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  1. we would be without an arika xD
  2. be without arika xD
  3. add me:id name PooKiiee
  4. [email protected] arika asking what doujin onkei lover means lol. wat would we do without arika
  5. ugh do time attack with me plz, sending frand requests to everybody in the time attack thread that says they would like to or do time attack.

    all i want in my life is some time attack, i've played it probably 3x.
  6. what albums did you pick up from C82??
  7. Yeah pretty sad:-; but that track wasn't bad. Like I said Aran's track on HCS6 is beautiful.
  8. dubstep sounds are fine if they're done right imo. void put in some wobble in some of his recent tracks, and a good example of dubstep sound done right imo is nhato's track on lincle, star trail

    Nhato - Star Trail - YouTube

    basically throughout the song you'll hear dubstep sounds but it's done with much more grace and precision then most shit you'll here these days. the melody is good too, probably one of my favorite tracks on lincle

    kenta v.ez is definitely hit or miss, he's done a few that really hit the spot for me but he's made quite a few tracks that i disagree with.

    i definitely am hearing more dubstep sounds in most underground electronic japanese music these days, but luckily i feel like most of the time they have more control over the sounds and they don't just make noise. some of them are not so good though.

    lol kicks for liberations used to be so good man lol, but yeah it's changing a lot.
  9. Yeah it's coming out this comiket 82 this year yeah I have all the HCS albums.
    I love Arans track but dammit I wish they stopped with dupstep sounds! USAO's track sounds like its a normal hardstyle track and I'm happy<3 because his kick's for liberation are slowly turning to dupstep D: Shimamura's track is redeeming. Kenta-v.ez. Is awesome! Didn't like his track on bright colors.
  10. oh jesus i didn't know HCS6 is coming out soon, i'm glad i saw your sig

    sad there's no betwixt on the album, but i'll be looking forward to aran and noizencio's tracks.

    from the soundcloud demo i'm pretty disappointed in roughsketch's track. he's made far better tracks, especially when he makes melodic hardcore music like no eyes

    No Eyes - RoughSketch - YouTube

    i'm kinda sad he hasn't released anything similar to this caliber as of late. more of his classic tracks from '08 and on are much better. i really like the piano in it too. it's a really good track. and the sad sounding digital voice.
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