good material items are power II or technique II or shoot II and has extra abilities. the more the better.

    If you have Ragne, technique II, mutation I or Vol Power II mutation I those sell for 450k easy. You can also very easily sell 1 ability material items like power I, technique or shoot I for 1050 .. and for units body I, stamina I. anything that can enhance def for units or hp, and atk for weps and stamina helps to. those are very easy sales. I sold well over 200 items in the 3 days.

    Do a search of the item ur selling with x abilities. Say you have an 8* with 3 abilities. its a striking weapon with power I. so do a search for your weapon name and affix power I then select 3 abilities at bottom to get a good idea what something like that sells for.

    Always search using the most complimenting affix on whatever it is your selling.
    And stay competitive! you only get 3 days and you want to sell as much as possible so go for good value prices to get most sales. you will have millions in no time
  2. what did you sell to make all dat mula? lol I just got a 3 day ticket and i dont wanna use it til i have stuff to sell
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