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  1. That's good, yeah. I think unless something else is suggested with it that one of two things will happen, though. First is they ignore it, obviously. I'm sure they're being told EVERYTHING is too rare, so they're already not listening to that (or are, and just making shit like mace of adamans super common instead of remotely good items). Second is they do listen, but just make the same mistakes later on.

    I think the best angle is to suggest a fundamental change to the system that wouldn't actually be hard to implement. As it is, all the droppable 10*'s are good at everything (and most 10*'s perform fairly similarly damage-wise, at least relative to most 9*'s and below), and in exchange they're super rare.

    People always hate on gimmicks, but the only difference between something being gimmicky and a good mechanic is how useful it is. If everything had a good gimmick that DIDN'T cost 3 weeks of solid MPAing to unlock via multiple +10ing, and they were all reasonably attainable (1 thing for 200 hours of hunting vs. 4+ different, situational things per category) everyone would want everything.

    Best of all, finding something actually good every more often than once every hundred hours of play is a great feeling, and happy customers are likely to become paying customers.

    I really can't see Sega disagreeing with this for any reason besides effort, or already having a plan for the implementation and it relying entirely on the latent system (which I honestly expect to be true, and don't expect to go over well with most people).
  2. Also, here's the copypasta version from Kion:

    10☆アイテムのドロップは悪すぎる!9☆までは、自分で広い楽しみはないけど、せめてプレイヤーシ ョップ でなんとか手に入れられる。10☆はいくら探して落ちないのでどうしようもないんだ。別に奇跡 的に落ちたと しても使えるわけでもないし。ドロップ率をこんなにひどくするつもりなら、他のプレイヤーと交 換したり、売 ったりオンラインコミュニティであることを活かして欲しい。そうしないと一人でやることと完全 に変わらない 。正直ログインする気がなくなってきてる。
  3. Hi, so the message I posted (though I'd use Kion's much more articulate version on page 35) basically says the following:

    " 10 Star items do not drop nearly frequently enough. At least with 9 star items, if you couldn't find them, you could at least buy them in the player shops. With 10 star items, no matter how much you search if they don't drop there's nothing you can do. If the drop rates are going to remain so bad, and we can't trade, we should at least be able to take advantage of our online community and sell them. If this doesn't change, solo players are going to lose their will to continue to login."

    That's real rough, because Kion's better at JP than me by a longshot, but I think it's the general gist. I personalized mine a bit and posted specifically about how bad Forest drop rates are in general, too.
  4. Hey, I meant to message you earlier but wound up getting sidetracked (for several days).

    That message you wrote up in japanese, what exactly does it say? If we get to something that sounds pretty good, we could get a bunch of people to send it in like all the other player-implemented ideas have been. I haven't found one person that disagrees with 10*s being much much more common and also completely unique, so players will want many more than just 1.

    The reason I get so wordy about this topic is that's exactly the way to fix it. Get people to talk about ideas, pick the good ones, and send them in. That exact method has gotten a lot of things changed, things everyone has a consensus on have been tweaked a lot of times already. The fact that nobody could muster up an argument against it, despite seeming like they really wanted to, suggests we're on the right track.

    So if we get a solid argument going (10* rares more common + all 10* rares being good = players look for rares longer, get rares along the way to keep them happy and interested), get enough people to agree with it and send it in, maybe hit up a JP site for more support and input, I expect we can get the whole thing changed by pretty much just typing a few paragraphs.
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