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  1. Oh, yep. No problem. I'm sort of the same way nowadays, and that does end up kind of ruining the fun & mystique if you will of new games. Though it's the way I prefer to play, read & optimize before doing anything I guess.

    I'm sure there's something to be gleamed from experiencing things fresh or working out your own way of doing things but it's just how I do things. I've gotten in plenty of long-winded arguments with people who just can't seem to grasp the concepts I'd be attempting to show them; plenty of times where I've typed too much at what I think to be a brick wall on the other end. Aha.

    It's really nice to see someone having the same mindset, especially who happens to be playing the class I've chosen to start off with in this game. Looking forward to reading more of your musings in the future along with that tech guide you mentioned!
  2. Hey thanks for posting that. Glad to see someone gets it. I've been playing games competitively for a good 9 or so years, but all the scenes I was a part of generally leaned toward the competitive side as a whole. Comparing PSO-W to the previous places I've been is like comparing Gotham to Metropolis. Never have I seen efficient-minded play derided so much. From what I've heard the other PSO2 communities are hardly any better. It's pretty strange, but generally speaking, if you talk about efficiency, you're more likely than not going to be antagonized about it, like efficiency is a bad thing.

    So thanks for taking the time to write that post. It's encouraging to know that some people who do have an understanding of what efficiency means are around. I wouldn't bother updating the guide at all otherwise hahaha, just not worth the trouble I get for it.

    Oh and I am a he btw. Future reference!
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