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  1. Quacks? You around? *tries to email*

    I'm back on PSU on xbox360. i sold out! (not like i had a choice, haha)

    wondering if you were around!
    -- Tita
  2. Man o man! Its been too long tita, im suprised they brought it back too. Im starting to play again actually XD. Too bad it ends tomorrow. I was wondering where u were and how u were doing. Crazy new job huh? gotta give me the details, if its crazy or fun :P. I'm going crazy since summers almost over and college is coming back, but its all good. Hows Payt and the family? Is everyone still going crazy? Wellp hope to hear from ya soon :P

  3. hiya quacks!!! i can't believe they actually brought back MAG! my account is all kinds of F'ed up so i'm trying to get it sorted out. ooo, and i got a new job!

    how are things with you?
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