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  1. Alright cool, added you, I know it's in the AC thread but just to make it easier in case you didn't add me yet my FC is 5129-0898-6432
  2. Oh right! Whoops, sorry. It's 3411-1024-9925.
  3. Ayooooo lemme get that 3ds friend code, holla back atcha boiiiiiii
  4. Thanks for the (late) birthday wish, hurr hurr. I actually got a boosted Snow Banshee (panther) today solo, as well. Took a while to kill; it was pretty tough.
  5. Happy late birthday man, we should do some runs in PSO2, totally got messed up by a sabretooth today trying solo it in an empty MPA haha
  6. Why aren't you on my friends list?

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