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  1. Yeah, just throwing out some ideas for costumes. There's always the Lean Piccner outfit too. That jumpsuit she's currently wearing is still the best IMO.
    And forget that last comment. I saw someone with the same avatar in the fashion thread and thougt it was you...Reading is fundamental @[email protected] Lol.
  2. I'm not sure if either of those suit her personality but at least they don't make her look fat.Which character,Minty?
  3. The Cutie Flower looks pretty good! The Weltraum does too but I think it'd look better in black. (Everything looks better in black)

    Either way...Hopefully we'll be seeing more of her.
    I know I saw that you were working on another character in one of the threads.
  4. I took pics of those two costumes you mentioned,they're in my PSO 2 pics folder on my profile page.
  5. It's cool. I've been wanting to take new pics myself. I'm just sort of getting back into it. I saw the pictures in the screenshot thread so I know what you mean. Some of the outfits do look a bit awkward. lol.

    I'm surprised you haven't tried the Cutie Flower or Weltraum outfits. Those show off the legs a bit and are pretty tight fitting.
  6. Hahaha sorry I get lazy with pics sometimes.There's also the screenshot thread rules and she's kinda fat in some clothes but i'll try and post more.
  7. We demand more pics of Euphoria!
  8. Hi and thanks Glad you like her.
  9. Just stopping by to say hi
    Did a bit of snooping around the fashion thread and saw your character there. Very nice. Thick girls FTW
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